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Sadhak = one who follows a yogic discipline.

Sadhana = yogic discipline.

Yoga = union with the Divine (by extension: the path which leads to this union).

Would you please explain to me how doing Yoga brings you near to the Divine? And what is the real meaning of
Yoga? Is it only contortive body-exercises or is there a yoga of the mind also?
This has nothing to do with a spiritual life, not even with religion. X will explain to you in detail, but I can tell you that Yoga is not only an aspiration of the mind towards the Divine but also and chiefly a yearning of the heart.

6 November 1963

The whole world is in a process of progressive transformation; if you take up the discipline of Yoga, you speed up in yourself the process.

Yoga is commensurate with all life.

True spirituality transforms life.


The Integral Yoga
Three Conceptions of the World
1. Buddhist and Shankarite:
The world is an illusion, a field of ignorance and suffering due to ignorance. The one thing to do is to get out of it as soon as possible and to disappear into the original Non-Existence or

2. The Vedantic as very commonly understood:
The world is essentially divine, for the Divine is omnipresent there. But its exterior expression is distorted, obscure, ignorant, perverted. The one thing to do is to become conscious of the inner Divine and remain fixed in that consciousness without troubling about the world; for this external world cannot change and will always be in its natural state of unconsciousness and ignorance.

3. Sri Aurobindos view:
The world as it is, is not the divine creation it is meant to be, but an obscure and perverted expression of it. It is not the expression of the divine consciousness and will, but this is what it is meant to become; it has been created to develop into a perfect manifestation of the Divine under all His forms and aspects Light and Knowledge, Power, Love and Beauty.

This is our conception of it and the aim we follow.

24 February 1936

The usual sadhanas have for aim the union with the Supreme
Consciousness (Sat-chit-ananda). And those who reach there are satisfied with their own liberation and leave the world to its unhappy plight. On the contrary, Sri Aurobindos sadhana

Words of the Mother II
starts where the others end. Once the union with the Supreme is realised one must bring down that realisation to the exterior world and change the conditions of life upon the earth until a total transformation is accomplished. In accordance with this aim, the sadhaks of the integral yoga do not retire from the world to lead a life of contemplation and meditation. Each one must devote at least one third of his time to a useful work. All activities are represented in the Ashram and each one chooses the work most congenial to his nature, but must do it in a spirit of service and unselfishness, keeping always in view the aim of integral transformation.

To make this purpose possible, the Ashram is organised so that all its inmates find their reasonable needs satisfied and have not to worry about their subsistence.

The rules are very few so that each one can enjoy the freedom needed for his development, but a few things are strictly forbidden: they are (1) politics, (2) smoking, (3) alcoholic drink and (4) sex enjoyment.

Great care is taken for the maintenance of good health and the welfare and normal growth of the body of all, small and big, young and old.

24 September 1953

What we are doing now is a new thing; it has nothing to do with the past.

We want the divine conquest of this world, the conquest of all its movements and the realisation of the Divine here.

It can be called an adventure because it is the first time that a yoga aims at transformation and divinisation of physical life instead of escape from it.


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2.02 - Yoga
3.2.02 - Yoga and Skill in Works

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