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  1. The Fire I pray, the divine vicar of the sacrifice and ordinant of the rite, the Summoner (or, priest of the offering) who most founds the ecstasy.

  2. The Fire, desirable to the ancient seers, so even to the new, - may he come to us with the gods.

  3. By the Fire one obtains a wealth that increases day by day, glorious and full of hero-powers.

  4. O Fire, the pilgrim sacrifice which thou encompassest on every side, reaches the gods.

  5. Fire, priest of the call, the seer-will rich in brilliant inspirations, may he come to us, a god with the gods.

  6. O Fire, the happy good that thou wilt create for the giver, is That Truth of thee, O Angiras.

  7. To thee, O Fire, day by day, in the dawn and in the dusk, we come bringing to thee by the thought our obeisance,

  8. To thee, who rulest the sacrifices of the Way, the shining Guardian of the Truth, growing in thy own home.

  9. O Fire, be easy of access to us like a father to his son; cleave to us for our weal.

  1. We choose Agni, the summoner, the all-knowing, the messenger, the will effective of this sacrifice.

  2. To the Lord of the creatures, the bearer of our offerings, the beloved of Many, to every flame the sacrificers ever call with hymns that summon the Gods, One in whom are many dear things.

  3. O Fire, thou being born hither bear the Gods for the sacrificer who spreads the holy seat, thou art our desirable summoning priest.

  4. O Fire, when thou goest as our envoy, awaken them up who desire our offerings. Take thy seat with the Gods on the holy grass.

  5. O Fire, thou who art called by the offerings of clarity, thou shining one, do thou oppose and burn down the haters that confine.

  6. By the fire is the fire perfectly kindled, the seer, the lord of the house, the youth, the bearer of offering whose mouth receives the offerings.

  7. To the divine flame, the seer, him whose law of being is the Truth, the shining one, the destroyer of all evils, approach and chant the hymn of praise.

  8. O Flame, O divine messenger, the lord of the offerings who waits on thee, of him become the protector.

  9. He who with the offerings approaches the divine force, for the Birth of the Gods, O Purifier, on him have grace.

  10. O shining flame, thou who purifiest, hither bear the Gods to our offerings and to our sacrifice.

  11. Thou adored by our fresh Gayatri rhythms bring for us the felicity and force full of hero's strength.

  12. O Fire, with thy lustres white, and all thy divine hymns that summon the Gods, come and accept this hymn that we affirm.

  1. O Fire! perfectly kindled, bear the gods to him who has the offerings, O Thou who purifiest! Thou summoner! sacrifice to the gods.

  2. O son of the body! Now make the sacrifice honied for the gods (or full of honey among the gods) for their enjoyment, O seer.

  3. Him, the beloved, I call hither to this sacrifice, he who creates the offerings, possessed of honied tongue.

  4. O Fire! Thou who art adored, bring here the gods in thy happiest car; (for) thou art the summoner established by man.

  5. O Thinkers! spread you the holy seat continuous and true in order, sprinkled with clear offerings (of clarified butter), to where is the vision of immortality. [Incomplete]

  1. With all these gods, O Agni, thou who art the activity of speech, arrive and do thy work.

  2. On thee, O Agni, the Kanwas have called, for thee, O master of wisdom, their movements of understanding become articulate; arrive, O Agni, with the gods.

  3. On Indra and Vayu, Brihaspati, on Mitra and Agni, Pushan, Bhaga, the Adityas and the Marut host.

  4. For you the nectar streams are filled in, rapturous and maddening, dripping sweetness, into their vessel they settle down.

  5. Thee the Kanwas protected adore, when they have manifested the flame, hold the offering and have set their array.

  6. Shining of flank, yoked to the mind are the bearers that bear thee and bear to us the gods to drink the Soma-wine.

  7. Make them active to the Yajna, O Agni, they increase by truth, they have with them their female powers; make them drink the sweetnesses, O keen of tongue.

  8. Those that are active to Yajna, those that are adorable, let both of them drink with thy tongue, O Agni, the heady sweetness of the wine.

  9. From the world of the lustre of the sun the seer, the priest of the offering bringeth the gods that wake to the dawn.

  10. With all of them, O Agni, drink thou the sweetness of the Soma-wine, with Indra and Vayu and Mitra's lustres.

  11. Thou, the priest of the oblation, thinker and friend, O Agni, sittest at the Yajnas, therefore do thou set thyself to this action of sacrifice of ours.

  12. Yoking, O God, in thy chariot the rosy and the green and the crimson, by these bear hither the gods.

  1. Gird on thy robes, O thou adorable one, - master of all abounding mights, conduct this our oblation.

  2. Settle down, - for thou art the supreme offerer of sacrifice, O young, strong and brilliant Agni, - by the thoughts of my meditation into my speech.

  3. Because he doeth sacrifice as a father for his son, as a lover for his lover, as a comrade for his comrade, therefore is he the supreme offerer.

  4. May the destroyers of the foe, Varuna, Mitra and Aryaman, sit down on the sacred rushes as human friends might sit.

  5. O ancient Priest of the offering, rejoice in this our friendship, hearken to these my words.

  6. For whatsoever with lasting substance we sacrifice to god and god, always 'tis on thee that the offering is cast.

  7. May this master of the peoples be dear to us, the delightful and supreme offerer of sacrifice, and to him may we be dear and full of the strengths of Agni.

  8. For when the gods are full of the strengths of Agni, then they hold firmly for us the supreme good; full of the strengths of Agni may we be in our meditation.

  9. Then should both exchange their full expressions of being, the immortals giving to mortal men, man to the deathless gods.

  10. O Agni, enrich with all thy strengths and confirm, thou masterful user of force, this my sacrifice, this my speech, this delight.

  1. As the swift strength that bringeth blessings I adore thee with obeisances, the strong Agni, supreme and king over all below.

  2. May he be always full of loving kindness to us, auspicious, happy, moving out by his flashing brilliance far and wide.

  3. Far and near do thou protect us continuously by the universal vitality from mortal sickness of our life.

  4. Speak forth perfectly, O Agni, among the gods this our chant new-framed of saving power.

  5. Cleave to us in our higher stabilities and in our middle, teach us thy utmost reach of being.

  6. O richly-lustred, thou art he who dwellest over against the swelling waters of the ocean and distributest them, thou flowest down immediately on the giver.

  7. Whomso, though a mortal, O Agni, thou impellest in his struggles, whomso in his holdings, he attaineth to enduring masteries.

  8. O god of force, there is a substance of plenty that is of the Inspiration and it embraces in its circuit any plane whatsoever of being;

  9. Therefore do thou, the universal strength that labours, bring by thy strong fighters that richness of plenty to its goal (of fullness) and by thy wise seers hold it safe.

  10. O thou who awakenest to thy wooers, do thou pervade towards Rudra to whom one doeth all sacrifice, for each and every people, a hymn full of vision.

  11. May he be to us great and boundless, passionate in perception, wide and full of charm, - so may he favour our understanding and the plenty of our substance.

  12. May he, as one full of impetuosity, the master of these peoples who is divine perception, hearken to us, even Agni who burneth into greatness with the prayers of our desire for his fuel.

  13. Obeisance to the Great Gods! obeisance to the lesser! obeisance to the young! obeisance to them who are (old?) keen and swift! may we do sacrifice to the gods to the utmost of our capacity, may our self-expression not be utilated, O ye elder-gods.

  1. The master of many peoples who labour towards the godhead, we seek for you with words of perfect expression, Agni whom others also everywhere desire. jnAso aE`n\ dEDr

  2. Men hold Agni in them as the increaser of strength. With offerings we dispose the sacrifice for thee, do thou then become today to us perfect-minded and our keeper here in our havings, O thou who art of the truth of being.

  3. Thee we choose out for our messenger, the priest of offering who hast universal knowledge; when thou art greatened in thy being thy flames range wide, thy lustres touch the heavens.

  4. The gods even Varuna and Mitra and Aryaman light thee utterly, the ancient messenger; all wealth that mortal conquers by thee, O Agni, who to thee has given. mdo hotA ghpEtr`n

  5. Thou art the rapturous priest of the sacrifice and master of this house and the envoy of creatures; in thee are met together all the steadfast laws of action which the gods have made.

  6. It is in thee, O Agni, young and mighty, because thou art rich in joy that every offering is cast, therefore do thou today and hereafter, perfect of mind, offer to the gods perfected energies.

  7. He it is, whom as the self-ruler men who have attained submission adore; by the queens of the oblation men light entirely Agni when they have broken through their opposers.

  8. They smite Vritra the Coverer and pass beyond the two firmaments, they make the wide kingdom their home. May the mighty One become in Kanwa a luminous energy fed with the offerings, the Steed of Life neighing in the stations of the kine.

  9. Take thy established seat; wide art thou, shine in thy purity revealing utterly the godhead; pour forth, O thou of the sacrifice, thy red-active smoke of passion, thou widemanifested, that full of vision;

  10. Even thou whom the gods have set here for man most strong for the sacrifice, O bearer of the offering, whom Kanwa Medhyatithi has established as a seizer for him of his desired wealth, whom the mighty Indra and all who establish him by the song of praise;

  11. Even that Agni whom Medhyatithi Kanwa has kindled high upon the Truth, may his impulses blaze forth, him may these fulfilling Words, him, even Agni, may we increase.

  12. Complete our felicities, O thou who hast the self-fixity; for with thee, O Agni, is effectivity in the gods; thou rulest over the wealth of inspired knowledge. Show thou then favour to us, great art thou.

  13. Utterly high-uplifted stand for our growth, like the god Savitri; 'tis from these heights that thou becomest the saviour of our store when we call on thee with [ ]

  14. High-raised protect us from the evil by the perceiving mind, burn utterly every eater of our being; raise us too on high for action, for life; distribute among the gods our activity.

  15. Protect us, O Agni, from the Rakshasa, protect us from the harm of the undelighting, protect us from him who assails and him who would slay us, O vast of lustre, O mighty and young.

  16. As with thick falling blows scatter utterly (or scatter like clouds to every side) all the powers of undelight, O devourer of their force (or O destroyer of affliction), and him who would do us harm; whatsoever mortal being exceeds us in keenness by his actions, may he not as our enemy have mastery over us.

  17. Agni has won perfected energy for Kanwa and has won perfected enjoyment; Agni protects for him all friendly things, Agni keeps ever in safe being Medhyatithi who has confirmed him by the song of praise.

  18. By Agni we call Turvasha and Yadu from the upper kingdoms; Agni has led to a new dwelling Brihadratha and Turviti (or Turviti of wide delight), a power against the foe.

  19. Man establisheth thee within, O Agni, as a light for the eternal birth; mayst thou burn brightly in Kanwa manifested in the Truth and increased in being, thou to whom the doers of action bow down.

  20. Impetuous, O Agni, and forceful are thy flames, terrible and not to be approached; always thou do burn utterly the powers who detain and the powers who are vessels of suffering, yea, every devourer.

  A hymn to Agni of the woodlands, the Flame that feeds on and enjoys the pleasant things of the earthly being and when the emotional and vital being is offered to the gods becomes a creator of the divine birth and a giver of the supreme bliss and the immortal rapture.

  1. Now again he has become the envoy of the illumined one; the Immortal born of force tramples on his way and by most effective paths, the middle world has measured out into form. He illumines by the power of the food-offering in the creation of the gods.

  2. The ageless Flame is embracing his own proper food. When he means to give increase, he stands up swiftly on the fuel. The back of the burning god shines like a galloping horse. He shouts aloud as if making to thunder the peak of heaven.

  3. He is the doer of the work with the Rudras and the Vasus, the vicar of sacrifice and seated offering priest, the Immortal, the conqueror of treasures. The godhead shining among the peoples of these living beings is like our chariot and moves uninterruptedly to desirable things.

  4. Many-voiced, urged by the breath of the wind, he stands abroad easily among the trunks with the series of his mouths of flame. Black is thy trail, O ageless Flame, when swiftly thou puttest forth thy male might upon the woodlands, O wave of lustrous fire.

  5. He ranges like a conquering bull ranges among the herd. Impelled by the blast he is blowing like a storm down in the wood with his burning jaws even while he travels with the mass of his might the unwasted middle world. Then the winged things of heaven are afraid and all that stands and all that moves.

  6. The Bhrigus set thee, O Fire, among human beings like a beautiful treasure, one swift to the call of men, an offering priest and desirable guest, like a happy friend for the divine birth.

  7. The Flame is a priest strong for sacrifice and the seven offering energies choose him in the rites of the path for the singer of the word. He is one who wins by battle all riches. I serve him with my delight and travel to the ecstasy.

  8. O Son of Force, O friendly greatness, give on this day to men who hymn thee, the joys of a bliss in which there is no wound or fissure. O Flame, Child of Might, keep thy singer far from evil with thy iron walls.

  9. O wide-lustrous Flame, become an armour to thy singer. King of Riches, become that bliss to the lords of the riches. Keep far from evil thy singer, O Fire. At dawn may he quickly come rich with thought.

  A hymn to Agni Vaisvanara, the universal Force in all the worlds and in all beings who conducts the action of the universe and getting rid of the powers of darkness manifests to men the supreme heavenly world of light and truth and true being.

  1. Other flames are only branches of thy stock, O Fire. All the immortals take in thee their rapturous joy. O universal Godhead, thou art the navel-knot of the earths and their inhabitants; all who are born, thou controllest and supportest like a pillar.

  2. The Flame is the head of heaven and the navel of the earth and the power that moves at work in the two worlds. O Vaisvanara, the gods brought thee to birth a god to be a light to Aryan man.

  3. As firm rays sit steadfast in the Sun, all treasures have been placed in the universal godhead and flame. King art thou of all the riches that are in the growths of the earth and the hills and the waters and all the riches that are in men.

  4. Heaven and earth grow as if vaster worlds to the Son. Then the offering priest sings the sacred words even as might a man of discerning skill. To Vaisvanara, for this most strong god who brings with him the light of the sun-world the many mighty waters because his strength is of the truth.

  5. O universal godhead, O knower of all things born, thy excess of greatness overflows even the Great Heaven. Thou art king of the toiling human peoples and by battle makest the supreme good for the gods.

  6. I have spoken the greatness of the Bull to whom the Purus cling and he slays for us the covering Vritras. The universal Godhead and Flame has slain the Destroyers and hastened the waters on the way and broken down Shambara.

  7. This is the universal godhead who by his greatness labours in all the peoples, the lustrous master of sacrifice, the Flame with the hundredfold treasures is uttering the hymn of adoration among the Bharadwajas in Purunitha son of Shatavana. This is he who has the word of Truth.

  1. The Lord of Life who breathes in the Mother brought to the Bhrigu like a treasure expressed by the word, a lavish felicity, a twice-born god, a glorious upholder, a thought-vision of the knowledge, a messenger who makes good advance and comes in a moment to the object of his journey.

  2. Two are the races who cling to this teacher; the gods who desire in heaven and men who are mortals bring him the food-offering. One who was before heaven has sat down as the priest of sacrifice, one to be questioned, a lord of the peoples among the peoples, a creator.

  3. Our new glory-song of him enjoys the honey-tongued god in his birth from the heart of man, whom human living beings beget in the strength, delight for their offering, sacrificers in the seasons.

  4. A desirable priest was set in the peoples, a desiring god, a purifying Vasu in men, a dweller in the home, a master of the house in the mansion; the Flame becomes a lord of many treasures.

  5. O Flame, we the Gotamas making thee clear and bright like a swift horse who brings our plenty give expression to thee by our thoughts, to the lord of treasures. At dawn may he quickly come rich with thought.

  1. As we move forward to the path of the sacrifice let us speak out the word of our thought to Agni who hears us from afar and from within.

  2. He who supreme (ancient, first) in the worlds of our action that pour forth the clarity meeting together (or, when our labours that drip their fruit combine together), protects for the giver his attaining (or movement).

  3. Yea, let all creatures born (be able to) say, "Up Agni comes into being, slayer of Vritras, conqueror of our wealth in battle after battle."

  4. He whose messenger thou art to his home, thou takest his offerings on their journey (or, takest his offerings on thy journey to be eaten by the gods, or comest to the offerings); thou makest effective his path of sacrifice.

  5. Him men call the man complete in his offering, complete in his gods, complete in his base of sacrifice, O Angiras, O Son of Force.

  6. Thou bringest both those gods here that we may express them and bearest, O rich in delight, the offerings on their journey (or, to be expressed and to eat the offerings).

  7. No tramp is heard of the horses of thy chariot in its going when thou goest on thy embassy, O Agni.

  8. By thee fostered the horse of life goes undeviating, each one after that which preceded it, and the giver of sacrifices progresses, O Agni.

  9. Yea, and thou lodgest throughout his being for the giver and his gods, O God, Agni, a vast and luminous completeness of energy.

  1. How shall we give to Agni? For him what Word accepted by the Gods is spoken, for the lord of the brilliant flame? for him who in mortals, immortal, possessed of the Truth, priest of the oblation strongest for sacrifice, creates the gods?

  2. He who in the sacrifices is the priest of the offering, full of peace, full of the Truth, him verily form in you by your surrenderings; when Agni manifests1 for the mortals the gods, he also has perception of them and by the mind offers to them the sacrifice.

  3. For he is the will, he is the strength, he is the effecter of perfection, even as Mitra he becomes the charioteer of the Supreme. To him, the first, in the rich-offerings the people seeking the godhead utter the word, the Aryan people to the fulfiller.
    1 Or "enters into the gods".

  4. May this strongest of the Powers and devourer of the destroyers manifest2 by his presence the Words and their understanding, and may they who in their extension are lords of plenitude brightest in energy pour forth their plenty and give their impulsion to the thought.

  5. Thus has Agni possessed of the Truth been affirmed by the masters of light,3 the knower of the worlds by clarified minds. He shall foster in them the force of illumination, he too the plenty; he shall attain to increase and to harmony by his perceptions.

  1. This is the omniscient who knows the law of our being and is sufficient to his works; let us build the song of his truth by our thought and make it as if a chariot on which he shall mount. When he dwells with us, then a happy wisdom becomes ours. With him for friend we cannot come to harm.

    2 Or "enter into the words and the thinking".
    3 Gotamebhih. In its external sense "by the Gotamas", the family of the Rishi, Gotama Rahugana, the seer of the hymn. But the names of the Rishis are constantly used with a covert reference to their meaning. In this passage there is an unmistakable significance in the grouping of the words, gotamebhir r.tava, viprebhir jatavedah., as in verse 3 in dasmam arh..

  2. Whosoever makes him his priest of the sacrifice, reaches the perfection that is the fruit of his striving, a home on a height of being where there is no warring and no enemies; he confirms in himself an ample energy; he is safe in his strength, evil cannot lay its hand upon him.

  3. This is the fire of our sacrifice! May we have strength to kindle it to its height, may it perfect our thoughts. In this all that we give must be thrown that it may become a food for the gods; this shall bring to us the godheads of the infinite consciousness who are our desire.

  4. Let us gather fuel for it, let us prepare for it offerings, let us make ourselves conscious of the jointings of its times and its seasons. It shall so perfect our thoughts that they shall extend our being and create for us a larger life.

  5. This is the guardian of the world and its peoples, the shepherd of all these herds; all that is born moves by his rays and is compelled by his flame, both the two-footed and the four-footed creatures. This is the rich and great thoughtawakening of the Dawn within.

  6. This is the priest who guides the march of the sacrifice, the first and ancient who calls to the gods and gives the offerings; his is the command and his the purification; from his birth he stands in front, the vicar of our sacrifice. He knows all the works of this divine priesthood, for he is the Thinker who increases in us.

  7. The faces of this God are everywhere and he fronts all things perfectly; he has the eye and the vision: when we see him from afar, yet he seems near to us, so brilliantly he shines across the gulfs. He sees beyond the darkness of our night, for his vision is divine.

  8. O you godheads, let our chariot be always in front, let our clear and strong word overcome all that thinks the falsehood. O you godheads, know for us, know in us that Truth, increase the speech that finds and utters it.

  9. With blows that slay cast from our path, O thou Flame, the powers that stammer in the speech and stumble in the thought, the devourers of our power and our knowledge who leap at us from near and shoot at us from afar. Make the path of the sacrifice a clear and happy journeying.

  10. Thou hast bright red horses for thy chariot, O Will divine, who are driven by the stormwind of thy passion; thou roarest like a bull, thou rushest upon the forests of life, on its pleasant trees that encumber thy path, with the smoke of thy passion in which there is the thought and the sight.

  11. At the noise of thy coming even they that wing in the skies are afraid, when thy eaters of the pasture go abroad in their haste. So thou makest clear thy path to thy kingdom that thy chariots may run towards it easily.

  12. This dread and tumult of thee, is it not the wonderful and exceeding wrath of the gods of the Life rushing down on us to found here the purity of the Infinite, the harmony of the Lover? Be gracious, O thou fierce Fire, let their minds be again sweet to us and pleasant.

  13. God art thou of the gods, for thou art the lover and friend; richest art thou of the masters of the Treasure, the founders of the home, for thou art very bright and pleasant in the pilgrimage and the sacrifice. Very wide and far-extending is the peace of thy beatitudes; may that be the home of our abiding!

  14. That is the bliss of him and the happiness; for then is this Will very gracious and joy-giving when in its own divine house, lit into its high and perfect flame, it is adored by our thoughts and satisfied with the wine of our delight. Then it lavishes its deliciousness, then it returns in treasure and substance all that we have given into its hands.

  15. O thou infinite and indivisible Being, it is thou ever that formest the sinless universalities of the spirit by our sacrifice; thou compellest and inspirest thy favourites by thy happy and luminous forcefulness, by the fruitful riches of thy joy. Among them may we be numbered.

  16. Thou art the knower of felicity and the increaser here of our life and advancer of our being! Thou art the godhead!

  1. Day and Night have different forms, but are travellers to one perfect goal; they suckle alternately the divine Child. In our day he becomes the brilliant Sun and is master of the law of his nature; through our night he is visible in the purity of his brightness and the energy of his lustres.

  2. Ten powers of the Thought, young and sleepless goddesses, gave birth to this child of the Maker who is carried very variously and widely. They lead him abroad through the world in a flaming splendour, his keen power of light self-lustrous in all things born.

  3. There are three births of him that seek to come into being around us, one is in the ocean of the infinite, one is in the heavens, one is in the waters that descend from the heavens. In the supreme region of mind, the eastern direction of earthly beings, he declares the seasons of their sacrifice and ordains them in their succession.

  4. Which of you has awakened to the knowledge of this secret thing, that it is the Child who gives birth to his own mothers by the right workings of the law of his nature? Born in the womb of many waters, he comes forth from their lap a vast Seer, possessed of the law of his being.

  5. Very bright and pleasant he increases in them and is made manifest; in the lap of their crooked windings, he is straightexalted and self-lustrous. Heaven and earth both had fear of their Maker in his birth; they are driven trembling towards the young lion and woo him to their love.

  6. They woo him to their love like women and both grow full of happiness. The thoughts of the Light come voiceful to him in all their movements like lowing cows and he becomes the master of all judgments and discernings whom men anoint with their offerings on the right hand of the altar.

  7. Like the creating Sun he lifts up his arms to heaven and terrible in his force, adorning both his wives, he labours working into brightness both these fields of his outpouring; he drives upward the shining veil of thought from all that is; he plucks off their new robes from his mothers.

  8. When he joins himself in his seat and home to the rays of the Truth and to its streams, when he makes for himself that higher flaming form of his, then as the seer and thinker he delivers into a bright clearness that divine foundation. In our forming of the godheads, it is he that is their union and coming together.

  9. The speed of thee encompasses the wideness, the foundation, the far-shining abode of the vast Godhead. O Flame, lit into thy full height guard us with all thy universal selfilluminings, guards invincible.

  10. He creates on our desert earth the stream, the moving billow, and by its shining waves of light he ascends to the heavens; he holds all old and lasting things in his bellies and moves in all new births.

  11. So, O Flame, increase by the fuel that we heap for thee; and, O purifier, shine wide and opulently that we may possess inspired knowledge. That may the Lords of Harmony and Wideness increase in us, the Mother infinite and the great ocean and earth and heaven.

  1. As of old by force he is born and in his very birth infallibly he lays his hands on all seer-seeings and wisdoms; the Thought and the heavenly waters bring to perfection this friend of beings. The godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  2. By the supreme and original inmost knowledge of the being, the knowledge that does the works of the seer, he brought into being these children of men, the thinkers, and by his wide-shining eye of vision created heaven and its waters. The godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  3. Him desire and adore, for he is the first and chief who brings to perfect accomplishment your sacrifice, since he takes all offering of the Aryan peoples and makes them to shine with light; he is the son of Energy, the bringer of boons, the flood of strength. The godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  4. He is Life that swells in the mother of things, the Life-god who nurses in his bosom many blessings, finds the path for the Son of men and discovers the country of Light, protector of the peoples, father of earth and heaven. The godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  5. Night and Dawn are working to shape that highest hue of things, different, they suckle one child, they are united equals; between our earth and heavens are born the widenesses of his golden light. The godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  6. He is the foundation of the opulence of the beatitude, the bringer together of its treasures; he is the conscious eye of our sacrifice who accomplishes and perfects the thought in the word of man. The godheads, guarding immortality, hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  7. Now and of old he is the seat of all felicities, continent of all that is born and all that is coming into birth, guardian of that which is and the much that becomes, - the godheads hold the Flame that gives the treasure.

  8. May this giver of treasure extend to us treasure which hastens to its home, and the treasure which is lasting and eternal; he is the giver of treasure and he shall give to us heroic energy of impulsion and lavish on us long existence.

  9. So, O Flame, increase by the fuel that we heap for thee; and, O purifier, shine wide and opulently that we may possess inspired knowledge. That may the Lords of Harmony and Wideness increase in us, the Mother infinite and the great ocean and earth and heaven.

  1. Burn away from us the sin, flame out on us the bliss. Burn away from us the sin!

  2. For the perfect path to the happy field, for the exceeding treasure when we would do sacrifice, - burn away from us the sin!

  3. That the happiest of all these many godheads may be born in us, that the seers who see in our thought may multiply, - burn away from us the sin!

  4. That thy seers, O Flame divine, may multiply and we be new-born as thine, - burn away from us the sin!

  5. When the flaming rays of thy might rush abroad on every side violently, - burn away from us the sin!

  6. O God, thy faces are everywhere! thou besiegest us on every side with thy being. Burn away from us the sin!

  7. Let thy face front the Enemy wherever he turns; bear us in thy ship over the dangerous waters. Burn away from us the sin!

  8. As in a ship over the ocean, bear us over into thy felicity. Burn away from us the sin!

  1. Offer like a secure seat that womb to Agni the utterly bright who sits upon the altar and his abode is bliss; clothe with thought as with a robe the slayer of the darkness who is pure and charioted in light and pure-bright of hue.

  2. The twice-born Agni moves (intense) about his triple food; it is eaten and with the year it has grown again; with the tongue and mouth of the one (or with his tongue in the presence of the one) he is the strong master and enjoyer, with the other he engirdles and crushes in his embrace his delightful things.

  3. He gives energy of movement to both his mothers on their dark path, in their common dwelling, and both make their way through to their child (or following their child), for his tongue is lifted upward, he destroys and rushes swiftly through and should be cloven to, increasing his father.

  4. For the thinker becoming man his swift-hastening impulsions dark and bright desire freedom; unequal, active, rapidquivering, they are yoked to their works, swift steeds and driven forward by the Breath of things.

  5. They for him destroy and speed lightly on (or speed and pervade) creating his dark being of thickness and his mighty form of light; when reaching forward he touches the Vast of Being, he pants towards it and, thundering, cries aloud.

  6. He who when he would become in the tawny ones, bends down and goes to them bellowing as the male to its mates, - putting out his force he gives joy to their bodies (or he makes blissful the forms of things) and like a fierce beast hard to seize he tosses his horns.

  7. He whether contracted in being or wide-extended seizes on them utterly; he knowing, they knowing the eternal Agni lies with them, then again they increase and go to the state divine; uniting, another form they make for the Father and Mother.

  8. Bright with their flowing tresses they take utter delight of him, they who were about to perish, stand upon high once more for his coming. For he loosens from them their decay and goes to them shouting high, he creates supreme force and unconquerable life.

  9. Tearing about her the robe that conceals the Mother he moves on utterly to the Delight with the creatures of pure Being who manifest the Force; he establishes wideness, he breaks through to the goal for this traveller, even though

  10. Burn bright for us, O Agni, in our fullnesses, be henceforth the strong master and inhabit in us with the sisters; casting away from thee those of them that are infant minds thou shouldst burn bright encompassing us all about like a cuirass in our battles.

  11. This, O Agni, is that which is well-established upon the illplaced; even out of this blissful mentality may there be born to thee that greater bliss. By that which shines bright and pure from thy body, thou winnest for us the delight.

  12. Thou givest us, O Agni, for chariot and for home a ship travelling with eternal progress of motion that shall carry our strong spirits and our spirits of fullness across the births and across the peace.

  13. Mayst thou, O Agni, about our Word for thy pivot bring to light for us Heaven and Earth and the rivers that are self-revealed; may the Red Ones reach to knowledge and strength and long days of light, may they choose the force and the supreme good.

Mandala Three

1. Bear me that I may be strong to hold the Wine, O Fire, for
thou hast made me a carrier-flame of sacrifice in the getting
of knowledge: I shine towards the gods, I put the stone to
its work, I accomplish the labour;1 O Fire, take delight in
my body.

2. We have made the sacrifice with its forward movement, may
the Word increase in us; with the fuel, with the obeisance
they have set the Fire to its work. The heavens have declared
the discoveries of knowledge of the seers and they have
willed a path for the strong and wise.

3. Full of understanding, pure in discernment, close kin from
his birth to earth and heaven he has founded the Bliss. The
gods discovered the seeing Fire within in the waters, in the
work of the sisters.

1 Or, I attain to the peace;

4. The seven mighty rivers increased the blissful flame,2 white
in his birth, ruddy glowing in his mightiness: the Mares
went up to him as to a new-born child; the gods gave body
to Agni in his birth.

5. With his bright limbs he has built wide the mid-world purifying the will by his pure seer-powers; wearing light like a
robe around the life of the waters he forms his glories vast
and ample.

6. He moved all round the seven mighty Ones of heaven: undevouring, inviolate, neither were they clothed nor were they
naked: here young and eternal in one native home the seven
Voices held in their womb the one Child.

7. Wide-strewn, compact, taking universal forms are his energies in the womb of the light, in the streaming of the
sweetnesses: here the milch-cows stand nourished and growing; two great and equal companions3 are the mothers of the
Doer of works.

2 Or, increased him in his beauty,
3 Or, vast and whole

8. Upborne, O Son of Force, thou shinest out wide holding thy
bright and rapturous bodies; there drip down streams of the
light and the sweetness, there where the Bull has grown by
the seer-wisdom.

9. At his birth he discovered the teat of abundance of the Father, he loosed forth wide his streams, wide his nourishing
rivers;4 he discovered him moving in the secrecy with his
helpful comrades, with the mighty Rivers of Heaven, but
himself became not secret in the cave.

c gB jEnt;
c bB
} p$vFr
ko aDyt^ pF=yAnA, .
sp&F f;cy
sbD$ uB
{ mn;y
En pAEh 10
10. He carried the child of the father who begot him; one, he
sucked the milk of many who nourished him with their
overflowing. Two who have one lord and kinsman, for this
pure male of the herds guard both in the human being.

urO mhA; aEnbAD
vvDA__po aE`n\ yfs, s\ Eh p$vF, .
-t-y yonAvfyd^ dm$nA jAmFnAmE`nrpEs -vs^ZAm^ 11
11. Vast was he in the unobstructed wideness and grew, for the
waters many and glorious fed the flame; in the native seat
of the Truth the Fire lay down and made his home, in the
work of the companions, the sisters.

a5o n bEB}, sEmT
mhFnA\ Edd"
y, s$nv
BA-jFk, .
ud;E*yA jEntA yo jjAnA_pA\ gBo ntmo y4o aE`n, 12
12. Like a height upbearing all5 in the meeting of the great

4 Or, he loosed forth the milch-cows;
5 Or, like one moving and upbearing all

Mandala Three


waters, eager for vision for the Son, straight in his lustres,
he is the Father who begot the shining Ray-herds, the child
of the Waters, the most strong and mighty Fire.

apA\ gB dftmoqDFnA\ vnA jjAn s;BgA Ev!pm^ .

cmnsA s\ Eh j`m;, pEnS\ jAt\ tvs\ d;v-yn^ 13
13. One desirable and blissful gave birth to him in many forms,
a visioned child of the waters and a child of the growths of
earth: the gods too met with the Mind the Fire, strong at his
birth and powerful to act6 and set him to his work.

bht id^ BAnvo BA-jFkmE`n\ sct Ev;to n f;5A, .
hv v=\ sdEs -v
atrpAr Uv
amt\ d;hAnA, 14
14. Vast sun blazings cleave like brilliant lightnings to this Fire,
straight in his lustres, growing as in a secret cave within in
his own home in the shoreless wideness, and they draw the
milk of immortality.

c (vA yjmAno hEvEBrF0
sEK(v\ s;mEt\ EnkAm, .

{rvo EmmFEh s\ jEr/
r"A c no dMy
{, 15
15. Making sacrifice with my offerings for thee I pray, and pray
for thy friendship and true-mindedness with an utter desire.
Fashion with the Gods protection for thy adorer and guard
us with thy flame-forces that dwell in the house.

tAr-tv s;ZFt
vAEn DyA dDAnA, .
s;rtsA 2vsA t;)jmAnA aEB yAm ptnAy;rd
$ vAn^ 16
16. We who come to thee to dwell with thee in thy home, O
perfect leader of the way, holding all opulent things, may
we, overflowing7 them with the full stream of inspiration,
overwhelm the hostile army of the undivine powers.
6 Or, most admirable
7 Or, smiting


Other Hymns to Agni

dvAnAmBv, k
mdo Ev
vAEn kA&yAEn Ev7An^ .
Et mtAnvAsyo dm$nA an;
dvAn^ rETro yAEs sADn^ 17
17. O Fire, thou becomest in us the rapturous ray of intuition
of the gods that knows all seer-wisdoms; established in thy
home thou settlest mortals in that dwelling-place, as their
charioteer achieving their aim thou journeyest in the wake
of the gods.

En d;roZ
amto m(yAnA\ rAjA ssAd EvdTAEn sADn^ .
GttFk uEvyA &yOdE`nEv
vAEn kA&yAEn Ev7An^ 18
18. In the gated house of mortals the immortal sat as King
accomplishing the things of knowledge: the Fire shone out
in his wideness with his luminous front, knower of all seerwisdoms.

aA no gEh sHy
EB, Efv
EBmhAn^ mhFEB!EtEB, sr@yn^ .
rEy\ bh;l\ s\tz/\ s;vAc\ BAg\ yfs\ kDF n, 19
19. Come to us in a rapid approach with thy happy befriendings, mighty, come with thy mighty protectings; in us the
abundance of the delivering riches, for us our glorious highworded portion create.

etA t
jEnmA snAEn p$&yAy n$tnAEn vocm^ .
mhAEt vZ
svnA kt
mA jmjmn^ EnEhto jAtv
dA, 20
20. O Fire, these are thy eternal births which I have declared
to thee, ever new births for the ancient flame: great are the
offerings of the Wine we have made for the mighty one. He
is the knower of all births set within in birth and birth.

jmjmn^ EnEhto jAtv
dA Ev
aj*, .
t-y vy\ s;mtO yE.y-yA_Ep Bd
-yAm 21
21. The knower of all births set within in birth and birth is
kindled by Vishwamitra, an unceasing flame; in the true

Mandala Three


thinking of this lord of sacrifice, in a happy right-mindedness
may we abide.

im\ y.\ shsAvn^ (v\ no
dv/A D
Eh s;5to rrAZ, .
y\Es hotbhtFErqo no_`n
mEh dEvZmA yj-v 22
22. O forceful god, O strong will, establish this sacrifice of ours
in the gods and take in it thy delight: O priest of the call,
extend to us the vast impulsions; O Fire, bring to us by
sacrifice the great Treasure.

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
23. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;8 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

vAnrAy EDqZAmtAvD
Gt\ n p$tm`ny
jnAmEs .
E7tA hotAr\ mn;q
c vAGto EDyA rT\ n k;Elf, sm@vEt 1
1. We create an understanding like pure light for the Fire that
makes the Truth to grow, for the universal godhead. The
priests of the word fashion twofold by the thought of the
human being9 this priest of the call, as the saw carves a
chariot, and join him into a whole.

s rocy>jn;qA rodsF uB
s mA/orBvt^ p;/ IX^y, .
cnoEhto d$0Bo EvfAmEtETEvBAvs;, 2
2. He from his birth illumined both the firmaments, he became
8 Or, himself a begetter;
9 Or, the human priests of the word by their thought


Other Hymns to Agni
the desirable son of the Father and Mother. The ageless and
inviolable Fire, firmly founded in bliss, with his riches of the
Light, is the carrier of offering and the guest of the peoples.

5(vA d"-y tzqo EvDmEZ
dvAso aE`n\ jnyt EcE1EB, .
zzcAn\ BAn;nA >yoEtqA mhAm(y\ n vAj\ sEny3;p b}v
; 3
3. By the will, in the order and law of a delivering discernment,
the gods brought the Fire into being by their perceptions of
the Knowledge. In his greatness shining forth with his blazing light I invoke him as the Horse so that I may conquer
the plenitude.

aA md-y sEnyto vr
@y\ vZFmh
axy\ vAjmE`mym^ .
rAEt\ Bg$ZAm;Eqj\ kEv5t;mE`n\ rAjt\ Ed&y
n foEcqA 4
4. To conquer the supreme bliss of the rapturous godhead, the
undeviating plenitude full of the word of illumination, we
accept the gift of the Flame-Seers,10 the Fire that aspires, the
Seer-Will shining with heavenly light.

aE`n\ s;
p;ro jnA vAj2vsEmh v?tbEhq, .
yt*;c, s;zc\ Ev
&y\ zd\ y.AnA\ sADEdEmpsAm^ 5
5. Having gathered the sacred grass, stretching out the ladle
of offering, men have set here in their front the Fire for
the happiness, in his plenitude of inspiration, the Violent,
the universal in godhead, the bright and beautiful, one who
accomplishes the seekings of sacrifice of the doers of the

tv Eh "y\ pEr hoty.
q; v?tbEhqo nr, .
d;v iQCmAnAs aA=ym;pAst
dEvZ\ D
Eh t

6. O Fire, O purifying light, O priest of the call, men in
their sacrifices having gathered the sacred grass, desiring
10 Or, the Bhrigus,

Mandala Three


the work, sit around thy house which we must obtain as
ours; found for them the Treasure.

aA rodsF apZdA -vmh>jAt\ yd
nmpso aDAryn^ .
so a@vrAy pEr ZFyt
kEvr(yo n vAjsAty
cnoEht, 7
7. He filled the two firmaments, he filled the vast sun-world,
when he was born and held by the doers of the work. He is
led around for the pilgrim sacrifice, the Seer founded in the
Bliss, as the Horse for the conquest of the plenitude.

nm-yt h&ydAEt\ -v@vr\ d;v-yt dMy\ jAtv
dsm^ .
rTF-t-y bhto EvcqEZrE`nd
vAnAmBvt^ p;roEht, 8
8. Bow down to the giver of the offering, set to his work the
perfect in the pilgrim-rite, the knower of all the births who
dwells in the house: for he is the all-seeing charioteer of the
vast Truth, the Fire has become the priest of the gods set in

Et*o y4-y sEmD, pEr>mno_`n
rp;n3;Efjo am(yv, .
B;jm; lokm;
7 up jAEmmFyt;, 9
9. Triple is the fuel of the mighty and pervading Fire purified
by the aspiring immortals; one of three they have set in the
mortal, the fuel of the enjoyment, two have gone to that
companion world.

EvfA\ kEv\ Ev
pEt\ mAn;qFErq, s\ sFmk@v(-vEDEt\ n t
s u7to Envto yAEt v
Evqt^ s gBm
q; B;vn
q; dFDrt^ 10
10. This seer and lord of creatures human impulsions have
perfected everywhere like an axe for sharpness. He goes
overrunning the high and the low places; he holds the child
to be born in these worlds.


Other Hymns to Agni

s Ejvt
q; jE.vAn^ vqA Ec/
q; nAnd3 Es\h, .
vAnr, pT;pAjA am(yo vs; r&A dymAno Ev dAf;q
11. The male of the herds has been born in different wombs and
he stirs abroad like a roaring lion, the universal godhead,
the immortal wide in his might bestowing the riches and the
ecstasies on the offerer of sacrifice.

vAnr, &TA nAkmAzhd^ Edv-pS\ BdmAn, s;mmEB, .
s p$vv>jny)jtv
Dn\ smAnm>m\ py
Et jAgEv, 12
12. Universal godhead as in the ancient days has ascended glad
by high thoughts to the firmament, to the back of heaven,
even as of old he creates the riches for the creature born;
wakeful he travels ever over the same field of movement.

-tAvAn\ yE.y\ Evm;?LymA y\ dD
vA EdEv "ym^ .
t\ Ec/yAm\ hErk
s;dFEtmE`n\ s;EvtAy n&ys
13. The sacrificial Fire whose home is in heaven and who possesses the Truth, the illumined seer with his utterance of
the word, whom life that grows in the mother has set here,
him with his diverse journeying, his tawny hair of flame
we desire, the deep-thinking Fire for a new and happy

f;Ec\ n yAmE3Eqr\ -vdf\ k
t;\ Edvo rocn-TAm;qb;Dm^ .
aE`n\ m$DAn\ Edvo aEtk;t\ tmFmh
nmsA vAEjn\ bht^ 14
14. Pure-bright, rapid of impulsion in his journeying, Fire that
looks upon the sun-world, heaven's ray of intuition, standing in the luminous planes, waking in the Dawn, Fire, head
of heaven, whom no darkness can cover, him we desire with
obeisance of surrender, the Fire of the plenitudes who is the

Mandala Three


md\ hotAr\ f;Ecm7yAEvn\ dm$nsm;?Ly\ Ev
vcqEZm^ .
rT\ n Ec/\ vp;qAy dft\ mn;Eht\ sdEmd^ rAy Imh
15. The pure and rapturous priest of the call in whom is no
duality, the dweller in the house, the speaker of the word,
the all-seeing, the visioned Fire set in the thinking human
being who is like a many-hued chariot in his embodiment,
him ever we desire and his riches.

vAnrAy pT;pAjs
Evpo r&A EvDt DzZ
q; gAtv
dvA; amto d;v-y(yTA DmAEZ sntA n d$d;qt^ 1
1. For the universal godhead, wide in his might, his illuminations11 create the ecstasies to make a path on the foundations
of things: because the immortal Fire sets the gods to their
work none can corrupt the eternal Laws.

atd$to rodsF d-m Iyt
hotA Enq1o mn;q, p;roEht, .
"y\ bht\ pEr B$qEt ;EBd
EBrE`nErEqto EDyAvs;, 2
2. He travels as the Messenger between earth and heaven, the
doer of works, man's priest of the call, seated within him,
the vicar set in his front; with his light he envelops the
Vast Home, the Fire missioned by the gods, rich with the

t;\ y.AnA\ EvdT-y sADn\ EvAso aE`n\ mhyt EcE1EB, .
apA\Es yE-m3ED s\dD;Egr-tE-m(s;
3. Ray of intuition of their sacrifices, effective means of the
finding of knowledge, the illumined seers greatened the Fire
by their awakenings to Wisdom; the Fire in whom his words
have built into a harmony his works, in him the doer of
sacrifice desires the things of his happiness.
11 Or, the illumined Ones


Other Hymns to Agni

EptA y.AnAms;ro EvpE
ctA\ EvmAnmE`nvy;n\ c vAGtAm^ .
aA Evv
f rodsF B$ErvpsA p;zEyo Bdt
DAmEB, kEv, 4
4. The Fire is the father of sacrifice, the Mighty Lord of the
wise, he is the measure and the manifestation of knowledge
for the priests of the word: he enters into earth and heaven
with his manifold shape, many delightful things are in him,
he is the seer who has gladness of all the planes.

cdmE`n\ cdrT\ hErv}t\ v
vAnrm=s;qd\ -vEvdm^ .
EvgAh\ t$EZ tEvqFEBrAvt\ B$EZ
dvAs ih s;E2y\ dD;, 5
5. The gods have set in this world in his beauty and glory the
delightful Fire, with his chariot of delight, luminous in the
way of his workings, the universal godhead, who is seated
in the waters, who is the discoverer of the sun-world, who
enters into the depths and is swift to cross beyond, who is
wrapped in his mights, who bears in himself all things.

c jt;EB-tvAno y.\ p;zp
fs\ EDyA .
sADEdEEBjFro dm$nA aEBfE-tcAtn, 6
6. The Fire with the gods and creatures born builds by the
thought of man the sacrifice in its many forms, he moves
between earth and heaven as their charioteer bearing them
to the achievement of their desires; he is the swift in motion and he is a dweller in the house who drives off every

jr-v -vp(y aAy;y$jA Epv-v sEmqo EddFEh n, .
vyA\Es Ejv bht
c jAgv uEf`d
vAnAmEs s;5t;EvpAm^ 7
7. O Fire, come near to us in a life rich with offspring, nourish
us with energy, illumine our impulsions, animate in us the
expanding powers of the Vast, O wakeful flame; thou art
the aspirant strong in will for the gods and the illumined

Mandala Three


pEt\ y4mEtET\ nr, sdA ytAr\ DFnAm;Efj\ c vAGtAm^ .
a@vrAZA\ c
tn\ jAtv
ds\ f\sEt nmsA j$EtEBvD
8. Men ever with obeisance, with swift urgings, give expression
for their growth, to the knower of all births, the mighty one,
the lord of the peoples, the Guest, the driver of our thoughts,
the aspirant in those who speak the word, the wakener to
consciousness in the pilgrim sacrifice.

dv, s;rZ, pEr E"tFrE`nbB$v fvsA s;mdT, .
t-y v}tAEn B$ErpoEqZo vym;p B$q
m dm aA s;vE?tEB, 9
9. Fire, the wide-shining godhead, joyful in his happy chariot,
has enveloped in his might our abodes;12 with complete
purification may we obey13 in the house the laws of work
of this giver of our manifold increase.

vAnr tv DAmAyA ck
EB, -vEvdBvo Evc"Z .
jAt aApZo B;vnAEn rodsF a`n
tA Ev
vA pErB$rEs (mnA 10
10. O universal godhead, I desire thy lights14 by which thou
becomest, O all-seeing,15 the knower of the sun-world: born,
thou hast filled the worlds and earth and heaven, thou art
there enveloping them all with thyself, O Fire.

vAnr-y d\snA
k, -vp-yyA kEv, .
uBA EptrA mhy3jAytA_E`nAvApETvF B$Err
tsA 11
11. Fire the One Seer by his seeking for perfect works16 released
out of the actions17 of the universal godhead, the Vast: the

Or, the worlds of our habitation;
Or, may we approach with reverence
Or, seats or planes
Or, clear-seeing,
Or, by his skill in works
Or, detached from the actions


Other Hymns to Agni
Fire greatening both the parents, earth and heaven, was born
from a mighty seed.18

sEm(sEmt^ s;mnA bo@y-m
f;cAf;cA s;mEt\ rAEs v-v, .
dvAn^ yjTAy vE" sKA sKF(s;mnA y#y`n
1. Aflame and again aflame in us awake with thy truth of
mind, with light upon light grant us right understanding
from the shining One. A god, bring the gods for the sacrifice;
right-minded, a friend do sacrifice to the friends, O Fire.

vzZo Em/o aE`n, .
m\ y.\ mD;mt\ kDF n-tn$npAd^ GtyoEn\ EvDtm^ 2
2. O thou whom the gods, even Varuna, Mitra and the Fire,
thrice in the day worship with sacrifice from day to day,
O Son of the body, make this sacrifice of ours full of the
sweetness, so that it may create the native seat of the light.

vvArA EjgAEt hotArEm0, Tm\ yj@y
{ .
aQCA nmoEBv qB\ vd@y
{ s
dvAn^ y"EdEqto yjFyAn^ 3
3. The Thought in which are all desirable things comes to this
first and supreme priest of the call to offer our aspirations
as a sacrifice, towards the mighty one to adore him with
our prostrations; missioned, strong to sacrifice, may he do
worship to the gods.

U@vo vA\ gAt;r@vr
akAy$@vA focF\Eq E-TtA rjA\Es .
Edvo vA nABA ysAEd hotA -tZFmEh
dv&ycA Ev bEh, 4
4. In the pilgrim sacrifice a high path for you both has been
made which departs to the high lustres, the mid-worlds;
18 Or, the Fire was born greatening both the parents, earth and heaven, with his mighty


Mandala Three


the priest of the call has taken his seat in the navel-centre of
heaven. We spread wide the sacred grass, a space of wideness
of the gods.

sP ho/AEZ mnsA vZAnA ivto Ev
v\ Et y3t
n .
fso EvdT
q; jAtA aBFm\ y.\ Ev crt p$vF, 5
5. Accepting with the mind the seven invocations, taking possession of all that is by the Truth, they went towards their
goal. Many powers born in the finding of knowledge and
wearing the forms of gods move abroad to this sacrifice.

aA BdmAn
uqsA upAk
ut -my
tvA Ev!p
yTA no Em/o vzZo j;joqEddo mz(vA; ut vA mhoEB, 6
6. May night and dawn differently formed in their body be joined close and smile upon us in their gladness, so that Mitra may take pleasure in us and Varuna or with his greatness Indra too with the life-gods.19

7. I crown the two supreme Priests of the invocation. The seven pleasures take their rapture by the self-law of their nature; the Truth they express, the Truth only they speak, guardians of the law of its action according to that law they shine.

8. In unison may Bharati with her Muses of invocation, Ila with gods and men, and Fire, Saraswati with her powers of inspiration come down to us, the three goddesses sit upon this seat of sacrifice.
  19 Or, may they so shine with their lights that Mitra may take pleasure in us and Varuna

9. O divine maker of forms who hast the utter rapture, cast upon us that supreme transcendence, cause of our growth, from which is born in us the hero ever active with wise discernment, the seeker of the gods who sets to work the stone of the wine-pressing.

10. O tree, release thy yield to the gods; Fire the achiever of the work speeds the offering on its way. It is he who does worship as the priest of the call, the more true in his act because he knows the birth of the gods.

11. Come down to us, O Fire, high-kindled, in one chariot with Indra and swiftly journeying gods; let Aditi, mother of mighty sons, sit on the sacred grass, let the gods, the immortals, take rapture in svaha.

1. The Fire is awake fronting the dawns; one illumined, he
becomes aware of the paths of the seers: kindled into a wide
might by the seekers of godhead, the upbearing flame opens
the gates of the Darkness.

