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The Guru

  In an age like ours success alone counts and the material satisfactions it brings. However, an ever-increasing number of dissatisfied people are seeking to know the reason of life. And, on the other hand, there are sages who know and strive to help suffering humanity and to spread the light of knowledge. When the two meet, he who knows and he who wants to know, there springs up a new hope in the world, and a little light penetrates the prevailing darkness.


  The western mind always finds it difficult to submit totally to a Guru and without total and unquestioning surrender to the Guru his help to you is paralysed. That is why generally I advise westerners to find the guidance and the Presence within themselves; it is true that this process is very often open to uncertainty and self-deception, mistaking some voice of the ego in disguise for the Divines guidance.
  In both cases, it is only an absolute sincerity and an unmixed humility that can be your safeguard.
  With my blessings.
  21 January 1955


  If you have faith and confidence, it is not the human form of the guru that you worship, but the Supreme Lord who manifests through him.
  Be not troubled and give yourself unreservedly to the Supreme Lord through whatever channel helps you.
  With love and blessings.


  I am not at all convinced by Xs theories. This seems to me to be merely the old human animal trying to satisfy its desires by mentalising them.
  Generally speaking, when a man starts building yogic theories on his own particular work, one should always be wary.
  All work can and should be done in a yogic spirit. But the sacrifice should be made to the Supreme Divine and not to a human being.
  23 June 1960


  To each one things are said according to his or her capacity of understanding.
  It follows that the knowledge given to one may not be useful or good for another. That is why the personal teaching of the Guru must not be disclosed to others.


  The disciples judge the forms by the Master, others judge the
  Master by the forms.


  The Indians believe (or have the experience) that the Divine lives in the human being. The Europeans dont believe it. For them, he is somewhere above. He has incarnated only in Jesus Christ. So they dont bow down to any human person. But if one bows down to a person who has embodied the Divine Consciousness of course with faith then that person can more easily transmit his consciousness (or experience) to the other.
  March 1973

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2.11 - The Guru
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   3 Sri Aurobindo


1:If one learns all by oneself, the chances are that one will learn all wrong. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II 2.11 - The Guru,
2:The guru is always ready to give what can be given, if the disciple can receive. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II 2.11 - The Guru,
3:In spiritual matters mental logic easily blunders; intuition, faith, a plastic spiritual reason are here the only guides. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II 2.11 - The Guru,

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