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Hymns of Parashara

vA n tAy\; g;hA ctt\ nmo y;jAn\ nmo vhtm^ .
sjoqA DFrA, pd
{rn; `m3;p (vA sFdn^ Ev
yj/A, 1
1. He hides himself like a thief with the cow of vision in the
secret cavern, he takes to himself our adoration, and thither
he carries it.1 The thinkers take a common joy in him, they
follow him by his footprints; all the Masters of sacrifice
come to thee, O Flame, in the secrecy.

dvA an; v}tA g;B;vt^ pErEOn B$m .
vDtFmAp, pvA s;EfE
vmt-y yonA gB
s;jAtm^ 2
2. The Gods follow after him the law of the workings of Truth.
He stands encompassing all as heaven the earth. The Waters
make him grow increasing in his bulk by their toil,2 the
Flame well-born in their womb, in the abode of the Truth.

p;En r@vA E"Etn pLvF EgErn B;>m "odo n f\B; .
a(yo nA>m(sgt?t, EsD;n "od, k _ vrAt
3. He is as if a delightful thriving, he is like the earth our wide
dwelling-place. He is enjoyable like a hill and bliss-giving
like fast-running water. He is like a charger in the battle
rushing to the gallop and like a flowing river,3 who shall
hedge in his course?
1 Or better, he takes to himself our surrender, he carries with him our surrender.
2 Or, by their chant,
3 Or, like a sea in its motion,


jAEm, EsD$nA\ B}At
v -v*AEm
yd^ vAtj$to vnA &y-TAdE`nh dAEt romA pET&yA, 4
4. He is the close comrade of the Rivers as is a brother of his
sisters. He devours the earth's forests as a king his enemies.
When driven by the breath of the wind he ranges around the
forests, the Flame tears asunder the hairs of Earth's body.

vEs(y=s; h\so n sFdn^ 5(vA c
EtSo EvfAm;qB; t^ .
somo n v
DA -tjAt, pf;n Ef
vA EvB;d$rBA, 5
5. He breathes in the Waters like a seated swan. Waking in
the dawn he has power by the will of his works to give
knowledge to the peoples. He is like the God of the Wine,
born of the Truth and a creator. He is like a cow with her
new-born. He is wide-spreading and his light is seen from

rEyn Ec/A s$ro n s\dgAy;n AZo En(yo n s$n;, .
t?vA n B$EZvnA EsqE?t pyo n D
n;, f;EcEvBAvA 1
1. He is like a wealth richly diverse and like the all-seeing of
the Sun. He is as if life and the breath of our existence, he is
as if our eternal child. He is like a galloper bearing us. He
clings to the forests: he is like a cow with her milk. He is
pure-bright and wide is his lustre.

dADAr "
mmoko n r@vo yvo n p?vo j
tA jnAnAm^ .
-Eqn -t;
2. He holds all our good like a pleasant home; he is like ripe
corn. He is a conqueror of men and like a chanting Rishi;
there is word of him among the folk: he is as if our exultant
steed of swiftness; he upholds our growth.

Hymns of Parashara


d;rokfoEc, 5t;n En(yo jAy
v yonAvr\ Ev
{ .
Ec/o ydB}AV^ C^v
to n Ev"; rTo n zF (v
q, sm(s; 3
3. He is light in a house difficult to inhabit;4 he is as a will ever
active in us; he is like a wife in our abode and sufficient to
every man. When he blazes wonderfully manifold, he is like
one white in the peoples: he is like a golden chariot; he is a
splendour in our battles.

v sAm\ dDA(y-t;n Ed;t^ (v
qtFkA .
ymo h jAto ymo jEn(v\ jAr, knFnA\ pEtjnFnAm^ 4
4. He is like an army running to the charge and puts strength
in us: he is like the flaming shaft of the Archer with its keen
burning front. A twin he is born, a twin he is that which is
to be born: he is the lover of the virgins and the husband of
the mothers.

