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AL-GHAZZALI. Confessions. Translated by Claud Field (London, 1909).

ANSARI OF HERAT. The Invocations of Sheikh Abdullah Ansari of

Herat. Translated by Sardar Sir Jogendra Singh (London, 1939).

ATTAR. Selections. Translated by Margaret Smith (London, 1932).

AUGUSTINE, ST. Confessions (numerous editions).

AUROBINDO, SRI. The Life Divine, 3 vols. (Calcutta, 1939).

BAKER, AUGUSTINE. Holy Wisdom (London, 1876).

BEAUSOBRE, JULIA DE. The Woman Who Could Not Die (London and New York, 1938).

BERNARD OF CLAIRVAUX, ST. The Steps of Humility (Cambridge, Mass., 1940).

. On the Love of God (New York, 1937).

. Selected Letters (London, 1904) An admirably lucid account of St. Bernards thought may be found in The Mystical Doctrine of Saint Bernard, by Professor Etienne Gilson (London and New York, 1940).

BERTOCCI, PETER A. The Empirical Argument for God in Late British Philosophy (Cambridge, Mass., 1938).

Bhagavad Gita. Among many translations of this Hindu scripture the best, from a literary point of view, is that of Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood (Los Angeles, 1944). Valuable notes, based upon the commentaries of Shankara, are to be found in Swami Nikhilanandas edition (New York, 1944), and Professor Franklin Edgertons literal translation (Cambridge, Mass., 1944) is preceded by a long and scholarly introduction.

BINYON, L. The Flight of the Dragon (London, 1911).

BOEHME, JAKOB. A good introduction to the work of this very difficult writer is The Mystic Will, by Howard H. Brinton (New York, 1930).

BRAHMANANDA, SWAMI. Records of his teaching and a biography by Swami Prabhavananda are contained in The Eternal Companion (Los Angeles, 1944).

CAMUS, JEAN PIERRE. The Spirit of St. Francis de Sales (London, n. d.).

CAUSSADE, J. P. DE. Abandonment (New York, 1887).

. Spiritual Letters, 3 vols. (London, 1937).

CHANTAL, ST. JEANNE FRANOISE. Selected Letters (London and New York, 1918).

CHAPMAN, ABBOT JOHN. Spiritual Letters (London, 1935).

CHUANC TZU. Chuang Tzu, Mystic, Moralist and Social Reformer. Translated by Herbert Giles (Shanghai, 1936).

. Musings of a Chinese Mystic (London, 1920).

. Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times. Translated by E. R. Hughes (London, 1943).

The Cloud of Unknowing (with commentary by Augustine Baker). Edited with an introduction by Justin McCann (London, 1924).

COOMARASWAMY, ANANDA K. Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism (New York, 1916).

. The Transformation of Nature in Art (Cambridge, Mass., 1935).

. Hinduism and Buddhism (New York, n. d.).

CURTIS, A. M. The Way of Silence (Burton Bradstock, Dorset, 1937).

DEUSSEN, PAUL. The Philosophy of the Upanishads (London, 1906).

DIONYSIUS THE AREOPAGITE. On the Divine Names and the Mystical Theology. Translated with an introduction by C. E. Rolt (London, 1920).

ECKHART, MEISTER. Works, translated by C. B. Evans (London, 1924).

. Meister Eckhart, A Modern Translation. By R. B. Blakney (New York, 1941).

EVANS-WENTZ, W. Y. The Tibetan Book of the Dead (New York, 1927).

. Tibets Great Yogi, Milarepa (New York, 1928).

. Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines (New York, 1935).

The Following of Christ. Unknown author, but mistakenly attributed to Tauler in the first English edition (London, 1886).

FROST, BEDE. The Art of Mental Prayer (London, 1940).

. Saint John of the Cross (London, 1937).

GARRIGOU-LAGRANCE, R. Christian Perfection and Contemplation (London and St. Louis, 1937).

GODDARD, DWIGHT. A Buddhist Bible (published by the editor, Thetford, Maine, 1938). This volume contains translations of several Mahayana texts not to be found, or to be found only wida much difficulty, elsewhere. Among these are The Diamond Sutra, The Surangama Sutra, The Lankavatara Sutra, The Awakening of Faith and The Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch.

GUNON, REN. Man and His Becoming According to the Vedanta (London, n. d.).

. East and West (London, 1941).

. The Crisis of the Modern World (London, 1942).

HEARD, GERALD. The Creed of Christ (New York, 1940).

. The Code of Christ (New York, 1941).

. Preface to Prayer (New York, 1944).

HILTON, WALTER. The Scale of Perfection (London, 1927).

HUGEL, FRIEDRICH VON. The Mystical Element in Religion as Studied in Saint Catherine of Genoa and Her Friends (London, 1923).

IBN TUFAIL. The Awakening of the Soul. Translated by Paul Bronnle (London, 1910).

The Imitation of Christ. Whitfords translation, edited by E. J. Klein (New York, 1941).