Mandala Three



EBgFEB, -tot^ZA\ nm-y u?T
{, .
p$vF-t-y s\df
ckAn, s\ d$to aOd;qso Evrok
2. Ever the Fire increases by the lauds, the words of those
who hymn him by their utterances, one to be adored with
prostrations; the Messenger who desires the many seeings
of the Truth has shone out in the wide flaming of the Dawn.

aDA?yE`nmAn;qFq; Ev#vpA\ gBo Em/ -t
n sADn^ .
aA hyto yjt, sAv-TAdB$d; Evo h&yo mtFnAm^ 3
3. The Fire has been set in the human peoples, child of the
Waters, the Friend who achieves by the Truth; luminous,
a power for sacrifice,20 he has risen to the summits; he
has become the illumined seer who must be called by our

Em/o aE`nBvEt yt^ sEm=o Em/o hotA vzZo jAtv
dA, .
Em/o a@vy; ErEqro dm$nA Em/, EsD$nAm;t pvtAnAm^ 4
4. The Fire when he has been kindled high becomes Mitra, the
Friend - Mitra the priest of the call, Varuna, the knower
of the births, Mitra, the friend, the priest of the pilgrim
sacrifice, one rapid in his impulsions, the dweller in the
house, the friend of the Rivers, the friend of the Mountains.

pAEt Ey\ Erpo ag}\ pd\ v
, pAEt y4
crZ\ s$y-y .
pAEt nABA sPfFqAZmE`n, pAEt
dvAnAm;pmAdmv, 5
5. He guards from hurt the beloved21 summit-seat of the being,
mighty, he guards the course22 of the Sun; Fire guards in the
navel-centre the seven-headed thought, sublime, he guards
the ecstasy of the gods.
20 Or, beloved and adorable,
21 Or, delightful
22 Or, movement


Other Hymns to Agni

c5 IX^y\ cAz nAm Ev
dvo vy;nAEn Ev7An^ .
ss-y cm Gtvt^ pd\ v
-tEdd`nF r"(yy;QCn^ 6
6. A skilful craftsman, a god knowing all the manifestations of
knowledge, he forms the beautiful and desirable Name, the
luminous seat of the being in the movement of the peace;
that the Fire guards, not deviating from his work.

aA yoEnmE`nG tvtm-TAt^ pT;gAZm;ftm;fAn, .
dFAn, f;Ec-v, pAvk, p;n,p;nmAtrA n&ysF k, 7
7. Desiring it as it desired him, the Fire entered into that luminous native abode wide in its approach; shining forth, pure,
purifying, sublime, again and again he makes new the father
and the mother.

so jAt aoqDFEBvv"
ydF vDEt -vo Gt
n .
aAp iv vtA f;MBmAnA uzydE`n, Ep/ozp-T
8. Suddenly born he is carried by the growths of the earth when
the mothers who bore him make him grow by the light. The
Fire in the lap of the father and the mother is as one who
defends the waters gliding happily23 down a slope.

ud; ;t, sEmDA y4o aOd^ vmn^ Edvo aED nABA pET&yA, .
Em/o aE`nrFX^yo mAtEr
vA__ d$to v"d^ yjTAy
dvAn^ 9
9. Lauded by us mighty he shone with his high flaming in the
largeness24 of heaven, in the navel-centre of earth. The Fire
is Mitra the friend, the desirable one, he is life growing in
the mother;25 may he as our messenger bring the gods for
the sacrifice.

23 Or, gliding brightly
24 Or, height
25 Or, life that breathes in the mother;

Mandala Three


ud-tMBFt^ sEmDA nAkmvo_E`nBv3;1mo rocnAnAm^ .
ydF Bg;
vA g;hA st\ h&yvAh\ smFD
10. The Fire with his high flaming up-pillared, sublime, the
firmament and became the highest of the luminous kingdoms,26 when for the flame-seers life, that grows in the
mother, kindled all around the carrier of the offerings who
was hidden in the Secrecy.

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
11. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;27 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

kArvo mnnA vQymAnA
dvdFcF\ nyt
dvyt, .
dE"ZAvAX^ vAEjnF AQy
Et hEvBr(y`ny
GtAcF 1
1. The Doers of the work, seekers of godhead, who find expression by the thought, lead it on turned godwards; full
of the plenitude, luminous, carrying the Understanding, it
journeys moving forwards, bringing the offering to the Fire.

aA rodsF apZA jAymAn ut Er?TA aD n; y>yo .
mEhnA pET&yA vQytA\ t
v>y, sPEj4A, 2
2. Even in thy birth thou hast filled earth and heaven, and
now thou hast exceeded them, O Flame that carriest on the
sacrifice; by the greatness of earth and heaven may thy seven
tongues find utterance, carriers of the word, O Fire.

26 Or, highest of all lights,
27 Or, himself a begetter;


Other Hymns to Agni

c (vA pETvF yE.yAso En hotAr\ sAdyt
dmAy .
ydF Evfo mAn;qFd
vytF, y-vtFrF0t
f;5mEc, 3
3. Heaven and earth and the lords of sacrifice set thee within
as the priest of the call for the house when human beings,
seeking godhead, having the delight, ask for the resplendent

hymAZ, .
; aA Enq1o_tAvA mAEhn
sp&F ajr
uzgAy-y D
n$ 4
4. Mighty, he is seated steadfast in the world of his session,
rejoicing between the two mightinesses of earth and heaven,
the united wives of one wide-moving lord, ageless and inviolate, the two milch-cows giving their rich yield of milk.

v}tA t
mhto mhAEn tv 5(vA rodsF aA ttT .
(v\ d$to aBvo jAymAn-(v\ n
tA vqB cqZFnAm^ 5
5. Great art thou, O Fire, and great the law of thy workings,
by thy will thou hast built out earth and heaven; in thy very
birth thou becamest the Messenger, O mighty lord, and thou
the leader of men that see.

-t-y vA k
EfnA yo`yAEBG t;vA roEhtA D;Er EDv .
aTA vh
dv Ev
vA(-v@vrA kZ;Eh jAtv
d, 6
6. Set under the yoke with the straps of the yoking the two
maned steeds of the Truth red of hue, dripping Light: thou,
O God, bring all the gods; O knower of the births, make
perfect the ways of the pilgrim sacrifice.

cdA t
zcyt rokA uqo EvBAtFrn; BAEs p$vF, .
apo yd`n ufD`vn
q; hot;md-y pnyt
dvA, 7
7. From heaven itself thy lights blazed forth, thou shinest in the

Mandala Three


wake of many outshinings of the Dawn28 when, O Fire, passionately burning29 in the woods, the gods set the waters30
to their work for the rapturous priest of the call.

urO vA y
mdEt Edvo vA y
dvA, .
UmA vA y
s;hvAso yj/A aAy
rLyo a`n
vA, 8
8. The gods who take their rapture in the wide mid-world, or
those who are in the luminous world of heaven, or those
lords of sacrifice who are helpful and ready to the call, them
thy chariot-horses have borne towards us.

srT\ yAVvAR^ nAnArT\ vA EvBvo V
vA, .
p&FvtE-/\ft\ /F\
dvAnn;vDmA vh mAdy-v 9
9. Come down to us with them in one chariot or in many chariots for thy horses pervade and are everywhere; according
to thy self-law bring here with their wives the gods thirty
and three and give them to drink of the rapture.

s hotA y-y rodsF Ecd;vF y.\y.mEB vD
gZFt, .
AcF a@vr
v t-Tt;, s;m
-tAvrF -tjAt-y s(y
10. He is the priest of the call for whose growing even wide
earth and heaven speak the word at sacrifice on sacrifice;
facing each other, fixed like two ends of the pilgrim-way,
the Truth they keep in his truth who from the Truth was

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
11. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
28 Or, in the wake of many wide-shining dawns
29 Or, flaming as dawn
30 Apas, "work" would make a clearer sense; it would then mean "set in action the

work of the rapturous priest of the call."


Other Hymns to Agni
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;31 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

y aAz, EfEtpS-y DAs
rA mAtrA EvEvf;, sP vAZF, .
pErE"tA EptrA s\ cr
dFGmAy;, y"
1. They who have climbed from the dark-backed foundation
have entered the Father and Mother, have entered into the
seven voices. The Father and Mother who dwell encompassing all move abroad and go forward to give by sacrifice
long-extended the Life.

Edv"so D
nvo vZo a
dvFrA t-TO mD;md^ vhtF, .
-t-y (vA sdEs "
myt\ py
kA crEt vtEn\ gO, 2
2. He reached the milch-cows that dwell in heaven, the Mares
of the male, the divine rivers that carry in their flow the
sweetness. The one Light moves on the way around thee
when thou seekest thy dwelling in the house of the Truth.

aA sFmroht^ s;ymA BvtF, pEtE
cEk(vAn^ rEyEvd^ ryFZAm^ .
nFlpSo ats-y DAs
-tA avAsyt^ p;zDtFk, 3
3. On every side he ascends them and they become easy to control, he awakes to knowledge and is the lord and discoverer
of the riches. Fire with his blue back and many diverse faces
brings them from the ever-moving foundation to a settled

mEh (vA~m$jytFrj;y -tB$ymAn\ vhto vhEt .
EBEd;tAn, sD-T ekAEmv rodsF aA Evv
f 4
4. The rivers energise and bear his mighty force of formation
31 Or, himself a begetter;

Mandala Three


firmly fixed and undecaying; he shines out wide with his
limbs in the world of his session and has entered earth and
heaven as if they were one.

jAnEt vZo azq-y f
vm;t b}9-y fAsn
rZEt .
Edvozc, s;zco rocmAnA i0A y
qA\ g@yA mAEhnA gF, 5
5. They know the bliss of the ruddy-shining bull and they
rejoice in the rule of the Great One; they are the lights of
heaven luminously blazing and the Word of Revelation is
their mighty common speech.

uto Ept
u"A h y/ pEr DAnm?torn; -v\ DAm jErt;vv" 6
6. And great by the knowledge of the great father and mother
they led his strength in the wake of its proclaiming call,
where the bull bears his worshipper round the hold of night
towards its own seat.

a@vy; EB, p)cEB, sP EvA, Ey\ r"t
EnEht\ pd\ v
, .
A)co md(y;"Zo aj;yA
dvAnAmn; Eh v}tA g;, 7
7. Seven illumined seers guard by the five priests of the pilgrimrite the beloved32 seat of the being that is set within: moving
forward the imperishable bulls take joy; the gods move
according to the law of the workings of the gods.

d&yA hotArA TmA y)j
sP p"As, -vDyA mdEt .
-t\ f\st -tEmt^ t aAh;rn; v}t\ v}tpA dF@yAnA, 8
8. I crown the two supreme Priests of the invocation. The seven
pleasures take their rapture by the self-law of their nature;
the Truth they express, the Truth only they speak, guardians
of the law of its action according to that law they shine.
32 Or, delightful


Other Hymns to Agni

a(yAy p$vFvZ
Ec/Ay r
my, s;yAmA, .

dv hotmdtrE
cEk(vAn^ mho
dvAn^ rodsF eh vE" 9
9. The many Rays well governed in their course, grow passionate for the great Horse, the many-hued Bull. O divine
priest of the call, rapturous, awaking to knowledge, bring
here the great gods and earth and heaven.

p"yjo dEvZ, s;vAc, s;k
tv uqso rvd$q;, .
uto Ecd`n
mEhnA pET&yA, kt\ Ecd
n, s\ mh
df-y 10
10. The swift-running dawns have shone opulently bringing us
our satisfactions, with their true speech, their rays of intuition. And do thou, O Fire, by the greatness of the earth cut
away for the Vast even the sin that has been done.

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
11. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;33 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

sKAy-(vA vvmh

dv\ mtAs Uty
apA\ npAt\ s;Bg\ s;dFEdEt\ s;t$Etmn
hsm^ 1
1. Mortals we have chosen thee, a god, for our comrade to
protect us, the Child of the Waters, full of happiness and
light, victorious,34 to whom no hurt can come.

33 Or, himself a begetter;
34 Or, strong to break through,

Mandala Three


kAymAno vnA (v\ ymAt^rjg3p, .
n tt^ t
Envtn\ yd^ d$r sE3hABv, 2
2. When leaving the woods thou goest to thy mother waters,
that retreat turns not to oblivion of thee,35 O Fire, for even
though thou art far thou hast come into being here.

aEt t\ vvE"TA_T
{v s;mnA aEs .
yEt pyy aAst
qA\ sHy
aEs E2t, 3
3. When thou hast carried beyond the rough ground36 then
hast thou truth of mind: some depart,37 others remain seated
around thee in whose comradeship thou art lodged.

IEyvA\smEt E*D, f
vtFrEt s
ct, .
avFmEvdn^ EnEcrAso ad;ho_=s; Es\hEmv E2tm^ 4
4. When he has passed beyond the forces that make to err,
beyond those that cling perpetual, the long-lasting who have
no hurt have followed and found him like a lion who has
taken refuge in the Waters.

ssvA\sEmv (mnA_E`nEm(TA EtroEhtm^ .
n\ nymAtEr
vA prAvto

5. As if one who of himself has sped away and utterly disappeared, this Fire Life growing in the mother led from the
Beyond, churned out on every side, for the gods.

t\ (vA mtA ag

vAn^ yd^ y.A; aEBpAEs mAn;q tv 5(vA yEvS^y 6
6. This is thou upon whom mortals have seized for the gods, O
carrier of the offerings, because thou guardest all sacrifices
by thy will, O Flame in man, O most youthful god!
35 Or, to thy destruction,
36 Or, beyond thirst
37 Or, move forward,


Other Hymns to Agni

td^ Bd\ tv d\snA pAkAy EcQCdyEt .
(vA\ yd`n
pfv, smAst
7. O Fire, thy action covers That Bliss from the ignorant when
the Animals sit together around thee, kindled against the

aA j;hotA -v@vr\ fFr\ pAvkfoEcqm^ .
aAf\; d$tmEjr\ &mFX^y\ 2;F
dv\ spyt 8
8. Offer the oblation to the Fire intense with its purifying light,
who does perfectly the pilgrim-rite, the swift messenger, with
his rapid pace; wait soon upon the ancient and desirable

/FEZ ftA /F sh*A@yE`n\ E/\fQc
dvA nv cAspyn^ .
aO"n^ Gt
{r-tZn^ bEhr-mA aAEd=otAr\ ysAdyt 9
9. Gods three thousand and three hundred and thirty and nine
waited upon the Fire. They anointed him with streams of the
clarity, they spread for him the seat of sacrifice, and seated
him within as priest of the call.

mnFEqZ, sm}Aj\ cqZFnAm^ .

dv\ mtAs iDt
1. Thee, O Fire, men who have the thinking mind kindle in the
sacrifice, an emperor over those who see, mortals set alight
a godhead.

(vA\ y.
gopA -t-y dFEdEh -v
2. Thee, O Fire, they pray in the sacrifices as the sacrificant of
the rite, the priest of the call; shine out the guardian of the
Truth in thy own home.

Mandala Three


s GA y-t
ddAfEt sEmDA jAtv
so a`n
s;vFy s p;yEt 3
3. He who gives to thee with the fuel, to the knower of the
births, holds the hero-energy, he ever grows.

s k
EBrA gmt^ .
a)jAn, sP hotEBhEvmt
4. He is the ray of intuition in the sacrifices; may he, the Fire,
come with the gods, anointed by the seven priests of the
oblation, to him who holds the offerings.

p$&y vco_`ny
BrtA bht^ .
EvpA\ >yotF\Eq EbB}t
n v
5. Bring forward for the Fire, for the priest of the call, the vast
and supreme38 Word as for the creator, the bearer of the
lights of the illuminations.

aE`n\ vDt; no Egro yto jAyt u?Ly, .
vAjAy dEvZAy dft, 6
6. May our words make the Fire to grow when he is born,
the Fire that carries the utterance, visioned for the great
plenitude, for the treasure.

yEjSo a@vr

yj .
hotA mdo Ev rAj-yEt E*D, 7
7. O Fire, most strong to sacrifice in the pilgrim-rite, worship
the gods for the seeker of the godhead; as the rapturous
priest of the call thou shinest wide, beyond the forces that
make us err.
38 Or, ancient


Other Hymns to Agni

s n, pAvk dFEdEh ;md-m
s;vFym^ .
BvA -tot
8. So, do thou, O purifying Flame, kindle in us the luminous
hero-energy, to those who laud thee become most close for
their weal.

t\ (vA EvA Evpyvo jAgvA\s, sEmDt
h&yvAhmm(y shovDm^ 9
9. This is thou whom the illumined seers who have the light,
ever wakeful, kindle, the immortal bearer of the offering,
increaser of our force.

aE`nhotA p;roEhto_@vr-y EvcqEZ, .
s v
d y.mAn;qk^ 1
1. Fire is our all-seeing priest of the call, our vicar set in front
in the pilgrim-rite; he knows the uninterrupted course of the

s h&yvA0m(y uEf`d$t
cnoEht, .
aE`nEDyA sm@vEt 2
2. He is the immortal, the carrier of the offering, the aspirant,
the messenger settled in the rapture; the Fire joins with our

aE`nEDyA s c
tEt k
t;y.-y p$&y, .
aT V-y trEZ 3
3. Agni wakes to knowledge companioning our Thought, he
is the supreme39 ray of intuition in the sacrifice; it is he who
crosses through to man's goal.
39 Or, ancient

Mandala Three


aE`n\ s$n;\ sn2;t\ shso jAtv
dsm^ .
dvA ak@vt 4
4. Fire, the Son of Force, who hears the things that are eternal,40 knower of the births, the gods created as a carrier

t$ZF rT, sdA nv, 5
5. The inviolable who goes in front of the human peoples, the
Fire is a swift chariot that is ever new.

sA4An^ Ev
vA aEBy;j, 5t;
dvAnAmm?t, .
aE`n-t;Ev2v-tm, 6
6. Overpowering all assailants the Fire is the will of the gods
never crushed, filled with the multitude of his inspirations.

aEB yA\Es vAhsA dA
vA; a`oEt m(y, .
"y\ pAvkfoEcq, 7
7. By this bringer of delights the mortal who gives, reaches and
possesses the house of the purifying light.

pEr Ev
vAEn s;EDtA_`n
yAm mmEB, .
EvAso jAtv
ds, 8
8. May we by our thoughts possess around us well-established
all the things of the Fire, may we be illumined seers who
know all things born.41

vAEn vAyA vAj
q; sEnqAmh

dvAs eErr
9. O Fire, we shall win all desirable things in thy plenitudes,
in thee have moved towards us the gods.
40 Or, who has the inspired knowledge of things eternal,
41 Or, in whom knowledge is born.


Other Hymns to Agni

idA`nF aA gt\ s;t\ gFEBnBo vr
@ym^ .
a-y pAt\ EDy
EqtA 1
1. O Indra, O Fire, come to the offering of the wine, - by our
words your supreme desirable ether; drink of it you who are
missioned by the Thought.

idA`nF jErt;, scA y.o EjgAEt c
tn, .
ayA pAtEmm\ s;tm^ 2
2. O Indra, O Fire, the conscious sacrifice journeys taking with
it the worshipper: by this word drink of this offered wine.

idmE`n\ kEvQCdA y.-y j$(yA vZ
tA som-y
h tMptAm^ 3
3. I choose by the swift impulse of the sacrifice Indra and the
Fire whose pleasure is in the seer; take here your content of
the Soma wine.

tofA v/hZA h;v
sEj(vAnAprAEjtA .
idA`nF vAjsAtmA 4
4. The smiters, the slayers of the coverer I call, the unvanquished, the companions in victory, Indra and the Fire, most
strong to win the plenitudes.

vAmc(y;E?Tno nFTAEvdo jErtAr, .
idA`nF iq aA vZ
5. Your adorers, speakers of the word, they who know the
ways of the guidance hymn you: O Indra, O Fire, I accept
your impulsions.

Mandala Three


idA`nF nvEt\ p;ro dAsp&FrD$n;tm^ .
n kmZA 6
6. Indra and Fire shook down the ninety cities possessed by
the destroyers, together by one deed.

idA`nF aps-py;p yEt DFty, .
-t-y pLyA an; 7
7. O Indra, O Fire, all around our work our thoughts go
forward towards you along the paths of the Truth.

idA`nF tEvqAEZ vA\ sD-TAEn yA\Es c .
y;vorP$y Ehtm^ 8
8. O Indra, O Fire, your mights are companions and your
delights; in you is founded all swiftness in the work.

idA`nF rocnA Edv, pEr vAj
q; B$qT, .
td^ vA\ c
Et vFym^ 9
9. O Indra, O Fire, you encompass the luminous kingdom of
heaven in the plenitudes; it is your strength that is manifested


{ .
EBrA s no yEjSo bEhrA sdt^ 1
1. Sing out some mightiest hymn to this divine Fire; may he
come to us with the gods and, strong to sacrifice, sit upon
the sacred grass.
42 Or, that is your strength which wakes to knowledge.


Other Hymns to Agni

-tAvA y-y rodsF d"\ sct Uty, .
t\ sEnyto_vs
2. He is the possessor of the Truth to whom belong earth and
heaven and their guardings accompany his mind of discernment; for him the givers of the oblation pray, for him for
their protection when they would win the riches.

s ytA Ev eqA\ s y.AnAmTA Eh q, .
aE`n\ t\ vo d;v-yt dAtA yo vEntA mGm^ 3
3. He is the illumined seer and regent of these sacrifices, he and
always he; that Fire set to his work who shall win and give
the plenitude.

s n, fmAEZ vFty
_E`nyQCt; ftmA .
yto n, ;Zvd^ vs; EdEv E"Et
4. May he, the Fire, give us all happy peace for our journeying
there whence are rained the riches in heaven, from all the
planes, in the Waters.

dFEdvA\smp$&y v-vFEBr-y DFEtEB, .
-?vAZo aE`nEmDt
hotAr\ Ev
pEt\ EvfAm^ 5
5. Men who have the light kindle into his flaming, incomparable, by the opulent thinkings of this being, Fire the priest of
the call, the lord of all the peoples.

ut no b}3Evq u?T
dvh$tm, .
f\ n, focA mz7Do_`n
sh*sAtm, 6
6. Do thou, strong to call the gods, protect us in the Word, in
all our utterances; increasing the life-powers, powerful to
win the thousands, flame out blissfully for us, O Fire.

Mandala Three


n$ no rA-v sh*vt^ tokvt^ p;Emd^ vs; .
s;vFy vEqSmn;pE"tm^ 7
7. Now give us a thousandfold riches bringing the Son, bringing our growth, luminous, a hero-strength, abundant, inexhaustible.

aA hotA mdo EvdTAy-TAt^ s(yo y>vA kEvtm, s v
DA, .
Ev;dT, shs-p;/o aE`n, foEck
f, pET&yA\ pAjo a2
t^ 1
1. The rapturous priest of the call has reached the things of
knowledge; he is the true, doer of sacrifice, a great seer,
a creator. Fire the son of force, with his chariot of lightning and his hair of flaming light, has attained to a massive
strength on the earth.

ayAEm t
nmuE?t\ j;q-v -tAv-t;
sh-v, .
Ev7A; aA vE" Evd;qo En qE(s m@y aA bEh!ty
yj/ 2
2. I come to thee, accept my word of obeisance, O master of
Truth and strength, to thee who givest knowledge. As the
knower, bring those who know and sit in the midst on the
sacred grass, O lord of sacrifice.

dvtA\ t uqsA vAjytF a`n
vAt-y pLyAEBrQC .
yt^ sFm)jEt p$&y hEvEBrA vD;rv t-Tt;d;roZ
3. Let dawn and night full of their plenitude come running
towards thee on paths of the wind, O Fire; when all around
they anoint with oblation thee, the first and supreme, as if
two sides of a chariot-front they enter into the gated house.

c t;
mzt, s;
yQCoEcqA shs-p;/ EtSA aEB E"tF, Ty(s$yo n^n^ 4
4. To thee, O Forceful Fire, Mitra and Varuna and all the life-


Other Hymns to Agni
powers chant a hymn of bliss, when with thy flame of light,
O son of Force, thou standest as the sun above the peoples
shining wide upon men.

vy\ t
a rErmA Eh kAmm;1Anh-tA nmsops .
n mnsA yE"
DtA mmnA Evo a`n
5. Today we give to thee thy desire, approaching thee with
outstretched hands and with obeisance; worship the gods
with a mind strong for sacrifice, an illumined seer, with thy
unerring thought, O Fire.

(vE= p;/ shso Ev p$vFd
v-y y(y$tyo Ev vAjA, .
dEh shE*Z\ rEy\ no_doG
Z vcsA s(ym`n
6. For, from thee, O son of Force, go forth the many protections of the godhead, and his plenitudes. Do thou give us
the thousandfold treasure, give by the word that betrays not
the truth, O Fire.

dv mtAso a@vr
akm .
(v\ Ev
v-y s;rT-y boED sv td`n
amt -vd
h 7
7. O understanding mind, O seer-will! now that all these things
we who are mortals have done for thee, O god, in the
pilgrim-sacrifice, do thou awake to the whole well-charioted
action and taste all That here, O immortal Fire.


Ev pAjsA pT;nA fof;cAno bAD-v E7qo r"so amFvA, .
s;fmZo bht, fmEZ -yAm`n
rh\ s;hv-y ZFtO 1
1. Flaming out in a wide mass of strength press back the hostile

Mandala Three


powers that hurt and afflict. May I abide in the bliss of the
all-blissful Vast, in the leading of the Fire who is swift to
our call.

(v\ no a-yA uqso &y;O (v\ s$r uEdt
boED gopA, .
v En(y\ tny\ j;q-v -tom\ m
tvA s;jAt 2
2. Thou in the dawning of this dawn, thou when the Sun has
arisen wake for us and be our protector. Take pleasure in
the Son as if in an eternal birth. Accept my affirmation of
thee, O Fire, perfectly born in thy body.

(v\ nc"A vqBAn; p$vF, kZA-v`n
azqo Ev BAEh .
vso n
Eq c pEq cA(y\h, kDF no rAy uEfjo yEvS 3
3. Thou art the male with the divine vision, in the wake of
many dawns shine out luminous in the black nights, O Fire.
O prince of the riches, lead and carry us over beyond the
evil; O youthful god, make us aspirants for the treasure.

aqA[ho a`n
vqBo EddFEh p;ro Ev
vA, sOBgA s\EjgFvAn^ .
y.-y n
tA Tm-y pAyojAtv
do bht, s;ZFt
4. Shine out, O Fire, the invincible male, conquering all the
cities, all the felicities; thou art the knower of the births, O
perfect guide on the way, thou art the leader of the first, the
vast all-protecting sacrifice.

aEQCdA fm jErt, p;!EZ
dvA; aQCA dFAn, s;m
DA, .
rTo n sErEB vE" vAjm`n
(v\ rodsF n, s;m
5. O Fire of worship, towards homes of bliss many and without
a gap, towards the gods shining out wise in understanding,
like a conquering chariot bring the plenitude; O Fire, do
thou make earth and heaven firmly established for us.


Other Hymns to Agni

pFpy vqB Ejv vAjAn`n
(v\ rodsF n, s;doG

v s;zcA zcAno mA no mt-y d;mEt, pEr SAt^ 6
6. O Bull of the herds, nourish us, move towards us with plenitudes, make heaven and earth good milk-cows for us, O
Fire; O god, come with the gods glowing in the beauty of
thy splendour. Let not the evil mind of the mortal besiege

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
7. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;43 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

aymE`n, s;vFy-y
mh, sOBg-y .
rAy If
-vp(y-y gomt If
v/hTAnAm^ 1
1. This is the Fire that is lord of the hero-energy and the great
felicity, lord of the wealth of the shining herds, and of good
progeny, who has power for the slaying of the coverers.

im\ nro mzt, s
ctA vD\ yE-mn^ rAy, f
vDAs, .
aEB y
sEt ptnAs; d$Y^yo Ev
vAhA f/;mAdB;, 2
2. O gods, O life-powers, you cleave to this Fire of increase, in
whom are the treasures that make our happiness to grow.
Through all the days they have destroyed the enemies, the
evil-thoughted who attack us in our battles.
43 Or, himself a begetter;

Mandala Three


s (v\ no rAy, EffFEh mFY^vo a`n
s;vFy-y .
t;Ev;< vEqS-y jAvto_nmFv-y f;EmZ, 3
3. So do thou, O bounteous Fire, with thy many lights bestow
on us the greatest and griefless wealth, full of the herostrength, of progeny and of force.

cE5yo Ev
vA B;vnAEB sAsEh
vA d;v, .
q; ytt aA s;vFy aA f\s ut nZAm^ 4
4. He who puts forth his force and is the doer in all the worlds,
he who is the doer of works in the gods, labours in the gods
and in all mights and in the self-expression of men.

mA no a`n
{ rFrD, .
{ shs-p;/ mA End
7qA\-yA kED 5
5. O Fire, deliver us not to unconsciousness, nor to the lack of
the strength of the hero, nor to the absence of the Light,44
nor to the bondage,45 O son of force, put away from us the
hostile powers.

fE`D vAj-y s;Bg jAvto_`n
bhto a@vr
s\ rAyA B$ysA sj myoB;nA t;Ev;< yf-vtA 6
6. O felicitous Fire, have power in the pilgrim-rite for the fruitful plenitude, for the Vast; O thou of the many lights, join
us to the large and glorious riches that create the Bliss.

44 Literally, "the Cow"
45 Or, to the Censurer,


Other Hymns to Agni

sEm@ymAn, TmAn; DmA sm?t;EBr>yt
vvAr, .
fo GtEnEZk^ pAvk, s;y.o aE`nyjTAy
dvAn^ 1
1. He is kindled and blazes out according to the first and
supreme laws and is united with the Rays, he in whom
are all desirable things, Fire with his tresses of flame and his
raiment of light, the purifier, perfect in sacrifice, for sacrifice
to the gods.

yTAyjo ho/m`n
pET&yA yTA Edvo jAtv
cEk(vAn^ .
n hEvqA yE"
dvAn^ mn;vd^ y.\ Etr
mm 2
2. O Fire, as thou hast accomplished in sacrifice thy priesthood for the earth,46 awaking to knowledge, O knower of
the births, as thou hast accomplished it for heaven,47 so
with this oblation do sacrifice to the gods, carry yet further
beyond the sacrifice with the human being today.

/F@yAy\$ Eq tv jAtv
dE-t* aAjAnFzqs-t
vAnAmvo yE" Ev7AnTA Bv yjmAnAy f\ yo, 3
3. Three are thy lives, O knower of all things born, three
are the dawns that are thy births, O Fire;48 by them win
through sacrifice the protection of the gods, thou as the
knower become for the doer of sacrifice the peace and the

aE`n\ s;dFEt\ s;df\ gZto nm-yAm-(v
X^y\ jAtv
d, .
(vA\ d$tmrEt\ h&yvAh\
dvA ak@v3mt-y nAEBm^ 4
46 Or, as thou hast offered in sacrifice the oblation of the earth,
47 Or, as thou hast offered the oblation of heaven,
48 Or, that gave thee birth, O Fire;

Mandala Three


4. We hymn thee by our words, O knower of all things born,
as the Fire perfect in light, perfect in vision, the object of
our prayer and offer to thee our obeisance; thee the gods
made the Messenger, the Traveller, the carrier of offerings,
the navel-centre of Immortality.

y-(v=otA p$vo a`n
yjFyAn^ E7tA c s1A -vDyA c f\B;, .
t-yAn; Dm yjA EcEk(vo_TA no DA a@vr\
dvvFtO 5
5. O Fire, he who was before thee and was the priest of the call
and mighty for sacrifice and was dual entity and by the law
of his nature the creator of the Bliss, by his law of action
carry on the sacrifice, thou who art awake to knowledge,
thou establish our pilgrim-rite in the advent of the gods.

BvA no a`n
s;mnA up
tO sK
v sHy
v sAD;, .
p;zd;ho Eh E"tyo jnAnA\ Et tFcFdhtAdrAtF, 1
1. O Fire, in our coming to thee become right-minded accomplishing our aim as a friend to a friend, as father and mother
to their child; for these worlds of beings born are full of
harm: burn to ashes the hostile forces that come against us.

tpo v`n
atrA; aEm/An^ tpA f\smrzq, pr-y .
tpo vso EcEktAno aEc1An^ Ev t
EtStAmjrA ayAs, 2
2. Wholly consume our inner foes, consume the self-expression
of the enemy who would war against us, O lord of the riches,
consume, conscious in knowledge, the powers of ignorance;
let them range wide, thy ageless marching fires.

nA`n iQCmAno Gt
n j;hoEm h&y\ trs
blAy .
b}ZA vdmAn imA\ EDy\ fts
dvFm^ 3
3. I desire and offer the oblation, O Fire, with the fuel, with


Other Hymns to Agni
the pouring of the clarity, for speed, for strength. Until I
have the mastery,49 adoring with the Word I lift to thee for
the conquest of the hundreds this thought divine.

uQCoEcqA shs-p;/ -t;to bhd^ vy, ffmAn
q; D
Eh .
q; f\ yomm >mA t
tv\ B$Er k(v, 4
4. Affirmed by our lauds rise up with thy flame of light, O son
of force, found the vast expansion in us who labour at the
work, found opulently in the Vishwamitras the peace and
the movement, O Fire. We make bright many times over thy

kED r&\ s;sEntDnAnA\ s G
BvEs yt^ sEm=, .
s;Bg-y rvt^ sA krA dEDq
vp$\Eq 5
5. O conqueror of the riches, create for us the ecstasy, such
thou becomest when thou art high kindled. Opulently in
the gated house of thy felicitous adorer thou upholdest thy
gliding bodies streaming their radiance.


aE`n\ hotAr\ vZ
g(s\ kEv\ Ev
vEvdmm$rm^ .
s no y"d^
dvtAtA yjFyAn^ rAy
vAjAy vnt
mGAEn 1
1. Fire I choose, the priest of the call in the sacrifice, the wise,
the seer, the omniscient, free from ignorance: he shall do
worship for us strong for sacrifice, in the formation of the
godheads; for the wealth, for the plenitude he wins all kinds
of amassings.

49 Or, as long as I have the power,

Mandala Three


hEvmtFEmyMyQCA s;;
dvtAEtm;rAZ, s\ rAEtEBvs;EBy.m2
t^ 2
2. O Fire, I mission towards thee a power of giving bearing
my oblation, luminous, full of lustres. May he come to the
sacrifice with his givings, with his treasures turning round
it and widening the formation of the godheads.

s t
jFysA mnsA (vot ut Ef" -vp(y-y Ef"o, .
rAyo ntm-y B$tO B$yAm t
c v-v, 3
3. So am I guarded by thee with a mind of shining energy;
then do thou teach us of the riches that teach and that give
us good children of our works. O Fire, may we become
affirmers of thee by our lauds and rich in the power of a
wealth most full of the strength of the gods.

B$rFEZ Eh (v

dv-y y>yvo jnAs, .
s aA vh
dvtAEt\ yEvS fDo yd Ed&y\ yjAEs 4
4. For, many flame-forces they have founded in thee, O Fire,
men who have the will to sacrifice to the godhead. So, bring
to us the formation of the godhead, O youthful god, when
thou worshippest with sacrifice the divine host today.

yt^ (vA hotArmnjn^ Emy
EnqAdyto yjTAy
dvA, .
s (v\ no a`n
h bo@yED 2vA\Es D
Eh n-tn$q; 5
5. Since the gods seating thee for sacrifice have anointed thee
as priest of the call in the rite, so do thou, O Fire, awake here
as our protector and found thy inspirations in our bodies.


Other Hymns to Agni

vnA dED5A\ &y;Eq; hvt
{, .
s;>yoEtqo n, f@vt;
dvA, sjoqso a@vr\ vAvfAnA, 1
1. Fire and dawn and the two riders of the horse and Dadhikravan the Carrier of the offerings calls by his words in the
dawnings. May the gods full of the Light hear us; may they
desire and accept with a common pleasure our sacrifice.

/F t
vAEjnA /F qD-TA Et*-t
Ej4A -tjAt p$vF, .
Et* u t
dvvAtA-tAEBn, pAEh Egro ay;QCn^ 2
2. O Fire, three are thy steeds, three the worlds of thy session;
three are thy tongues, O thou born from the Truth, they are
many: three too are thy bodies desired by the gods, with
them protect undeviatingly our words.

B$rFEZ tv jAtv
dv -vDAvo_mt-y nAm .
c mAyA mAEynA\ Ev
vEmv (v
p$vF, s\dD;, pbDo 3
3. Many are the names of thee, the Immortal, O Fire, O knower
of the births, O god who bearest with thee the self-law of
nature; all the manifold magic of the Lords of magic they
have combined in thee, O all-ruler, O builder of the levels.

tA Bg iv E"tFnA\ {
dv -t;pA -tAvA .
s v/hA snyo Ev
dA, pqd^ Ev
vAEt d;ErtA gZtm^ 4
4. The Fire is as the Enjoyer the leader of the divine worlds, he
is the divine guardian of the fixed time of things, and with
him is the Truth. He is the slayer of the Coverer, the eternal,
the omniscient; may he carry one who hymns him with the
word beyond all the difficulty and stumbling.

Mandala Three


dED5AmE`nm;qs\ c
dvF\ bh-pEt\ sEvtAr\ c
dvm^ .
vnA Em/AvzZA Bg\ c vs$n^ zd;A aAEd(yA; ih h;v
5. Dadhikravan I call here, and the Fire, and the divine Dawn,
Brihaspati and the god Savitri, the two riders of the horse,
and Mitra and Varuna and Bhaga, the Vasus, the Rudras,
the Adityas.

im\ no y.mmt
q; D
hFmA h&yA jAtv
do j;q-v .
dso Gt-y hot, AfAn Tmo Enq 1
1. Found this our sacrifice in the immortals, accept these offerings, O knower of things born. O priest of the call sitting as
first and supreme, taste of the drops of understanding50 and

Gtvt, pAvk t
cotEt m
ds, .
S\ no D
Eh vAym^ 2
2. O purifying Fire, full of light there drip for thee drops of
understanding; give us the supreme desirable thing in thy
self-law for the advent of the gods.

EvAy s(y .
-Eq, 2
S, sEm@ys
y.-y AEvtA Bv 3
3. To thee, the illumined seer, come these drops dripping light,
O right and true, O Fire; then thou blazest up as the supreme
Rishi. Become the protector of our sacrifice.

cot(yED}go fcFv, -tokAso a`n
dso Gt-y .
kEvf-to bhtA BAn;nAgA h&yA j;q-v m
EDr 4
4. On thee they fall, the drops of understanding and light,
50 Or, strength


Other Hymns to Agni
O unseizable51 Ray! O thou with whom is the puissance!
Declared by the seers of truth thou hast come with the vast
light. Accept our offerings, O wise intelligence!

aoEjS\ t
m@yto m
d uYt\ t
vy\ ddAmh

cotEt t
vso -tokA aED (vEc Et tAn^
dvfo EvEh 5
5. Most full of energy is the understanding held up in the
middle for thee, this is our gift to thee. The drops drip over
thy skin, O shining one,52 take them to thee in the way of
the gods.

ay\ so aE`nyE-m(somEmd, s;t\ dD
vAvfAn, .
shE*Z\ vAjm(y\ n sEP\ ssvA(s(-t$ys
d, 1
1. This is that Fire in which Indra, desiring the wine, held it in
his belly; our laud rises to thee because thou hast won the
thousandfold plenitude as if a steed of swiftness, O knower
of all things born!

yt^ t
EdEv vc, pET&yA\ ydoqDFv=-vA yj/ .
nAtEr"m;vAttT (v
q, s BAn;rZvo nc"A, 2
2. O Fire, that splendour of thine which is in heaven and which
is in the earth and its growths and its waters, O lord of
sacrifice, by which thou hast extended the wide mid-air, it
is a brilliant ocean of light in which is divine vision.

Edvo aZmQCA EjgA-yQCA
dvA; UEcq
ED@yA y
yA rocn
pr-tAt^ s$y-y yA
cAv-tAd;pEtSt aAp, 3
3. O Fire, thou goest towards the ocean of the sky, thou

51 Or, uncontrollable
52 Or, Lord of riches,

Mandala Three


speakest towards the gods who are masters of knowledge,53
towards the waters that abide above in the luminous world
of the sun and the waters that are below.

p;rFyAso a`ny, AvZ
EB, sjoqs, .
j;qtA\;ho_nmFvA iqo mhF, 4
4. Let thy Fires that dwell in the waters joining with those that
descend the slopes accept the sacrifice, mighty impelling
forces, in which there is no harm nor any distress.

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
s;mEtB$ (v-m
5. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;54 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.


EnmETt, s;EDt aA sD-T
y;vA kEvr@vr-y Z
tA .
j$y(-vE`nrjro vn
v/A dD
amt\ jAtv
dA, 1
1. Churned out and well-established in the house of his session,
the Youth, the Seer, the leader of the pilgrim-sacrifice, imperishable in the perishing woodlands, the Fire, the knower
of all things born, has founded here immortality.

53 Or, the gods of the planes (seats),
54 Or, himself a begetter;


Other Hymns to Agni

amETA\ BArtA rvdE`n\
dvvAt, s;d"m^ .
Ev p
y bhtAEB rAy
qA\ no n
tA BvtAdn; $n^ 2
2. The sons of the Bringer, god-inspired and god-beloved, have
churned out Fire of the perfect discernment. O Fire, look
widely on us with the vast riches, become the leader of our
impulsions throughout the days.

df E"p, p$&y sFmjFjn(s;jAt\ mAtq; Eym^ .
aE`n\ -t;Eh {
dv2vo yo jnAnAmsd^ vfF 3
3. The ten who throw the Light have brought to birth all
around the Ancient One well-born in his mothers and wellbeloved. Affirm with lauds, O god-inspired, the Fire lit by
the god-beloved, that he may be the controller of men.

En (vA dD
vr aA pET&yA i0AyA-pd
a>Am^ .
dq7(yA\ mAn;q aApyAyA\ sr-v(yA\ rvd`n
EddFEh 4
4. One has set thee in the supreme seat of the earth, in the
seat of the Word of Revelation, in the happy brightness of
the days: O Fire, opulently shine in the human being, in the
river of rocks, in the stream of flowing waters, in the stream
of inspiration.55

p;zd\s\ sEn\ go, f
v1m\ hvmAnAy sAD .
-yA3, s$n;-tnyo EvjAvA_`n
sA t
5. O Fire, achieve at my call the Revealing Speech, the manyactioned, the lasting conquest of the Light. May there be for
us a Son of our begetting pervading in his birth;56 O Fire,
may there be created in us that true thinking of thine.

55 Or, in the river Drishadwati, in Apaya and in Saraswati.
56 Or, himself a begetter;

Mandala Three



sh-v ptnA aEBmAtFrpA-y .
d;r-tr3rAtFvco DA y.vAhs
1. O Fire, overpower the hostile armies, hurl them from us;
hard to pierce, pierce the enemy-powers, found thy splendour in him who carries through the sacrifice.

a`n i0A sEm@ys
vFEtho/o am(y, .
j;q-v s$ no a@vrm^ 2
2. O Fire, thou art kindled by the word of revelation, the
immortal who comes to the offering, accept wholly our

n jAgv
shs, s$nvAh;t .
ed\ bEh, sdo mm 3
3. O Fire, ever-wakeful with thy light, O son of force, invoked
sit on my seat of sacrifice.

EBmhyA Egr, .
q; y u cAyv, 4
4. O Fire, with all thy divine fires greaten in our sacrifices the
word that has sight.

dA dAf;q
rEy\ vFrvt\ prFZsm^ .
EffFEh n, s$n;mt, 5
5. O Fire, give to the giver a wealth full of hero-strengths
enclosing us; intensify the force in us having with us the


Other Hymns to Agni

Edv, s$n;rEs c
tA-tnA pET&yA ut Ev
dA, .
vA; ih yjA EcEk(v, 1
1. O Fire, thou art the son of heaven by the body of the earth,
the conscious knower, even the omniscient. Sacrifice to each
god in turn, O thou who knowest.

aE`n, snoEt vFyAEZ Ev7A(snoEt vAjmmtAy B$qn^ .
s no
dvA; eh vhA p;z"o 2
2. Fire the knower wins the hero-energies, wins the plenitudes
striving towards immortality. So do thou bring to us the
gods, O giver of the manifold plenty.

aE`nAvApETvF Ev
dvF amt
am$r, .
"yn^ vAj
{, p;z
cdo nmoEB, 3
3. The Fire, free from all ignorance, illumines Earth and
Heaven the divine and immortal mothers of all things;
possessing all he is manifold in his delights by his plenitudes
and his dispensations.

a`n id
c dAf;qo d;roZ
s;tAvto y.Emhop yAtm^ .
amDtA somp
dvA 4
4. O Fire, and O Indra, here in the gated house of the giver who
offers the wine, come to the sacrifice, gods unforgetting, for
the drinking of the Soma-wine.

apA\ sEm@ys
En(y, s$no shso jAtv
d, .
sD-TAEn mhymAn UtF 5
5. O Fire, thou shinest high, eternal in the house of the waters,
O son of force, O knower of all things born, greatening
under thy guard the worlds of thy session.

Mandala Three



vAnr\ mnsAE`n\ EncA?yA hEvmto an;q(y\ -vEvdm^ .
dv\ rETr\ vs$yvo gFBF r@v\ k;EfkAso hvAmh
1. We the Kushikas, bringing the offering, desiring the Treasure, call by our words Fire, the universal godhead, discerning him by the mind, as the follower of the truth, who
finds the world of the sun, the great giver, the divine and
rapturous charioteer.

t\ f;B}mE`nmvs
vAnr\ mAtEr
vAnm;?Lym^ .
bh-pEt\ mn;qo
Ev\ 2otArmEtET\ rG;ydm^ 2
2. We call to guard us that brilliant Fire, the universal godhead, who grows in the mother, the master of the word, the
speaker and the hearer, for the human being's forming of the
godhead, the illumined Seer, the guest, the swift Traveller.

vo n 5d)jEnEB, sEm@yt
vAnr, k;Efk
EBy; g
s no aE`n, s;vFy -v
&y\ dDAt; r&mmt
q; jAgEv, 3
3. As if the neighing Horse by the mothers, the universal godhead is kindled high by the Kushikas from generation to
generation; may that Fire wakeful in the Immortals give to
us the hero-strength and good power of the Horse and the

yt; vAjA-tEvqFEBr`ny, f;B
lA, pqtFry;"t .
bhd;"o mzto Ev
ds, v
pyEt pvtA; adA
4. Let them go forward, the plenitudes with the strengths, thy
Fires; they have yoked the dappled mares mingled together
to reach bliss and make the mountains tremble, before them
the life-gods, omniscient, pouring the Vast, inviolable.


Other Hymns to Agni

aE`nE2yo mzto Ev
vky aA (v
qm;g}mv Imh
vym^ .
-vAEnno zEdyA vqEnEZj, Es\hA n
hq5tv, s;dAnv, 5
5. The life-gods with their glory of fire, universal in the peoples,57 we desire as our brilliant and forceful guard; great
givers are they, thunderous and terrible, clothed as if in
raiment of rain, they are like roaring lions.

v}At\v}At\ gZ\gZ\ s;fE-tEBr`n
BAm\ mztAmoj Imh
vAso anvB}rADso gtAro y.\ EvdT
q; DFrA, 6
6. Host upon host, troop upon troop with their proclaimings
of the Fire we desire the luminous energy of the life-gods;
they come to the sacrifice driving their dappled horses,
their achievement cannot be taken from them, they are wise
thinkers in the discoveries of knowledge.

aE`nrE-m jmnA jAtv
dA Gt\ m
c";rmt\ m aAsn^ .
akE-/DAt$ rjso EvmAno_j*o Gmo hEvrE-m nAm 7
7. I am the Fire, I am from my birth the knower of all things
born; light is my eye, in my mouth is immortality; I am the
triple Ray, I am the measurer of the mid-world, I am the
unceasing illumination, I am the offering.

E/EB, pEv/
{rp;pod^@yk }dA mEt\ >yoEtrn; jAnn^ .
vEqS\ r&mkt -vDAEBrAEdd^ AvApETvF pyp
yt^ 8
8. He has purified through the three filters the Ray, following the thought with the heart he has reached knowledge
of the light; he has created by the self-laws of his nature
the supreme ecstasy and his sight has embraced earth and
57 Or, dragging all with them,

Mandala Three


ftDArm;(sm"FymAZ\ EvpE
ct\ Eptr\ v?(vAnAm^ .
E0\ mdt\ Ep/ozp-T
t\ rodsF Eppt\ s(yvAcm^ 9
9. He is a fountain with a hundred streams that is never exhausted, with his illumined consciousness he is the father
and accorder of all that must be spoken; he takes his rapture
in the lap of the Father and Mother and earth and heaven
fill him full, the speaker of truth.

vo vAjA aEBvo hEvmto GtAQyA .

dvAE)jgAEt s;
1. Forward move the luminous plenitudes bearing the offering
with the ladle of light; the seeker of bliss travels to the gods.

aE`n\ EvpE
ct\ EgrA y.-y sADnm^ .
2;FvAn\ EDtAvAnm^ 2
2. I pray by the word the Fire with its illumined consciousness,
who accomplishes the sacrifice, who has the inspiration,
who has the firm holding.

m t
vy\ ym\
dv-y vAEjn, .
7qA\Es tr
m 3
3. O Fire, may we have the power to rein thee, the divine steed
of swiftness, may we cross through the hostile forces.

sEm@ymAno a@vr
_E`n, pAvk IX^y, .
4. Fire high-blazing in the rite of the path, Fire whom we must
pray, who purifies, with his tresses of flame - him we desire.


Other Hymns to Agni

pT;pAjA am(yo GtEnEZk^ -vAh;t, .
aE`ny.-y h&yvAV^ 5
5. He is the immortal, wide in might, clothed in raiment of
light; well-fed with the oblation, Fire is the carrier of the
offerings in the sacrifice.

t\ sbADo yt*;c i(TA EDyA y.vt, .
aA c5;rE`nm$ty
6. Assailed by the opponent the doers of sacrifice, setting to
work the ladle, keeping the true thought, have made the Fire
to guard them.

dvo am(y, p;r-tAd
Et mAyyA .
EvdTAEn codyn^ 7
7. The immortal, the godhead, the priest of the call goes in
our front with his mage wisdom, impelling the discoveries
of knowledge.

vAjF vAj
q; DFyt
q; ZFyt
Evo y.-y sADn, 8
8. He is held as the Horse in the plenitudes, he is led along in the
rites of the path, he is the illumined seer who accomplishes
the sacrifice.

EDyA c5
@yo B$tAnA\ gBmA dD
d"-y Eptr\ tnA 9
9. He was made by the Thought, one Supreme;58 it held the
child of beings, the father of the Understanding in the
58 Or, the desirable one;
59 Or, the daughter of the Understanding set him in us the child born from creatures

and their father.

Mandala Three


En (vA dD
@y\ d"-y
0A sh-kt .
s;dFEtm;Efjm^ 10
10. The word of revelation born from the understanding sets
thee within, one supreme, O thou forcefully created, O Fire,
the perfect thinker and the aspirant.

aE`n\ yt;rmP;rmt-y yog
vn;q, .
EvA vAj
{, sEmDt
11. Fire the swift in motion, who crosses through the waters,
the illumined seers desiring to conquer in the union with the
Truth set ablaze by the plenitudes.

Ujo npAtm@vr
dFEdvA\sm;p Ev .
kEv5t;m^ 12
12. I pray Fire, the seer-will, the Son of Energy flaming out in
heaven in the rite of the path.

yo nm-yE-tr-tmA\Es dft, .
vqA 13
13. One to be prayed, to be worshipped with obeisance, one
who sees60 through the darkness, the Fire is kindled high,
the male of the herd.

vqo aE`n, sEm@yt
vo n
dvvAhn, .
t\ hEvmt I0t
14. Mighty and male the Fire is kindled high, he is like a horse
that carries the gods, him they pray who bring the offerings.

