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object:02.14 - The World-Soul
author class:Sri Aurobindo
book class:Savitri
author class:Sri Aurobindo
subject:Integral Yoga
A COVERT answer to his seeking came.
In a far shimmering background of Mind-Space
A glowing mouth was seen, a luminous shaft;
A recluse gate it seemed, musing on joy,
A veiled retreat and escape to mystery.
Away from the unsatisfied surface world
It fled into the bosom of the unknown,
A well, a tunnel of the depths of God.
It plunged as if a mystic groove of hope
Through many layers of formless voiceless self
To reach the last profound of the world's heart,
And from that heart there surged a wordless call
Pleading with some still impenetrable Mind,
Voicing some passionate unseen desire.
As if a beckoning finger of secrecy
Outstretched into a crystal mood of air,
Pointing at him from some near hidden depth,
As if a message from the world's deep soul,
An intimation of a lurking joy
That flowed out from a cup of brooding bliss,
There shimmered stealing out into the Mind
A mute and quivering ecstasy of light,
A passion and delicacy of roseate fire.
As one drawn to his lost spiritual home
Feels now the closeness of a waiting love,
Into a passage dim and tremulous
That clasped him in from day and night's pursuit,
He travelled led by a mysterious sound.
A murmur multitudinous and lone,
All sounds it was in turn, yet still the same.
A hidden call to unforeseen delight
In the summoning voice of one long-known, well-loved,
But nameless to the unremembering mind,
It led to rapture back the truant heart.
The immortal cry ravished the captive ear.
Then, lowering its imperious mystery,
It sank to a whisper circling round the soul.
It seemed the yearning of a lonely flute
That roamed along the shores of memory
And filled the eyes with tears of longing joy.
A cricket's rash and fiery single note,
It marked with shrill melody night's moonless hush
And beat upon a nerve of mystic sleep
Its high insistent magical reveille.
A jingling silver laugh of anklet bells
Travelled the roads of a solitary heart;
Its dance solaced an eternal loneliness:
An old forgotten sweetness sobbing came.
Or from a far harmonious distance heard
The tinkling pace of a long caravan
It seemed at times, or a vast forest's hymn,
The solemn reminder of a temple gong,
A bee-croon honey-drunk in summer isles
Ardent with ecstasy in a slumbrous noon,
Or the far anthem of a pilgrim sea.
An incense floated in the quivering air,
A mystic happiness trembled in the breast
As if the invisible Beloved had come
Assuming the sudden loveliness of a face
And close glad hands could seize his fugitive feet
And the world change with the beauty of a smile.
Into a wonderful bodiless realm he came,
The home of a passion without name or voice,
A depth he felt answering to every height,
A nook was found that could embrace all worlds,
A point that was the conscious knot of Space,
An hour eternal in the heart of Time.
The silent Soul of all the world was there:
A Being lived, a Presence and a Power,
A single Person who was himself and all
And cherished Nature's sweet and dangerous throbs
Transfigured into beats divine and pure.
One who could love without return for love,
Meeting and turning to the best the worst,
It healed the bitter cruelties of earth,
Transforming all experience to delight;
Intervening in the sorrowful paths of birth
It rocked the cradle of the cosmic Child
And stilled all weeping with its hand of joy;
It led things evil towards their secret good,
It turned racked falsehood into happy truth;
Its power was to reveal divinity.
Infinite, coeval with the mind of God,
It bore within itself a seed, a flame,
A seed from which the Eternal is new-born,
A flame that cancels death in mortal things.
All grew to all kindred and self and near;
The intimacy of God was everywhere,
No veil was felt, no brute barrier inert,
Distance could not divide, Time could not change.
A fire of passion burned in spirit-depths,
A constant touch of sweetness linked all hearts,
The throb of one adoration's single bliss
In a rapt ether of undying love.
An inner happiness abode in all,
A sense of universal harmonies,
A measureless secure eternity
Of truth and beauty and good and joy made one.
Here was the welling core of finite life;
A formless spirit became the soul of form.
All there was soul or made of sheer soul-stuff;
A sky of soul covered a deep soul-ground.
All here was known by a spiritual sense:
Thought was not there but a knowledge near and one
Seized on all things by a moved identity,
A sympathy of self with other selves,
The touch of consciousness on consciousness
And being's look on being with inmost gaze
And heart laid bare to heart without walls of speech
And the unanimity of seeing minds
In myriad forms luminous with the one God.
Life was not there, but an impassioned force,
Finer than fineness, deeper than the deeps,
Felt as a subtle and spiritual power,
A quivering out from soul to answering soul,
A mystic movement, a close influence,
A free and happy and intense approach
Of being to being with no screen or check,
Without which life and love could never have been.
Body was not there, for bodies were needed not,
The soul itself was its own deathless form
And met at once the touch of other souls
Close, blissful, concrete, wonderfully true.
As when one walks in sleep through luminous dreams
And, conscious, knows the truth their figures mean,
Here where reality was its own dream,
He knew things by their soul and not their shape:
As those who have lived long made one in love
Need word nor sign for heart's reply to heart,
He met and communed without bar of speech
With beings unveiled by a material frame.
There was a strange spiritual scenery,
A loveliness of lakes and streams and hills,
A flow, a fixity in a soul-space,
And plains and valleys, stretches of soul-joy,
And gardens that were flower-tracts of the spirit,
Its meditations of tinged reverie.
Air was the breath of a pure infinite.
A fragrance wandered in a coloured haze
As if the scent and hue of all sweet flowers
Had mingled to copy heaven's atmosphere.
Appealing to the soul and not the eye
Beauty lived there at home in her own house,
There all was beautiful by its own right
And needed not the splendour of a robe.
All objects were like bodies of the Gods,
A spirit symbol environing a soul,
For world and self were one reality.
Immersed in voiceless internatal trance
The beings that once wore forms on earth sat there
In shining chambers of spiritual sleep.
Passed were the pillar-posts of birth and death,
Passed was their little scene of symbol deeds,
Passed were the heavens and hells of their long road;
They had returned into the world's deep soul.
All now was gathered into pregnant rest:
Person and nature suffered a slumber change.
In trance they gathered back their bygone selves,
In a background memory's foreseeing muse
Prophetic of new personality
Arranged the map of their coming destiny's course:
Heirs of their past, their future's discoverers,
Electors of their own self-chosen lot,
They waited for the adventure of new life.
A Person persistent through the lapse of worlds,
Although the same for ever in many shapes
By the outward mind unrecognisable,
Assuming names unknown in unknown climes
Imprints through Time upon the earth's worn page
A growing figure of its secret self,
And learns by experience what the spirit knew,
Till it can see its truth alive and God.
Once more they must face the problem-game of birth,
The soul's experiment of joy and grief
And thought and impulse lighting the blind act,
And venture on the roads of circumstance,
Through inner movements and external scenes
Travelling to self across the forms of things.
Into creation's centre he had come.
The spirit wandering from state to state
Finds here the silence of its starting-point
In the formless force and the still fixity
And brooding passion of the world of Soul.
All that is made and once again unmade,
The calm persistent vision of the One
Inevitably re-makes, it lives anew:
Forces and lives and beings and ideas
Are taken into the stillness for a while;
There they remould their purpose and their drift,
Recast their nature and re-form their shape.
Ever they change and changing ever grow,
And passing through a fruitful stage of death
And after long reconstituting sleep
Resume their place in the process of the Gods
Until their work in cosmic Time is done.
Here was the fashioning chamber of the worlds.
An interval was left twixt act and act,
Twixt birth and birth, twixt dream and waking dream,
A pause that gave new strength to do and be.
Beyond were regions of delight and peace,
Mute birthplaces of light and hope and love,
And cradles of heavenly rapture and repose.
In a slumber of the voices of the world
He of the eternal moment grew aware;
His knowledge stripped bare of the garbs of sense
Knew by identity without thought or word;
His being saw itself without its veils,
Life's line fell from the spirit's infinity.
Along a road of pure interior light,
Alone between tremendous Presences,
Under the watching eyes of nameless Gods,
His soul passed on, a single conscious power,
Towards the end which ever begins again,
Approaching through a stillness dumb and calm
To the source of all things human and divine.
There he beheld in their mighty union's poise
The figure of the deathless Two-in-One,
A single being in two bodies clasped,
A diarchy of two united souls,
Seated absorbed in deep creative joy;
Their trance of bliss sustained the mobile world.
Behind them in a morning dusk One stood
Who brought them forth from the Unknowable.
Ever disguised she awaits the seeking spirit;
Watcher on the supreme unreachable peaks,
Guide of the traveller of the unseen paths,
She guards the austere approach to the Alone.
At the beginning of each far-spread plane
Pervading with her power the cosmic suns
She reigns, inspirer of its multiple works
And thinker of the symbol of its scene.
Above them all she stands supporting all,
The sole omnipotent Goddess ever-veiled
Of whom the world is the inscrutable mask;
The ages are the footfalls of her tread,
Their happenings the figure of her thoughts,
And all creation is her endless act.
His spirit was made a vessel of her force;
Mute in the fathomless passion of his will
He outstretched to her his folded hands of prayer.
Then in a sovereign answer to his heart
A gesture came as of worlds thrown away,
And from her raiment's lustrous mystery raised
One arm half-parted the eternal veil.
A light appeared still and imperishable.
Attracted to the large and luminous depths
Of the ravishing enigma of her eyes,
He saw the mystic outline of a face.
Overwhelmed by her implacable light and bliss,
An atom of her illimitable self
Mastered by the honey and lightning of her power,
Tossed towards the shores of her ocean-ecstasy,
Drunk with a deep golden spiritual wine,
He cast from the rent stillness of his soul
A cry of adoration and desire
And the surrender of his boundless mind
And the self-giving of his silent heart.
He fell down at her feet unconscious, prone.

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   15 Sri Aurobindo
   2 Giordano Bruno


   15 Sri Aurobindo
   2 Giordano Bruno

1:A formless spirit became the soul of form. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
2:A jingling silver laugh of anklet bells
Travelled the roads of a solitary heart; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
3:A cricket's rash and fiery single note,
It marked with shrill melody night's moonless hush ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
4:Thought was not there but a knowledge near and one
Seized on all things by a moved identity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
5:A bee-croon honey-drunk in summer isles
Ardent with ecstasy in a slumbrous noon,
Or the far anthem of a pilgrim sea. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
6:The tinkling pace of a long caravan
It seemed at times, or a vast forest's hymn,
The solemn reminder of a temple gong, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
7:Immersed in voiceless internatal trance
The beings that once wore forms on earth sat there
In shining chambers of spiritual sleep. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
8:As those who have lived long made one in love
Need word nor sign for heart's reply to heart,
He met and communed without bar of speech ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
9:Soul's soar
It seemed the yearning of a lonely flute
That roamed along the shores of memory
And filled the eyes with tears of longing joy. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
10:Appealing to the soul and not the eye
Beauty lived there at home in her own house,
There all was beautiful by its own right
And needed not the splendour of a robe. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
11:At the beginning of each far-spread plane
Pervading with her power the cosmic suns
She reigns, inspirer of its multiple works
And thinker of the symbol of its scene. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
12:A fire of passion burned in spirit-depths,
A constant touch of sweetness linked all hearts,
The throb of one adoration's single bliss
In a rapt ether of undying love. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
13:The deathless Two-in-One,
A single being in two bodies clasped,
A diarchy of two united souls,
Seated absorbed in deep creative joy;
Their trance of bliss sustained the mobile world. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
14:When we speak of the efficient cause of the universe, we mean, obviously the active Being,-the Being active and effective everywhere; we mean, then, that universal Intelligence which appears to be the principal faculty of the World-Soul and, as it were, the general form of the universe. ~ Giordano Bruno,
15:Passed were the pillar-posts of birth and death,
Passed was their little scene of symbol deeds,
Passed were the heavens and hells of their long road;
They had returned into the world's deep soul.
All now was gathered into pregnant rest ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
16:Above them all she stands supporting all,
The sole omnipotent Goddess ever-veiled
Of whom the world is the inscrutable mask;
The ages are the footfalls of her tread,
Their happenings the figure of her thoughts,
And all creation is her endless ac ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
17:When we speak of the efficient cause of the universe, we mean, obviously the active Being,-the Being active and effective everywhere; we mean, then, that universal Intelligence which appears to be the principal faculty of the World-Soul and, as it were, the general form of the universe. ~ Giordano Bruno, the Eternal Wisdom
1:This universe is a single living being embracing all living beings within it, and possessing a single Soul that permeates all its parts to the degree of their participation in it. Every part of this sensible universe is fully participant in its material aspect, and in respect of soul, in the degree to which it shares in the World Soul.  ~ plotinus, @wisdomtrove
2:Joy is there everywhere; it is superfluous, unnecessary; nay, it very often contradicts the most peremptory behests of necessity. It exists to show that the bonds of law can only be explained by love; they are like body and soul. Joy is the realisation of the truth of oneness, the oneness of our soul with the world and of the world-soul with the supreme lover. ~ rabindranath-tagore, @wisdomtrove

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1:A formless spirit became the soul of form. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
2:A jingling silver laugh of anklet bells
Travelled the roads of a solitary heart; ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
3:A cricket’s rash and fiery single note,
It marked with shrill melody night’s moonless hush ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
4:Thought was not there but a knowledge near and one
Seized on all things by a moved identity. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
5:A bee-croon honey-drunk in summer isles
Ardent with ecstasy in a slumbrous noon,
Or the far anthem of a pilgrim sea. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
6:The tinkling pace of a long caravan
It seemed at times, or a vast forest’s hymn,
The solemn reminder of a temple gong, ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
7:Immersed in voiceless internatal trance
The beings that once wore forms on earth sat there
In shining chambers of spiritual sleep. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
8:The World-Soul is sick, Harry, crazy-sick. And if we don’t each do our part and try to get to the root of its pain and burn it out, then everything is for nothing. ~ Clive Barker,
9:As those who have lived long made one in love
Need word nor sign for heart’s reply to heart,
He met and communed without bar of speech ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
10:Soul's soar
It seemed the yearning of a lonely flute
That roamed along the shores of memory
And filled the eyes with tears of longing joy. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
11:Man's music is seen as a means of restoring the soul, as well as confused and discordant bodily afflictions, to the harmonic proportions that it shares with the world soul of the cosmos. ~ Plato,
12:The Mind is not talking to us but by means of us. Its narrative passes through us and its sorrow infuses us irrationally. As Plato discerned, there is a streak of the irrational in the World Soul. ~ Philip K Dick,
13:Appealing to the soul and not the eye
Beauty lived there at home in her own house,
There all was beautiful by its own right
And needed not the splendour of a robe. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
14:At the beginning of each far-spread plane
Pervading with her power the cosmic suns
She reigns, inspirer of its multiple works
And thinker of the symbol of its scene. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
15:A fire of passion burned in spirit-depths,
A constant touch of sweetness linked all hearts,
The throb of one adoration’s single bliss
In a rapt ether of undying love. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
16:The deathless Two-in-One,
A single being in two bodies clasped,
A diarchy of two united souls,
Seated absorbed in deep creative joy;
Their trance of bliss sustained the mobile world. ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
17:Passed were the pillar-posts of birth and death,
Passed was their little scene of symbol deeds,
Passed were the heavens and hells of their long road;
They had returned into the world’s deep soul.
All now was gathered into pregnant rest ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
18:Above them all she stands supporting all,
The sole omnipotent Goddess ever-veiled
Of whom the world is the inscrutable mask;
The ages are the footfalls of her tread,
Their happenings the figure of her thoughts,
And all creation is her endless ac ~ Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, The World-Soul,
19:When we speak of the efficient cause of the universe, we mean, obviously the active Being,—the Being active and effective everywhere; we mean, then, that universal Intelligence which appears to be the principal faculty of the World-Soul and, as it were, the general form of the universe. ~ Giordano Bruno,
20:When we speak of the efficient cause of the universe, we mean, obviously the active Being,-the Being active and effective everywhere; we mean, then, that universal Intelligence which appears to be the principal faculty of the World-Soul and, as it were, the general form of the universe. ~ Giordano Bruno,
21:The individual soul touches upon the world soul like a well reaches for the water table. That which sustains the universe beyond thought and language, and that which is at the core of us and struggles for expression, is the same thing. The finite within the infinite, the infinite within the finite. ~ Yann Martel,
22:He rules all things, not as the world soul but as the lord of all. And because of his dominion he is called Lord God Pantokrator". For “god" is a relative word and has reference to servants, and godhood is the lordship of God, not over his own body "as is supposed by those for whom God is the world soul', but over servants. ~ Isaac Newton,
23:The forms of mathematics, the harmonies of music, the motions of the planets, and the gods of the mysteries were all essentially related for Pythagoreans, and the meaning of that relation was revealed in an education that culminated in the human soul’s assimilation to the world soul, and thence to the divine creative mind of the universe. ~ Richard Tarnas,
24:Joy is there everywhere; it is superfluous, unnecessary; nay, it very often contradicts the most peremptory behests of necessity. It exists to show that the bonds of law can only be explained by love; they are like body and soul. Joy is the realisation of the truth of oneness, the oneness of our soul with the world and of the world-soul with the supreme lover. ~ Rabindranath Tagore,
25:The spirit of man is regarded as a luminous principle perfect in wisdom, the origin of the life in man. This spirit, descending into dark bodies, achieves through the chemistry of experience the mysterious power that is called Soul. The Virgin of the world is Soul; in the Universe the World Soul; in man the human soul. The soul is the dark Princess. ~ Manly P Hall, How to Understand Your Bible,
26:The World-Soul
Thanks to the morning light,
Thanks to the seething sea,
To the uplands of New Hampshire,
To the green-haired forest free;
Thanks to each man of courage,
To the maids of holy mind,
To the boy with his games undaunted,
Who never looks behind.

Cities of proud hotels,
Houses of rich and great,
Vice nestles in your chambers,
Beneath your roofs of slate.
It cannot conquer folly,
Time-and-space-conquering steam,
And the light-outspeeding telegraph
Bears nothing on its beam.

The politics are base,
The letters do not cheer,
And 'tis far in the deeps of history
The voice that speaketh clear.
Trade and the streets ensnare us,
Our bodies are weak and worn,
We plot and corrupt each other,
And we despoil the unborn.

Yet there in the parlor sits
Some figure of noble guise,
Our angel in a stranger's form,
Or woman's pleading eyes;
Or only a flashing sunbeam
In at the window pane;
Or music pours on mortals
Its beautiful disdain.

The inevitable morning
Finds them who in cellars be,
And be sure the all-loving Nature
Will smile in a factory.
Yon ridge of purple landscape,
Yon sky between the walls,
Hold all the hidden wonders
In scanty intervals.

Alas, the sprite that haunts us
Deceives our rash desire,
It whispers of the glorious gods,
And leaves us in the mire:
We cannot learn the cipher
That's writ upon our cell,
Stars help us by a mystery
Which we could never spell.

If but one hero knew it,
The world would blush in flame,
The sage, till he hit the secret,
Would hang his head for shame.
But our brothers have not read it,
Not one has found the key,
And henceforth we are comforted,
We are but such as they.

Still, still the secret presses,
The nearing clouds draw down,
The crimson morning flames into
The fopperies of the town.
Within, without, the idle earth
Stars weave eternal rings,

The sun himself shines heartily,
And shares the joy he brings.

And what if trade sow cities
Like shells along the shore,
And thatch with towns the prairie broad
With railways ironed o'er;
They are but sailing foambells
Along Thought's causing stream,
And take their shape and Sun-color
From him that sends the dream.

For destiny does not like
To yield to men the helm,
And shoots his thought by hidden nerves
Throughout the solid realm.
The patient Dmon sits
With roses and a shroud,
He has his way, and deals his gifts
But ours is not allowed.

He is no churl or trifler,
And his viceroy is none,
Of genius sire and son;

And his will is not thwarted,
The seeds of land and sea
Are the atoms of his body bright,
And his behest obey.

He serveth the servant,
The brave he loves amain,
He kills the cripple and the sick,
And straight begins again;
For gods delight in gods,
And thrust the weak aside;
To him who scorns their charities,
Their arms fly open wide.

When the old world is sterile,
And the ages are effete,
He will from wrecks and sediment
The fairer world complete.
He forbids to despair,
His cheeks mantle with mirth,
And the unimagined good of men
Is yeaning at the birth.

Spring still makes spring in the mind,
When sixty years are told;

Love wakes anew this throbbing heart,
And we are never old.
Over the winter glaciers,
I see the summer glow,
And through the wild-piled snowdrift
The warm rose buds below.
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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, The World-Soul
Thousand minstrels woke within me,
Our music's in the hills;
Gayest pictures rose to win me,
Leopard-colored rills.
Up!If thou knew'st who calls
To twilight parks of beech and pine,
High over the river intervals,
Above the ploughman's highest line,
Over the owner's farthest walls;
Up!where the airy citadel
O'erlooks the purging landscape's swell.
Let not unto the stones the day
Her lily and rose, her sea and land display;
Read the celestial sign!
Lo! the South answers to the North;
Bookworm, break this sloth urbane;
A greater Spirit bids thee forth,
Than the gray dreams which thee detain.

Mark how the climbing Oreads
Beckon thee to their arcades;
Youth, for a moment free as they,
Teach thy feet to feel the ground,
Ere yet arrive the wintry day
When Time thy feet has bound.
Accept the bounty of thy birth;
Taste the lordship of the earth.

I heard and I obeyed,
Assured that he who pressed the claim,
Well-known, but loving not a name,
Was not to be gainsaid.

Ere yet the summoning voice was still,
I turned to Cheshire's haughty hill.
From the fixed cone the cloud-rack flowed
Like ample banner flung abroad
Round about, a hundred miles,
With invitation to the sea, and to the bordering isles.

In his own loom's garment drest,
By his own bounty blest,
Fast abides this constant giver,
Pouring many a cheerful river;
To far eyes, an arial isle,
Unploughed, which finer spirits pile,
Which morn and crimson evening paint
For bard, for lover, and for saint;
The country's core,
Inspirer, prophet evermore,
Pillar which God aloft had set
So that men might it not forget,
It should be their life's ornament,
And mix itself with each event;
Their calendar and dial,
Barometer, and chemic phial,
Garden of berries, perch of birds,
Pasture of pool-haunting herds,
Graced by each change of sum untold,
Earth-baking heat, stone-cleaving cold.

