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object: - The Psychic and Uneasiness
book class:Letters On Yoga III
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The psychic is not uneasy, it makes you uneasy when you do the wrong thing.

The uneasiness created by the psychic is not depression - it is in the nature of a rejection of the wrong movement.

If the uneasiness causes depression or vital dissatisfaction, it is not psychic.

The uneasiness is simply a reminder to you to be more vigilant in future.

The unhappiness is not necessary or inevitable in the sadhana, but it comes because your inner nature feels the touch of the
Divine Presence indispensable to it and uneasy when it does not feel it. To feel it always a certain constant detachment within allowing you to remain within and do everything from within is necessary. This can more easily be done in quiet occupations and quiet contacts. For it is quietness and inwardness that enable one to feel the Presence.

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