60 Or, is seen


Other Hymns to Agni

vqZ\ (vA vy\ vqn^ vqZ, sEmDFmEh .
dFt\ bht^ 15
15. Thee, mighty and male, we male and mighty kindle high, O
Bull of the herds, O Fire, and thou illuminest the Vast.

j;q-v no hEv, p;ro0Af\ jAtv
d, .
EDyAvso 1
1. O Fire, accept our offering, the frontal oblation in the dawn
pressing of the wine, O knower of the births, O rich in

p;ro0A a`n
t\ j;q-v yEvS^y 2
2. O Fire, for thee is the frontal offering prepared and dressed,
that accept, O youthful god.

vFEh p;ro0AfmAh;t\ Etroa>^ym^ .
shs, s$n;r-y@vr
Eht, 3
3. O Fire, come to61 the frontal offering that is cast to thee
with the disappearance of day; O son of force, thou art
established in the rite of the path.

d, p;ro0AfEmh kv
j;q-v .
y4-y tv BAgD
y\ n EmnEt EvdT
q; DFrA, 4
4. In the noonday pressing of the wine, O seer, knower of all
things born, accept the frontal offering. O Fire, the wise
thinkers in their discoveries of knowledge impair not thy
portion, who art the mighty one.
61 Or, devour

Mandala Three


Eh kAEnq, p;ro0Af\ shs, s$nvAh;tm^ .
v@vr\ EvpyyA DA r&vtmmt
q; jAgEvm^ 5
5. O Fire, in the third pressing also thou hast desire of the
frontal offering cast to thee, O son of force; do thou by the
illumination establish in the gods the pilgrim sacrifice full
of ecstasy and wakeful in the immortals.

vDAn aAh;Et\ p;ro0Af\ jAtv
d, .
j;q-v Etroa>^ym^ 6
6. O Fire, increasing accept the frontal offering, the oblation
cast with the disappearance of the day, O knower of all
things born.

a-tFdmEDmTnmE-t jnn\ ktm^ .
etA\ Ev
p&FmA BrA_E`n\ mTAm p$vTA 1
1. This is the churning out, this the bringing to birth that is
done; bring the Queen of the peoples, let us churn out the
Fire as of old.

ar@yoEnEhto jAtv
dA gB iv s;EDto gEBZFq; .
Edv IX^yo jAgvEYhEvmEYmn;y
EBrE`n, 2
2. The knower of all births is set in the two tinders, like an
unborn child well-placed in the womb of the mothers, Fire
who is to be prayed from day to day by men wakeful and
bearing their offering.

u1AnAyAmv BrA EcEk(vA(s, vFtA vqZ\ jjAn .
azq-t$po zfd-y pAj i0AyA-p;/o vy;n
_jEn 3
3. Waking to knowledge bring him down in her lying supine;
at once penetrated she has brought to birth the male of the


Other Hymns to Agni
herd: a ruddy pile of strength his might shines forth, the son
of the Word of revelation is born in the manifestation of

i0AyA-(vA pd
vy\ nABA pET&yA aED .
do En DFmV`n
h&yAy vo[hv
4. We in the seat of the Word of revelation, on the navel-centre
of the earth, set thee within, O knower of all things born,
for the carrying of the oblations.

mTtA nr, kEvm7yt\ c
tsmmt\ s;tFkm^ .
y.-y k
t\; Tm\ p;r-tAdE`n\ nro jnytA s;f
vm^ 5
5. Churn out, O men, the seer who creates no duality, the
immortal thinker and knower with his fair front; Fire who
is the supreme intuition in the sacrifice, the blissful one,
bring to birth in your front, O men.

ydF mTEt bAh;EBEv roct
vo n vA>yzqo vn
vA .
Ec/o n yAm3E
vnorEnvt, pEr vZ?(y
mn-tZA dhn^ 6
6. When they churn him out by the strength of their arms wide
he shines, he is like a horse of swiftness, he is luminous in the
woodlands; he is like a richly hued chariot in the journeying
of the two riders, none can impede him; burning around the
rocks he tears the grasses.

jAto a`nF roct
EktAno vAjF Ev, kEvf-t, s;dAn;, .
dvAs IX^y\ Ev
vEvd\ h&yvAhmdD;r@vr
q; 7
7. Agni when he is born shines waking to knowledge, he is the
Horse, the illumined who is declared by the seers, the great
giver, whom the gods have set in the pilgrim sacrifices as the
carrier of the offerings, the one to be prayed, the omniscient.

Mandala Three


sFd hot, -v u lok
EcEk(vA(sAdyA y.\ s;kt-y yonO .

vAn^ hEvqA yjA-y`n
bhd^ yjmAn
vyo DA, 8
8. Sit, O priest of the call, in that world which is thy own
waking to knowledge, accomplish the sacrifice in the native
seat of deeds well done; manifesting the godheads62 thou
sacrificest to the gods with the offering, - O Fire, found in
the sacrificer the vast expansion.

kZot D$m\ vqZ\ sKAyo_*
Dt itn vAjmQC .
aymE`n, ptnAqAV^ s;vFro y
dvAso asht d-y$n^ 9
9. O Friends, create his mighty smoke, go with unerring steps
towards the plenitude; this is the Fire conqueror in the battle,
by whom the gods overcame the destroyers.

ay\ t
yoEn-E(vyo yto jAto arocTA, .
t\ jAn3`n aA sFdA_TA no vDyA Egr, 10
10. This is thy native seat where is the order of the Truth whence
born thou shonest forth, know it and take there thy session,
then give increase to our words.

gB aAs;ro nrAf\so BvEt yd^ EvjAyt
vA ydEmmFt mAtEr vAt-y sgo aBvt^ srFmEZ 11
11. A mighty child in the womb he is called the son of the body;
when he is born he becomes one who voices the godhead:
when as life who grows in the mother he has been fashioned
in the mother he becomes a gallop of wind in his movement.

s;EnmTA EnmETt, s;EnDA EnEht, kEv, .
-v@vrA kZ;
yj 12
12. Churned out with the good churning, the seer set within
with a perfect placing, - O Fire, make easy the paths of the
sacrifice, offer sacrifice to the gods for the seeker of godhead.
62 Or, bringing the gods


Other Hymns to Agni

ajFjn3mt\ m(yAso_*
mAZ\ trEZ\ vF0;jMBm^ .
df -vsAro ag}v,
smFcF, p;mA\s\ jAtmEB s\ rBt
13. Mortals have brought to birth the Immortal, Fire with his
strong tusk, the unfailing deliverer.63 The ten sisters who
move as companions passion over the male that is born.

sPhotA snkAdroct mAt;zp-T
ydfocd$DEn .
n En EmqEt s;rZo Edv
yds;r-y jWrAdjAyt 14
14. He shone out from the eternal with his seven priests of the
call when he blazed on the lap of the mother, in her bosom
of plenty. He is full of joy and closes not his eyes from day
to day, once he has been born from the belly of the Almighty

aEm/Ay;Do mztAEmv yA, TmjA b}Zo Ev
vEmd^ Evd;, .
aE`n\ smFEDr
15. Fighting down the unfriendly powers like the marching
hosts of the life-gods the first-born of the Word come to
know all that is: the Kushikas have sent forth the luminous
word, one by one they have kindled the Fire in the house.

yd (vA yEt y.
aE-mn^ hotE
cEk(vo_vZFmhFh .
; ; tAfEmSA, jAnn^ Ev7A; up yAEh somm^ 16
16. Because here today in the going forward of this sacrifice we
have chosen thee, O Priest of the call, O thou who wakest
to knowledge, thou hast moved to the Permanent, thou hast
achieved by thy toil the Permanent; knowing, come as one
possessed of knowledge to the Soma-wine.

63 Or, one who unfailing crosses through all.

Mandala Four

(vA\ V`n
sdEmt^ smyvo
dvmrEt\ y
iEt 5(vA y
am(y yjt m(y
v\ jnt c
v\ jnt c
tsm^ 1
1. Thee, O Fire, ever with one passion the gods have sent inwards, the divine Traveller;1 with the will they sent thee in;
O master of sacrifice, they brought to birth the immortal in
mortals, the divine who brings in the divinity, the conscious
thinker, they brought to birth the universal who brings in
the divinity, the conscious thinker.

s B}Atr\ vzZm`n aA vv(-v
dvA; aQCA s;mtF y.vns\
S\ y.vnsm^ .
-tAvAnmAEd(y\ cqZFDt\ rAjAn\ cqZFDtm^ 2
2. Then do thou, O Fire, turn towards the godheads with the
right thinking Varuna, thy brother who delights in the sacrifice, the eldest who delights in the sacrifice, - even him
who keeps the truth, son of the infinite Mother who upholds
seeing-men, the king who upholds seeing-men.

1 Or, worker. This root seems to have indicated originally any strong motion, action
or work.


Other Hymns to Agni

v r\VA-m
m0Fk\ vzZ
scA Evdo mz(s; Ev
vBAn;q; .
tokAy t;j
f;f;cAn f\ k@y-m
3. O Friend, turn towards and to us in his motion the Friend as
two rapid chariot-horses turn a swift wheel, for us, O strong
worker, like galloping horses; O Fire, mayst thou be with
us and find for us bliss in Varuna and in the Life-powers
who carry the universal light; for the begetting of the Son,
O thou flaming into lustre, create for us peace, for us, O
strong worker, create the peace.

(v\ no a`n
vzZ-y Ev7An^
h0o_v yAEssFSA, .
yEjSo vE>tm, fof;cAno Ev
7qA\Es m;m;`@y-mt^ 4
4. Do thou, O Fire, for thou knowest, labour away from us
the wrath of divine Varuna; flaming into lustre, strongest
to sacrifice, mightiest to bear, unloose from us all hostile

s (v\ no a`n
_vmo BvotF n
EdSo a-yA uqso &y;O .
av y#v no vzZ\ rrAZo vFEh m0Fk\ s;hvo n eED 5
5. Do thou, O Fire, be most close to us with thy protection, be
most near in the dawning of this dawn: rejoicing in us put
away from us Varuna2 by the sacrifice; reach the bliss, be
ready to our call.

a-y 2
SA s;Bg-y s\dg^
dv-y Ec/tmA m(y
q; .
f;Ec Gt\ n tPmyAyA, -pAhA
dv-y m\hn
v D
no, 6
6. Most glorious is the vision of this Godhead, most richly
bright in mortals; as if the pure and warm butter of the
2 I.e. the pressure of the wrath of Varuna against our impurity.

The prayer to put Varuna away sounds strange. But if the inner sense is grasped it
becomes cogent and apposite. The sacrificer - the seeker - is praying Agni to be close
to him, to protect him. He is aspiring that the Divine Fire should be his protector when
the Dawn of the higher light comes to his soul, Varuna being the Lord of wisdom.

Mandala Four


milch-cow that cannot be slain, her desirable gift is the vision
of the Godhead.3

E/r-y tA prmA sEt s(yA -pAhA
dv-y jEnmAy`n
, .
at, pErvFt aAgAQC;Ec, f;5o ayo rozcAn, 7
7. Three are they, his supreme truths, the desirable births of
the divine Fire; within in the infinite he is spread wide everywhere and has come to us pure and brilliant and noble,
shining in his beauty.4

8. He is a messenger, a priest of the call, whose yearning is
towards all the planes, golden is his chariot, red are his
horses, ecstatic his tongue of flame, beautiful his body,5 wide
his lustre, ever is he rapturous like a banquet hall full of the

9. He makes men conscious of the knowledge and is the friend of their sacrifice; they lead him on with a mighty cord; he dwells in the gated house of the being accomplishing his aims; divine, he accepts companionship in the riches of the mortal.
  3 Here the connection between Fire and Ray-Cow and Aditi comes out; so also the psychological nature of the clarified butter and its connection with the vision of the Sun. Who is this cow that "cannot be slain" if not the cow aditi - the Infinite Mother - the supreme Divine Consciousness creative of the cosmos, of the gods and the demons, of men and of all that is?
  4 These three births of Fire are not, as usually explained, its three physical forms - which even if accepted shows the Vedic people far from the mere primitive barbarian - his birth is connected with Truth - his births are "within in the Infinite" - saccidananda. These are the three levels of the earthly evolution on each of which this Divine Fire takes his birth, parivtah., on the plane of matter and life and mind.
  5 Or, great is his body,
  6 Or, well-stored with food.

10. Let this Fire taking knowledge of all things lead us towards
the ecstasy that is enjoyed by the Gods, which all the immortals created by the thought and Father Heaven was its
begetter raining the truth.7

11. He was born first and supreme in the Rivers,8 in the foundation of the vast mid-world, in his native seat; without head,
without feet, concealing his two ends he joins them in the
lair of the Bull.9

12. He came forth with a vibrancy of light, the first and supreme
force, in the native seat of Truth, in the lair of the Bull,
desirable and young and beautiful of body10 and wide in
lustre; the seven Beloved brought him to birth for the Bull.11

7 This joy - ratna - in its origin is created by the immortals with the help of their
"thought" - and it was the raining down upon the lower hemisphere of the Truth that
gave birth to the joy here.
8 Or, in our habitations,
9 The same Fire joins his two extremities - of the superconscient and the spirit and
inconscient matter - in the lair of the Bull. This is the Bull which represents the Purusha.
The lair of the Bull is the original status of Him called at other places, vis.n.oh. paramam
padam, sada pasyanti surayah..
10 Or, great in body
11 Or, brought to birth the Bull (but the case is the dative).

Mandala Four


a-mAkm/ Eptro mn;yA aEB s
d;-tmAf;qAZA, .
mv}jA, s;d;GA vv
} atzd;*A aAj3;qso h;vAnA, 13
13. Here our human fathers went forward on their way towards
the Truth desiring to possess it; they drove upwards the
luminous ones, the good milk-cows in their stone (rocky)
pen within the hiding cave, calling to the Dawns.12

mmjt ddvA\so aEd\ td
aEBto Ev vocn^ .
vy/Aso aEB kArmcn^ Evdt >yoEt
ckpt DFEB, 14
14. They rent the hill, they made themselves bright and pure,
others around them proclaimed that work of theirs; drivers
of the herd,13 they sang the chant of illumination to the
Doer of the work; they found the Light, they shone with
their thoughts.14

g&ytA mnsA dD}m;ND\ gA y
mAn\ pEr qtmEdm^ .
d[h\ nro vcsA {
n v}j\ gomtm;Efjo Ev vv},
; 15
15. By a mind seeking the Rays they rent the firm massed hill
which encircled and repressed the shining herds, men desiring laid open the strong pen full of the Ray-Cows by the
divine word.

mvt Tm\ nAm D
noE-/, sP mAt;, prmAEZ Evdn^ .
16. They meditated on15 the first name of the Milk-cow, they
discovered the thrice seven supreme planes16 of the Mother;
That knowing the herds lowed towards it, the ruddy Dawn
became manifest by the glory of the Cow of Light.
12 This Rik makes the connection between the hidden cows and the Truth, also the

Cows and the Dawn.
13 Literally, having the control over the animal or animals, or, the "instruments of

14 Or, they did work by their thoughts. This is Sayana's interpretation.
15 Or, held in their thought
16 Or, names


Other Hymns to Agni

ft^ tmo d;EDt\ roct Ozd^
d&yA uqso BAn;rt .
aA s$yo bhtE-tSd{A; -j; mt
q; vEjnA c p
yn^ 17
17. The darkness was wounded and vanished, Heaven shone
out, up arose the light of the divine Dawn, the Sun entered into the fields of the Vast, looking on the straight and
crooked things in mortals.

aAEdt^ p
cA b;b;DAnA &yHy3AEdd^ r&\ DAryt ;B?tm^ .
vAs; d;yAs;
dvA Em/ EDy
vzZ s(ym-t; 18
18. Then, indeed, they awoke and saw all behind and wide
around them;17 then, indeed, they held the ecstasy that is
enjoyed in heaven. In all gated houses were all the gods. O
Mitra, O Varuna, let there be the Truth for the Thought.

aQCA voc
y f;f;cAnmE`n\ hotAr\ Ev
vBrs\ yEjSm^ .
f;Qy$Do atZ3 gvAmDo n p$t\ pErEq?tm\fo, 19
19. May my speech be towards the upblazing Fire, the priest of
the call, the bringer of all things, strong to sacrifice. It is as
if one drank from the pure udder of the cows of light, the
purified juice of the Plant of Delight poured on all sides.

qAmEdEtyE.yAnA\ Ev
qAmEtETmAn;qAZAm^ .
vAnAmv aAvZAn, s;m0Fko Bvt; jAtv
dA, 20
20. The indivisibility of all the gods, the guest of all human
beings, may the Fire draw to us the protection of the gods
and be blissful to us, the knower of all things born.

yo m(y
vmt -tAvA
vrEtEnDAEy .
hotA yEjSo m>A f;c@y
{ h&y
{rE`nmn;q Iry@y
{ 1
1. He who is immortal in mortals and with him is the Truth,
17 Then, indeed, and after waking they wholly saw;

Mandala Four


who is the God in the gods, the Traveller,18 has been set
within as the priest of the call, most strong for sacrifice, to
blaze out with the might of his flame, to give men speed on
the way by the power of their offerings.

ih (v\ s$no shso no a jAto jAtA; uByA; atr`n
d$t Iys
y;y;jAn -v -j;m;kAn^ vqZ, f;5A\
c 2
2. O Son of Force, here today art thou born for us and movest
as a messenger between those born of both the Births yoking,
O sublime Flame, thy males straight and massive and bright
in lustre.

a(yA vD$ roEhtA Gt$ -t-y my
mnsA jEvSA .
azqA y;jAno y;mA\
dvAn^ Evf aA c mtAn^ 3
3. I hold in thought with my mind thy two red gallopers of the
Truth, swiftest, raining increase, raining light; yoking the
ruddy-shining pair thou movest between you Gods and the
mortal peoples.

aymZ\ vzZ\ Em/m
qAEmdAEvZ$ mzto aE
vnot .
vo a`n
s;rT, s;rADA ed; vh s;hEvq
jnAy 4
4. Aryaman for them and Mitra and Varuna, Indra, Vishnu
and the Maruts and the Ashwins do thou well-horsed, wellcharioted, great in the joy of achievement, bring now, O
Fire, for the giver of good offerings.

gomA; a`n
_EvmA; a
vF y.o nv(sKA sdEmdmy, .
i0AvA; eqo as;r jAvAn^ dFGo rEy, pT;b;9, sBAvAn^ 5
5. O Fire, ever inviolable is this sacrifice and with it is the Cow,
the Sheep and the Horse, it is like a human friend,19 and

18 Or, fighter or worker,
19 Or, it is a comrade with whom are the gods,


Other Hymns to Agni
with it, O mighty Lord, are the word and the offspring; it is
a long felicity of riches with a wide foundation, and with it
is the hall.

y-t i@m\ jBrt^ EsEvdAno m$DAn\ vA ttpt
(vAyA .
B;v-t-y -vtvA;, pAy;r`n
v-mAt^ sFmGAyt uzy 6
6. To him who brings to thee thy fuel with the sweat of his
labour and heats his head with thee, be a protector in thy
self-strength, O Fire, and guard him from all around that
would do him evil.

Ecd3\ EnEfqmdmEtETm;dFrt^ .
tE-mn^ rEyD}vo
; a-t; dA-vAn^ 7
7. He who when thou desirest thy food brings thy food to
thee, who whets thy flame and sends upwards the rapturous
guest, he who as seeker of the godhead kindles thee in his
gated house, in him may there be the abiding and bounteous

y-(vA doqA y uqEs f\sAt^ Ey\ vA (vA kZvt
hEvmAn^ .
vo n -v
dm aA
hMyAvAn^ tm\hs, pFpro dA
vA\sm^ 8
8. He who in the dusk, he who in the dawn would give expression to thee, or bringing his offering makes thee a beloved
friend, as the Horse with golden trappings in his own home
mayst thou carry that giver beyond the evil.

amtAy dAfd^ d;v-(v
yt*;k^ .
n s rAyA ffmAno Ev yoq3
{nm\h, pEr vrdGAyo, 9
9. He who gives to thee, O Fire, to the Immortal, and does
in thee the work outstretching the Ladle, may he not in his
labour be divorced from the riches, let not the sin of one
who would do evil surround him.

Mandala Four


y-y (vm`n
a@vr\ j;joqo
dvo mt-y s;EDt\ rrAZ, .
ds=o/A sA yEvSA_sAm y-y EvDto vDAs, 10
10. He in whose pilgrim-rite thou takest pleasure and, divine,
takest delight in the well-founded work of a mortal, may the
Power of the Call be pleased with him, O most young Fire,
of whom worshipping may we bring about the increase.

EcE1mEcE1\ Ecnvd^ Ev Ev7An^ pS
v vFtA vEjnA c mtAn^ .
c n, -vp(yAy
dv EdEt\ c rA-vAEdEtm;zy 11
11. Let the knower discriminate the Knowledge and the Ignorance, the straight open levels and the crooked that shut in
mortals; O God, for the riches, for the right birth of the
Son,20 lavish on us the finite and guard the Infinite.21

kEv\ ffAs;, kvyo_dNDA EnDAryto d;yA-vAyo, .
at-(v\ d
yA; a`n etAn^ pEX^B, p
rY;tA; ay ev
{, 12
12. Seers unconquered proclaimed the seer, they established
him22 within in the gated house of the human being. Then,
O Flame, mayst thou reach with thy journeying feet and,
exalted, see those transcendent23 ones who must come into
our vision.24

s;ZFEt, s;tsomAy EvDt
yEvS .
r&\ Br ffmAnAy Gv
cqEZA, 13
13. O Fire, ever most young, mayst thou giving thy good leading
to the singer of the word who has pressed the wine and performed the sacrifice, bring to him in his labour, O luminous
one, an ecstasy wide in its delight, filling the seeing man for
his safeguard.
20 Or, for the riches with the fair offspring,
21 Diti and Aditi, the divided and the undivided Consciousness, the Mother of division

and the Indivisible Mother.
22 Or, commanded the seer, they upheld him
23 Or, wonderful
24 Or, made visible; the word means either "visible" or "to be seen".


Other Hymns to Agni

aDA h yd^ vym`n
(vAyA pEX^Bh-t
ckmA tn$EB, .
rT\ n 5to apsA B;Erjo-t\ y
m;, s;@y aAf;qAZA, 14
14. O Fire, as we have done with our hands, with our feet,
with our bodies in our desire of thee, like men who make a
chariot with the toil of their two arms, so, the wise thinkers
have laboured out the Truth and possess it.25

aDA mAt;zqs, sP EvA jAy
mEh TmA v
Dso n^n^ .
Edv-p;/A aEHrso Bv
mA_Ed\ zj
m DEnn\ f;ct, 15
15. Now may we be born as the seven illumined seers of the
Dawn, the mother, supreme creators creating the Gods
within us; may we become the Angirasas, sons of Heaven
and, shining with light, break the hill that has within it the

aDA yTA n, Eptr, prAs, &Aso a`n -tmAf;qAZA, .
f;cFdyn^ dFEDEtm;?TfAs, "AmA EBdto azZFrp v}n^ 16
16. Now, too, O Fire, even as our supreme and ancient fathers,
desiring to possess the Truth, speakers of the word, reached
the very purity, reached the splendour of the Light;26 as they
broke through the earth and uncovered the ruddy herds.

s;kmAZ, s;zco
dvyto_yo n
dvA jEnmA Dmt, .
f;cto aE`n\ vvDt idm$v g&y\ pErqdto a`mn^ 17
17. Perfect in action, perfect in lustre, desiring the godhead,
becoming gods, they smelted and forged the Births as one
forges iron, flaming with light they made the Fire to grow,
surrounding Indra they reached the wide mass of the RayCows.

25 Or, desiring to possess it.
26 Or, entered into meditation and reached the very purity;

Mandala Four


aA y$T
v ";mEt p
vo aHyd^
dvAnA\ y>jEnmA(y;g} .
mtAnA\ Ecd;vfFrkn^ vD
Ecdy upr-yAyo, 18
18. There was seen as if herds of the Cows in an opulent place,
that which, seen near, was the birth of the gods,27 O Forceful
Fire; they both illumined the widenesses28 of mortals and
were aspirants29 for the growth of the higher being.

akm t
-vpso aB$m -tmv*3;qso EvBAtF, .
an$nmE`n\ p;zDA s;
dv-y mmjt
cAz c";, 19
19. For thee we worked and became perfect in our works, the
Dawns shone out and illumined the Truth; we lit the unstinted Fire in the multitude of its kinds, in the fullness of
his delight, brightening the beautiful eye of the Godhead.

etA t
a`n ucTAEn v
Do_vocAm kvy
tA j;q-v .
uQCoc-v kZ;Eh v-yso no mho rAy, p;zvAr yED 20
20. These are the utterances, O creator, O Fire, we have spoken
to thee the seer, in them take pleasure. Flame upwards, make
us more full of possessions; O thou of many boons, give us
the Great Riches.

aA vo rAjAnm@vr-y zd\ hotAr\ s(yyj\ rod-yo, .
aE`n\ p;rA tnEy&orEc1AE=r@y!pmvs
kZ;@vm^ 1
1. Create for yourselves the King of the pilgrim-rite, the Terrible, the priest of the invocation who wins by sacrifice
the Truth in earth and heaven,30 create Fire golden in his
27 Or, there was seen like herds of the Cow in an opulent place that which is near to

the birth of the godheads,
28 Or, achieved the wide illuminations
29 Or, warriors
30 Or, who worships with sacrifice the Truth for earth and heaven,


Other Hymns to Agni
form for your protection before the outspreading of the

ay\ yoEn
ckmA y\ vy\ t
v p(y uftF s;vAsA, .
avAcFn, pErvFto En qFd
mA u t
-vpAk tFcF, 2
2. This is thy seat which we have made for thee, even as,
desiring, a wife richly robed for her lord; thou art turned
towards us and wide-extended around, sit here within: O
once far distant Fire,32 these are now fronting thee.

adEptAy mm nc"s
s;m0FkAy v
D, .

dvAy fE-tmmtAy f\s g}Av
v sotA mD;q;d^ ymF0
3. O ordinant of sacrifice, to Fire that hears, inviolate, the
strong in vision, the happy, the immortal Godhead speak
the Thought, the word expressing him, whom I pray as
with the voice of the stone of the pressing when it presses
out the honey-wine.

(v\ Ec3, fMyA a`n
a-yA -t-y bo@ytEct^ -vADF, .
kdA t u?TA sDmAAEn kdA BvEt sHyA g
h t
4. Thou, too, O Fire, turn towards our labour, become aware
of this word, in perfect answer of thy thought, Truthconscious, become aware of the Truth. When shall there be
thy utterances that share in our ecstasy, when thy acts of
companionship in the house?

kTA h td^ vzZAy (vm`n
kTA Edv
k3 aAg, .
kTA Em/Ay mF[h;q
{ b}v, kdyMZ
kd^ BgAy 5
5. How dost thou blame it, O Fire, to Varuna, to Heaven, what
is that sin we have done? How wouldst thou speak of us to
Mitra, the bountiful, how to earth? What wilt thou say to
Aryaman, what to Bhaga?
31 Or, before the thunder-crash from the unknown.
32 Or, O Fire, perfect in wisdom,

Mandala Four


kd^ ED@yAs; vDsAno a`n
kd^ vAtAy tvs
nAs(yAy "
b}v, kd`n
zdAy n
6. What, O Fire, growing in thy abodes, wouldst thou say for
us, what to the wind most forceful, to the seeker of the
Good, the all-pervading, to the lord of the journey, to the
earth? What, O Fire, to Rudra the slayer of men?

kTA mh
p;E\BrAy p$Z
kd^ zdAy s;mKAy hEvd
kd^ EvZv uzgAyAy rto b}v, kd`n
{ 7
7. How wilt thou speak of us to Pushan, the mighty bringer
of increase, what to Rudra great in sacrifice, giver of the
offering? What seed of things to wide-striding Vishnu, or
what, O Fire, to vast doom?

kTA fDAy mztAmtAy kTA s$r bht
pQC^ymAn, .
Et b}vo_Edty
t;rAy sADA Edvo jAtv
cEk(vAn^ 8
8. How when they question thee wouldst thou answer to the
host of the Life-Gods in their Truth, or to the Sun in his
vastness, to the mother indivisible, to the swift traveller? O
knower of all things born, thou knowest the Heaven, for us

n -t\ EnytmF0 aA gorAmA scA mD;mt^ p?vm`n
kZA stF zftA DAEsn
{qA jAmy
Z pysA pFpAy 9
9. I ask for the truth governed by the Truth, together the unripe
things of the Cow of light and that of her which is sweet
and ripe, O Fire. Even black of hue, she nourishes with a
luminous supporting, with a kindred milk.33

33 The Cow (the Vedic symbol of knowledge) even in the Ignorance where it is black

still nourishes us with a truth which is still luminous and governed by the Greater Truth
which is hers on higher levels where she is the radiant Cow of Light.


Other Hymns to Agni

n Eh mA vqBE
cd?t, p;mA; aE`n, pysA pS^y
n .
a-pdmAno acrd^ vyoDA vqA f;5\ d;d;
h pE`!D, 10
10. For the Fire, the Bull, the Male, is inundated with the Truth,
with milk of the heights: unstirred he ranges abroad establishing the wideness, the dappled Bull has milked out the
bright udder.

11. By the Truth the Angiras-seers broke the hill, they parted
it asunder, they moved34 together with the Ray-Cows; men
sat happily around Dawn, the Sun-world35 was manifested
when the Fire was born.36

12. By the Truth the divine and immortal, inviolate Waters
with their honied floods, like a steed of swiftness pressing
forward37 in its gallopings, raced ever on to their flow.

13. Mayst thou never pass over to the Power38 of one who is a thief, or of a neighbour or one intimate who would do us injury,39 mayst thou not incur the debt of a brother who is crooked, may we not suffer by evil thought from40 friend or foe.
  34 Or, came
  35 Or, the Sun
  36 Or, in the birth of the Fire.
  37 Or, urged forwards
  38 The word means supernatural or occult Power which captures the force of Agni, the lord of Tapasya, to use it for harm.
  39 Or, diminishes us,

14. O Fire, strong in sacrifice, protect us ever guarding us with thy keepings, taking pleasure in us; burst out in flame, break the strong evil, slay the (Rakshasa) demon even when he is increasing into greatness.

15. O Fire, become great of mind by these hymns of illumination, by our thinkings touch these plenitudes, O heroic Flame, so take joy in the words of knowledge, O Angiras, let our speech expressing thee come close to thee, enjoyed by the gods.

16. Thus have I, an illumined sage, by my thoughts and utterances spoken to thee, who knowest, O Fire, O creator, secret words of guidance, seer-wisdoms that speak out their sense to the seer.41


1. Make thy mass like a wide marching, go like a king full of strength with his following, running in the rapid passage of thy march; thou art the Archer, pierce the demons with thy most burning shafts.
  40 Or, by the skill of; here, again, it is skill in an occult working, or an occult and hostile direction of thought that is feared.
  41 Or, all these in my thoughts and utterances I have spoken to thee, I, an illumined sage, to thee the knower, O Fire, O creator, words of guidance, secret words, seer-wisdoms that speak out their meaning to the seer.

2. Swiftly rush thy wanderings; blazing up follow and touch with thy violence; O Fire, spread by thy tongue thy burning heats and thy winged sparks; unleashed, scatter on every side thy meteors.

3. Swiftest to act, spread abroad thy scouts to their places, and become the indomitable protector of this being: he who would bring evil by speech against us from afar or one from near, let not any such bringer of anguish do violence to thee, O Fire!

4. Arise, O Fire, spread out towards us, consume utterly the unfriendly, O sharp-missiled Flame; O high-kindled! whoever has done enmity against us burn him down like a dry log.

5. High-uplifted be, piercing through reveal in us the things divine, O Fire; lay low what the demon forces42 have established: companion or single, crush the foe.
  42 Or, demon impulsions

6. He knows thy right-mindedness, O youngest of the Gods, who hastens the journey43 for the Word in its march. For him the high doer of works has made to shine about his doors all brightnesses of the day, all treasures and splendours of the light.

7. May he, O Fire, be fortunate and munificent who with the eternal offering, who with his utterances, seeks to satisfy thee in his own life, in his gated house; may there be for him all brightnesses of the day, may such be his sacrificing.44

8. I make to shine thy right thought in me, may this word diffused in its peal approach close to thee. Rich in horses and chariots may we make all bright and pure for thee, mayst thou hold up thy mights in us from day to day.

9. Here in this world should one largely act from one's self in the presence of thee as day by day thou shinest out in morn and in dusk: right-minded may we touch thee as we play, taking our stand on the luminous inspirations45 of men.
  43 Or, who drives the path
  44 Or, may all that sacrifice of his be bright in its days.
  45 Or, luminous energies

10. He who comes to thee, O Fire, with strong horses, with fine gold, with his chariot full of riches, thou becomest his deliverer, his friend and comrade, - he who takes joy in thy uninterrupted guesthood.

11. I break great ones by my words, by my friendship with thee; that came down to me from Gotama, my father: domiciled in the house do thou become conscious of this word of ours, O youngest God! O priest of the call! O strong Will!

12. Undreaming, ever in movement, blissful, undrowsing, untorn, untired may thy guardian powers sitting linked together guard us, O thou untouched by ignorance, O Fire!

13. Thy guardian powers, O Fire, which protected the son of Mamata from evil, for they saw and he was blind, the Omniscient guarded them in their good work; the foe who would have hurt him could not hurt.

14. By thee as thy companions, guarded by thee, by thy leading, may we win the plenitudes; impel to their way both annunciations, O builder of Truth: straightway, confident, create.

15. With the fuel may we do thee worship, O Fire, accept the hymn which we utter, burn the demons who speak not the word of blessing, guard us from the doer of harm, from the censurer and his blame, O friendly Light!

1. How should we give, one in our joy in him, vast in light,46 to the bounteous Universal Fire? With his vast and ample upbearing he props up the firmament like a pillar.

2. Blame not him who in his self-law has given this gift, divine to me the mortal, the wise to the ignorant, the immortal, the wide in consciousness, the most strong and mighty Universal Fire.

3. In his twofold mass47 may the puissant Bull with his thousandfold seed, with his keen blaze discovering the great Possession, the deeply hidden seat of the Cow, declare to me that Mind of wisdom.
  46 Or, shining with the light of the vast,
  47 Or, force

4. May the Fire sharp-tusked with his most burning flame of light, he who is full of felicity,48 consume them, they who impair the domain of Varuna and the beloved and abiding things of Mitra the conscious knower.

5. Going on their way like women who have no brothers, like wives49 with evil movements who do hurt to50 their lords, sinful are they, untrue and full of falsehood, who brought into being this profound plane.

6. For me who howso small, impair not the heavy burden of this thought, O purifying Fire, uphold with the violence of thy delight this vast and profound and mighty sevenfold plane.51

7. Him now may the purifying Thought reach and possess by the will, like attaining to its like, in the movement52 of the peace, over the form of the dappled Mother figured out on the summit in its might and its beauty.
  48 Or, he who is ever happy in achievement,
  49 Or, mothers
  50 Or, deceive
  51 Or, plane with its seven layers.
  52 Or, the action

8. What of this word do they say to me, what that has to be declared and is mysterious and hidden in the secrecy?53 What was as if a covering defence of the rays54 they have uncovered, - he guards the beloved form, the summit plane of the being.55

9. This which is that great front of the Great Ones to which as its supreme place adheres the shining Cow, he came to know flaming in the plane of the Truth, hastening in its speed in the secrecy.56

10. Now shining in union with the two Parents, close to him, he perceived the beautiful and secret abode of the dappled Cow. There was the tongue of the Bull of flame intent on its action, it was near the Cow of Light, in the supreme plane of the Mother.

11. Asked with obeisance I voice the Truth, this which I have won by thy declaring of it,57 O knower of all things born; thou possessest all this that is, the treasure which is in heaven and that which is on the earth.
  53 Or, cave?
  54 Or, the shining Cows
  55 Or, the Bird.
  56 Or, cave.
  57 Or, by thy wish,

12. What is the treasure of this Truth, what the delight of it, wholly declare to us, O knower of the births, for thou art aware. That supreme plane in the secrecy which is the highest goal of our path, which is over and above all, that we have reached, free from bondage.

13. What is its boundary, its manifestation of knowledge, what the joy of it towards which we must move like gallopers towards the plenitude? When have the divine Dawns, wives of the immortal, woven it into shape by the hue of light of the sun?

14. Those who live undelighted with the word that is languid and scanty, narrow and dependent on their belief, what now and here can they say to thee, O Fire? Uninstrumented let them remain united with the unreal.

15. For the glory and beauty of the Bull in his high burning the flame-force of the master of riches glowed in its splendour; clothing himself with brilliance in his form of perfect vision, he has shone out full of many boons like a dwelling with its treasure.

1. O Fire, summoner priest of the pilgrim-rite, stand up very high for us, strong for sacrifice in the forming of the gods: thou art the ruler over every Thought and thou carriest forward the mind of thy worshipper.

2. Free from ignorance, Fire, the rapturous priest of the call has taken his seat in creatures, the conscious thinker in their findings of knowledge. He enters into a high lustre like a creator Sun, like a pillar he makes his smoke a prop to heaven.

ytA s;j$ZF rAEtnF GtAcF dE"EZd^
dvtAEtm;rAZ, .
ud; -vznvjA nA5, p
vo anE?t s;EDt, s;m
k, 3
3. A luminous force of giving, swift and put forth into action, he widens the formation of the gods as he turns round
it; new-born he stands up high58 like an arrow-shaft wellplanted and firm59 and shows by his light the herds.

bEhEq sEmDAn
a`nA U@vo a@vy; j; j;qAZo a-TAt^ .
pyE`n, pf;pA n hotA E/Ev
Et Edv urAZ, 4
4. When the sacred grass is strewn and kindled burns the flame,
the leader of the pilgrim-rite stands up high rejoicing in his
work; Fire, the priest of the call, like a guardian of the herds
thrice moves round them, the Ancient of days, ever widening
his circle.
58 Greek akros.
59 Or, a sun-beam fixed and constant. Or, it may possibly mean, a pole, a banner

well-planted and firm he shows (the place of) the herds.


Other Hymns to Agni

pEr (mnA Emtd;rEt hotA_E`nmdo mD;vcA -tAvA .
dv(y-y vAEjno n fokA Byt
vA B;vnA ydB}AV^ 5
5. He goes round in his self-motion with measured run, Fire,
the rapturous priest of the call, sweet of word, possessing
the Truth; his flames gallop like horses, all the worlds are in
fear when he blazes.

BdA t
-vnFk s\dg^ Gor-y sto Evq;Z-y cAz, .
n yt^ t
foEc-tmsA vrt n @v-mAn-tvF rp aA D;, 6
6. O Fire of the fair front! happy is thy vision; even when thou
art terrible and adverse great is thy beauty: for they hem not
in thy flame with the darkness, for the destroyers cannot set
evil in thy body.

n y-y sAt;jEntorvAEr n mAtrAEptrA n$ EcEdO .
aDA Em/o n s;EDt, pAvko_E`ndFdAy mAn;qFq; Ev"; 7
7. He is the begetter of things and his conquest cannot be held
back, not even the father and the mother can stay him any
longer in his impulsion. Now like a friend well-established,
the purifying Fire has shone out in the human peoples.

E7y p)c jFjn(s\vsAnA, -vsAro aE`n\ mAn;qFq; Ev"; .
uqb;DmTyo n dt\ f;5\ -vAs\ prf;\ n Et`mm^ 8
8. The twice five sisters who dwell together have given birth to
the Fire in the human peoples, the waker in the dawn, like
a tusk of flame, brilliant and fair of face, like a sharp axe.

tv (y
hErto GtA roEhtAs ->v)c, -v)c, .
azqAso vqZ -j;m;kA aA
dvtAEtm4t d-mA, 9
9. Bay-coloured are those horses of thine, dripping light, or
they are red, straight is their motion, swift is their going,
males, ruddy-shining, straight and massive, great in their
deeds they are called to our forming of the Gods.

Mandala Four


h (y
shmAnA ayAs-(v
qAso a`n
crEt .

nAso n d;vsnAso aT t;EvvZso mAzt\ n fD, 10
10. These are thy rays, O Fire, that put forth overwhelming
force, moving, impetuous in their blaze, they move towards
the goal like hawks in their action, with many voices of
storm like an army of the life-god.

akAEr b} sEmDAn t;
&y$ DA, .
hotArmE`n\ mn;qo En q
d;nm-yt uEfj, f\smAyo, 11
11. O high-kindled Fire, the Word has been formed for thee, one
voices the utterance, one sacrifices, - now ordain: men set
the Fire within as the priest of the call, making to him their
prostration of surrender, aspirants to the self-expression of
the human being.

ayEmh Tmo DAEy DAtEBhotA yEjSo a@vr
vFX^y, .
ym=nvAno Bgvo Evzzc;vn
q; Ec/\ Ev
1. This is he who was established as chief and first by
Founders of things, the priest of the call, most strong
sacrifice, to be prayed in the pilgrim-rites, - he whom
doer of works and the flame-seers60 set shining wide in
forests, rich in light, all-pervading, for man and man.


kdA t aAn;qg^ B;vd^
dv-y c
tnm^ .
aDA Eh (vA jgEB}r
mtAso Ev#vFX^ym^ 2
2. O Fire, when shall the conscious waking of thy godhead
become uninterrupted? For now mortals have laid hold on
thee as one desirable in human creatures.
60 Apnavan and the Bhrigus


Other Hymns to Agni

-tAvAn\ Evc
ts\ p
yto AEmv -tEB, .
qAm@vrAZA\ h-ktAr\ dm
3. For they see thee, possessor of the Truth and wide in knowledge like waking heaven with its stars, the smile of light of
all these pilgrim-sacrifices in house and house, -

aAf\; d$t\ Evv-vto Ev
vA y
cqZFrEB .
aA jB},
t;mAyvo BgvAZ\ Evf
; k
4. The swift messenger of the illumining Sun who comes to all
the seeing people; men hold him as the ray of intuition and
he shines as the Bhrigu-flame-seer for each being.

tmF\ hotArmAn;qk^ EcEk(vA\s\ En q
r@v\ pAvkfoEcq\ yEjS\ sP DAmEB, 5
5. This is the priest of the call whom they set within, who
uninterruptedly wakes to knowledge, rapturous with his
purifying flame, most strong to sacrifice by his seven seats.61

t\ f
vtFq; mAtq; vn aA vFtmE2tm^ .
Ec/\ st\ g;hA Eht\ s;v
d\ k$EcdETnm^ 6
6. Him in the many mothers linked together, wide-spread and
unapproached in the forest, abiding in the secret Cave and
rich with many lights, full of knowledge or moving to some
unknown goal.

ss-y yd^ Evy;tA sE-m3$D3t-y DAmn^ rZyt
dvA, .
mhA; aE`nnmsA rAth&yo v
r@vrAy sdEmdtAvA 7
7. When in the separation from sleep the Gods have joy in that
udder of the Cow, in the plane of the Truth, great becomes
the Fire by the offering given with prostration and journeys
for the pilgrim-sacrifice and the Truth is ever with him.
61 Or, with his seven lights.

Mandala Four


r@vr-y d$(yAEn Ev7An;B
atA rodsF s\EcEk(vAn^ .
d$t Iys
Edv urAZo Evd;ro Edv aAroDnAEn 8
8. He journeys knowing the embassies of the pilgrim-sacrifice
between both the firmaments, utterly awakened to knowledge. A messenger, the Ancient of days, ever widening, ever
greater in knowledge, thou travellest the mounting slopes
of heaven.62

kZ\ t em zft, p;ro BA
km^ .
ydvFtA dDt
h gB sE
c>jAto BvsFd; d$t, 9
9. Black is the path of thy shining, thy light goes in front, a
journeying ray, the one supreme of all thy bodies; when one
unimpregnated bears thee as the child of her womb, in the
sudden moment of thy birth thou art already the messenger.

so jAt-y ddfAnmojo yd-y vAto an;vAEt foEc, .
vZE?t Et`mAmts
q; Ej4A\ E-TrA Ecd3A dyt
Ev jMB
{, 10
10. The moment he is born his might becomes visible when
the wind blows behind his flame; he turns his sharp tongue
round the trunks and tears his firm food with his jaws of

tq; yd3A tq;ZA vv" tq;\ d$t\ kZ;t
y4o aE`n, .
vAt-y m
E0\ sct
Enj$v3Af\; n vAjyt
avA 11
11. When quickly he carries his foods on his rapid tongue, this
mighty Fire fashions himself into a swift messenger; consuming all he clings to the mad course63 of the wind, as a
driver a swift horse he sets it to gallop for the seeker of the

62 Or, thou travellest to the inmost places of heaven.
63 Or, to the roar


Other Hymns to Agni

d$t\ vo Ev
ds\ h&yvAhmm(ym^ .
EgrA 1
1. Array with your word the messenger, the carrier of your
offerings, most strong to sacrifice, the omniscient, the Immortal.

s Eh v
dA vs;EDEt\ mhA; aAroDn\ Edv, .
dvA; eh v"Et 2
2. For he knows the place of the possession of the riches, he
knows the ascending slope of heaven, he shall bring here the

s v
dv aAnm\
dvA; -tAyt
dAEt EyAEZ Ecd^ vs; 3
3. A God, he knows for the seeker of the Truth his way of
submission to the gods in the house of Truth, and he gives
the beloved treasures.

s hotA s
d; d$(y\ EcEk(vA; atrFyt
Ev7A; aAroDn\ Edv, 4
4. He is the priest of the call, it is he who travels between, aware
of his embassy, knowing the ascending slope of heaven.

-yAm y
ddAf;h&ydAEtEB, .
y _ p;yt iDt
5. May we be of those who have given to the Fire with the gift
of their offerings, who kindle him and increase.

rAyA t
{, ssvA\so Ev fE@vr
a`nA dEDr
d;v, 6
6. They by the treasure, by the hero-strengths have conquered

Mandala Four


and have heard who have upheld their work in the Fire.

rAyo Edv
s\ crt; p;z-ph, .
vAjAs IrtAm^ 7
7. In us may the riches move from day to day bringing the
multitude of our desires, may we receive the impulsion of
the plenitudes.

s Ev
cqZFnA\ fvsA mAn;qAZAm^ .
aEt E"
v Ev@yEt 8
8. An illumined seer, by the might of seeing human beings he
pierces beyond like a swift arrow.

1. O Flame, be gracious, for great art thou who comest to the seeker of the godheads to sit on his seat of sacrifice.

2. He becomes manifest in human beings,64 invincible,65 immortal, the messenger of all.

3. He is borne round the house, a rapturous priest of the call in our heavenward urges; he takes his seat as the priest of the purification.
  64 Or, he becomes in human beings a protector,
  65 Or, indestructible,

4. The Fire is the Goddess-powers in the pilgrim-rite and he is the master of the house in his home, he sits too as the priest of the word.

5. Thou comest to the offerings as the speaker of the sanction for human beings when they would perform the pilgrim-sacrifice.

6. Thou comest to be his envoy to him in whose sacrifice thou takest pleasure to carry the offerings of the mortal.

7. Take pleasure in our pilgrim-rite, in our sacrifice, O Angiras, hear our call.

8. Let thy invincible car reach us and move round us on every side by which thou guardest the givers of the offering.

1. O Fire, let us today make thee affluent with our lauds as thy vehicles to bear thee, - even that of thee which is as if the Horse, as if a happy will touching the heart.

2. For now, O Fire, thou hast become the charioteer of a
happy Will, of an all-accomplishing Discernment, of the
Vast Truth.

eEBno ak
{BvA no avAR^ -vZ >yoEt, .
EB, s;mnA anFk
{, 3
3. Become close to us, O Fire, by these hymns of illumination,
right-minded with all thy flame-powers, thy light like the

a gFEBg Zto_`n
m .
Edvo n -tnyEt f;mA, 4
4. Today uttering thee with these utterances may we give to
thee, O Fire; thy strengths thunder forth like the heavens.66

tv -vAEdSA_`n
s\dEErdA Ecd> idA Ecd?to, .
zo n roct upAk
5. Most sweet is thy vision, now in the day, now in the night; it
shines out close to us like gold for its beauty and splendour.

Gt\ n p$t\ tn$rr
pA, f;Ec Ehr@ym^ .
tt^ t
zo n roct -vDAv, 6
6. Free from evil is thy body; it is like pure clarified butter, it
is pure gold; that in thee is golden in its shining, for such is
thy self-law.
66 Or, like the strength of heaven.


Other Hymns to Agni

kt\ EcE= mA sn
7qo_`n inoEq .
mtAEd(TA yjmAnAdtAv, 7
7. Even the lasting hostility done, O thou who possessest the
Truth, thou drivest away perfectly from the mortal sacrificer.67

EfvA n, sHyA st; B}A/A`n

q; y;m
sA no nAEB, sdn
sE-m3$Dn^ 8
8. O Fire, auspicious may be all our friendship and brotherhood with you Gods. That is our centre, where is our home,
where is that udder of the Cow of Light.

Bd\ t
shEs3nFkm;pAk aA roct
s$y-y .
zfd^ df
n?tyA Ecd!E"t\ df aA !p
a3m^ 1
1. Happy is that flame-power of thine, O forceful Fire; it shines
close to the Sun, glowing to vision it is seen even in the night,
it is as if in its beauty68 there were an unarid feast for the

Ev qAV`n
mnFqA\ K\ v
psA t;EvjAt -tvAn, .
EByd^ vAvn, f;5
{-t3o rA-v s;mho B$Er mm 2
2. O Fire, O thou with thy many births, even as we hymn
thee force open the heavens69 with thy quivering lustre70 for
him who utters the mind of wisdom; O brilliant, O glorious
Flame, what thou with all the gods hast won, that give to
us, that mighty thought.

Or, away from the mortal who is exact in his sacrifice.
Or, in its form
Or, the door or entrance
Or, with thy lustre of knowledge

Mandala Four


kA&yA (vmnFqA-(vd;?TA jAyt
rA@yAEn .
Et dEvZ\ vFrp
fA i(TAEDy
m(yAy 3
3. O Fire, from thee are born the seer-wisdoms, from thee the
mind of knowledge, from thee the utterances that achieve;
from thee come the riches that take the hero's form to the
mortal giver who has the true thought.

(vd^ vAjF vAj\Bro EvhAyA aEBEk>jAyt
s(yf;m, .
(vd^ rEyd
vj$to myoB;-(vdAf;j$j;vA; a`n
avA 4
4. From thee is born the steed of swiftness that carries the
plenitude, that has the force of Truth, that makes the great
approach, that has the vastness; from thee is the treasure
sent by the gods that creates the bliss, from thee the rapid
speeding war-horse, O Fire.

dv\ mtA amt mdEj4m^ .

7qoy;tmA EvvAsEt DFEBdm$ns\ ghpEtmm$rm^ 5
5. Thee, O Fire, O immortal, first and chief of the godheads,
mortals who are seekers of the godheads illumine by their
thoughts, Fire with the rapturous tongue who pushest away
the hostiles, the one domiciled within, the master of our
house untouched by ignorance.

a\h aAr
vA\ d;mEt\ yE3pAEs .
doqA Efv, shs, s$no a`n
dv aA Ect^ scs
-vE-t 6
6. Far from us all unconsciousness, sin and evil mind when
thou art on guard, a benignant Power in the night, O Fire,
O son of force, over him to whom thou cleavest for his weal.


