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Chapter Twelve

Vigilance, Discrimination, Control
Yes, the vigilance is very necessary - to remain jagrat and apramatta was always considered as a main requisite by the Yogins.

Openness and, whenever needed, passivity, but to the highest consciousness, not to anything that comes.

Therefore, there must be a certain quiet vigilance even in the passivity. Otherwise there may be either wrong movements or inertia.

Yes; vigilance should not be relaxed. In fact, it is only as the automatic knowledge and action are established in the being that the constant vigilance ceases to be needed - even then it cannot be given up absolutely until there is the full Light.

To give up restraint would be to give free play to the vital and that would mean leave for all kinds of forces to enter in. So long as there is not the supramental consciousness controlling and penetrating everything, in all the being from the overmind downwards, there is an ambiguous play of forces, and each force, however divine in origin, may be used by the Powers of light or intercepted as it passes through the mind and the vital by the Powers of darkness. Vigilance, discrimination, control cannot be abandoned till the complete victory has been won and the consciousness transmuted.

Grace is all right, but there should also be care and vigilance.


Letters on Yoga - II

In putting the cycle, you should first observe and be sure that it will stand steady before you withdraw your hand from it or loosen too much your hold.

If you want the divine life, you must remain absolutely unexcited and quiet. Not careless, but always on your guard, sober, vigilant. "Madcaps" cannot contain the Power of the Mother only those who are calm, poised, balanced. So do not be "something of a madcap".

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1.2.12 - Vigilance
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1:Remain fixed in the sunlight of the true consciousness—for only there is happiness and peace. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV 1.2.12 - Vigilance,
2:One should not expect too much from the Divine Protection for, constituted as we are and the world is, the Divine Protection has to act within limits. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - IV 1.2.12 - Vigilance,

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