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21 Apr 1937

Impatience does not helpintensity of aspiration does. The use of keeping the consciousness uplifted is that it then remains ready for the inflow from above when that comes. To get as early as possible to the highest range one must keep the consciousness steadily turned towards it and maintain the call. First one has to establish the permanent openingor get it to establish itself, then the ascension and frequent, afterwards constant descent. It is only afterwards that one can have the ease.

21 April 1937
3 Jul 1932

Perhaps one reason why your mind is so variable is because it has learned too much and has too many influences stamped upon it; it does not allow the real poet in you who is a little at the back to be himselfit wants to supply him with a form instead of allowing him to breathe into the instrument his own notes. It is besides too ingenious. What you have to learn is the art of allowing things to come through and recognising among them the one right thingwhich is very much what you have to do in Yoga also. It is really this recognition that is the one important needonce you have that, things become much easier.

3 July 1932

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