Other Hymns to Agni

y-(vAm`n inDt
yt*;k^ E/-t
a3\ kZvt^ sE-m3hn^ .
s s; ;<
cEk(vAn^ 1
1. He who kindles thee, O Fire, and with his ladle in action
creates food for thee thrice in the day, may he, awakened to
knowledge, be ever with thy illuminations and wholly put
forth his force and overcome by thy will, O knower of all
things born.

i@m\ y-t
jBrQC2mAZo mho a`n
anFkmA spyn^ .
s iDAn, Et doqAm;qAs\ p;yn^ rEy\ sct
3Em/An^ 2
2. He who labours and brings to thee thy fuel serving the
flame-force of thy greatness, O Fire, he kindling thee every
day and night ever grows and cleaves to the Treasure slaying
the unfriendly Powers.

bht, "E/y-yA_E`nvAj-y prm-y rAy, .
dDAEt r&\ EvDt
yEvSo &yAn;q(yAy -vDAvAn^ 3
3. The Fire is master of the vast might, the Fire is master of
the supreme plenitude and riches; ever young, faithful to his
self-law, he founds wholly, uninterruptedly the ecstasy for
the mortal who worships him.

yEQcE= t
p;zq/A yEvSA_EcE1EB
ckmA kEQcdAg, .
kDF v-mA; aEdt
rnAgAn^ &y
nA\Es Ef2To Evvg`n
4. If at all in our humanity by our movements of ignorance
we have done any evil against thee, O Fire, make us wholly
sinless before the mother indivisible; O Fire, mayst thou
loosen from us the bonds of our sins to every side.

Mandala Four


cd`n enso aBFk UvAd^
dvAnAm;t m(yAnAm^ .
mA t
sKAy, sdEmd^ ErqAm yQCA tokAy tnyAy f\ yo, 5
5. Even though our sin be great before gods and men, even
though it be wide, O Fire, may we not come ever to harm
from it who are thy friends and comrades; give to our Son,
our begotten, the peace and the well-doing.

yTA h (yd^ vsvo gOy Ect^ pEd EqtAmm;)ctA yj/A, .
evo v-mm;)ctA &y\h, tAy`n
tr\ n aAy;, 6
6. Even as that was done when the Masters of Riches, the Lords
of sacrifice released the bright cow tethered by her foot, so
release us utterly from evil; mayst thou carry forward our
life so that it crosses beyond, O Fire.

(yE`nzqsAmg}mHyd^ EvBAtFnA\ s;mnA r&D
ym^ .
vnA s;kto d;roZm;t^ s$yo >yoEtqA
dv eEt 1
1. The Fire facing the front of the dawns as they shine out
has revealed the founding of the ecstasy; the two riders are
coming to the gated house of the doer of good works; the
divine Sun is rising up with the Light.

U@v BAn;\ sEvtA
dvo a2
d^ d=s\ dEv@vd^ gEvqo n s(vA .
an; v}t\ vzZo yEt Em/o yt^ s$y Ed&yArohyEt 2
2. The divine creator Sun has reached his high shining, he is
like a warrior seeker of the Light brandishing his flag. There
is Varuna, there is Mitra, all follow the working of the Law
when they make the Sun to rise up in heaven.

y\ sFmk@vn^ tms
; mA anv-yto aTm^ .
t\ s$y hErt, sP y4F, -pf\ Ev
v-y jgto vhEt 3
3. Him whom, firm in their foundation, never ceasing from


Other Hymns to Agni
their aim they have made for the removing of the darkness,
this Sun seven mighty brilliant mares bear as the scouts of
the whole world.

EBEvhrn^ yAEs tt;mv&yy3Est\
dv v-m .
dEv@vto r
my, s$y-y cm
vAvAD;-tmo a=-vt, 4
4. O God, thou goest with steeds most strong to bear, separating the weft woven, unweaving the black garment; the
streaming rays of the Sun cast the darkness like a covering
skin down within the waters.

anAyto aEnb=, kTAy\ yR^R;1Ano_v pt
n .
kyA yAEt -vDyA ko ddf Edv, -kMB, smt, pAEt nAkm^ 5
5. Unextended, unbound, facing downwards, facing upwards,
how does he not sink? By what self-law does he go on his
journey? Who has seen when he joins heaven and is its pillar
and guards the firmament?

(yE`nzqso jAtv
dA aHyd^
dvo rocmAnA mhoEB, .
aA nAs(yozgAyA rT
m\ y.m;p no yAtmQC 1
1. Fire, the godhead has been revealed, the knower of all things
born, fronting the dawns as they gleam with the greatness of
their lustres; wide-moving lords of the journey come moving
in their chariot towards this our sacrifice.

U@v k
t;\ sEvtA
dvo a2
{ B;vnAy k@vn^ .
aAA AvApETvF atEr"\ Ev s$yo rE
EktAn, 2
2. The creator Sun is lodged in his high ray of intuition fashioning the light for the whole world; the Sun in his universal
knowledge has filled earth and heaven and the mid-world
with his rays.

Mandala Four


aAvh(yzZF>yoEtqAgAmhF Ec/A rE
EktAnA .
boDytF s;EvtAy
d&y;qA Iyt
s;y;jA rT
n 3
3. The Dawn bearing him has come with the Light, Dawn vast
and rich in her lustres, knowing all by her rays; the divine
Dawn awakening to the happy path is journeying in her
well-yoked chariot.

aA vA\ vEhSA ih t
vht; rTA a
vAs uqso &y;O .
Eh vA\ mD;p
yAy somA aE-mn^ y.
vqZA mAdy
TAm^ 4
4. May these horses and chariots, strong to bear, bring you
both in the shining out of the dawn: for, here for you are
the juices of the Wine for the drinking of the sweetness; O
strong Ones, may you take rapture of them in this sacrifice.

anAyto aEnb=, kTAy\ yR^R;1Ano_v pt
n .
kyA yAEt -vDyA ko ddf Edv, -kMB, smt, pAEt nAkm^ 5
5. Unextended, unbound, facing downwards, facing upwards,
how does he not sink? By what self-law does he go on his
journey? Who has seen when he joins heaven and is its pillar
and guards the firmament?

  1. The Fire is our priest of the call in the pilgrim-sacrifice; he is led around as the horse, he is the godhead in the gods who is lord of the sacrifice.

  2. The Fire goes thrice around the pilgrim-sacrifice and is like one driving a chariot, he founds our delight in the gods.

  3. The Fire moves around the offerings, a seer, a master of the plenitudes and founds for the giver the ecstasies.

  4. This is he who is kindled in the front in Srinjaya, son of Devavata, he is luminous and a destroyer of foes.

  5. The mortal who is a hero can have mastery over the Fire in its march, the sharp-tusked bountiful Fire.

  6. They make him bright from day to day like a conquering war-horse, like a shining babe of heaven.

  7. When the prince, the son of Sahadeva, woke me with his two bay horses, though called towards him I was not ready to rise.

  8. Even so, I took at once from the prince, the son of Sahadeva, those two sacred horses he gave.

  9. O divine Riders, here before you is the prince Somaka, son of Sahadeva; long-lived may he be!

  10. Even him the prince, the son of Sahadeva, O divine Riders, make long of life.

Mandala Five
The Atris

  1. Fire is awake by the kindling of the peoples, he fronts the dawn that comes to him like a fostering milch-cow; like the mighty ones casting upward their branching his lustres spread towards heaven.

  2. The priest of the call is awake for sacrifice to the gods, Fire with his right thinking has stood up high ablaze in the dawn. He is kindled, the red-glowing mass of him is seen: a great god has been delivered out of the darkness.

  3. When he has put out the long cord of his troop, Fire in his purity reveals all by the pure herds of his rays; the goddess of understanding grows in plenitude and is yoked to her works; she supine, he standing high, he has drunk from her breasts with his tongues of flame.

  4. The minds of men who seek the godhead converge towards the flame even as their seeings converge in the sun; when two dawns of different forms give birth to this Fire the white Horse is born in front of the days.

  5. He was born victorious in front of the days, established in established things, ruddy-bright in the woodlands of our pleasure; in house and house founding the seven ecstasies the Fire took up his session as a priest of the call strong for sacrifice.

  6. Fire the priest of the call has taken his seat strong to sacrifice in the lap of the Mother, in that rapturous other world, the youth, the seer, manifold in his fixed knowledge, possessed of the Truth, the upholder of the peoples; in between too is he kindled.

  7. Men pray with their prostrations of surrender that illumined seer, who achieves perfection in the pilgrim-sacrifices, Fire, the priest of the call, for he has extended earth and heaven by the Truth, they rub bright with the Light the eternal Horse of power.

  8. The purifier he is rubbed bright and pure, he who is proclaimed by the seers, one who is the dweller in his own house, and is our benignant guest; the bull of the thousand horns because thou hast the strength of That, O Fire, thou precedest in puissance all others.

  9. At once thou goest forward, O Fire, and overpassest all others in whomsoever thou hast become manifest in all the glory of thy beauty; adorable, great of body, wide of light thou art the beloved guest of human beings.

  10. To thee, O ever youthful Fire, all the worlds and their peoples bring the offering from near and from far; awake to that right-mindedness of man's happiest state: vast and great and happy is that peace of thee,1 O Fire.

  11. Today, O luminous one, mount the luminous wholeness of thy car with the lords of sacrifice; thou knowest the wide mid-world with all its paths, bring here the gods to partake of our sacrifice.
    1 Or, is thy house of refuge,

  12. To the seer, the understanding one, we have uttered the word of our adoration, to the Bull, the male; the Steadfast in Light has taken refuge in his laud as in a far-reaching mass of gold.

1. The young Mother carries the boy suppressed in the secret cavern and she gives him not to the father; his force is undiminished, men see him in front established inwardly in the movement.

2. Who is this boy, O young mother, whom thou carriest in thyself when thou art compressed into form, but when thou art vast thou hast given him birth? Through many years grew the child in the womb, I saw him born when the mother brought him forth.

Ehr@ydt\ f;EcvZmArAt^ "
ymAy;DA EmmAnm^ .
ddAno a-mA amt\ Evp?vt^ Ek\ mAmEndA, kZv3n;?TA, 3
3. I saw him in a distant field, one golden-tusked and purebright of hue shaping his weapons: to him I am giving
immortality in my several parts and what shall they do to
me who possess not Indra and have not the word?


Other Hymns to Agni

y\ sn;t
crt\ s;md^ y$T\ n p;z foBmAnm^ .
n tA agB}3jEn Eh q, pElFErd^ y;vtyo BvEt 4
4. In that field I saw ranging apart what seemed a happy herd
in its many forms of beauty; none could seize on them, for
he was born, even those of them who were grey with age
became young again.

myk\ Ev yvt goEBn y
qA\ gopA arZE
cdAs .
y _ jgB;rv t
sj(vAjAEt p
v up nE
cEk(vAn^ 5
5. Who were they that divorced my strength from the herds of
light? Against them there was no protector nor any fighter
in this war. Let those who seized them release them back
to me, he has become aware and is driving back to me my
herds of vision.

vsA\ rAjAn\ vsEt\ jnAnAmrAtyo En dD;m(y
q; .
rv t\ sjt; EnEdtAro EnAso Bvt; 6
6. The hostile powers have hidden within in mortals the king of
those who dwell in creatures in whom all creatures dwell;
let the wisdom-words of Atri release him, let the binders
themselves become the bound.

p\ EnEdt\ sh*Ad^ y$pAdm;)co afEm Eh q, .
Ev m;m;E`D pAfAn^ hotE
cEk(v ih t$ Enq 7
7. Shunahshepa too was bound to the thousandfold post of
sacrifice, him didst thou release and he attained to calm;2
so do thou take thy seat here in us, O conscious knower,
O priest of the call, and loose from us the cords of our

2 Or, he achieved the work;

Mandala Five


}ZFymAno ap Eh md
, m

dvAnA\ v}tpA uvAc .
ido Ev7A; an; Eh (vA cc" t
an;Ef aAgAm^ 8
8. Mayst thou not grow wroth and depart from me: he who
guards the law of working of the gods declared it to me;
Indra knew and sought after and saw thee and taught by
him, O Fire, I have come to thee.

Ev >yoEtqA bhtA BA(yE`nrAEvEv
vAEn kZ;t
mEh(vA .
vFmAyA, sht
d;rvA, EffFt
9. This Fire shines with the Vast Light and makes all things
manifest by his greatness. He overpowers the workings of
knowledge that are undivine and evil in their impulse, he
sharpens his horns to gore the Rakshasa.

ut -vAnAso EdEv q(v`n
E-t`mAy;DA r"s
htvA u .
Ecd-y zjEt BAmA n vrt
pErbADo ad
vF, 10
10. May the voices of the Fire be sharp weapons to slay the Rakshasa. In his ecstasy his angers break down, all the undivine
obstructions that besiege us cannot hem him in.

et\ t
-tom\ t;EvjAt Evo rT\ n DFr, -vpA at"m^ .
Et (v\
dv hyA, -vvtFrp enA jy
m 11
11. O thou of the many births, I the sage, the thinker, the man
of perfect works have fashioned for thee this laud like a
chariot. If, indeed, O god, thou shouldst take an answering
joy in it, by this we could conquer the waters that carry the
light of the sun-world.

t;Evg}Fvo vqBo vAvDAno_fWvy, smjAEt v
d, .
itFmmE`nmmtA avocn^ bEhmt
fm y\s =Evmt
fm y\st^ 12
12. The bull with the neck of might, whom no enemy can


Other Hymns to Agni
oppose, grows and comes driving from the foe the riches of
knowledge. So have the immortals spoken to this Fire that
he may work out peace for man when he prepares the sacred
seat, work out peace for man when he brings the offering.


vzZo jAys
yt^ (v\ Em/o BvEs yt^ sEm=, .
dvA-(vEmdo dAf;q
m(yAy 1
1. Thou art Varuna, O Fire, when thou art born, thou becomest
Mitra when thou blazest high; in thee are all the gods, O
son of force, thou art Indra for the mortal giver.

(vmymA BvEs yt^ knFnA\ nAm -vDAvn^ g;V\ EbBEq .
a)jEt Em/\ s;EDt\ n goEByd^ dMptF smnsA kZoEq 2
2. O holder of the self-law, thou becomest Aryaman when thou
bearest the secret name of the Virgins; they reveal thee with
the Rays as Mitra firmly founded when thou makest of one
mind the Lord of the house and the Spouse.

tv E2y
mzto mjyt zd yt^ t
jEnm cAz Ec/m^ .
pd\ yd^ EvZozpm\ EnDAEy t
n pAEs g;V\ nAm gonAm^ 3
3. For the glory of thee, O Rudra, the life-powers make bright
thy birth into a richly manifold beauty. When that highest
step3 of Vishnu is founded within, thou guardest by it the
secret name of the Ray-Cows.

3 The supreme plane of the three.

Mandala Five


tv E2yA s;dfo
dvA, p;! dDAnA amt\ spt .
hotArmE`n\ mn;qo En q
d;df-yt uEfj, f\smAyo, 4
4. By the glory of thee who hast the true seeing, O godhead, the
gods hold a multiple completeness and taste4 immortality;
men take up their session with Fire, the priest of the call,
aspiring, making a gift of the self-expression of the human

n (v=otA p$vo a`n
yjFyAn^ n kA&y
{, pro aE-t -vDAv, .
c y-yA aEtETBvAEs s y.
n vnvd^
dv mtAn^ 5
5. There is none who precedes thee as priest of the call, O
Fire, none mightier for sacrifice, there is none supreme over
thee in the seer-wisdoms, O master of the self-law, and of
whatsoever man thou becomest the guest, he conquers by
sacrifice, O godhead, those who are mortals.

vn;yAm (votA vs$yvo hEvqA b;@ymAnA, .
vy\ smy
v>A\ vy\ rAyA shs-p;/ mtAn^ 6
6. May we who seek the Riches win them by the offering, we
guarded by thee and awakened, O Fire, - we in the clash
of the battle, in our discoveries of knowledge through days,
we by the Treasure overcome mortal men, O son of force.

yo n aAgo a
no BrA(yDFdGmGf\s
dDAt .
jhF EcEk(vo aEBfE-tm
yo no mcyEt 7y
n 7
7. He who brings sin and transgression upon us, on him who
gives expression to evil, on himself may there be put that
evil; O thou who art conscious, slay this hostile assault, O
Fire, even him who oppresses us with the duality.5
4 Or, touch
5 The division, or the twofoldness of the nature divided between good and evil.


Other Hymns to Agni

(vAm-yA &y;Eq
dv p$v
d$t\ k@vAnA ayjt h&y
{, .
yd`n Iys
dvo mt
{vs;EBEr@ymAn, 8
8. Thee in the dawning of this night, O godhead, the ancients
made their messenger and gave sacrifice with their oblations;
for thou art the godhead kindled by mortals who have the
light6 and thou travellest to the House of the Treasures.

av -pED Eptr\ yoED Ev7An^ p;/o y-t
shs, s$n Uh
kdA EcEk(vo aEB c"s
kdA; -tEcd^ yAtyAs
9. Rescue thy father, in thy knowledge keep him safe, thy father who becomes thy son and bears thee, O son of force. O
conscious knower, when wilt thou look upon us? When with
thy Truth-Consciousness wilt thou set us to our journey?

B$Er nAm vdmAno dDAEt EptA vso yEd t>joqyAs
dv-y shsA ckAn, s;
vAvDAn, 10
10. The father adores and establishes the mighty name because
thou, O shining one, bringest him to accept and take pleasure in it; once and again, the Fire increases and desiring the
bliss of the godhead he conquers it by force.

(vmH jErtAr\ yEvS Ev
d;ErtAEt pEq .
nA ad2n^ Erpvo jnAso_.Atk
tA vEjnA aB$vn^ 11
11. O youthful god, thou, indeed, carriest safe thy adorer beyond all stumblings, O Fire; for the hostile beings are seen,
the thieves, even they who know not the light of intuitive
knowledge and turn to crookedness.

yAmAs-(vEdgB$vn^ vsv
vA tEddAgo avAEc .
no n rFqt
vAvDAn, prA dAt^ 12
12. These journeys have turned towards thee, that evil in us has
6 Or, the riches

Mandala Five


been declared to the Shining One, O this Fire as he grows
will not deliver us to the assailant and the hurter.

vs;pEt\ vs$nAmEB md
q; rAjn^ .
(vyA vAj\ vAjyto jy
mA_EB yAm p(s;tFm(yAnAm^ 1
1. O Fire, O king, towards thee the Wealth-master of the riches
I turn and delight in thee in the pilgrim-sacrifice; replenishing thee may we conquer the plenitude, may we overcome
the battle-hosts of mortals.

h&yvA0E`nrjr, EptA no EvB;EvBAvA s;dfFko a-m
s;gAhp(yA, sEmqo EddFV-mk^ s\ EmmFEh 2vA\Es 2
2. The ageless Fire that carries the offering is the father of us, he in us is pervasive in his being, extended in light, perfect in vision. Accomplished in the works of the master of the house blaze out thy forces, form and turn towards us thy inspirations.

3. The seer, the master of men, lord of the human peoples, Fire, pure and purifying with its back of light set within you as the omniscient priest of the call; he shall win our desirable things in the godheads.

4. Of one mind with the goddess of revelation take pleasure in us, O Fire, labouring with the rays of the sun; accept with pleasure our fuel, O knower of all things born, and bring the gods to us to partake of our sacrifice.

5. A cherished guest domiciled in our gated house come to this sacrifice of ours as the knower; O Fire, slaying all who assail us bring to us the enjoyments of those who make themselves the enemy.

6. Drive away from us the Destroyer with thy stroke making free space for thy own body; when thou carriest the gods over safe, O son of force, us, O Fire, strongest godhead, guard in the plenitude.

7. O Fire, may we worship thee with our words, thee with our offerings, O purifier, O happy light; into us bring the treasure in which are all desirable things, in us establish substance of every kind of riches.

a@vr\ j;q-v shs, s$no E/qD-T h&ym^ .
q; s;kt, -yAm fmZA nE-/v!T
n pAEh 8
8. Accept our pilgrim-sacrifice, O Fire, accept, O son of force,
O holder of the triple world of thy session, our offering. May
we be doers of good deeds before the godheads, protect us
with a triple armour of peace.

vAEn no d;ghA jAtv
d, EsD;\ n nAvA d;ErtAEt pEq .
aE/v3msA gZAno_-mAk\ bo@yEvtA tn$nAm^ 9
9. O knower of all things born, carry us through all difficult
passages, through all calamities as a ship over the ocean.
O Fire, voiced by us with our obeisance even as did Atri,
awake and be the guardian of our bodies.

Mandala Five


y-(vA }dA kFErZA mymAno_m(y m(yo johvFEm .
do yfo a-mAs; D
Eh jAEBr`n
yAm^ 10
10. I think of thee with a heart that is thy bard and mortal I call
to thee immortal; O knower of all things born, establish the
glory in us, by the children of my works, O Fire, may I win

{ (v\ s;kt
d u lokm`n
kZv, -yonm^ .
vn\ s p;E/Z\ vFrvt\ gomt\ rEy\ nft
-vE-t 11
11. The doer of great deeds for whom thou shalt make that
happy other world, O knower of all things born, reaches
in peace a wealth in which are the Horses of swiftness, the
Ray-Cows, the Son, the Heroes.

s;sEm=Ay foEcq
Gt\ tFv}\ j;hotn .
1. On the high-kindled flame pour as offering a poignant clarity, to Fire, the knower of all things born.

nrAf\s, s;q$dtFm\ y.mdA
kEvEh mD;h-(y, 2
2. The spokesman of the godhead, the inviolable hastens the
sacrifice on its way, for this is the seer who comes with the
wine of sweetness in his hands.

IE0to a`n aA vh
d\ Ec/Emh Eym^ .
{ rT
3. O Fire, we have sought thee with our adoration, bring hither
Indra the rich in light, the beloved with his happy chariots
to protect us.


Other Hymns to Agni

UZm}dA Ev T-vA_
BvA n, f;B} sAty
4. Spread wide, O seat, soft as wool, the songs of illumination
sound high; O bright one, be with us for the conquest.

dvF7Aro Ev 2y@v\ s;AyZA n Uty
y.\ pZFtn 5
5. Swing wide, O divine doors; be easy of approach that you
may be our guard: lead further further and fill full our

vyovDA y4F -t-y mAtrA .
6. Dawn and night we seek with desire the two mighty Mothers
of the Truth with their fair front to us who increase our
being's space.

7. O worshipped twain, O divine priests of man's call, arrive on the path of the wind to this our sacrifice.

8. May Ila, Saraswati and Mahi,7 the three goddesses who create the bliss sit on the sacred seat, they who never err.

9. O maker of forms, hither benignant arrive all-pervading in thy fostering to us and in thyself; in sacrifice on sacrifice us upward guard.
  7 Ila, goddess of revelation; Saraswati, goddess of inspiration; Mahi, goddess of the Vast Truth, Mahas or r.tam br.hat.

10. O Tree,8 there where thou knowest the secret names of the gods make rich our offerings.

11. Swaha to the Fire and to Varuna, Swaha to Indra and the Life-powers, Swaha to the gods be our offering.

1. I meditate on the Fire who is the dweller in things,9 to whom the milch-cows go as to their home, to their home the swift war-horses, to their home the eternal steeds of swiftness.10 Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy impulse.

so aE`nyo vs;g Z
s\ ymAyEt D
nv, .
smvto rG;d;v, s\ s;jAtAs, s$ry iq\ -tot
2. This is the Fire who is the dweller in things voiced by me, in
whom meet the milch-cows, and in him the swift galloping
war-horses and in him the illuminates who have come to the
perfect birth. Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy
8 Or, O master of delight,
9 Or, who is the Shining One,
10 Or, steeds of the plenitude.


Other Hymns to Agni

aE`nEh vAEjn\ Evf
ddAEt Ev
vcqEZ, .
a`nF rAy
-vAB;v\ s Fto yAEt vAyEmq\ -tot
3. The all-seeing Fire gives the steed of the plenitude to man,
Fire the horse that comes swiftly to him for the riches; when
he is pleased he journeys to the desirable good. Bring to
those who laud thee the force of thy impulse.

aA t
a`n iDFmEh ;mt\
dvAjrm^ .
y= -yA t
pnFysF sEmd^ dFdyEt vFq\ -tot
4. O Fire, we kindle thy luminous and ageless flame; when the
fuel of thee becomes more effective in its labour, it blazes
up in heaven. Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy

aA t
a`n -cA hEv, f;5-y foEcq-pt
cd d-m Ev
h&yvAV^ t;
5. O Fire, O Master of the brilliant Light, the offering is cast to
thee with the word of illumination, O bearer of the offering,
O master of the creature, achiever of works, O delightful
flame. Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy impulse.

o (y
a`nyo_E`nq; Ev
v\ p;yEt vAym^ .
t iEvr
t iq@y(yAn;qEgq\ -tot
6. In thy fires those greater fires of thee nurse every desirable
good; they, they race, they run, they drive on in their impulse
without a break. Bring to those who laud thee the force of
thy impulse.

tv (y
acyo mEh v}ADt vAEjn, .
p(vEB, fPAnA\ v}jA B;rt gonAEmq\ -tot
7. O Fire, those rays of thine, thy steeds of plenitude greaten
the Vast; they gallop with tramplings of their hooves to the

Mandala Five


pens of the Ray-Cows. Bring to those who laud thee the
force of thy impulse.

nvA no a`n aA Br -tot
-yAm y aAnc;-(vAd$tAso dm
dm iq\ -tot
8. Bring to us who laud thee, O Fire, new impelling forces that
lead to happy worlds; may we be of those who with thee
for their messenger sing the hymn of illumination in home
and home. Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy

cd sEpqo dvF 2FZFq aAsEn .
uto n ut^ p;p$yA u?T
q; fvs-pt iq\ -tot
9. O delightful flame, thou turnest both the ladles of the
streaming clarity towards thy mouth; then mayst thou carry
us high beyond in the utterances, O master of might. Bring
to those who laud thee the force of thy impulse.

evA; aE`nmj;ym;gFEBy.
EBrAn;qk^ .
s;vFym;t (ydA
&yEmq\ -tot
10. Thus have they driven and controlled the Fire without a
break by their words and their sacrifices; may he found in us
the perfect hero-might and the perfect power of the Horse.
Bring to those who laud thee the force of thy impulse.


sKAy, s\ v, sMy)cEmq\ -tom\ cA`ny
vEqSAy E"tFnAm$jo nP
~ sh-vt
1. O comrades, in you an integral force and complete laud to


Other Hymns to Agni
Fire the most powerful among the peoples, to the mighty
child of energy.

k;/A Ecd^ y-y smtO r@vA nro nqdn
cd^ yEmDt
s\jnyEt jtv, 2
2. Whom wheresoever they come into contact with him men
who have the power rapturously set alight in this house of
man and all beings born strive to bring to birth.

s\ yEdqo vnAmh
s\ h&yA mAn;qAZAm^ .
ut ;<-y fvs -t-y rE
mmA dd
3. Whenso we win completely the impulsions of force, completely the offerings human beings must give, then he gathers to himself the Ray of the light and the might and the Truth.

4. Yea, he creates the light of intuition even for one who is far off in the night, the purifying and imperishable Fire ravages the trees of the forest.

5. When in his service men cast down their sweat on the paths, they ascend to a self-born ground as if to wide levels.

6. Him mortal man must come to know as one who holds the multitude of his desires so that he may establish in him all; he moves towards the sweet taste of the draughts of the wine and to the building of the house for man.

7. Pure and bright, verily, is he and he tears our desert dwelling place,11 like a beast who tears, a Beast with golden beard and tusks of bright purity, he is like a smith whose force is unafflicted by the heat of the Fire.

8. Yes, he is pure and bright and he is as one whose axe is like an eater and ever enters deeper; with a happy delivery his mother bore him, for he is an achiever of the work and wins enjoyment of the bliss.

9. O Fire, to whom is poured the running stream of the offering of light, the man who is a happy ground for establishing thee, - in such mortals found the light, and the inspiration and the knowledge.

10. Even so, irresistible born, I receive the force of mind, the cow of vision given by thee. O Fire, then may Atri overcome the destroyers who satisfy thee not, may he overcome forces and men.
  11 Or, the solid ground on which we dwell,


1. O Fire, created by our force, thee the Ancient One the ancient seekers of Truth set blazing for their guard, the master
of sacrifice with his many delights who establishes all, Fire
who dwells in the house, master of the house, the supremely

2. Thee, O Fire, men seated within as the ancient guest, the
master of the house with his tresses of light, - vast is his
intuition, many are his forms, he brings out the riches, he
is a giver of perfect peace and protection and a destroyer of
the foe.

3. Thee the human people pray, O Fire, who knowest the
word of invocation, who hast the just discernment, who
art strongest to found the ecstasy, - thee who dwellest in
the secret cave, O happy flame, and hast the vision of all
things, the perfect sacrificer with the multitude of thy voices
and the glory and beauty of thy light.

4. Thee, O Fire, who upholdest all things in every way we voicing thee with our words have approached with obeisance;
so do thou accept us, O Angiras, a godhead kindled by the
glory of a mortal and by his high illuminings.

5. O Fire, thou takest many forms for man and man and thou
foundest for him his growth as of old, O thou lauded by
many voices; many are the things on which thou feedest
and thou illuminest them all with thy force, and none can
do violence to the fury of thy blaze when thou blazest up in
thy might.

6. Thee, O youthful Fire, in thy high kindling the gods have
made a messenger and a carrier of the offerings; thee of
whom light is the native seat and wide are the spaces through
which thou movest, they have set when thou hast received
the offerings as a keen burning eye that urges the thought.

7. Thee, O Fire, fed with offerings of light from the higher
heaven12 the seekers of bliss kindled with an entire kindling,
so now growing on the herbs to thy full might thou spreadest
over wide earth-spaces.


1. Thee, O Fire, men bringing offerings pray, mortals the
12 Or, from of old; or, the ancient seekers of bliss


Other Hymns to Agni
godhead; I meditate on thee as the knower of all things born
and as such thou carriest our offerings without a break.

aE`nhotA dA-vt, "y-y v?tbEhq, .
s\ y.As
crEt y\ s\ vAjAs, 2v-yv, 2
2. Fire is the priest of the call in the house of the giver who
has plucked the grass for the seat of sacrifice and in him our
sacrifices meet and our plenitudes of inspired knowledge.

ut -m y\ Eff;\ yTA nv\ jEnArZF .
DtAr\ mAn;qFZA\ EvfAmE`n\ -v@vrm^ 3
3. Verily, the two tinders have brought to birth as if a newborn infant Fire who does aright the pilgrim-sacrifice, to be
the upholder of the human beings.

ut -m d;g BFys
p;/o n 4AyAZAm^ .
p;! yo d`DAEs vnA_`n
pf;n yvs
4. Verily, thou art hard to seize like a son of crookednesses;
many are the trees of the forest thou consumest, O Fire, like
a beast in his pasture.

aD -m y-yAcy, sMyk^ s\yEt D$Emn, .
ydFmh E/to Ed&y;p @mAt
v DmEt EffFt
@mAtrF yTA 5
5. Now, verily, his rays with their smoke meet perfectly together when Trita, the triple one, blows upon him in heaven
like a smelter, it is as if in the smelter that he whets his flame.

tvAhm`n UEtEBEm/-y c fE-tEB, .

7qoy;to n d;ErtA t;yAm m(yAnAm^ 6
6. I by thy guardings, O Fire, and by thy utterances as the
friend - like men beset by hostile powers, so may we pass
beyond the stumbling-places of mortals.

Mandala Five


t\ no a`n
aBF nro rEy\ sh-v aA Br .
pyt^ s poqyd^ B;vd^ vAj-y sAty ut
{ED p(s; no vD
7. O forceful Fire, bring to us, to men, the treasure; may he
cast his shafts, may he foster us, may he be with us for the
conquest of the plenitude. Be with us in our battles that we
may grow.

a`n aoEjSmA Br ;
no rAyA prFZsA rE(s vAjAy pTAm^ 1
1. O Fire, bring to us a light full of energy, O unseizable Ray;
for us by thy opulence pervading on every side cut out in
our front a path to the plenitude.

(v\ no a`n
aY;t 5(vA d"-y m\hnA .
as;ymAzht^ 5AZA Em/o n yE.y, 2
2. O Fire, O Wonderful, come to us with thy will and the
growth of the judgment; in thee the sacrificial Friend,
achiever of the work, can climb to almightiness.

(v\ no a`n eqA\ gy\ p;E\ c vDy .
EB, s$ryo nro mGAyAnf;, 3
3. Increase for us, O Fire, the acquisition and the growth of
these who are men that are illuminates and by their laudings
of thee have attained to the plenitudes of the riches, -

cd t
Egr, f;MB(y
vrADs, .
EB, f;EmZo nro EdvE
qA\ bht^ s;kFEtboDEt (mnA 4
4. Who, O delightful Fire, have achieved the power of the
horse and make beautiful their words of thee, strong men
with their strength whose is the Vast that is greater even
than heaven, for in them that glory by itself awakes.


Other Hymns to Agni

tv (y
acyo B}Ajto yEt DZ;yA .
pEr>mAno n Ev;t, -vAno rTo n vAjy;, 5
5. These are those flaming rays of thine, O Fire, and they go
blazing and violent, like lightnings that run over all quarters,
like the voice of a chariot seeking the plenitude.

n$ no a`n Uty
c rAty
c s$ryo Ev
vA aAfA-trFqEZ 6
6. Soon, O Fire, may alike those of us who are opposed and obstructed attain to protection and the giving of the riches and
our illuminates break through all directions and beyond.

(v\ no a`n
aEHr, -t;t, -tvAn aA Br .
c n ut
{ED p(s; no vD
7. Thou, O Fire, O Angiras, after and during the laud bring
to us riches of a far-reaching force, O priest of the call, for
those who laud thee and for our further laud. Be with us in
our battles that we may grow.


jn-y gopA ajEn jAgEvrE`n, s;d", s;EvtAy n&ys
GttFko bhtA EdEv-pfA ;md^ Ev BAEt Brt

1. Fire the guardian of men has been born, wakeful and discerning for a new happy journey; luminous is his front and
with his heaven-touching vast he shines out full of light and
brilliant in his purity for the Bringers.

Mandala Five


y.-y k
t;\ Tm\ p;roEhtmE`n\ nrE-/qD-T
{, srT\ s bEhEq sFdE3 hotA yjTAy s;5t;, 2

2. Fire the supreme intuition of the sacrifice, the representative
priest, men have kindled high in the triple world of his
session; let him come in one chariot with Indra and the gods
and take his seat on the sacred grass, the priest of the call,
strong in will to sacrifice.

as\mo jAys
mA/o, f;Ecmd, kEvzdEtSo Evv-vt, .
n (vAvDy3`n aAh;t D$m-t
t;rBvd^ EdEv E2t, 3
3. Unoppressed thou art born brilliant-pure from the mothers
twain, a rapturous priest of the call thou hast risen up from
the sun; they have increased thee with the offering of light,
O Fire, fed with the oblation and thy smoke has become a
ray of intuition lodged in heaven.

aE`nno y.m;p v
t; sAD;yA_E`n\ nro Ev Brt
h .
aE`nd$to aBv=&yvAhno_E`n\ vZAnA vZt
kEv5t;m^ 4
4. May the Fire come to our sacrifice with power to accomplish, men carry the Fire severally in house and house; the
Fire has become the messenger and carrier of our offering;
when men accept the Fire it is the seer-will that they accept.

mD;m1m\ vc-t;
(vA\ Egr, EsD;EmvAvnFmhFrA pZEt fvsA vDyEt c 5
5. For thee, O Fire, this word most full of the honey-sweetness,
for thee this Thinking, let it be a happiness to thy heart; thee
our words fill with force as the great rivers fill the sea and
make thee grow.


Other Hymns to Agni

aEHrso g;hA EhtmvEvdE)CE2yAZ\ vn
s jAys
mLymAn, sho mht^ (vAmAh;, shs-p;/mEHr, 6
6. Thee, O Fire, the Angiras sought and found hidden in the
secrecy lodging in tree and tree; by our pressure on thee thou
art born a mighty force, the Son of Force they call thee, O

yE.yAy -t-y vZ
as;rAy mm .
Gt\ n y. aA-y
s;p$t\ Egr\ Br
vqBAy tFcFm^ 1
1. To Fire, the vast sacrificial flame, to the Bull of the Truth,
to the mighty lord I bring my thought as if the offering of
light in the sacrifice, purified in the mouth; I bring the word
turned to meet him for the master of the herds.

-t\ EcEk(v -tEmEQcEkd^@yt-y DArA an; tED p$vF, .
nAh\ yAt\; shsA n 7y
n -t\ spAMyzq-y vZ, 2
2. O thou conscious of the Truth, of the Truth alone be conscious, cut out in succession many streams of the Truth; I
know not how to travel by force or by division to the Truth
of the shining lord.

kyA no a`n -ty3t
n B;vo nv
dA ucT-y n&y, .
dA m

dv -t;pA -t$nA\ nAh\ pEt\ sEnt;r-y rAy, 3
3. By what thought of ours seeking the Truth by the Truth
shalt thou become for us, O Fire, a new discoverer of the
word? The god who is guardian of the order and laws of
the Truth knows me but I know him not, the master of the
conquering riches.

Mandala Five


bDnAs, k
pAyv, sEnqt ;mt, .
ant-y pAEt k aAsto vcs, sEt gopA, 4
4. O Fire, who are these that are binders of the Adversary,
who are the guardians, the luminous ones that shall possess
and conquer? who keep the foundation of the Falsehood, O
Fire? who are the guardians of the untrue Word?

Evq;ZA a`n et
EfvAs, sto aEfvA aB$vn^ .
aD$qt -vym
vEjnAEn b}vt,
5. These were thy comrades, O Fire, who have turned away
from thee, they were benignant and have become malign;
they have done violence to themselves by their words speaking crooked things to the seeker after straightness.

nmsA y.mF -t\ s pA(yzq-y vZ, .
t-y "y, pT;rA sAD;rt; s*AZ-y nh;q-y f
q, 6
6. But he, O Fire, who desires with obeisance the sacrifice,
guards the Truth of the luminous lord; let there come to
him his wide and perfect habitation, the last state of man as
he advances on his journey.

act-(vA hvAmh
_ct, sEmDFmEh .
act Uty
1. Singing the word of illumination we call to thee, singing
the word of illumination we kindle, singing the word of
illumination, O Fire, that thou mayst be our guard.

, -tom\ mnAmh
EsD}m EdEv-pf, .

dv-y dEvZ-yv, 2
2. Seekers of the riches we meditate today the all-achieving
laud of the divine, heaven-touching Fire.


Other Hymns to Agni

aE`nj; qt no Egro hotA yo mAn;q
vA .
s y"d^ {
d&y\ jnm^ 3
3. May Fire accept our words, he who is the priest of the call
in men; may he sacrifice to the divine kind.

sTA aEs j;o hotA vr
@y, .
(vyA y.\ Ev tvt
4. Great is thy wideness, O Fire, our priest of the call, beloved
and supremely desirable; by thee men carry out the sacrifice.

vAjsAtm\ EvA vDEt s;;tm^ .
s no rA-v s;vFym^ 5
5. Thee high-lauded, O Fire, the strong conqueror of the plenitudes, the illumined wise increase; so do thou give us the
gift of a complete hero-might.

EmrrA; iv
dvA;-(v\ pErB$rEs .
6. As the rim of a wheel the spokes, so dost thou encompass
the gods; thou shalt arrange for us our rich achievement.

aE`n\ -tom
n boDy sEmDAno am(ym^ .
q; no dDt^ 1
1. Awake by the laud the Fire, let the immortal be kindled and
let him set our offerings in the godheads.


dv\ mtA am(ym^ .
yEjS\ mAn;q
2. Him they pray in the pilgrim-sacrifices, mortals the divine
and immortal who is strong for sacrifice in human kind.

Mandala Five


t\ Eh f
vt I0t
dv\ Gt
c;tA .
aE`n\ h&yAy vo[hv
3. Him, the divine Fire, the perpetual generations pray with the
ladle dripping the clarity for the carrying of their offerings.

aE`njAto aroct n^ d-y$)>yoEtqA tm, .
aEvdd^ gA ap, -v, 4
4. Fire at his birth has shone out slaying the destroyers, darkness by the light, he found the Ray-Cows, the Waters, the

y\ kEv\ GtpS\ spyt .
t; m
fZv=vm^ 5
5. Serve Fire the supremely desirable, the seer with his back of
Light; may he come, may he hear my call.

aE`n\ Gt
n vAvD;, -tom
vcqEZm^ .
-vADFEBvc-y;EB, 6
6. The Fire they have made to grow by the light, the all-seeing
by their lauds that place rightly the thought, that seek for
the word.


Ay Egr\ Br
p$&yAy .
Gts1o as;r, s;f
vo rAyo DtA DzZo v-vo aE`n, 1
1. I bring my word to the creator and seer, him whom we must
know, the glorious, the ancient one; Fire the Mighty One


Other Hymns to Agni
seated in the light, full of bliss, the holder of the Treasure,
the continent of the Riches.

n -t\ DzZ\ DAryt y.-y fAk
&yomn^ .
Edvo Dmn^ DzZ
d;qo n^)jAt
{rjAtA; aEB y
nn";, 2
2. By the Truth they held the Truth that holds all, in the might
of the sacrifice, in the supreme ether, they who reached
the gods seated in the law that is the upholder of heaven,
reached by the godheads born the unborn.

Ev vyo mhd^ d;r\ p$&yAy .
s s\vto nvjAt-t;t;yAt^ Es\h\ n 5;=mEBt, pEr S;, 3
3. They weave bodies that reject evil, they weave a vast expansion hard to cross for the ancient one; he new-born can
cross through the regions13 though they stand around him
as around an angry lion.

v yd^ Brs
pTAno jn\jn\ DAys
c .
vyovyo jrs
yd^ dDAn, pEr (mnA Evq;!po EjgAEs 4
4. When growing wide thou bearest like a mother birth after
birth for firm foundation, for vision, when thou holdest and
wearest out manifestation after manifestation, taking many
forms thou encompassest all things with thyself.

vAjo n; t
fvs-pA(vtm;z\ doG\ DzZ\
dv rAy, .
pd\ n tAy;g;hA dDAno mho rAy
Ecty3E/m-p, 5
5. May thy plenitude guard the last limit of thy force, the
wide continent of the riches that milks out its abundance, O
godhead: like a thief thou holdest in the secrecy that plane,
awakening him to the consciousness of the great riches thou
hast rescued Atri.

13 Or, breaks through his converging hunters

Mandala Five



bhd^ vyo Eh BAnv
y\ Em/\ n fE-tEBmtAso dEDr
p;r, 1
1. Create by the illumining word a wide expansion for the
Light, for the divine Fire, whom mortals by their proclaimings of him set in their front as Mitra the friend.

s Eh ;EBjnAnA\ hotA d"-y bA4o, .
Ev h&ymE`nrAn;q`Bgo n vArm@vEt 2
2. He is men's priest of the call who by his illuminations carries
in his two arms of the Understanding the offerings wholly
in a continuous order; as Bhaga, the enjoyer, he reaches our
desirable good.

a-y -tom
mGon, sHy
v=foEcq, .
vA yE-mn^ t;EvvEZ smy
f;mmAdD;, 3
3. In the lauding of this master of plenty, in his friendship as
his light grows, for all things are in this Fire of the many
voices, men have founded their strength in him, the Noble

aDA V`n eqA\ s;vFy-y m\hnA .
tEmd^ y4\ n rodsF pEr 2vo bB$vt;, 4
4. Now, indeed, O Fire, these have reached a plenitude of
heroic strength, around him as around one mighty, earth
and heaven have become an inspired knowledge.

n$ n eEh vAym`n
gZAn aA Br .
vy\ y
c s$ry, -vE-t DAmh
{ED p(s; no vD
5. Now, voiced by our word, come to us and bring to us our


Other Hymns to Agni
desirable good; we here and the illumined seers, let us together found our blissful state. And do thou be with us in
our battles that we may grow.

aA y.
dv m(y i(TA t&yA\sm$ty
aE`n\ kt
1. Mortal man should pray thee, O god, by the sacrifices
because thou hast the right strength for his guard; when
well-done is the pilgrim-sacrifice man must pray the Fire
that he may protect him.

a-y Eh -vyf-tr aAsA EvDmn^ mys
t\ nAk\ Ec/foEcq\ md\ pro mnFqyA 2
2. By his mouth, in his complete law, thou becomest greater
in the self-glory and holdest in mind that rapturous heaven
manifoldly brilliant in its light beyond the thinking mind.

a-y vAsA u aEcqA y aAy;?t t;jA EgrA .
Edvo n y-y rtsA bhQCoc(ycy, 3
3. This, indeed, is he who by the ray of this Fire has become
possessed of the force and the word and whose rays by the
seed of heaven blaze into a vast light.

a-y 5(vA Evc
tso d-m-y vs; rT aA .
aDA Ev
vAs; h&yo_E`nEv"; f-yt
4. By the will of this completely conscious achiever of works
the riches are there in his car; so now is the Fire the one to
be called and he is proclaimed in all the peoples.

Mandala Five


n$ n iE= vAymAsA sct s$ry, .
Ujo npAdEBy
pAEh fE`D -v-ty ut
{ED p(s; no vD
5. Now, indeed, by the mouth of the Fire, can the luminous
seers cleave to that desirable good; O son of energy, protect
us that we may enter in, have power for the happy state.
And do thou be with us in our battles that we may conquer.


AtrE`n, p;zEyo Evf, -tv
tAEtET, .
vAEn yo am(yo h&yA mt
q; r@yEt 1
1. Let the Fire with his multitude of delightful things, the guest
of man, receive the laud at dawn, he who is immortal in
mortals and takes joy in all their offerings.

E7tAy m?tvAhs
-v-y d"-y m\hnA .
id;\ s D1 aAn;qk^ -totA Ect^ t
am(y 2
2. The plenitude of his own understanding for the twofold
power that carries the purified offering; he holds uninterruptedly the moon-wine and he too who lauds thee, holds
it, O immortal.

t\ vo dFGAy;foEcq\ EgrA h;v
mGonAm^ .
aEro y
qA\ rTo &y
3. I call him by the word who is the light of long-extended life
for you the lords of plenty, you whose chariot goes abroad
without hurt, O giver of the Horse, -


Other Hymns to Agni

Ec/A vA y
q; dFEDEtrAs3;?TA pAEt y
-tFZ bEh, -vZr
2vA\Es dEDr
pEr 4
4. In whom is the richly brilliant light of thought and they
guard the utterances in their mouths; spread is the sacred
seat and they found the inspirations all around it in the
Godhead of the sun-world.

p)cAft\ dd;r
vAnA\ sD-t;Et .
mEh 2vo bht^ kED mGonA\ nvdmt nZAm^ 5
5. They who have given me in the moment of the laud the fifty
steeds of swiftness, create for those lords of plenty a great
and luminous inspired knowledge, create for those gods the
Vast, with its gods, O Immortal, O Fire.


t .
mAt;Ev c
1. State upon state is born, covering upon covering has become
conscious and aware, in the lap of the mother he sees.

j;h;r Ev Ectyto_EnEmq\ nMZ\ pAEt .
aA d[hA\ p;r\ EvEvf;, 2
2. Awaking to an entire knowledge they have called and guard
a sleepless strength, they have entered the strong fortified

y-y jtvo ;md^ vDt ky, .
Enkg}Fvo bhd;?T enA m@vA n vAjy;, 3
3. Creatures born, men who people the earth have increased

Mandala Five


the luminosity of the son of the white mother; his neck wears
the golden necklace, he has the utterance of the Vast, and
with his honey-wine he is the seeker of the plenitude.

Ey\ d;`D\ n kAMymjAEm jAMyo, scA .
Gmo n vAjjWro_dND, f
vto dB, 4
4. He is as if the delightful and desirable milk of the mother,
he is that which is uncompanioned abiding with the two
companions; he is the blaze of the light, and the belly of the
plenitude, he is the eternal invincible and the all-conqueror.

5F0n^ no r
m aA B;v, s\ B-mnA vAy;nA v
EvdAn, .
tA a-y sn^ Dqjo n Et`mA, s;s\EftA v#yo v"Z
-TA, 5
5. O Ray, mayst thou be with us and play with us, unifying
thy knowledge with the shining of the breath of life; may
those flames of him be for us violent and intense and keenly
whetted, strong to carry and settled in the breast.


vAjsAtm (v\ Ecmys
rEym^ .
t\ no gFEB, 2vA?y\
dv/A pnyA y;jm^ 1
1. O Fire, O thou who art most strong to conquer the plenitudes, the wealth which thou holdest in mind, that make
full of inspiration by the words and set it to work in the
gods as our ally.

ryEt t
v=A ug}-y fvs, .
7qo ap 4ro_yv}t-y sE
2. They have grown on thy forceful strength, O Fire, yet impel


Other Hymns to Agni
us not on the way, they fall away and cleave to the hostility,
cleave to the crookedness of one who has a law alien to

hotAr\ (vA vZFmh
d"-y sADnm^ .
q; p$&y EgrA y-vto hvAmh
3. Thee, O Fire, the ancient one, we choose in our sacrifices
as the priest of the call, one who accomplishes a discerning
knowledge, and bringing the pleasant offering we call thee
by the word.

i(TA yTA t Uty
shsAvn^ Edv
rAy -tAy s;5to goEB, yAm sDmAdo
{, -yAm sDmAd, 4
4. So rightly make it that we may live in thy protection and
that we may grow towards the Truth day by day, O forceful
Fire, O strong in will, together rejoicing in the light of the
Ray-Cow, together rejoicing in the strength of the Heroes.


mn;vt^ (vA En DFmEh mn;vt^ sEmDFmEh .
yj 1
1. As the human we set thee within us, as the human we kindle
thee; O Fire, O Angiras, as the human offer sacrifice to the
gods for the seeker of the godheads.

(v\ Eh mAn;q
s;Ft i@ys
*;c-(vA y(yAn;qk^ s;jAt sEprAs;t
2. O Fire, thou art kindled in the human being and well-

Mandala Five


satisfied; unceasing ladles go to thee, O perfect in thy birth,
O thou who receivest as oblation the stream of his clarities!

(vA\ Ev
dvAso d$tm5t .
spyt-(vA kv
3. Thee all the gods with one mind of acceptance made their
envoy; men serving thee pray thee as the godhead in their
sacrifices, O seer.

dv\ vo
dvy>yyA_E`nmF0Ft m(y, .
sEm=, f;5 dFEdVt-y yoEnmAsd, ss-y yoEnmAsd, 4
4. Let mortal man with will to the divine sacrifice to you, pray
to the divine Fire; O brilliant Flame, high-kindled shine;
mayst thou take thy seat in the native home of the Truth,
take thy seat in the native home of the peace.


vsAm3E/vdcA pAvkfoEcq
yo a@vr
vFX^yo hotA mdtmo EvEf 1
1. O thou of the universal peace, as the Atri sing the word
of illumination to Fire of the purifying light who is to be
prayed in the pilgrim-sacrifices, the priest of the call, most
rapturous in man.

yE`n\ jAtv
ds\ dDAtA
dvmE(vjm^ .
y. e(vAn;qgA
dv&yc-tm, 2
2. Set within you Fire, the knower of all things born, as the
divine ordinant of the rite; let your sacrifice march forward
today most strong to bring the epiphany of the gods.


Other Hymns to Agni

EcEkE(vmns\ (vA
dv\ mtAs Uty
@y-y t
_vs iyAnAso ammEh 3
3. Mortals we fix our minds on thee the godhead who hast
the mind of conscious knowledge for the protection as we
journey, for the guardian supremely desirable.

