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12:58; this is just a continuation as the day changed. I added some more place images. I would like to auto generate them. perhaps I could label the note as main, and then have a img file linked there. and then blah. im not willing to do it yet. I am still manually experimenting I suppose.
- I wonder if images should be clear, or fascinating. Or different classifiers based on what it is (Beauty for garden, perplexing for TIL. etc)
- just felt a bit overwhelmed there looking at the pics from the couch. its like portals into other worlds (hopefully) and so it gives a sense of infinite worlds which is a bit overwhelming as is the infinite work to do lol. tied with that was the thought of waiting as long as possible before releasing it because damn.
- but it seems very important that i should enjoy it. If I dont use it, it is dead.

1:30; added Savitri quotes to "the hill". going back now to index. It would be cool to do bookmarks made of pictures like at places. but its so much work atm.

- I definitely dont like doing this shit manually. at all.

1:44am; smoked bowl; looking at index now instead of places... this server is going to kick fucking ass. the index page in particular. is going to be the literal fucking definition of magic portal

154; pictures for people and beings?

2:44; was working on index. added places and planes. also added.php" so it will be a bit faster for code templates

3:27; having coffee; still working on index. even adding one solid picture is worth a good amount of time. Adding images by Priti Ghosh for example. Which reminds me the need to add the Art Gallery.

4:59; still having coffee, worked on index bookmarks. something is off about it but perhaps its a good start. I guess they bookmarks should be a larger microcosm. contain more stuff? its crazy how similar it is looking to the old SMB



12:06PM; really? woke up after 7 hours? cool.

1pm; had breakfast (oatmeal), getting low on cigs.

why do I go on say facebook instead of my site?

3pm; mowed front lawn. also watered plants. by the time I finished mowing they still hadnt returned to a sprite state.

currently on page 404;

dont feel as inspired to read Savitri. I mean perhaps more than "yesterday" but I feel like maybe I need a read through of TLD and TSOY. perhaps after this 5th read. ill try perhaps reading outloud for a bit.

i suppose working on WW is a decent substitute. I feel like as if I am trying to create a pathway through it back to higher states, or realms of remembrance.

4:18; talked with tim. cleaned up MEDIA. it will be much faster now to update WW on nat. though its still not automatic. I am going to smoke a bowl. I would mind if I could chill somewhere. Like it wouldnt mind having some places in WW. How about a philosophers cafe?

428; smoked;

434; so basically.. ugh. like each section (beings, places, powers, practices, subjects) contain many items that are of the same grade of sorts, and so when one follows their bookmark to that section each object of same grade could have its own section, filled with pictures. this would make it potentially very easy to find all the most important things, since they will all have a picture. but regardless everything else will be there aswell in text form. Right now the whole thing is still kinda ugly, but I know that will improve. eventually it will look Holy or of Divine Caliber. but because it is so far, both in aesthetics and effective fruition it brings some serious suffering at times it seems. I may not have mentioned but the subsections should have bookmarks in the section itself I think.

though eventually the entire way I present the structure will change or the structure again itself (likely) so I dont want to waste time building it but building it is also how I will have a current form, not be happy and the next one will eventually come.

Also I want to add art gallery.

--- 4:47; so then is it where do I want to be? but I can imagine the weakness of such an approach beforehand but.. still its like if I am to be wandering in darkness, then why not have an infinite art gallery attached to a infinite library?

5:05; should i be working on the Library or the Infinite Library? I guess TIL since I click on it first. but I guess it definitely needs a picture of LIB.

5:07; TIL appears as a double entry for some reason, is that the case over on SAMI?

soooooooooooooooo I did fucking delete MEDIA. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. but thank God I had a copy on NAT then. sigh. I guess I should be doing auto backups of MEDIA aswell. wordlist is already safe enough I think.

517; so it does contain two copies. is there two copies? alright another "makewordlist" did the trick. that MEDIA thing was scary. and so...

5:44; added img for TIB on index. but the object itself doesnt yet have images for TIL, TIAG and TIG

546; it could also be interesting to add the infinite tower on top and below the infinite building. it in a way creates a building style representation of the worlds or planes. and then

549; at this point I dont like the top of index incomparison to places or the places section. uniform size would likely help. or main image on left, with children images on right.

and so then If i have these infinite structures to explore, which would I go through first? north is the library, east the art gallery, south the garden, and the stairways up and down move along the tower.

what is the first floor of the tower?

618; had toast, making coffee. was working on TIB and TIG. its so horrendously slow going but the fact that I am even willing to try such a huge work is impressive on its own. haha. seriously.

i should make sure i have my game dev images up on here. especially "the City" stuff. I think after realizing or rerealizing that the Garden, the Library and the School are all basically interconnected. perhaps into a triangle. or like a 3 part venn diagram.

730; had coffee; took poop; still working on TIB. which is fantastic. going to smoke again soon.

8:50; I wouldnt mind pictures for all the places in TIB on index and exported to nat.

9:08; smoked; also just checked, the harry potter wikipage, does not contain a link to Occultism... ...................................... though it does link to Wands, which then connects into the world

9:14; actually, the Wiki page on Thelema is really good. I want wordlist to digest it. and when finally there are images. it is accessible. always.

crap file got deleted I think, or I didnt save but still rewrote. anways was likely working still on subjects.

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1:Happiness is not the aim of life. The aim of ordinary life is to carry out one's duty, the aim of spiritual life is to realise the Divine. ~ The Mother, Words Of The Mother II 2020-08-26,
2:Perspectival-reason, being highly reflexive, also allows sustained introspection. And it is the first structure that can imagine 'as if' and 'what if' worlds: it becomes a true dreamer and visionary. ~ Ken Wilber, Integral Psychology 2020-08-26,

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