The Titan minds his sky-affairs,
Rich rents and wide alliance shares;
Mysteries of color daily laid
By the great sun in light and shade,
And, sweet varieties of chance,
And the mystic seasons' dance,
And thief-like step of liberal hours
Which thawed the snow-drift into flowers.
O wondrous craft of plant and stone
By eldest science done and shown!
Happy, I said, whose home is here,
Fair fortunes to the mountaineer!
Boon nature to his poorest shed
Has royal pleasure-grounds outspread.
Intent I searched the region round,
And in low hut my monarch found.
He was no eagle and no earl,
Alas! my foundling was a churl,
With heart of cat, and eyes of bug,
Dull victim of his pipe and mug;
Woe is me for my hopes' downfall!
Lord! is yon squalid peasant all
That this proud nursery could breed
For God's vicegerency and stead?
Time out of mind this forge of ores,
Quarry of spars in mountain pores,
Old cradle, hunting ground, and bier
Of wolf and otter, bear, and deer;
Well-built abode of many a race;
Tower of observance searching space;
Factory of river, and of rain;
Link in the alps' globe-girding chain;
By million changes skilled to tell
What in the Eternal standeth well,
And what obedient nature can,
Is this colossal talisman
Kindly to creature, blood, and kind,
And speechless to the master's mind?

I thought to find the patriots
In whom the stock of freedom roots.
To myself I oft recount
Tales of many a famous mount.
Wales, Scotland, Uri, Hungary's dells,
Roys, and Scanderbegs, and Tells.
Here now shall nature crowd her powers,
Her music, and her meteors,
And, lifting man to the blue deep
Where stars their perfect courses keep,
Like wise preceptor lure his eye
To sound the science of the sky,
And carry learning to its height
Of untried power and sane delight;
The Indian cheer, the frosty skies
Breed purer wits, inventive eyes,
Eyes that frame cities where none be,
And hands that stablish what these see:
And, by the moral of his place,
Hint summits of heroic grace;
Man in these crags a fastness find
To fight pollution of the mind;
In the wide thaw and ooze of wrong,
Adhere like this foundation strong,
The insanity of towns to stem
With simpleness for stratagem.
But if the brave old mould is broke,
And end in clowns the mountain-folk,
In tavern cheer and tavern joke,
Sink, O mountain! in the swamp,
Hide in thy skies, O sovereign lap!
Perish like leaves the highland breed!
No sire survive, no son succeed!

Soft! let not the offended muse
Toil's hard hap with scorn accuse.
Many hamlets sought I then,
Many farms of mountain men;
Found I not a minstrel seed,
But men of bone, and good at need.
Rallying round a parish steeple
Nestle warm the highland people,
Coarse and boisterous, yet mild,
Strong as giant, slow as child,
Smoking in a squalid room,
Where yet the westland breezes come.
Close hid in those rough guises lurk
Western magicians, here they work;
Sweat and season are their arts,
Their talismans are ploughs and carts;
And well the youngest can command
Honey from the frozen land,
With sweet hay the swamp adorn,
Change the running sand to corn,
For wolves and foxes, lowing herds,
And for cold mosses, cream and curds;
Weave wood to canisters and mats,
Drain sweet maple-juice in vats.
No bird is safe that cuts the air,
From their rifle or their snare;
No fish in river or in lake,
But their long hands it thence will take;
And the country's iron face
Like wax their fashioning skill betrays,
To fill the hollows, sink the hills,
Bridge gulfs, drain swamps, build dams and mills,
And fit the bleak and howling place
For gardens of a finer race,
The world-soul knows his own affair,
Fore-looking when his hands prepare
For the next ages men of mould,
Well embodied, well ensouled,
He cools the present's fiery glow,
Sets the life pulse strong, but slow.
Bitter winds and fasts austere.
His quarantines and grottos, where
He slowly cures decrepit flesh,
And brings it infantile and fresh.
These exercises are the toys
And games with which he breathes his boys.
They bide their time, and well can prove,
If need were, their line from Jove,
Of the same stuff, and so allayed,
As that whereof the sun is made;
And of that fibre quick and strong
Whose throbs are love, whose thrills are song.
Now in sordid weeds they sleep,
Their secret now in dullness keep.
Yet, will you learn our ancient speech,
These the masters who can teach,
Fourscore or a hundred words
All their vocal muse affords,
These they turn in other fashion
Than the writer or the parson.
I can spare the college-bell,
And the learned lecture well.
Spare the clergy and libraries,
Institutes and dictionaries,
For the hardy English root
Thrives here unvalued underfoot.
Rude poets of the tavern hearth,
Squandering your unquoted mirth,
Which keeps the ground and never soars,
While Jake retorts and Reuben roars,
Tough and screaming as birch-bark,
Goes like bullet to its mark,
While the solid curse and jeer
Never balk the waiting ear:
To student ears keen-relished jokes
On truck, and stock, and farming-folks,
Nought the mountain yields thereof
But savage health and sinews tough.

On the summit as I stood,
O'er the wide floor of plain and flood,
Seemed to me the towering hill
Was not altogether still,
But a quiet sense conveyed;
If I err not, thus it said:

Many feet in summer seek
Betimes my far-appearing peak;
In the dreaded winter-time,
None save dappling shadows climb
Under clouds my lonely head,
Old as the sun, old almost as the shade.
And comest thou
To see strange forests and new snow,
And tread uplifted land?
And leavest thou thy lowland race,
Here amid clouds to stand,
And would'st be my companion,
Where I gaze
And shall gaze
When forests fall, and man is gone,
Over tribes and over times
As the burning Lyre
Nearing me,
With its stars of northern fire,
In many a thousand years.

Ah! welcome, if thou bring
My secret in thy brain;
To mountain-top may muse's wing
With good allowance strain.
Gentle pilgrim, if thou know
The gamut old of Pan,
And how the hills began,
The frank blessings of the hill
Fall on thee, as fall they will.
'Tis the law of bush and stone
Each can only take his own.
Let him heed who can and will,
Enchantment fixed me here
To stand the hurts of time, until
In mightier chant I disappear.
If thou trowest
How the chemic eddies play
Pole to pole, and what they say,
And that these gray crags
Not on crags are hung,
But beads are of a rosary
On prayer and music strung;
And, credulous, through the granite seeming
Seest the smile of Reason beaming;
Can thy style-discerning eye
The hidden-working Builder spy,
Who builds, yet makes no chips, no din,
With hammer soft as snow-flake's flight;
Knowest thou this?
O pilgrim, wandering not amiss!
Already my rocks lie light,
And soon my cone will spin.
For the world was built in order,
And the atoms march in tune,
Rhyme the pipe, and time the warder,
Cannot forget the sun, the moon.
Orb and atom forth they prance,
When they hear from far the rune,
None so backward in the troop,
When the music and the dance
Reach his place and circumstance,
But knows the sun-creating sound,
And, though a pyramid, will bound.

Monadnoc is a mountain strong,
Tall and good my kind among,
But well I know, no mountain can
Measure with a perfect man;
For it is on Zodiack's writ,
Adamant is soft to wit;
And when the greater comes again,
With my music in his brain,
I shall pass as glides my shadow
Daily over hill and meadow.

Through all time
I hear the approaching feet
Along the flinty pathway beat
Of him that cometh, and shall come,
Of him who shall as lightly bear
My daily load of woods and streams,
As now the round sky-cleaving boat
Which never strains its rocky beams,
Whose timbers, as they silent float,
Alps and Caucasus uprear,
And the long Alleghanies here,
And all town-sprinkled lands that be,
Sailing through stars with all their history.

Every morn I lift my head,
Gaze o'er New England underspread
South from Saint Lawrence to the Sound,
From Katshill east to the sea-bound.
Anchored fast for many an age,
I await the bard and sage,
Who in large thoughts, like fair pearl-seed,
Shall string Monadnoc like a bead.
Comes that cheerful troubadour,
This mound shall throb his face before,
As when with inward fires and pain
It rose a bubble from the plain.
When he cometh, I shall shed
From this well-spring in my head
Fountain drop of spicier worth
Than all vintage of the earth.
There's fruit upon my barren soil
Costlier far than wine or oil;
There's a berry blue and gold,
Autumn-ripe its juices hold,
Sparta's stoutness, Bethlehem's heart,
Asia's rancor, Athens' art,
Slowsure Britain's secular might,
And the German's inward sight;
I will give my son to eat
Best of Pan's immortal meat,
Bread to eat and juice to drink,
So the thoughts that he shall think
Shall not be forms of stars, but stars,
Nor pictures pale, but Jove and Mars.

He comes, but not of that race bred
Who daily climb my specular head.
Oft as morning wreathes my scarf,
Fled the last plumule of the dark,
Pants up hither the spruce clerk
From South-Cove and City-wharf;
I take him up my rugged sides,
Half-repentant, scant of breath,
Bead-eyes my granite chaos show,
And my midsummer snow;
Open the daunting map beneath,
All his county, sea and land,
Dwarfed to measure of his hand;
His day's ride is a furlong space,
His city tops a glimmering haze:
I plant his eyes on the sky-hoop bounding;
See there the grim gray rounding
Of the bullet of the earth
Whereon ye sail,
Tumbling steep
In the uncontinented deep;
He looks on that, and he turns pale:
'Tis even so, this treacherous kite,
Farm-furrowed, town-incrusted sphere,
Thoughtless of its anxious freight,
Plunges eyeless on for ever,
And he, poor parasite,
Cooped in a ship he cannot steer,
Who is the captain he knows not,
Port or pilot trows not,
Risk or ruin he must share.
I scowl on him with my cloud,
With my north wind chill his blood,
I lame him clattering down the rocks,
And to live he is in fear.
Then, at last, I let him down
Once more into his dapper town,
To chatter frightened to his clan,
And forget me, if he can.
As in the old poetic fame
The gods are blind and lame,
And the simular despite
Betrays the more abounding might,
So call not waste that barren cone
Above the floral zone,
Where forests starve:
It is pure use;
What sheaves like those which here we glean and bind,
Of a celestial Ceres, and the Muse?

Ages are thy days,
Thou grand expressor of the present tense,
And type of permanence,
Firm ensign of the fatal Being,
Amid these coward shapes of joy and grief
That will not bide the seeing.
Hither we bring
Our insect miseries to the rocks,
And the whole flight with pestering wing
Vanish and end their murmuring,
Vanish beside these dedicated blocks,
Which, who can tell what mason laid?
Spoils of a front none need restore,
Replacing frieze and architrave;
Yet flowers each stone rosette and metope brave,
Still is the haughty pile erect
Of the old building Intellect.
Complement of human kind,
Having us at vantage still,
Our sumptuous indigence,
O barren mound! thy plenties fill.
We fool and prate,
Thou art silent and sedate.
To million kinds and times one sense
The constant mountain doth dispense,
Shedding on all its snows and leaves,
One joy it joys, one grief it grieves.
Thou seest, O watchman tall!
Our towns and races grow and fall,
And imagest the stable Good
For which we all our lifetime grope,
In shifting form the formless mind;
And though the substance us elude,
We in thee the shadow find.
Thou in our astronomy
An opaker star,
Seen, haply, from afar,
Above the horizon's hoop.
A moment by the railway troop,
As o'er some bolder height they speed,
By circumspect ambition,
By errant Gain,
By feasters, and the frivolous,
Recallest us,
And makest sane.
Mute orator! well-skilled to plead,
And send conviction without phrase,
Thou dost supply
The shortness of our days,
And promise, on thy Founder's truth,
Long morrow to this mortal youth.
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~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Monadnoc


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02.14 - The World-Soul, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
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10.04 - Lord of Time, #Writings In Bengali and Sanskrit, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  The great mantra has been played by The World-Soul
  Countless feelings of contentment

10.04 - The Dream Twilight of the Earthly Real, #Savitri, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  Her life sounded with the steps of The World-Soul
  Moving in harmony with the cosmic Thought.

1.05 - Christ, A Symbol of the Self, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  who also symbolize The World-Soul slumbering in matter. 92 Even
  with Basilides the body acquires a special and unexpected sig-

1.14 - The Structure and Dynamics of the Self, #Aion, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  aroixdov oTpoyyvXov), like the world and The World-Soul; it is in
  fact The World-Soul and the world-substance in one. It is the
  "stone that has a spirit," 48 in modern parlance the most elemen-

1969-07-26, #Agenda Vol 10, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   The World-Soul, II.XIV.
   In February, 1927.

1969-08-02, #Agenda Vol 10, #The Mother, #Integral Yoga
   Book Two, Canto XIV, "The World-Soul"..
   *** - Monadnoc, #Emerson - Poems, #Ralph Waldo Emerson, #Philosophy
  The World-Soul knows his own affair,
  Fore-looking when his hands prepare - The World-Soul, #Emerson - Poems, #Ralph Waldo Emerson, #Philosophy - The World-Soul
  author class:Ralph Waldo Emerson
  The World-Soul
  Thanks to the morning light,

2.02 - THE SCINTILLA, #Mysterium Coniunctionis, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  [50] In Khunrath113 the scintilla is the same as the elixir: Now the elixir is well and truly called a shining splendour, or perfect scintilla of him who alone is the Mighty and Strong. . . . It is the true Aqua Permanens, eternally living.114 The radical moisture is animated . . . by a fiery spark of The World-Soul, for the spirit of the Lord filleth the whole world.115 He also speaks of a plurality of sparks: There are . . . fiery sparks of The World-Soul, that is of the light of nature, dispersed or scattered at Gods comm and in and through the fabric of the great world into all fruits of the elements everywhere.116 The scintilla is associated with the doctrine of the Anthropos: The Son of the Great World . . . is filled, animated and impregnated . . . with a fiery spark of Ruach Elohim, the spirit, breath, wind or blowing of the triune God, from . . . the Body, Spirit, and Soul of the World, or . . . Sulphur and Salt, Mercury and the universal fiery spark of the light of nature.117 The fiery sparks of The World-Soul were already in the chaos, the prima materia, at the beginning of the world.118 Khunrath rises to Gnostic heights when he exclaims: And our Catholick Mercury, by virtue of his universal fiery spark of the light of nature, is beyond doubt Proteus, the sea god of the ancient pagan sages, who hath the key to the sea and . . . power over all things: son of Oceanos and Tethys.119 Many centuries lie between Monomos and Khunrath. The teachings of Monomos were completely unknown in the Middle Ages,120 and yet Khunrath hit upon very similar thoughts which can hardly be ascribed to tradition. - Comments on Specific Lines and Passages of the Poem, #Letters On Poetry And Art, #Sri Aurobindo, #Integral Yoga
  This has nothing to do with Christianity or Christ but only with the symbol of the cross used here to represent a seemingly eternal world-pain which appears falsely to replace the eternal bliss. It is not Christ but The World-Soul which hangs here.

3.05 - SAL, #Mysterium Coniunctionis, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  [266] The singular image of the Nous-serpent enthroned on a chariot reminds us of the chariot-driving, snake-shaped gods of southern India, for instance on the immense black temple at Puri, which is itself a chariot of stone. I certainly dont want to suggest that there is any direct Indian influence in our text, for there is another model closer to hand, and that is Ezekiels vision of the four creatures, with the faces respectively of a man, a lion, an ox, and an eagle. These four figures are associated with four wheels, their construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went.493 Together they formed the moving throne of a figure having the appearance of a man. In the Cabala this chariot (Merkabah) plays an important role as the vehicle on which the believers mount up to God and the human soul unites with The World-Soul.
  [267] An interpretation of the four wheels as the quadriga and vehicle of divinity is found in a window medallion by Suger, the twelfth-century maker of stained glass for the Abbey of Saint-Denis.494 The chariot which is depicted bears the inscription QUADRIGE AMINADAB,referring to the Song of Songs 6: 11 (DV): My soul troubled me for the chariots of Aminadab.495 God the Father stands on a four-wheeled chariot holding the crucifix before him. In the corners of the medallion are the four emblems of the evangelists, the Christian continuation of Ezekiels winged creatures. The four gospels form, as it were, a quaternary podium on which the Redeemer stands.
  [322] Just as The World-Soul pervades all things, so does salt. It is ubiquitous and thus fulfils the main requirement of an arcane substance, that it can be found everywhere. No doubt the reader will be as conscious as I am of how uncommonly difficult it is to give an account of salt and its ubiquitous connections. It represents the feminine principle of Eros, which brings everything into relationship, in an almost perfect way. In this respect it is surpassed only by Mercurius, and the notion that salt comes from Mercurius is therefore quite understandable. For salt, as the soul or spark of the anima mundi, is in very truth the daughter of the spiritus vegetativus of creation. Salt is far more indefinite and more universal than sulphur, whose essence is fairly well defined by its fiery nature.
  [323] The relationship of salt to the anima mundi, which as we know is personified by the Primordial Man or Anthropos, brings us to the analogy with Christ. Glauber himself makes the equation Sal: Sol = A : ,634 so that salt becomes an analogue of God. According to Glauber, the sign for salt

38.04 - Great Time, #Collected Works of Nolini Kanta Gupta - Vol 08, #unset, #Hinduism
   The great Mantra of The World-Soul.
   The soul satisfied, unifying unnumbered moods

4.02 - GOLD AND SPIRIT, #Mysterium Coniunctionis, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  [355] The definition of the king as pneuma carried considerably more weight than his interpretation as gold. Rulands Lexicon defines Rex as follows: RexKing, Soul, Spiritual Water which gives Moisture to the Female and is restored to the Fountain whence it was derived. The Spirit is Water.24 Here Rex is still the divine soul, the moist Osiris,25 a life-giving, fertilizing pneuma and not primarily the physical gold. The mystique of the king comes out even more clearly in Khunrath: When at last, he says, the ash-colour, the whitening, and the yellowing are over, you will see the Philosophical Stone, our King and Lord of Lords, come forth from the couch and throne of his glassy sepulchre26 onto the stage of this world, in his glorified body, regenerated and more than perfect, shining like a carbuncle, and crying out, Behold, I make all things new.27 In his story of how the lapis is made, Khunrath describes the mystic birth of the king. Ruach Elohim (the spirit of God) penetrated to the lowest parts and to the centre (meditullium) of the virginal massa confusa, and scattered the sparks and rays of his fruitfulness. Thus the form impressed itself [forma informavit], and the purest soul quickened and impregnated the tohu-bohu, which was without form and void. This was a mysterium typicum (a symbolical mystery), the procreation of the Preserver and Saviour of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm. The Word is become flesh . . . and God has revealed himself in the flesh, the spirit of God has appeared in the body. This, the son of the Macrocosm . . . that, the son of God, the God-man . . . the one in the womb of the Macrocosm, the other in the womb of the Microcosm, and both times the womb was virginal. In the Book or Mirror of Nature, the Stone of the Wise, the Preserver of the Macrocosm, is the symbol of Christ Jesus Crucified, Saviour of the whole race of men, that is, of the Microcosm.28 The son of the Macrocosm begotten by the divine pneuma (the Egyptian ka-mutef) is of like kind and consubstantial with the Begetter. His soul is a spark of The World-Soul. Our stone is three and one, which is to say triune, namely earthly, heavenly, and divine. This reminds us of the Egyptian sequence: Pharaoh, ka, God. The triune stone consists of three different and distinct substances: Sal-Mercurius-Sulphur.29

4.04 - THE REGENERATION OF THE KING, #Mysterium Coniunctionis, #Carl Jung, #Psychology
  The house of the sphere is the vas rotundum, whose roundness represents the cosmos and, at the same time, The World-Soul, which in Plato surrounds the physical universe from outside. The secret content of the Hermetic vessel is the original chaos from which the world was created. As the filius Macrocosmi and the first man the king is destined for rotundity, i.e., wholeness, but is prevented from achieving it by his original defect.
  [374] Verse 10

BOOK I. -- PART I. COSMIC EVOLUTION, #The Secret Doctrine, #H P Blavatsky, #Theosophy
  connected as The World-Soul is with all natural phenomena, known or unknown to science.
  The oldest religions of the world -- exoterically, for the esoteric root or foundation is one -- are the
  into quiet and steady life as a regular respectable citizen of the sidereal family. Therefore it is said: -Born in the unfathomable depths of Space, out of the homogeneous Element called The World-Soul,
  every nucleus of Cosmic matter, suddenly launched into being, begins life under the most hostile

ENNEAD 01.02 - Concerning Virtue., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  If then it be by virtue that we are assimilated (to divinity), does this divinity to whom we are trying to achieve assimilation, Himself possess virtue? Besides, what divinity is this? Surely it must be He who must most seem to possess virtue, The World-Soul, together with the principle predominating in her, whose wisdom is most admirable (supreme Intelligence)for it is quite reasonable that we should be assimilated to Him. Nevertheless, one might, unreflectingly, question whether all virtues might suit this divinity; whether, for instance, moderation in his desires, or courage could be predicated of Him; for, as to courage, nothing can really harm Him, and He therefore has nothing to fear; and as to moderation, no pleasant object whose presence would excite His desires, or whose absence would in Him awaken regrets, could possibly exist. But inasmuch as the divinity, just as we ourselves,257 aspires to intelligible things, He is evidently the source of our gracious sanity and virtues. So we are forced to ask ourselves, "Does the divinity possess these virtues?"

ENNEAD 02.01 - Of the Heaven., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 03, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  Stars, therefore, stand in need of no feeding,221 and we should not judge them according to our own circumstances. Indeed, our (human) soul, which contains our bodies, is not identical with the Soul that contains the heaven; our soul does not reside in the same place, while The World-Soul does not, like our composite bodies lose (excreta). Not as our bodies do the stars need continual metabolic replacing food. From our conception of celestial bodies we should remove all ideas of a change that could modify their constitution. Terrestrial bodies are animated by an entirely different nature222; which though because of its weakness is incapable of insuring them a durable existence, nevertheless imitates the superior nature (of the celestial Soul) by birth and generation. Elsewhere223 we have shown that even this very celestial Soul cannot partake of the perfect immutability of intelligible things.