t\ v
crATA vy\ vs(yA_-t\ n gAvo n"t i=m^ .
EsD;n "od, nFcFr
{no3vt gAv, -vdfFk
5. We by your movement, we by your staying, come to him
when his light is kindled as the cows come home to their
stall. He is like a river running in its channel and sends in
his front the descending Waters: the Ray-Cows move to him
in the manifesting of the world of the Sun.5


q; jAy;mt
q; Em/o vZFt
2;E\ rAj
vAj;ym^ .
mo n sAD;, 5t;n Bdo B;vt^ -vADFhotA h&yvAV^ 1
1. He is the conqueror in the forests; in mortals he is a friend:
he chooses inspiration as a king an unaging councillor. He
4 Or, he is a light difficult to kindle;
5 Or, when the Sun appears.

is as if our perfect welfare;6 he is like a happy will just in
its thinking and becomes to us our priest of the call and the
bearer of our offerings.

dDAno nMZA Ev

dvAn^ DAd^ g;hA EnqFdn^ .
EvdtFm/ nro EDy\DA }dA yt^ tAn^ m/A; af\sn^ 2
2. He holds in his hands all mights: sitting in the secret cave
he upholds7 the gods in his strength. Here men who hold in
themselves the Thought come to know him when they have
uttered the Mantras formed by the heart.

ajo n "A\ dADAr pETvF\ t-tMB A\ m/
EB, s(y
{, .
EyA pdAEn p
vo En pAEh Ev
g;hA g;h\ gA, 3
3. As the unborn he has held the wide earth, he has up-pillared
heaven with his Mantras of truth. Guard the cherished footprints of the Cow of vision; O Fire, thou art universal life,
enter into the secrecy of secrecies.8

y _ Eck
t g;hA BvtmA y, ssAd DArAmt-y .
Ev y
ct(ytA spt aAEdd^ vs$En vvAcA-m
{ 4
4. He who has perceived him when he is in the secret cave, he
who has come to the stream of the Truth, those who touch
the things of the Truth and kindle him, - to such a one he
gives word of the Riches.

Ev yo vFz(s; roDmEh(vot jA ut s$vt, .
EcE1rpA\ dm
vAy;, sw
v DFrA, s\mAy c5;, 5
5. He who in the growths of earth holds up his greatnesses,
both the progeny born and what is in the mothers, he is
Knowledge in the house of the Waters, and life universal; the
6 Or, a perfecting good;
7 Or, establishes
8 Or, the secrecy of the secret Cave.

Hymns of Parashara


thinkers have measured and constructed him like a mansion.

2FZ3;p -TAd^ Edv\ B;r@y;, -TAt;
crTm?t$n^ &y$Zot^ .
pEr yd
ko Ev
qA\ B;vd^
dvAnA\ mEh(vA 1
1. The carrier, burning, he reaches heaven. He unravels the
nights and uncovers the stable and the moving; for this is
the one God who envelops with himself the grandeurs of all
the Gods.

aAEdt^ t
5t;\ j;qt f;kAd^ yd^
dv jFvo jEnSA, .
Bjt Ev

dv(v\ nAm -t\ spto amtm
{, 2
2. All cleave to9 thy will of works when, O God, thou art
born a living being from dry matter. All enjoy the Name,
the Godhead; by thy movements they touch Truth and

qA -t-y DFEtEv
apA\Es c5;, .
Ef"At^ t-m
{ EcEk(vAn}Ey\ dy-v 3
3. He is the urgings of the Truth, the thinking of the Truth, the
universal life by whom all do the works. He who gives to
thee, he who gains from thee,10 to him, for thou knowest,
give the Riches.

hotA Enq1o mnorp(y
s EcvAsA\ ptF ryFZAm^ .
iQCt rto EmT-tn$q; s\ jAnt -v
{rm$rA, 4
4. He is the priest of the sacrifice seated in the son of Man:
he verily is the lord of these riches. They desire the seed
mutually in their bodies; the wise by their own discernings
come wholly to know.
9 Or, take joy in
10 Or, learns from thee,


Ept;n p;/A, 5t;\ j;qt 2oqn^ y
a-y fAs\ t;rAs, .
Ev rAy aOZod^ d;r, p;z";, Epp
f nAk\ -tEBdm$nA, 5
5. Those who listen to his teaching, those who are swift to the
journey, serve gladly his will as sons the will of a father. He
houses a multitude of riches and flings wide the doors of the
Treasure. He is the dweller within who has formed heaven
with its stars.

f;5, f;f;?vA; uqo n jAr, pA smFcF Edvo n >yoEt, .
pEr jAt, 5(vA bB$T B;vo
dvAnA\ EptA p;/, sn^ 1
1. Blazing out brilliant as the lover of the Dawn, filling the
two equal worlds11 like the Light of Heaven, thou art born
by our will and comest into being all around us; thou hast
become the father of the Gods, thou who art the Son.