EcEkd^@y-y n id\ vc, sh-y .
t\ (vA s;Ef dMpt
{vD(y/yo gFEB, f;MB(y/y, 4
4. O Fire, become conscious of this in us, this is our word, O
forceful Flame: O strong-jawed master of the house this is
thou whom the Atris magnify with their lauds, whom the
Atris glorify with their words.


shtmA Br ;<-y AshA rEym^ .
vA y
q; sAsht^ 1
1. O Fire, bring by the force of the light a forceful wealth
which shall overcome by thy mouth in the plenitudes all the

ptnAqh\ rEy\ sh-v aA Br .
(v\ Eh s(yo aY;to dAtA vAj-y gomt, 2
2. O forceful Fire, bring that wealth which overcomes armies,
for thou art the true, the wonderful, the giver of the plenitude of the Ray-Cows.

Mandala Five


Eh (vA sjoqso jnAso v?tbEhq, .
hotAr\ sws; Ey\ &yEt vAyA p;z 3
3. All men who have plucked the sacred grass with one mind
of acceptance approach thee, the beloved priest of the call
in their houses and reach in thee the multitude of desirable

s Eh mA Ev
vcqEZrEBmAEt sho dD
a`n eq; "y
vA rv3, f;5 dFEdEh ;mt^ pAvk dFEdEh 4
4. Surely he is all-seeing and holds an assailing force. Shine out
in these houses of our habitation with thy riches, O white
radiance of Fire; O thou who makest pure, shine out in thy


(v\ no atm ut /AtA Efvo BvA v!Ly, .
vs;rE`nvs;2vA aQCA nE" ;m1m\ rEy\ dA, 1 2
1-2. O Fire, be one inmost to us and our deliverer, one benignant
and helpful and with defences to shield us. Fire is a prince
of treasures and has the inspiration of the riches; bring to
us, give us that wealth of deepest light.

s no boED 2;DF hvm;zyA Zo aGAyt, sm-mAt^ .
t\ (vA foEcS dFEdv, s;
3-4. Awake and listen to our cry; deliver us from all that works
sin and evil. O luminous pure-flaming Fire, we yearn to thee
for friend and comrade that they may receive thy bliss.


Other Hymns to Agni

aQCA vo aE`nmvs

dv\ gAEs s no vs;, .
rAst^ p;/ -q$ZAmtAvA pqEt E7q, 1
1. Bring to you by your anthem the divine Fire that he may
guard you; he comes to us a Prince of the Treasures. He is
a son of the Sages, let him lavish his riches; the Truth is in
him and he bears men across beyond the powers that are

s Eh s(yo y\ p$v
cd^ ymFEDr
hotAr\ mdEj4Emt^ s;dFEtEBEvBAvs;m^ 2
2. This is the True whom the men of old kindled and the gods
set aflame. With their high burnings of his light they kindled
the Prince of the Treasures of Light, the Priest of the call with
his tongue of rapture.

s no DFtF vErSyA 2
SyA c s;m(yA .
rAyo EddFEh n, s;vE?tEBvr
@y 3
3. By a supreme thinking, by a best right understanding, by thy
perfect purification set alight in us those riches, O Desirable,
O Fire.

q; rAj(yE`nmt
vAEvfn^ .
aE`nno h&yvAhno_E`n\ DFEB, spyt 4
4. The Fire shines in the gods, the Fire enters into mortals and
his light is in them; Fire is the Carrier of offerings. Wait with
your thoughts on the Fire.

Mandala Five


aE`n-t;Ev2v-tm\ t;Evb}AZm;1mm^ .
at$t 2Avy(pEt\ p;/\ ddAEt dAf;q
5. Fire gives to the giver that highest unpierced Son in whom
are many inspirations and the multitude of the Words of
Knowledge, the Son who opens the hearing of the Truth to
his possessor.

aE`nddAEt s(pEt\ sAsAh yo y;DA nEB, .
aE`nr(y\ rG;yd\ j
tArmprAEjtm^ 6
6. Fire gives the Master of beings who overcomes by men14 in
the battle, Fire gives the swift-galloping horse conquering
and unconquered.

yd^ vAEhS\ td`ny
bhdc EvBAvso .
mEhqFv (vd^ rEy-(vd^ vAjA udFrt
7. For the Fire that which is most wide to bear! Sing one word
that is vast, O thou who hast light for thy riches. Thine is
as if a mighty treasure; thine ascend the plenitudes.

tv ;mto acyo g}Av
bht^ .
uto t
tyt;yTA -vAno at (mnA Edv, 8
8. Thy rays are full of light, there is a voicing of the Vast like
the noise of the Stone. The sound of thee has arisen like
thunder by the self of heaven.15

evA; aE`n\ vs$yv, shsAn\ vvEdm .
s no Ev
vA aEt E7q, pq3Av
v s;5t;, 9
9. Seekers of the Treasure, thus have we worshipped when he
put forth his strength the Fire. Wise of will, may he carry us
across as in a ship beyond all the powers that are hostile.
14 Or, by the gods
15 Or, came like thunder of itself from heaven.


Other Hymns to Agni

pAvk roEcqA mdyA
dv Ej4yA .
dvAn^ vE" yE" c 1
1. O God, O Fire, bring the gods and to them sacrifice with
the purifying light of thy tongue of rapture.

t\ (vA GtvFmh
Ec/BAno -vdfm^ .

dvA; aA vFty
vh 2
2. Fire with the many-hued lights, Fire that drippest the clarities, we desire thee whose eyes behold the world of the Sun.
Bring the gods for the advent.

vFEtho/\ (vA kv
;mt\ sEmDFmEh .
3. The Pilgrim of the Way who voyages with our offerings, O
Seer, we set thee ablaze in thy light and thy vastness.

EBrA gEh
hotAr\ (vA vZFmh
4. O Fire, come with all the gods for the gift of the oblation.
We choose thee the priest of our call.

yjmAnAy s;vt aA`n
s;vFy vh .

{rA sE(s bEhEq 5
5. O Fire, bring to one who sacrifices, one who offers the wine
a hero force. Sit with the gods on the grass of the altar.

sEmDAn, sh*Ejd`n
DmAEZ p;yEs .

dvAnA\ d$t u?Ly, 6
6. O Fire, in thy kindling thou art a conqueror of the thousands; thou nourishest the Laws with thy blaze. Thou art
the messenger of the gods and their word is with thee.

Mandala Five


yE`n\ jAtv
ds\ ho/vAh\ yEvS^ym^ .
dvmE(vjm^ 7
7. Set within you the Fire that knows all things born, the Fire
ever young, the Carrier of the offerings, the divine Priest
who does sacrifice in its season.

y. e(vAn;qgA
dv&yc-tm, .
-tZFt bEhrAsd
8. Let our sacrifice uninterruptedly march on most strong today to reveal the gods. Strew, strew the grass of the altar for
the session.

ed\ mzto aE
vnA Em/, sFdt; vzZ, .

dvAs, svyA EvfA 9
9. Let the Life-Gods sit there and the twin Drivers of the Horse
and Mitra and Varuna and the gods with all the divine


an-vtA s(pEtmAmh
gAvA c
EtSo as;ro mGon, .
{vZo a`n
dfEB, sh*
vAnr WyzZE
t 1
1. The Master of beings, the Holder of Plenty, the mighty Lord
most awake to knowledge has made me largesse of two RayCows that draw the Wain. Let the Triple Dawn-lord son of
the Triple Male awake to knowledge by the ten thousands
of the Ray-Cows, O universal Fire.


Other Hymns to Agni

yo m
ftA c Ev\fEt\ c gonA\ hrF c y;?tA s;D;rA ddAEt .
vAnr s;;to vAvDAno_`n
yQC WyzZAy fm 2
2. A hundred and twenty of the Ray-Cows he founds for
me and the two shining Horses, good yoke-bearers yoked
together. High-chanted, increasing, O Fire, universal Godhead, extend to the Triple Dawn-lord peace and bliss.

evA t
s;mEt\ ckAno nEvSAy nvm\ /sd-y;, .
yo m
Egr-t;EvjAt-y p$vFy;?t
nAEB WyzZo gZAEt 3
3. Even thus the Terror of the Destroyers and Triple Dawnlord, desiring thy mind of right thought, O Fire, a newest
power for one born most new, repeats after me my words
with an understanding yoked to mine, repeats the many
words of my many births.

yo m iEt voc(y
DAy s$ry
dddcA sEn\ yt
4. His utterance of truth answers "yes" to mine. May he give
to the Illuminate, the Sacrificer of the Horse, give by the
word of light to one who marches towards possession, found
understanding for one who builds in himself the Truth.

y-y mA pzqA, ftm;=qy(y;"Z, .
D-y dAnA, somA iv WyAEfr, 5
5. His are the hundred fierce bulls that lift up my joy. The
gifts of the Sacrificer of the Horse are like juices of the
rapture-wine with triple blendings.

idA`nF ftdA&y
s;vFym^ .
"/\ DAryt\ bhd^ EdEv s$yEmvAjrm^ 6
6. O Indra, O Fire, sustain in the Sacrificer of the Horse, in
the giver of the hundreds the force of the Heroes. Uphold in
him a vast strength of battle like the ageless Sun in heaven.

Mandala Five



sEm=o aE`nEdEv foEcr2
t^ (yR^R;qsm;EvyA Ev BAEt .
eEt AcF Ev
vvArA nmoEBd
vA; I0AnA hEvqA GtAcF 1
1. The Fire is kindled, his flaming light is lodged in heaven;16
he faces towards the Dawn and wide is his lustre. Lo, she
comes with all desirable things in her, turned to the Beyond,
moving to the Light, aspiring to the gods with the offering
and obeisance.

sEm@ymAno amt-y rAjEs hEvk@vt\ scs
v\ s D1
dEvZ\ yEmv-yAEtLym`n
En c D1 it^ p;r, 2
2. When thou blazest high, thou becomest a king of Immortality and thou art close to the man who makes oblation to
give him bliss and peace. He to whom thou comest, holds
every kind of riches; O Fire, he founds thy guesthood within
him and in front.

fD mht
sOBgAy tv ;
s\ jA-p(y\ s;ymmA kZ;v f/$ytAmEB EtSA mhA\Es 3
3. O Fire, put forth thy strength for a vast felicity; let there
be in us thy highest lights. Create in us thy lordship of the
spouse reined with a strong control; trample on the lustres
of those that turn to enmity against us.

sEm=-y mhso_`n
tv E2ym^ .
vqBo ;
4. I adore the glory and beauty of thee, O Fire, when thou art
ablaze in the greatness of thy light. Thou art the Bull full
of illuminations and high thou art kindled in men's pilgrim
16 Or, he has entered into a flaming light in heaven;


Other Hymns to Agni

sEm=o a`n aAh;t
dvAn^ yE" -v@vr .
(v\ Eh h&yvA0Es 5
5. O Fire perfect in the pilgrim rite, Fire fed with our oblations,
kindled do sacrifice to the gods; for thou art the Carrier of

aA j;hotA d;v-ytA_E`n\ y(y@vr
vZF@v\ h&yvAhnm^ 6
6. When the pilgrim sacrifice moves on its way, serve the Fire,
cast the oblation, accept the Carrier of offerings.

Mandala Seven

aE`n\ nro dFEDEtEBrr@yoh-tQy;tF jnyt f-tm^ .
d$rdf\ ghpEtmTy;m^ 1
1. Men have brought to birth from the two tinders by the
hands' fall the Fire voiced by the light of their meditations,1
Fire that sees afar, the flaming master of the house.

vsvo y@v(s;Etc"mvs
ct^ .
d"A?yo yo dm aAs En(y, 2
2. The Shining Ones2 have set within in our dwelling-house -
closely regarding all to guard us from whatever side - that
Fire which in his home sits eternal and all-discerning.

=o a`n

dFEdEh p;ro no_j*yA s$MyA yEvS .
(vA\ f
vt up yEt vAjA, 3
3. Verily shine out in front of us, O Fire, with thy perpetual
radiance; to thee continuous come plenitudes.

y/A nr, smAst
s;jAtA, 4
4. Fires come blazing out supremely from thy Fires, luminous,
full of hero-might, there where are assembled men born to
the perfect birth.
1 Or, by the scintillations of their thought the Fire voiced by them,
2 Or, the lords of the riches

5. Give us, O Fire, O Forceful One, by the thought the wealth full of hero-power, full of progeny high-proclaimed which the Assailant with his demon magic cannot pierce.

6. He to whom there comes in the light and in the dusk the young Damsel, luminous bearing the offering - it is his own dynamic thought that comes to him desiring the Riches.

7. O Fire, burn away from us all hostile powers with the consuming flames with which thou didst burn the afflicting demon, destroy Pain so that no voice of her is left.

8. O bright and most opulent, O Fire, who shinest and purifiest, as with whosoever kindles thy flame-forces, so with us too, by those lauds abide.

9. As with those who have turned to thy flame-force, mortal men, our forefathers in many lands, with us too by these lauds in thy right-mindedness abide.

10. May these men, heroes in the slayings of the Coverer, who work out the thought I have voiced, overcome all undivine mage-knowledge.

11. O Fire, may we not dwell in the emptiness, nor in houses of men where there is no son3 and the hero is not, but around thee may we dwell in homes where there is good progeny, O dweller in the home.

12. This is the eternal sacrifice to which there comes the Rider of the Horse, to our house full of progeny and good offspring, our house increasing with the self-born Son.

13. Protect us, O Fire, from the abhorred Rakshasa, protect from the harm of one who would war against us and do us evil; with thee as ally may we overcome those who would battle against us.

14. May that Fire go beyond all other fires where is the Horse and the Son with the strong hand; traveller of the thousand paths reaches the imperishable things.

15. This is that Fire who guards those who would conquer, he protects from evil the man who sets him ablaze; the heroes of the perfect birth move around him.
  3 Or, where no remainder is left

16. This is that Fire who is called4 in many lands, whom the
giver of the offering sets ablaze and has lordship, round
whom moves the priest of the call in the rites of the path.

a`n aAhvnAEn B$rFfAnAs aA j;h;yAm En(yA .
uBA k@vto vht$ Emy
17. In thee, O Fire, we cast many offerings gaining lordship,
creating in the sacrifice both the eternal Travellers.

imo a`n
vFttmAEn h&yA_j*o vE"
dvtAEtmQC .
Et n _ s;rBFEZ &yt; 18
18. O Fire, these offerings most desired, incessantly bring to
our formation of the godhead; to us may there come all
delightful Powers.

mA no a`n
prA dA d;vAss
mA no a-y
{ .
mA n, ";D
mA r"s -tAvo mA no dm
mA vn aA j;h$TA, 19
19. Deliver us not, O Fire, to strengthlessness, nor to the ill-clad
mindlessness, nor to hunger, nor to the Rakshasa, O thou
with whom is the Truth, lead us not astray in the house or
in the forest.

n$ m
b}A@y`n uQCfAED (v\
dv mGvd^
rAtO -yAmoByAs aA t
y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 20
20. Now, O Fire, teach to us the Words, do thou, O God, speed
them to the lords of plenty, may both we and they abide in
thy grace, do you protect us ever with all kinds of weal.
4 Or, given offering

Mandala Seven


s;hvo r@vs\dk^ s;dFtF s$no shso EddFEh .
mA (v
scA tny
En(y aA DA vFro a-m3yo Ev dAsFt^ 21
21. Thou, O Fire, art swift to our call and rapturous is thy
vision; O son of force, shine with a bright light. Burn us not
since in thee and with thee is the eternal Son, let not the
strength of the hero in us break us to pieces.

mA no a`n
d;B ty
vE`nq; voc, .
mA t
a-mAn^ d;mtyo BmAEQcd^
dv-y s$no shso nft 22
22. Mayst thou not, who art with us in these god-kindled fires,
denounce us for difficulty to bear thee; may not wrong
thinkings from thee, O son of force, even by error come
to us.

s mto a`n
-vnFk rvAnm(y
y aAj;hoEt h&ym^ .
dvtA vs;vEn\ dDAEt y\ s$ErrTF pQCmAn eEt 23
23. O Fire, O thou with thy flame-force, rich with Treasure,
become the mortal who casts his offerings in the immortal;
that godhead founds in him the conquest of the riches to
whom comes questioning the illumined seer, the seeker.

mho no a`n
s;Evt-y Ev7An^ rEy\ s$Er
n vy\ shsAvn^ md
mA_EvE"tAs aAy;qA s;vFrA, 24
24. O Fire, thou art the knower of the great and happy path,
bring to the illumined seers the vast Treasure by which, O
forceful one, with a life unwasting, heroic in strength we
may take rapture.

n$ m
b}A@y`n uQCfAED (v\
dv mGvd^
rAtO -yAmoByAs aA t
y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 25
25. Now, O Fire, teach to us the Words, do thou, O God, speed
them to the lords of plenty, may both we and they abide in
thy grace, do you protect us ever with all kinds of weal.


Other Hymns to Agni

1. Cleave to our fuel, O Fire, today, illumine the vast5 pouring
thy smoke of sacrifice, touch the peak celestial with thy uppiled masses, then stretch them out to unite with the rays of
the Sun.

2. Let us invoke, by the sacrifices of the lord of sacrifice who
voices the godheads, the greatness of these who are pure,
who are perfect in will, who are founders of the Thought -
gods, they take the taste of both kinds of offerings.

3. Fire who is to be prayed by you the mighty, the wise of
understanding, the messenger between earth and heaven,
whose speech is truth kindled as the human by the thinking
man, let us greaten ever for the pilgrim-sacrifice.

4. Desiring to serve, bringing the offering, kneeling with prostration they pluck the sacred grass; O priests of the pilgrimsacrifice, casting it into the Fire speckled, with luminous
back, brighten him with the offering.

5 Or, blaze out vastly

5. The seekers of the godhead perfected in their thinking have
come with yoked chariots and flung wide open the doors in
their formation of the godheads, they have anointed him as
if the two ancient Mothers caressing their child, as if rivers
moving through level spaces.

6. May too dawn and night, matrons great and divine, like
good milch cows, queens of sacrifice, queens of plenty called
by many seekers, sit on the sacred grass and lodge with us
for our happiness.6

7. I meditate on you, O ye two illumined Seers, doers of the
work in our human sacrifices, knowers of all things born,
for sacrifice; make high our pilgrim-sacrifice when we call:
you win our desirable things in the gods.

8. In unison may Bharati with her Muses of invocation, Ila with gods and men, and Fire, Saraswati with her powers of inspiration come down to us, the three goddesses sit upon this seat of sacrifice.
  6 Or, be with us for our happy journey.

9. O divine maker of forms who hast the utter rapture, cast upon us that supreme transcendence, cause of our growth, from which is born in us the hero ever active with wise discernment, the seeker of the gods who sets to work the stone of the wine-pressing.

10. O tree, release thy yield to the gods; Fire the achiever of the work speeds the offering on its way. It is he who does worship as the priest of the call, the more true in his act because he knows the birth of the gods.

11. Come down to us, O Fire, high-kindled, in one chariot
with Indra and swiftly journeying gods; let Aditi, mother
of mighty sons, sit on the sacred grass, let the gods, the
immortals, take rapture in Swaha.

aE`n\ vo
dvmE`nEB, sjoqA yEjS\ d$tm@vr
kZ;@vm^ .
yo m(y
q; EnD}EvtAvA tp;m$DA GtA3, pAvk, 1
1. Create for yourselves in the sacrifice with a common joy in
him the divine Fire along with all the fires, the strong for
sacrifice, the messenger who is in mortals the possessor of
Truth, inwardly permanent, whose food is Light, with his
head of burning flame, the purifying Fire.

vo n yvs
_Evyn^ ydA mh, s\vrZAd^ &y-TAt^ .
aAd-y vAto an; vAEt foEcrD -m t
v}jn\ kZmE-t 2
2. He neighs in his desire like a horse in his pasture, when he
breaks out from a mighty encirclement the wind blows in
the wake of his flame; now black is thy marching.

Mandala Seven


ud^ y-y t
nvjAt-y vZo_`n
cr(yjrA iDAnA, .
aQCA Amzqo D$m eEt s\ d$to a`n Iys
dvAn^ 3
3. O Fire, when are kindled the imperishable flames of thee,
the new-born Bull, and they journey upwards, thy smoke
mounts ruddy to heaven, for thou travellest, O Fire, as a
messenger to the gods.

Ev y-y t
pET&yA\ pAjo a2
t^ tq; yd3A smv?t jMB
{, .
v sA EsEt eEt yv\ n d-m j;4A Evv
E" 4
4. The might of thee moves wide over earth, when swiftly thou
tearest thy food with thy jaws, the movement of thy march
is like a charging army; O strong doer, with thy tongue of
flame thou art like one sifting grain of barley.

tEmd^ doqA tm;qEs yEvSmE`nm(y\ n mjyt nr, .
EnEffAnA aEtETm-y yonO dFdAy foEcrAh;t-y vZ, 5
5. Him in the dusk, him in the dawn, the ever youthful Fire
men groom like a horse whetting the strength of the guest
in his native seat; when the offerings are cast to him there
shines out the light of the Bull.

s;s\dk^ t
-vnFk tFk\ Ev yd^ zo n rocs upAk
Edvo n t
tyt;rEt f;mE
c/o n s$r, Et cE" BAn;m^ 6
6. O thou of the bright flame-force, fair to vision is thy front
when nearest thou shinest out like gold, thy strength moves
like the thunder of heaven, rich in thy brilliance thou showest thy light like a Sun.7

yTA v, -vAhA`ny
m prF0AEBGtvEY
c h&y
{, .
EBno a`n
{mhoEB, ft\ p$EBrAysFEBEn pAEh 7
7. So that we may give for you, with Swaha, to the Fire we
7 Or, like the light of the Sun.


Other Hymns to Agni
stand around him with the words of revelation and luminous
offerings; do thou, O Fire, guard us with those measureless
greatnesses, with thy hundred iron cities.

yA vA t
sEt dAf;q
aDA Egro vA yAEBn vtFzzyA, .
tAEBn, s$no shso En pAEh -mt^ s$rF)jErt^)jAtv
d, 8
8. The inviolate powers which are there for the giver, the Words
with which thou guardest the powers that are human, with
these protect us, at once illumined seers and thy adorers, O
son of force, O knower of all things born!

Enyt^ p$t
v -vEDEt, f;EcgAt^ -vyA kpA tvA rocmAn, .
aA yo mA/ozf
yo jEn
dvy>yAy s;5t;, pAvk, 9
9. When he goes out pure like a bright axe shining with his own
light for his body, he who was born from two mothers for
sacrifice to the gods, strong of will, the desirable purifying

etA no a`n
sOBgA EddFVEp 5t;\ s;c
ts\ vt
m .
vA -tot
c st; y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 10
10. O Fire, light up for us these happinesses; let us wake to an
understanding of thy perfectly conscious will; let all be there
for those who laud thee, for him who utters thee; may you
protect us always with all kinds of weal.

v, f;5Ay BAnv
Br@v\ h&y\ mEt\ cA`ny
s;p$tm^ .
yo {
d&yAEn mAn;qA jn$\ytEv
vAEn EvwnA EjgAEt 1
1. Bring forward for the Fire, for the brilliant Light, thy mind
and thy purified offering, the Fire who travels with knowledge between all the divine and human births.

Mandala Seven


s g(so aE`n-tzZE
cd-t; yto yEvSo ajEn mAt;, .
s\ yo vnA y;vt
f;Ecdn^ B$Er Ecd3A sEmdE1 s, 2
2. May Fire be the wise one and the deliverer when he is born
the youngest from the mother, he who pure-bright of tooth
clings to the forests, many foods he devours in a moment.

dv-y s\snFk
y\ mtAs,
t\ jgB
} .
En yo gB\ pOzq
yFm;voc d;rokmE`nrAyv
f;foc 3
3. In the rendezvous of this god in his flame-force, one whom
mortals have seized, a white flame, and he has proclaimed
that strong human grasp, Fire has illumined that which is
ill-lit to the human being.

ay\ kEvrkEvq; c
tA mt
vE`nrmto En DAEy .
s mA no a/ j;h;r, sh-v, sdA (v
s;mns, -yAm 4
4. This is the seer, the conscious thinker in those who are not
seers, Fire has been set as the Immortal in mortals; then
lead us not here astray, O forceful Fire, may we be ever
right-minded in thee.

aA yo yoEn\
dvkt\ ssAd 5(vA VE`nrmtA; atArFt^ .
c vEnn
c gB B$Em
c Ev
vDAys\ EbBEt 5
5. He who has come to his native seat made by the gods, Fire
delivered the gods by his will; the plants and the trees and
the earth bear him who is the foundation of all.

VE`nrmt-y B$rrFf
rAy, s;vFy-y dAto, .
mA (vA vy\ shsAv3vFrA mA=sv, pEr qdAm mAd;v, 6
6. Fire has power for a large Immortality, he is master of a
wealth bounteous and full of hero-strength; O thou who
hast strength with thee, let us not sit around thee shapeless,
actionless, without hero-force.


Other Hymns to Agni

pErq\ VrZ-y r?Zo En(y-y rAy, pty, -yAm .
n f
qo a`n
tAn-y mA pTo Ev d;", 7
7. To be rejected is the abundance of the riches that bring no
delight, let us be the masters of a wealth that is eternal; that
which is born from another is not the Son; O Fire, turn not
to wrong the paths of one who knows not.

nEh g}BAyArZ, s;f
vo_yodyo mnsA mtvA u .
aDA Ecdok, p;nErt^ s e(yA no vA>yBFqA0
t; n&y, 8
8. Not to be accepted even though blissful is the son of another
womb, not to be thought of even by the mind, for he brings
with him no delight, soon even he returns to his home, let
rather the new Horse come to us, the all-conquering.

vn;yto En pAEh (vm; n, shsAv3vAt^ .
s\ (vA @v-mvd
t; pAT, s\ rEy, -phyA?y, sh*F 9
9. Do thou, O Fire, protect us from one who would conquer
us, protect us thou, too, O forceful Fire, from blame; may
there come to thee on a path full of destruction, come utterly
a wealth thousandfold and desirable.

etA no a`n
sOBgA EddFVEp 5t\; s;c
ts\ vt
m .
vA -tot
c st; y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 10
10. O Fire, light up for us these happinesses; let us wake to an
understanding of thy perfectly conscious will; let all be there
for those who laud thee, for him who utters thee; may you
protect us always with all kinds of weal.

Mandala Seven



Br@v\ Egr\ Edvo arty
pET&yA, .
yo Ev
vAnro vAvD
jAgvEY, 1
1. Bring to the Fire in his strength a Word for the traveller of
earth and heaven who, in the lap of all the Immortals, the
universal godhead, grows by those who are ever wakeful.

po EdEv DA?yE`n, pET&yA\ n
tA EsD$nA\ vqB, E-tyAnAm^ .
s mAn;qFrEB Evfo Ev BAEt v
vAnro vAvDAno vr
Z 2
2. Fire, sought for, was set in heaven and in earth, the leader of
the rivers, the Bull of things that are stable; he shines upon
the human peoples, the universal godhead growing by that
which is supreme.

(vd^ EByA Evf aAy3EsFrsmnA jhtFBojnAEn .
vAnr p$rv
fof;cAn, p;ro yd`n
, 3
3. In fear of thee the black Tribe, creatures unharmonious,
came away casting behind them their enjoyments, when O
Fire, O universal godhead, thy light shone upon man when
thou torest them and flamedst forth in his front.

tv E/DAt; pETvF ut Ov
vAnr v}tm`n
sct .
(v\ BAsA rodsF aA ttTA_j*
Z foEcqA fof;cAn, 4
4. O Fire, O universal godhead, earth and heaven and the
mid-realm clove to the triple law of thy workings; shining
with thy uninterrupted flame thou hast spread out the two
firmaments by thy light.

hErto vAvfAnA Egr, sct
D;nyo GtAcF, .
pEt\ kFnA\ rLy\ ryFZA\ v
{vAnrm;qsA\ k
t;m>Am^ 5
5. To thee, O Fire, the Words, thy shining horses, impetuous


Other Hymns to Agni
and luminous cleave in their desire, to the universal godhead, lord of the peoples, charioteer of the Riches, ray of
intuition of the dawns and the days.

as;y vsvo y@vn^ 5t;\ Eh t
Em/mho j;qt .
(v\ d-y;rokso
ny3AyAy 6
6. Into thee, the Shining Ones8 cast the Mightiness, for they
clove to thy will, O friendly Light; O Fire, thou threwest
the Destroyers out from the house bringing to birth a wide
Light for the Aryan.

s jAymAn, prm
&yomn^ vAy;n pAT, pEr pAEs s, .
(v\ B;vnA jny3EB 53p(yAy jAtv
do df-yn^ 7
7. As thou camest to birth in the supreme ether at once as
Vayu thou didst guard the path, thou criest aloud bringing
to birth the worlds, according them as a gift to the Son, O
knower of all things born!

ry-v v
{vAnr ;mtF\ jAtv
d, .
yyA rAD, EpvEs Ev
vvAr pT; 2vo dAf;q
m(yAy 8
8. O Fire, O universal godhead, O knower of all things born,
send into us that luminous impulsion by which, O thou in
whom are all desirable things, thou nourishest the achievement of a wide inspired knowledge for the mortal giver.

t\ no a`n
vAnr mEh n, fm yQC zd
vs;EB, sjoqA, 9

9. O Fire, join to us within, to us made masters of the riches
a plenitude of the knowledge inspired wide in its store; O
universal godhead, do thou in union with the Rudras and
the Vasus extend to us a vast peace.9
8 Or, the Lords of the riches
9 Or, a vast refuge.

Mandala Seven



sm}Ajo as;r-y fE-t\ p;\s, kFnAmn;mA-y .
v tvs-ktAEn vd
dAz\ vdmAno EvvE 1
1. I adore the Render, adoring I proclaim by my speech the
deeds of the all-ruler, the almighty, the male, as Indra strong
and to be rejoiced in by the peoples.

kEv\ k
t;\ DAEs\ BAn;md
vEt f\ rA>y\ rod-yo, .
p;r\dr-y gFEBrA EvvAs
v}tAEn p$&yA mhAEn 2
2. Him they send the seer, the ray of intuition, the foundation,
the light on the hill, the kingdom of peace in earth and
heaven; I illumine with my words the great and ancient
laws of working of Fire who rends the cities.

y5t$n^ g}ETno mD}vAc, pZF;r2=A; avDA; ay.An^ .
tAn^ d-y;rE`nEv
vAy p$v
ckArAprA; ay>y$n^ 3
3. The traffickers who have not the will for the work, the
binders in knots, who have the speech that destroys, who
have neither faith nor growth in the being, nor sacrifice,
these the Destroyers Fire has scattered before him; supreme
he has made nether in their realm those who will not to do

yo apAcFn
tmEs mdtF, AcF
ckAr ntm, fcFEB, .
tmFfAn\ v-vo aE`n\ gZFq
_nAnt\ dmyt\ pty$n^ 4
4. The powers that rejoice in the darkness behind, he most
mighty in his godhead has made by his energies powers in
front; that Fire I proclaim, lord of the Treasure, who is never
bowed, who tames those that make battle against him.


Other Hymns to Agni

dVo anmyd^ vD
{yo ayp&Fzqs
ckAr .
s Enz@yA nh;qo y4o aE`nEvf
bEl}t, shoEB, 5
5. He bent down the walls by his showering blows, he who
has made the dawns wives of the Noble Ones; he the mighty
Fire has put his restraint upon men and made the peoples
bringers to him of his taxes by his forceful mights.

y-y fm3;p Ev
jnAs ev
{-t-T;, s;mEt\ EB"mAZA, .
vAnro vrmA rod-yorAE`n, ssAd Ep/ozp-Tm^ 6
6. He to whose peace all beings come by their movements
praying for a right mind, the universal godhead came to
that which is supreme above earth and heaven, Fire to the
lap of the father and mother.

dvo dd
b;yA vs$En v
vAnr uEdtA s$y-y .
aA sm;dAdvrAdA pr-mAdAE`ndd
Edv aA pET&yA, 7
7. The god took to him the riches of the Foundation, the universal godhead in the rising of the Sun gathered wealth from
the nether and the upper ocean, Fire took to him the riches
of earth and heaven.

dv\ Ect^ shsAnmE`nm
v\ n vAEjn\ Ehq
nmoEB, .
BvA no d$to a@vr-y Ev7An^ (mnA
q; EvEvd
Emtd;, 1
1. Even though a god putting forth his force, I drive him
forward as my steed of swiftness by my prostrations of
surrender; become the messenger of our pilgrim-sacrifice,
one who has knowledge; of himself in the gods he becomes
known in his measured race.

Mandala Seven


aA yAV`n
pLyA an; -vA mdo
dvAnA\ sHy\ j;qAZ, .
aA sAn; f;m
{ndyn^ pET&yA jMB
vm;fD`vnAEn 2
2. O Fire, come to us along thy own paths, rapturous, taking
pleasure in the comradeship of the gods; making the high
plateaus of earth to roar with his rushing strengths, with his
tusks of flame he burns the woodlands, all he burns in his

AcFno y., s;EDt\ Eh bEh, FZFt
aE`nrFE0to n hotA .
aA mAtrA Ev
h;vAno yto yEvS jE.q
v, 3
3. In front is the sacrifice, well-placed is the sacred grass,
pleased is the Fire; one prayed, thou art like a priest of the
call, calling to the two mothers in whom are all desirable
things, whence thou art born most young and blissful.

so a@vr
rETr\ jnt mAn;qAso Evc
tso y eqAm^ .
EvfAmDAEy Ev
_E`nmdo mD;vcA -tAvA 4
4. Men accomplished in conscious knowledge have brought at
once into birth the charioteer who has been set as master of
the peoples in their house, Fire the rapturous, the sweet of
speech, one who has with him the Truth.

asAEd vto vE>rAjgvAnE`nb}A nqdn
EvDtA .
c y\ pETvF vAvDAt
aA y\ hotA yjEt Ev
vvArm^ 5
5. He has come and taken his seat in the house of Man, the
chosen bearer of the offering, Fire, the priest of the Word, he
who upholds all things, he whom earth and heaven increase,
to whom the priest of the call sacrifices for in him are all
desirable things.


Other Hymns to Agni

vmAEtrt m/\ y
vAr\ nyA at"n^ .
EvfE-trt 2oqmAZA aA y
a-y dFDy3t-y 6
6. These have crossed beyond all by their lights, the men of
strength who have fashioned excellently the Word, human
beings who have gone forward eager to hear and have
illumined for me something of this Truth.

n$ (vAm`n Imh
vEsSA IfAn\ s$no shso vs$nAm^ .
iq\ -tot
7. Now we desire thee, O Fire, O son of force, as the master
of the Riches, we the Vasishthas; thou hast obtained the
impulsion for those who laud thee, those who have the
plenty. Do you always guard us with all kinds of weal.

rAjA smyo nmoEBy-y tFkmAh;t\ Gt
n .
nro h&y
sbAD aAE`nrg} uqsAmfoEc 1
1. The King, the Noble One is kindled high with prostrations
of surrender, he whose front receives the oblation of the
Light; men oppressed and opposed pray with offerings and
the Fire is born in front of the dawns.

aym; y s;mhA; av
Ed hotA mdo mn;qo y4o aE`n, .
Ev BA ak, ssjAn, pET&yA\ kZpEvroqDFEBvv"
2. He verily is that great one whom one knew, the rapturous
priest of man, the mighty one, the Fire; he has formed wide
his lustres when he is let loose on the wide earth, black is
the rim of his wheel when he is declared by her growths.

Mandala Seven


kyA no a`n
Ev vs, s;vE?t\ kAm; -vDAmZv, f-ymAn, .
kdA Bv
m pty, s;d/ rAyo vtAro d;r-y sADo, 3
3. By what law of thee, O Fire, dost thou illumine our purification? To what self-law of thee dost thou move when thou art
proclaimed aloud? O great giver, when may we become the
lords and conquerors of a wealth that is all-accomplishing10
and unassailable?

AymE`nBrt-y f@v
Ev yt^ s$yo n roct
bhd^ BA, .
aEB y, p$z\ ptnAs; t-TO ;tAno {
d&yo aEtET, f;foc 4
4. The voice of the Fire of the bringer is heard more and more
when he shines like a sun, a vast light; Fire who stands over
man in his battles has broken flaming into a blaze, the divine

asE3t^ (v
aAhvnAEn B$Er B;vo Ev
EB, s;mnA anFk
{, .
gZAn, -vy\ vD-v tv\ s;jAt 5
5. In thee were our many callings and thou becamest rightthoughted with all thy flame-forces. When thou art proclaimed by the word, thou hearest, O Fire; perfect in thy
birth, thyself increase thy body.

id\ vc, ftsA, s\sh*m;d`ny
jEnqF E7bhA, .
f\ yt^ -tot
BvAEt ;mdmFvcAtn\ r"ohA 6
6. This is the word that rose into birth for the Fire, it is a
conqueror of the hundreds and with it are the thousands, it
is twofold in its greatness when it creates the bliss for those
who laud him for the friend; it is luminous, a driver away
of evil, a slayer of the Rakshasa.

10 Or, perfect


Other Hymns to Agni

n$ (vAm`n Imh
vEsSA IfAn\ s$no shso vs$nAm^ .
iq\ -tot
7. Now we desire thee, O Fire, O son of force, as the master
of the Riches, we the Vasishthas; thou hast obtained the
impulsion for those who laud thee, those who have the
plenty. Do you always guard us with all kinds of weal.

aboED jAr uqsAm;p-TA=otA md, kEvtm, pAvk, .
dDAEt k
t;m;By-y jtoh&yA
q; dEvZ\ s;k(s; 1
1. He awoke from the lap of the dawns, their lover, the rapturous priest of the call, the great seer, the purifying Fire; he
founds the ray of intuition for both kinds of being born, the
offerings in the gods, the riches in the doers of good.

s s;5t;yo Ev d;r, pZFnA\ p;nAno ak p;zBojs\ n, .
hotA mdo EvfA\ dm$nAE-tr-tmo ddf
rAMyAZAm^ 2
2. Strong in will this is he who has flung wide the doors of the
Traffickers purifying for us the illumining ray which gives
the many enjoyments; the rapturous priest of the call, who
dwells in the house of men, is seen through the darkness of
the nights.

am$r, kEvrEdEtEvv-vA(s;s\sEm/o aEtET, Efvo n, .
Ec/BAn;zqsA\ BA(yg
}_pA\ gB, -v aA Evv
f 3
3. The seer free from ignorance, the boundless, the luminous, a
friend happily met,11 our benignant guest, rich in his lustres
he shines in front of the dawns, a child of the waters he
enters into his mothers.
11 Or, happy in thy sessions, our friend,

Mandala Seven


yo vo mn;qo y;g
q; smngA af;c>jAtv
dA, .
s;s\dfA BAn;nA yo EvBAEt Et gAv, sEmDAn\ b;Dt 4
4. One to be prayed by you in the generations of man, equal in
his rays shone out the knower of all things born; Fire who
dawns with his light of perfect vision, the rays woke into
his high blazing.

yAEh d$(y\ mA Erq@yo
dvA; aQCA b}ktA gZ
n .
sr-vtF\ mzto aE
vnApo yE"
dvAn^ r&D
yAy Ev
vAn^ 5
5. O Fire, go on thy embassy and fail not towards the gods with the company of those who fashion the Word: sacrifice to Saraswati and the life-powers, and the two riders of the horse and the waters and to all the gods for the giving of the ecstasy.

6. Vasishtha kindles thee, O Fire, slaying the destroying demon, sacrifice for the Wealth to the many-thoughted goddess:12 many are the roads of thy approach, O knower of all things born. Do you always guard us with all kinds of weal.

1. As the lover of dawn he has reached to a wide strength shining, flaming out with his play of lightnings; the Bull pure and resplendent he shines on us, illumining with his light our thoughts he wakes our dawnings. 12 Or, to her who is the tenant of the city:

2. It is as if the sun-world shone out from the day and the dawns; they are forming the sacrifice as aspirants the Thought: Fire the godhead knowing the births runs wide to his goal, the Messenger, the Traveller to the godheads, strong to conquer.

3. Our words are thoughts seeking for godhead. Come to the Fire asking for the Treasure, Fire the carrier of offerings, fair of front, perfect in vision, true in movement, the traveller of the ways for men.

4. O Fire, companioning the shining ones bring to us Indra, companioning the Rudras bring vast Rudra, with the Adityas bring the boundless and universal Mother, with those who have the illumined word bring the master of the word in whom are all desirable things.

5. Men who are aspirants pray in the pilgrim-rites to Fire the youthful and rapturous priest of the call; for he has become the ruler of the earth and the Riches, a sleepless messenger for sacrifice to the gods.

1. Thou art the great conscious perception of the pilgrimsacrifice, without thee the immortals have no rapture; come in one chariot with all the gods, take thy seat within, O Fire, as the supreme priest of the call.

2. Men who bring the offering ever pray for thee, the swift in movement, for their envoy: when thou sitst with the gods on a man's seat of sacrifice, happy for him become the days.

3. Even thrice in the night within thee they woke to the knowledge of the Riches for the mortal giver; as the human here sacrifice to the gods, become our messenger and protector from the assailant.

4. The Fire has power for a vast pilgrim-sacrifice, Fire is a master of every offering made, for to his will cleave the Shining Ones, so the gods established him as the carrier of the offerings.

5. O Fire, bring the gods to eat of the offerings, may they with Indra as their eldest take here their rapture, establish this sacrifice in heaven in the gods. Do you always guard us with all kinds of weal.

1. We have come with a great prostration of surrender to the ever-young Fire who has shone out blazing in his own home rich of lustre between the wide firmaments and filled with the offerings cast in him he moves facing every side.

s m>A Ev
vA d;ErtAEn sA4AnE`n, v
dm aA jAtv
dA, .
s no rE"qd^ d;ErtAdvAd-mAn^ gZt ut no mGon, 2
2. He overcomes all evils by his mights: the Fire is affirmed by
the lauds in the home, the knower of all things born; may
he guard us from stumbling and from blame, us when we
speak the words and us when we are lords of the plenty.

(v\ vzZ ut Em/o a`n
(vA\ vDEt mEtEBvEsSA, .
vs; s;qZnAEn st; y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 3
3. Thou art Varuna and thou art Mitra, O Fire, thee the Vasishthas make to grow by their thoughts, in thee may the
riches be easily won. Do you always guard us with all kinds
of weal.

Mandala Seven



mm DFEt\ Br@vm^ .
hEvn bEhEq FZAno v
vAnrAy yty
mtFnAm^ 1
1. To Fire all-illumining, founder of the thought, slayer of the
Asuras, bring your thinking and the thought formed; glad
I bring to our sacrificial seat the offering for the universal
godhead who has mastery over minds.

foEcqA fof;cAn aA rodsF apZA jAymAn, .
dvA; aEBf-t
rm;)co v
vAnr jAtv
do mEh(vA 2
2. Thou, O Fire, illumining with thy light fillest earth and
heaven even in thy birth: thou hast released the gods from
the Assailant by thy might, thou the universal godhead, the
knower of all things born.

jAto yd`n
B;vnA &yHy, pf$n^ n gopA iy, pEr>mA .
vAnr b}Z
Evd gAt;\ y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 3
3. When born, O Fire, thou lookest on the world as a herdsman
on his cattle, one to be missioned, pervading everywhere, as
the universal godhead thou foundest the Path for the Lord.
Do you always guard us with all kinds of weal.

sEmDA jAtv

dvh$EtEB, .
hEvEB, f;5foEcq
nmE-vno vy\ dAf
1. To the godhead knower of all things born, by our fuel, by
our invocations of the god, by our offerings may we give
making prostration, to the Fire of the brilliant light.


Other Hymns to Agni

vy\ t
m vy\ dAf
m s;;tF yj/ .
vy\ Gt
nA@vr-y hotvy\
dv hEvqA Bdfoc
2. May we worship thee, O Fire, with the fuel, may we give
to thee with the laud, O master of sacrifice, we with the
oblation, O priest of the call of the pilgrim-sacrifice, we
with the offerings, O god of the happy flame.

aA no
yAEh vqV^kEt\ j;qAZ, .
dvAy dAft, -yAm y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 3
3. Come, O Fire, with the gods to our invocation of the gods
taking pleasure in the cry "Vashat", to thee, O god, may we
be givers of the offerings. Do you guard us always with all
kinds of weal.

upsAy mF[h;q aA-y
j;h;tA hEv, .
yo no n
EdSmA=ym^ 1
1. To the bounteous, one to be approached with worship, cast
in the mouth the offering, who brings to us closest alliance.

y, p)c cqZFrEB EnqsAd dm
kEvghpEty;vA 2
2. He who comes to the five peoples of seeing men and takes
his seat within in house and house, the seer, the master of
the house, the youth.

s no v
do amA(ym`nF r"t; Ev
vt, .
utA-mAn^ pA(v\hs, 3
3. May that Fire guard the knowledge that is our inmate from
every side, may he protect us from evil.

Mandala Seven


nv\ n; -tomm`ny
nAy jFjnm^ .
v-v, k;Evd^ vnAEt n, 4
4. Now have I brought forth a new laud to Fire, the Hawk of
Heaven; he wins for us repeatedly the Riches.

-pAhA y-y E2yo df
rEyvFrvto yTA .
} y.-y foct, 5
5. He whose glories are desirable for vision and are like the
Riches with their hero-powers, for he flames in front of the

mA\ v
t; vqV^kEtmE`nj;qt no Egr, .
yEjSo h&yvAhn, 6
6. May he take knowledge of this cry of "Vashat", may the
Fire cleave to13 our words who is the carrier of the offerings
and most strong for sacrifice.

En (vA n#y Ev
dv DFmEh .
s;vFrm`n aAh;t 7
7. O Lord of the peoples to whom we must reach, to whom
the offerings are cast, we have set thee within luminous in
thy hero-force, O godhead, O Fire.

"p u*
c dFEdEh -v`ny-(vyA vym^ .
s;vFr-(vm-my;, 8
8. Shine through the nights and the days, by thee may we be
well-armed with fire; a hero-force art thou and thy desire is
towards us.

13 Or, take pleasure in


Other Hymns to Agni

up (vA sAty
nro EvAso yEt DFEtEB, .
upA"rA shE*ZF 9
9. To thee men illumined come with their thinkings for the
conquest, to thee the imperishable One with her thousands.

a`nF r"A\Es s
DEt f;5foEcrm(y, .
f;Ec, pAvk IX^y, 10
10. The Fire repels the Rakshasas, the immortal with its brilliant
light, one to be prayed, the pure and purifying flame.

s no rADA\-yA Br
fAn, shso yho .
c dAt; vAym^ 11
11. Bring us our effectuations for thou hast the mastery, O son
of force, and may the lord of enjoyment give us the object
of our desire.

vFrvd^ yfo
c sEvtA Bg, .
c dAEt vAym^ 12
12. Thou, O Fire, givest us heroic glory and the divine CreatorSun and Lord of enjoyment and the Mother of the finite
gives us the object of our desire.

r"A Zo a\hs, Et m
dv rFqt, .
{rjro dh 13
13. O Fire, guard us from evil, against the doer of harm protect
us, O god; imperishable, burn him with thy most afflicting

aDA mhF n aAy-ynADo npFty
p$BvA ftB;Ej, 14
14. Now unviolated become to us a mighty iron city hundredfortressed for the protection of men.

Mandala Seven


(v\ n, pAV\hso doqAv-trGAyt, .
EdvA n?tmdA
15. Do thou guard us from evil in dusk and in dawn from the
bringer of calamity - thou art by day and night inviolable.

enA vo aE`n\ nmsojo npAtmA h;v
Ey\ c
EtSmrEt\ -v@vr\ Ev
v-y d$tmmtm^ 1
1. With this prostration I invoke for you Fire the son of Energy,
the beloved, the traveller most awake to knowledge who carries out well the pilgrim-sacrifice, the immortal messenger
of every man.

s yojt
azqA Ev
vBojsA s d;dvt^ -vAh;t, .
s;b}A y., s;fmF vs$nA\
dv\ rADo jnAnAm^ 2
2. He yokes the two shining steeds that bring all enjoyments,
well-fed with the offerings swiftly may he run; to be worshipped with sacrifice he of the perfect Word, accomplisher
of the riches, the divine achievement of men.

ud-y foEcr-TAdAj;4An-y mF[h;q, .
ud^ D$mAso azqAso EdEv-pf, smE`nEmDt
nr, 3
3. Up stands the flame of light of this bounteous One when
to him are cast the offerings, his ruddy smoke goes up and
touches heaven; men kindle high the Fire.

t\ (vA d$t\ k@mh
dvA; aA vFty
vh .
vA s$no shso mtBojnA rA-v td^ yt^ (v
4. Thou art that most glorious messenger whom we create,
bring to us the advent of the gods, O son of force, give us all
mortal enjoyments, give us that which from thee we desire.


Other Hymns to Agni

ghpEt-(v\ hotA no a@vr
(v\ potA Ev
vvAr c
tA yE" v
Eq c vAym^ 5
5. Thou, O Fire, art the master of the house, thou art the priest
of the call in our pilgrim-sacrifice, thou art the purifying
priest, he in whom are all desirable things, the conscious
thinker; sacrifice and reach the object of our desire.

kED r&\ yjmAnAy s;5to (v\ Eh r&DA aEs .
aA n -t
EffFEh Ev
vmE(vj\ s;f\so y
c d"t
6. O strong in will, create the ecstasy for the doer of the sacrifice for thou art the founder of ecstasy: sharpen in the Truth for us every doer of the rite and whosoever is perfect in expression and skilful in thought.

7. O Fire fed with the offerings, let them abide in thee, the beloved, the illumined wise and those lords of plenty among men who are they that travel to and allot to us the widenesses of the Rays.

8. Those within whose gated house the goddess of Revelation with her hands of light sits filled with her fullnesses, them deliver from the doer of harm and the Censurer,14 O forceful Fire; give to us the peace that hears the Truth from afar.

9. Do thou then with thy rapturous tongue, for thou art the bearer of the oblation with thy mouth and great is thy knowledge, bring to our lords of the plenty the riches and hasten on its way our gift of the offering.
  14 Or, from betrayal and from bondage,

10. They who give to us the achieving plenitudes of the power of the Horse because of our desire of the great inspired knowledge, them, O most young godhead, bring safe out of all evil by thy hundred fortresses of rescue.

dvo vo dEvZodA, p$ZA EvvAEscm^ .
ud^ vA Es)c@vm;p vA pZ@vmAEdd^ vo
dv aoht
11. The divine giver of your Treasure desires from you the full
pouring of the oblations; pour out and fill: then the godhead
carries you on your way.15

t\ hotArm@vr-y c
ts\ vE>\
dvA ak@vt .
dDAEt r&\ EvDt
s;vFymE`njnAy dAf;
q 12
12. The gods have made him the priest of the call of the pilgrimsacrifice, the conscious thinker, the carrier of flame; Fire
founds the ecstasy and the heroic strength for the man who
performs the sacrifice for the giver.

Bv s;qEmDA sEm= ut bEhzEvyA Ev -tZFtAm^ 1
1. O Fire, become high kindled with the plenty of thy fuel, let
the sacred grass be spread wide.

15 Or, brings to you the Riches.


Other Hymns to Agni

ut 7Ar uftFEv 2ytAm;t
dvA; uft aA vh
h 2
2. Let the doors of aspiration swing open; bring here the
aspirant gods.

vFEh hEvqA yE"
dvA(-v@vrA kZ;Eh jAtv
d, 3
3. Go, O Fire, sacrifice to the gods with the offering; make
good the ways of the pilgrim-sacrifice, O knower of all
things born.

-v@vrA krEt jAtv
dA y"d^
dvA; amtAn^ EpyQc 4
4. He makes good the ways of the pilgrim-sacrifice, the knower
of all things born; he sacrifices and gladdens the immortal

v\-v Ev
vA vAyAEZ c
t, s(yA Bv(vAEfqo no a 5
5. Conquer all desirable things, O conscious thinker, may our
yearning today become the Truth.