ENNEAD 02.02 - About the Movement of the Heavens., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  3. One more subject remains to be considered. The lowest power of the universal Soul (the inferior soul),316 rests on the earth, and thence radiates abroad throughout the universe. The (higher, or celestial) power (of The World-Soul) which, by nature, possesses sensation, opinion, and reasoning, resides in the celestial spheres, whence it dominates the inferior power, and communicates life to it. It thereby moves the inferior power, embracing it in a circle; and it presides over the universe as it returns (from the earth) to the celestial spheres. The inferior power, being circularly embraced by the superior power, reflects upon itself, and thus operates on itself a conversion by which it imparts a movement of rotation to the body within which it reacts. (This is how motion starts) in a sphere that is at rest: as soon as a part moves, the movement spreads to the rest of it, and the sphere begins to revolve. Not otherwise is our body; when our soul begins to move, as in joy, or in the expectation of welfare, although this movement be of a kind very different from that natural to a body, this soul-movement produces local motion in the body. Likewise the universal Soul, on high, while approaching the Good, and becoming more sensitive (to its proximity), thereby impresses the body with the motion proper to it, namely, the local movement. (Our own human) sense-(faculty), while receiving its good from above, and while enjoying the pleasures proper to its nature, pursues the Good, and, inasmuch as the Good is everywhere present, it is borne everywhere. The intelligence is moved likewise; it is simultaneously at rest and in motion, reflecting upon itself. Similarly the universe moves in a circle, though simultaneously standing still.

ENNEAD 02.09 - Against the Gnostics; or, That the Creator and the World are Not Evil., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  4. But in that case, the Soul created only because296 she had lost her wings. The universal Soul, however, could not have been subject to such an accident. Those (Gnostics) who claim that she committed a fault should explain the nature of that fault.297 Why did this fall occur? If she fell from all eternity, she must similarly remain in her fault; if only at a determinate time, why not earlier? We however believe that the Soul created the world not by inclining (towards matter), but rather because she did not incline towards it. Thus to incline towards matter the Soul would have forgotten the intelligible entities; but if she had forgotten them, she could not have created the world (using them as models). From what (models) would the soul have created the world? She must have formed it according to the intelligible models she had contemplated above. If she remembered them while creating, she had not inclined (away from them towards matter). Neither did the Soul have an obscure notion of the intelligibles; otherwise she would have inclined herself towards them, to get a clear intuition of them. For if she kept some memory of the intelligible world, why would she not have wished to reascend therein?

ENNEAD 03.01 - Concerning Fate., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  We shall have to introduce among the number of beings another principle, namely: the soul; and not only The World-Soul, but even the individual soul of every person. In the universal concatenation of causes and effects, this soul is a principle of no little importance, because, instead of, like all other things, being born of a "seminal reason," it constitutes a "primary cause." Outside of a body, she remains absolute mistress of herself, free and independent of the cause which administers the world. As soon as she has descended into a body, she is no longer so independent, for she then forms part of the order to which all things are subjected. Now, inasmuch as the accidents of fortune, that is to say, the surrounding circumstances, determine many events, the soul alternately yields to the influence of external circumstances, and then again she dominates them, and does what she pleases. This she does more or less, according as she is good or evil. When she yields to the corporeal temperament, she is necessarily subjected to desire or anger, discouraged in poverty, or proud in prosperity, as well as tyrannical in the exercise of power. But she can resist all these evil tendencies if her disposition is good; she modifies her surroundings more than she is affected by them; some things she changes, others she tolerates without herself incurring guilt.

ENNEAD 03.05 - Of Love, or Eros., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 04, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  But as it was similarly necessary that beneath the celestial Soul there should exist The World-Soul,128 there1129 must exist with it another love, born of her desire, and being her eye.129 As this Venus belongs to this world, and as it is not the pure soul, nor soul in an absolute sense, it has begotten the Love which reigns here below, and which, with her, presides over marriages. As far as this Love himself feels the desire for the intelligible, he turns towards the intelligible the souls of the young people, and he elevates the soul to which he may be united, as far as it is naturally disposed to have reminiscence of the intelligible. Every soul, indeed, aspires to the Good, even that soul that is mingled with matter, and that is the soul of some particular being; for it is attached to the superior Soul, and proceeds therefrom.
  4. Does each soul include such a love in her being, and possess it as a hypostatic (form of existence)? Since The World-Soul possesses, as hypostasis (form of existence), the Love which is inherent in her being, our soul should also similarly possess, as hypostatic (form of existence), a love equally inherent in our being. Why should the same not obtain even with animals? This love inherent to the being of every soul is the guardian considered to be attached to each individual.130 It inspires each soul with the desires natural for her to experience; for, according to her nature, each soul begets a love which harmonizes with her dignity and being. As the universal Soul possesses universal Love, so do individual souls each possess her individual love. But as the individual souls are not separated from the universal Soul, and are so contained within her that their totality forms but a single soul,131 so are individual loves contained within the universal Love. On the other hand, each individual1130 love is united to an individual soul, as universal Love is united to the universal Soul. The latter exists entire everywhere in the universe, and so her unity seems multiple; she appears anywhere in the universe that she pleases, under the various forms suitable to her parts, and she reveals herself, at will, under some visible form.
  (Plutarch)133 held that Plato, by Love, meant the world. He should have stated that Love is part of the world, and was born in it. His opinion is erroneous, as may be demonstrated by several proofs. First, (Plato) calls the world a blessed deity, that is self-1131sufficient; however, he never attri butes these characteristics to Love, which he always calls a needy being. Further, the world is composed of a body and a Soul, the latter being Venus; consequently, Venus would be the directing part of Love; or, if we take the world to mean The World-Soul, just as we often say "man" when we mean the human soul,134 Love would be identical with Venus. Third, if Love, which is a Guardian, is the world, why should not the other Guardians (who evidently are of the same nature) not also be the world? In this case, the world would be composed of Guardians. Fourth, how could we apply to the world that which (Plato) says of Love, that it is the "guardian of fair children"? Last, Plato describes Love as lacking clothing, shoes, and lodging. This could not be applied to the world without absurdity or ridicule.

ENNEAD 03.08b - Of Nature, Contemplation and Unity., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  5. (4). After having spoken of nature, and having explained how generation is a sort of contemplation, let us pass to the Soul that occupies a rank superior to nature. This is what we have to say about her. By her contemplative action, by her ardent desire to learn and to discover, by the fruitfulness of her knowledge, and her resulting need to produce, the Soul, her totality having become an object of contemplation, gave birth to some other object; just as science, on fructifying, by instruction begets a lesser science in the soul of the young disciple who possesses the images of all things, but only in the state of obscure theories, of feeble speculations, which are incapable of self-sufficiency. The higher and rational part of the Soul ever dwells in the higher region of the intelligible world, and is, by this intelligible world, ever illuminated and fructified184; while the lower ("natural and generative power") participates in what the superior part has received, by immediately participating in the intelligible; for life ever proceeds from life, and its actualization extends to everything, and is present everywhere. In her procession, the universal Soul allows her superior part to remain in the intelligible world; for, if she detached herself from this superior part, she would no longer be present everywhere; she would subsist only in her lower extremities. Besides, the part of the Soul that thus proceeds out of the intelligible world is inferior to what remains within it. Therefore, if the Soul must be present and must assert her sphere of activity everywhere, and if that which occupies the superior rank differs from that which occupies the inferior; if, besides, her activity proceeds either from contemplation or action-though indeed originally538 from contemplationbecause contemplation precedes the action which could not exist without contemplation; in this state of affairs, though one actualization would be weaker than another, yet it would ever remain a contemplation, so that the action derived from contemplation seems to be no more than a weakened contemplation; for that which is begotten must always remain consubstantial with its generating principle, though weaker, since of lower rank. All things therefore silently proceed from the Soul, because they stand in no need of either contemplation or exterior visible action. Thus the Soul contemplates, and the contemplating part of the Soul, being somehow located outside of the superior part, and being different therefrom, produces what is below it; thus it is that contemplation begets contemplation.185 No more than its object is contemplation limited below; that is why it extends to everything. Where is it not? Every soul contains the same object of contemplation. This object, without being circumscribed as a magnitude, does not equally inhere in all beings; consequently, it is not present in the same way to all parts of the Soul. That is why Plato186 says that the charioteer of the soul communicates to his horses what he has seen. The latter receive something from him only because they desire to possess what he has seen; for they have not received the entire intelligible (world). Though they act because of a desire, they act only in view of what they desire; that is, in view of contemplation, and of its object.

ENNEAD 03.09 - Fragments About the Soul, the Intelligence, and the Good., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  We have already noticed two of these principles (namely, intelligence, and the intelligible, which is called the Animal-in-itself, or universal Soul). What is the third? It is he who has resolved to produce, to form, to divide the ideas that intelligence sees in the Animal. Is it possible that in one sense intelligence is the dividing principle, and that in another the dividing principle is not intelligence? As far as divided things222 proceed from intelligence, intelligence is the dividing principle. As far as intelligence itself remains undivided, and that the things proceeding from it (that is, the souls) are divided, the universal Soul is the principle of this division into several souls. That is why Plato says that division is the work of a third principle, and that it resides in a third principle that has conceived; now, to conceive is not the proper function of intelligence; it is that of the Soul which has a dividing action in a divisible nature.

ENNEAD 04.03 - Psychological Questions., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  If such be the relation of the universal Soul to the other souls, the universal Soul, whose parts are such, will not belong to any particular being, but will subsist in herself. No longer will she be the soul of the world. She will even rank with the number of souls considered parts. As all souls would conform to each other, they would, on the same grounds, be parts of the Soul that is single and identical. Then it would be inexplicable that some one soul should be Soul of the world, while some other soul should be one of the parts of the world.
  3. Are individual souls parts of the universal Soul as, in any living organism, the soul that animates (or vivifies) the finger is a part of the entire soul back of the whole animal? This hypothesis would force us to the conclusion either that there is no soul outside of the body, or that the whole universal Soul exists entire, not in a body, but outside of the body of the world. This question deserves consideration. Let us do so by an illustration.
  How and why did the universal Soul make the universe, while the individual souls only manage a part thereof? That is not more surprising than to see, among men who possess the same knowledge, some comm and a greater number, and others a lesser. This is the case because there is a great difference between souls. Some, instead of separating from the universal Soul, have remained in the intelligible world, and still contain the body (of the universal), while others, when the body (of the universe) already existed, and398 while the universal Soul, their sister, governed it, accepted destinies assigned them by fate, as if (the universal Soul) had prepared for them dwellings to receive them.106 Besides, the universal Soul contemplates universal Intelligence, and the individual souls rather contemplate individual intelligences. These souls might indeed possibly have also been capable of making the universe; but that is no longer possible to them now that the universal Soul has already done it, and has preceded them. Besides, the very same question would have arisen even if an entirely different soul had first made the universe. Perhaps it is better to state that if the universal Soul has created the universe, it is chiefly because she is more closely related to intelligible entities, for the souls that are nearest thereto are the most powerful. Maintaining themselves in this quiet region, they act with greater facility; for to act without suffering is the sign of a greater power. Thus the power depending on the intelligible world abides within itself, and by abiding within itself, produces. The other souls, descending towards the body, withdraw from the intelligible world, and fall into the abyss (of matter). Perhaps also the element of manifoldness within them, finding itself drawn towards the lower regions, along with it dragged the conceptions of those souls, and made them descend hither. Indeed the distinction of the second or third rank for souls must be understood in this sense that some are nearer, and some further from the intelligible world. Likewise, among us, all souls are not equally disposed in regard to this world. Some succeed in uniting with it, others approach it by their aspirations; others do not quite succeed, because they do not all use the same faculties, and some use the first, others the second, and some the third, though they all equally possess all faculties.
  If there were no body, the soul could not have any procession, since the body is the natural locality of her development. As the soul must extend, she will beget a receiving locality, and will, consequently, produce the body. The soul's rest is based, and depends for growth on (the intellectual category of) rest itself. The soul thus resembles an immense light which weakens as it becomes more distant from its source, so that at the extremity of its radiation, it has become no more than an adumbration. However, the soul evidently gave a form to this adumbration from the very beginning of things. It was, indeed, by no means405 suitable that what approached the soul should in no way participate in reason118; consequently there came to be an adumbration of reason in (matter), this adumbration being the soul. The universe thus became a beautiful and varied dwelling, which was not deprived of the presence119 of the universal Soul by her not totally incorporating within it. She judged that the whole universe was worthy of her care, and she thus gave it as much "being" and beauty as it was able to receive, without herself losing any of it, because she manages the world while herself remaining above it in the intelligible sphere. By so animating it, she thus grants it her presence, without becoming its property; she dominates it, and possesses it, without being, thereby, dominated or possessed. The universe, indeed, is in the containing Soul, and participates therein entirely. (The universe is in the Soul as is) a net in the sea, on all sides penetrated and enveloped by life, without ever being able to appropriate it. So far as it can, this net extends along with the sea, for none of its parts could be elsewhere than it is. By nature the universal Soul is immense, because her magnitude is not definite; so that by one and the same power she embraces the entire body of the world, and is present throughout the whole extension. Without it, The World-Soul would make no effort to proceed into extension, for by herself she is all that it is her nature to be. The magnitude of the universe therefore is determined by that of the location of the Soul; and the limits of its extent are those of the space within which it is animated by her. The extension of the adumbration of the Soul is therefore determined by that of the "reason" which radiates from this focus of light; and on the other hand, this "reason" was to produce such an extension as its nature urged it to produce.406120
  10. Now let us return to that which has always been what it is. Let us, in thought, embrace all beings: air, light, sun, and moon. Let us then consider the sun, the light, and so forth, as being all things, without ever forgetting that there are things that occupy the first rank, others the second, or the third. Let us, at the summit of this series of beings, conceive of the universal Soul as subsisting eternally. Let us then posit that which holds the first rank after her, and thus continue till we arrive at the things that occupy the last rank, and which, as it were, are the last glimmerings of the light shed by the soul. Let us represent these things as an extension first dark, and then later illuminated by the form which comes to impress itself on an originally dark background. This background is embellished by reason in virtue of the entire universal Soul's independent power of embellishing matter by means of reasons, just as the "seminal reasons" themselves fashion and form animals as microcosms. According to its nature, the Soul gives a form to everything she touches. She produces without casual conception, without the delays of deliberation, or of those of voluntary determination. Otherwise, she would not be acting according to her nature, but according to the precepts of a borrowed art. Art, indeed, is posterior to nature. Art imitates by producing obscure and feeble imitations of nature's works, toys without value or merit; and besides, art makes use of a great battery of apparatus to produce these images. On the contrary, the universal Soul, dominating bodies by virtue of her nature ("being") makes them become and be what she desires; for the things themselves that exist since the beginning cannot raise resistance to her will. In inferior things, as the result of mutual obstruction,407 matter does not receive the exact form that the ("seminal) reason" contains in germ. But as the universal Soul produces the universal form, and as all things are therein co-ordinated, the work is beautiful because it is realized without trouble or obstacle. In the universe there are temples for the divinities, houses for men, and other objects adapted to the needs of other beings. What indeed could the Soul create if not what she has the power to create? As fire warms, as snow cools, the soul acts now within herself, and then outside of herself, and on other objects. The action which inanimate beings elicit from themselves slumbers, as it were, within them; and that which they exert on others consists in assimilating to themselves that which is capable of an experience. To render the rest similar to itself, is indeed the common characteristic of every being. The soul's power of acting on herself and on others is a vigilant faculty. It communicates life to beings who do not have it in themselves, and the life communicated to them is similar to the life of the soul herself. Now as the soul lives in reason, she imparts a reason to the body, which reason is an image of the one she herself possesses. Indeed, what she communicates to the bodies is an image of life. She also imparts to them the shapes whose reasons she contains. Now as she possesses the reasons of all things, even of the divinities, the world contains all things.
  27. To which soul, however, does memory belong? To the soul whose nature is more divine, and which constitutes us more essentially, or to the soul that we receive from the universal Soul (the rational and irrational souls)? Memory belongs to both; but in one case it is general, and in the other particular. When both souls are united, they together possess both kinds of memory; if they both remain separate, each remembers longer what concerns herself, and remembers less long what concerns the other. That is the reason people talk of the image of Hercules being in the hells.145 Now this image remembers all the deeds committed in this life; for this life particularly falls to her lot. The other souls which (by uniting within themselves the rational part to the irrational) together possess both kinds of memory. They yet cannot remember anything but the things that concern this life, and which they have known here below, or even the actions which have some relation with justice.

ENNEAD 04.04 - Questions About the Soul., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  But evidently the souls which dwell in the same state could not exercise memory; for what would they have to remember? If (ignoring our arguments above) human reason should wish to attri bute memory to the souls of all the stars, especially to that of the moon and the sun, there is nothing to hinder it from doing the same with regard to the universal Soul, and it would dare to attri bute even to Jupiter memories which would occupy him with a thousand different things. As soon as it will have entered into this order of ideas, reason would proceed to speculate about the conceptions and ratiocinations of the star-souls that is, granting that they reason at all. (But that is a gratuitous assumption); for if these souls have nothing to discover, if they do not doubt, if they have no need of anything, if they do not learn things that they have ignored before, what use would they make of reasoning, of arguments, or of the conceptions of discursive reason? They have no need of seeking mechanical means of governing human affairs and events; for they enforce order in the universe in a totally different manner.
  11. The world is administered like a living being, namely, partly from the outside, and from the resulting members, and partly from within, and from the principle. The art of the physician works from outside in, deciding which organ is at fault, operating only with hesitation and after groping around experimentally. Nature, however, starting within from the principle, has no need to deliberate. The power which administers the universe proceeds not like the physician, but like nature. It preserves its simplicity so much the better as it comprises everything in its breast, inasmuch as all things are parts of the living being which is one. Indeed, nature, which is unitary, dominates all individual natures; these proceed from it, but remain attached thereto, like branches of an immense456 tree, which is the universe. What would be the utility of reasoning, calculation, and memory in a principle that possesses an ever present and active wisdom, and which, by this wisdom, dominates the world and administers it in an immutable manner? That its works are varied and changeful, does not imply that this principle must itself participate in their mutability. It remains immutable even while producing different things. Are not several stages produced successively in each animal, according to its various ages? Are not certain parts born and increased at determinate periods, such as the horns, the beard, and the breasts? Does one not see each being begetting others? Thus, without the degeneration of the earlier ("seminal) reasons," others develop in their turn. This is proved by the ("seminal) reason" subsisting identical and entire within the same living being.
  12. It may perhaps be objected that this might be true of nature, but that whereas the Soul-of-the-universe457 contains wisdom, this implies also reasoning and memory. This objection could be raised only by persons who by "wisdom" understand that which is its absence, and mistake the search for wisdom for reasonable thinking. For what can reasoning be but the quest of wisdom, the real reason, the intelligence of the real essence? He who exercises reason resembles a man who plays the lyre to exercise himself, to acquire the habit of playing it, and, in general, to a man who learns in order to know. He seeks indeed to acquire science, whose possession is the distinguishing characteristic of a sage. Wisdom consists therefore in a stable condition. This is seen even in the conduct of the reasoner; as soon as he has found what he sought, he ceases to reason, and rests in the possession of wisdom.
  13. How would such a wisdom differ from so-called nature? (In the Soul) wisdom occupies the first rank, and nature the last. Nature is only the image of wisdom; now, if nature occupy no more than the last rank, she must also have only the last degree of the reason that enlightens the Soul. As illustration, take a piece of wax, on which the figure impressed459 on one side penetrates to the other; and whose well-marked traits on the upper face appear on the lower face only in a confused manner. Such is the condition of nature. She does not know, she only produces, blindly she transmits to matter the form she possesses, just as some warm object transmits to another, but in a lesser degree, the heat it itself possesses. Nature does not even imagine: for the act of imagining, inferior as it is to that of thinking, is nevertheless superior to that of impressing a form, as nature does it. Nature can neither grasp nor understand anything; while imagination seizes the adventitious object and permits the one who is imaging to know what he has experienced. As to nature, all it knows is to beget; it is the actualization of the active potentiality (of the universal Soul). Consequently, Intelligence possesses intelligible forms; the (universal) Soul has received them, and ceaselessly receives them from her; that is what her life consists of; the clearness which shines in her is the consciousness she has of her thought. The reflection which (the Soul herself projects on matter is nature, which terminates the series of essences, and occupies the last rank in the intelligible world; after her, there is nothing but imitations (of beings). Nature, while acting on matter is passive in respect (to the Soul). The (Soul), superior to nature, acts without suffering. Finally, the supreme (Intelligence) does not (itself) act on the bodies or on matter.
  17. Why are the thoughts and rational aspirations in us different (from what they are in the universal Soul)? Why is there in us posteriority in respect to time (as we conceive things in a successive manner, while the universal Soul conceives them simultaneously)? Why do we have to question ourselves (about this)? Is it because several forces are active in us, and contend for mastery, and there is no single one which alone commands? Is it because we successively need various things to satisfy our needs, because our present is not determined by itself, but refers to things which vary continually, and which are outside of ourselves? Yes, that is the reason why our determinations change according to the present occasion and need. Various things come from the outside to offer themselves to us successively. Besides, as several forces dominate in us, our imagination necessarily has representations that are various, transient, modified by each other, and hindering the movements and actions characteristic of each power of the soul. Thus, when lust arises in us, imagination represents to us the desired object, warns us, and instructs us about the passion born of lust, and at the same time begs of us to listen to it, and to satisfy it. In this state, the soul floats in uncertainty, whether it grant to the appetite the desired satisfaction, or whether she refuse it. Anger, for instance, excites us to vengeance, and thereby produces the same uncertainty. The needs and passions of the body also suggest to us varying actions and opinions; as do also the ignorance of the true goods,464 the soul's inability to give a certain judgment, while in this hesitating condition, and the consequences which result from the mingling of the things we have just mentioned. Still our own highest part makes judgments more certain than those reached by the part common (to the soul and to the body), a part that is very uncertain, being a prey to diversity of opinions.
  Here arise important questions which have been frequently considered especially by such as will not allow the divinities to be regarded as the accomplices or authors of shameful deeds, such as love-adventures and adulteries. For this reason, as well as on account of what was said above about the memory of the stars, we shall have to examine the nature of the influence they exercise. Indeed, if they grant our petitions, though not immediately, and give us what we ask after a time that sometimes is very long, they must necessarily exercise memory of the prayers addressed to them; now, we have above denied that they could have memory. As to the benefits that they grant to men, it has been said that it seemed as if they had been granted by Vesta, that is, the earth, unless indeed it should be insisted that the earth alone granted benefits to men.
  32. Since the influence exteriorly exercised by the heavens on us, on animals, and on human affairs generally has been excluded from physical causes (of astrology) and from voluntary decisions of divinities, it remains for us to find some cause to which it may reasonably be attri buted. First, we will have to admit that this universe is a single living being, which contains within its own organism all living beings; and that it contains a single Soul, which is communicated to all its parts; namely, to all beings that form part of the universe. Now every being that is contained in the sense-world is a part of the universe. First, and unrestrictedly, it is a part of the universe by its body. Then, it is again part of the universe by its soul, but only so far as it participates (in the natural and vegetative power) of the universal Soul. The beings which only participate in (the natural and vegetative power) of the universal Soul are completely parts of the universe. Those who participate in another soul (the superior power of the universal Soul), are not completely parts of the universe (because they are independent by their rational souls); but they experience passions by the actions of the other beings, as far as they have something of the universe (so far as by their irrational souls, they participate in the natural and vegetative power of the universe), and in the proportion in which they possess some part of the universe. This universe is therefore a single living being that is self-sympathetic. The parts that seem distant are not any the less near, as, in each animal, the horns, nails, fingers, the organs at distance from each other, feel, in spite of the interval which separates them, the affection experienced by any other one of them. In fact,491 as soon as the parts are similar, even when they are separated by an interval instead of being placed by each others' side, they sympathize by virtue of this their similarity, and the action of the distant one is felt by all the others. Now in this universe which is a single living being, and which forms a single organism, there is nothing distant enough in place not to be near because of the nature of this being whose unity makes it self-sympathetic. When the suffering being resembles the acting one, it experiences a passion conformable to its nature; when on the contrary it differs, it experiences a passion that is foreign to its nature, and painful. It is therefore not surprising that though the universe be single, one of its parts can exert on another a harmful influence, since it often happens to ourselves that one of our parts wounds another by its action; as for instance, that the bile, setting anger in motion, should crush and tear some other part of the body. Now something analogous to this bile which excites anger, and to other parts that form the human body, is discovered in the universe. Even in plants there are certain things which form obstacles to others, and even destroy them. Now the world forms not only a single animal, but also a plurality of animals; each of them, as far as it has a share in the singleness of the universe, is preserved thereby; but, in so far as this animal enters into the multiplicity of some other animal, he can wound it, or be wounded by it, make use of it, or feed on it, because it differs from itself as much as it resembles itself; because the natural desire of self-preservation leads us to appropriate what is suitable to itself, and in its own interest to destroy what is contrary thereto. Finally, each being, fulfilling its part in the universe, is useful to those that can profit by its action, and wounds or destroys those who cannot support it; thus plants are scorched by the passage of fire, and the little animals are dragged along492 or trampled by the greater. This generation and this corruption, this betterment and deterioration of things render easy and natural the life of the universe considered as a single living being. Indeed, it would not otherwise have been possible that the particular beings it contains should have lived as if they were alone, should possess their ends in themselves, and should live only for themselves; since they are only parts, they must, as such, concur in the ends of the whole of which they are parts; and, so far as they are different, they could not each preserve its own life, because they are contained in the unity of the universal life; neither could they entirely remain in the same state, because the universe must possess permanence, and because of the universe, permanence consists in ever remaining in motion.
  It is therefore wrong to hold that the universe is subject to experiencing passions. In the first place, the governing Soul is entirely impassible; then, if there be any passions in her, they are experienced only by her parts; as to her, being unable to experience anything contrary to her nature, she herself remains impassible. To experience passions seems suitable to stars considered as parts of the universe; but, considered in themselves, they are impassible, because their wills are impassible, and their bodies remain as unalterable as their nature, because their soul loses nothing, and their bodies remain the same, even if, by their soul, they communicate something of themselves507 to inferior beings. If something issues from them, they do not notice it; if some increase happens, they pay no attention.

