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What you see above is of course the true or higher consciousness
- the Mother's - in which one sees all the world as one, a vast free consciousness full of freedom, peace and light - it is that that we speak of as the higher or divine consciousness. Even if it comes and goes, yet its effect on the heart shows that a connection has been established through the psychic - for the psychic is behind the heart. It is there above the head that the consciousness has to ascend and remain, while it also descends into the head and heart and lower vital and physical and brings there its wideness, light, peace and freedom.

It is the union of the consciousness above with the awakened psychic being that makes the true connection between what is above and the universe.

There is something in you that has become aware of the higher consciousness and gone up there - above the head where the ordinary consciousness and the higher planes meet. That has to be developed till the whole source of the consciousness is there and all the rest directed from there - with, at the same time, a liberation of the psychic so that it may support the action from above in the mind, the vital and the physical parts.

If the development of a higher consciousness did not bring things that were not before heard of by the mind, it would not be good for much. The unification of the psychic and the higher consciousness forces and activities is indispensable for the sadhana at one time or another.

Complete psychisation brings entire openness of the being to the
Divine and to the Higher Consciousness and an entire inability to accept anything untrue and undivine.

The psychic when it acts as the main power, acts through a certain feeling and inherent psychic sense which repels the falsehood. But the ranges of mind above mind do not act in that way
- there it is discrimination and will that act and their action is wider but less sure and less automatic so to speak.

When the concentration is at the top of the head, it means that the mental being is joining the higher consciousness there and there is not much resistance or none. The other place indicates the joining is of the psychic being to the higher consciousness, hence the greater silence, as the psychic is more central than the mental being; but also there is the attempt to join through the psychic the rest of the lower consciousness to the higher and there there is a resistance. The mental joining does not affect the vital and physical, so they remain quiet or can do so for the present - the psychic joining puts on them a pressure to which the first reaction is the sense of fatigue and the last might be a turmoil. But the psychic joining if effectual is much more powerful for the change of the whole being.

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