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object:10.06 - Looking around with Craziness
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subject class:Integral Yoga
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Everybody's crazy, they're just staring,
Beautiful Life Love ', Birth and Death,
Thousands of toy houses, natural resources,
Krishna Sathi, grieve, grieve unavoidably

God is mine, my universe 7
The laughter of drunken nature in the new space,
Robi Sudhabhand holding hands for mother,
Tatini rises in my stream of joy

The moonlight capital in my night-kingdom,
My sea-foaming god of laughter,
Krishna is proud of my love,
Shiva's housewife Kali is my relative

When I hear from heaven,
What or invaluable fund human,
So much talk, so much intoxication, sorrow, sorrow,
Keshab 6 holding the grip and pulling

In the world of misery and arrogance
In the dream, in the dream, in the grief, in the intoxication,
Weeping and drinking are like drinking
The sorrow catches the drunk thirst saying sorrow

Loving Sindhu near, calls softly -
Let go of thirst, let go of sorrow, let go of my friend,
Tulia is far from being thrown in his own area
I have come to the crore of blind nature

Go back to heaven Revealed in the wind
Dipta Pakshadal, Shuni Sanatan Tan 6
Ananda-bihag I am the inhabitant of the universe
Gahi nectar song in the sky of joy 6

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10.06 - Looking around with Craziness
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