ENNEAD 04.09 - Whether All Souls Form a Single One?, #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  1. Just as the soul of each animal is one, because she is entirely present in the whole body, and because she is thus really one, because she does not have one part in one organ, and some other part in another; and just as the sense-soul is equally one in all the beings which feel, and just as the vegetative soul is everywhere entirely one in each part of the growing plants; why then should your soul and mine not form a single unity? Why should not all souls form but a single one? Why should not the universal (Soul) which is present in all beings, be one because she is not divided in the manner of a body, being everywhere the same? Why indeed should the soul in myself form but one, and the universal (Soul) likewise not be one, similarly, since no more than my own is this universal (Soul) either material extension, or a body? If both my soul and yours proceed from the universal (Soul), and if the latter be one, then should my soul and yours together form but a single one. Or again, on the supposition that the universal (Soul) and mine proceed from a single soul, even on this hypothesis would all souls form but a single one. We shall have to examine in what (this Soul which is but) one consists.

ENNEAD 05.08 - Concerning Intelligible Beauty., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  The universal Soul is beautiful also; but she is less beautiful than (Saturn), because she is his image, and because, however beautiful she may by nature be, she is still more beautiful when contemplating her principle. Therefore if the universal Soulto use clearer termsand if even Venus (as subordinate to him, Jupiter), possess beauty, what must be that of Intelligence? If by their nature the universal Soul and Venus receive574 their beauty from some other principle, from whom would they derive the beauty they intrinsically possess, and that which they acquire? As to us, we are beautiful when we belong to ourselves; and we are ugly when we lower ourselves to an inferior nature. Again, we are beautiful when we know ourselves, and ugly when we ignore ourselves. It is therefore in the intelligible world that beauty shines and radiates. Are these considerations sufficient for a clear knowledge of the intelligible world, or must we engage in a further effort to accomplish this?

ENNEAD 05.09 - Of Intelligence, Ideas and Essence., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 01, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  Applying this conception to the universe, we rise to Intelligence, recognizing therein the demiurgic creator of the world. It was in receiving from it its shapes by the intermediation of another principle, the universal Soul, that the (material) substances became water, air, earth and fire. On the one hand, the Soul shapes the four elements of the world;116 on the other, she receives from Intelligence the (seminal) reasons,117 as the souls of the artists themselves receive from the arts the reasons which they work out.118 In Intelligence, therefore, there is a part which is the form of the soul; it is intelligence considered, as shape. There is another which imparts shape, like the sculptor who gives the metal the shape of the statue, and which in itself possesses all it gives.119 Now the (shapes) which the Intelligence imparts to the soul connect with the truth as closely as possible, while those which the soul imparts to the body are only images and appearances.120

ENNEAD 06.04 - The One Identical Essence is Everywhere Entirely Present., #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 02, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  1. Is it because the body of the universe is so great that the Soul is everywhere present in the universe, though being naturally divisible in (human) bodies? Or it is by herself, that she is everywhere present? In the latter case, she has not been drawn away everywhere by the body, but the body found her everywhere in existence before it; thus, in whatever place it may be, it found the Soul present before it itself was part of the universe, and the total body of the universe was located in the Soul that existed already.

ENNEAD 06.05 - The One and Identical Being is Everywhere Present In Its Entirety.345, #Plotinus - Complete Works Vol 04, #Plotinus, #Christianity
  1290 If however we should seek some one special Platonic element, it would be that genuineness of reflection, that sincerity of thought, that makes of his dialogues no cut and dried literary figments, but soul-tragedies, with living, breathing, interest and emotion. Plato thus practised his doctrine of the double self,472 the higher and the lower selves, of which the higher might be described as "superior to oneself." In his later period, that of the Laws, he applied this double psychology to cosmology, thereby producing doubleness in The World-Soul: besides the good one, appears the evil one, which introduces even into heaven things that are not good.
  It was only a step from this to the logical deduction of Xenocrates that these things in heaven were "spirits" or "guardians," both good and evil, assisting in the administration of human affairs.473 Such is the result of doubleness introduced into anthropology; introduced into cosmology, it establishes Pythagorean indefinite duality as the principle opposing the unity of goodness.
  This is the most definite statement of Plotinos's solution of the problem; other references thereto are abundant. So we have a trinity of energy, being and essence,490 and each of us, like The World-Soul has an Eros which is essence and hypostasis.491 Reason is a hypostasis after the nous, and Aphrodite gains an hypostasis in the Ousia.492 The One is intellect, the intelligible, and ousia; or, energy, being, and the intelligible (essence).493 The soul is activity.494 The soul is the third God,495 we are the third rank proceeding from the upper undivided Nature,496 the whole being God, nous, and essence. The Nous is activity, and the First essence. There are three stages of the Good: the King, the nous, and the soul.497 We find energy,1304498 thinking and being, then499 the soul, the nous, and the One. We find Providence threefold (as in Plutarch)500 and three ranks of Gods, demons and world-life.501 Elsewhere, untheologically, or, rather, merely philosophically, he speaks of the hypostasis of wisdom.502
  Chaignet's summary of this is503 that504 Plotinos holds that every force in the intelligible is both Being and Substance simultaneously; and reciprocally that no Being, could be conceived without hypostasis, or directed force. Again,505 the world, the universe of things, contains three natures or divine hypostases, soul, mind and unity; which indeed are found in our own nature, and of which the divinest is unity or divinity.
  232 This is the exact doctrine of Numenius, fr. 53; it logically agrees with the doubleness of matter, Num. 14; of the Creator, Num. 36; and The World-Soul, fr. 16. See note 71.
  233 See par. 18.
  268 Plotinos here makes in The World-Soul a distinction analogous to that obtaining in the human one (where there is a reasonable soul, and its image, the vegetative soul, see i. 1.812; iv. 4. 13, 14). Here he asserts that there are two souls; the superior soul (the principal power of the soul, which receives the forms from Intelligence (see iv. 4.912, 35), and the inferior soul (nature, or the generative power), which transmits them to matter, so as to fashion it by seminal reasons (see iii. 4.13, 14, 22, 27). Bouillet, no doubt remembering Plotinos's own earlier invectives against those who divided The World-Soul (ii. 9.6), evidently directed against Amelius and the Numenian influence, which till then he had followedtries to minimize it, claiming that this does not mean two different hypostases, but only two functions of one and the same hypostasis. But he acknowledges that this gave the foundation for Plotinos's successors' distinction between the supermundane and the mundane souls (hyperkosmios, and egkosmios). Plotinos was therefore returning to Numenius's two world-souls (fr. 16), which was a necessary logical consequence of his belief in two human souls (fr. 53), as he himself had taught in iii. 8.5. Plotinos objectifies this doubleness of the soul in the myth of the two Hercules, in the next book, i. 1.12.
  269 See ii. 9.2.
  Benefits are granted to men through The World-Soul's mediation, iv. 4.30 (28-486).
  Better nature of man, not dominant because of subconscious nature, iii. 3.4 (48-1081).
  Conceiving principle is The World-Soul, iii. 9.1 (13-221).
  Concentricity of all existing things, v. 3.7 (49-1101); v. 5.9 (32-587).
  Creation drama, The World-Soul could not have gone through, ii. 9.4 (33-605).
  Creation is effusion of super-abundance, v. 2.1 (11-194).
  Eternity is to intelligence, what time is to The World-Soul. iii. 7.10 (45-1007).
  Eternity kin to beauty, iii. 5.1 (50-1124).
  Intermediary of reason is The World-Soul, iv. 3.11 (27-407).
  Intermediary position of Saturn, between Uranus and Jupiter, v. 8.13 (31-573).
  Interpreter of reason is The World-Soul, iv. 3.11 (27-407).
  Interrelation of supreme and subordinate divinities dynamic (birth) or mere relation of parts and whole dynamic? v. 8.9 (31-566).
  Medium, untroubled, is The World-Soul, iv. 8.7 (6-130).
  Medium's absence would only destroy sympathy, iv. 5.3 (29-519).
  Nature, lowest in The World-Soul's wisdom, iv. 4.13 (28-458).
  Nature of divine intelligence, i. 8.2 (51-1143).
  Procession of The World-Soul, iii. 8.5 (30-537).
  Procession of world from unity, cause. v. 2.1 (11-193).
  Ratiocination, has no place even in The World-Soul, iv. 4.11 (28-455).
  Ratiocination, souls can reason intuitionally without, iv. 3.18 (27-416).
  Time is to The World-Soul, what eternity is to intelligence, iii. 7.10 (45-1007).
  Time joined to actions to make them perfect, vi. 1.19 (42-868).
  Undisturbed is The World-Soul by the things of sense, iv. 8.7 (6-131).
  Unhappiness increased by duration, why not happiness? i. 5.6 (36-686).
  World body, why The World-Soul is everywhere present in it, vi. 4.1 (22-285).
  World contains traditions of divinity, ii. 9.9 (33-616).

Talks With Sri Aurobindo 1, #unset, #Vyasa, #Hinduism
  SRI AUROBINDO: The word "soul" brings in the suggestion of something individual. But we can speak also of The World-Soul which is the Cosmic Self .
  PURANI: Can one perceive the Presence without the form?

the Eternal Wisdom, #unset, #Vyasa, #Hinduism
  13) When we speak of the efficient cause of the universe, we mean, obviously the active Being,-the Being active and effective everywhere; we mean, then, that universal Intelligence which appears to be the principal faculty of The World-Soul and, as it were, the general form of the universe. ~ Giordano Bruno
  14) There is in the universe one power of infinite Thought. ~ Leibnitz


