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object:1.07 - Hymn of Paruchchhepa
book class:Hymns to the Mystic Fire
author class:Sri Aurobindo

Hymn of Paruchchhepa

aE`n\ hotAr\ my
dA-vt\ vs\; s$n\; shso jAtv
Ev\ n jAtv
dsm^ .
y U@vyA -v@vro
dvAQyA kpA .
Gt-y EvB}AEmn; vE foEcqA__j;4An-y sEpq, 1
1. I meditate on the Fire, the priest of the call, the giver of the
Treasure, the son of force, who knows all things born, the
Fire who is like one illumined and knowing all things born.
The Fire who perfect in the pilgrim-sacrifice, a God with
his high-lifted longing1 hungers with his flame for the blaze
of the offering of light, for its current poured on him as an

yEjS\ (vA yjmAnA h;v
m >y
SmEHrsA\ Ev mmEB Ev
EB, f;5 mmEB, .
pEr>mAnEmv A\ hotAr\ cqZFnAm^ .
f\ vqZ\ yEmmA Evf, Avt; j$ty
Evf, 2
2. Thee most powerful for sacrifice, as givers of sacrifice may
we call, the eldest of the Angirases, the Illumined One, call
thee with our thoughts, O Brilliant Fire, with our illumined
thoughts, men's priest of the call,2 who encircles all like
heaven, the Male with hair of flaming-light whom may these
peoples cherish for his urge.

1 Or, high-uplifted lustre seeking for the Gods
2 Or, the priest of the call for men who see,


s Eh p;! EcdojsA EvztA dFAno BvEt d;htr,
prf;n d;htr, .
vF0; Ecd^ y-y smtO 2;vd^ vn
v yt^ E-Trm^ .
EnqhmAZo ymt
DvAshA nAyt
3. Many things illumining with his wide-shining energy he becomes one who cleaves through those who would hurt us,
like a battle-axe he cleaves through those who would hurt
us, he in whose shock even that which is strong falls asunder,
even what is firmly fixed falls like trees; overwhelming with
his force he toils on and goes not back, like warriors with
the bow from the battle he goes not back.

d[hA Ecd-mA an; d;yTA Evd

y, p;!EZ gAht
t"d^ vn
v foEcqA .
E-TrA Ecd3A En ErZA(yojsA En E-TrAEZ EcdojsA 4
4. Even things strongly built they give to him as to one who
knows: one gives for safeguarding by his movements of
flaming-power, gives to the Fire that he may guard us. Into
many things he enters and hews them with his flaming light
like trees, even things firmly fixed he tears by his energy and
makes his food by his energy even things firmly fixed.

tm-y p"m;prAs; DFmEh
n?t\ y, s;dftro EdvAtrA dAy;q
EdvAtrAt^ .
aAd-yAy;g}BZvd^ vF0; fm n s$nv
B?tmB?tmvo &yto ajrA a`nyo &yto ajrA, 5
5. We meditate on3 that fullness of him on the upper levels,
this Fire the vision of whom is brighter in the night than
in the day, for his undeparting life brighter than in the day.
Then does his life grasp and support us like a strong house
3 Or, we hold

Hymn of Paruchchhepa


of refuge for the Son, - ageless fires moving towards the
happiness enjoyed and that not yet enjoyed, moving his
ageless fires.

s Eh fDo n mAzt\ t;EvvEZr=n-vtFq$vrAE-vEn rAtnAE-vEn, .
aAd=&yAyAdEdy.-y k
t;rhZA .
aD -mA-y hqto }qFvto Ev
j;qt pTA\
nr, f;B
n pTAm^ 6
6. He is many-noised like the army of the storm-winds hurrying over the fertile lands full of our labour, hurrying over the
waste lands.4 He takes and devours the offerings, he is the
eye of intuition of the sacrifice in its due action; so all men
follow with pleasure the path of this joyful and joy-giving
Fire, as on a path leading to happiness.

E7tA ydF\ kF-tAso aEBvo nm-yt upvoct Bgvo
mLnto dAfA Bgv, .
vs$nA\ f;Ecyo DEZr
qAm^ .
EyA; aEpDF;vEnqF m
EDr aA vEnqF m
EDr, 7
7. When in his twofold strength, bards with illumination upon
them, the Bhrigu-flame-seers have made obeisance and spoken to him the word, when they have churned him out by
their worship, - the Flame-Seers, the Fire becomes master
of the riches, he who in his purity holds them within him,
wise he enjoys the things laid upon him and they are pleasant
to him, he takes joy of them in his wisdom.

vAsA\ (vA EvfA\ pEt\ hvAmh
svAsA\ smAn\ dMpEt\ B;j

s(yEgvAhs\ B;j
aEtET\ mAn;qAZA\ Ept;n y-yAsyA .
amF c Ev
amtAs aA vyo h&yA
vA vy, 8
4 Or, in the esoteric sense, the army of the Life-Powers moving with fertilising rain
over our tilled and our waste lands.


8. We call to thee, the Lord of all creatures, the master of the
house common to them all for the enjoying, the carrier of
the true words for the enjoying, - to the Guest of men in
whose presence stand, as in the presence of a father, all these
Immortals and make our offerings their food - in the Gods
they become their food.

shsA shtm, f;Emtmo jAys


f;Emtmo Eh t
mdo ;E
aD -mA t
pEr cr(yjr 2;FvAno nAjr 9
9. O Fire, thou art overwhelming in thy strength, thou art born
most forceful for the forming of the Gods, as if a wealth for
the forming of the Gods; most forceful is thy rapture, most
luminous thy will. So they serve thee, O Ageless Fire, who
hear thy word serve thee, O Ageless Fire!

vo mh
shsA sh-vt uqb; D

-tomo bB$(v`ny
Et ydF\ hEvmAn^ Ev
vAs; "As; jog;v
} rBo n jrt -q$ZA\ j$EZhot -q$ZAm^ 10
10. To the Great One, the Strong in his force, the waker in the
Dawn, to Fire as to one who has vision, let your hymn arise.
When the giver of the offering cries towards him in all the
planes, in the front of the wise he chants our adoration, the
priest of the call of the wise who chants their adoration.

s no n
EdS\ ddfAn aA BrA_`n

EB, scnA, s;c
mho rAy, s;c
t;nA .
mEh fEvS n-kED s\c"
{ .
mEh -tot
11. So, becoming visible, most near to us bring, O Fire, by thy
perfect consciousness, the Riches that ever accompany the
Gods, by thy perfect consciousness the Great Riches. O most

Hymn of Paruchchhepa


strong Fire, create for us that which is great for vision, for
the enjoying; for those who hymn thee, O Lord of plenty,
churn out a great hero-strength as one puissant by his force.

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1.07 - Hymn of Paruchchhepa
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