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3 Dec 1936

Mystic poetry does not mean anything exactly or apparently; it means things suggestively and reconditely,things that are not known and classified by the intellect.

What you are asking is to reduce what is behind to intellectual terms, which is to make it something quite different from itself.

3 December 1936
8 Dec 1936

Mystic poetry has a perfectly concrete meaning, much more than intellectual poetry which is much more abstract. The nature of the intellect is abstraction; spirituality and mysticism deal with the concrete by their very nature.

8 December 1936
20 Oct 1936

The difficulty most people feel is that they expect an intellectual meaning quite clear on the surface and through that they get at the bhva of the deeper significance (if there is any)but in mystic poetry, often though not always, one has to catch the bhva of the deeper significance directly through the figures and by that arrive at the form of the intellectual meaning or else share in the inner vision, whichever may be the thing to be conveyed by the poem.

Mystic poetry can be written from any plane, provided the writer gets an inspiration from the inner consciousness whether mind, vital or subtle physical.

20 October 1936

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