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Wikipedia - Maillard reaction -- Chemical reaction occurring when baking
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Wikipedia - Manacled Mormon case -- On September 15, 1977 , when Scotland Yard officers announced to the press that a visiting Mormon missionary - 21 year-old Kirk Anderson had been abducted the previous day from outside his church in East Ewell, near Epsom in the south of London
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Wikipedia - Maunder Minimum -- The period starting about 1645 and continuing to about 1715 when sunspots were exceedingly rare
Wikipedia - Mechanical resonance -- Tendency of a mechanical system to respond at greater amplitude when the frequency of its oscillations matches the system's natural frequency of vibration (its resonance frequency or resonant frequency) than it does at other frequencies
Wikipedia - Media space -- Electronic settings in which groups of people can work together even when not present in the same place and time
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Wikipedia - Meusnier's theorem -- When curves on a surface passing through a given point have the same normal curvature
Wikipedia - Mexican Texas -- Time period when Texas was under Mexican rule.
Wikipedia - Middle Platonism -- Stage in the development of Platonic philosophy (90 BCE - 3rd century CE), starting from when Antiochus of Ascalon rejected the scepticism of the New Academy, ending with the development of Neoplatonism under Plotinus
Wikipedia - Midnight sun -- Natural phenomenon when daylight lasts for , occurring only inside or close to the polar circles
Wikipedia - Mimosa pudica -- Species of plant whose leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken
Wikipedia - Mind share -- When a brand is the first thing that comes to mind
Wikipedia - Minimum deviation -- The condition when the angle of deviation is minimal in a prism
Wikipedia - Mixed-species foraging flock -- Swarming behaviour of birds when foraging
Wikipedia - Mixture -- Substance formed when two or more constituents are physically combined together
Wikipedia - Molecular clock -- Technique to deduce the time in prehistory when two or more life forms diverged
Wikipedia - Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom -- 2006 children's book by Carole Boston Weatherford
Wikipedia - Musical road -- A road producing a musical tune when driving over it
Wikipedia - Music, When Soft Voices Die
Wikipedia - Negation -- Operation that takes a proposition p to another proposition "not p", written M-BM-,p, which is interpreted intuitively as being true when p is false, and false when p is true; unary (single-argument) logical connective
Wikipedia - Nesting season -- |The time of year, generally spring, when birds and some reptiles build nests and produce young
Wikipedia - New Deal coalition -- Period from 1932-1968 when the Democratic Party dominated American politics
Wikipedia - Nightingale floor -- Floors that make a chirping sound when walked upon
Wikipedia - Nilpotence theorem -- On when an element of the coefficient ring of a ring spectrum is nilpotent
Wikipedia - Noctiluca scintillans -- free-living, marine-dwelling species of dinoflagellate that exhibits bioluminescence when disturbed
Wikipedia - Northern and Southern States period -- Period in Korean history when Silla and Balhae coexisted in the south and north of the peninsula, respectively
Wikipedia - Nutrient enema -- Enema administered with the intent of providing nutrition when normal eating is not possible
Wikipedia - Oberth effect -- Maneuver in which a spacecraft falls into a gravitational well, and then accelerates when its fall reaches maximum speed
Wikipedia - Object permanence -- Understanding that objects continue to exist even when they cannot be observed
Wikipedia - Old Man & Me (When I Get to Heaven) -- 1996 single by Hootie & the Blowfish
Wikipedia - Only Happy When It Rains -- 1995 single by Garbage
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Wikipedia - Organ shoes -- Special shoes for organists to allow feet to easily slide between pedals when playing
Wikipedia - Original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the United States -- When cases are heard without going through lower courts
Wikipedia - Origin of language -- How, why, when, and where language might have emerged
Wikipedia - Osama bin Laden death conspiracy theories -- Conspiracy theories about when and how Osama bin Laden died
Wikipedia - Overpopulation -- When a population of a species exceeds the carrying capacity of its ecological niche
Wikipedia - Overshoot (population) -- When a population temporarily exceeds the carrying capacity
Wikipedia - Palindromic sequence -- DNA or RNA sequence that matches its complement when read backwards
Wikipedia - Parietal bone -- Bone in the human skull which, when joined together, forms the sides and roof of the cranium
Wikipedia - Paris When It Sizzles -- 1964 film directed by Richard Quine
Wikipedia - Parthasarathy's theorem -- Says when particular class of games on the unit square has a mixed value
Wikipedia - PASS device -- Device used to set off an alarm when a firefighter is in distress
Wikipedia - Passing (racial identity) -- When a person classified as one race is accepted as another
Wikipedia - Pe'ah -- Tractate of the Talmud about gifts to the poor when fields, vineyards or trees are harvested in the Land of Israel
Wikipedia - Peak oil -- Time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached
Wikipedia - Peer support -- When people provide knowledge, experience, emotional, social or practical help to each other
Wikipedia - Perigean spring tide -- tide that occurs three or four times per year when the Moon's perigee coincides with a spring tide
Wikipedia - Persecution of Christians by Christians -- When a Christian denomination persecutes another Christian denomination
Wikipedia - Persistent data structure -- Data structure that always preserves the previous version of itself when it is modified
Wikipedia - Personal boundaries -- Guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits.
Wikipedia - Personal Rule -- 1629 to 1640, when Charles I ruled without parliament.
Wikipedia - Photoelectric effect -- Emission of electrons when light hits a material
Wikipedia - Phytane -- Alkane formed when phytol, a constituent of chlorophyll, loses its hydroxyl group
Wikipedia - Polar night -- Natural phenomenon when the night lasts for more than 24 hours, occurring only inside the polar circles
Wikipedia - Popcorn -- variety of corn kernel which expands and puffs up when heated
Wikipedia - Position effect -- Effect on the expression of a gene when its location in a chromosome is changed
Wikipedia - Powerhead (firearm) -- Specialized firearm used underwater that is fired when in direct contact with the target
Wikipedia - Power-on reset -- Peripheral that generates a reset signal when power is applied
Wikipedia - Predictive maintenance -- Determining the condition of in-service equipment in order to estimate when maintenance should be performed
Wikipedia - Pregnancy -- Time when children develop inside the mother's body before birth
Wikipedia - Pretty When You Cry -- 2001 film by Jack N. Green
Wikipedia - Probiotic -- microorganisms said to provide health benefits when consumed
Wikipedia - Problem of two emperors -- A problem arising when multiple people claim the title of emperor
Wikipedia - Proximity effect (superconductivity) -- Phenomena that occur when a superconductor is in contact with a non-superconductor
Wikipedia - Psychopathy in the workplace -- Psychopaths typically represent a relatively small percentage of workplace staff but can do enormous damage when in senior management roles.
Wikipedia - Public Domain Day -- An observance of when copyrights expire and works enter into the public domain.
Wikipedia - Qibla -- Direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during salah
Wikipedia - Qiblih -- Location to which BahaM-JM-
Wikipedia - Quantum entanglement -- Correlation between measurements of quantum subsystems, even when spatially separated
Wikipedia - Quartic reciprocity -- Collection of theorems in number theory on when the congruence xM-bM-^AM-4 M-bM-^IM-! p (mod q) is solvable
Wikipedia - Raising of school leaving age -- Act brought into force when the legal age a child is allowed to leave compulsory education increases
Wikipedia - Rasputitsa -- Russian language term for two periods of the year (or "seasons") when travel on unpaved roads becomes difficult, owing to muddy conditions from rain or thawing snow.
Wikipedia - Rata (Tahitian mythology) -- Said to have become king of Tahiti when his uncle, king Tumu-nui, and his father Vahieroa (Tahitian mythology) are swallowed by a great clam while they are on their way to Pitcairn
Wikipedia - Recess appointment -- An appointment by the President of a federal official when the U.S. Senate is in recess
Wikipedia - Recreational vehicle terms -- Terms used when talking about recreational vehicles
Wikipedia - Residual carrier -- in TV broadcasting the portion of radio frequency signal when it is fully modulated
Wikipedia - Resilience (materials science) -- Material ability to absorb energy when deformed elastically
Wikipedia - Ringing rocks -- Rocks that resonate like a bell when struck
Wikipedia - Rite of passage -- Ceremony or ritual of the passage which occurs when an individual leaves one group to enter another
Wikipedia - Roman Kingdom -- period of Roman history when the city and its territory were ruled by kings (c.753-c.509 BC)
Wikipedia - Rossiter-McLaughlin effect -- Spectroscopic phenomenon observed when either an eclipsing binary's secondary star or an extrasolar planet is seen to transit across the face of the primary or parent star.
Wikipedia - Sabrina Sidney -- British foundling girl taken in when she was 12 by author Thomas Day
Wikipedia - Salt fingering -- A mixing process that occurs when relatively warm, salty water overlies relatively colder, fresher water
Wikipedia - Samay: When Time Strikes -- 2003 Hindi film
Wikipedia - Schaefer's dichotomy theorem -- When a finite set S of relations yields polynomial-time or NP-complete problems
Wikipedia - Seabed gouging by ice -- A process that occurs when floating ice features drift into shallower areas and their bottom comes into contact with and drags along a softer seabed
Wikipedia - Selective placement -- Phenomenon in adoption studies when childrens' adoptive homes are matched to those of their parents' homes
Wikipedia - Septic shock -- Medical condition that occurs when sepsis leads to dangerously low blood pressure
Wikipedia - Series of tubes -- Phrase coined by Ted Stevens to describe the Internet when opposing net neutrality
Wikipedia - Sex linkage -- Sex-specific patterns of inheritance and presentation when a gene mutation is present on a sex chromosome
Wikipedia - Shazzan -- Late '60s cartoon with two teens aided by genie Shazzan when they join their rings and call his name
Wikipedia - Shifting balance theory -- A theory suggesting that adaptive evolution may proceed most quickly when subpopulations have restricted gene flow
Wikipedia - Shutter speed -- The length of time when the film or digital sensor inside a camera is exposed to light
Wikipedia - Silly season -- Annual period when frivolous news becomes more common
Wikipedia - Silver rush -- When the discovery of silver-bearing ore sparks a mass migration of individuals seeking wealth
Wikipedia - Simpson's paradox -- A phenomenon in probability and statistics, in which a trend appears in groups of data but disappears when these groups are combined
Wikipedia - Situational ethics -- Takes into account the particular context of an act when evaluating it ethically
Wikipedia - Slab window -- A gap that forms in a subducted oceanic plate when a mid-ocean ridge meets with a subduction zone and the ridge is subducted
Wikipedia - Slack water -- A short period in a body of tidal water when the water is completely unstressed, and there is no movement either way in the tidal stream, and which occurs before the direction of the tidal stream reverses
Wikipedia - Sleep When I'm Dead -- 2008 single by The Cure
Wikipedia - Smokeless powder -- Type of propellant used in firearms, artillery, rocketry, explosives, and pyrotechnics that produces negligible smoke when fired
Wikipedia - Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work
Wikipedia - Social anxiety -- Discomfort or a fear when a person is in social interactions
Wikipedia - Social Interaction Anxiety Scale -- Self-report scale that measures distress when meeting and talking with others
Wikipedia - Social loafing -- Person exerting less effort to achieve a goal when in a group than working alone
Wikipedia - Solar maximum -- Period when the sun's output is greatest
Wikipedia - Sometimes When We Touch -- 1977 Dan Hill song
Wikipedia - Spear-thrower -- Tool to give more leverage when throwing a dart-like projectile
Wikipedia - Spillover infection -- Occurs when a reservoir population causes an epidemic in a novel host population
Wikipedia - Square root of 2 -- Unique positive real number which when multiplied by itself gives 2
Wikipedia - Square root of 3 -- Unique positive real number which when multiplied by itself gives 3
Wikipedia - Stable cell -- Cell that multiplies only when needed
Wikipedia - Standard anatomical position -- Organism when it is in its standard anatomical position
Wikipedia - Strabismus -- Eyes not aligning when looking at something
Wikipedia - Strangers When We Meet (David Bowie song) -- Song by David Bowie
Wikipedia - Summer solstice -- Astronomical phenomenon when Earth's axial tilt toward the Sun is a maximum (currently 23.44M-BM-0)
Wikipedia - Summer squash -- Squashes harvested when immature when rind is tender and edible
Wikipedia - Sunrise -- The time of day when the sun appears above the eastern horizon
Wikipedia - Surjection of FrM-CM-)chet spaces -- A theorem characterizing when a continuous linear map between FrM-CM-)chet spaces is surjective.
Wikipedia - Suspensory ligament of penis -- Holds the penis close to the pubic bone and supports it when erect
Wikipedia - Technical draw -- Term used in boxing when a fight has to be stopped
Wikipedia - Tell Me When -- 1994 single by The Human League
Wikipedia - Template talk:When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd
Wikipedia - Ten-digit dialing -- Inclusion of an area code in a North American telephone number when dialing
Wikipedia - Termination (geomorphology) -- The period of time during an glacial cycle when there is a relatively rapid transition from full glacial climates to full interglacial climates
Wikipedia - Terracette -- A ridge on a hillside formed when saturated soil particles expand, then contract as they dry, causing them to move slowly downhill
Wikipedia - Terrorism and tourism in Egypt -- When terrorist attacks are specifically aimed at Egypt's tourists
Wikipedia - Tetrarchy -- Period of Roman history when power was divided among four rulers
Wikipedia - That's When I Reach for My Revolver -- 1996 single by Mission of Burma
Wikipedia - The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - The Boy Who Cried Wolf -- AesopM-bM-^@M-^Ys fable: M-bM-^@M-^ shepherd who repeatedly falsely cried wolf is not believed when wolves actually attackM-bM-^@M-^]
Wikipedia - The Emergency (India) -- 21-month period in the history of India when PM Indira Gandhi the assumed extraordinary powers
Wikipedia - The Pursuit Begins When This Portrayal of Life Ends -- 2007 album
Wikipedia - Thigh gap -- Space between the inner thighs when standing upright with both knees touching
Wikipedia - Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead -- 1995 film by Gary Fleder
Wikipedia - Thoughts and prayers -- English language phrase used when offering condolences
Wikipedia - Tidal resonance -- Phenomenon that occurs when the tide excites a resonant mode of a part of an ocean, producing a higher tidal range
Wikipedia - Tinnitus -- Perception of sound within the human ear ("ringing of the ears") when no external sound is present
Wikipedia - Torelli theorem -- Describes when a compact Riemann surface is determined by its Jacobian variety
Wikipedia - Tornado watch -- A watch issued when conditions are favorable for tornadoes.
Wikipedia - Traffic collision -- When a vehicle collides with another object
Wikipedia - Tufa -- Porous limestone rock formed when carbonate minerals precipitate out of ambient temperature water
Wikipedia - Tuilik -- A watertight jacket used when paddling a kayak
Wikipedia - Turning points during World War II -- Points during World War II when the momentum of the war significantly shifted
Wikipedia - Tuya -- A flat-topped, steep-sided volcano formed when lava erupts through a thick glacier or ice sheet
Wikipedia - Twilight -- Illumination of atmosphere when the Sun is not directly visible because it is below horizon
Wikipedia - Typosquatting -- Form of cybersquatting which relies on mistakes when inputting a website address
Wikipedia - Univocity of being -- The idea that words describing the properties of God mean the same thing as when they apply to people or things
Wikipedia - User error -- Term used by computer technicians as a 'joke' for to define when a computer error exists between the keyboard and chair
Wikipedia - U-turn -- Driving technique used when someone performs a 180M-BM-0 rotation
Wikipedia - Vaticinium ex eventu -- Prophecy written after the author already had information about the events being "foretold", so as to appear that the prophecy had taken place before the event, when in fact it was written after the events supposedly predicted
Wikipedia - Vermiculite -- A hydrous phyllosilicate mineral which expands significantly when heated
Wikipedia - Viral phenomenon -- Objects or patterns that are able to replicate themselves or convert other objects into copies of themselves when these objects are exposed to them
Wikipedia - Visual field -- Area that can be seen when an eye is fixed straight at a point
Wikipedia - Volatile memory -- Computer memory that loses its contents when unpowered
Wikipedia - Volcanic plug -- Volcanic object created when magma hardens within a vent on an active volcano
Wikipedia - Vote pairing -- When two people commit to voting in a mutually agreed upon manner
Wikipedia - Wake Me Up When September Ends -- 2005 single by Green Day
Wikipedia - Wake Me When It's Over (Willie Nelson song) -- 1962 single by Willie Nelson
Wikipedia - Wake Me When the War Is Over -- 1969 television film directed by Gene Nelson
Wikipedia - Wallace-Bolyai-Gerwien theorem -- When can a polygon can be formed from another by cutting it into a finite number of pieces
Wikipedia - Water hammer -- Pressure surge when a fluid is forced to stop or change direction suddenly
Wikipedia - Water salute -- Salute when a vehicle travels under plumes of water expelled by one or more fire fighting vehicles
Wikipedia - Weathering steel -- Group of steel alloys designed to form a rust-like finish when exposed to weather
Wikipedia - Weaver stance -- Two-handed stance for use when firing handguns
Wikipedia - West Australian Current -- A cool surface current that starts as the Southern Indian Ocean Current and turns north when it approaches Western Australia
Wikipedia - Whale tail -- Y-shaped waistband of a thong or G-string when visible above the waistline of low-rise jeans, shorts, or a skirt that resembles a whale's tail
Wikipedia - What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way? -- 2018 Nothing but Thieves album
Wikipedia - What to Expect When You're Expecting (film) -- 2012 film by Kirk Jones
Wikipedia - What? Where? When? -- Intellectual game show in the USSR and Russia
Wikipedia - What You Gonna Do When the World's on Fire? -- 2018 film
Wikipedia - When Abortion Was Illegal: Untold Stories -- 1992 film
Wikipedia - When a Feller Needs a Friend -- 1932 film by Harry A. Pollard
Wikipedia - When a Girl Loves (1919 film) -- 1919 silent film
Wikipedia - When a Girl Loves (1924 film) -- 1924 silent film
Wikipedia - When a Girl's Beautiful -- 1947 film directed by Frank McDonald
Wikipedia - When (album) -- Album by Vincent Gallo
Wikipedia - When a Man Loves a Woman (song) -- 1966 single by Percy Sledge
Wikipedia - When a Man Loves -- 1927 film by Alan Crosland
Wikipedia - When a Man Rides Alone (1919 film) -- 1919 film by Henry King
Wikipedia - When a Man's a Man (1924 film) -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - When a Man's a Man -- 1935 film by Edward F. Cline
Wikipedia - When a Man Sees Red (1934 film) -- 1934 film by Alan James
Wikipedia - When Angels Sleep -- 2018 Spanish drama film
Wikipedia - When Animals Attack -- album by Cable
Wikipedia - When a Stranger Calls (1979 film) -- 1979 American psychological horror film by Fred Walton
Wikipedia - When a Stranger Calls (2006 film)
Wikipedia - When a Stranger Calls (film series) -- American horror-thriller film series
Wikipedia - When a White Horse is Not a Horse
Wikipedia - When a white horse is not a horse -- Paradox in Chinese philosophy
Wikipedia - When a Woman Ascends the Stairs -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - When a Woman Sins -- 1918 film
Wikipedia - When a Woman -- 2000 single by Gabrielle
Wikipedia - When Billie Beat Bobby -- 2001 television film directed by Jane Anderson
Wikipedia - When Bjork Met Attenborough -- 2013 television film
Wikipedia - Whenby -- Village and civil parish in North Yorkshire, England
Wikipedia - When Calls the Heart -- American television drama series
Wikipedia - When Danger Calls -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - When Danger Smiles -- American western film
Wikipedia - When Darkness Falls (1960 film) -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - When Darkness Falls (2006 Rohan Spong film) -- 2006 film directed by Rohan Spong
Wikipedia - When Day Breaks -- 2012 film
Wikipedia - Whendee Silver -- American ecologist and biochemist
Wikipedia - When Doctors Disagree -- 1919 film by Victor Schertzinger
Wikipedia - When Do I Get to Sing 'My Way' -- 1994 single by Sparks
Wikipedia - When Do We Eat? (1918 film) -- 1918 film
Wikipedia - When Do We Eat? (2005 film) -- 2005 American comedy film
Wikipedia - When Do You Commit Suicide? (1931 film) -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - When Dreams Come True -- 1913 film
Wikipedia - When Eight Bells Toll (film) -- 1971 film directed by Etienne PM-CM-)rier
Wikipedia - When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism -- 2013 film
Wikipedia - Whenever I Think of You -- 2002 single by U-ka Saegusa in dB
Wikipedia - Whenever (song) -- 2018 song by Dutch DJs Kris Kross Amsterdam and The Boy Next Door
Wikipedia - Whenever, Wherever -- 2001 single by Shakira
Wikipedia - Whenever You Call (Arashi song) -- 2020 song by Arashi
Wikipedia - Whenever You're Near Me -- 1998 single by Ace of Base
Wikipedia - Whenever You're on My Mind -- 1983 song by American rock musician Marshall Crenshaw
Wikipedia - Whenever You're Ready -- 1987 single by Five Star
Wikipedia - When Everything Feels Like the Movies -- 2014 book by Raziel Reid
Wikipedia - When False Tongues Speak -- 1917 film directed by Carl Harbaugh
Wikipedia - When Fate Decides -- 1919 film by Harry F. Millarde
Wikipedia - When Father Was Away on Business -- 1985 film by Emir Kusturica
Wikipedia - When Four Do the Same -- 1917 film
Wikipedia - When Friendship Kills -- 1996 television film by James A. Contner
Wikipedia - When Ghost Meets Zombie -- 2019 Singaporean romantic comedy film
Wikipedia - When G-Men Step In -- 1938 film by Charles C. Coleman
Wikipedia - When God Writes Your Love Story -- 1999 book
Wikipedia - When Gravity Fails -- Novel by George Alec Effinger (1986)
Wikipedia - When Greek Meets Greek -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - When Harry Met Sally... -- 1989 film by Rob Reiner
Wikipedia - When have we eaten from the same dish? -- Spanish idiom (M-BM-?Cuando hemos comido en el mismo plato?)
Wikipedia - When Heaven Fell -- 1995 novel by William Barton
Wikipedia - When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (film) -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - When Hope Calls -- Spin-off of When Calls the Heart
Wikipedia - When Husbands Flirt -- 1925 film
Wikipedia - When I Came Back -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - When I Close My Eyes (1993 film) -- 1993 film
Wikipedia - When I Come Around -- 1995 single by Green Day
Wikipedia - When I Consider How My Light is Spent
Wikipedia - When I Die (No Mercy song) -- 1991 song by The Real Milli Vanilli
Wikipedia - When I Fall in Love (Ant & Dec song) -- 1996 single by Ant & Dec
Wikipedia - When I Get Home -- Original song written and composed by Lennon-McCartney
Wikipedia - When I Grow Too Old to Dream -- Pop song by Sigmund Romberg and Oscar Hammerstein II
Wikipedia - When I Grow Up (Garbage song) -- 1999 single by Garbage
Wikipedia - When I Grow Up (The Pussycat Dolls song) -- 2008 single by The Pussycat Dolls
Wikipedia - When I Have Fears
Wikipedia - When I Look at You -- 2010 single by Miley Cyrus
Wikipedia - When I Lost You -- 1912 song by Irving Berlin
Wikipedia - When I'm Back on My Feet Again -- 1990 single by Michael Bolton
Wikipedia - When I Met U -- 2009 film by Joel Lamangan
Wikipedia - When I'm Gone (3 Doors Down song) -- 2002 single by 3 Doors Down
Wikipedia - When I'm Good and Ready -- 1993 single by Sybil
Wikipedia - When in Rome (2010 film) -- 2010 film by Mark Steven Johnson
Wikipedia - When in Rome (Cliff Richard album) -- 1965 studio album by Cliff Richard
Wikipedia - When in Spain -- 1963 studio album by Cliff Richard
Wikipedia - When I Paint My Masterpiece
Wikipedia - When I Saw You (film) -- 2012 film
Wikipedia - When It All Goes South -- 2001 album by the American band, Alabama
Wikipedia - When I Think of You -- 1986 single by Janet Jackson
Wikipedia - When It's Down to Me and You -- 1986 single by Wayne Massey and Charly McClain
Wikipedia - When It Started -- 2001 song performed by The Strokes
Wikipedia - When I was a Bachelor -- Song
Wikipedia - When I Was a Youngster -- 2011 single by Rizzle Kicks
Wikipedia - When I Was Most Beautiful -- 2020 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When I Was One-and-Twenty -- Untitled Poem XIII from A. E. HousmanM-bM-^@M-^Ys A Shropshire Lad
Wikipedia - When I Was Puerto Rican -- 1993 autobiography by Esmeralda Santiago
Wikipedia - When I Was Your Man -- 2013 single by Bruno Mars
Wikipedia - When Jones' Ale was New -- English folk song
Wikipedia - When Knighthood Was in Flower (1922 film) -- 1922 film
Wikipedia - When Knights Were Bold (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - When Knights Were Cold -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - When Ladies Meet (1933 film) -- 1933 film by Robert Zigler Leonard, Harry Beaumont
Wikipedia - When Ladies Meet (1941 film) -- 1941 film by Robert Zigler Leonard
Wikipedia - When Legends Rise (song) -- 2018 song by Godsmack
Wikipedia - When Legends Rise -- 2018 studio album by Godsmack
Wikipedia - When life gives you lemons, make lemonade -- Proverb
Wikipedia - When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd (Hindemith) -- 1946 composition by Paul Hindemith
Wikipedia - When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom'd -- Poem by Walt Whitman on the death of Abraham Lincoln
Wikipedia - When Love & Hate Collide -- 1995 single by Def Leppard
Wikipedia - When Love Comes Along -- 1998 film
Wikipedia - When Love Cries -- 1991 song by Donna Summer
Wikipedia - When Love Forgives -- 1913 film
