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object:10.11 - Savitri
book class:Writings In Bengali and Sanskrit
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject class:Integral Yoga
language class:Sanskrit
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Silent forest, lonely night
Immersed listening to the huge silent soul
Unknown secluded voice, muffled breathing
Supernatural footsteps, which are never bad
8 in the blind heart of the happy day
Nocturnal animals in the wilderness,
The crew's eyes do not burn in the dark In dormant grass
Shardul lying in the dense forest,
Satisfied with the violent flesh of the soul
Deeply buried Rajini's heart
In the vibrating thoughtless eternal whale 6
Deep eyes do not see the sudden flash
Awakening is like a vague dream
Inanimate braid of latent consciousness
The luminosity of the hidden treasure is in the dark room
Waking is forever covered in the edge of the garment
Sushmita sister Usha 6 The drummer was lying down
Krishnakaya sister's eyes in the area
The mother of the girl is scared in the dark
Lying in the area, the limbs sleep without any fear
Slightly shaken, now,
A ray of pale rays
Kusum nichay white shoulder signal 7
Asit threw off the veil
The lazy finger wakes up slowly
Ruposhi is the eternal youth of Anandini Devi
Gagan-Udghati Dipti Immortal Eyes
Unmashi woke up in a happy world
Vasil Gagan is a charming golden smile
Anandalahari is like the waves of the army
Bulaye alakesparsa heart eyes
In the creation of white-breasts-aura in sacred luxury 6
White thinness uncovered on the cover
Plabia in fine aloe vera cloth
Revelation of divinity in the form of nakedness
Madhurhasini Usha Ratul Anguli
Bulail world pandura forehead 7
The footsteps erupted in her husband
Dharadham see the goddess looking back
Returning to the hope of the sun, thoughtful motion
In the traditional work of the immortal outside
Eyes open with joy in life
I heard a thousand ears in the morning
Happy worldly soul 6 Jagil Savitri
8 in unhappy awakening Copy in daylight
6 with panic Thui hand on chest
I don't know why it is so old
Chirasakhi is like a place of sorrow
What an indescribable pain Memory gatekeeper
Asil then the skull asleep soul
The dormant Shatdal is equally sad in the morning
White stone statue in the heart of Haril
Silent ruthless deity in an empty temple
Waiting in the silent heart of sorrow
Daily offered tears 6 Rest is beautiful
Huge eyes brushed Susmita Ushar
I asked with my eyes This is the illuminated world
Bejha is like her chest, sorrow surrounds her
The enemy is like this joy Janil Prabhat
The day of Pranesh's death is in this golden wave

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10.11 - Savitri
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