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Chapter Five

The Lower Nature or Lower Hemisphere
The Higher Nature and the Lower Nature
The lower nature is called lower because it is unenlightened - it can't be enlightened and changed by ignoring it, the higher has to be brought there. So one must speak of both, not of the higher alone.

But why do you suppose that you alone are made of the lower nature? Every earthly being is so made. The higher nature is there but behind and above. It has to be brought forward from the inner being or brought down from above constantly and persistently till the lower is changed.

The Three Planes of the Lower Hemisphere and Their Energies
There is a vital plane (self-existent) above the material universe which we see; there is a mental plane (self-existent) above the vital and material. These three together, - mental, vital, physical,
- are called the triple universe of the lower hemisphere. They have been established in the earth-consciousness by evolution
- but they exist in themselves before the evolution, above the earth-consciousness and the material plane to which the earth belongs.

Forces, movements are not really planes but lines of consciousness or force which you may feel in that way one over the other.

The planes are planes of consciousness and its powers - in the

The Lower Nature or Lower Hemisphere

mind there is a mind of Knowledge (higher mind), a mind of will
(dynamic mind) and a mind of thought (intellect) which are one above the other and it is these you probably mean. They easily get covered when their forces come down into the ordinary mind
- covered by the lower consciousness.

It is not possible to give a name to all the energies that act in the being. They are put into several classes. First are the mental thought energies (intelligence, dynamic mind, physical perceptive mind); the vital - 1st emotional vital with all the emotional movements in it; 2nd the central vital (the larger desires, passions, ambitions, forces of work, possession, conquest); 3rd the lower vital (all the small egoistic movements of desire, enjoyment, lust, greed, jealousy, envy, vanity etc. etc.);
4th the physical energies concerned with the material life and its functioning, needs, outer action, instrumental fulfilment of the other powers.

It cannot be explained accurately in a few words; but roughly thoughts are of the mind, emotions are of the heart, desires are of the vital. On the surface they are all mixed together, but behind they come from separate parts of the being.

The Adhara
The Adhara is that in which the consciousness is now contained
- mind-life-body.

The Adhar means the mind, life and body as instruments of the expression of the being - the being is the conscious Existence within which uses mind, life and body as its instruments of thought, feeling and action. But sometimes the word being is used to signify the whole - soul and nature together.

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2.3.05 - The Lower Nature or Lower Hemisphere
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