Wikipedia - When Love Grows Cold -- 1926 film by Harry O. Hoyt
Wikipedia - When Love Is Over -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - When Love Is Young -- 1937 film by Hal Mohr
Wikipedia - When Love Sets the Fashion -- 1932 film
Wikipedia - When Love Speaks -- 2002 compilation album of interpretations of Shakespeare's sonnets
Wikipedia - When Love Takes Over -- 2009 single by David Guetta ft. Kelly Rowland
Wikipedia - When Love Took Wings -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - When Marnie Was There -- 2014 Japanese animated film directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi
Wikipedia - When Maryam Spoke Out -- 2001 film
Wikipedia - When Men Betray (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - When Men Cheat -- 1950 film
Wikipedia - When Men Desire -- 1919 film by J. Gordon Edwards
Wikipedia - When Motherland Calls Upon Us -- People's Liberation Army song
Wikipedia - When My Love Blooms -- 2020 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When My Ship Comes In -- 1934 film by Dave Fleischer
Wikipedia - When Naples Sings (1930 film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - When Naples Sings -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - When Nietzsche Wept (novel)
Wikipedia - When Nietzsche Wept
Wikipedia - When Night Falls (1985 film) -- 1985 film
Wikipedia - When Nothing Else Matters -- Book by Michael Leahy
Wikipedia - When Odds Are Even -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - When Prophecy Fails
Wikipedia - When Romance Rides -- 1922 film directed by Jean Hersholt
Wikipedia - When Saturday Comes (film) -- 1996 film directed by Maria Giese
Wikipedia - When She Starts, Look Out (1958 film) -- 1958 film
Wikipedia - When She Starts, Look Out -- 1926 film
Wikipedia - When She Was Good -- Book by Philip Roth
Wikipedia - When She Was Mine -- 2012 single by Lawson
Wikipedia - When Ski Lifts Go Wrong -- 2019 video game
Wikipedia - When Strangers Appear -- 2001 film
Wikipedia - When Strangers Meet -- 1934 American film directed by Christy Cabanne
Wikipedia - When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace -- Japanese light novel, manga and anime series
Wikipedia - When's Your Birthday? -- 1937 film by Harry Beaumont
Wikipedia - When Taekwondo Strikes -- 1973 film by Huang Feng
Wikipedia - When the Alpine Roses Bloom -- 1955 film
Wikipedia - When the Beat Drops Out -- 2014 single by Marlon Roudette
Wikipedia - When the Bells Sound Clearly -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - When the Boat Comes In (song) -- Song
Wikipedia - When the Bough Breaks (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Wikipedia - When the Camellia Blooms -- 2019 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When the Cat's Away (1929 film) -- 1929 Mickey Mouse cartoon
Wikipedia - When the Clouds Roll By -- 1919 film by Victor Fleming, Theodore Reed
Wikipedia - When the Day Had No Name -- 2017 film
Wikipedia - When the Devil Calls Your Name -- 2019 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When the Door Opened -- 1925 film by Reginald Barker
Wikipedia - When the Evening Bells Ring (1930 film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - When the Evening Bells Ring (1951 film) -- 1951 film
Wikipedia - When the Fires Come -- 2016 song by Kero Kero Bonito
Wikipedia - When the Girls Take Over -- 1960 film by Russell Hayden
Wikipedia - When the Gods Fall Asleep -- 1972 film directed by JosM-CM-) Mojica Marins
Wikipedia - When the Gods Played a Badger Game -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (song) -- 1985 single by Billy Ocean
Wikipedia - When the going gets tough, the tough get going -- Popular American witticism
Wikipedia - When the Guard Marches -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - When the Ham Turned -- 1914 film
Wikipedia - When the Heartache Is Over -- 1999 single by Tina Turner
Wikipedia - When the Heart Burns with Hate -- 1917 silent German film
Wikipedia - When the Heath Dreams at Night -- 1952 film
Wikipedia - When the Heath Is in Bloom -- 1960 film
Wikipedia - When the Kellys Were Out -- 1923 film
Wikipedia - When the Law Rides -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - When the looting starts, the shooting starts -- Phrase
Wikipedia - When the Mad Aunts Arrive -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - When the Marquee's Lights Go Out -- Brazilian documentary film
Wikipedia - When the Mills are Running -- 1956 film
Wikipedia - When the Mother and the Daughter -- 1928 film
Wikipedia - When the Music's Over -- Song by The Doors
Wikipedia - When the Party's Over (song) -- 2018 single by Billie Eilish
Wikipedia - When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow -- Book by Dan Rhodes
Wikipedia - When the Raven Flies -- 1984 Icelandic film by Hrafn Gunnlaugsson
Wikipedia - When the Saints Go Marching In
Wikipedia - When the Shit Goes Down -- 1993 song performed by Cypress Hill
Wikipedia - When the Soldiers -- 1931 film
Wikipedia - When the Stars Were Red -- 1991 film
Wikipedia - When the Sun Breaks Down on the Moon -- album by Bob Schneider
Wikipedia - When the Sun Goes Down (Arctic Monkeys song) -- 2006 single by Arctic Monkeys
Wikipedia - When the Sun Goes Down (Selena Gomez & the Scene album) -- 2011 studio album by Selena Gomez & the Scene
Wikipedia - When the Tigers Broke Free -- Original song written and composed by Roger Waters
Wikipedia - When the Trees Were Tall -- 1961 film by Lev Kulidzhanov
Wikipedia - When The Village Music Plays on Sunday Nights -- 1953 film
Wikipedia - When the Weather Is Fine (TV series) -- 2020 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When the White Lilacs Bloom Again (1929 film) -- 1929 film
Wikipedia - When the Wife's Away -- 1926 film directed by Frank R. Strayer
Wikipedia - When the Wind Blows (1930 film) -- 1930 film
Wikipedia - When the Wind Blows (Patterson novel) -- 1998 novel by James Patterson
Wikipedia - When the Wind Blows (song) -- Song by David Bowie
Wikipedia - When the Woman Butts In -- 1959 film
Wikipedia - When the World Becomes Undone -- 2019 album by American metal band, A Pale Horse Named Death
Wikipedia - When the World Screamed
Wikipedia - When the World was Wide -- 1978 American documentary
Wikipedia - When the Young Wine Blossoms (1927 film) -- 1927 film
Wikipedia - When the Young Wine Blossoms (1943 film) -- 1943 film
Wikipedia - When They See Us -- 2019 crime drama television miniseries
Wikipedia - When Things Were Rotten -- American television series - 1975
Wikipedia - When Tomatoes Met Wagner -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - When Tomorrow Comes (film) -- 1939 romantic drama film by John M. Stahl
Wikipedia - When two tigers fight -- Chinese proverb
Wikipedia - When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? -- 2019 stdio album by Billie Eilish
Wikipedia - When We Are Together -- 1999 single by Texas
Wikipedia - When We Disco -- 2020 single by J. Y. Park and Sunmi
Wikipedia - When We Leave -- 2010 film
Wikipedia - When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions -- Documentary miniseries
Wikipedia - When We're Born -- 2019 film
Wikipedia - When Were You Born -- 1938 film by William C. McGann
Wikipedia - When We Were 21 -- 1921 film
Wikipedia - When We Were Twenty-One -- 1915 film
Wikipedia - When We Were Us -- Song by Bon Jovi
Wikipedia - When We Were Very Young -- Book by A.A. Milne
Wikipedia - When We Were Young (film) -- 1989 film
Wikipedia - When Will I Be Loved (song) -- 1960 single by the Everly Brothers
Wikipedia - When Will My Life Begin? -- 2010 song from Disney's Tangled
Wikipedia - When Will the World Be Mine? -- 1954 Caldecott picture book
Wikipedia - When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) -- 1987 single by Deacon Blue
Wikipedia - When Wise Ducks Meet -- 1924 film
Wikipedia - When Women Kill -- 1983 documentary film
Wikipedia - When Women Powder Twice -- 2011 South Korean television series
Wikipedia - When Women Rule the World -- Television series
Wikipedia - When Women Were Called Virgins -- 1972 film by Aldo Grimaldi
Wikipedia - When Worlds Collide -- 1933 novel co-written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer
Wikipedia - When You Ask About Love -- 1959 song by The Crickets
Wikipedia - When You Awake
Wikipedia - When You Believe -- 1999 single by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston
Wikipedia - When You Kiss Me -- 2003 single by Shania Twain
Wikipedia - When You Look at Me -- 2002 single by Christina Milian
Wikipedia - When You Love a Woman -- 1996 single by Journey
Wikipedia - When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne song) -- 2007 single by Avril Lavigne
Wikipedia - When You're Gone (The Cranberries song) -- Song by The Cranberries
Wikipedia - When You're in Love (film) -- 1937 film by Robert Riskin, Harry Lachman
Wikipedia - When You're Smiling (film) -- 1950 film by Joseph Santley
Wikipedia - When You're With Me -- 1970 film
Wikipedia - When You Talk About Love -- 1997 single by Patti LaBelle
Wikipedia - When You Tell Me That You Love Me -- 1991 single by Diana Ross
Wikipedia - When You Walk in the Room -- 1963 Jackie DeShannon song
Wikipedia - When You Wish Upon a Star -- Original song by Leigh Harline and Ned Washington from the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio
Wikipedia - Where or When -- 1930's American show tune, later covered by many artists
Wikipedia - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? -- 1968 film by Hy Averback
Wikipedia - Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) -- 2001 song by Alan Jackson
Wikipedia - Whitehead theorem -- When a mapping that induces isomorphisms on all homotopy groups is a homotopy equivalence
Wikipedia - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? -- 2013 single by Arctic Monkeys
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Criteria for speedy deletion -- Wikipedia policy describing when pages may be deleted speedily
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lists -- Guideline on when and how to use lists appropriately
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:ProveIt -- Gadget that makes it easy to find, edit, add and cite references when editing Wikipedia articles.
Wikipedia - Wikipedia:The perfect article -- Description of a 'perfect article' when editing Wikipedia
Wikipedia - Window period -- Period when an infection is not yet detectable for a given test
Wikipedia - Wire rope spooling technology -- Technology to prevent wire rope getting snagged when spooled on a drum
Wikipedia - Women's cricket -- Cricket when played by girls/women
Wikipedia - XY problem -- Problem of communication when asking for help
Wikipedia - Yesterday, When I Was Mad -- 1994 single by Pet Shop Boys
Wikipedia - You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk -- 2000 single by Pet Shop Boys
Wikipedia - Youth -- Time of life when one is young
Wikipedia - Zeeman's comparison theorem -- On when a morphism of spectral sequences in homological algebra is an isomorphism
   They should tell you when you’re born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel. -- --> 9 Copy quote -- Gabrielle Zevin ::: Born: October 24, 1977; Occupation: Author;\\n\nIn\
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Integral World - When Gods Decay and the Rise of New Religions, Andrea Diem-Lane
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selforum - when doubt is impossible
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Muppet Babies (1984 - 1990) - What originally started as a dream sequence in The Muppets Take Manhattan became a hit series for CBS. It's simply Kermit, Miss Piggy, gonzo, and the rest of the Muppets gang as kids, living in a nursery with a nanny who randomly checks in on them. When nanny is not around,The use their imagination...
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985 - 1991) - Disney's "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" is an action/comedy series about a hidden group of humanoid bears who are the secret defenders of the human kingdom of Dunwyn. Episodes consist of two 11 minute unconnected segments, or one full-length segment (22 minutes) when a storyline warranted.
Boy Meets World (1993 - 2000) - From middle school through college and beyond, this is story of Corey Matthews. His life, his love, and oh yeah, all the stupid stuff he does.The people and places that he thinks of as home are slowly pulled away from him one by one, leaving him to consider just what his life is about when things ar...
Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999 - 2002) - A story about a cowardly dog called Courage. When he was new born he was abandoned as a puppy. Supposedly because his previous owners couldn't look after him. He was then found by Muriel and has then since been living in the middle of nowhere with Muriels husband or rather Courage's house enemy Eust...
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983 - 1985) - Adam is the mild-mannered Prince of Eternia. Unbeknownst to many around him, when he holds aloft his magic sword and speaks the magic words, he and his pet Cringer are transformed into Battlecat and He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe! He leads a fearless group, sworn to protect the realm...
The Angry Beavers (1997 - 2001) - When their parents have another litter, the Norbert (the smart one) and Daggett (the stupid one) Beaver have to strike out on their own. Their new home on a lake in middle of the forest seems to be the scene of most every odd occurrence imaginable. The two beavers have to deal with wacko government...
Married ... with Children (1987 - 1997) - Married with Children was a show about the lives of the disfunctional Bundys. Al Bundy is a middle aged shoe salesman who works at Gary's Shoes and Accessories for Today's Woman. The highlight of Al's life is scoring 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High when his team won the High School Champio...
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990 - 1996) - A wealthy family living in Bel-Air, California, receives a dubious gift from their poorer relations in Philadelphia when Grammy Award-winner Will Smith arrives as The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. His mother wants him to learn some good old-fashioned values from his successful relatives. But Will shatter...
Small Wonder (1985 - 1989) - Small Wonder was a light-hearted sitcom about a family whose father was a robotics engineer. Ted Lawson (Dick Christie) brought his work home one day, much to his family's surprise. Vicki (Tiffany Brissette), an android who really speaks like a robot, and stays in her cabinet when she is not in use....
Toonami (1997 - Current) - Toonami debuted on March 17, 1997 to the United States Cartoon Network originally it aired weekdays from 4-6pm than in summer 1999 when the TOM era began it extended to 4-7 than in summer 2001 it was shortened to 5-7pm than in summer 2002 went back to it's old 4-7pm format and from there it's had he...
The Care Bears (1985 - 1985) - The Care Bears live in a country high in the clouds, where they have a lot of fun together. But they also do care for the human children on Earth, who they watch through huge telescopes from the sky, and come to help whenever there is need.
Earthworm Jim (1995 - 1996) - The TV show Earthworm Jim is based on a video game by the same name. As in the video game, our main character is Earthworm Jim, an annelid with a power suit. His best friend is Peter Puppy, a scared doggy, but when Peter gets mad... Let's say you do NOT wanna be in the vicinity. His love interest is...
Count Duckula (1988 - 1992) - Count Duckula was another one of the early Nicktoons when Nickelodeon was still new, it was created by Cosgrove-Hall Productions the same animated company that brought us Bananaman and it is the official spinoff to another Cosgrove-Hall successful smash hit TV series Danger Mouse.
Super Mario World (1991 - 1991) - Super Mario World (also sometimes referred to unofficially as The Super Mario World Show and originally known as Captain N and the New Super Mario World when it was originally aired with the last 7 episodes of Captain N) was the last of the three American Mario cartoons. The show was based largely o...
Denver the Last Dinosaur (1988 - 1989) - A group of kids are playing in a construction site when they discover a giant egg that has been accidentaly uncovered. To their surprise, it hatches into a dinosaur, that just happens to understand english and be able to grunt and mime his wants and desires to his new human friends. Naming him Den...
Ranma 1/2 (1989 - 1996) - Cursed to turn into a girl whenever splashed with cold water, and unwillingly engaged to the rather temperamental and violent Akane Tendo, 16-year-old Ranma Saotome's life is anything but ordinary.
Punky Brewster (1984 - 1988) - An abandoned waif and her dog are taken in by a cranky apartment manager who becomes her guardian in this family-friendly sitcom. This was a pet project of sorts for NBC programming head Brandon Tartikoff, who had a crush on a girl named Punky when he was young. (The dog on the show was named Brando...
PB&J Otter (1998 - 2000) - Peanut (the big brother), Jelly (his sister), and Baby Butter (their baby sister) Otter live on a houseboat on the shore of Lake Hoohaw, along with all of their friends. Whenever they get into a situation where they need to think, they perform "The Noodle Dance" until one of them gets an idea.This s...
Snorks (1984 - 1988) - Take a Smurf, stick a snorkel on his head, put him underwater and force him to replace the word Smurf with the word Snork when he speaks, and youve got the basis for The Snorks.
Yu Yu Hakusho (1992 - 1996) - Yusuke Urameshi was a tough teen delinquent until one selfless act changed his ending it. When he died saving a little kid from a speeding car, the afterlife didn't know what to do with him, so he became a troubleshooter who protects the living from ghosts, monsters and demons!
Rainbow Brite (1984 - 1985) - Rainbow Brite originated as a Hallmark character and soon starred in her own animated TV series in December 1984. The 13-episode series started on another planet, when a girl called Wisp discovers an end to the universe's dark times through the Rainbow Belt and becomes the keeper of color. Thus her...
Roseanne (1988 - 1997) - The story of an average family and their daily struggles. It is at the end revealed that the entire series is actualy her writing a novel in the writing room that Dan built for her, and that Dan actualy died when he had the heart attack. Its also revealed that she never won the lottery. The theme so...
Nickelodeon SNICK (1992 - 2005) - A block that used to air saturday nights from 8pm-10pm back when Nickelodeon was in its prime. Near the end it was showing very few of the classic SNICK shows. In 2001 a spinoff block titled TeeNick aired sunday nights but however in spring 2004 TeeNick snagged SNICK's lineup.
The Noozles (1988 - 1989) - Noozles was based on the basic storyline of a girl named Sandy, who gets a stuffed Koala bear from her grandmother (who got it from a package lost at sea for many years). When Sandy nuzzled its nose, he came to life. His name was Blinky. Soon, his sister Pinky came along and she wanted to take h...
Turbo Teen (1984 - 1984) - Not only was Brett Matthews a great sports car driver, he was also a great sports car! Following an accident in which he crashed into a science lab where a top-secret transfer ray was being developed, Brett had the ability to turn himself into a car whenever his body temperature reached a certain le...
James Bond Jr. (1991 - 1992) - What do you get when you take one suave British spy and subtract the shaken-not-stirred martinis and sultry ladies with double entendre names? G-rated James Bond Jr., that's who.
Captain Planet (1990 - 1996) - 5 Teens were each given powers in the forms of rings they controled earth, water, fire, wind and heart and when they combinded their powers they could summon CAPTIAN PLANET!!! The show was basiclly about people who would always pollute and Captian Planet would stop them and clean everything up.
The Littlest Hobo (1979 - 1985) - London is an extremely intelligent, wandering German shepherd who walks into a different place in each episode of this long-running television series, and comes upon people down on their luck or in trouble. London always befriends and helps the struggling person or persons. Then, when his job is don...
MMC - Mickey Mouse Club (1989 - 1994) - Mickey Mouse club originated in the 50s, and revived in 1977, In which one of the mouse-keteers was Lisa Whelchel (The Facts Of Life). But perhaps it's most memorable run didn't come until the 1990s, When future megastars such as Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake Christina Aguilera all became mouse-...
Fox Kids (1990 - 2002) - Fox Kids was a programming block that brought us shows from 1990-2002. It all ended in 2002 when Fox Kids was replaced with the Fox Box, a programming block provided by 4kids Entertainment.
The Six Million Dollar Man (1974 - 1978) - Colonel Steve Austin was a top NASA pilot, critically injured when his experimental spaceplane crashed. Oscar Goldman, head of the OSI (a government organization that develops new technologies), used Austin as a test subject for an experimental procedure. His body was rebuilt using incredible cybe...
Battlestar Galactica (1978 - 1979) - When their home world is destroyed by an evil cybernetic race known as the Cylons, a small group of survivors search for a planet called Earth, in hopes of making it their new home.
WWE SmackDown! (1999 - Current) - WWE SmackDown premiered on UPN in 1999. Originally airing on Thursday nights SmackDown! moved to Friday Nights in 2005 but moved back to Thursday nights in 2014 and then in 2016 it aired Tuesday nights live on the USA network It moved back to broadcast TV when it moved to the Fox Network in fall 201...
The Letter People (1982 - 1988) - It was the muppet with letters. It help my reading alot when i started school. So you cant say you couldnt wait for Mr. M come and do his song
Noozles (1988 - 1993) - The Noozles was a light cartoon show that made use of Koalas. The show centered on the adventures of Sandy, a twelve year old girl, a stuffed koala bear named Blinky that came to life when you rubbed your nose with his, and Blinky's sister Pinky (who had the same voice as Angelica from Rugrats). Thi...
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (1992 - 1993) - When the real King Arthur and his knights are captured by the evil sorceress, Morgana, Merlin is forced to use his magic to find suitable replacements. The group he finds is a day of modern day highschool football players, known as the Knights. With his magical might, he transports these young men...
Bananaman (1983 - 1986) - Stupid, but well-meaning and super-strong super-hero, Bananaman gets his strength from eating bananas. Before he eats a banana, Bananaman is a young boy called Eric who is keen to keep his alter-ego a secret. His best friend is a crow who brings bananas to Eric (or Bananaman) when they are needed fo...
Friday the 13th: The Series (1987 - 1990) - This show had nothing to do with the movies. An old antique dealer sold cursed antiques. When he dies his nephew and neice take ownership of the shop. They realize the antiques were cursed so they set out to get these artifacts back.
Road Rovers (1996 - 1997) - They are an elite team of crime fighting dogs chosen from around the world. When the call goes out they rush from their homes (they live with heads of state around the world) and return to the Master who turns them into Cano-Sapiens (super charged dogs) The team consists of: Exile the Siberian Husky...
Friends (1994 - 2004) - When we start the show, Rachel Green comes in wearing a wedding dress after leaving her fiances at the altar. Rachel worked at Central Perk for awhile and finally gets a job at Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren. She has a baby with Ross Geller and they decide to keep the baby. Ross Geller is a paleon...
Double Dragon (1993 - 1995) - the story is about when twin brothers jimmy and billy were abandoned at birth, they become trained in the dragon arts. when the twins became adults, the sensai gave them the ability to use the power of the double dragon. whare they can transform by puting there sourds together. the twins use the pow...
Pirates of Dark Water (1991 - 1992) - When Ren rescues a stranger foundering in the rocks near his home, he learns the man was his true father, a great king. Given a magic compass crystal, Ren is to a dragon who shows him that the only way to claim his heritage is to find the Thirteen Treasures of Rule. Unfortunately, a pirate ship capt...
The Big O (1999 - 2003) - Roger Smith acts as a negotiator in a city where everyone has lost their memories and decide to keep it that way. When he isn't helping hostage situations, he's averting major disasters in a giant robot known as Big O. Although Roger has no idea why the "megadeus" (Big O) responds to his commands or...
My Pet Monster (1987 - 1987) - An ordinary monster doll comes to life when his shackles are released by a magic key.
Thundarr the Barbarian (1980 - 1982) - Forget the global chaos myth that was Y2K. In the world of Thundarr the Barbarian, the end of civilization occurred six years earlier, when, in 1994, a runaway planet hurtled between the earth and the mooon, unleashing cosmic destruction. Now, 2000 years later, Earth is a savage world occupied by...
Liquid Television (1991 - 1994) - What words come to mind when you think of Liquid Television? Perhaps smart..funny..dramatic...maybe even weird. Liquid Television was THE show for "up-and-coming" animators to show what they got. Originally shown on BBC-2 in December of 1990, MTV picked up the show in June of 1991, and lasted 3 seas...
Walter Melon (1998 - 1998) - Aired on Fox Family. Walter Melon's occupation was a Hero for Hire. He works alone but sometimes he worked with his partner Bitterbug. When a character runs into trouble they call Melon to temporarily replace them. He would replace comic heros, tv show, or movie charcters. Spiderman, TMNT, Power Ran...
Beast Machines (1999 - 2000) - The Maximals, fresh from their victory in the Beast Wars, arrive home to Cybertron. They wake up to a nightmare when they wake up with no memory of where they were or what they were doing when they went off-line.
Anime Fun TV (1998 - 1999) - Back in the year 1998 when people first started getting into creating Anime Music Videos Somebody came up with the idea to create a show for T.V. that would enable people to submit their home made Anime Music Videos and they would air on this show for people to see!
Life Goes On (1989 - 1993) - A TV-series about the life of the Thatchers, especially "Corky", that has Down syndrome but goes to ordinary school ("mainstreaming). We get into their problems and joys. Drew Thatcher's dream comes true when he is able to open his own restaurant, but it's a hard business, and he often run into prob...
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996 - 1996) - When the Power Rangers are turned into children, a new team from the waterworld of Aquitar assist in defending Earth from the space witch Rita and Master Vile - her father. This was a 10 episode mini-series
The Hogan Family (1985 - 1991) - Being a parent isn't easy, especially when you
