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3 Nov 1936

What a flight!nobody can describe so marvellously our Mother. Isnt Savitri she and she only?

Savitri is represented in the poem as an incarnation of the Divine Mother.

3 November 1936
10 Nov 1936

If Savitri is represented as an incarnation of the Divine Mother, Aswapati must be meant to represent Theon.

What has Theon to do with it?

If Aswapati is he, Ill learn about his role from the poem but couldnt you say something about him in direct reference to Mother and yourself?

This incarnation is supposed to have taken place in far past times when the whole thing had to be opened, so as to hew the ways of Immortality. Theon and the circumstances of this life have nothing to do with it.

10 November 1936

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