(vAm; t
dvAso a`n Uj aA npAtm^ 6
6. Thee they have established as the carrier of offerings, O Fire,
the gods have founded thee, the Son of Energy.


dvAy dAft, -yAm mho no r&A Ev dD iyAn, 7
7. Those may we be who give to thee, the godhead, go vast
upon thy way and found for us the ecstasies.

Mandala Eight

1. O Fire, thou art the guardian of the law of all workings,
thou art the divine in mortals; thou art one to be prayed in
the sacrifices.

2. O forceful one, it is thou who art to be expressed in the
findings of knowledge; O Fire, thou art the charioteer of the

3. So do thou remove away from us the enemies, O knower of
all things born, even the undivine and hostile forces, O Fire.

4. Even when it is near, O surely thou comest not to the sacrifice
of our mortal foe, O knower of all things born.

5. Mortals illumined we meditate on the many names of thee
the immortal, the knower of all things born.

6. We call the Fire with our words, illumined we call the
illumined for our guard, mortals we call the god for our

7. Vatsa compels thy mind even from the supreme world of
thy session, O Fire, by his Word that longs for thee.

8. Thou art the equal lord of all peoples in many lands; we call
to thee in the battles.

9. We call to the Fire to guard us in our battles, we who
seek the plenitudes; in the plenitudes richly manifold is his

10. For thou art of old one to be prayed in the pilgrim-sacrifices,
and from time eternal thou sittest as the ever-new priest of
the call; O Fire, gladden thy own body and bring happiness
to us by the sacrifice.

1. Affirm that godhead of the sun-world, the gods set the divine traveller to his race, they brought the offering to the world of the gods.

2. O illumined seer, pray the Fire opulent in his gifts, rich in his lustres; the guide of this Soma sacrifice pray, O Sobhari, for the rite of the path, the ancient one.

3. We have chosen thee the mightiest for sacrifice, the divine in the divine, the immortal as the priest of the call of this sacrifice, the strong of will, -

4. The Son of Energy, the Fire, happy and radiant and most glorious in his light; may he win for us by sacrifice the bliss in heaven of Mitra and Varuna and the bliss of the waters.

5. The mortal who with the fuel and the oblation, with knowledge and with surrender has given to the Fire, who is perfect in the pilgrim-rite, -

6. Swift gallop his war-horses, most luminous is his glory, neither calamity wrought by the gods nor evil wrought of men can come to him from any part.

7. High of fire may we be with your fires, O son of force, O lord of Energies! for thou hast the hero-strength and thy desire is towards us.

8. As our friendly guest finding our expression for us Fire must be known, and as our chariot; in thee are all-accomplishing foundations of ease, thou art the king of the Treasures.

9. That mortal is sure in the giving of his pilgrim-sacrifice, O happy Fire, he is one to be proclaimed, may he be a conqueror by his thoughts, -

10. One for whom thou standest high exalted over his pilgrimsacrifice, he is a master and hero and accomplishes, - he conquers by the war-horses, by the luminous seers, by the heroes, wins his work achieved.

11. He in whose house Fire, in whom are all desirable things, maintains his body and his affirming laud and his delight and the offerings, he occupies the field of his occupancy.

12. O son of force, for the illumined seer who lauds thee and is most swift in his givings, create for that seeker of knowledge, O Shining One,1 the word in which the mortal is above, the godhead below.
1 Or, O lord of the Riches,

13. He who by his gifts of the oblations or by prostrations of surrender, or by his word illumines the Fire, who brings his right judgment, and the swift action of his light, -

14. He who with his stimulation by the fuel serves with the seats of the session of the Fire, the Boundless, that happy mortal exceeding men by his thoughts and by his lights passes beyond all things as one who crosses over waters.

15. Bring, O Fire, that light which overcomes in the house whatever devourer or wrath of any being with evil thoughts.

16. The light by which Mitra sees and Varuna and Aryaman, by which lords of the journey and Bhaga, that light may we worship, we made by thy force perfect knowers of the path guarded by the lordship of the Puissant.

17. O Fire, those are perfect in their thought who, themselves illumined, have set thee within them, O illumined seer, thee, O godhead, divine in vision and strong in will.

18. They have made their altar and their offering, O happy Fire, and their libation of the wine in heaven, they have conquered by their plenitudes a mighty wealth who have cast into thee their desire.

19. O felicitous god, happy to us art thou fed with the offerings, happy thy giving, happy the pilgrim-sacrifice, happy our utterances.

20. Create for us a happy mind in the piercing of the Coverers by which thou mayst overcome in the battles; lay prostrate many firm positions of those who challenge us, may we conquer them by thy attacks.

21. I pray with the word the Fire set in man whom the gods sent in as the messenger and traveller, the carrier of offerings, strong to sacrifice.

22. To the ever-young Fire shining with his sharp tusks of flame thou singest delight, Fire who fed with the offerings of light forms by true words a great strength.

23. When he is fed with the offerings of light the Fire like one full of might works his blade upwards and downwards and carves for himself a shape.

24. The godhead set in man who speeds the offerings in its fragrant mouth, perfect in the pilgrim-sacrifice illumines all desirable things, the divine and immortal priest of the call.

25. O Fire, fed with the offerings, O son of force, O friendly light, if thou wert the mortal and I the immortal, -

26. I would not give thee over to the Assailant or to sinfulness, O benignant, O shining one; he who lauded me would not be one without understanding or miserable nor one plagued by guilt, O Fire.

27. He is like a son well nourished in the house of his father; may our offerings reach the gods.

28. O Fire, O shining one, by thy closest guardings may I, the mortal, be ever companioned by the favour of the god.

29. By thy will may I conquer, O Fire, by thy gifts, by thy revealing utterances; for of thee they speak as the guiding Thought in me. O Fire, have joy for the giving.

30. By thy guardings in which is the strength of the heroes and the bringing of the plenitudes, he drives forward on his way with whom thou hast chosen friendship, O shining one.

31. The blue stream of thee with its cry is faithful to the law of its Truth, even as it is kindled it takes what is cast in it; thou art beloved of the great Dawns and thou shinest in the dwelling places of the night.

32. We the sons of Sobhari have come to the Fire with its thousandfold mass of flame, strong in its approach for protection, imperial, the Fire of the Terror of the Destroyer.2

33. O Fire, other fires dwell dependent on thee as on a tree its branches; I annex to me the illuminations of men and their lights, increasing so thy warrior forces.

34. O sons of the boundless mother, you who betray not, great givers, the mortal whom out of all possessors of riches you lead to the other shore, -

35. For you, the kings, who have power over seeing men, choose one or another to have mastery in the human ways, - such may we be, O Varuna, O Mitra, O Aryaman, charioteers, indeed, of the Truth.

36. The Terror of the Destroyers, son of the master of wide vision, has given me the brides five hundred, he is a bounteous giver, the noble, a lord of beings.
2 Or, Fire of Trasadasyu.

37. And so, for me at the ford of the river Suvastu, the wideflowing and forward streaming river of the happy dwelling places, came the bay horse, leader of the three seventies. May he become an opulent master of the things that are to be given.

1. Pray the Fire as he fronts you, worship with sacrifice the knower of all things born, Fire with his driving smoke and his unseizable light, -

2. Fire who is like the string of speeding chariots to a competitor in the race; O all-seeing universal mind, laud him with the word.

3. Those on whom he presses, possessor of the word of illumination and seizes on their impulsions and their satisfactions, by their approach to knowledge the Fire finds the Treasure.

4. Up stands his ageless light as he flames out with his burning tusks, in his beautiful splendour, in the glory of his companies.

5. Even so, stand up as they laud thee, O doer of the pilgrimrite, shining out with thy divine light, with thy vast allregarding lustre.

6. Go, O Fire, with perfect utterances of the word offering uninterruptedly the oblations, since thou hast become the messenger and the carrier of the offerings.

7. I call for you the ancient Fire, the priest of the call of seeing men; him with this word I declare, him for you I laud.

8. Fire whom with the sacrifices, with the light verily they speed like a friend firmly established in the man who possesses the Truth.

9. To Fire the possessor of the Truth, the accomplisher of the sacrifice, the seekers of the Truth have come with the word and cleave to him in the seat of the adoration.

10. Let our sacrifices go towards him united in their effort, to him most fiery-wise of the Angirasas who is the priest of the call in men and most glorious.

11. O ageless Fire, those lights of thine kindling the Vast are like male and mighty horses;

12. So do thou, O Lord of Energies, give us the wealth, heromight; protect us in our battles, in the Son of our begetting.

13. Since, indeed, the lord of the peoples, keen and glad in the house of man, wards off all demon-powers, -

14. O Fire, with thy hearing of my new laud, with thy burning flame, consume utterly the demon magicians, O hero, O lord of the peoples.

15. Not even by magic can the mortal foe master the man who offers worship to the Fire with his gifts of the oblation.

16. [Not translated.]

17. Thee Ushana of the inspired wisdom set within for men as the priest of the call, the doer of sacrifice, the knower of all things born.

18. For all the gods with one mind made thee the messenger; O godhead, thou becamest by inspired knowledge supreme and a lord of sacrifice.

19. Him immortal let the mortal hero make his envoy, the purifying Fire with his black path, vast in his wideness.

20. Him let us call putting forth the ladle, the luminous, the brilliant in light, one to be prayed by men, the ancient and unaging Fire.

21. For the mortal who performs sacrifice to him by his gifts of the offering he founds much increase and a glory of his hero-strengths.

22. To the Fire, the ancient, the first and supreme, the knower of all things born in the sacrifices with the obeisance comes the ladle full of the oblation.

23. May we offer sacrifice as did Vyashwa with these greatest and richest thinkings to Fire, the brilliant in light.

24. O Rishi, son of Vyashwa, now sing the word of illumination as did Sthurayupa, to the Fire, vast in his wideness, the dweller in the house.

25. The guest of men, the son of the Trees, the illumined seers praise for his protection, the ancient Fire.

26. Turned towards all the great beings, turned towards our human offerings, by our obeisance, O Fire, thou takest thy seat on the sacred grass.

27. Conquer for us many desirable things, take possession of the wealth that brings us our many longings and hero-energy and the offspring and the glory.

28. [Not translated.]

29. Thou art he who breaks through,3 thou openest to us the luminous impulsions; open to us the conquest of the great Riches, O Fire.

30. O Fire, thou art the glorious one; bring to us Varuna and Mitra, the all-rulers who possess the Truth and have the purified judgment.

1. You (two) are the ritual-priests of the sacrifice, conquerors in our plenitudes and our works; to this awake, O Indra, O Fire.
3 Or, he who overcomes,


Other Hymns to Agni

tofAsA rTyAvAnA v/hZAprAEjtA .
idA`nF t-y boDtm^ 2
2. O smiters who journey in the chariot, slayers of the coverer,
ever unconquered - to this awake, O Indra, O Fire.

id\ vA\ mEdr\ m@vD;"3EdEBnr, .
idA`nF t-y boDtm^ 3
3. Men have pressed out for you by the stones this rapturous
honey-wine - to this awake, O Indra, O Fire.

TA\ y.Emy
s;t\ som\ sD-t;tF .
idA`nF aA gt\ nrA 4
4. Take pleasure in the sacrifice, for the sacrifice come to the
Soma wine pressed out, gods to whom rises the common
laud, O Indra, O Fire.

imA j;q
TA\ svnA y
EBh&yAy$hT;, .
idA`nF aA gt\ nrA 5
5. May you take pleasure in these Soma-pressings by them who
have the offering, - O gods, come to us, O Indra, O Fire.

imA\ gAy/vtEn\ j;q
TA\ s;;Et\ mm .
idA`nF aA gt\ nrA 6
6. May you take pleasure in this laud of mine, this path of
song, - O gods, come to us, O Indra, O Fire.

AtyAvEBrA gt\
yAvs$ .
idA`nF sompFty
7. Come for the drink of the Soma wine with the gods who
arrive at dawn, you who have the victor-riches,4 O Indra, O
4 Or, you who have the riches which are for the victor, or the true riches,

Mandala Eight


v-y s;vto_/FZA\ fZ;t\ hvm^ .
idA`nF sompFty
8. Hear the call of the Atris, of Shyavashwa5 pressing the wine,
come for the drinking of the Soma, O Indra, O Fire.

evA vAm4 Uty
yTAh;vt m
EDrA, .
idA`nF sompFty
9. Thus have I called you for protection as the wise have ever
called you, for the drinking of the Soma (wine), O Indra, O

aAh\ sr-vtFvtoErdA`yorvo vZ
10. I choose the protection of Indra and the Fire with Saraswati
at their side, for whom the sacred song breaks into light.6


aE`nm-toyE`mymE`nmF0A yj@y
{ .
vA; an?t; n uB
Eh EvdT
crEt d$(y\
1. To Fire I give laud, the possessor of the illumined word, to
worship the Fire with the speech of revelation; let the Fire
reveal the gods to us, for he is the seer who goes on his
embassy between the two worlds in the knowledge, - let
all that are hostile be rent asunder.

5 He who has the bay-horse.
6 Or, is chanted.


Other Hymns to Agni

n&ysA vc-tn$q; f\sm
qAm^ .
yrAtF rrA&ZA\ Ev
vA ayo arAtFErto y;QC(vAm;ro
2. O Fire, destroy with a new word the expression of these
within in the bodies, destroy within us the beings hostile
to those who give thee, let all the enemy forces, the hostile
spirits depart from here who would do hurt to us, - let all
that are hostile be rent asunder.

mmAEn t;
q; EcEkE= (v\ VEs p$&y, Efvo d$to Evv-vto
3. O Fire, to thee I offer my thoughts as if an offering of light7
cast into thy mouth; so do thou awake to knowledge in the
gods, for thou art the ancient and benign messenger of the
Sun, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

t1dE`nvyo dD
yTAyTA kp@yEt .
UjAh;Etvs$nA\ f\ c yo
c myo dD
4. He founds growth upon growth of the being even as one8
desires; offered the oblation of offered energy for every call
to the gods he founds both the peace and the movement of
the Shining Ones, he founds the bliss, - let all that are alien
be rent asunder.

s Eck
t shFysA_E`nE
Z kmZA .
s hotA f
vtFnA\ dE"ZAEBrBFvt inoEt c tF&y\
5. He awakes to knowledge by his forceful and many-sided
works; he is the priest of the call of many powers surrounded
7 Ghrtam, clarified butter or light.
8 Or, he

Mandala Eight


by lights of discernment and he takes possession of all that
faces him, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

d mtAnAmpFQym^ .
aE`n, s dEvZodA aE`n7ArA &y$Z;t
-vAh;to nvFysA
6. The Fire knows the births of the gods and the secret thing
of mortals; this is the Fire that gives the treasures, the Fire
when there is cast into him as offering that which is new
uncovers the hidden doors, - let all that are alien be rent

q; s\vs;, s Ev"; yE.yA-vA .
s m;dA kA&yA p;z Ev
v\ B$m
v p;yEt
q; yE.yo
7. Fire is the companion dwelling in the gods, dwelling in the
beings who are masters of sacrifice; he increases by his rapture many seer-wisdoms, even as all that is large, he is a god
in the gods and a lord of sacrifice, - let all that are alien be
rent asunder.

yo aE`n, sPmAn;q, E2to Ev
q; EsD;q; .
tmAgm E/p-(y\ mDAt;d-y;htmmE`n\ y.
q; p$&y
8. Fire is the sevenfold human, he is lodged in all the rivers; to
him we have come, the dweller in the triple abode, the Fire
of the thinker, slayer of the Destroyers, ancient and supreme
in the sacrifices, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

aE`n-/FEZ E/DAt$yA "
Et EvdTA kEv, .
s /F;rkAdfA; ih y"Qc EpyQc no Evo d$t, pErkto
9. Fire is the seer who takes up his dwelling in his three abodes


Other Hymns to Agni
of knowledge of three kinds; may he sacrifice to the Three
and Thirty and satisfy us, perfected, the illumined thinker
and messenger, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

(v\ no a`n aAy;q; (v\
q; p$&y v-v ek ir>yEs .
(vAmAp, pEr*;t, pEr yEt -vs
tvo nBtAmyk
10. O ancient and supreme Fire, thou art in us who are mortals,
thou in the gods, one and sole thou rulest over the Treasures;
around thee the wide-flowing waters go each with its own
bridge, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

1. O Indra, O Fire, forceful you give to us the treasure by
which we shall overcome in our battles even all that is firm
and strong, as Fire the trees in a wind, - let all that are alien
be rent asunder.

2. May we not shut you away from us, then may we truly
worship Indra with sacrifice, the god most potent of the
gods; may he sometime come to us with the war-horse,
may he come to us for the winning of the plenitudes, for
the winning of the purity,9 - let all that are alien be rent

9 Or, for the getting of sacrifice,

3. For they, Indra and Fire, dwell in the midst of mellays; gods,
seers, questioned, they by their seerhood gain for one who
seeks their friendship the knowledge won by the thought,
- let all that are alien be rent asunder.

4. To Indra and the Fire sing the illumined chant even as Nabhaka, doing them homage with sacrifice and speech, whose is all this world and this heaven and great earth bear for them in their lap the treasures, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

5. Even as Nabhaka direct towards Indra and Fire the Words who uncovered the sea of the seven foundations with its dim10 doors, - even Indra ruling all by his might, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

6. Even as of old cleave like clustering mass of a creeper, crush the might of the demon; that wealth amassed by him may we by Indra share, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.
  10 Or, oblique

7. When, O Indra, O Fire, these who are here call you with speech and act, may we overcome by our men those who battle against us, may we conquer those who would conquer us, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

8. White gods are they who from below ascend to the heavens by their lights; according to the law of the working of Indra and Fire, flowing move the Rivers whom they loosed from bondage to every side, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

9. O Indra, O thou of the bright horses, O begetter of the shining hero, the shooter who strikes into his mark, many are thy measurings of things, many thy expressions of the truth which accomplish11 our thoughts, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.

10. Intensify him by your purifications, the brilliant warrior with the illumined word, even him who with might breaks the serpent-eggs of Shushna, may he conquer the waters that bear the light of the Sun-world, - let all that are alien be rent asunder.
  11 Or, bring to perfection

11. Intensify him who is perfect in the rite of the path, the
true warrior who follows the law of the Truth; it is he who
observes, who breaks the serpent-eggs of Shushna, conquers
the waters that bear the light of the Sun-world, - let all that
are alien be rent asunder.

E/DAt;nA fmZA pAtm-mAn^ vy\ -yAm ptyo ryFZAm^ 12
12. So has the new word been spoken to Indra and to Fire, even
as by my father, by Mandhata, by the Angiras; protect us
with triple peace, may we be masters of the riches.


Ev-y v
r-tty>vn, .
Egr, -tomAs Irt
1. Him pray our words, even these lauds of Fire, the illumined
seer, the creator, invincible in his sacrifice.

{ t
do EvcqZ
jnAEm s;;Etm^ 2
2. Such art thou for whom I bring to birth perfect laud and
glad is thy response, O seeing Fire, O knower of all things


Other Hymns to Agni

aArokA iv G
dh Et`mA a`n
tv E(vq, .
dEYvnAEn b=sEt 3
3. Oh, like jets of light thy keen energies of flame devour with
their teeth the woods.

hryo D$mk
tvo vAtj$tA up Ev .
vTg`ny, 4
4. Bright, with smoke for their flag against heaven, urged by
the winds, labour separate thy fires.

vTg`ny i=As, smd"t .
uqsAEmv k
tv, 5
5. These are those separate fires of thine that kindled are seen
like rays of the Dawns.

kZA rjA\Es p(s;t, yAZ
ds, .
aE`nyd^ roDEt "Em 6
6. Black is the dust under his feet in the march of the knower
of all things born when Fire sprouts upon the earth.

DAEs\ k@vAn aoqDFb=sdE`nn vAyEt .
p;nyn^ tzZFrEp 7
7. Making his foundation, consuming the herbs Fire wearies
not but goes even to the young shoots.

Ej4AEBrh n3mdEcqA j)jZABvn^ .
q; roct
8. Oh, laying all low with his tongues of flame, flashing out
with his ray Fire shines in the woodlands.

Mandala Eight


sEDv sOqDFrn; z@ys
p;n, 9
9. In the waters, O Fire, is thy seat,12 thou besiegest the plants;
thou becomest a child in the womb and art born again.

tv td^ GtAdcF roct aAh;tm^ .
En\sAn\ j;4o m;K
10. O Fire, that ray of thine fed with the oblation rises up shining
from the offering of light,13 licking the mouth of the ladle.

u"A3Ay vfA3Ay sompSAy v
11. May we ordain sacrifice with the lauds to Fire, the ordainer
of things, Fire who makes the ox and the cow his food and
he bears on his back the Soma wine.

ut (vA nmsA vy\ hotvr
@y5to .
12. O Fire, we come to thee with prostration and with the fuel,
O priest of the call, O supreme will!

ut (vA Bg;vQC;c
mn;vd`n aAh;t .
13. O pure Flame, fed with offerings we call thee as did Bhrigu,
as did Manu, as did Angiras.

(v\ V`n
aE`nnA Evo Ev
Z s(stA .
sKA sHyA sEm@ys
14. For thou art kindled, O Fire, by the fire, thou who art the
illumined seer art kindled by one who is illumined, as a
comrade thou art kindled by thy comrade.
12 Or, goal,
13 Or, clarified butter,


Other Hymns to Agni

s (v\ EvAy dAf;q
dEh shE*Zm^ .
vFrvtFEmqm^ 15
15. So do thou to the illumined who gives to thee give the
thousandfold wealth and the hero-force.

B}At, sh-kt roEhd
v f;Ecv}t .
im\ -tom\ j;q-v m
16. O Fire, my brother, created by my force, drawn by thy red
horses, pure in the law of thy workings, take pleasure in this
laud of mine.

ut (vA`n
mm -t;to vA2Ay Ethyt
goS\ gAv ivAft 17
17. My lauds reach thee, O Fire, as to the calf lowing in glad
response the cows reach their stall.

vA, s;E"ty, pTk^ .
kAmAy y
18. For thee, O most luminous Angiras, all those worlds of
happy dwelling, each in its separate power, labour for thy
desire, O Flame.

aE`n\ DFEBmnFEqZo m
EDrAso EvpE
ct, .
awsAy EhEvr
19. The thinkers, the wise, the illumined seers urged by their
thoughts the Fire to dwell in their house.

t\ (vAm>m
q; vAEjn\ tvAnA a`n
a@vrm^ .
vE>\ hotArmF0t
20. So thee as the horse in its gallopings performing the pilgrimsacrifice, O Fire, they desire as the carrier of the offering and
the priest of the call.

Mandala Eight


p;z/A Eh sdEs Evfo Ev
vA an; B;, .
sm(s; (vA hvAmh
21. Thou art the lord who looks with equal eyes on all the
peoples in many lands; we call to thee in our battles.

tmFE0v y aAh;to_E`nEvB}Ajt
{, .
im\ n, fZv=vm^ 22
22. Pray the Fire who fed with the pouring of the clarities blazed
wide; may he hear this our call.

t\ (vA vy\ hvAmh
f@vt\ jAtv
dsm^ .
tmp E7q, 23
23. Such art thou whom we call, Fire, the knower of all things
born who hears our cry and smites away from us the foe.

EvfA\ rAjAnmY;tm@y"\ DmZAEmmm^ .
s u 2vt^ 24
24. I pray this Fire, the marvellous king of the peoples who
presides over the laws of their action, may he hear.

aE`n\ Ev
ps\ my n vAEjn\ Ehtm^ .
sEP\ n vAjyAmEs 25
25. Fire who illumines the universal life like a male horse urged
to its gallop, we speed like a racer to the goal.

n^ mD}A@yp E7qo dhn^ r"A\Es Ev
vhA .
n dFEdEh 26
26. Smiting away the foes and things that hurt, burning the
Rakshasas on every side, O Fire, shine out with thy keen


Other Hymns to Agni

y\ (vA jnAs iDt
mn;vdEHr-tm .
s boED m
vc, 27
27. Thou whom men kindle as the human thinker,14 O most
luminous Angiras, O Fire, become aware of my word.

EdEvjA a-y=s;jA vA sh-kt .
t\ (vA gFEBhvAmh
28. Because, O Fire, created by our force thou art the flame born
in heaven, or the flame born in the waters, as such we call
thee with our words.

t^ t
jnA im
vA, s;E"ty, pTk^ .
DAEs\ Ehv(y1v
29. To thee, verily, these beings born and these worlds of a happy
dwelling each separately in its place, lay a foundation where
thou canst devour thy food.15

-vA@yo_hA Ev
vA nc"s, .
trt, -yAm d;ghA 30
30. O Fire, may we be those who have the right thought and
the divine vision, and through all the days, pass safe beyond
the danger.

aE`n\ md\ p;zEy\ fFr\ pAvkfoEcqm^ .

31. We seek with rapturous hearts Fire, the rapturous, in whom
are many things that are dear to us, - Fire with his intense
and purifying light.
14 Or, like Manu,
15 Or, cast nourishment for thy eating.

Mandala Eight


s (vm`n
EvBAvs;, sj(s$yo n rE
mEB, .
fDn^ tmA\Es Ejs
32. O Fire, shining with thy light, loosing forth thy lustre like
the sun with its rays, thou puttest forth thy force and slayest
the darknesses.

tt^ t
sh-v Imh
dA/\ y3opd-yEt .
vAy vs; 33
33. We seek from thee, O forceful Fire, that gift of thine, - the
desirable wealth which never fails.

sEmDAE`n\ d;v-yt Gt
{boDytAEtETm^ .
aAE-mn^ h&yA j;hotn 1
1. Set to his action by the fuel, awaken the guest by the offerings of the clarities; cast in him the offerings.

-tom\ j;q-v m
n mmnA .
Et s$?tAEn hy n, 2
2. O Fire, take pleasure in my laud, grow by this thought; let
thy joy respond to our utterances.

aE`n\ d$t\ p;ro dD
h&yvAhm;p b}v
; .

dvA; aA sAdyAEdh 3
3. I set in front Fire, the messenger, and speak to the carrier of
the offerings; may he bring to their session here the gods.

ut^ t
bhto acy, sEmDAn-y dFEdv, .
f;5As Irt
4. O luminous Fire, vast and bright thy rays upwards ascend
as thou art kindled high.


Other Hymns to Agni

up (vA j;4o mm GtAcFyt; hyt .
h&yA j;q-v n, 5
5. O joyful Flame, to thee may my ladles go bright with the
clarities; O Fire, take pleasure in our offerings.

md\ hotArmE(vj\ Ec/BAn;\ EvBAvs;m^ .
s u 2vt^ 6
6. I pray the Fire, the rapturous priest of the call, the sacrificant, shining with his light, rich in his lustres, may he

&\ hotArmFX^y\ j;mE`n\ kEv5t;m^ .
a@vrAZAmEBE2ym^ 7
7. The ancient priest of the call, desirable and accepted, Fire
the seer-will, joiner of the pilgrim-rites.

j;qAZo aEHr-tm
mA h&yAyAn;qk^ .
y.\ ny -t;TA 8
8. O most luminous Angiras, taking pleasure in these offerings
lead the sacrifice uninterruptedly in the way of the Truth,16
O Fire.

sEmDAn u s(y f;5foc ihA vh .
EcEk(vAn^ {
d&y\ jnm^ 9
9. High-kindled, O Right and True, O brilliant light, awakened
to knowledge bring here the divine people.

Ev\ hotArmd;h\ D$mk
t\; EvBAvs;m^ .
y.AnA\ k
10. The illumined seer and priest of the call, free from harms,
16 Or, according to the rule of the rites,

Mandala Eight


shining with light, carrying his banner of smoke, him we
seek, the ray of intuition of the sacrifices.

En pAEh n-(v\ Et m
dv rFqt, .
7q, sh-kt 11
11. O Fire, made by our force, protect us against the doers of
harm, pierce the hostile power.

aE`n, &
n mmnA f;MBAn-tv\ -vAm^ .
Z vAvD
12. Fire by the ancient thought making beautiful his own body,
a seer, grows by each illumined sage.

Ujo npAtmA h;v
_E`n\ pAvkfoEcqm^ .
aE-mn^ y.
13. I call to me the Child of Energy, Fire of the purifying light
in this sacrifice which is a perfect rite of the path.

s no Em/mh-(vm`n
Z foEcqA .

{rA sE(s bEhEq 14
14. So do thou, O Fire, O friendly light, with thy brilliant flame
sit with the gods on the sacred grass.

yo aE`n\ tvo dm

dv\ mt, spyEt .
t-mA id^ dFdyd^ vs; 15
15. The mortal who serves the divine Fire in the house of the
body, to him he gives the Riches.

aE`nm$ DA Edv, kk;t^ pEt, pET&yA aym^ .
apA\ rtA\Es EjvEt 16
16. Fire is the head and peak of heaven and lord of earth and
he sets moving the waters.


Other Hymns to Agni

f;cy-tv f;5A B}Ajt Irt
tv >yotF\ycy, 17
17. O Fire, upward dart blazing thy pure and brilliant tongues;
make to shine out thy lights.

vAy-y Eh dA/-yA`n
-vpEt, .
-totA -yA\ tv fmEZ 18
18. Thou art the lord of the Sun-world, O Fire, and hast power
for the gifts desirable; may I who laud thee abide in thy

mnFEqZ-(vA\ EhvEt EcE1EB, .
(vA\ vDt; no Egr, 19
19. Thee, O Fire, the thinkers urge on thy road, thee by their
perceivings of knowledge; may our words increase thee.

adND-y -vDAvto d$t-y rBt, sdA .
, sHy\ vZFmh
20. We choose the comradeship of the Fire inviolate in the law
of his nature, the ever-chanting messenger.

aE`n, f;Ecv}ttm, f;EcEv, f;Ec, kEv, .
f;cF roct aAh;t, 21
21. Most pure in his workings is the Fire, he is the pure illumined
sage, the pure seer of Truth; pure he shines out fed by our

ut (vA DFtyo mm Egro vDt; Ev
vhA .
sHy-y boED n, 22
22. So thee may my thinkings and my words increase always;
O Fire, awake to the comradeship between us.

Mandala Eight


-yAmh\ (v\ (v\ vA GA -yA ahm^ .
s(yA ihAEfq, 23
23. O Fire, if I were thou and thou wert I, then would thy
longings here become true.

vs;vs;pEtEh km-y`n
EvBAvs;, .
-yAm t
s;mtAvEp 24
24. O Fire, thou art the shining one, shining with thy lustres,
lord of the shining riches; may we abide in thy right thinking.17

Dtv}tAy t
v EsDv, .
Egro vA2As Irt
25. O Fire, to thee holding firmly the law of thy workings move
my words like lowing cattle, as rivers move towards the sea.

y;vAn\ Ev
pEt\ kEv\ Ev
vAd\ p;zv
psm^ .
aE`n\ f;MBAEm mmEB, 26
26. Fire the youth, the lord of the peoples, the seer, the allconsuming, Fire of the many illuminations I glorify with my

y.AnA\ rLy
vy\ Et`mjMBAy vF0v
27. May we strive towards the Fire by our lauds, the charioteer
of the sacrifices, Fire with his solid strength, his sharp tusks
of flame.

17 Or, thy grace.


Other Hymns to Agni

aEp jErtA B$t; s(y .
{ pAvk m0y 28
28. May this thy worshipper, O Fire, abide in thee; on him have
grace, O Right and True, O purifying Flame.

DFro V-ywsd^ Evo n jAgEv, sdA .
dFdyEs Ev 29
29. For thou art the wise thinker seated in the house, like an
illumined sage ever awake; O Fire, thou shinest out in


Z aAy;vso Etr 30
30. Before the stumblings come, O Fire, before the spoilers
arrive, O seer, carry forward our life, O Shining One.


a`n aA yAVE`nEBhotAr\ (vA vZFmh
aA (vAmn?t; ytA hEvmtF yEjS\ bEhrAsd
1. Come, O Fire, with thy fires, we choose thee as the priest
of the call, may the ladles extended, full of the offering
anoint thee, strongest for sacrifice when thou sittest on the
sacrificial seat.

aQCA Eh (vA shs, s$no aEHr, *;c
Ujo npAt\ Gtk
_E`n\ y.
q; p$&ym^ 2
2. For, towards thee, O Son of force, O Angiras, the ladles
move in the rite of the path; we seek the child of Energy
with his hair of light, the supreme fire in the sacrifices.

Mandala Eight


DA aEs hotA pAvk y#y, .
mdo yEjSo a@vr
vFX^yo Ev
EB, f;5 mmEB, 3
3. O Fire, thou art the seer and the ordainer, the priest of the
call, the purifier to whom must be given sacrifice, rapturous,
strong for sacrifice, one to be prayed in the pilgrim-rites with
illumined thoughts, O brilliant Flame!

adoGmA vhofto yEvS^y
dvA; aj* vFty
aEB yA\Es s;EDtA vso gEh md-v DFEtEBEht, 4
4. Bring to me who betray not, O youngest, O unceasing
Flame, the gods that desire for the advent; come to our wellfounded pleasant things, O shining One, rejoice established
by our thinkings.

(vEmt^ sTA a-y`n
/At-t-kEv, .
(vA\ EvAs, sEmDAn dFEdv aA EvvAsEt v
Ds, 5
5. O Fire, O deliverer, thou art very wide, the true, the seer,
thou who shinest out, O high-kindled Fire, thee the sages,
the ordainers illumine.

focA foEcS dFEdEh Evf
myo rA-v -to/
mhA; aEs .

dvAnA\ fmn^ mm st; s$ry, f/$qAh, -v`ny, 6
6. Flame out, O most luminous Flame, shine out for man, give
to him who lauds thee the bliss, for thou art great; may my
luminous seers abide in the peace of the gods, high in fire
may they overcome the foe.

7. As, O Fire, thou consumest old dry wood on the earth so burn, O friendly Light, whosoever comes with evil mind, our hurter.

8. Deliver us not to the mortal foe, to the demoniac, to him who gives expression to evil; guard us with thy unfailing and benignant, guardian and rescuer fires, O ever-youthful Flame!

9. Guard, O Fire, with the single word, guard with the second, guard with the words that are three, O master of Energies; O shining One, guard with the fourth.

10. Guard us from every hostile demon, protect us in the plenitudes; for we come to thee as the closest of the gods and our ally for our increase.

11. O purifying Fire, bring to us and give a wealth that increases our growth, the wealth that has to be expressed in us, O measurer of our formations, by thy right leading a wealth full of many longed-for things and very great in its self-glory, -

12. By which we may conquer those who challenge us in our battles, breaking through the designs of the foe; so do thou increase us with thy delight, O luminous in might, speed on their way the thoughts that find the treasure.

13. Fire is like a bull that sharpens its horns and tosses its head, his flaming jaws are too bright and keen to gaze at; strong-tusked is the Son of force.

14. O Fire, O Bull, thy tusks of flame cannot be challenged by the gaze when thou rangest abroad; so do thou, O priest of the call, make that our offering is well cast, conquer for us many desirable things.

15. In the forest thou sleepest in the two mothers, mortals kindle thee into a blaze; then sleepless thou carriest the offerings of the giver of the oblation and now thou shinest in the gods.

16. Thee pray the seven priests of the call, thee the unhesitant, shooting well thy shafts; thou breakest asunder the hill with thy heat and thy light: O Fire, go forth beyond men.

17. The Fire, the fire let us call for you having placed the sacred grass and placed the gifts of our pleasure, on day after day, Fire of the unseizable ray, priest of the call of seeing men.

18. O Fire, to thee constant in the peace of a deep calm I come with the intuition that awakes to knowledge; by our impulsion bring to us for our protection wealth of many forms that is most close.

19. O Fire, O god, for thy adorer thou art the lord of creatures, thou art the master of his house who departs not from him, afflicting the demons; great art thou, the guardian of heaven who comes to his gated home.

20. O blazing light, let not the demon enter into us; let not the witchcraft of the goblin sorcerers take possession; O Fire, push calamity and hunger far beyond the pastures of our herds, ward the demon-possessed away from us.


(v\ no a`n
mhoEB, pAEh Ev
v-yA arAt
, .
ut E7qo m(y-y 1
1. O Fire, guard us by thy lights18 from every hostile force and
from mortal foe.

18 Or, by thy greatnesses

Mandala Eight


nEh my;, pOzq
y If
Eh v, EyjAt .
(vEmdEs "pAvAn^ 2
2. O beloved in thy birth, mortal wrath has no power over
you: thou art master of the nights.

s no Ev
EB!jo npAd^ Bdfoc
dEh Ev
vvArm^ 3
3. So do thou with all the gods, O child of Energy, O happy
light, give us the wealth in which are all boons.

n tm`n
arAtyo mt y;vt rAy, .
y\ /Ays
vA\sm^ 4
4. The hostile forces, O Fire, cannot divorce from the Riches
the mortal giver whom thou rescuest.

y\ (v\ Ev m
EhnoEq DnAy .
s tvotF goq; gtA 5
5. O Fire, O illumined seer, he whom thou in the winning of
the purity speedest towards the Riches, by thy protection
reaches among the Ray-Cows.

(v\ rEy\ p;zvFrm`n
mtAy .
Zo ny v-yo aQC 6
6. Thou bringest, O Fire, the wealth in which are the many
strengths to the mortal giver; lead us towards greater riches.

uzyA Zo mA prA dA aGAyt
d, .
mtAy 7
7. Protect us, deliver us not, O knower of all things born, to the
mortal, the evil-thoughted who would bring on us calamity.


Other Hymns to Agni


dv-y rAEtmd
vo y;yot .
vs$nAm^ 8
8. O Fire, let none undivine take away from us what was given
by thee, the divine; thou hast power over the riches.

s no v-v up mA-y$jo npAmAEhn-y .
vso jErt
9. Thou art the measurer to us, thy adorers of a mighty wealth,
O child of Energy, O Friend, O shining One.

aQCA n, fFrfoEcq\ Egro yt; dftm^ .
aQCA y.Aso nmsA p;!vs\; p;zf-tm$ty
10. May our words go towards thee with thy keen light and
thy vision, our sacrifices to thee with surrender for our
protection, thee the widely proclaimed, the master of many
riches, -

aE`n\ s$n;\ shso jAtv
ds\ dAnAy vAyAZAm^ .
E7tA yo B$dmto m(y
vA hotA mdtmo EvEf 11
11. To the Fire, the Son of force, the knower of all things born,
for the gift of our desirable things; twofold he becomes the
immortal in the mortals, the rapturous priest of the call in

aE`n\ vo
dvy>yyA_E`n\ y(y@vr
aE`n\ DFq; TmmE`nmv(yE`n\ "
{/Ay sADs
12. Fire for you by the worship to the gods, Fire in the journeying of the pilgrim-sacrifice, Fire in the thoughts first and
chief, Fire in the war-horse, Fire for perfection in our field.

aE`nErqA\ sHy
ddAt; n If
yo vAyAZAm^ .
aE`n\ tok
vs\; st\ tn$pAm^ 13
13. May the Fire give us force in his comradeship, he who has

Mandala Eight


power for the desirable things; Fire we seek continually in
the son of our begettings as the shining one and the guardian
of the body.

14. Pray with your chants Fire of the keen flame for the protection, O Purumilha! Fire for the Treasure, - the Fire men pray for the inspired knowledge, a house for a splendid light.

15. Fire we hymn with our words that he may remove from us the hostile power, Fire to give to us the peace and the movement; he is in all men like a protector to whom they may call, he is the daylight of the wise.

  1. Do you make the offering, the priest of the pilgrim-rite has come and he conquers again, for he knows the commandment of the Fire.

  2. Let him sit within close to the keen burning ray, the priest of the call in thinking man, accepting the comradeship of the Fire.

  3. Within they wish him to be in a man the "terrible one", beyond the thinking mind; by his tongue they seize the peace.

  4. High burnt the companion bow, a founder of the growth he climbed the woodland, he smote the rock with his tongue.

  5. He is the shining calf who wanders and finds none to bind him here, to one who lauds him he manifests the mother.19

  6. And now is the great and vast yoking as if of the Horse, the rope of the chariot is seen.

  7. Seven milk the one, two let loose the five at the ford of the River upon the cry of the waters.

  8. By the ten of the sun Indra made fall the covering sheath of heaven with his triple mallet.
    19 Or, for one who lauds him he goes to the mother.

  9. A new adoration moves round the triple pilgrim-sacrifice, the priests of the call anoint with the honey-wine.

  10. With surrender they pour out the inexhaustible pervading well whose wheel is on high and its opening below.

  11. Close by are the stones and the honey-wine is poured in the lotus in the discharging of the well.

  12. O Ray-Cows, come to the well; here is the great wine-jar of the sacrifice, here are both the golden handles.

  13. Pour into the wine that is pressed, a joining splendour, the glory of earth and heaven; by the juice of the wine sustain the Bull.

  14. They know their own home; like calves with their mothers they met with each other as companions.

  15. In the jaws of the eater they made their foundation in heaven, their prostrations of surrender to Indra and the Fire made the Sun-world.

  16. The warrior milked out the seven-planed nourishing force and energy by the seven rays of the sun.

  17. O Mitra and Varuna, in the rising of the moon he received it on the sun; it is the healing draught for him who suffers.

  18. And now let him stretch out20 with his tongue of flame around heaven that plane of him in his full delight which is to be laid as a foundation.


1. All kinds of beings replenish the guest domiciled in your
house in whom are the many pleasant things; I laud him
with my thoughts with the word of bliss.
20 Or, form

Mandala Eight


y\ jnAso hEvmto Em/\ n sEprAs;Etm^ .
f\sEt fE-tEB, 2
2. He to whom men bringing the offering pour the stream of
the libation and by their words that give expression to him
proclaim as the friend, -

pyA\s\ jAtv
ds\ yo
dvtA(y;tA .
{ryd^ EdEv 3
3. The wonderful,21 the knower of all things born, who in the
formation of the godheads sends up the offerings uplifted in
heaven, -

aAgm v/htm\ >y
SmE`nmAnvm^ .
y-y 2;tvA bh3A"o anFk eDt
4. We have come to the Fire, strongest to slay the Coverers,
eldest and ever new in whose force of flame Shrutarvan, son
of Riksha, grows to vastness.

amt\ jAtv
ds\ Etr-tmA\Es dftm^ .
GtAhvnmFX^ym^ 5
5. The immortal, the knower of all things born who is seen22
across the darkness, one to be prayed to, one to whom are
offered the clarities.

sbADo y\ jnA im
_E`n\ h&y
j;4AnAso yt*;c, 6
6. The Fire whom men here oppressed pray with their offerings
casting their libations with the ladles at work.23
21 Or, the great doer,
22 Or, who sees
23 Or, with outstretched ladles.


Other Hymns to Agni

iy\ t
n&ysF mEtr`n
aDA?y-mdA .
md s;jAt s;5to_m$r d-mAEtT
7. Thine, O Fire, is the new thought founded in us, O rapturous
and well-born guest, strong of will, wise and powerful for

sA t
f\tmA cEnSA Bvt; EyA .
tyA vD-v s;;t, 8
8. May that thought, O Fire, become pleasant and full of peace
and gladness; grow by it, well-affirmed by our lauds.

sA ;<
dDFt v/t$y
9. May it be luminous with many lights, and uphold in its
inspiration a vast inspired knowledge in the piercing of the

vEmd^ gA\ rTA\ (v
qEmd\ n s(pEtm^ .
y-y 2vA\Es t$vT py\py\ c ky, 10
10. He is the Horse of power and the Cow of light, it is he who
fills our chariots, he is brilliant and like Indra the lord of
beings; you shall cross through his inspirations, O men! and
find each wonderful.

y\ (vA gopvno EgrA cEnSd`n
aEHr, .
s pAvk 2;DF hvm^ 11
11. Thou whom Gopavana gladdens with his word, O Fire, O
Angiras, O purifying Flame, hear his call.

y\ (vA jnAs I0t
sbADo vAjsAty
s boED v/t$y
12. Thou whom men oppressed pray for the winning of the
plenitudes, awake in the piercing of the Coverers.

Mandala Eight


ah\ h;vAn aA"
2;tvEZ mdQy;Et .
fDAsFv -t;kAEvnA\ m"A fFqA ct;ZAm^ 13
13. As if calling armed forces in Shrutarvan, son of Riksha,
from whom drips the rapturous inspiration, I comb the
shaggy-maned heads of the four.

mA\ c(vAr aAfv, fEvS-y dEv&v, .
s;rTAso aEB yo v"n^ vyo n t;ym^ 14
14. Me the swift and galloping four of that most strong one,
well-charioted, bore24 towards the delight as if birds flying
to water.25

s(yEmt^ (vA mh
nEd pz@yv
dEdfm^ .
mApo a
vdAtr, fEvSAdE-t m(y, 15
15. O great river Parushni, I have marked out (with them) thy
true course. O waters, than this most strong one no mortal
man is a greater giver of the Horses of power.26


y;#vA Eh
dvh$tmA; a
vA; a`n
rTFErv .
En hotA p$&y, sd, 1
1. O Fire, yoke like a charioteer the horses most powerful for
the calling of the gods; take thy seat, O ancient Priest of the
24 Or, let them bear me
25 Or, as the birds carried Tugrya.
26 Note on Riks 13, 14 and 15:

As is shown by the "Shravansi", "Turvatha" and the name "Shrutarvan", the Rishi is
giving a symbolic turn to the name as well as to the horses and the waters.


Other Hymns to Agni

ut no
dvA; aQCA voco Evd;r, .
2d^ Ev
vA vAyA kED 2
2. And now, since thou hast the knowledge, speak for us towards the gods, make true to our aspiration all desirable

(v\ h yd^ yEvS^y shs, s$nvAh;t .
-tAvA yE.yo B;v, 3
3. For thou, O Fire, O most youthful son of force, thou in
whom are cast the offerings, art the possessor of the Truth
to be worshipped with sacrifice.

aymE`n, shE*Zo vAj-y fEtn-pEt, .
m$DA kvF ryFZAm^ 4
4. This Fire is the lord of the hundredfold and thousandfold
plenitude, the seer who is the head of the treasures.

t\ n
EmmBvo yTA__ nm-v sh$EtEB, .
dFyo y.mEHr, 5
5. O Angiras, by words which bear in them the invocation,
bring down nearer that sacrifice as the heaven's craftsmen
brought down the rim of the wheel.

{ n$nmEBv
vAcA Ev!p En(yyA .
cod-v s;;Etm^ 6
6. To him now, O Virupa, by the eternal word give the impulse
of the high laud to the luminous Bull.

km; Evd-y s
rpAkc"s, .
pEZ\ goq; -trAmh
7. By the army of the Fire who has the eye that sees from afar27
27 Or, who has the eye of wisdom

Mandala Eight


may we lay low whatever miser Trafficker and enter among
the shining herds.

mA no
dvAnA\ Evf, AtFErvo*A, .
kf\ n hAs;ryA, 8
8. May the peoples of the gods abandon us not, even as the
unslayable luminous herds full of milk leave not a calf that
is lean.

mA n, sm-y d$Y^y, pEr7
qso a\hEt, .
UEmn nAvmA vDFt^ 9
9. Let not calamity from every evil-thoughted hostile around
smite us like a billow smiting a ship.

a`n aojs
dv ky, .
{rEm/mdy 10
10. O divine Fire, men declare their prostration of surrender to
thee that they may have force; crush by thy might the foe.

k;Evt^ s; no gEvy
Eqqo rEym^ .
uzkd;z Z-kED 11
11. Once and again for our search for the Ray-Cow thou hast
entered wholly into the riches, O Fire; O maker of wideness,
make for us a wideness.

mA no aE-mn^ mhADn
prA vg^ BArBd^ yTA .
s\vg s\ rEy\ jy 12
12. Abandon us not in the winning of this great wealth as if one
who bears a heavy burden; conquer this massed treasure.


Other Hymns to Agni

aym-md^ EByA iym`n
Esq?t; d;QC;nA .
vDA no amvQCv, 13
13. O Fire, may this mischief cling to another than us for his
terror; increase for us a forceful might.

y-yAj;q3mE-vn, fmFmd;mK-y vA .
t\ G
dE`nvDAvEt 14
14. The man in whose work he takes pleasure, one who offers
the prostration of surrender and is not poor in sacrifice, him
the Fire protects with increase.

pr-yA aED s\vto_vrA; a
y/AhmE-m tA; av 15
15. From thy place in the supreme region break through28 to
those who are below; here where I am, them protect.

EvwA Eh t
p;rA vym`n
Ept;yTAvs, .
aDA t
16. For we know from of old of thy protection like a father's,
O Fire, now we seek thy bliss.


S\ vo aEtET\ -t;q

Em/Emv Eym^ .
aE`n\ rT\ n v
m^ 1
1. Your guest most beloved I laud who is like a beloved friend,
Fire who is as if the chariot of our journey, the one whom
we must know.
28 Or, descend

Mandala Eight


kEvEmv c
ts\ y\
dvAso aD E7tA .
En m(y
vAdD;, 2
2. He whom as the seer and thinker the gods have now set
within twofold in mortals.

(v\ yEvS dAf;qo n;,
^ pAEh fZ;DF Egr, .
r"A tokm;t (mnA 3
3. O thou ever-young, guard men who give, hear our words;
protect the son by the Self.

kyA t
aEHr Ujo npAd;p-t;Etm^ .
dv myv
4. O divine Fire, O Angiras, O child of energy, by what word,
the laud, for thy supreme thinking?

m k-y mnsA y.-y shso yho .
kd; voc id\ nm, 5
5. By the mind of what master of sacrifice shall we give,
O son of force; how shall I word this prostration of my

aDA (v\ Eh n-kro Ev
vA a-m
vAjdEvZso Egr, 6
6. Mayst thou thyself create for us all worlds of a happy
dwelling, make our words a source of the plenitude and
the riches.

k-y n$n\ prFZso EDyo EjvEs d\pt
goqAtA y-y t
Egr, 7
7. In whose wide-moving thought dost thou take delight, O
master of the house; thou from whom come our words in
the conquest of the Light?


Other Hymns to Agni

t\ mjyt s;5t;\ p;royAvAnmAEjq; .
q; "y
q; vAEjnm^ 8
8. Him they make bright, the strong of will, and he goes in
front in the race;29 he is a master of plenitude in his own

Et "
EB, sAD;EBnEky Et hEt y, .
s;vFr eDt
9. He dwells safe on perfect foundations and there are none to
slay him, it is he who slays; O Fire, he is a mighty hero and


bhd^ vyo dDAEs
dv dAf;q
kEvghpEty;vA 1
1. Thou, O divine Fire, foundest a vast expansion for the giver,
thou art the seer, the youth, the master of the house.

s n I0AnyA sh
dvA; a`n
d;v-y;vA .
EcEkd^ EvBAnvA vh 2
2. Do thou, O Fire of the wide light, who art awake to knowledge, go with our word of prayer and of works and call the

(vyA h E-vd^ y;jA vy\ coEdS
n yEvS^y .
aEB mo vAjsAty
3. With thee indeed as an ally, most strong in thy urge, we
overcome for the conquest of the plenitude.
29 Or, in the contests;

Mandala Eight


aOvBg;vQC;Ecm=nvAnvdA h;v
aE`n\ sm;dvAssm^ 4
4. Even as the Flame-Seer, Son of the Wideness, even as the
Doer of Works I invoke the pure ocean-dwelling Fire.

vAt-vn\ kEv\ pjy5\ sh, .
aE`n\ sm;dvAssm^ 5
5. I call the force which has the sound of the wind and the cry
of the rain, the ocean-dwelling Fire.

aA sv\ sEvt;yTA Bg-y
v B;Ej\ h;v
aE`n\ sm;dvAssm^ 6
6. I call like the creation of the Creator-Sun, like the delight of
the Lord of Delight, the ocean-dwelling Fire.

aE`n\ vo vDtm@vrAZA\ p;!tmm^ .
~ sh-vt
7. For the forceful offspring of the pilgrim-sacrifices towards
Fire as he grows in his multitudes, -

ay\ yTA n aAB;vt^ (vA !p
v t#yA .
a-y 5(vA yf-vt, 8
8. So that he may come to be with us like the Form-Maker
coming to the forms he has to carve, us made glorious by
his will at work.

ay\ Ev
vA aEB E2yo_E`nd
q; p(yt
aA vAj
{zp no gmt^ 9
9. This Fire travels in the gods towards all glories; may he
come to us with the plenitudes.