Dino-Riders (1987 - 1988) - Dino-Riders premiered in syndication in September 1987. This series is about the Valorians, a race who are followed to Earth's past by the evil Rulons who want to destroy them. When Krulos wasn't trying to get the S.T.E.P. to return to his time, he was trying to "brain box" stronger dinosaurs. Wh...
Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman (1993 - 1997) - Clark Kent is a reporter for a newspaper company. But unbeknownst to everybody he knows, he is Superman. But things get complicated when his partner Lois Lane, starts developing feelings for not only Clark, but Superman as well.
Mazinger Z (1972 - 1974) - first published as manga (comic) in Japan in 1972, Mazinger Z was then turned into a long-running anime television series later in the same year. It arrived in Europe in 1976 and it was a hit. Sadly, it arrived in America many years later when the 70's decade was gone. Mazinger Z remains the king of...
Fruits Basket (2001 - 2001) - The enigmatic Sohma family shares a great secret, its members are possessed by spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, and when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they transform into their Zodiac animal! Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school freshman, is given lodging in the Sohma household in ex...
Chobits (2002 - 2002) - Hideki's just like every other guy in the 22nd century. He just wants a good job, a good car, and a sexy robot girlfriend to call his own. Until he lands a job, he'll never be able to afford his own 'Persocon' companion. Hideki's luck changes when he discovers Chii, an adorable but dyfunctional pers...
Welcome Back Kotter (1975 - 1979) - Gabriel Kotter returns to Brooklyn to teach history at the very high school from which he graduated ten years prior. When the "Sweathogs" (a nickname earned by the underachieving students of Buchanan High) give him a hard time, Mr. Kotter fires back with his own unending wit, and before long, they a...
The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo (1985 - 1985) - When a chest containing 13 of the worst ghosts in history is opened, it's up to Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Scrappy, and an orphan named Flim Flam aided by the sorcerer, Vincent VanGhoul (voiced by horror movie legend, Vincent Price) to stop them.
Voyagers! (1982 - 1983) - Phineas Bogg is a member of a group time travelers called Voyagers. He is a regular human that once lived as a pirate before he was chosen to be a voyager. He travels by way of a brass pocket watch type device called an omni. When the light flashes red, it means history is wrong. His job is to fix i...
Hardcastle & Mccormick (1983 - 1986) - A hard-line judge teams up with a car thief to capture theives who slip through legal loopholes, not to mention the conflicts that arise when it comes.
Read All About It (1981 - 1984) - When three kids explore a coach house held by a missing Uncle of one of the kids, they discover far more than they bargained. They discover two robots, Otto and Theta, who tell them about a dire threat of a conspiracy against the town. By accident, they also discover a teleport machine that can take...
Webster (1983 - 1989) - The post-retirement season is suddenly disrupted for football player George Papadapolis and his wife Katherine when Webster, the orphaned son of a former teammate, moves in. Laughter -- and life lessons -- in every episode.
Sigmund & the Sea Monsters (1973 - 1975) - Two boys, Johnny and Scott, were playing on the beach one day when they "meet" Sigmund, a green sea monster with tentacles who looks like moving seaweed. As it turns out, Sigmund got tired of his family who wanted him to become a "proper" sea monster (i.e., scaring people etc), and as a result, he r...
Adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy (1988 - 1990) - Siblings Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are toys that come to life when their owner Marcella isn't around. Together with the other toys, they explore a strange land where anything is possible.
Shazam (1974 - 1977) - Billy Batson is a boy with a special duty in life. Accompanied by his Mentor, he travels from place to place in a Winnebago learning about life and helping people along the way. When the situation is heading for disaster, all he has to do is to yell the magic word, SHAZAM! and call down the magic li...
The Secret Life of Toys (1994 - 1994) - This show chronicled the lives and adventures that toys have when their owners arent around, and was a tv show spin-off of the 1986 Jim Henson film the christmas toy. This show featured such lovable characters as rugby the stuffed toy tiger, dotty the doll (who was later replaced by raisin the ragdo...
Nick at Nite (1985 - Current) - Nick at Nite is a programing block from 9pm-6am Sunday-Thursday and from 10pm-6am Friday-Saturday on Viacom's kids cable channel Nickelodeon. When Nick at Nite launched in 1985, the shows were from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. Today Nick at Nite's shows are from the 80s and 90s. Nick at nite's...
Barnaby Jones (1973 - 1980) - Buddy Ebsen stars as a father who takes over his son's private eye business when he was killed. CO-STARRING Lee Meriwhether. A VERY GOOD CBS PI SERIES FROM QUINN MARTIN. GOOD THEME TUNE by Jerry Goldsmith.
Dr Zitbag's Transylvania pet shop (1994 - Current) - When Dr Zitbag was fired from a pet shop for experimenting on pets. So he set up his own pet shop with his wackey creations as pets.
Chico and the Man (1974 - 1978) - Ed Brown was a cantankerous old widower who owned and operated a small filling station in Los Angeles. He hired a fast-talking, cheery young Chicano, Chico Rodriguez, to help him run the place. Since Chico also lived in the garage, the two were always together, and when they weren't bickering betwee...
Harriet's Magic Hats (1980 - 1986) - This series followed the adventures of a young girl named Susan, whose eccentric Aunt Harriet collected hats, from those of bakers, to construction workers, to beekeepers. Whenever Susan put on one of her aunt's hats, she would be transported to whatever workplace it suited.
Murder, She Wrote (1984 - 1996) - Murder seems to follow Jessica Fletcher, a former substitute English teacher and a mystery writer full of charm, zest-for-life, and personality; who happens to become "the investigator" when traveling around the country to promote a series of novels. Murder always occurs when she is present. Even at...
Street Hawk (1985 - 1985) - When Jessie Mach is crippled after an assault by an old enemy, his position as motorcycle cop seems finished. That was before a computer technician named Tuttle recruits him for a special government project. He is to be the test pilot for the Street Hawk, an advanced motorcycle that carried tremendo...
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (1993 - 1994) - A hundred years ago, a young lawyer by the name of Brisco County, Jr. (Bruce Campbell) decides to trade his briefs in for bullets when he receives word that his father, a renowned U.S. Marshall, has been gunned down by the evil Bly gang. Now employed by the robber barons of the Westerfield Club, he...
Spellbinder (1995 - 1997) - When a prank on a school trip goes drastically wrong, 15-year-old Paul Reynolds is blasted into an alternative reality where the advanced ideas of science are thought to be heretical magic, and outlawed. The regressive heirachic society is ruled by the Spellbinders, enforcers and politicians who wie...
Roswell (1999 - 2002) - Max, Michael, Isabel, & Tess. 4 teenage human/alien hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico. When their secret is exposed to save Liz, a human girl's life, they know she must be told the truth. Liz's friends Maria, Alex, & Kyle all find out & when everyone's life is put in danger, they are now all...
Harry and the Henderson's (1991 - 1993) - Returning from a hunting trip in the forest, the Henderson family's car hits an animal in the road. At first they fear it was a man, but when they examine the "body" they find it's a "bigfoot". They think it's dead so they decide to take it home (there could be some money in this..). As you guessed,...
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century (1999 - 2001) - The legendary detective Sherlock Holmes has been dead for many years, and is now only seen in the history books in the 22nd century. But when a bunch of odd crimes begin to happen, Inspector Beth Lestrade has reason to believe Professor Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes worst enemy, is still alive and is st...
Bad Dog (1998 - Current) - Bad Dog is a short-lived animated cartoon that aired on ABC and Teletoon during 1998. The cartoon focuses on the Potanski family and their dog Berkeley. The show's gimmick was that whenever Berkeley was told that he was a bad dog, he would freeze and pretend to be dead until someone told him he was...
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (1976 - 1977) - Lori and Judy are both writers for Newsmaker magazine, but when trouble calls - they become Electra Woman and Dyna Girl! Electra Woman and Dyna Girl use the latest in technological gadgetry, such as the CrimeScope, (supplied by Frank, their assistant) and their wits to solve crimes and capture the v...
Sliders (1995 - 2000) - Sliders is the tale of one, Quinn Mallory. A grad student at a university in San Francisco, California. He is working on a anti-gravitational device, when, accidentally, he opens a strange portal. After several days of throwing various objects into it, he goes through himself. On arrival, he finds h...
Superboy (1988 - 1992) - The adventures of Superman when he was a boy! Actually, as a young man...who, disguised as Clark Kent, mild-mannered journalism student at Shuster University, fights a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and...well, you know the rest...
The NFL Today (1961 - Current) - The program began on September 17, 1961 on CBS entitled: "Pro Football Kickoff." On September 13, 1964, Frank Gifford began hosting the renamed "NFL Report," and later that year, it renamed the title: "The NFL Today." The NFL Today went off the air on CBS in 1993, when FOX bought out the NFC TV pa...
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys (1996 - 1997) - When one of NASA's space chimps is thrown off course, he is presumed lost, but has actually been captured by fed-up super-intelligent aliens, given a super-IQ boost, and told he is the new defender of the universe! So he's given his own ship, allowed to select his all-simian crew, and left to fend f...
The Flash (1990 - 1991) - Barry Allen was a scientist working at his lab late at night but then a bolt of lightning struck his lab and he was electrocuted and bathed in chemicals. When he recovered, he realize that he was able run at the speed of light and so he uses his ability to fiight crime under the name,The Flash.
Yvon of the Yukon (1999 - 2005) - Yvon Ducharme is a simple boob of an explorer, booted from France in the 17th century and accidentally frozen in the Arctic ice for 300 years. When a hip Inuit teenager named Tommy takes his sled dog Mutt for a walk, the pooch lifts his leg on Yvon and lets the defrosted Frenchman loose on the town...
Kojak (1973 - 1978) - When they started out together in the New York Police
Party of Five (1994 - 2000) - Five siblings are left to fend their own way in the world when their parents are killed by a drunk driver. The series revolves around the struggles of raising each other and the struggles of life in general.
Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle (1976 - 1982) - The Jungle; here I was born; and here my parents died when I was but an infant. I would have soon perished too, had I not been found by a kindly she-ape named Kala, who adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of the wild. I learned quickly, and grew stronger each day, and now I share the frends...
Early Edition (1996 - 2000) - His name is Gary Hobson. He gets tomorrow's newspaper today. He doesn't know how. He doesn't know why. All he knows is when the early edition hits his front door, he has twenty-four hours to set things right.
Far Out Space Nuts (1975 - 1975) - Barney (Chuck McCann) and Junior (Bob Denver), two NASA employees, were loading supplies on a spaceship when Junior mistakenly hit the launch button (Barney had said "lunch, not launch"). The spaceship sent them to a distant planet where they encountered Honk, a furry creature with a horn on the top...
Postman Pat (1981 - Current) - "Postman Pat" is a BBC TV's show about a cheerful and hard-working postman who always helps his friends on his rounds whatever it is a missing doll, or someone who needs to be taken to doctor. Pat is always there for everyone when they need him. As the favourite postman everybody loves and admires.
M.A.N.T.I.S. (1994 - 1995) - Dr. Miles Hawkins a rich parapelegic and expert in cybernetics creates a suit that allows him to move with slightly enhanced strength and speed. M.A.N.T.I.S. a acronym for the suit. On his first outing a truce between two rival gangs begins to crumble when crimes committed in the neighborhood are bl...
The White Shadow (1978 - 1981) - When a professional athlete busts his knee, there are a few vocational routes to take. There's sports commentary, the autobiography business, personal appearances at used car lot grand openings, and the lecture circuitall careers that A.E. Housman may have been thinking of when he wrote his poem "T...
NBA SHOWTIME ON NBC (1990 - 2002) - this was probably THE BEST pregame basketball show followed by theplay by play commentary especially in the 90s when the jordan and the bulls were rulingwho could forget that unforgettable dope beat and the all satr cast of commentators like hannah storm,steve(snapper)jones,bill walton,and ahmad ras...
V the mini series (1984 - 1985) - When aliens come to Earth to ask for our help, a few suspicious humans discover their horrific true intentions and prepare to resist.
Ned's Newt (1997 - 1998) - Seven-year-old Ned Flemkin has a newt hungry for adventure (sort of). Ned has a very-rich fantasy in his life and finds himself and Newton in the craziest situations ever experienced. Especially when Newton reverses back to his normal size.
The Puppy's New adventures (1982 - 1984) - The Cartoon starts when Petey and his girlfriend Dolly get seperated and stranded during a sudden thunderstorm while on thier way accross sea. They meet three stray male dogs who stowaway on the curise for adventure seeking. Promising the puppys that they will find their owners, no matter what threa...
G Gundam (1994 - 1994) - that was radically different from the original concept of Gundam wars. Rather than an all out Earth vs. Space series of battles, the conflict in G Gundam is reduced to a tournament that takes place every four years. The arena is the ravaged Earth, populated by those left behind when the colonies w...
T.J. Hooker (1982 - 1986) - T.J. Hooker is a veteran cop, who rose to the rank of detective but when his partner dies in his arms, Hooker decides to give up being a detective to be a patrolman again. He starts a program wherein rookies are given practical training and the rookie he is assigned is Vince Romano, a cocky kid. And...
Filthy Rich (1982 - 1983) - When Big Guy Beck dies, the heirs to his estate are given a stipulation (via a pre-recorded video will) before they inherit his wealth. They have to live with Big Guy's illigitimate son, Wild Bill Westchester and his wife Bootsie, and they have to learn to accept the Westchesters as their own family...
The Pretender (1996 - 2012) - Jarod is a Pretender - a genius whose exceptional intelligence allows him to assume various identities at will. Taken from his parents at an early age, Jarod was brought up in the Centre, a think-tank facility where he believed his computer-like mind was being used to benefit mankind. But when he...
Major Dad (1989 - 1993) - Major John MacGillis is a conservative, by-the-book, die-hard Marine. Polly Cooper is a pacifistic, liberal journalist. Nonetheless, when the two meet, there's instant and intense chemistry between them and they get married less than 24 hours later. Now Polly (and her kids from a previous marriage)...
You Wish (1997 - 1998) - When divorced mother of two Jillian Apple (Harley Jane Kozak) goes into Mustapha's (John Rhys-Davies) rug shop in search of a purple rug, she gets more than she bargained for... with the rug comes an imprisoned Genie (John Ales)! Although goofy Genie's eager to use his magical powers to serve his n...
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993 - 1998) - Set in the late 1800s this show takes place when a woman from the east coast, where people are much more high matenice goes to the western frontier and learns about life.
Exo Squad (1993 - 1995) - Exo Squad, an animated series from 1993 to 1995, ran for two seasons on the USA network and Fox. The basis of the show revolves around humans and "Neosapiens", genetically engineered humans used to perform manual laborer and menial work. Set during the future when humans have inhabited both Mars...
When Things Were Rotten (1975 - 1975) -
Creepy Crawlers (1994 - 1994) - Chris, a normal teenager, accidentally stumbles upon a box of green super-ooze, which, when opened, releases the five undead Creepy Crawler Commandos, Superheroes with innards showing and special afterlife powers. But evil magician Gugengrime steals the goo, and uses it to make his own army of Creep...
Size Small (1982 - 1990) - Iit's the one with the old woman who used to whistle when she talked, also the giant Record that played the wooden spoons to the music. and there was all kinds of puppets and stuff!
Cover Up (1984 - 1985) - Dani Reynolds is photographer. Her life changes after her husband dies. She learned that he was the mild mannered man he said he was but was in reality a government agent. When she found out that he was murdered, she recruited a former Vietnam Vet Mac Harper to help her find her husbands killers. Af...
Megabeast Investigator Juspion (1985 - 1986) - Ejin, a space hermit has found a very disturbing prophecy in the galactic bible which statetd that when the Dark Universe god Satangorth awakens he will bring forth the end of the entire universe.Thus when Satangorth finally makes his appearance Ejin sends out Juspion along with Anli (android) and D...
Android Kikaider (1972 - 1973) - An android created by a scientist who has half-complete circuits, which causes him to become unconcious by hearing Professor Gill's flute. When the android becomes Kikaider, he becomes harmless to Professor Gill's flute, and fights off the robotic Dark monsters.
MGM - When The Lion Roars (1992 - 1992) - A three-part documentary series exploring the history of MGM Studios. This mini-series was first aired on TNT.
Minky Momo (1982 - 1983) - A 12 year old girl from Fenelinersa, who was the daughter of king and queen of Fenelinersa. When she was a child, she was adopted by a young childless couple. In her present years, she uses her pendent to transform herself into various career girl such as a race car driver, detective, etc.
Learning the Ropes (1988 - 1988) - Robert Randall is a single father and a dedicated teacher at an exclusive prep school. When his family falls on hard times he decides to moonlight as the wrestler "The Masked Maniac". Things are okay until his kids find out about his double life. Now Robert and his kids try to keep this secret fr...
Free Spirit (1989 - 1990) - When young Gene wishes for a friend, his wish is granted and into his family's life falls witch Winnie Goodwin. Taking on the job of housekeeper, Winnie charms the Harper family at her every task. The catch is that while the kids know that she's a witch, divorced dad T.J. doesn't.
Dog House (1990 - 1991) - This is another show from YTV that I watched at night when I was little. I don't really remeber alot from the episodes but I remember the intro and the basic story line. There was a detective who had a dog that worked with him and one day durring a chase or something the car went under some electric...
Ferris Bueller (1990 - 1991) - This series was based on the hit 1986 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, starring Matthew Broderick. However, the series wasn't treated as a continuation of the film. In fact, the movie was referenced in the first episode when Ferris implied that he wasn't too thrilled with the choice of Broderick to p...
Land of the Giants (1968 - 1970) - The Spindrift, a commercial spaceship on a flight from New York City to London, became lost when it passed through a time warp in the ship's orbit around Earth. It landed on an alternate Earth-type planet, where the inhabitants were roughly twelve times the size of the ship's passengers.
The Fantastic Four (1967 - 1967) - When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are changed by cosmic rays. Reed Richards, inventor and leader of the group gains the ability to stretch his body, and takes the name, Mr. Fantastic. His girlfriend, Sue Storm, gains the ability to turn invisible and create force fields, calli...
NBC Nightly News (1970 - Current) - It is NBC News' weekday evening news program. The program debut on August 3, 1970, with David Brinkley, John Chancellor, and Frank McGee rotating duties as anchors until August 9, 1971 when Chancellor became the sole anchor. On June 7, 1976, David Brinkley was brought back to the anchor desk, this...
Access (1996 - Current) - A weekday entertainment news program airing news and events on the entertainment industry. Previous hosts include Giselle Fernndez, Larry Mendte, Pat O'Brien, who hosted the show alongside Nancy O'Dell until late 2004, when he left to host the Entertainment Tonight spin-off The Insider, and O'Dell,...
Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (1967 - 1968) - An ordinary boy, Johnny Sokko, is swept into an extraordinary adventure. While on a voyage he meets a curious but friendly man, Gerry Manno, who secretly works for a TOP SECRET organization known as UNICORN. When an alien terrorist group known as the GARGOYLE gang attacks their ship with a giant mon...
Monster by Mistake (1996 - 2003) - Warren Patterson is an 8-year-old boy with allergies who has been enchanted by a magical jewel from a mysterious parallel world. Because of a spell that goes awry, Warren turns into a 7-foot-tall blue monster whenever he sneezes. He can't return to his normal form until he sneezes again, and it's an...
Starman (1986 - 1987) - A TV series sequel to the theatrical released film Starman which starred Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. In the series, the alien returns to find and assist the child he fathered 14 years before on his visit to Earth. When he arrives, he takes on the identity of Paul Forrester, a prize-winning free-la...
Flash Gordon (1996 - 1997) - One of greatest sci-fi superhero gets a unique makeover in an animated space adventure story that takes place as a teenaged version as Flash Gordon against the galaxy's most ruthless lizard/humaine creatures. When a mysterious black hole opens on Earth and transports Alex Gordon, Dale Arden, and Dr...
Claymore (2007 - 2007) - When a shapeshifting demon with a thirst for human flesh, known as "youma," arrives in Raki's village, a lone woman with silver eyes walks into town with only a sword upon her back. She is a "Claymore," a being manufactured as half-human and half-youma, for the express purpose of exterminating these...
C.L.Y.D.E. (1990 - 1990) - CLYDE (Computer Linked Yield Driven Entity) was an alien computer banished from another planet when he developed a virus called a sense of humour. Finding his way to earth, he was discovered by siblings Matt (age 12) and Samantha (age 10) who hooked him up to an old juke box. The juke box came to li...
Hikari Sentai Maskman (1987 - 1988) - Everything starts with Commander Sugata, studious of being able them of the mind. He discovers the existence of the Underground Empire Tube, a malignant force that wants to dominate the Land, located in underground Japan. In the beggining, Tube was centered in the Pacific. However, when Zeba assumes...
Early Edition (1996 - 2012) - A man wakes up every morning to a cat that brings him his newspaper, this cat brings him tomorrows newspaper today.He trys to stop bad things from happening before they happen because the paper tells him when where and what is going to happen.
Password Plus (1979 - 1982) - Game show in which two teams of a celebrity and civilian give one-word clues to words that relate to the solution of a puzzle. When a team equals or surpasses the target score, they move on to Alphabetics, where one-word clues are given for ten alphabetical passwords. If all 10 words are guessed i...
Street Justice (1991 - 1993) - Adam Beaudreaux was a soldier in Vietnam, when he got wounded. He was fortunate that a young boy named Grady Jameson, whose parents were missionaries, found him and got him to help. Years later, Beaudreaux is now a cop, and he has also vowed to find Grady, whom he never saw again after that. Eventua...
Marmalade Boy (1994 - 1995) - Miki world gets all tangled up when Yuu has entered her life
Hi Honey, I'm Home! (1991 - 1992) - 1950's family when faced with modern issues timewarps themselves into a black and white leave it to beaver style enviroment.                                                        
Dharma & Greg (1997 - 2002) - Dharma "Freedom" Montgomery and Greg Montgomery are complete opposites who get married after only their first date. The series was a ratings smash when it debuted on ABC in 1997 as a lead-in to the then smash-show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Ratings dropped steadily in the years following and the...
Sandra, The Fairytale Detective (2009 - 2009) - Sandra is a little girl who is the lone descendant from a long line of fairytale detectives. Sandra seems like other kids her age, but when her assistant and friend Fo, a 500-year-old elf with the spirit of a child, arrives to say that there's a problem over in The Land of Once Upon a Time, Sandra d...
Cappelli and Company (1989 - 1995) - Cappelli and Company was a Saturday Morning series that aired on NBC-TV from 1989-1995. It featured children's music artist Frank Cappelli. Songs that Frank Cappelli wrote were featured on the show like "Our Oceans," "I'm Smiling," and many others. The show ended in 1995 when NBC dropped the Saturda...
Now and Again (1999 - 2000) - When Michael Wiseman is killed in a tragic subway accident, the U.S. government covertly makes him an offer he can't refuse; they "keep his brain alive" and place it into a new, genetically bio-engineered body. The doctor in charge of the experiment has grand plans for him, but all Michael wants is...
Supertrain (1979 - 1979) - Supertrain is about a passenger train that can go up to 180 m.p.h. It's pilot was a movie. It's plot is about what happens when a murderer sneaks on. It was one of the biggest T.V. flops in history
WordGirl (2007 - 2015) - A young superhero fights crime with her superpowers, which include super strength, flight, and a colossal vocabulary. In her adventures, she is accompanied by her monkey sidekick, Captain Huggyface. When they are not on the lookout for villains, they are schoolgirl Becky Botsford and her pet monkey,...
You've Been Framed (1990 - 2007) - You've Been Framed is a British television show when people send in funny home videos to be shown on the show. There is videos with accidents, animals, kids, people and just funny ones. Since 1990 the show has been airing on ITV, but the hosts have changed. A selection of home video clips which are...
