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object:10.10 - A Poem
book class:Writings In Bengali and Sanskrit
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject class:Integral Yoga
language class:Sanskrit
language class:Bengali


Friend! Premadiksalave wrong kindness!
Sannyasa-lazy net caught high!
Mahiyan Sanatan Bibhuti Krishna
Fallen Kalikalile Dharma-Adharma!
Reprimand in vain, condemn the way
You will not understand my mother's fierce mind
If you are a slave of ignorance, the essence is mixed
It's not that I don't love you, it's that I don't love you
In sugar, in sugar 6 You are Radha
There is no wire, the earth-demon-relationship
Herria is always useless in that name
Inverted shulaparshe deep sindhutal 7
You are the flute, you are Vrindavan,
Bejha Nai Kangs killed, Kurukshetra Ran 7
You are the absolute Vaishnava, do the Buddha-hymn
Vishnu Rudra is one body, different form
Did you forget? Have you forgotten the treasure of mercy,
Kalki is an avatar of the crew killer
Sambariya Kanu on Rudra Kibhab's chest
Janu 8 has fallen at the feet of Radha
Full mercy to the bereaved mother,
Bhairabi Rakshasi Chandi Mate fierce battle 6
This is the religion of Buddhism
Non-violence lazy, compassionate,
Do not be greedy for the world,
Don't hold the knowledge-sword in the fragment of ignorance
Weak in poverty, exhausted in laziness,
Shaving the head, fertilizing the abdomen,
This is not the idea of the Buddha Maya-free slow
Mahabir is also the greatest ascetic
In the drunken love of the friendly party,
Without looking back, he went in a straightforward way
This is Vaisnavism,
Compassionate in laziness, restrained in weakness,
Constantly lazy, merciful-hearted,
Semen-bearing religion in spiritual pursuits,
The world is said to be a worshiper of Lord Krishna
His words, his religious deeds in words,
I always say "kindness", "love", true kindness, -
The truth of love has been vain, -
Not the initiation of consciousness 7 Very good
Intense love, intense forgiveness, tobacco-free hero
Gouranga is Shachisut 7

Didn't you see the sea?
As if Gupta Maheshwar, - innumerable levels,
Silent, calm, invisible, -
Countless blue dances above her
Laughing and crying waves, huge waves
The earth falls on the feet, in various colors
But he is a water sportsman
If ever, the establishment is deep,
Do not hold the immovable abyss secret
Grcheta Mahasindhu Amapya Yaejan
Silently alone in the illuminated darkness
Mahti is playing this dance in stillness
I didn't see it going again
Anger arose unrestrained, - yajne yajne
Bhim Sindhu roaring mercilessly,
Infinity-buyer-idol, spread of races
A pair of smiling sky 6 Deaf in Arabia,
Laughing at the lion's share of the crew's waters
Left boat, left man 7 Shane is crying,
Alingi's wind drunk in cruel sports?
This is another sport, another dance, another tone,
This kiss is different, but that sea is 6
Will you say, what a devil
Laugh this big laugh, call this Robe?
Which monster hen strong tyranny 6
Sporting? Whose great embrace?
You know he's a monster Look again,
Brajbala knows Braje Banshirab his 6
Vain ball, evil creation man;
7 in vain ball cruelty notice monster
He has done this Bhima Rudra Krira
The one who is said to be merciful, loving
Mayamukti at this price chiniya kesabe 6
When I see the good in evil,
Cruelty, kindness, then salvation
All sins are broken, all sins die,
Free eternally living soul wandering 6
No one else is his,
Leela Anibar goes on the stream of birth and death
Narayan in the lush hot world
Infinite consciousness-drunken joy-vibration 6

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10.10 - A Poem
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