DA adPo aE`nEvjAn3$Dn gonA\ -vAwA Ept$nAm^ .
n f
v aAh$y, sn^ m@y
Enq1o r@vo d;roZ
2. The Fire having the knowledge is a creator12 without proud
rashness; he is as if the teat of the Cows of Light, the sweetener of the draughts of the Wine.13 He is as one blissful in
a man, one whom we must call in; he is seated rapturous in
the middle of the house.

p;/o n jAto r@vo d;roZ
vAjF n Fto Evfo Ev tArFt^ .
Evfo yd4
nEB, snF0A aE`nd
v(vA Ev
yA, 3
3. He is born to us as if a son rapturous in our house; like a
glad horse of swiftness he carries safe through their battle
the peoples: when I call to the beings who dwell in one
11 Or, the two Companions
12 Or, ordainer of things
13 Or, taster of all foods.

Hymns of Parashara


abode with the Gods,14 the Flame attains all godheads.

nEk etA v}tA EmnEt n

tt^ t; t
d\so ydh(smAn
{nEByd^ y;?to Evv
rpA\Es 4
4. None can impair the ways of thy workings when for these
gods15 thou hast created inspired knowledge. This is thy
work that yoked with the Gods, thy equals, thou hast smitten,16 that thou hast scattered the powers of evil.

uqo n jAro EvBAvo*, s\.At!pE
{ .
(mnA vhto d;ro &y@vn^ nvt Ev
5. Very bright and lustrous is he like the lover of Dawn. May
his form be known and may he wake to knowledge for this
human being, may all bear him in themselves, part wide the
Doors and move into the vision of the world of the Sun.17

m p$vFryo mnFqA aE`n, s;foko Ev
yA, .
aA {
d&yAEn v}tA EcEk(vAnA mAn;q-y jn-y jm 1
1. May we win the many Riches, may the Fire, flaming high
with his light, master by the thinking mind, take possession
of all things that are, he who knows the laws of the divine
workings and knows the birth of the human being.

gBo yo apA\ gBo vnAnA\ gB
c -TAtA\ gB
crTAm^ .
adO Ecd-mA atd;roZ
EvfA\ n Ev
vo amt, -vADF, 2
2. He is the child of the waters, the child of the forests, the child
of things stable and the child of things that move. Even in

Or, with men,
Or, these men
Or, thou hast slain,
Or, come to the seeing of the Sun.

the stone he is there for man, he is there in the middle of
his house, - he is as one universal in creatures; he is the
Immortal, the perfect thinker.

s Eh "pAvA; a`nF ryFZA\ dAfd^ yo a-mA ar\ s$?t
{, .
etA EcEk(vo B$mA En pAEh
dvAnA\ jm mtA
c Ev7An^ 3
3. The Fire is a master of the nights, he gives of the Riches
to him who prepares for him the sacrifice with the perfect
words. O thou who art conscious, guard, as the knower,
these worlds, and the birth of the Gods, and mortal men.

vDAy\ p$vF, "po Ev!pA, -TAt;
crTmtvFtm^ .
arAED hotA -vEnq1, k@vn^ Ev
vAypA\Es s(yA 4
4. Many nights of different forms have increased him, the Fire
who came forth from the Truth, who is the stable and the
moving: the priest of the call, he is achieved for us, seated
in the sun-world,18 making true all our works.

goq; fE-t\ vn
q; EDq
Brt Ev
bEl\ -vZ .
Ev (vA nr, p;z/A spyEpt;n Ejv
}Ev v
do Brt 5
5. Thou establishest word of thee in the Ray-Cow and in the
forests; it is as if all were bringing the sun-world as offering.
Men in many parts serve thee and gather in knowledge as
from a long-lived father.

sAD;n g9;r-t
v f$ro yAt
v BFm-(v
q, sm(s; 6
6. He is like one efficient in works and hungry to seize, heroic
like one shooting arrows, terrible like an assailant charging,
he is a splendour in our battles.

