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object:10.04 - Lord of Time
book class:Writings In Bengali and Sanskrit
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject class:Integral Yoga
language class:Sanskrit
language class:Bengali


What a furious vibration of the universe
Day and night are the seasons of the year
I understood your thoughts, I saw the body
Who is your soul? Say no to fate
Ghura mahachakre sada ghurao jagati 6
The strange sky will fall in the rays
Mayapuri Author Nirmal Sandhyaar,
I wandered on the banks of the river
Samakul Pranagiti on the wave-harp
6 in the heart to match Infinite night
The shadow of the crown in the silent position
Expanding skies, flying areas
Smooth dark leaves on the long ground,
Tania is a peaceful animal in deep lap
The dormant actress Thamail Aasi
The noise of life in endless silence 6
Thoughtful leaders in huge beds
Bhairavi absorbed in the meditation of Akash-Brahma
Krishnakaya Jaganmata Samadhistha Bhabe 6
Silence-honeycomb star sail
The bees of brilliance fly in the same way
Rejoice in the heart of the animal on the slope
A bright pot of cool raves
Shashi floated up in the gem-studded night
In the dimly lit moonlight
The small soul of man is in this infinite soul
I have heard silent songs in Dubai
The melody-vibration that goes to the heart of Basil
8 of the broken tomb
Who woke up in the touch of Alak-Bosan-6
Whose footsteps are in the background
Cube-level rule of satisfied emptiness
Usha has risen to a smiling sky,
Manaher smiling-eyed girl such as,
A life full of laughter in the position of reckless joy
6 in the open courtyard of the father's building
The joy of life that Monju calls sweet
Palke palke to each other to inform
The birds are calling in a melodious tone,
Thousands of crazy branches, green clothes
Dancing at Taruraji Alaek-Utsabe 6
Dhaka is behind the festival
The drunken sage of heaven
6 in the Vedas of joy
I found out in a deep joy
The lotus blossoms in the stream of infinity
Sleep at noon alone in the living room
Helail Shir, after the blue sky,
In the sleeping camp of radiant perfection
The song of Biswamangal is in secret glory
Slow huge sound in the voice of Trikala
The great mantra has been played by the world-soul

Countless feelings of contentment
Someone is watching the everlasting high worker
The traditional poet rejoiced in the epic
The creation of full rhythm is his With deep satisfaction
Santa's book is infinitely beautiful
The eternal world revolves around the footsteps of the Lord
In the tremendous spread of Labdhatpar Kiran
Provision 6 to be considered from the top of the sky
The sun has risen in the glory of the hero,
At the end I found peace in my heart,
The pot of life is empty,
The great song of the trio is satisfied
Such indomitable jokes every day
Eternity bound in one day,
Draw a self-portrait in a small amount,
Rupasrastha Pranashilpi 6 New New 7
That old chakra floats in the heart

Sage your soul in many ways
The soul of the year 7 Harit Basna
The earth dancer is the center of the sun
In love, always in madness,
As if intoxicated by the touch of Krishnakara
Infinite joy in endless reckless dancing,
Eyes fixed on love
He knows, he knows love, or something else
Learning that dance is a wandering life
In the circle of dance, then in the chakra, Lord 6
The spring cuckoo is in unison
Akhil Madhurya Dhali Kusum Dolaya
Intoxicated body shaking in eternal youth
Called with joy Apsara's smile
Behind the trees in the half-seen earth
In a gentle joke with a white-and-white flower
Pulls the soul to always go with him
7 on the other side of the mind in the unknown eternal kingdom
Summer will be in full swing, Mahasamareh,
Wearing golden glow, in the fields in the woods
The world is overwhelmed by the bright army,
The conquered captive in his humble lordship
Exhaled Rudramane filled with intense happiness
Shaita Prithibi wants to be in a hot place
Slaughter animals found in the eye of the beholder
Rain monster rage in the heart of the boycott 6
Hearing the roar of the forest
Extreme luxury in the arteries by dancing
Harshit Karna 7 in the flood sound of rain
Desire awakens in this emotion
Strong spirit in the mix, dance companion
Jhatikara samprana jhanabayu saji
To be oppressed in this cruel oppression,
Yujhi prayan to do towards the infinite
Slowly advancing in the exhausted land
After the autumn peace envoy appeared
Mahasi Charu steps in Padmanetra
Lazy delicate white gentle gaur position 7
Shantikusum breathed a sigh of relief
Nature looted in the autumn winter
In addition, the relaxed face is very happy
Like that in mustard water
Clean clothes in the soft dew
Snat washed and caught trembling lips
These six melodies make the sun shine with laughter
Let's end the thought again in that cycle,
The restless god is black, turn around the world
Endless age is gone, endless age
Will come, sit always in the joy of the mind
What is broken, the average is satisfied again
Destroyer of human action for a long time
The period measured in the assembly of the century,
In the blink of an eye of a traditional deity
Man is tired of sorrow, tired is happy
You are never tired The body breaks down
With a little action, the mind is broken with a little sorrow
The rest of death is his friend
Great asceticism is his ultimate refuge
Where is the asceticism? Old sense
In the new ever new joy-soul
Tax 1
Who then was the right companion to play
Never in this world Feeling detached,
Create and destroy the palace with joy
Laughter-mixed kindness then, let the poet see
Poetry then creates life, happiness and sorrow
The love of sad juice is broken in the heart
Joy in destruction then, Rudra Mahakala 6
I lick the world with a burning body
Swallow the world soul in insatiable hunger
People toy then dance twice
Comes to catch strangers
In a short time, he went to the unknown
Hasikanna drowned in his eternal rale
7 in the dust of his footprints lost
But you, you, oh pretty awesome
Haas is always happy to break the car in the palace
The intense joy of joy is in the abysmal heart
Boss to play Pusiya, boy God 6

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10.04 - Lord of Time
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