Other Hymns to Agni

qAEmh -t;Eh hot^ZA\ yf-tmm^ .
aE`n\ y.
q; p$&ym^ 10
10. Laud here the most glorious of priests of the call, the
supreme30 Fire in the sacrifices.

fFr\ pAvkfoEcq\ >y
So yo dm
vA .
dFdAy dFG2;1m, 11
11. The intense Fire with its purifying light who dwells eldest in
our homes, shines out as one who hears from afar.

tmvt\ n sAnEs\ gZFEh Ev f;EmZm^ .
Em/\ n yAty>jnm^ 12
12. Declare him, O illumined sage, as the powerful and conquering war-horse, as the friend who takes man to the goal
of his journey.

up (vA jAmyo Egro
dEdftFhEvkt, .
aE-Trn^ 13
13. Towards thee come the words of the giver of the offerings
marking thee out and stand firm as companions in the might
of the wind.

y-y E/DA(vvt\ bEh-t-TAvs\Ednm^ .
cE3 dDA pdm^ 14
14. Thou whose triple seat of sacrifice is untied and unconfined
and the waters also have established thy abode, -

dv-y mF[h;qo_nADAEB!EtEB, .
BdA s$y ivopdk^ 15
15. The abode of the bounteous godhead with its inviolate
safeties, like a happy regard of the Sun.
30 Or, the ancient

Mandala Eight


Gt-y DFEtEB-t
dv foEcqA .
dvAn^ vE" yE" c 16
16. O divine Fire, by our thinkings of the light, burning with
thy flame, bring to us the gods and do them sacrifice.

t\ (vAjnt mAtr, kEv\
dvAso aEHr, .
h&yvAhmm(ym^ 17
17. The mothers bore thee, the gods brought thee to birth as the
seer, the immortal, the carrier of offering, O Angiras.

ts\ (vA kv
d$t\ vr
@ym^ .
h&yvAh\ En q
18. O Fire, O seer, they set thee within as the thinker, the
desirable messenger, carrier of the offerings.

nEh m
a-(yyA n -vEDEtvnvEt .
{tAdg^ BrAEm t
19. Mine is not the cow unslayable, I have no axe at hand, so I
bring to thee this little that I have.

kAEn kAEn EcdA t
dA!EZ d@mEs .
tA j;q-v yEvS^y 20
20. What we place for thee, a few chance logs, them accept, O
ever-young Fire.

ydy;pEjE4kA yd^ vm}o aEtspEt .
sv td-t; t
Gtm^ 21
21. What is eaten by the ant, what the white ant overruns, let
all that be to thee as if thy food of light.31
31 Or, as if clarified butter.


Other Hymns to Agni

aE`nEmDAno mnsA EDy\ sc
t m(y, .
Evv-vEB, 22
22. Kindling the Fire let mortal man cleave with his mind to the
Thought; by things luminous32 I kindle the Fire.


adEf gAt;Ev1mo yE-mn^ v}tAyAdD;, .
upo q; jAtmAy-y vDnmE`n\ n"t no Egr, 1
1. He is seen, the great path-finder in whom they have founded
the laws of our action; to the Fire well-born, increaser of the
Aryan, go our words.

dvodAso aE`nd
vA; aQCA n m>mnA .
an; mAtr\ pETvF\ Ev vAvt
t-TO nAk-y sAnEv 2
2. Fire lit by the Servant of Heaven travels in his might towards
the gods along our mother earth and on heaven's peak he
takes his stand.

y-mAd^ rjt ky
ck(yAEn k@vt, .
sh*sA\ m
DsAtAEvv (mnA_E`n\ DFEB, spyt 3
3. Fire because of whom men doing the works that have to be
done, grow luminous, him conqueror of the thousands as
if in the winning of the purities they serve by the self,33 by
their thoughts.

32 Or, by the shining ones
33 Or, of themselves,

Mandala Eight


y\ rAy
EnnFqEs mto y-t
vso dAft^ .
s vFr\ D1
a`n u?Tf\Esn\ (mnA sh*poEqZm^ 4
4. He whom thou willst to lead to the Riches, the mortal who
gives to thee, O shining One, he holds in himself, O Fire, the
hero, who utters the word, who increases the thousands.

s d[h
EcdEB tZE1 vAjmvtA s D1
aE"Et 2v, .

dv/A sdA p;!vso Ev
vA vAmAEn DFmEh 5
5. He rends open the plenitude even in the strong place by the
war-horse, he founds an imperishable inspired knowledge;
O thou of the many riches, in thee we ever hold in the
godheads all beautiful things.

yo Ev
vA dyt
vs; hotA mdo jnAnAm^ .
mDon pA/A TmAy-m
{ -tomA y(y`ny
6. He who gives to us all treasures, men's rapturous priest of
the call, to him our lauds go forth as if supreme vessels of
the honey-wine.

v\ n gFBF rLy\ s;dAnvo mm>yt

dvyv, .
d-m Ev
pEq rADo mGonAm^ 7
7. The lavish givers, the seekers of the godhead, make him
bright by their words as if currying a chariot-horse. O
powerful for action, O lord of peoples, in the son of our
begettings thou carriest achievement of the possessors of
riches beyond both the firmaments.

m\EhSAy gAyt -tA
up-t;tAso a`ny
8. Chant to the most bounteous, the possessor of the Truth,
the brilliant in light, coming with the laud, to the Fire.


Other Hymns to Agni

aA v\st
mGvA vFrvd^ yf, sEm=o ;MyAh;t, .
k;Ev3o a-y s;mEtnvFy-yQCA vAj
EBrAgmt^ 9
9. High-kindled, fed with the offering full of light, the lord
of riches conquers a heroic glory; often may his new rightthinking come towards us with the plenitudes, -

Sm; EyAZA\ -t;VAsAvAEtETm^ .

aE`n\ rTAnA\ ymm^ 10
10. O thou who pressest the wine, laud the Fire, the guest most
beloved of the beloved, the controller of the chariots, -

uEdtA yo EnEdtA v
EdtA v-vA yE.yo vvtEt .
d;rA y-y vZ
nomyo EDyA vAj\ EsqAst, 11
11. The master of sacrifice who turns towards us the hidden
treasures now risen and known, he in whose downward
descent is a rush as of waves hard to cross, when he conquers
by the thought the plenitudes.

mA no }ZFtAmEtETvs;rE`n, p;zf-t eq, .
y, s;hotA -v@vr, 12
12. May not Fire, the guest, the shining One widely proclaimed,
be wroth with us; this is he who is the perfect priest of the
call perfect in the pilgrim-rite.

mo t
Erqn^ y
{, .
cE= (vAmF
d$(yAy rAth&y, -v@vr, 13
13. May they not come to harm by any of their movements who
approach thee with invocation, O Fire, O shining One; for
the singer of the hymn34 who has given the offering and
does well the pilgrim-rite demands of thee the office of the
34 Or, the doer of works

Mandala Eight


yAEh mz(sKA zd

soByA up s;;Et\ mAdy-v -vZr
14. Come, O Fire, with the Rudras, comrade of the life-gods for
the drinking of the Soma wine, to the laud of Sobhari and
take thy rapture in the godhead of the Sun-world.

Mandala Ten

} bh3;qsAm$@vo a-TAE3jgvAn^ tmso >yoEtqAgAt^ .
aE`nBAn;nA zftA -vH aA jAto Ev
vA swAyA, 1
1. High and vast the Fire stood in front of the dawns; issuing
out of the darkness he came with the Light: Fire, a perfect
body of brilliant lustre, filled out at his very birth all the

s jAto gBo aEs rod-yor`n
cAzEvBt aoqDFq; .
Ec/, Eff;, pEr tmA\-y?t$n^ mAt
2. Thou art the child born from earth and heaven, the child
beautiful carried in the growths of earth; an infant manyhued, thou goest forth crying aloud from the mothers
around the nights and the darknesses.

EvZ;Er(TA prmm-y Ev7A)jAto bh3EB pAEt ttFym^ .
aAsA yd-y pyo a5t -v\ sc
tso a
3. Vishnu knowing rightly the supreme plane of this Fire, born
in his vastness, guards the third (plane); when in his mouth
they have poured the milk (of the cow), conscious they shine
here towards his own home.

at u (vA Ept;Bto jEn/Fr3AvD\ Et cr(y3
{, .
tA _ (y
Eq p;nry!pA aEs (v\ Ev"; mAn;qFq; hotA 4
4. Hence the mothers who bear that draught come with their

Mandala Ten


food to thee, and thou growest by the food: to them the
same, but other in their forms, thou comest (returnest)
again, then art thou priest of the call in human beings.

hotAr\ Ec/rTm@vr-y y.-yy.-y k
t;\ zftm^ .
v-y m>A E2yA (vE`nmEtET\ jnAnAm^ 5
5. The priest of the call of the pilgrim-rite with his manyhued chariot, in the brilliant ray of intuition of sacrifice on
sacrifice, Fire the guest of man who takes to himself the half
of each god in might and glory.

s t; v-/A@yD p
fnAEn vsAno aE`nnABA pET&yA, .
azqo jAt, pd i0AyA, p;roEhto rAjn^ y"Fh
dvAn^ 6
6. Putting on robes, putting on forms, Fire in the navel-centre
of the earth is born a ruddy flame, in the seat of Revelation.
O King, as the priest set in front sacrifice to the gods.

aA Eh AvApETvF a`n uB
sdA p;/o n mAtrA ttT .
yAVQCofto yEvSA_TA vh sh-y
dvAn^ 7
7. Ever, O Fire, thou hast stretched out earth and heaven, as
their son thou hast built up thy father and mother: O ever
young, journey towards the gods who desire thee; then bring
them to us, O forceful Flame!

dvA; ufto yEvS Ev7A; -t; yj
h .
$ t;pt
d&yA -E(vj-t
(v\ hot^ZAm-yAyEjS, 1
1. Satisfy the desire of the gods, O thou ever young, do sacrifice
here, a knower of its order and its times,1 O master of the
order and time of things; with those who are divine priests

1 In the exoteric sense, rtu seems to mean the rites of the sacrifice.


Other Hymns to Agni
of the order of the work thou, O Fire, art the strongest for

Eq ho/m;t po/\ jnAnA\ mDAtAEs dEvZodA -tAvA .
-vAhA vy\ kZvAmA hvF\Eq
dvAn^ yj(vE`nrhn^ 2
2. Thou comest to men's invocation, thou comest to the purification, thou art the thinker, the giver of the riches, the
possessor of the Truth: may we make the offerings with
svaha; may Fire, availing, do the sacrifice, a god to the gods.

dvAnAmEp pTAmgm yQCvAm tdn; vo[h;m^ .
aE`nEv7A(s yjA(s
d; hotA so a@vrA(s -t$n^ kSpyAEt 3
3. We have come to the path of the gods, may we have power
to tread it, to drive forward along that road. The Fire is the
knower, let him do sacrifice; he verily is the priest of the
call, he makes effective the pilgrim-sacrifices and the order
of our works.

yd^ vo vy\ EmnAm v}tAEn Evd;qA\
dvA aEvd;rAs, .
aE`nd^ Ev
vmA pZAEt Ev7An^ y
vA; -t;EB, kSpyAEt 4
4. Whatever we may impair of the laws of your workings,
O gods, we in our ignorance maiming your workings who
know, all that may the Fire who is a knower make full by
that order in time with which he makes effective the gods.

yt^ pAk/A mnsA dFnd"A n y.-y mvt
m(yAs, .
aE`n=otA 5t;Evd^ EvjAnn^ yEjSo
dvA; -t;fo yjAEt 5
5. What in the sacrifice mortals in the ignorance of their minds,
poor in discernment, cannot think out, that the Fire knows,
the priest of the call, the finder of the right-will, strongest
of sacrificants and does the sacrifice to the gods in the order
and times of the truth.

Mandala Ten


qA\ V@vrAZAmnFk\ Ec/\ k
t;\ jEntA (vA jjAn .
s aA yj-v nvtFrn; "A, -pAhA iq, ";mtFEv
vjyA, 6
6. The father brought thee to birth, the force of all pilgrimsacrifices, the many-hued ray of intuition; so do thou win for
us by sacrifice in the line of the planes with their godheads,
their desirable and opulent universal forces.

y\ (vA AvApETvF y\ (vAp-(vA y\ (vA s;jEnmA jjAn .
pTAmn; Ev7An^ EptyAZ\ ;md`n
sEmDAno Ev BAEh 7
7. Thou whom heaven and earth, thou whom the waters,
thou whom the form-maker, creator of perfect births, have
brought into being, O Fire, luminously along the path of the
journey of the Fathers, knowing it beforehand, high-kindled

ino rAj3rEt, sEm=o rOdo d"Ay s;q;mA; adEf .
EcEkE7 BAEt BAsA bhtA_EsFm
Et zftFmpAjn^ 1
1. He is seen high-kindled, the master ruling all, the traveller,
the terrible, he who creates perfectly right understanding,
awake to knowledge he shines wide with a vast lustre;
driving the ruddy bright cow he comes to the dark one.

kZA\ yd
nFmEB vpsA B$>jnyn^ yoqA\ bht, Ept;jAm^ .
U@v BAn;\ s$y-y -tBAyn^ Edvo vs;EBrrEtEv BAEt 2
2. When he overspreads with his body the black night and
the dappled dawn bringing to birth the young maiden born
from the great Father, pillaring the high-lifted light of the
sun, the traveller shines out with the riches2 of heaven.

2 Or, the shining ones


Other Hymns to Agni

Bdo BdyA scmAn aAgAt^ -vsAr\ jAro a
Et p
cAt^ .
{;EBrE`nEvEtSn^ zfEYvZ
{rEB rAmm-TAt^ 3
3. He has come closely companioning her, happy with her
happy, a lover he follows behind his sister; Fire spreading
out with his lights full of conscious knowledge overlays her
beauty with his ruddy shining hues.

a-y yAmAso bhto n v`n$EnDAnA a`n
, sHy;, Efv-y .
IX^y-y vZo bht, -vAso BAmAso yAm3?tvE
4. His movements flaming send forth as if vast callings of Fire
the beneficent comrade; in the march of this mighty and
adorable flame, the vast and beautiful, his radiances blazing
have waked to knowledge.

-vnA n y-y BAmAs, pvt
rocmAn-y bht, s;Edv, .
{, 5F0;mEYvEqS
EBBAn;EBn"Et Am^ 5
5. His blazings as he shines stream like sounds of bright heaven
in its vastness; with his greatest, most splendid and opulent
lights at play he travels to heaven.

a-y f;mAso ddfAnpv
hmAn-y -vnyn^ Eny;EY, .
EByo zfEYd
vtmo Ev rBEYrrEtBAEt Ev
6. His strengths are those of a thunderbolt seen in the hurling,
they neigh aloud in their teams; he, the traveller, most divine,
shines wide-pervading with his ancient ruddy chanting fires.

s aA vE" mEh n aA c sE(s Edv-pET&yorrEty;v(yo, .
aE`n, s;t;k, s;t;k
{ rB-vYF rB-vA; eh gMyA, 7
7. So carry for us, so take thy seat, the mighty traveller of the
young earth and heaven, Fire the swift and vehement with
his swift and vehement horses, - so mayst thou come to us

Mandala Ten



yE" t iyEm mm B;vo yTA vo no hv
q; .
DvE3v pA aEs (vm`n iy"v
& rAjn^ 1
1. To thee I sacrifice, to thee I send forth my thought so that
thou mayst manifest thyself adorable at our call; thou art
like a fountain in the desert to longing men, O ancient king,
O Fire.

y\ (vA jnAso aEB s\crEt gAv uZEmv v}j\ yEvS .
dvAnAmEs m(yAnAmtmhA;
crEs rocn
n 2
2. O ever-young flame, towards thee men move, like herds
that go to a warm pen; thou art the messenger of gods
and mortals, thou movest between them vast through the
luminous world.

Eff\; n (vA j
y\ vDytF mAtA EbBEt scn-ymAnA .
DnorED vtA yAEs hyE)jgFqs
pf;ErvAvs, 3
3. The mother bears thee like an infant child clinging cherishingly to thee, increasing thee to be a conqueror; headlong
down over the dry land he goes rejoicing, he is fain to go
like an animal let loose.

m$rA am$r n vy\ EcEk(vo mEh(vm`n
(vmH Ev(s
crEt Ej4yAdn^ rErVt
y;vEt\ Ev
pEt, sn^ 4
4. O thou who art conscious and free from ignorance, ignorant
are we and we know not thy greatness, thou only knowest.
Covert he lies, he ranges devouring with his tongue of flame,
he licks the young earth and is the master of her creatures.

snyAs; n&yo vn
t-TO pElto D$mk
t;, .
aAtApo vqBo n v
Et sc
tso y\ Zyt mtA, 5
5. Anywhere he is born new in eternal wombs; he stands in the


Other Hymns to Agni
forest hoary-old with smoke for his banner: a bull unbathed
he journeys to the waters and mortals who are conscious
lead him on his way.

v t-krA vng$ rfnAEBdfEBr
iy\ t
n&ysF mnFqA y;#vA rT\ n f;cyEYrH
{, 6
6. Two robbers abandoning their bodies, rangers of the forest,
have planted him in his place with ten cords. This is thy new
thinking, O Fire, yoke thyself to it with thy illumining limbs
like a chariot.

b} c t
do nm
y\ c gF, sdEmd^ vDnF B$t^ .
r"A Zo a`n
tnyAEn tokA r"ot n-tvo ay;QCn^ 7
7. Thine is this wisdom-word, O knower of all things born,
and this prostration, this utterance is thine; may it have ever
the power to make thee grow. Guard all that are offspring
of our begetting, guard undeviatingly our bodies.

ek, sm;do DzZo ryFZAm-m=do B$ErjmA Ev c
Esq?(y$DEn@yozp-T u(s-y m@y
EnEht\ pd\ v
, 1
1. One sole ocean holding all the riches, born in manifold
births from our heart it sees all; there cleaves to the teat in the
lap of the two secret ones in the midst of the fountain-source
the hidden seat of the being.

smAn\ nF0\ vqZo vsAnA, s\ jE`mr
mEhqA avtFEB, .
-t-y pd\ kvyo En pAEt g;hA nAmAEn dEDr
prAEZ 2
2. The stallions inhabiting a common abode, the great stallions
have met with the mares. The seers guard the seat of the
Truth, they hold in the secrecy the supreme Names.

Mandala Ten


-tAEynF mAEynF s\ dDAt
Em(vA Eff;\ j.t;vDytF .
v-y nAEB\ crto D}v-y
ct^ tt;\ mnsA Evyt, 3
3. The two mothers in whom is the Truth, in whom is the
mage-wisdom, formed him and brought to birth like an
infant child, they have put him firm in his place and make
him grow. Men found in him the navel-centre of all that is
moving and stable and they weave by the mind the weft of
the seer.

-t-y Eh vtny, s;jAtEmqo vAjAy Edv, sct
aDFvAs\ rodsF vAvsAn
mD$nAm^ 4
4. Him well-born the routes of the Truth and its ancient impulsions close companion for the plenitude. Heaven and earth
give lodging to him whose dwelling is above them,3 they
make him grow by the lights and foods of their sweetnesses.

sP -vs^rzqFvAvfAno Ev7An^ m@v u>jBArA df
km^ .
p;rAjA iQCn^ vEv}mEvdt^ p$qZ-y 5
5. Desiring the seven shining sisters, the knower bore on high
their sweetnesses that he might have vision; he who was born
from of old laboured within in the mid-world, he wished for
and found the covering of the all-fostering sun.

sP myAdA, kvy-tt";-tAsAm
aAyoh -kMB upm-y nF0
pTA\ Evsg
q; t-TO 6
6. The seers fashioned the seven goals,4 towards one of them
alone goes the narrow and difficult road. A pillar of the
supreme being in its abode, he stands at the starting-out of
the ways, in the upholding laws.

3 Or, as their inhabitant,
4 Or, the seven frontiers,


Other Hymns to Agni

asQc sQc prm
&yomn^ d"-y jm3Edt
aE`nh n, TmjA -t-y p$v aAy;En vqB
c D
n;, 7
7. He is the being and non-being in the supreme ether, in
the birth of the Understanding in the lap of the indivisible
mother. Fire comes to us as the first-born of the Truth, he is
the Bull and milch-Cow in the original existence.

ay\ s y-y fm3voEBr`n
jErtAEBO .
EByo BAn;EB-q$ZA\ py
Et pErvFto EvBAvA 1
1. This is he in whose peace,5 and in his approach to it, grows
by his guardings the worshipper of the Fire, who encompasses all and is spread everywhere luminous with the largest
lights of the wise.6

yo BAn;EBEvBAvA EvBA(yE`nd
EB-tAvAj*, .
aA yo EvvAy sHyA sEK
2. Fire, who shines perpetual, possessor of the Truth, luminous
with divine lights, he who follows out the works of a comrade for his comrades like a courser running straight to his

yo Ev
vAy;zqso &y;O .
aA yE-mn^ mnA hvF\y`nAvErrT, -k|AEt f$q
{, 3
3. He who has power for every advent of godhead, who has
power for the outbreak of the dawn and is the life of all,
Fire in whom our thinkings are cast as offerings, his chariot
goes unhurt and he supports all by his strengths.

5 Or, house of refuge,
6 Or, with his largest lights for the wise.

Mandala Ten


EBvDo j;qAZo ak
vA; aQCA rG;p(vA EjgAEt .
mdo hotA s j;4A yEjS, s\Em
lo aE`nrA EjGEt
dvAn^ 4
4. Increasing by his strengths, rejoicing in his illuminations he
goes a swift galloper towards the gods; he is the rapturous
priest of the call strong to sacrifice with his tongue of flame;
inseparable from the gods the Fire sheds on them his light.

tm;*AEmd\ n rjmAnmE`n\ gFEBnmoEBrA kZ;@vm^ .
aA y\ EvAso mEtEBgZEt jAtv
ds\ j;4\ shAnAm^ 5
5. Him fashion for you with your words and your obeisances
as if Indra quivering at the dawn-ray, him whom illumined
sages voice with their thoughts, the knower of all things
born, the overpowering Flame.

s\ yE-mn^ Ev
vA vs$En j`m;vAj
vA, sPFvt ev
{, .
UtFErdvAttmA avAcFnA a`n aA kZ;v 6
6. Thou in whom all the Riches meet together in the plenitude
like horses by their gallopings in their speed towards the
goal, the protections most desired by Indra to us make close,
O Fire.

aDA V`n
m>A EnqA so j.Ano h&yo bB$T .
t\ t

dvAso an; k
tmAy3DAvDt TmAs UmA, 7
7. Now, indeed, taking thy seat in thy greatness, O Fire, in thy
very birth thou hast become the one to whom we must call;
the gods walked by the ray of thy intuition, then they grew
and were the first and supreme helpers.

-vE-t no Edvo a`n
pET&yA Ev
Eh yjTAy
dv .
mEh tv d-m k
{zzyA Z uzEBd
v f\s
{, 1
1. Found for us felicity of earth and heaven and universal life


Other Hymns to Agni
that we may worship thee with sacrifice, O god; O doer of
works, may we keep close to thy perceptions of knowledge;
guard us, O god, with thy wide utterances.

imA a`n
{rEB gZEt rAD, .
ydA t
mto an; BogmAnX^ vso dDAno mEtEB, s;jAt 2
2. For thee these thoughts are born, O Fire, towards thee they
voice our achievement of riches with its horses of power
and herds of light when the mortal upheld by his thoughts
following thee attains to thy enjoyment, O Fire, perfectly
born, O shining One.

aE`n\ my
EptrmE`nmAEpmE`n\ B}Atr\ sdEmt^ sKAym^ .
rnFk\ bht, spy EdEv f;5\ yjt\ s$y-y 3
3. I think of the Fire as my father, my ally, my brother, ever
my comrade; I serve the force of vast Fire, his bright and
worshipped force of the Sun in heaven.

EsD}A a`n
EDyo a-m
sn;/Fy /Ays
dm aA En(yhotA .
-tAvA s roEhd
v, p;z";;EBr-mA ahEBvAmm-t; 4
4. O Fire, effective in us are thy thoughts and conquerors of
our aims: he whom thou deliverest, thou the eternal priest
of the call in the house, who art that driver of the red horses,
possessed of the Truth, possessor of the much store of riches,
may happiness be his through the shining days.

;EBEht\ Em/Emv yog\ &mE(vjm@vr-y jArm^ .
5. The Fire founded by the heavens7 as our friend and the
means for our works, the ancient priest of the pilgrim-rites,
the lover men brought into being by the strength of their two
arms and seated within as the priest of the call in beings.
7 Or, with his lights

Mandala Ten


-vy\ yj-v EdEv
dvAn^ Ek\ t
pAk, kZvdc
tA, .
yTAyj -t;EBd
vA yj-v tv\ s;jAt 6
6. Thyself sacrifice in heaven to the gods, for what shall man
immature in thought and unconscious of the knowledge do
of thy work? Even as thou didst sacrifice in the order and
times of the Truth, a god to the gods, O perfectly born Fire,
so sacrifice to thy body.

BvA no a`n
_Evtot gopA BvA vy-kd;t no vyoDA, .
rA-vA c n, s;mho h&ydAEt\ /A-vot n-tvo ay;QCn^ 7
7. O Fire, become our guardian and protector, become the
creator of our growth and of our growth the upholder, O
mighty One, give to us what we shall give as offerings to the
gods, and unfailing our bodies deliver.


t;nA bhtA yA(yE`nrA rodsF vqBo rorvFEt .
cdtA; upmA; udAn0pAm;p-T
mEhqo vvD 1
1. The Fire journeys on with his vast ray of intuition, the Bull
bellows to earth and heaven; he has reached up to the highest
extremities of heaven, the mighty one has grown in the lap
of the waters.

m;mod gBo vqB, kk;wAn*
mA v(s, EfmFvA; arAvFt^ .
dvtA(y;tAEn k@v(-v
q; "y
q; Tmo EjgAEt 2
2. The Bull of the heights,8 the new-born rejoiced, the unfailing
child worker rejoiced and shouted aloud; in the formation
of the gods he does his exalted works and comes the first in
his own abodes.
8 Or, the humped-Bull,


Other Hymns to Agni

aA yo m$DAn\ Ep/orrND y@vr
s$ro aZ, .
a-y p(m3zqFr
vb;9A -t-y yonO tvo j;qt 3
3. He who grasps the head of the father and mother they set
within in the pilgrim-sacrifice, a sea from the Sun-world; in
his path are the shining rays that are the foundations of the
Horse of Power and they accept embodiment in the native
seat of the Truth.

uquqo Eh vso ag}m
Eq (v\ ymyorBvo EvBAvA .
-tAy sP dEDq
pdAEn jnyn^ Em/\ tv
{ 4
4. O shining One, thou comest to the front of dawn after dawn,
thou hast become luminous in the Twins; thou holdest the
seven planes for the Truth bringing Mitra to birth for thy
own body.

c";mh -t-y gopA B;vo vzZo ydtAy v
Eq .
B;vo apA\ npA>jAtv
do B;vo d$to y-y h&y\ j;joq, 5
5. Thou becomest the eye of the vast Truth; when thou journeyest to the Truth thou becomest Varuna, its guardian;
thou becomest the child of the waters, O knower of all
things born, thou becomest the messenger of the man in
whose offering thou hast taken pleasure.

B;vo y.-y rjs
c n
tA y/A Eny;EY, scs
EfvAEB, .
EdEv m$DAn\ dEDq
-vqA Ej4Am`n
h&yvAhm^ 6
6. Thou art the leader of the sacrifice and leader to the midworld to which thou resortest constantly with thy helpful
team of mares; thou upholdest in heaven thy head that conquers the Sun-world, thy tongue thou makest, O Fire, the
carrier of our offerings.

Mandala Ten


a-y E/t, 5t;nA vv
} atErQCn^ DFEt\ Ept;rv
{, pr-y .
sc-ymAn, Ep/ozp-T
jAEm b}vAZ
aAy;DAEn v
Et 7
7. By his will Trita in the secret cave desiring by his movements
the thinking of the supreme Father, cherished in the lap
of the Father and Mother, speaking the companion-word,
seeks his weapons.

s EpWyA@yAy;DAEn Ev7AEnd
aAyo a

E/fFqAZ\ sPrE
m\ jGvAn^ (vA~-y EcE3, ssj
E/to gA, 8
8. Trita Aptya discovered the weapons of the Father and missioned by Indra went to the battle; he smote the Threeheaded, the seven-rayed and let loose the ray-cows of the
son of Twashtri the form-maker.

B$rFEdd uEdn"tmojo_vAEBnt^ s(pEtmymAnm^ .
(vA~-y EcE7
v!p-y gonAmAc5AZ-/FEZ fFqA prA vk^ 9
9. Indra, the master of beings, broke that great upstriving meditating force and cast it downward and making his own the
ray-cows of Twashtri's son of the universal forms he took
away from him his three heads.


vqA vZ
h dohsA Edv, pyA\Es y4o aEdt
v\ s v
d vzZo yTA EDyA s yE.yo yjt; yE.yA; -t$n^ 1
1. Mighty from the mighty, strong and inviolable, he milked by
the milking of heaven the streams of the Indivisible; Varuna
knew all by his right thought. A lord of sacrifice, may he
perform the order of the rites of the sacrifice.


Other Hymns to Agni

rpd^ gDvFr=yA c yoqZA nd-y nAd
pEr pAt; m
mn, .
i-y m@y
aEdEtEn DAt; no
B}AtA no >y
S, Tmo Ev vocEt 2
2. May the Gandharvi speak to me and the Woman born from
the Waters, may her protection be around my mind midst
the roar of the river; may the indivisible mother establish us
in the heart of our desire: my brother the greatest9 and first
declares it to me.

so Ec3; BdA ";mtF yf-v(y;qA uvAs mnv
-vvtF .
ydFm;ftm;ftAmn; 5t;mE`n\ hotAr\ EvdTAy jFjnn^ 3
3. She the happy and opulent and glorious, Dawn has shone
out for man bringing the Sun-world with her when they gave
birth to this Fire, an aspirant doing the will of the aspirants
for the discovery of knowledge.

aD (y\ d=s\ Ev
no a@vr
ydF Evfo vZt
d-mmAyA aE`n\ hotArmD DFrjAyt 4
4. Now the Bird, the missioned Hawk, has brought the draught
of the great and seeing wine to the pilgrim-sacrifice. When
the Aryan peoples chose the doer of works, Fire the priest
of the call, then the thought was born.

sdAEs r@vo yvs
v p;yt
mn;q, -v@vr, .
Ev-y vA yQCfmAn u?Ly\ vAj\ ssvA; upyAEs B$ErEB, 5
5. Ever art thou delightful like grasses to that which feeds on
them, O Fire, doing well with thy voices of invocation the
pilgrim-sacrifice for man; when thou givest utterance to the
plenitude of the word of the illumined sage, as one who has
conquered, thou comest with thy multitude.

9 Or, the eldest

Mandala Ten


udFry EptrA jAr aA BgEmy"Et hyto }1 iyEt .
EvvE?t vE>, -vp-yt
as;ro v
mtF 6
6. Upward lift the Father and Mother; the lover aspires to his
enjoyment, rejoicing he obeys the urgings from his heart:
a bearer of the word he speaks and jocund longs for the
good work, the Mighty One puts forth his strength and is
illumined by the Thought.

s;mEt\ mto a"t^ shs, s$no aEt s f@v
iq\ dDAno vhmAno a
{rA s ;mA; amvAn^ B$qEt $n^ 7
7. O Fire, O son of Force, the mortal who attains to thy right
thinking goes forward and hears the truth beyond; holding
the impelling force, borne by the horses of power, luminous
and mighty he seeks to possess the heavens.

yd`n eqA sEmEtBvAEt
q; yjtA yj/ .
r&A c yd^ EvBjAEs -vDAvo BAg\ no a/ vs;mt\ vFtAt^ 8
8. When, O Fire, takes place that sacrificial assembly, O master of sacrifice, the assembly divine among the gods, when
thou distributest the ecstasies, O lord of nature, an opulent
portion bring to us.

2;DF no a`n
y;#vA rTmmt-y dEv&;m^ .
aA no vh rodsF
vAnAmp B$Erh -yA, 9
9. Hear us, O Fire, in thy house, in the hall of thy session,
yoke the galloping car of the Immortal; bring to us heaven
and earth, parents of the gods; let none of the gods be away
from us and mayst thou be here.


Other Hymns to Agni

AvA h "AmA Tm
Bvt, s(yvAcA .

dvo ymtAn^ yjTAy k@v(sFd=otA (yR^ -vms;\ yn^ 1
1. Heaven and earth are the first to hear and by the Truth become possessed of the true speech when the god fashioning
the mortal for the sacrificial act takes his seat as his priest of
the call and turned towards its own force moves towards it.

dvAn^ pErB$-t
n vhA no h&y\ TmE
cEk(vAn^ .
t;, sEmDA BA-jFko mdo hotA En(yo vAcA yjFyAn^ 2
2. A god encompassing the gods with the Truth, carry our
offering, the first to awake to the knowledge; erect, thy light
rises by the kindling with smoke for thy banner; thou art
the rapturous eternal priest of the call strong by speech for
the sacrifice.

v-yAmt\ ydF gorto jAtAso DAryt uvF .

dvA an; tt^ t
yj;g; d;
h yd
nF Ed&y\ Gt\ vA, 3
3. When perfectly achieved is the immortality of the godhead,
the immortality of the Light, men born in this world hold
wide earth and heaven; all the gods follow in the track of
that sacrificial act10 of thine when the white cow is milked
of her stream of divine Light.

acAEm vA\ vDAyApo Gt$ AvAB$mF fZ;t\ rodsF m
ahA yd^ Avo_s;nFEtmyn^ m@vA no a/ EptrA EffFtAm^ 4
4. O earth and heaven, I sing to you the word of illumination,
pouring your light make my work grow, may the two firmaments hear me; when the days and the heavens have come
by the guidance of the force, may the Father and Mother
quicken us here with the sweetness of the wine.
10 Or, sacrificial word

Mandala Ten


Ek\ E-v3o rAjA jg
h kd-yA_Et v}t\ ckmA ko Ev v
d .
cE= mA j;h;rAZo
dvA)C^loko n yAtAmEp
vAjo aE-t 5
5. On something in us the king has laid hold; what have we
done that transgresses his law who can know? Even if the
Friend is dealing crookedly with the gods there is as if a call
to us as we go, there is upon us a plenitude.

d;m(v/Amt-y nAm sl#mA yd^ Evq;!pA BvAEt .
ym-y yo mnvt
tmv pAVy;QCn^ 6
6. Hard to seize by the mind in this world is the name of the
immortal because he puts on features and becomes divergent forms; he who grasps perfectly with his mind and his
thought seizes its controlling law, him, O Fire, O mighty
One, undeviatingly protect.

dvA EvdT
Evv-vt, sdn
>yoEtrdD;mA-y?t$n^ pEr otEn\ crto aj*A 7
7. The discovery of knowledge in which the gods find their
rapture they hold in the house of the radiant sun; they have
set in the sun its light, in the moon its rays and both circle
unceasingly around its illumination.

dvA mmEn s\cr(ypFQy
n vym-y Evw .
Em/o no a/AEdEtrnAgA(sEvtA
dvo vzZAy voct^ 8
8. The thought in which the gods meet together, when it is
occult we know not of it. May Mitra and the indivisible
mother and the godhead of the creative sun declare us sinless
to Varuna.


Other Hymns to Agni

2;DF no a`n
y;#vA rTmmt-y dEv&;m^ .
aA no vh rodsF
vAnAmp B$Erh -yA, 9
9. Hear us, O Fire, in thy house, in the hall of thy session,
yoke the galloping car of the Immortal; bring to us heaven
and earth, parents of the gods; let none of the gods be away
from us and mayst thou be here.


Bd\ no aEp vAty mn, 1
1. Bring to us a happy mind.

B;jA\ yEvS\ fAsA Em/\ d;DrFt;m^ .
y-y Dm(-vr
nF, spyEt mAt;!D, 2
2. I pray the Fire, the friend who is irresistible in his own command, in whose law the white rays attend on the Sun-world,
serve the teat of the mother.

ymAsA kpnF0\ BAsAk
t;\ vDyEt .
EZdn^ 3
3. Fire whom face to face a home of light, one who brings the
ray of intuition by his lustre they increase; he blazes with
his row of flaming tusks.

ayo EvfA\ gAt;rEt ydAnX^ Edvo atAn^ .
kEvrB}\ dFAn, 4
4. He comes to us as a noble path for men when he travels to
the ends of heaven; he is the seer and he lights up the sky.11
11 Or, the cloud.

Mandala Ten


j;q=&yA mAn;q-yo@v-t-TAv
Emv(sw p;r eEt 5
5. Accepting the oblation of man he stands high exalted in the
sacrifice, a skilful craftsman; he goes in our front building
our home.

s Eh "
mo hEvy., 2;Fd-y gAt;rEt .
dvA vAfFmtm^ 6
6. He is our secure foundation, he is our offering, he is the
sacrifice; his path goes swiftly to its goal: the gods call Fire
with its adze.

y.AsAh\ d;v iq
_E`n\ p$v-y f
v-y .
s$n;mAy;mAh;, 7
7. I desire from the Fire, powerful for the sacrifice the work of
the supreme bliss;12 they speak of him as the living son of
the stone.13

nro y
cA-mdA Ev
t^ t
vAm aA -y;, .
aE`n\ hEvqA vDt, 8
8. Whatever men are with us may they in all ways abide in
happiness making the Fire to grow by the offerings.

to_zqo yAmo a-y b}9 -{ ut foZo yf-vAn^ .
Ehr@y!p\ jEntA jjAn 9
9. Black is his movement and white and luminous and crimsonred, it is large and straight and glorious; golden of form the
father brought into being.
12 Or, the work that brings the supreme bliss;
13 Or, of the Rock, or the Peak.


Other Hymns to Agni

evA t
Evmdo mnFqAm$jo npAdmt
EB, sjoqA, .
Egr aA v"t^ s;mtFEryAn iqm$j s;E"Et\ Ev
vmABA, 10
10. So, O Fire, rapturous thou bearest thy thinking mind, O son
of energy, companioning the immortals, coming to us thou
bearest thy words and thy right thinkings, thou bringest
impelling force, energy, happy worlds of habitation, all.14

aAE`n\ n -vvE?tEBhotAr\ (vA vZFmh
y.Ay -tFZbEhq
Ev vo md
fFr\ pAvkfoEcq\ Evv"s
1. By our self-purifications we elect thee, the Fire as our priest
of the call, for the sacrifice where strewn is the grass - in the
intoxication of your rapture - intense with thy purifying
light of flame - and thou growest to greatness.

(vAm; t
-vAB;v, f;MB(y
vrADs, .
Et (vAm;ps
cnF Ev vo md -jFEtr`n aAh;EtEvv"s
2. Those who have achieved possession of the Horse, are very
close to thee and glorify thee; the ladle goes to thee - in the
intoxication of your rapture - direct, carrying the oblation,
O Fire - and thou growest to greatness.

DmAZ aAst
j;h$EB, Es)ctFErv .
kZA !pA@yj;nA Ev vo md
vA aED E2yo EDq

3. In thee the upholding laws reside; sprinkling out their contents as with ladles black forms and white - in the intoxication of your rapture - all glories thou holdest - and thou
growest to greatness.
14 Or, Vimada, the rapturous one, coming carries to thee, O Fire, his thinking mind, to

thee his words and his right thinkings, brings etc.

Mandala Ten


rEy\ shsAv3m(y .
tmA no vAjsAty
Ev vo md
q; Ec/mA BrA Evv"s
4. O forceful and immortal Fire, whatever wealth thou deemest
fit, that for the winning of the plenitudes - in the intoxication of your rapture - bring to us, a wealth of various
lights in the sacrifices - and thou growest to greatness.

aE`njAto aTvZA Evdd^ Ev
vAEn kA&yA .
B;vd^ d$to Evv-vto Ev vo md
Eyo ym-y kAMyo Evv"s
5. The Fire born from Atharvan knows all seer-wisdoms, he
becomes the messenger of the luminous sun - in the intoxication of your rapture - dear and desirable to the lord of
the law - and thou growest to greatness.

(vA\ y.
(v\ vs$En kAMyA Ev vo md
vA dDAEs dAf;q
6. Thee they pray in the sacrifices, O Fire, as the pilgrimsacrifice goes on its way; all desirable treasures - in the
intoxication of your rapture - thou foundest for the giver
- and thou growest to greatness.

(vA\ y.
vE(vj\ cAzm`n
En q
GttFk\ mn;qo Ev vo md
f;5\ c
7. Thee as the priest of the rite in the sacrifices men have seated,
O Fire, beautiful, luminous of front - in the intoxication of
your rapture - bright and, with thy eyes, most conscious of
knowledge - and thou growest to greatness.

Z foEcqoz Tys
bht^ .
aEB5dn^ vqAys
Ev vo md
gB dDAEs jAEmq; Evv"s
8. O Fire, with thy bright light of flame thou spreadest the wide
Vast, clamouring thou becomest the bull - in the intoxication of your rapture - and settest the child of the womb in


Other Hymns to Agni
the sisters - and thou growest to greatness.


Edv-pEr Tm\ j.
aE`nr-md^ E7tFy\ pEr jAtv
dA, .
ttFym=s; nmZA aj*EmDAn en\ jrt
-vADF, 1
1. Above heaven was the first birth of the Fire, over us was his
second birth as the knower of all things born, his third birth
was in the waters, a god-mind; him continuously one kindles
and with one's thought perfectly fixed on him adores.

EvwA t
DA /yAEZ EvwA t
DAm EvBtA p;z/A .
EvwA t
nAm prm\ g;hA yd^ EvwA tm;(s\ yt aAjgT 2
2. O Fire, we know the triple three of thee, we know thy seats
borne widely in many planes, we know thy supreme Name
which is in the secrecy, we know that fount of things whence
thou camest.

d (vA nmZA a=-vtn c"A ID
Edvo a`n UDn^ .
(vA rjEs tE-TvA\smpAm;p-T
mEhqA avDn^ 3
3. He of the god-mind kindled thee in the Ocean, within the
Waters, he of the divine vision kindled thee, O Fire, in the
teat of heaven; the mighty ones made thee to grow where
thou stoodest in the third kingdom, in the lap of the waters.

a5ddE`n, -tnyE3v O, "AmA rErhd^ vFzD, sm)jn^ .
so j.Ano Ev hFEm=o aHydA rodsF BAn;nA BA(yt, 4
4. Fire cried aloud like heaven thundering, he licked the earth
revealing its growths: when kindled and born, at once he
saw all this that is; he shines out with his light between
earth and heaven.

Mandala Ten


2FZAm;dAro DzZo ryFZA\ mnFqAZA\ ApZ, somgopA, .
vs;, s$n;, shso a=s; rAjA Ev BA(yg} uqsAEmDAn, 5
5. An exalter of glories, a holder of the riches, a manifester of
thinking mind, a guardian of the wine of delight, a shining
One, the son of force, the king in the Waters, he grows
luminous as he burns up in the front of the dawns.

v-y k
t;B;vn-y gB aA rodsF apZA>jAymAn, .
vF0;\ EcdEdmEBnt^ prAy)jnA ydE`nmyjt p)c 6
6. The ray of intuition of the universe, the child in the womb of
the world, in his coming to birth he filled earth and heaven;
going beyond them he rent even the strong mountain when
the peoples of the five births sacrificed to the Fire.

uEfk^ pAvko arEt, s;m
DA mt
vE`nrmto En DAEy .
iyEt D$mmzq\ BErB}d;QC;5
Z foEcqA AEmn"n^ 7
7. An aspirant and traveller and wise of mind, a purifying
flame, the Fire who is set within as the immortal in mortals,
he sends forth and carries a ruddy smoke striving with his
bright flame of light to reach heaven.

dfAno z uEvyA &yOd^ d;mqmAy;, E2y
zcAn, .
aE`nrmto aBvd^ vyoEByd
n\ Ojnyt^ s;rtA, 8
8. Visible, golden of light, widely he shone; resplendent in his
glory he is life hard to violate: the Fire by his expandings
became immortal when heaven with its strong seed had
brought him to birth.

a kZvd^ Bdfoc
dv Gtvtm`n
t\ ny tr\ v-yo aQCA_EB s;<\
dvB?t\ yEvS 9
9. O god, O happy light, O Fire, he who has prepared for
thee the luminous honeycomb15 him lead forward towards
15 Or, the cake of light


Other Hymns to Agni
a more opulent state, O youthful godhead, even to the bliss
enjoyed by the gods.

aA t\ Bj sO2vs
v`n u?Tu?T aA Bj f-ymAn
Ey, s$y
Eyo a`nA BvA(y;>jAt
n EBndd;>jEn(v
{, 10
10. O Fire, bestow on him his share in the things of inspired
knowledge, in word upon word as it is spoken: he becomes
dear to the sun, dear to Fire; upward he breaks with what
is born in him, upward with the things that are to be born.

yjmAnA an; $n^ Ev
vA vs; dEDr
vAyAEZ .
(vyA sh dEvZEmQCmAnA v}j\ gomtm;Efjo Ev vv},
; 11
11. O Fire, men who sacrifice to thee day after day hold in
themselves all desirable riches; desiring the treasure in thy
companionship, aspiring, they burst open the covered pen
of the Ray-Cows.

a-tA&yE`nnrA\ s;f
vo v
vAnr -EqEB, somgopA, .
AvApETvF h;v
dvA D1 rEym-m
s;vFrm^ 12
12. The Fire has been affirmed in their lauds by the sages, he
who is full of bliss for men, the Universal Godhead, guardian
of the wine of delight. Let us invoke earth and heaven free
from hostile powers; found in us, O gods, a wealth full of

hotA jAto mhAn^ nBoEv3q7A sFddpAm;p-T
dEDyo DAEy s t
vyA\Es ytA vs$En EvDt
tn$pA, 1
1. The great priest of the call has been born; the knower of the
heavens, he who is seated in man, may he take his seat in
the lap of the waters: he who upholds us and who is held
in us, rules for thee his worshipper thy expandings and thy
riches and is the protector of thy body.

Mandala Ten


im\ EvDto apA\ sD-T
pf;\ n n\ pd
{rn; `mn^ .
g;hA cttm;Efjo nmoEBErQCto DFrA Bgvo_Evdn^ 2
2. They worshipped him in the session of the waters, as if
the cow of vision lost they followed him by his tracks;
where he hid in the secret cavern, aspiring with obeisance
the Flame-Seers, the wise thinkers desired and found him.

im\ E/to B$yEvdEdQCn^ v
{B$vso m$DyyAyA, .
s f
vDo jAt aA hMy
q; nAEBy;vA BvEt rocn-y 3
3. Him greatly desiring Trita,16 son of the master of wide
riches, found on the head of the light unslayable; he is born
the youth who increases the felicity in our mansions and
becomes the navel-centre of the luminous world.

md\ hotArm;Efjo nmoEB, A)c\ y.\ n
tArm@vrAZAm^ .
EvfAmk@v3rEt\ pAvk\ h&yvAh\ dDto mAn;q
q; 4
4. In their aspiration they created him by their obeisance and
set him in men as the rapturous priest of the call, the sacrificer ever-moving forward, the leader of the pilgrim-sacrifices,
the traveller, the carrier of the offering, the purifying Flame.

B$jyt\ mhA\ EvpoDA\ m$rA am$r\ p;rA\ dmAZm^ .
nyto gB vnA\ EDy\ D;EhEr
m2;\ nAvAZ\ Dncm^ 5
5. He has come into being and leading him like a goldenmaned war-horse, the great, the victorious, the founder of
the Light, men ignorant one who is free from ignorance, the
render of the cities, the child of the forests, whose wealth is
the illumined word17 - they established the thought.

16 Trita the triple born from the All-pervading Substance.
17 Or, the illumination


Other Hymns to Agni

En p-(yAs; E/t, -tB$yn^ pErvFto yonO sFddt, .
at, s\g
n^n^ 6
6. May Trita in the homesteads holding all firmly18 take his session in his native seat within and all-encompassing; thence,
a dweller in man's home, taking all into his grasp, by a wide
law of his action, by unrestrained movements he journeys
to the gods.

a-yAjrAso dmAmEr/A acd^D$mAso a`ny, pAvkA, .
vA/Aso B;r@yvo vnqdo vAyvo n somA, 7
7. His ageless and purifying fires are the defenders of our
homes, lifting their luminous smoke; white-flaming, dwellers in the Tree, they are our strengtheners and supporters
and like winds and like wine.

Ej4yA Brt
po aE`n, vy;nAEn c
tsA pET&yA, .
tmAyv, f;cyt\ pAvk\ md\ hotAr\ dEDr
yEjSm^ 8
8. Fire carries with his tongue the illumination of wisdom,
he carries in his consciousness earth's discoveries of knowledge; him men hold the illuminating and purifying rapturous
priest of the call most strong for sacrifice.

AvA ymE`n\ pETvF jEnAmAp-(vA Bgvo y\ shoEB, .
y\ Tm\ mAtEr
yj/m^ 9
9. This is the Fire to whom earth and heaven gave birth; and
the waters, the form-maker and the Flame-Seers by their
strengths and life that grows in the mother and the gods have
fashioned for man desirable, first and supreme, a master of

18 Or, setting himself firmly

Mandala Ten


y\ (vA
dvA dEDr
h&yvAh\ p;z-pho mAn;qAso yj/m^ .
s yAm3`n
vyo DA,
dvyn^ yfs, s\ Eh p$vF, 10
10. Thou art he whom the gods have set as the carrier of the
offerings and men with their many desires as the lord of
sacrifice; so do thou, O Fire, found in thy journeying wide
expansion for him who lauds thee and making him divine
gather in him many glorious things.


mht^ td;Sb\ -TEvr\ tdAsF
nAEvEt, Evv
EfTAp, .
vA ap
yd^ bh;DA t
dv ek, 1
1. Large was the covering and it was dense in which thou wert
wrapped when thou didst enter into the waters; one was the
god who saw thee but many and manifold were thy bodies
which he saw, O Fire, O knower of all things born.

ko mA ddf ktm, s
dvo yo m
tvo bh;DA pyp
yt^ .
?vAh Em/AvzZA E"y(y`n
vA, sEmDo
dvyAnF, 2
2. Which of the gods was he who saw everywhere my bodies
in many forms? O Mitra and Varuna, where then dwell all
the blazings of the Fire which are paths of the gods?

QCAm (vA bh;DA jAtv
d, Evm`n
a=-voqDFq; .
t\ (vA ymo aEck
EQc/BAno dfAtzyAdEtrocmAnm^ 3
3. We desire thee, O Fire, O knower of all things born, when
thou hast entered manifoldly into the growths of the earth
and into the waters; there the lord of the law grew aware of
thee, O thou of the many diverse lights, shining luminous
beyond the ten inner dwelling-places.


