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The True Self Within
The experience described in your letter is a glimpse of the realisation of the true Self which is independent of the body. When this
settles itself there is the liberation (mukti). Not only the body,
but the vital and mind are felt to be only instruments and one's
self is felt to be calm, self-existent and free and wide or infinite. It
is then possible for the psychic being to effect in that freedom the
full transformation of the nature. All your former experiences
were preparing for this, but the physical consciousness came
across. Now that you have had the glimpse of the self separate
from the body, this physical difficulty may soon be overcome.


Letters on Yoga - III

The experience you have is the experience of the true self. Untouched by grief and joy, desire, anxiety or trouble, vast and
calm and full of peace, it observes the agitations of the outer
being as one might the play of children. It is indeed the divine
element in you. The more you can live in that, the firmer will
be the foundation of the sadhana. In this self will come all the
higher experiences, oneness with the Divine, light, knowledge,
strength, Ananda, the play of the Mother's higher forces. It does
not always become stable from the first, though for some it does;
but the experience comes more and more frequently and lasts
till it is no longer covered by the ordinary nature.

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