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object:10.07 - The Demon
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Mahayagi Siddheshwar, Ashutesh Shuli,
Kailasasikharabasi! Whose influence
The world of causation,
Raksha Mere, the giant Maheshwar 7
The monster is part of it Very intense
Cruel unbearable inflammatory energy
Mum always burns in my heart
I know the power, there is no radhi in it
This power is under the control of the crew
Bhim Singhanade Puri's decade in the world
I always wander, the party is human
Transient creation
In the heretical Brahmanbhanda, in this stream of energy
Old bhangi tuti new attempt 6
6 blind men deceived by Brahmins
The footsteps of a Brahmin are always subdued
Addicted to slavery after losing humanity
Man has forgotten his religion, Anarya is weak
Inferior people give birth to inferior offspring and, thus, propagate their inferiority Great Vedanta education
Hypocrites are always distorted.
Expansion of discrimination is self-fulfilling
Great I am, read on foot
Men, is the true happiness of religion
In the hard chains of the fun man
Keeps tied forever O nobleman,
O wise one who conquers, the first refuge,
Wisdom! Then Brahmin Chandal in the kingdom
Equal 6 The impartial God is always 6
The high and the low, the six, the big self, the self
That difference is fleeting, permanent
Unified sin is pure homosexual-soul
One-sided, one-sided love is justice
Hundreds of human beings are trying to bind
Maheshwar is in the human heart for ages
Hutasana is equal to injustice
Injustice burns to ashes
Do not give up nonetheless interest, nectar-again
Satya-nama-beshadhari bhulaya manabe 7
Hypocritical iniquity is the cause of religion
6 again on the throne of the world
Always burning with anger, Shambhu, I want to jump
In the mighty Indus River,
As false as it may seem to destroy,
The poor new world will not come
Unsatisfied strife interests 7 Always in one soul
Deeply inspired happy mankind
In a huge society full of joy and love
In closed unity in smooth Pritinigarh
Ananda Biva's god is in paradise
Forgetting the war of interests is heaven
Bhunjibe 6 Great hope is always there
6 in the heart Against the Brahmin cunning,
In contrast, the king is selfish, wealthy
Vaishya, the jealous deity will give
And the suffering of the world in this soul,
And not with this soul in the cry
Will rise, Shambhu, in great anger
I burn my enemies with true love
I will preach in the world I wash in blood
Dirty world 6 to get up to purify
Drowning in the blood of a Brahmin is false and untrue,
Drowning in the blood of Kshatriya is a strong injustice
In the blood of Vaishyara, the interests are at stake,
And Mati will not get up
In the joy of the strong, in the cry of the weak
Sanharib Sanharib is the god of paradise
Destroy heaven, cremation will be 6
Selfish corruption 8 Immortal soul
Kill the power to enter
Wants blood wants blood conservation karali 7

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10.07 - The Demon
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