18 Or, the sun,

Hymns of Parashara



up Ejv3;ftFzft\ pEt\ n En(y\ jny, snF0A, .
yAvFmzqFmj;q}E)c/m;QCtFm;qs\ n gAv, 1
1. The Mothers who dwell in one abode, desiring came to him
who desired them and gave him pleasure as to their eternal
spouse: the sisters took joy in him as the Ray-Cows in the
Dawn when she comes dusky, flushing red, then shining out
in rich hues.

vF0; Ecd^ d[hA Eptro n u?T
{rEd\ zj3EHrso rv
Z .
c5;Edvo bhto gAt;m-m
ah, -vEvEvd;, k
t;m;*A, 2
2. Our fathers by their words broke the strong and stubborn
places, the Angiras seers shattered the mountain rock with
their cry; they made in us a path to the Great Heaven, they
discovered the Day and the sun-world and the intuitive ray
and the shining herds.

dD3t\ Dny3-y DFEtmAEddyo EdEDvo EvB/A, .
atytFrpso y(yQCA
dvA)jm ysA vDytF, 3
3. They held the Truth, they enriched the thought of this human being; then indeed had they mastery and understanding
bearing wide the Flame; unthirsting, the powers at work go
towards the gods making the Birth to grow by delight.

mTFd^ ydF\ EvBto mAtEr
vA g
to j
yo B$t^ .
aAdF\ rA.
n shFys
scA s3A d$(y\ BgvAZo EvvAy 4
4. When the Life-Breath borne pervadingly within has churned
him out in house and house he becomes white and a conqueror. Then indeed he becomes the Flaming Seer and companioning us goes on an embassy as for a powerful king.


yt^ Ep/ _ rs\ Edv
krv (srt^ pfyE
cEk(vAn^ .
sjd-tA DqtA Ed;m-m
{ -vAyA\
dvo d;EhtEr E(vEq\ DAt^ 5
5. When he had made this sap of essence for the great Father
Heaven, he came slipping downward, one close in touch,
having knowledge. The Archer loosed violently on him his
arrow of lightning, but the god set the flaming energy in his
own daughter.

-v aA y-t;
vDo a`n
vyo a-y E7bhA yAsd^ rAyA srT\ y\ j;nAEs 6
6. He who kindles the light for thee in thy own home and
offers obeisance of surrender day by day and thy desire is
towards him, mayst thou in thy twofold mass increase his
growth, he whom thou speedest in one car with thee, may
he travel with the riches.

aE`n\ Ev
vA aEB p", sct
sm;d\ n *vt, sP y4F, .
n jAEmEBEv EcEkt
vyo no EvdA
q; mEt\ EcEk(vAn^ 7
7. All satisfactions cleave to the Fire as the seven mighty rivers
join the ocean. Our growth of being has not been perceived
by thy companions, but thou who hast perceived, impart to
the gods thy knowledge.19

aA yEdq
npEt\ t
j aAnV^ C;Ec rto EnEq?t\ OrBFk
aE`n, fDmnv\ y;vAn\ -vA@y\ jnyt^ s$dyQc 8
8. When a flame of energy came to this King of men for impelling force, when in their meeting Heaven was cast in him
like pure seed, the Fire gave birth to a might,20 young and
faultless and perfect in thought and sped it on its way.

19 Or, gain for us knowledge in the Gods.
20 Or, a host. It may mean the army of the life-gods, marutam sardhah.

Hymns of Parashara


mno n yo_@vn, s e(y
k, s/A s$ro v-v If
rAjAnA Em/AvzZA s;pAZF goq; Eymmt\ r"mAZA 9
9. He who travels the paths suddenly like the mind, the Sun,
ever sole is the master of the treasure: Mitra and Varuna,
the Kings with beautiful hands, are there guarding in the
Rays21 delight and immortality.

mA no a`n
sHyA EpWyAEZ mEqSA aEB Evd;kEv, sn^ .
nBo n !p\ jErmA EmnAEt p;rA t-yA aEBf-t
rDFEh 10
10. O Fire, mayst thou not forget22 ancient friendships, thou
who art turned towards us as the knower and seer. As a
mist dims a form, age diminishes us; before that hurt falls
upon us, arrive.23


