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1:THE Magical Bell is best attached to the chain. In some systems of Magick a number of bells have been worn, swen upon the hem of the robe with the idea of symbolizing that every movement of the Magician should make music. But the Bell of which we shall speak is a more important implement. This Bell summons and alarms; and it is also the Bell which sounds at the elevation of the Host.
2:It is thus also the "Astral Bell" of the Magician.1 1 During certain meditation-practices the Student hears a bell sounded in the depths of his being. It is not subjective, for it is sometimes heard by other people, Some Magicians are able to call the attention of those with whom they wish to communicate at a distance by its means, or so it is said.
3:The Bell itself is made of electrum magicum, an alloy of the "seven metals" blended together in a special manner. First the gold is melted up with the silver during a favourable aspect of the Sun and moon; these are then fused with tin when Jupiter is well dignified. Lead is added under an auspicious Saturn; and so for the quicksilver, copper, and iron, when Mercury, Venus, and Mars are of good augury.
4:The sound of this Bell is indescribably commanding, solemn, and majestic. Without even the minuted jar, its single notes tinkle fainter and fainter into silence. At the sound of this Bell the Universe ceases for an indivisible moment of time, and attends to the Will of the Magician. Let him not interrupt the sound of this Bell. Let this be that which is written, Liber VII, v, 31: "There is a solemnity of the silence. There is no more voice at all."
5:As the Magical Book was the record of the past, so is the Magick Bell the prophecy of the future. The manifested shall repeat itself again and again, always a clear thin note, always a simplicity of music, yet ever less and less disturbing the infinite silence until the end.

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Mezzo Forte -- -- Arms -- 2 eps -- Original -- Action Comedy Hentai Sci-Fi -- Mezzo Forte Mezzo Forte -- For some individuals, baseball is more than just a game. Momokitchi Momoi, an underworld boss and the owner of a professional team known as the "Peach Twisters," seems to be the perfect example. There is only one punishment for players who have let him down: death. Terrible as he may sound, there is someone even more wicked than him—his daughter, Momomi. -- -- The three members of the Danger Service Agency—Mikura Suzuki, Tomohisa Harada, and Kenichi Kurokawa—are tasked with kidnapping Momokitchi and taking down his criminal empire. Surrounded by armed bodyguards, he is bound to be a risky target. However, born with a gun in hand, Mikura is used to dancing with danger. The only unknown quantity is Momomi, reputed to be a cold-blooded killer with a twisted mind. Should she stand in the DSA's way, Suzuki might finally find herself a worthy opponent. -- -- -- Licensor: -- Media Blasters, SoftCel Pictures -- OVA - May 25, 2000 -- 25,176 6.64
Rumiko Takahashi Anthology -- -- - -- 13 eps -- Manga -- Comedy Drama Romance Shounen Slice of Life Supernatural -- Rumiko Takahashi Anthology Rumiko Takahashi Anthology -- Rumic World TV (2003) consists of thirteen independent series based on short stories from 1987-2000 by Takahashi Rumiko. The episode order is not sorted based on the year the story was written. For example, the first episode "Tragedy of P"'s story was written in 1991 while the last episode "Senmuno inu"'s story was written in 1994. -- -- (Source: AnimeNfo) -- TV - Jul 6, 2003 -- 5,869 7.18
Seiken no Blacksmith -- -- Manglobe -- 12 eps -- Light novel -- Action Adventure Fantasy -- Seiken no Blacksmith Seiken no Blacksmith -- Forty-four years ago, the surviving nations of the Valbanil War declared peace and forbade the use of the devastating demon contracts that ravaged the land. Now, inexperienced knight Cecily Cambell is eager to follow the example of her family and protect the people of the city using the sword she inherited from her father. -- -- Her first challenge arises in the market. A crazed swordsman wreaks havoc upon civilians and Cecily jumps into action to restore order. Overwhelmed, her weapon shatters, but a skilled stranger wielding a strange-looking sword intervenes. With the situation diffused, Cecily heads to a local blacksmith in an effort to restore her family heirloom. However, she finds out that her savior—the blacksmith Luke Ainsworth—may be the only person capable of such intricate repairs. Determined to have her treasured sword repaired, she seeks out the man who rescued her. -- -- However, a group of bandits suddenly attack a convoy headed for the city. The assailants look inhuman, and an ice demon appears. Luke suspects the use of a demon contract and calls upon a sacred power to defeat them. Meanwhile, a shadowy hooded figure lurks, watching from a distance. Who is this mysterious evildoer, and what does his appearance mean for the pair? -- -- -- Licensor: -- Funimation -- TV - Oct 3, 2009 -- 152,067 6.73
Ten Little Gall Force -- -- animate Film, Artmic -- 1 ep -- Original -- Action Military Sci-Fi Space Comedy Parody Mecha -- Ten Little Gall Force Ten Little Gall Force -- A super deformed parody which depicts the "making of " Eternal Story and Destruction. A very humorous behind-the-scenes look (if "Gall Force" were a live-action series instead of being animated). -- -- Cast and crew members run into severe and embarrassing difficulties as things do not turn out as they should; for example, Lufy totally drowns in embarrassment as she is object of a whole crowd of spectators while in the nude; the director's obsession with realistic filming causes some real high-voltage friction with Catty; and in the end, after the premiere, the girls end up in an ongoing on-stage tussle about which one is the most popular character. -- -- (Source: Wikipedia) -- -- Licensor: -- AnimEigo -- OVA - Jul 3, 1988 -- 1,378 6.21
Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi -- -- Bones -- 25 eps -- Original -- Supernatural Demons Historical -- Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi Tenpou Ibun: Ayakashi Ayashi -- In the year of Tenpo 14, Yoi, monsters from another world attack Edo. Those who fight against them are members of Bansha Aratemesho. In public, Bansha Aratemsho is known as an organization to study foreign books. In fact, they are a organization dedicated to destroying the Yoi. These warriors are called Ayakashi. They gather information of odd events in the country, and are sent to destroy Yoi who appear. They are generally very strange people. For example, a guy who has lost his memory, a girl who dresses like a man. They have special powers with which to beat the Yoi. -- -- (Source: AniDB) -- -- Licensor: -- Bandai Entertainment -- TV - Oct 7, 2006 -- 14,929 6.91
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