Other Hymns to Agni

ho/Adh\ vzZ Eb

dv mA y;nj3/
dvA, .
t-y m
tvo bh;DA EnEvA etmT n Eck
tAhmE`n, 4
4. O Varuna, fearing the sacrificants' office that so the gods
might not yoke me to that work, so my bodies entered
manifoldly, for I, Fire, was not conscious of this goal of
the movement.

eEh mn;
dvy;y.kAmo_r\k(yA tmEs "
s;gAn^ pT, kZ;Eh
dvyAnAn^ vh h&yAEn s;mn-ymAn, 5
5. Come to us; the human being, god-seeking, is desirous of
sacrifice, he has made all ready but thou dwellest in the darkness, O Fire. Make the paths of the journeying of the gods
easy to travel, let thy mind be at ease, carry the offerings.

, p$v
B}Atro aTm
t\ rTFvA@vAnmvAvrFv;, .
t-mAd^ EByA vzZ d$rmAy\ gOro n "
>yAyA, 6
6. The ancient brothers of the Fire chose this goal to be reached
as charioteers follow a path; therefore in fear I came far
away, O Varuna. I started back as a gaur from the bowstring
of the archer.

k;m-t aAy;rjr\ yd`n
yTA y;?to jAtv
do n EryA, .
aTA vhAEs s;mn-ymAno BAg\

7. Since we make thy life imperishable, O Fire, O knower of
all things born, so that yoked with it thou shalt not come
to harm, then with thy mind at ease thou canst carry their
share of the offering to the gods, O high-born Fire.

8. Give me the absolutes that precede and follow the sacrifice
as my share of the oblation packed with the energy; give me
the light from the waters and the soul from the plants and
let there be long life for the Fire, O gods.

9. Thine be the absolutes, precedents and consequents of the
sacrifice, the portions packed with energy of the oblation;
thine, O Fire, be all this sacrifice; may the four regions bow
down to thee.

  1. Happy are the seeings of the Fire of the gelded Horse, pleasurable his guidance, delightful his approaches; when the friendly peoples set him ablaze in their front, fed with the oblations of the Light he flames up for his worshipper.

  2. The Light is the increasing of the Fire of the gelded Horse, Light is his food, Light is his fattening: fed with the oblation of the Light wide he spread; he shines as the Sun when there is poured on him its running stream.

  3. The force of flame which thinking man, which the friendly one, set ablaze, this is that new force, O Fire; so opulently shine, so accept our words, so take the plenitude by violence, so found here the inspired knowledge.

  4. That flame of thine of old which the gelded Horse, when prayed, set blazing high, O Fire who art that flame, this too accept; as that flame, become the protector of our stable erections and the protector of our bodies, guard this giving of thine which is here in us.

  5. Become full of light, O gelded Horse, and become our protector, let not the assault of men pierce thee; thou art like a hero, a violent overthrower and the good Friend: lo, I have uttered the names of the Fire of the gelded Horse.

  6. Thou hast conquered the riches of the plains and the riches of the mountain, the destroyer foemen, and the Aryan freemen: like a hero art thou, a violent overthrower of men, O Fire, mayst thou overcome those who battle against us.

  7. This Fire is the long Thread, the vast Bull, one with a thousand layers and a hundred leadings, he is the Craftsman; luminous in men luminous, made bright by the hands of men, may he flame out in the strivers after godhead, in the friendly people.19
    19 In the Sumitras, the name of the Rishi; but throughout the hymn there is a double or symbolic meaning in the names.

  8. In thee is the good milch-cow, O knower of all things born, as if unstayingly equal in its yield, giving its nectar-milk. O Fire, thou art set alight by men who have the intuitive judgment, strivers after godhead, the friendly people.

  9. Even the immortal gods proclaim thy greatness, O knower of all things born, O Fire of the gelded Horse. That which I sought by questioning, coming to the human peoples, thou hast conquered by men who grow by thee.20

  10. Thee as the father carries his son in his lap so the gelded Horse carried and tended thee, O Fire; O youthful god, accepting his fuel thou didst conquer even the supreme and mighty.

  11. Fire has ever conquered the enemies of the gelded Horse by men who have pressed the Soma wine; O thou of the bright diverse lights, thou hast broken and cast down the foe that was equal and the foe that was mighty and thou hast given him increase.

  12. This Fire is the slayer of the enemies of the gelded Horse, lit from of old and to be invoked with obeisance; so do thou assail those who attack him, both the uncompanioned and the one with many companions, O Fire of the gelded Horse.
    20 Or, who make thee grow in them.

  1. O Fire, accept the fuel I give thee; in the seat of revelation take joy in the luminous Thought: on the high top of earth, in the brightness of the days, become high uplifted by worship of sacrifice to the gods, O strong of will!

  2. May he who travels in front of the gods, he who voices the godhead, come here with his horses of universal forms; pure and most divine, may he hasten with our obeisance on the path of the Truth to the gods.

  3. Men bringing their offerings ask for the Fire everlasting to be their envoy: so do thou with thy horses strong to bear and thy swiftly moving car bring to us the gods; take here thy seat as the priest of the call.

  4. May the seat acceptable to the gods spread wide in us and all its long horizontal length become fragrant. Occupy that seat, O god, with a mind not inclining to wrath, and to the gods with Indra for their greatest offer sacrifice.

  5. Touch either heaven's superior peak or swing wide open with all the extent of earth, O doors of aspiration, who desire the chariot of the gods, hold in your greatness and by the great the divine car.

  6. Let the two divine daughters of heaven, formed beautifully, dawn and night, sit in their native seat; O dawn and night, O you who aspire, may the gods aspiring sit on your wide lap, O blissful ones.

  7. High stands up the stone of the pressing, high the Fire is kindled, may it touch the vast and the seats dear to us in the lap of the infinite mother; O you who are vicars and ordinants of the rite in this sacrifice, you twain who have greater knowledge, may you win for us by sacrifice the Treasure.

  8. O ye three goddesses, sit on the superior seat which we have made delightful for you; may the mother of Revelation and the two goddesses with the luminous feet accept our firmly placed offerings and our human worship of sacrifice.

  9. O divine maker of forms, since thou hast reached beauty in thy works, since thou hast become companion in thy being to the Angiras seers, forward then to the goal of the journeyings of the gods, for thou knowest it! Aspiring, perfect in ecstasy, sacrifice to the gods, O giver of the treasure.

  10. O Tree, knowing the goal of the journeyings of the gods, bear us to it binding with the radiant cord. May the godhead fashion the offerings in which he takes pleasure: may heaven and earth protect our call.

  11. O Fire, bring Varuna to our sacrifice, Indra from heaven, the Life-Gods from mid-air; may all the lords of sacrifice sit on our sacred seat, may the immortal gods take rapture in the svaha.

  1. I have seen the greatness of this great one, the Immortal in the mortal peoples. The jaws of this abundant eater, separate and held apart, are brought close together, devouring, insatiable.

  2. His head is in the secrecy, his eyes wide apart, insatiable he eats up the forest with his tongue of flame. They bring together his foods for him with the pacings of their feet, their hands of obeisance are outstretched in the peoples.

  3. Desiring the secret place of the mother farther beyond he crawls like a child over the wide growths of earth. One finds him shining like ripe corn, licking away the hurts, within in her lap.

  4. O heaven and earth, I declare to you that Truth of you, - in his very birth the child of your womb devours his parents. I am mortal and know not of the godhead; Fire is the all-conscious knower and he is the thinker.

  5. He who sets swiftly for him his food casts on him the outpourings of light by which he is nourished, for him he sees with a thousand eyes: O Fire, thou frontest us on every side.

  6. What omission or sin hast thou done before the gods, I ask thee, O Fire, for I know not. In his play unplaying a tawny lion, eating only to devour, he has cut all asunder limb by limb, as a knife cuts the cow.

  7. He who is born in the forests has yoked his horses tending all ways but caught back by straight-held reins. Mitra, wellborn, has distributed to him the treasures and he has grown to completeness increasing in every member.

  1. Fire gives to us the Horse that carries the plenitude, Fire gives the Hero who has the inspired hearing and stands firm in the work; Fire ranges through earth and heaven revealing all things, Fire gives the Woman, the tenant of the city,21 from whose womb is born the hero.

  2. May there be a happy fuel for Fire at his labour, Fire enters into the great earth and heaven: Fire urges on one who is all alone in his battles, Fire cleaves asunder the multitude of the enemy.

  3. Fire has protected the ear22 of the worshipper,23 Fire burnt out the Waster24 from the waters; Fire delivered Atri within
    21 Or, the many-thoughted,
    22 Tyam, "that other" ear, the inner ear which listens to inspired knowledge.
    23 Sayana takes the two words jaratah karna as if they were one indicating the name of the Rishi "Jaratkarna".
    24 Sayana renders jarutha "a demon".

  4. May Fire in the hero's shape give us the Treasure, may Fire give us the sage who wins the thousands; Fire has extended the offering in heaven, his are the planes upheld separately in many spaces.

  5. Fire the sages with their utterances call to every side, to Fire men call who are opposed in their march, to Fire the Birds flying in mid-air; Fire encircles the thousands of the Ray-Cows.

  6. Fire the peoples pray who are human, Fire men of different birth who dwell as neighbours, Fire brings the Gandharvi to the path of the Truth, the Fire's path of the Ray-Cows is settled in the Light.

  7. The divine craftsmen have fashioned the Wisdom-Word for the Fire, the Fire we have declared as a vast purification. O ever-youthful Fire, protect thy worshipper; O Fire, win for him by sacrifice the great Treasure.
    25 Sayana renders "in the hot cauldron in the earth".
    26 Sayana renders "gave progeny to the Rishi Nrimedha".

1. I set ablaze Fire of the plenitude, the slayer of the Rakshasas, I approach him as a friend and the widest house of refuge;27 the Fire has been kindled and grows intense by the workings of the will, may he protect us from the doer of hurt, by the day and by the night.

2. O knower of all things born, high-kindled, iron-tusked, touch with thy ray the demon-sorcerers; do violence to them with thy tongue of flame, the gods who kill,28 the eaters of flesh, putting them off from us shut them into thy mouth.

3. Destruction, whetting set upon them both thy tusks, the higher and the lower, O thou who art of both worlds,29 thou circle in the mid-air, O king, and snap up in thy jaws the demon-sorcerers.

4. Turning on them by our sacrifices thy arrows, O Fire, by our speech thy javelins, plastering them with thy thunderbolts pierce with these in their hearts the demon-sorcerers who confront us, break their arms.
  27 Or, a widest peace;
  28 Or, the gods of ignorance,
  29 Or, O thou who hast both,

5. O Fire, tear the skin of the demon-sorcerer; let the cruel thunderbolt slay him in its wrath; rend his limbs, O knower of all things born; hungry for its flesh let the carrion-eater pick asunder his mangled body.

6. Wherever now thou seest him, O knower of all things born, whether standing or walking, or flying on the paths in the mid-air, a shooter sharpening his weapon, pierce him with thy arrow.

7. Rescue from the assault of the demon-sorcerer with his spears the man touched by his grasp, O knower of all things born, O Fire, blazing supreme slay these devourers of the flesh; let the brilliant birds of prey eat him up.

8. Here proclaim which is he, O Fire, what demon-sorcerer, who is the doer of this deed? To him do violence with thy blaze, O youthful god, subject him to the eye of thy divine vision.

9. O Fire, guard with thy keen eye the sacrifice, lead it moving forward to the Shining Ones, O conscious thinker; O thou of the divine vision, when thou blazest fierce against the Rakshasas let not the demon-sorcerers overcome thee.

10. Divine of vision, see everywhere the Rakshasa in the peoples, cleave the three peaks of him; his flanks, O Fire, cleave with thy wrath, rend asunder the triple root of the demon-sorcerer.

11. Triply may the demon-sorcerer undergo thy onrush, he who slays the Truth by falsehood; him overspreading with thy ray, O knower of all things born, fell down in front of him who hymns thee.

12. Set in thy singer, O Fire, the eye with which thou seest the trampler with his hooves, the demon-sorcerer; even as did Atharvan, burn with the divine Light this being without knowledge who does hurt to the Truth.

13. The cursing with which today couples revile each other, the curses which are born in the imprecations of the singers, the arrow which is born from the mind of wrath, with that pierce through the heart the demon-sorcerers.

14. Away from us cleave by thy burning energy the demon-sorcerers, away from us cleave by the heat of thy wrath the Rakshasa, O Fire, away from us cleave by thy ray these slayer gods,30 blazing away from us cleave these who glut themselves with men's lives.

15. May the gods cleave away today the crooked one, may harsh curses come to confront him, may the shafts enter into the vital part of one who thieves by speech, may he undergo the onset of each and every one, the demon-sorcerer.

16. The demon who feeds on the flesh of human beings, who feeds on horses and on cattle, the one who carries away the milk of the Cow unslayable, cut asunder their necks with the flame of thy anger, O Fire.

17. O thou who hast the divine vision, let not the demon-sorcerer partake of the yearly milk of the shining cow; O Fire, whichever of them would glut himself on the nectar him pierce in front in his vital part with thy ray of light.

18. May the demon-sorcerers drink poison from the Ray-Cows, may they be cloven asunder who are of evil impulse before the infinite mother, may the divine sun betray them to thee, may they be deprived of their share of the growths of earth.
  30 Or, the gods of ignorance,

19. Ever dost thou crush the demon-sorcerer, O Fire, never have the Rakshasas conquered thee in the battles; burn one by one from their roots the eaters of raw flesh, may they find no release from thy divine missile.

20. O Fire, do thou guard us from above and from below, thou from behind and from the front; may those most burning ageless flames of thine blazing burn one who is a voice of evil.

21. From behind and from in front, from below and from above, a seer by thy seer-wisdom protect us, O king; a friend protect thy friend, ageless protect from old age, immortal protect us who are mortals, O Fire.

22. O forceful Fire, let us think of thee, the illumined sage as a fortress around us, one violent of aspect, slayer from day to day of the crooked ones.

23. Consume with poison the crooked Rakshasas; O Fire, burn them with thy keen flame, with thy fiery-pointed spears.

24. Burn the bewildered demon couples; I whet thee to sharpness, inviolate, with my thoughts, O illumined sage; awake.

25. O Fire, cleave asunder their wrath with thy flame of wrath to every side; break utterly the strength, the energy of the Rakshasa, of the demon-sorcerer.

1. Adored by those who are wakeful, the dweller in the house is kindled in the house aspiring in the seat of revelation, the sacrificant of every offering, one Supreme,31 wide of being, wide in light, a perfect friend to the man who seeks his friendship.
  31 Or, one desirable,

2. In his visioned glory he lodges as the guest in every house,
as a bird in forest and forest; he disdains not the peoples,
universal he dwells in being and being, common to all he
dwells in man and man.

3. Thou art discerning in thy judgments, strong of will in thy
workings of will, O Fire, an omniscient seer in thy seerwisdoms; a possessor of riches thou rulest sole over all the
riches nourished by earth and by heaven.

4. Thou hast known and reached thy luminous native seat
where is the order of the Truth in the plane of revelation; free
from stain of evil have come thy perceptions of knowledge
like the white brilliances of the dawns,32 like rays of the sun.

5. Thy glories like lightnings from a storm cloud break into
light of knowledge brilliant like the rays of intuition of the
dawns; when loosed on the growths of earth and woods of
pleasance thou seekest out thyself the food for thy mouth.33

6. Him the growths of earth held as a child in the womb in
whom was the order of the Truth, the Waters become the
mothers of that Fire who gave him birth; he is the common
child with whom the pleasance-woods and the plants of
earth are pregnant and they are delivered of him always.
  32 Or, like the advents of the dawns,
  33 Or, heapest food in thy mouth.

7. Missioned, fanned by the wind when swiftly entering into
thy food thou spreadest wide after thy desire, thy ageless
hosts, as thou burnest, toil like chariot-warriors far apart.

8. Fire the creator of wisdom, the accomplisher of the discovery of knowledge, Fire the priest of the call, the allembracing thinker, him they choose universal in the little
offering, him in the great, - not another, O Fire, than thou.

9. The ordainers of the work, they who desire thee, choose
thee as priest of the call in their discoveries of knowledge
when the seekers of the godhead hold thy delight,34 human
beings who have plucked for thee the sacred grass of thy
seat and have brought their offerings.

ho/\ tv po/mE(vy\ tv n
~\ (vmE`ndtAyt, .
tv fA-/\ (vm@vrFyEs b}A cAEs ghpEt
c no dm
10. O Fire, thine are the call and the offering, thine the purification and the order of the sacrifice, thine the lustration;
thou art the fire-bringer for the seeker of the Truth. The

34 Or, set before thee the things of thy delight,


Other Hymns to Agni
annunciation is thine, thou becomest the pilgrim-rite:35 thou
art the priest of the Word and the master of the house in our

amtAy m(y, sEmDA dAfd;t vA hEvkEt .
t-y hotA BvEs yAEs d$(ym;p b}q
$ yj-y@vrFyEs 11
11. [Not translated.]

imA a-m
{ mtyo vAco a-mdA; -co Egr, s;;ty, sm`mt .
vs$yvo vsv
v=As; Ecd^ vDno yAs; cAknt^ 12
12. For him these thoughts and utterances go forth from us,
these words high and hymns of illumination and these high
lauds and meet together seeking the riches for the master of
riches, for the knower of all things born, and his desire is
towards them.

imA\ &Ay s;;Et\ nvFysF\ voc
ym-mA uft
fZot; n, .
B$yA atrA }-y En-pf
v p(y uftF s;vAsA, 13
13. I would speak to the ancient One a laud new to his desire,
may he hear us; may it avail to touch his heart deep within
like a wife beautifully robed for her lord's desire.

vAs -qBAs u"Zo vfA m
qA avsAs aAh;tA, .
sompSAy v
}dA mEt\ jny
14. Fire to whom are loosed and offered our horses, our bulls
and oxen and heifers and our rams, to Fire the nectar-drinker
who bears on his back the Soma wine, to the ordainer of
things, I beget a thinking full of beauty from my heart.

*;cFv Gt\ cMvFv som, .
vAjsEn\ rEym-m
s;vFr\ f-t\ D
Eh yfs\ bhtm^ 15
15. An oblation has been offered into thy mouth, O Fire, as if
35 Or, thou art the priest of the pilgrim-rite:

Mandala Ten


clarified butter in a ladle, as if Soma wine in a bowl. Found
in us the treasure in which are the heroes and which wins
for us the plenitudes, - the treasure excellent36 and glorious
and vast.


sEm=o a mn;qo d;roZ

dvAn^ yjEs jAtv
d, .
aA c vh Em/mhE
cEk(vAn^ (v\ d$t, kEvrEs c
tA, 1
1. High-kindled today in the house of the human being, thou
doest sacrifice a god to the gods, O knower of all things
born; bring them to us as one who has knowledge, O
friendly Light; for thou art the messenger, the seer, the

tn$npAt^ pT -t-y yAnAn^ m@vA sm)j(-vdyA s;Ej4 .
mmAEn DFEBzt y.mDn^
dv/A c kZ;V@vr\ n, 2
2. O son of the body, revealing the paths of our journeyings to
the Truth make them sweet with the Wine of Delight, O thou
with thy high tongue of flame; enriching with our thoughts
the mantras and the sacrifice set our pilgrim-sacrifice in the

aAj;4An IX^yo v
cA__ yAV`n
vs;EB, sjoqA, .
dvAnAmEs y4 hotA s enAn^ y"FEqto yjFyAn^ 3
3. One prayed and adored, O Fire, calling them to us arrive,
companioned by the Shining Ones, O mighty One, thou art
the summoner of the gods, so, missioned, strong to sacrifice,
do them sacrifice.
36 Or, high-proclaimed


Other Hymns to Agni

AcFn\ bEh, EdfA pET&yA v-tor-yA v>yt
} a>Am^ .
&y; Tt
Evtr\ vrFyo

-yonm^ 4
4. An ancient seat of sacred grass is plucked this morn, in the
direction of this earth, in front of the days, wide it spreads
beyond a supernal seat of happy ease for the gods and the
mother infinite.

&yc-vtFzEvyA Ev 2ytA\ pEt

dvF7Aro bhtFEv

5. Widely expanding may they spring apart making themselves
beautiful for us as wives for their lords; O divine doors, vast
and all-pervading, be easy of approach to the gods.

aA s;vytF yjt
uqAsAn?tA sdtA\ En yonO .
bhtF s;z
aED E2y\ f;5Epf\ dDAn
6. Let night and day come gliding to us and queens of sacrifice, sit close together in their place of session, the two
divine women, great and golden, holding a supreme glory
of brilliant form, -

7. The two divine priests of the call, also, the first and perfect in speech building the sacrifice of man that he may do worship, doers of the work impelling to the discoveries of knowledge, pointing by their direction to the ancient Light.

8. May Bharati come swiftly to our sacrifice, Ila awakening to knowledge here like a human thinker, and Saraswati, the three goddesses, - may they sit, perfect in their works, on this sacred seat of happy ease.

9. He who fashioned in their forms this earth and heaven, the Parents, and fashioned all the worlds, him today and here, O missioned priest of the call, do thou worship, strong for sacrifice, having the knowledge, even the divine maker of forms.

upAvsj (myA sm)jn^
dvAnA\ pAT -t;TA hvF\Eq .
vn-pEt, fEmtA
dvo aE`n, -vdt; h&y\ mD;nA Gt
n 10
10. Revealing by thy self-power the goal of the gods, release
towards it in the order of the Truth our offerings. Let the
tree and the divine accomplisher of the work and the Fire
take the taste of the offering with the sweetness and the

so jAto &yEmmFt y.mE`nd
vAnAmBvt^ p;rogA, .
a-y hot;, Ed
yt-y vAEc -vAhAkt\ hEvrdt;
dvA, 11
11. As soon as he was born Fire measured out the shape of the
sacrifice and became the leader who goes in front of the
gods. In the speech of this priest of the call which points
out by its direction the Truth, may the gods partake of the
oblation made svaha.


Ec/ iEQCfo-tzZ-y v"To n yo mAtrAv=y
Et DAtv
an$DA yEd jFjndDA c n; vv" so mEh d$(y\ crn^ 1
1. Marvellous is the power to upbear of this young, this infant
god, for he goes not to his two mothers to drink their milk,
even though one without teats of plenty brought him to birth


Other Hymns to Agni
then as now, from the first he did his carrying, performing
his mighty embassy.

aE`nh nAm DAEy d3p-tm, s\ yo vnA y;vt
B-mnA dtA .
aEBm;rA j;4A -v@vr ino n oTmAno yvs
vqA 2
2. Fire, verily, is established, a giver and mighty doer of works,
he clings to the trees with his blazing tusks achieving the
pilgrim-sacrifice with his besieging tongue of flame, he is
like a snorting bull, master in his pasturage.

t\ vo Ev\ n d;qd\
dvmDs id;\ oTt\ vptmZvm^ .
aAsA vE>\ n foEcqA EvrE=fn\ mEhv}t\ n srjtm@vn, 3
3. He is to you like a bird settled on a tree, like the divine moonflow of the Soma plant, like a clamorous spreading ocean;
he is as one who carries in his mouth of flame, exuberant
in strength, mighty in the way of his works, rushing on his

Ev y-y t
{ysAn-yAjr D"on vAtA, pEr s(yQy;tA, .
aA r@vAso y;y;Dyo n s(vn\ E/t\ nft Efqt iy
4. O ageless Fire, when thou rangest the spaces in thy will to
burn, there are all around thee as if unsinking winds like
joyful fighters, having the command for the seeking they
march towards the warrior of the triple world.37

s idE`n, k@vtm, k@vsKA_y, pr-yAtr-y tzq, .
aE`n, pAt; gZto aE`n, s$rFnE`nddAt; t
qAmvo n, 5
5. This is the Fire, friend of the seer, himself the greatest of
seers, who delivers from the inner foe; may Fire guard the
speakers of the word, Fire the illumined seers, may he give
his protection to them and to us.

37 Or, Trita the warrior.

Mandala Ten


vAEjtmAy sVs
s;EpWy tq; QyvAno an; jAtv
d Ecd^ yo DqtA vr\ st
mEhtmAy Dvn
6. O high-born, thou art he who moves swiftly in the wake
of the knower of all things born, the Fire forceful and most
full of the plenitude and even in the waterless desert for him
who is there and desires it and is full of greatness, winnest
by the violence of thy bow that which is supreme.

{, sh s$ErEBvs;, v
shs, s$nro nEB, .
Em/Aso n y
s;EDtA -tAyvo
Avo n ;<
{rEB sEt mAn;qAn^ 7
7. This is the Fire who is lauded accompanied by mortal illumined seers, the Shining One,38 strong and glad by men,
they who are seekers of the Truth, and like well-established
friends, like the heavens with their lights have power on
human beings.

Ujo npAt^ shsAvE3Et (vop-t;t-y vdt
vqA vAk^ .
(vA\ -toqAm (vyA s;vFrA dAGFy aAy;, tr\ dDAnA, 8
8. "O son of energy, O forceful One," so adores thee the
mighty speech of Upastuta, thee let us laud, by thee may
we be armed with the heroes, holding more and more an
ever longer life.

iEt (vA`n
vEh&y-y p;/A up-t;tAs -qyo_vocn^ .
c pAEh gZt
c s$rFn^ vqX^vqE0(y$@vAso an"n^
nmo nm i(y$@vAso an"n^ 9
9. Thus have extolled thee, O Fire, the sons of Vrishtihavya,
the Upastuta Rishis;39 protect them and the illuminates who
speak the word, rising on high they have attained with the
cry of "Vashat", "Vashat", with the cry of obeisance.
38 Or, the master of riches,
39 Or, sages, extolled;


Other Hymns to Agni

vs\; n Ec/mhs\ gZFq
vAm\ f
@ym^ .
s rAst
f;zDo Ev
vDAyso_E`nhotA ghpEt, s;vFym^ 1
1. I voice the Shining One with its richly varied lights,40 the fair
and happy, the guest in whom is nothing hostile; Fire, the
priest of the call, the master of the house gives the healing
forces that sustain the world, he gives us the hero-energy.

j;qAZo a`n
Et hy m
vco Ev
vAEn Ev7An^ vy;nAEn s;5to .
GtEnEZg^ b}Z
ry tv
dvA ajny3n; v}tm^ 2
2. O Fire, take pleasure in my word, let thy joy respond to
it, for thou knowest all discoveries of knowledge, O strong
will! Robed in light, put out a path for the Word, the gods
have begotten all according to thy law of works.

sP DAmAEn pEry3m(yo dAfd^ dAf;q
mAmh-v .
Z rEyZA`n
-vAB;vA y-t aAnV^ sEmDA t\ j;q-v 3
3. Encompassing the seven planes, O immortal, giving to the
giver, to the doer of good deeds, grow great;41 O Fire, with
riches full of hero-strength crowding on him, accept the man
who has come to thee with the fuel.

y.-y k
t;\ Tm\ p;roEht\ hEvmt I0t
sP vAEjnm^ .
f@vtmE`n\ GtpSm;"Z\ pZt\
dv\ pZt
s;vFym^ 4
4. The seven givers of the offering pray the lord of plenitudes,
the supreme Ray of intuition, the vicar of the sacrifice, Fire,
the Bull with the luminous back who hears our words, the
god who on him who satisfies him with gifts bestows fullness
of heroic might.
40 Or, greatnesses,
41 Or, exalt him;

Mandala Ten


(v\ d$t, Tmo vr
@y, s h$ymAno amtAy m(-v .
(vA\ mjyn^ mzto dAf;qo g
h (vA\ -tom
EBB gvo Ev zzc;, 5
5. Thou art the first and supreme messenger, as such when thou
art called be rapturous for immortality: thee the life-powers
make resplendent in the house of the giver, thee with their
lauds the flame-seers made to shine out wide.

iq\ d;h(s;d;GA\ Ev
vDAys\ y.Ey
yjmAnAy s;5to .
Gt;E-/-tAEn dFd^ vEty.\ pEry(s;5t$ys
6. In one to whom sacrifice is dear, for the giver of sacrifice,
milking the force that is a good milch-cow, the force that
founds all, O strong will, O Fire, thrice pouring light, illumining the Truths, circling round our house and our sacrifice
thou puttest forth thy strength of will.

(vAEmd-yA uqso &y;Eq; d$t\ k@vAnA ayjt mAn;qA, .
dvA mhyA?yAy vAvD;rA>ym`n
Enmjto a@vr
7. Thee, O Fire, making their messenger men have offered
sacrifice in the outshining of this dawn; thee the gods have
increased for their growing to greatness making bright the
oblation of light in the pilgrim-sacrifice.

En (vA vEsSA a4t vAEjn\ gZto a`n
q; v
Ds, .
rAy-poq\ yjmAn
q; DAry y$y\ pAt -vE-tEB, sdA n, 8
8. The Vasishthas called thee within them, full of plenitude,
voicing the Fire, ordainers of works in the discoverings of
knowledge; uphold the increasing of the riches in the doers
of the sacrifice, do you ever guard us with all kinds of weal.


Other Hymns to Agni

tv 2vo vyo mEh B}Ajt
acyo EvBAvso .
bhYAno fvsA vAjm;?Ly\ dDAEs dAf;q
1. O Fire, thy inspiration and thy growth and thy lights blaze
in their greatness, O thou who shinest out with thy lustres;
O great luminousness, O seer, thou foundest by thy strength
for the giver a plenitude of utterance.

pAvkvcA, f;5vcA an$nvcA uEdyEq BAn;nA .
p;/o mAtrA Evcr3;pAvEs pZE" rodsF uB
2. Purifying is thy flaming energy, bright is thy energy, indeficient is thy energy as thou ascendest with thy light - a
son thou rangest and protectest the Parents and thou joinest
together earth and heaven.

Ujo npA>jAtv
d, s;fE-tEBmd-v DFEtEBEht, .
iq, s\ dD;B$ErvpsE
c/otyo vAmjAtA, 3
3. O son of energy, O knower of all things born, well-founded
rejoice in our perfect utterances and our thinkings; in thee
they have joined together impelling forces of many forms,
richly varied in their prospering, born to charm and beauty.

Ty-v jt;EBr-m
rAyo am(y .
s dft-y vp;qo Ev rAjEs pZE" sAnEs\ 5t;m^ 4
4. O immortal Fire, ruling over creatures born, spread in us
thy Riches; thou art master of 42 thy body of vision and thou
satest thy conquering will.

42 Or, thou shinest out from

Mandala Ten


iktArm@vr-y c
ts\ "yt\ rADso mh, .
rAEt\ vAm-y s;BgA\ mhFEmq\ dDAEs sAnEs\ rEym^ 5
5. A thinker, an arranger of sacrifice, a master of great achievement thou foundest a bounty of delight and a great and
fortunate impulsion and conquering Riches.

-tAvAn\ mEhq\ Ev
vdftmE`n\ s;
p;ro jnA, .
2;(kZ sT-tm\ (vA EgrA {
d&y\ mAn;qA y;gA 6
6. Men have set in front this great Truth-possessing and allseeing Fire for the bliss; thee who hast the ear that hears
our words voice, wide-extended, one divine throughout the
human generations.


ct^ sEm@ys


{ zd
s;EBn aA gEh m0FkAy n aA gEh 1
1. Already kindled thou art kindled again for the gods, O carrier of the offering, come along with the sons of Aditi and
with the Rudras and with the Shining Ones, come to us for

im\ y.Emd\ vco j;j;qAZ upAgEh .
mtAs-(vA sEmDAn hvAmh
m0FkAy hvAmh
2. Accepting this sacrifice, this word come to us, we who are
mortals call thee, O high-kindled Fire, we call thee for grace.

(vAm; jAtv
ds\ Ev
vvAr\ gZ
EDyA .

dvA; aA vh n, Eyv}tAn^ m0FkAy Eyv}tAn^ 3
3. Thee I voice with my thought, the knower of all things born,


Other Hymns to Agni
in whom are all desirable things, O Fire, bring to us the
gods whose law of working is dear to us, dear to us for their

dvAnAmBvt^ p;roEhto_E`n\ mn;yA -qy, smFEDr
aE`n\ mho DnsAtAvh\ h;v
m0Fk\ DnsAty
4. Fire, the god, became the vicar priest of the gods, Fire the
human Rishis have kindled, Fire I call in the conquest of the
riches of the vast, gracious for the conquest of the riches.

aE`nrE/\ Br7Aj\ gEvESr\ Av3, k@v\ /sd-y;mAhv
aE`n\ vEsSo hvt
p;roEhto m0FkAy p;roEht, 5
5. Fire protected Atri and Bharadwaja and Gavishthira, protected for us Kanwa and Trasadasyu in the battle, Fire
Vasishtha the vicar priest calls, the vicar priest calls him
for grace.


aE`n\ Ehvt; no EDy, sEPmAf;EmvAEjq; .
n j
m Dn\Dnm^ 1
1. May our thoughts speed the Fire on his way like a swift
galloper in the battles, by him may we conquer every kind
of wealth.

yyA gA aAkrAmh
tvo(yA .
tA\ no Ehv mG1y
2. The army by which we may make ours the Ray-Cows under
thy guard, that army send to us43 for the getting of plenty.
43 Or, speed for us

Mandala Ten


-T$r\ rEy\ Br pT;\ gomtmE
vnm^ .
aER^D K\ vtyA pEZm^ 3
3. Bring to us, O Fire, a stable wealth of the Ray-Cows and
the horses of power, reveal heaven, turn away from us the
evil Trafficker.

n"/mjrmA s$y rohyo EdEv .

4. O Fire, make to ascend the ageless traveller-star, the sun in
heaven upholding the Light for men.

S, 2
S up-Tst^ .
boDA -to/
vyo dDt^ 5
5. O Fire, thou art the ray of intuition in creatures, most dear,
most glorious, seated in the centre.44 Awake, founding his
expansion who lauds thee.


vAcmFry vqBAy E"tFnAm^ .
s n, pqdEt E7q, 1
1. Send forth the word to the Fire, the bull of the worlds,45
may he carry us through beyond the hostile forces.

y, pr-yA, prAvtE-tro DvAEtroct
s n, pqdEt E7q, 2
2. He who shines beyond the desert across the supreme Beyond, may he carry us through beyond the hostile forces.
44 Or, in the lap of the mother.
45 Or, of the peoples,


Other Hymns to Agni

yo r"A\Es Enj$vEt vqA f;5
Z foEcqA .
s n, pqdEt E7q, 3
3. He who destroys the Rakshasas, the bull with the brilliant
light, may he carry us through beyond the hostile forces.

yo Ev
vAEB Evp
yEt B;vnA s\ c p
yEt .
s n, pqdEt E7q, 4
4. He who looks upon all the worlds and sees them wholly,
may he carry us through beyond the hostile forces.

yo a-y pAr
rjs, f;5o aE`nrjAyt .
s n, pqdEt E7q, 5
5. Fire who is born brilliant on the further shore of this world,
may he carry us through beyond the hostile forces.


s\sEmd^ y;vs
vAyy aA .
s no vs$yA Br 1
1. O Fire, O strong one, as master thou unitest us with all
things and art kindled high in the seat of revelation; do
thou bring to us the Riches.

s\ gQC@v\ s\ vd@v\ s\ vo mnA\Es jAntAm^ .

dvA BAg\ yTA p$v
s\jAnAnA upAst
2. Join together, speak one word, let your minds arrive at
one knowledge even as the ancient gods arriving at one
knowledge partake each of his own portion.

Mandala Ten


smAno m/, sEmEt, smAnF smAn\ mn, sh Ec1m
qAm^ .
smAn\ m/mEB m/y
v, smAn
n vo hEvqA j;hoEm 3
3. Common Mantra have all these, a common gathering to
union, one mind common to all, they are together in one
knowledge; I pronounce for you a common Mantra, I do
sacrifice for you with a common offering.

smAnF v aAk$Et, smAnA }dyAEn v, .
smAnm-t; vo mno yTA v, s;shAsEt 4
4. One and common be your aspiration, united your hearts,
common to you be your mind, - so that close companionship may be yours.

to Part Two
The following translations of the first hymn of the Rig Veda
are reproduced from Sri Aurobindo's manuscripts to illustrate
the development of his interpretation of the Veda. They are
arranged as far as possible in chronological order.

Translations of the First Hymn
of the Rig Veda

Hymns of the First Cycle

A hymn of praise, welcome and prayer to Agni, Lord of Tejas,
composed when the mind of the Yogin Madhuchchhanda was
full of sattwic energy and illumination.
1. Agni the brilliant I adore who standeth before the Lord,
the god that has the ecstasy of the truth, the fighter that fulfilleth
utter bliss.
2. Agni adorable to the sages of old, adorable to the new,
holds up the gods with force & might.
3. By Agni one enjoyeth strength, one enjoyeth increase day
by day and a mastery full of force.
4. O Agni, the Lord below about whom thou art on every
side a flame encompassing, came by the gods into this world.
5. Agni the fighter, the strong in wisdom, the true, the manifold, the high of fame, has come to us, a god meeting with
6. O beloved, that to the foe who would destroy thee thou,
O Agni, doest good, this is the Truth of thee, O Lord of Love.
7. O Agni, to thee yearning if day by day we embrace thee
with our mind and bear the law, then thou growest in mastery
and might: -
8. To thee the shining one of the gods below who guardest
the energy of the nectar and increasest in thy home.
9. Do thou therefore, O Agni, become lavish of thy approach to us as a father to his child; cleave to us for our heavenly


Other Hymns to Agni

Agni I desire who standeth before the Lord, the god who
knoweth all the law, the warrior who disposeth utterly delight.
Agni whom the ancient seers desired, the modern too adore;
for in his strength he beareth all the Gods.
By Agni one getteth substance, yes, and increase day by day,
and glorious success.
O Agni, that Lord here below whom thou encompassest on
every side, is he that moveth in the Gods.
Agni, the warrior whose strength is wisdom, he of the Truth
who has the knowledge rich, cometh, a God attended by the
O beloved, O Agni, that thou desirest to do good to him
who seeks to hurt thee, this is utterly thy nature, O Lord of
To thee, O Agni who protectest us in darkness day by day,
if with hearts full of self-surrender we come, then thou towerest
to thy height,
To thee, controller and protector of all things below, of the
Immortal brilliant force, ever increasing in thy home.
So be thou easy to our approach as a father to his child,
abide with us for our bliss.


1. aE`nmF0
p;roEht\ y.-y
dvmE(vj\. hotAr\ r&DAtm\ 1
Agni I adore who stands before Yajna, the god that seeth
right, the offerer of the oblation, chief disposer of delight.
2. aE`n, p$v
EB-EqEBrFX^yo n$tn
{zt. s
h v"Et 2
Agni, adorable to the former sages, adorable to those of
today, he brings here the gods.

Translations of the First Hymn of the Rig Veda


3. aE`nnA rEym`v(poqm
v Edv
. yfs\ vFrv1m\ 3
By Agni one getteth delight (or force) and increase too day
by day, & widest victory (or most manifest or most forceful).
4. a`n
y\ y.m@vr\ Ev
vt, pErB$rEs. s i:
q; gQCEt 4
O Agni, the Yajna here below which thou encompassest on
every side is that that moveth in the gods (or goeth to the gods).
5. aE`nhotA kEv5t;, s(yE
EBrAgmt^ 5
Agni, the Hota, the strong in wisdom, the true, the varied
in inspired knowledge, comes a god with the gods.
6. yd\g dAf;q
Bd\ kEryEs. tv
1(s(ymEHr, 6
That thou, O beloved, doest good to the giver, O Agni, this
is the truth in thee, O lord of love.
7. up (vA`n
doqAv-tEDyA vy\. nmo Brt emEs 7
To thee, O Agni, day by day because thou protectest in the
dimness, we with the understanding (come) bearing salutation
and thou growest to thy strength.
8. rAjtm@vrAZA\ gopAmt-y dFEdEv\. vDmAn\ -v
Ruling over things below, O protector of immortality, a
splendour increasing in its home.
9. s n, Ept
v s$nv
s$pAyno Bv. sc-vA n, -v-ty
Therefore do thou, O Agni, be accessible to us as a father
to his child, cleave to us for our bliss.

Hymns of Madhuchchhanda Vaisvamitra
Mandala I. Hymns I - XI.
Agni I adore, the representative priest of the sacrificial act, the
god who is the Adept of the sacrifice, the offerer of the action


Other Hymns to Agni

who disposeth utterly delight. Agni adorable to the seers of old,
is adorable always to the new, he beareth here the gods. By Agni
one getteth energy and increase also day by day and effective
strength of highest forcefulness. O Agni, whatso material action
of sacrifice thou encompassest on every side, that verily moveth
in the gods. Agni, the offering priest whose might is knowledge,
the true, the exceeding rich in inspiration, cometh a god with the
gods. That thou, O friend, O Agni, wilt surely effect the weal
of the giver, that is the nature & truth of thee, O lord of love.
To thee, O Agni, day by day, O dweller in the twilight, we with
the discerning mind bring our submission when thy strength is
at its height, to thee the ruler of all here below, guardian of
Immortality, a high splendour increasing in its home. Therefore
do thou be easy of approach to us as a father to his son; be thou
strong for our felicity.
A Hymn to Agni. I.1.
Agni I adore, the representative priest of the Sacrifice, the god
who sacrifices aright, the priest of the offering who disposes
utterly delight. Agni adorable to the seers of old, is adorable
also [to the] new, for he brings hither the gods. By Agni one gets
him energy and an increase day by day full of success and full
of power. Agni, the material sacrifice which thou encompassest
with thy being on every side, that indeed goeth to the gods. Agni
the priest of the offering, who has the force of the wisdom, the
true, the full of rich inspiration, comes to us a god with the
gods. That thou, O beloved Agni, wilt do good to the giver, this
is the truth of thee, O lord of love. To thee, O Agni, day by day,
by night & by day, we by the understanding come bringing to
thee our submission, who governest all things below, protector
of the Truth, a brilliant flame increasing in its home. Therefore
do thou be easy of approach to us as a father to his child, cleave
to us for our weal.

Translations of the First Hymn of the Rig Veda


Mandala I, Hymns of Madhuchchhanda Vaisvamitra.
I Hymn to Agni
1. Agni I adore, the priest who stands forward for the sacrifice, the god who acts in the truth of things, the giver of the
oblation who disposes utterly delight.
2. Agni adored by the ancient seers is adorable still to the
new, for he brings here the gods.
3. By Agni one gets day by day energy & increase victorious
and full of force.
4. O Agni, whatsoever material sacrifice thou encompassest
with thy being on every side, that goes to the gods.
5. Agni, he that offers the oblation, whose strength is in
wisdom, the true, the rich in various inspiration, comes a god
with the gods.
6. That thou, O Agni, wilt surely bring about good for the
giver, that is the truth of thee, O lord of love.
7. To thee, O Agni, day by day, in darkness and in light we
come in our minds bearing our submission, -
8. To thee, who rulest over all below, guardian of immortality, a brilliance increasing in its home.
9. Therefore do thou be easy of approach to us as a father
to his child, cleave to us for our weal.

The Strength I seek who is set in front as our divine representative in the sacrifice and offers in the order of the Truth,
the priest of our oblation who disposes utterly delight. The
Strength [was] desirable to the ancient sages and they of today


Other Hymns to Agni

must seek him too, for 'tis he that brings hither the gods. By
the Strength one attains a wealth of felicity that increases from
day to day and, full of hero mights, victoriously attains. O
Strength, the sacrifice in its march that thou encompassest with
thy being on every side, that reaches to the gods. Strength is
the priest of our oblation, he has the seer-will and is true in his
being and is rich in varied inspirations; may he come to us, a god
with the gods. O Strength, that thou wilt create for the giver
of the offering his weal, that is the truth in thee, O Puissance.
To thee, O Agni, we approach day after day, in the light and in
the darkness, bringing thee submission by the thought, To thee
that rulest the march of the sacrifices, the protector of the Truth
and its outshining, increasing in thine own home. Therefore
be easy of approach to us, O Strength, as a father to his child;
cleave to us for our blissful state.

1. The God-will I seek with adoration, divine priest of the
sacrifice who is set in front and sacrifices in the seasons of the
Law, giver of oblation who most ordains the ecstasy.
2. The Flame adored by the ancient finders of knowledge
must be sought also by the new, for it is he that shall bring hither
the godheads.
3. By the flame of the Will man enjoys a treasure of felicity
that grows day by day and is a splendour of attainment and rich
in hero-energies.
4. O Will, around whatsoever sacrifice travelling to its goal
thou comest into being on its every side, that reaches truly the
gods (or goes truly to the gods).
5. God-will is the priest of the oblation, for his is the Seerwill (or who has the will of the seer) true in its being, with a
most rich and varied inspiration; let him come to us, a god with
the gods.

Translations of the First Hymn of the Rig Veda


6. The Good that thou wilt create for the giver of the
sacrifice, thine is that Truth, O Will, O Seer-Puissance.
7. To the God-will we come day by day, in the night & in
the light, carrying by our thought our offering of submission,
8. To the Ruler of our pilgrim sacrifices and shining guardian of the truth, increasing in his own home.
9. Therefore do thou, O Will, be as easy of approach to us
as a father to his child, cleave to us for that happy state of our
The Will I seek with adoration, divine priest of our sacrifice
who is set in its front and sacrifices in the seasons of the Truth
and offers the oblation and establishes in us wholly the Bliss;
Will, the object of their adoration to the seers of old and
to the seers who are now, for he brings into this world the
By the Will man attains to wealth of the felicity and it increases day by day and is victorious in attainment and full of
hero powers.
That sacrifice which in its journey on the path thou encompassest with thy being on its every side, that travels to the
Will the priest, the seer-will, the true in being, richest in his
shining inspirations of the truth, may he come divine with all
the divine powers.
O Will, in that thou wilt surely create his good for the giver
of the sacrifice, thine is that truth, O Seer-Puissance.
To thee, O Will, day by day, we come both in the light and in
the night bringing the offering of our submission by the thought;
To thee, who rulest our sacrifices in their march, to the
shining guardian of the Truth who increases in his own home.
Do thou be easy of access as is a father to his child, cleave
to us for the bliss.


Other Hymns to Agni
Hymns of Madhuchchhandas
son of Viswamitra.
A Hymn to Agni, the Divine Flame

A hymn to Agni the divine Flame, priest of the sacrifice, bringer
of the gods to man, giver of the treasures, protector and leader
and king of the sacrifice of the path, inspired seer will in works,
giver of the supreme good and truth and its shining guardian.
I adore the Flame, divine vicar of sacrifice, Ritwik and
offering priest who most founds the Delight.
The Flame adored by the ancient sages is adorable too by
the new. He brings on earth the gods.
Man can get by the Flame a treasure that increases day by
day, splendid and full of heroes' strengths.
O Flame, alone the sacrifice of the path which thou surroundest with thy being on every side, goes among the gods.
The Flame is a priest, a seer will to acts, true and rich in
many lights of inspiration, and shall come to us a god with the
O Flame, that happiness thou wilt create for the giver of
sacrifice, is thine only and is that Truth, O Angiras.1
To thee day by day, O Flame, in night and in light we come
carrying to thee by the thought our adoration,
To the ruler of the sacrifices of the path, the luminous
guardian of the Truth, who increases in his own home!
O Fire, be thou easy of access to us like a father to his son,
cling to us for our happy ease.
1 The seven Angiras seers, sons of the Flame, discovered, says the Veda, that Truth,
the sun that was lodged in the darkness. This inconscient darkness is figured as the
cave of the Panis; Indra and the Angiras seers enter and find the shining cows of the
Dawn, the Dawn herself, the Day, the Sun, the vision of knowledge and man's path to
immortality. This is the day said in the next hymn to be discovered or known by the
adorers of Vayu. The name Angiras is given also to the gods as finders of the Truth.

Translations of the First Hymn of the Rig Veda


Mandala 1, Sukta 1
1. I adore the Flame, the Vicar, the divine Ritwik of the sacrifice, the summoner who most founds the ecstasy.
2. The Flame, adorable by the ancient sages, is adorable too
by the new; he brings here the gods.
3. By the Flame one enjoys a treasure that verily increases day
by day, glorious, most full of hero-powers.
4. O Flame, the pilgrim sacrifice on every side of which thou
art with thy environing being, that truly goes among the
5. The Flame, the Summoner, the Seer-Will, true and most full
of richly varied listenings, may he come, a god with the
6. O Flame, the happy good which thou shalt create for the
giver is That Truth and verily thine, O Angiras!
7. To thee, O Flame, we day by day, in the night and in the
light, come carrying by our thought the obeisance,
8. To thee who reignest over our pilgrim sacrifices, luminous
guardian of the truth, increasing in thy own home.
9. Therefore be easy of access to us as a father to his son; cling
to us for our happy state.
First Mandal
1. Fire I pray, the priest set in front of the sacrifice, the god
Ritwik, the flamen of the call, who gives most the ecstasies.
2. Fire, desirable by the ancient sages and by the new, is he
that brings here the gods.
3. By the Fire man enjoys a treasure that grows day by day,
riches glorious, (most) armed with the heroes (to which most
are joined the heroes).


Other Hymns to Agni

4. O Fire, the pilgrim sacrifice around which thou comest into
being on every side, that alone goes to the gods.
5. May the Fire, the priest of the call, the Seer Will true and
most full of rich inspirations, come to us a god with the
6. The happiness that thou wilt make for him that gives is That
Truth of thee, O Flame-Seer.
7. To thee, O Fire, day by day, in the light and in the night we
come bearing by the thought our surrender, -
8. To the luminous guardian of the Truth ruling over the
(pilgrim) rites increasing in his own home.
9. Then be thou easy of approach to us like a father to his son,
O Fire, - cling to us for our weal.
1. The Flame I pray, the divine vicar of the sacrifice, the ordinant of the ritual, the Summoner who founds the ecstasy.
2. The Flame, desirable by the ancient seers and by the new,
may he come hither with the gods.
3. By the Flame is won an energy that surely increases day by
day, glorious and full of warrior-power.
4. O Flame, the pilgrim sacrifice that thou encompassest from
every side, goes to the gods.
5. The Flame is our priest of the call, the seer-will true and
brilliant in inspiration; may he come, a god with the gods.
6. The good that thou wilt create for the giver, O Flame, is that
truth of thee, O Angiras.
7. To thee we come, O Flame, day by day in the dark and in
the light bringing by the thought our obeisance; -
8. To thee, the ruler of our pilgrim-sacrifices, the shining
Guardian of the Truth, growing in thy own home.
9. O Flame, be easy of access to us like a father to his son,
cleave to us for our weal.

Translations of the First Hymn of the Rig Veda


Hymns of Madhuchchhandas
I. Hymn to the Fire.
1. The Fire I pray, the divine vicar of the sacrifice and ordinant
of the rite, the Summoner (or, priest of the offering) who
most founds the ecstasy.
2. The Fire, desirable to the ancient seers, so even to the new,
- may he come to us with the gods.
3. By the Fire one obtains a wealth that increases day by day,
glorious and full of hero-powers.
4. O Fire, the pilgrim sacrifice which thou encompassest on
every side, reaches the gods.
5. Fire, priest of the call, the seer-will rich in brilliant inspirations, may he come to us, a god with the gods.
6. O Fire, the happy good that thou wilt create for the giver, is
That Truth of thee, O Angiras.
7. To thee, O Fire, day by day, in the dawn and in the dusk,
we come bringing to thee by the thought our obeisance,
8. To thee, who rulest the sacrifices of the Way, the shining
Guardian of the Truth, growing in thy own home.
9. O Fire, be easy of access to us like a father to his son; cleave
to us for our weal.

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