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object:1.07 - Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
book class:Words Of The Mother I
author:The Mother
subject:Integral Yoga

(Mother designated the red lotus as the flower of Sri Aurobindo and the white lotus as her own.)
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2 Feb 1930

Red lotussymbol of the manifestation of the Supreme upon earth.

White lotussymbol of the Divine Consciousness.

2 February 1930
7 Apr 1934

Our Love is an eternal Truth.

7 April 1934
6 May 1957

Without him, I exist not; without me, he is unmanifest.

6 May 1957
4 Mar 1958

When in your heart and thought you will make no difference between Sri Aurobindo and me, when to think of Sri Aurobindo will be to think of me and to think of me will mean to think of Sri Aurobindo inevitably, when to see one will mean inevitably to see the other, like one and the same Person,then you will know that you begin to be open to the supramental force and consciousness.

4 March 1958

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1.07 - Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
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