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Chapter Nine

Consecration and Offering
Consecration is a process by which one trains the consciousness to give itself to the Divine.

The general principle of self-consecration and self-giving is the same for all in this Yoga, but each has his own way of consecration and self-giving. The way that X takes is good for X, just as the way that you take is the right one for you because it is in consonance with your nature. If there were not this plasticity and variety, if all had to be cut in the same pattern, Yoga would be a rigid mental machinery, not a living power.

When you can sing out of your inner consciousness in which you feel the Mother moving all your actions, there is no reason why you should not do it. The development of capacities is not only permissible but right, when it can be made part of the
Yoga; one can give not only one's soul, but all one's powers to the Divine.

It is very evident that X has had a sudden opening to spiritual experience - a surprisingly sudden opening, one would think, but it happens often in that way, especially if there is a sceptical mind outside and a soul ready for experience within. In such cases also it comes often after a blow such as his brother's illness, but I think there was already a turning of the mind which prepared it. This sudden and persistent visualisation also shows that there is a faculty within that has broken the gates which shut it in - the faculty of supraphysical vision. The coming up of the word "consecration" is also a familiar phenomenon of these experiences - it is what I call the voice of the psychic, an intimation from his own soul to the mind as to what it wants


Letters on Yoga - II
him to do. Now he has to accept it, for the assent of the nature, of the outward man to the inner voice, is necessary so that it may be effective. He is standing at the turning point and has been given an indication of the new road his inner being, the
Antaratman, wants him to follow - but, as I say, the assent of his mind and vital is necessary. If he can decide to consecrate, he must make the sankalpa of consecration, offer himself to the
Divine and call for the help and the guidance. If he is not able to do that at once let him wait and see, but keeping himself open, as it were, to the continuation and development of the experience that has begun till it becomes definitely imperative to his own feeling. He will receive help and, if he becomes conscious of it, then there can be no further question - it will be easy for him to proceed on the way.

One offers to the Divine in order to get rid of the illusion of separation - the very act of offering implies that all belongs to the Divine.

Have attachment to nothing [in order to offer all to the Divine]
- aspire until you get the consciousness of the Divine - call on the Divine to control and take up all you are and have.

(1) Offer yourself more and more - all the consciousness, all that happens in it, all your work and action.

(2) If you have faults and weaknesses, hold them up before the Divine to be changed or abolished.

(3) Try to do what I told you, concentrate in the heart till you constantly feel the Presence there.

Remain quiet, put your will always on the side of the Truth, offer yourself entirely to the Divine.

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1.2.09 - Consecration and Offering
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1:One can give not only one’s soul, but all one’s powers to the Divine. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II 1.2.09 - Consecration and Offering,
2:The development of capacities is not only permissible but right, when it can be made part of the Yoga ~ Sri Aurobindo, Letters on Yoga - II 1.2.09 - Consecration and Offering,

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