En kA&yA v
Ds, f
dDAno nyA p;!EZ .
aE`nB; vd^ rEyptF ryFZA\ s/A c5AZo amtAEn Ev
vA 1
1. He forms within us the seer-wisdoms of the eternal Creator holding in his hand many powers24 of the godheads.
May Fire become the treasure-master of the riches, ever
fashioning all immortal things.25

v(s\ pEr qt\ n EvdE3QCto Ev
amtA am$rA, .
2my;v, pd&yo EDy\DA-t-T;, pd
, 2
2. All the immortals, the wise ones, desired but found not in
us the Child who is all around; turning to toil on his track,


Gos.u, in the Ray-Cows, the shining herds of the Sun
Or, neglect or wipe out
Or, give heed, before that assault comes upon us.
Or, many strengths
Or, fashioning together all immortal things.

upholding the Thought, they stood in the supreme plane,
they reached the beauty of the Flame.

Et*o yd`n
frd-(vAEmQC;Ec\ Gt
n f;cy, spyAn^ .
nAmAEn Ecd^ dEDr
yE.yAys$dyt tv, s;jAtA, 3
3. When for three years, O Fire, they worshipped thee, the
pure ones thee the pure, with the clarity of the light, they
held too the sacrificial Names, their bodies came to perfect
birth and they sped them on the way.

aA rodsF bhtF v
EvdAnA, zEdyA jEB}r
yE.yAs, .
Evdmto n
mEDtA EcEk(vAnE`n\ pd
tE-TvA\sm^ 4
4. The masters of sacrifice discovered and in their impetuous
might bore the Vast Earth and Heaven, then the mortal
knew them and by his holding of the upper hemisphere26
perceived the Fire, standing in the supreme plane.

s\jAnAnA up sFd3EB.; p&Fvto nm-y\ nm-yn^ .
ErEr?vA\s-tv, k@vt -vA, sKA sHy;EnEmEq r"mAZA, 5
5. Utterly knowing him they with their wives came and knelt
before him and adored with obeisance the adorable. They
made themselves empty and formed their own bodies
guarded in his gaze, friend in the gaze of friend.

E/, sP yd^ g;VAEn (v
it^ pdAEvdE3EhtA yE.yAs, .
BF r"t
amt\ sjoqA, pf$)c -TAt^)crT\ c pAEh 6
6. When the masters of sacrifice have found hidden in thee
the thrice seven secret planes, by them they guard with one
mind of acceptance Immortality. Protect the Herds, those
that stand and that which is mobile.
26 Nema, the half, referring apparently to the Great Heaven, brhad dyauh, the upper

half beyond which is the supreme plane.

Hymns of Parashara


Ev7A; a`n
vy;nAEn E"tFnA\ &yAn;qk^ C;zDo jFvs
DA, .
atEv7A; a@vno
dvyAnAntdo d$to aBvo hEvvAV^ 7
7. O Fire, thou art the knower of our knowings, ordain for
the people an unbroken succession of strengths that they
may live. The knower within of the paths of the journey of
the gods, thou hast become a sleepless messenger and the
carrier of the offerings.

-vA@yo Edv aA sP y4F rAyo d;ro &yt.A ajAnn^ .
Evdd^ g&y\ srmA d[hm$v y
nA n; k\ mAn;qF Bojt
EvV^ 8
8. The seven mighty Rivers from Heaven, deep-thinking,
knowers of the Truth, knew the doors of the treasure;
Sarama discovered the mass of the Ray-Cow, the strong
place, the wideness, and now by that the human creature
enjoys bliss.

aA y
vA -vp(yAEn t-T;, k@vAnAso amt(vAy gAt;m^ .
m>A mhEY, pETvF Ev t-T
mAtA p;/
, 9
9. These are they who set their steps on all things that have fair
issue, making a path towards immortality. Earth stood wide
in greatness by the Great Ones, the Mother infinite with her
sons came to uphold her.

aED E2y\ En dD;
cAzmE-mn^ Edvo yd"F amtA ak@vn^ .
aD "rEt EsDvo n sA, nFcFr`n
azqFrjAnn^ 10
10. When the immortals made the two eyes of Heaven, they set
in him the splendour and the beauty. Then there flow as if
rivers loosed to their course; downward they ran, his ruddy
mares, and knew, O Fire.