JOHN OF THE CROSS, ST. Works, 3 vols. (London, 1934-1935).

JONES, RUFUS. The Spiritual Reformers in the 16th and 17th Centuries (New York, 1914).

. The Flowering of Mysticism (New York, 1939).

JORGENSEN, JOHANNES. Saint Catherine of Sienna (London, 1938).

LAO TZU. There are many translations of the Tao Teh King. Consult and compare those of Arthur Waley in The Way and Its Power (London, 1933), of F. R. Hughes in Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times (Everymans Library) and of Chu Ta-Kao (London, 1937) reprinted in The Bible of the World (New York, 1939).

LAW, WILLIAM. Several modern editions of the Serious Call are available; but many of Laws finest works, such as The Spirit of Love and The Spirit of Prayer, have not been reprinted in recent years and are hard to come by. An excellent anthology of Laws writings, Characters and Characteristics of William Law, was compiled by Alexander Whyte towards the end of last century (3rd ed., London, 1898).

LEEN, EDWARD. Progress through Mental Prayer (London, 1940).

MCKEON, RICHARD. Selections from Medieval Philosophers, 2 vols (New York, 1929).

The Mirror of Simple Souls. Author unknown (London, 1927).

NICHOLAS OF CUSA. The Idiot (San Francisco, 1940).

. The Vision of God (London and New York), 1928).

NICHOLSON, R. The Mystics of Islam (London, 1914).

OMAN, JOHN. The Natural and the Supernatural. (London, 1938).

OTTO, RUDOLF. Indias Religion of Grace (London, 1930).

. Mysticism East and West (London, 1932).

PATANJALI. Yoga Aphorisms. Translated with a commentary by Swami Vivekananda (New York, 1899).

PONNELLE, L. and L. BORDET. St. Philpi Neri and the Roman Society of His Time (London, 1932).

POULAIN, A. The Graces of Interior Prayer (London, 1910).

POURRAT, P. Christian Spirituality, 3 vols. (London, 1922).

PRATT, J. B. The Pilgrimage of Buddhism (New York, 1928).

RADHAKRISHNAN, S. The Hindu View of Life (London and New York, 1927).

. Indian Philosophy (London and New York, 1923-1927).

. Eastern Religions and Western Thought (New York, 1939).

RAMAKRISHNA, SRI. The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Translated from the Bengali narrative of M by Swami Nikhilananda (New York, 1942).

RUMI, JALAL-UDDIN. Masnavi. Translated by E. H. Whinfield (London, 1898).

RUYSBROECK, JAN VAN. The Adornment of the Spiritual Marriage (London, 1916). Consult also the studies by Evelyn Underhill (London, 1915) and Wautier dAygalliers (London, 1925).

SALES, ST. FRANOIS DE. Introduction to the Devout Life (numerous editions).

. Treatise on the Love of God (new edition, Westminster, Md., 1942).

. Spiritual Conferences (London, 1868).

. See also J. P. Camus.

The Secret of the Golden Flower. Translated from the Chinese by Richard Wilhelm. Commentary by Dr. C. G. Jung (London and New York, 1931).

STOCKS, J. L. Time, Cause and Eternity (London, 1938).

STOUT, G. F. Mind and Matter (London, 1931).

Sutra Spoken by the Sixth Patriarch, Hui Neng. Translated by Wung Mou-lam (Shanghai, 1930). Reprinted in A Buddhist Bible (Thetford, 1938).

SUZUKI, B. L. Mahayana Buddhism (London, 1938).

SUZUKI, D. T. Studies in Zen Buddhism (London, 1927).

. Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra (Kyoto and London, 1935).

. Manual of Zen Buddhism (Kyoto, 1935).

TAGORE, RABINDRANATH. One Hundred Poems of Kabir (London, 1915).

TAULER, JOHANN. Life and Sermons (London, 1907).

. The Inner Way (London, 1909).

. Consult Inges Christian Mysticism, Rufus Joness Studies in Mystical Religion and Pourrats Christian Spirituality.

TENNANT, F. R. Philosophical Theology (Cambridge, 1923).

Theologia Germanica. Winkworths translation (new edition, London, 1937).

TILLYARD, AELFRIDA. Spiritual Exercises (London, 1927).

TRAHERNE, THOMAS. Centuries of Meditation (London, 1908).

. Consult Thomas Traherne, A Critical Biography, by Gladys I. Wade (Princeton, 1944).

UNDERHILL, EVELYN. Mysticism (London, 1924).

. The Mystics of the Church (London, 1925).

Upanishads. The Thirteen Principal Upanishads. Translated by R. E. Hume (New York, 1931).

The Ten Principal Upanishads. Translated by Shree Purohit and W. B. Yeats (London, 1937).

The Himalayas of the Soul. Translated by J. Mascaro (London, 1938).

WATTS, ALAN W. The Spirit of Zen (London, 1936).

WHITNEY, JANET. John Woolman, American Quaker (Boston, 1942). Elizabeth Fry, Quaker Heroine (Boston, 1936).

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