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Seeing is of many kinds. There is a superficial seeing which only
erects or receives momentarily or for some time an image of the
Being seen; that brings no change, unless the inner bhakti makes
it a means for change. There is also the reception of the living
image of the Divine in one of his forms into oneself, - say, in the
heart, - that can have an immediate effect or initiate a period
of spiritual growth. There is also the seeing outside oneself in a
more or less objective and subtle physical or physical way.
As for milana, the abiding union is within and that can
be there at all times; the outer milana or contact is not usually
abiding. There are some who often or almost invariably have the
contact whenever they worship; the Deity may become living to
them in the picture or other image they worship, may move and
act through it; others may feel him always present, outwardly,
subtle-physically, abiding with them where they live or in the
very room; but sometimes this is only for a period. Or they
may feel the Presence with them, see it frequently in a body
(but not materially except sometimes), feel its touch or embrace,
converse with it constantly, - that is also one kind of milana.
The greatest milana is one in which one is constantly aware
of the Deity constantly abiding in oneself, in everything in the
world, holding all the world in him, identical with existence
and yet supremely beyond the world - but in the world too one
sees, hears, feels nothing but him, so that the very senses bear
witness to him alone - and this does not exclude such specific
personal manifestations as those vouchsafed to Krishnaprem
3 While looking at a photograph of Sri Aurobindo, the correspondent felt that he was
looking at a living being with eyes "as living as real eyes". - Ed.


Letters on Yoga - II

and his guru. The more ways there are of the union, the better.
Adesh and darshan are elements of a stage of sadhana in which
there is still much distance from the closer state of union. The
mind and vital seek the contact through darshan and the guidance through Adesh. What we aim at in our Yoga is the constant
union and presence and control of the Divine at every moment.
But on the mental and vital level this usually remains imperfect
and there is much chance of error. It is by the supramentalisation
that the perfect Truth of this Divine Union in action can come.

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