rEyn y, EptEv1o vyoDA, s;ZFEtE
cEkt;qo n fAs;, .
-yonfFrEtETn FZAno hot
v sw EvDto Ev tArFt^ 1
1. He is like an ancestral wealth that founds our strength, perfect in his leading like the command27 of one who knows, he
is like a guest lying happily well-pleased, he is like a priest
of invocation and increases the house of his worshipper.

dvo n y, sEvtA s(ymmA 5(vA EnpAEt vjnAEn Ev
vA .
p;zf-to amEtn s(y aA(m
v f
vo EdEDqA?yo B$t^ 2
2. He is like the divine Sun true in his thoughts and guards by
his will all our strong places; he is like a splendour manifoldly expressed, he is like a blissful self and our support.28

dvo n y, pETvF\ Ev
vDAyA up"
Et EhtEm/o n rAjA .
p;r,sd, fmsdo n vFrA anvA pEtj;
v nArF 3
3. He is like a God upholding the world and he inhabits earth
like a good and friendly king: he is like a company of heroes
sitting in our front, dwelling in our house; he is as if a
blameless wife beloved of her lord.

t\ (vA nro dm aA En(yEm=m`n
sct E"Etq; D}vAs
; ; .
aED ;<\ En dD;B$yE-mn^ BvA Ev
vAy;DzZo ryFZAm^ 4
4. Such art thou, O Fire, to whom men cleave, kindled eternal in the house, in the abiding worlds of thy habitation.
They have founded within upon thee a great light; become
a universal life holder of the riches.

27 Or, the teaching
28 Or, he is one to be meditated on (upheld in thought), blissful like the self.

Hymns of Parashara


Ev p"o a`n
mGvAno a
y;Ev s$ryo ddto Ev
vmAy;, .
m vAj\ sEmT
vyo BAg\
q; 2vs
dDAnA, 5
5. O Fire, may the masters of wealth enjoy thy satisfactions,
the illumined wise Ones givers of the whole of life: may we
conquer the plenitude from the foe in our battles29 holding
our part in the Gods for inspired knowledge.

-t-y Eh D
nvo vAvfAnA, -md$9F, pFpyt ;B?tA, .
prAvt, s;mEt\ EB"mAZA Ev EsDv, smyA s*;rEdm^ 6
6. The milch-cows of the Truth, enjoyed in heaven,30 fulluddered, desiring us, have fed us with their milk: praying
for right-thinking from the Beyond the Rivers flowed wide
over the Mountain.

s;mEt\ EB"mAZA EdEv 2vo dEDr
yE.yAs, .
n?tA c c5;zqsA Ev!p
kZ\ c vZmzZ\ c s\ D;, 7
7. O Fire, in thee praying for right-thinking, the masters of
sacrifice set31 inspired knowledge in heaven: they made night
and dawn of different forms and joined together the black
and the rosy hue.

yAn^ rAy
mtA(s;q$do a`n
-yAm mGvAno vy\ c .
v Ev
v\ B;vn\ Ess#yApEvAn^ rodsF atEr"m^ 8
8. The mortals whom thou speedest to the Treasure, may we
be of them, the lords of riches and we. Filling earth and
heaven and mid-air thou clingest to the whole world like a

29 Or, warriors in the battles may we conquer the plenitude
30 Or, shared by heaven,
31 Or, upheld


avto nEBn^n^ vFr
{vFrAn^ vn;yAmA (votA, .
IfAnAs, EptEv1-y rAyo Ev s$ry, ftEhmA no a
y;, 9
9. O Fire, safeguarded by thee may we conquer the war-horses
by our war-horses, the strong men by our strong men, the
heroes by our heroes; may our illumined wise ones become
masters of the treasure gained by the fathers, and possess it
living a hundred winters.

etA t
a`n ucTAEn v
Do j;AEn st; mns
c .
m rAy, s;D;ro ym\ t
_ED 2vo
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10. O ordainer of things, O Fire, may these utterances be acceptable to thee, to the mind and to the heart; may we have
strength to control with firm yoke thy riches, holding in thee
the inspired knowledge enjoyed by the gods.32

32 Or, distributed by the gods.

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1.06 - Hymns of Parashara
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