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Contact with the Divine
Aspiration and devotion are the natural and easy means for
getting the contact. The other way by effort is laborious, slow
and not sure. The mind must open, but it will open best by the
power of devotion and aspiration.
The more the calm, peace, joy and happiness descend and take
possession, the stronger the foundation. It is the sign of the
The other thing needed is the descent of the consciousness
which you felt in the heart and breast. That will come of itself,


Letters on Yoga - II

if this devotion and sole dependence on the Light continues.
The psychic contact does not bring mental knowledge, but it
brings true perception and true feeling and it can bring down
also, if you aspire from the psychic centre, a knowledge higher
and truer than intellectual knowledge.
Quietude and surrender are the first things to be established.
In that must come the full contact. By that contact, if well established, will come a steady progressive sadhana, not the old
confused sadhana.
When you fall from the contact, the first and only thing you have
to do is to reestablish it - to remain quiet and open yourself.
Everything else you must detach yourself from and reject. It is
because you listen to ideas and suggestions of all kinds and still
attach value to the old kind of "experiences", that you cannot
reestablish the contact.
As for not having it [contact] always, it is because there are
parts of the being that are still unconscious or perhaps states of
unconsciousness come. For instance, people write letters to each
other, but they are quite unconscious that they are exchanging
forces in doing so. You have become conscious of it, because of
the development of your inner consciousness by Yoga - and yet
there are likely to be times when you still write from the external
awareness only, and then you will see the words only without
being aware of what is behind. So owing to the development
of the inner consciousness, you are able to understand what
contacts are and get the true contact, but at times the external
consciousness may be stronger than the inner one, then you are
no longer (for the time being) able to get the contact.

Bhakti, Devotion, Worship


The photograph is a vehicle only3 - but if you have the right
consciousness, then you can bring something of the living being
into it or become aware of the being for which it stands and can
make it a means of contact. It is like the pran.apratis.t.ha in the
image in the temple.

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