The Sweeney (1975 - 1975) - These films, at 85,000 each to make, were considered very expensive at the time, but this was rewarded when most of the films were sold to other countries, with 'The Prison; and 'Regan' going to 47 countries alone.
First Wave (1998 - 2001) - Cade Foster is an ex-thief who gave up thievery to get married and have a family. All of a sudden his life is thrown apart when he gets fired, all his money disappears, his house gets vandalized and eventually his wife gets killed and he gets framed for murder.
What a Dummy (1990 - 1991) - Ed Branningan's great uncle dies and leaves a trunk full of props from the days when Uncle Jackie was a ventriloquist. Buzz, Jackie's dummy, has been locked in the trunk for 50-years; Buzz can also think and talk and goes about giving everyone in the house advice. Ed's family, which lives in Secaucu...
Deadly Games (1995 - 1997) - Gus is a scientist working on making anti-matter with his friend Peter for a local college. Lauren, Gus' Ex-wife, is about to get remarried when Gus succedes in making anti-matter... problem is Gus had programed a game to help him get over Lauren. In the game Gus uses real life people from his past...
The Bobby Vinton Show (1975 - 1978) - Successful half-hour variety show that aired in the 70s. Hit song "Roses are Red (My Love) spent three weeks at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Arguably his most famous song is 1963's "Blue Velvet" that also went to No.1. 23 years later, when David Lynch named his movie Blue Velvet after this song. I...
Gran Reserva (1982 - 1982) - Gran is an old woman who lives by hershelp and grumbles on a lot of ocaissional things but eventrully cheers up when her grandson Jim always introduce her something new.
Something is Out There (1988 - 1988) - Two police officers investigate a series of brutal murders in which the victims have had bodily organs removed. When one of them questions a young woman who has been seen at the crime scenes, it turns out she is an alien from an interstellar prison ship and that the murders have been committed by a...
Profiler (1996 - 2000) - Dr. Sam Waters is a detective with the Violent Crimes Task Force who work together with the FBI to track down murderers. Sam has visions in which she sees what happens when she is confronted with evidence and the crime scene.
Only When I Laugh (1982 - 1986) - A comedy set in the ward of an NHS hospital near Leeds where an odd trio will have you laughing every show.
Enos (1980 - 1981) - When he captured two notorious badguys back in Hazzard County, bumpkin deputy Enos was invited to join a Special Branch of the Los Angeles Police. His country manners annoy his black partner Turk and Lt. Broggi, but he functions as a cop nevertheless. Narration is in the form of letters home to Enos...
Da Vinci`s Inquest (1998 - 2006) - The series revolves around the life of Dominic Da Vinci, coronor of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Follow along as the police investigate the crimes; the medical examiners and coroner investigate & examine the deaths, and conduct their inquests, when needed.
Moby Dick And Mighty Mightor (1967 - 1970) - When a typhoon suddenly strikes Tom and Tub are swept miles away from their uncle's vessel "The Sea Explorer" and find themselves in uncharted waters surrounded by menacing sharks. When all seems lost they are rescued by the giant white whale, Moby Dick. Tom and Tub happily realize they have found a...
The Saint (1962 - 1969) - When "The Saint" plays with fire...other people get burned! Roger Moore is Simon Templar, a 20th Century Robin Hood, alias The Saint. Also spawned into a 1997 film adaptation starring Val Kilmer as Templar.
Karneval (2013 - 2013) - Nai searches for someone important to him, with only an abandoned bracelet as a clue. Gareki steals and pick-pockets to get by from day to day. The two meet in a strange mansion where they are set-up, and soon become wanted criminals by military security operatives. When Nai and Gareki find themselv...
Gurren Lagann (2007 - 2007) - In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Simon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Simon stumbles across a fantastic devicejust as the village's peace is broken by a violent intrusion.
Branded (1965 - 1966) - In the 1880s, Jason McCord travels the country trying to prove he's no coward. He needs to do this because the military career of this West point graduate came to an end when he was thrown out of the army after being accused of cowardice.
Kimagure Orange Road (1987 - 1988) - Kyosuke Kasuga, fifteen, moves to a new city and falls for Madoka Ayukawa. She's friendly when they're alone, but acts like a delinquent when in front of others. Kyosuke meanwhile struggles not to break the heart of Hikaru Hiyama, who fell in love after seeing him make an impossible basketball shot....
Psycho-Pass (2012 - 2013) - The series takes place in the near future, when it is possible to instantaneously measure and quantify a person's state of mind and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term "Psycho-Pass" in the anime's title refers to a standard used to measure an individual's being. The...
Monster Allergy (2006 - 2009) - In a world where monsters can only be seen by a select few, allergy-prone Zick has the ability to see invisible monsters living among us, a handy talent to have when the creatures misbehave and need to be tamed. Taming monsters may not be an easy task, but these kids are committed to it. With some h...
The National (1969 - Current) - This Canadian weeknight television news program is produced by CBC News, which brings news throughout Canada and around the world. It had been on the air weeknights since 1969 when Warren Davis was the original anchor for 1 year, then Lloyd Robertson anchored the program from 1970 to 1976, followed...
Fairy Tail Zer (2016 - 2016) - Many years ago, Mavis Vermilion was a servant on Sirius Island, mistreated by a guild master and his daughter, Zera. But Mavis stayed positive, because her mother once told her that fairies never visit people who cry about their problems. When the guild came under attack, Mavis pulled Zera from the...
Bakuman. (2010 - Current) - Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka when the latter realizes his natural talent as an artist. However, Moritaka is reluctant to pursue his dream as h...
Sunrise (Australian TV News Program) (2000 - Current) - This Australian weekday morning breakfast television news program from Australia's 7 News. This program was originally debut under the name: "Seven News: Sunrise Edition" on January 17, 1991 with presenter Darren McDonald, when it was prior to hostilities breaking out during the Gulf War. In 1996,...
PBA on ESPN (1979 - Current) - When ESPN was launched in 1979, it did first brought live coverage of the PBA Bowling tour.
The 8:15 from Manchester (1990 - 1991) - Children's magazine programme broadcast when Going Live! Was in summer recess. Ran for 2 seasons and 43 episodes.
NBA on CBS (1973 - 1990) - The NBA on CBS is the branding that was used for weekly broadcasts of National Basketball Association (NBA) games produced by CBS Sports, the sports division of the CBS television network in the United States. CBS aired NBA games from the 19731974 NBA season (when it succeeded ABC Sports as the nat...
Major League Baseball on NBC (1947 - 2000) - Major League Baseball on NBC is the de facto branding for weekly broadcasts of Major League Baseball (MLB) games produced by NBC Sports, and televised on the NBC television network. Major League Baseball games first aired on the network from 1947 to 1989, when CBS acquired the broadcast television r...
Rosie and Jim (1990 - 2000) - "Rosie and Jim" is a UK children's TV programme by Ragdoll Productions. The show centered around the misadventures of two rag dolls on a narrowboat who come to life when no one is looking to explore the world.
High School of the Dead (2010 - 2010) - It happened suddenly: The dead began to rise and Japan was thrown into total chaos. As these monsters begin terrorizing a high school, Takashi Kimuro is forced to kill his best friend when he gets bitten and joins the ranks of the walking dead. Vowing to protect Rei Miyamoto, the girlfriend of the m...
Psych (2006 - 2014) - Shawn Spencer happens to possess some uncanny powers of observation thanks to his father, Henry, a former police officer who taught his son to remember even the smallest details of his surroundings. When Shawn is accused of committing a crime that he actually solved, he convinces the cops that he's...
Umineko: When They Cry (2009 - 2009) - On 4 October 1986, Kinzo Ushiromiya, the head of a wealthy family, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, a secluded island, is near death, and eight of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzo's assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are three family members who l...
A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives (2011 - 2011) - Taito has been really sleepy lately, and keeps dreaming of a female vampire who says she has given him her "poison." Sometimes he even thinks he hears her voice when he's awake. But after surviving an accident that should have killed him, Taito's world changes drastically and he realizes that his dr...
Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (2016 - 2016) - When Subaru Natsuki leaves the convenience store, the last thing he expects is to be wrenched from his everyday life and dropped into a fantasy world. Things aren't looking good for the bewildered teenager, however: not long after his arrival, he is attacked by some thugs; armed with only a bag of g...
Ultimate Otaku Teacher (2015 - 2015) - Junichirou Kagami is a young published physicist, a genius, and a hopeless otaku. At the mercy of YD, a self-diagnosed illness which causes him to only be able to do what he "Yearns to Do," Junichirou foregoes his scientific career to maintain and improve his anime blog. However, when he gets hired...
Tokyo Ghoul (2014 - 2014) - Ken Kaneki is a bookworm college student who meets a girl names Rize at a cafe he frequents. They're the same age and have the same interests, so they quickly become close. Little does Kaneki know that Rize is a ghoul - a kind of monster that lives by hunting and devouring human flesh. When part of...
DTV2 (1993 - 1997) - A spinoff the Disney Channel bumper: DTV. It was possibly a spoof of MTV2. This continued on until 1997 when The Disney Channel stop being uncut and commercial free.
Fairy Tail (2009 - 2019) - Lucy is a 17-year-old girl, who wants to be a full-fledged mage. One day when visiting Harujion Town, she meets Natsu, a young man who gets sick easily by any type of transportation. But Natsu isn't just any ordinary kid, he's a member of one of the world's most infamous mage guilds: Fairy Tail.
Black Butler (2008 - 2009) - In this dark dramatic comedy adventure anime takes place in a 19th century London when a young boy sells his soul to a demon in order to avenge his family's death and successfully lead their influential toy manufacturing company. The demon takes the form of a loyal butler named Sebastian who's alway...
Fullmetal Alchemist (2003 - 2004) - Edward Elric, a young, brilliant alchemist, has lost much in his twelve-year life: when he and his brother Alphonse try to resurrect their dead mother through the forbidden act of human transmutation, Edward loses his brother as well as two of his limbs. With his supreme alchemy skills, Edward binds...
Azuki_Chan (1995 - 1998) - Azuki-chan (Japanese: ?) is an anime series about a young schoolgirl named Azusa Noyama, nicknamed Azuki-chan because when she was younger she was accidentally called Azuki. This Blackie Ponytail Girl look like kimiko from xialion showdown
Garfield Goose and Friends (1952) (1952 - 1976) - a children's television show produced by WGN-TV in Chicago, Illinois, United States from 1955 to 1976. The show was known as Garfield Goose and Friend from 1952 to 1955 when it aired on WBKB and WBBM-TV. It was the longest running puppet show on television.[4] The host of the show was Frazier Thomas...
Compiler (1994 - 1994) - When a world of 2-D beings discovers the existence of our universe, they send a team of beautiful Domni-Matrixes into our world to prepare it for total integration. However, once liberated from their flat and dreary 2-D existence, Compiler and Assembler quickly discovered that cybersex with a couple...
Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006 - Current) - It was also the last season to air on ABC Family, when the channel dropped Jetix on August 31, 2006.
Kishkashta (1976 - 1981) - the main character in one of the first Israeli Educational Television shows, Ma Pit'om ( ; "What on earth?" or "No way!"), written by, among other screenwriters, Tamar Adar. The show aired in the 1970s and '80s, when there was only one television station in Israel, TV was still black and whit...
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000 - Current) - In the fictitious city of Mariner Bay, California, which was built on an ancient demon burial ground. When the demons were accidentally released from their tomb in the desert, they threaten to destroy Mariner Bay. Therefore, a government organization called Lightspeed Rescue, headed by Captain Willi...
Puni Puni Poemy (2001 - 2001) - Poemi Watanabe (a.k.a. Kobayashi) is a 10-year-old girl with aspirations of being a famous voice actress. Unfortunately, her school grades are bad and her voice acting is even worse. But when a mysterious alien kills her parents and wreaks havoc all over Tokyo, Poemi grabs a talking fish, skins it i...
B'tX (1996 - 1996) - Teppei is going to visit his older brother Kotaro Takamiya during a scientific conference after training with a mysterious woman named Karen for the past 11 years. However his plans for a family reunion become stalled when a woman named Aramis kills everyone in the conference to kidnap Kotaro. Teppe...
Sarutobi Ecchan (1971 - 1972) - Toei Animation adapted it into an anime called Sarutobi Ecchan. The anime lasted 26 episodes. It has yet[when?] to be released on DVD in America; however, the series has been released on DVD in Japan.Ecchan appears to be a normal little girl, but appearances can be deceptive. She is descended from t...
Muteking, The Dashing Warrior (1980 - 1981) - Tondemo Senshi Muteking) is a science fiction comedy anime series by Tatsunoko Productions,created in 1980. It ran from September 7, 1980, to September 27, 1981, on Fuji TV.[3] Twelve-year-old Rin Yuki loyally supported his father when the world laughed at the scientist for saying that Earth was abo...
The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee (1970 - 1990) - Konch Monogatari: Minashigo Hatchi, lit. A Bug's Tale: Hutch the Orphan) is an anime series produced by Tatsunoko Productions.The series features the adventures of a young bee named Hutch : the son of a Queen bee, Hutch is separated from his mother when his native beehive is destroyed by an attack...
The Genie Family (1969 - 1970) - an anime series by Tatsunoko Production.An old bottle has found its way into the household of a modern family, which consists of a boy named Kan and his parents. A genie, Hakushon, and his daughter, Akubi, reside inside it. When Kan finds the bottle, he discovers that a sneeze summons Hakushon and h...
Anmitsu Hime (1986 - 1987) - Anmitsu is a beautiful princess living happily at the Amakara Castle. The only thing is she is a tomboy and doesn't act very ladylike. When Anmitsu turns ten years old, her parents present her with a tutor named Castella, who from the Pudding Kingdom, in hopes of getting Anmitsu more serious about b...
Baby Princess (2011 - Current) - An original video animation adaptation by Studio Comet was released on July 20, 2011 on Blu-ray as a 3D and 2D edition set with the title Baby Princess 3D Paradise 0 (with special 3D-glasses) and on DVD as a regular 2D edition with the title Baby Princess 2D Paradise 0.When his grandmother and last...
Jim Jam and Sunny (2006 - 2008) - a children's television programme that aired on the CITV channel. It first aired on 20 November 2006.Jim Jam is 3, and his older sister Sunny is 4, Whenever they enter their magical room, the toys come to life, and they have many adventures together.Main characters Edit
Hiatari Ryk! (1982 - 1988) - a live-action television drama series,[2] an anime television series,[1] and an anime film sequel to the television series.[1] The title translates roughly as Sunlight All Around!The story focuses on the relationships of Kasumi Kishimoto, a high school student. When she enters Myj High School, she...
Pixanne (1960 - 1969) - a children's television program, created and hosted by singer-actress Jane Norman, that ran from 1960 to 1969 on WCAU-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was syndicated nationally for another seven years.The show began when Norman, a onetime child prodigy who had been playing and composing music si...
Hyouge Mono (2011 - 2012) - lit. "Jocular Fellow,In the Sengoku period, when the shadow of Oda Nobunaga was still cast over the land, the warlord Furuta Sasuke lost his soul to the tea ceremony. While war shook the world around him, he faced his own conflict between his desire for promotion and his love for his art.
Klonoa lunatea:the animation (2019 - Current) - Anime base on the ps2 game by bandai,produced by satelight, I had portrayed the moment when Lolo was desperately clinging to Klonoa and hoping that he won't go... ;__; I still remember that moment when Lolo was so strong and confident to have Klonoa leaving them because his job was done in Lunatea,...
Saban's Bob In A Bottle (The Genie Family) (1969 - 1970) - The Genie Family ( Hakushon Daima) is an anime series by Tatsunoko Production. An old bottle has found its way into the household of a modern family, which consists of a boy named Kan and his parents. A Big genie named Hakushon and his daughter, Akubi lives reside inside it. When Kan finds...
Full-Blast Science Adventure So That's How It Is (2003 - 2004) - a Japanese anime broadcast by TV Tokyo from October 5, 2003 to March 28, 2004.The premise of the story is that a group of children are brought into the "Realm World" when playing an online game, they have to finish a competition in two separated groups before getting back home.Characters
Pikaia! (2015 - 2017) - a Japanese educational anime series produced by NHK Educational. The first season started airing on April 29, 2015 for 13 episodes before ending in July 30, 2015.[1] It is renewed with a second season in February 2017.The story begins in the future when Earth itself is no longer inhabitable by livin...
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (2015 - 2017) - It was roughly 300 years after the conclusion of a great conflict known as the Calamity War, the Earth Sphere has lost its previous governing structure, and a new system of government has created a new world. Far away, seeds of a new conflict are starting to form in the Mars Sphere. When private sec...
Aria (2005 - 2016) - a utopian science fantasy manga by Kozue Amano. The series was originally titled Aqua ( Akua) when it was published by Enix in the magazine Monthly Stencil, being retitled when it moved to Mag Garden's magazine Comic Blade.[3] Aqua was serialized in Stencil from 2001 to 2002 and collected in two...
DNA (1994 - 1994) - Karin, a DNA operator from the future, is on a mission to change the course of History by stopping Junta Momonari from becoming the Mega-Playboy who fathered 100 children and led to the overpopulation of the world. But Junta is no playboy; in fact he is allergic to girls. But when Karin shoots him w...
ef: A Tale of Memories. (2007 - 2007) - On Christmas Eve, Hiro Hirono runs into Miyako Miyamura, a frivolous girl who "borrows" his bicycle in order to chase down a purse thief. After Hiro finds his bicycle wrecked and Miyako unconscious, the two unexpectedly spend their Christmas Eve together, and when they discover they go to the same h...
Brave Beats (2015 - 2016) - a Japanese anime television series produced by BN Pictures. It aired from October 11, 2015 to March 27, 2016 when it was followed by a rerun of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn the week after.One day, sixth grade student Hibiki Kazaguruma meets a small robot named Breakin. He discovers Breakin can talk, a...
Mob Psycho 100 (2016 - 2019) - Eighth-grader Shigeo "Mob" Kageyama has tapped into his inner wellspring of psychic prowess at a young age. But the power quickly proves to be a liability when he realizes the potential danger in his skills. Choosing to suppress his power, Mob's only present use for his ability is to impress his lon...
Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988 - 1997) - The 150-year-long stalemate between the two interstellar superpowers, the Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance, comes to an end when a new generation of leaders arises: the idealistic military genius Reinhard von Lohengramm, and the FPA's reserved historian, Yang Wenli.
Ninja Nonsense (2004 - 2004) - Kaede is a normal school girl who was studying for her exams for school when suddenly she is interrupted by Shinobu, a girl who is a ninja-in-training, attempting to complete her exam. The problem is, in order for her to successfully complete her exam, she must steal one of Kaede's panties!
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (2003 - 2003) - It's back-to-school mayhem with Kaname Chidori and her war-freak classmate Sousuke Sagara as they encounter more misadventures in and out of Jindai High School. But when Kaname gets into some serious trouble, Sousuke takes the guise of Bonta-kunthe gun-wielding, butt-kicking mascot. And while he st...
WCAU-TV Newscasts (1948 - Current) - WCAU-TV in Philadelphia presently broadcasts 43 hours, 25 minutes of locally produced newscasts each week. News has been produced at WCAU-TV from when the station went on the air on in 1948.
Black Lagoon (2006 - 2006) - Rokuro "Rock" Okajima, a meek businessman, is on a trip to Southeast Asia, when things turn sour for him: Pirates board the ship and take Rock hostage. While under their control, he agrees to join the crew -- known as the Black Lagoon Co. -- which includes merciless and maniacal Revy, Dutch and Benn...
Love Hina (2000 - 2000) - Keitaro Urashima promised a girl when he was young that they would meet up again at Tokyo University in the future. Sadly, in the National Practice Exam, Keitaro ranked 27th from the bottom. Knowing his grandmother owned a hotel, Keitaro intended to stay there while continuing his studies for Tokyo...
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (2002 - 2002) - Satoshi "Sasshi" Imamiya believes his life is in shambles, as only a 12-year-old can. Having lost his card collection, his childish dilemmas worsen when he learns that his childhood friend, Arumi Asahina, will be moving away.
Nobunagun (2014 - 2014) - Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student, who is visiting Taiwan on a school trip when she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Shio Ogura is a Japanese high school student, who is visiting Taiwan on a school trip when she is suddenly attacked by monsters. Agents known as "E-Gene Holders" from the...
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011 - 2011) - Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki are regular middle school girls with regular lives, but all that changes when they encounter Kyuubey, a cat-like magical familiar, and Homura Akemi, the new transfer student.
Shin Cutey Honey (1994 - 1995) - Cosplay City is in danger when the evil Dolmeck shows up. Commanding his army of monsters, he plans on destroying everything. Only one person can stop this: Cutey Honey. After she is released from her dormancy, Honey Kisaragi becomes the multi-transformational android Cutey Honey. However, the least...
Tenchi Muyo! GXP (2002 - 2002) - Seina is unlucky, so unlucky that when he stumbles upon a recruiter looking for his senpai Tenchi he gets taken instead. Forced into the Galaxy police, his luck begins to change. A natural to randomly jumping near pirates, he is assigned his own decoy to draw out pirates. His luck brings him into th...
Ushio & Tora (1992 - 1993) - Ushio thinks his fathers tale of an ancient demon is nuts, but when he finds the monster in his own basement, Ushio has to take another look at the family legend.
Now and Then, Here and There (1999 - 2000) - Shu is a typical Japanese boy, but has an unbeatable, optimistic and determined attitude. However, when he sees a mysterious girl with strange eyes named Lala-Ru up on a smokestack, he is soon pulled into a strange desert world. Shu soon discovers the true terrors of war, which includes genocide, br...
Gantz (2004 - 2004) - Kei Kurono is a typical high school student in a selfish world, not caring about anyone other than himself. However when, by chance, he was forced to help out his childhood friend, Katou Masaru, rescue a drunkard who fell into subway tracks, both he and Katou were killed... Or not. After being run o...
Spice and Wolf (2008 - 2008) - Holo is a powerful wolf deity who is celebrated and revered in the small town of Pasloe for blessing the annual harvest. Yet as years go by and the villagers become more self-sufficient, Holo, who stylizes herself as the "Wise Wolf of Yoitsu," has been reduced to a mere folk tale. When a traveling m...
Higurashi When They Cry (2006 - 2013) - lit. When the Evening Cicadas Cry), known simply as When They Cry,two anime television series were produced by Studio Deen in 2006 and 2007; a third anime adaptation was released as an original video animation (OVA) series in 2009. The first anime series was licensed by Geneon Entertainment in Engli...
Nature Cat (2015 - 2020) - Nature Cat follow the adventures of a house cat named Fred. When his owners leave for the day, he becomes the outdoor expert Nature Cat. He and his friends Hal the dog, Daisy the rabbit, and Squeeks the mouse learn about all of nature all over the world.
Alice SOS (1998 - 1999) - an anime series directed by Shingo Kaneko. It was broadcast every second week from April 6, 1998 until January 28, 1999.Takashi loves reading books and especially loves Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. One day, he buys some used books, and he finds one book thrown in. When Takashi opens the book, t...
Phantom Blood / Battle Tendency (2012 - 2013) - In 1868, Dario Brando saves the life of an English nobleman, George Joestar. By taking in Dario's son Dio when the boy becomes fatherless, George hopes to repay the debt he owes to his savior. However Dio, unsatisfied with his station in life, aspires to seize the Joestar house for his own. Wielding...
Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! (2007 - Current) - often shortened to Manabi Straight!) is a Japanese multimedia project co-developed by the animation studio Ufotable and MediaWorks. The project revolves around a group of high school girls in the year 2035 when the birth rate has dropped dramatically. It launched in August 2004 in MediaWorks' Dengek...
Saru Get You -On Air- (2006 - 2007) - a CGI anime television series produced by Xebec based on Sony's Ape Escape video game franchise. The series aired on TV Tokyo between April 8, 2006 and September 29, 2007 and loosely adapts storylines from Million Monkeys, Ape Escape 3 and SaruSaru Big Mission.When Specter gets hold of a Pipo Helmet...
Shugo Chara! (2007 - 2010) - When Amu wishes for the courage to be reborn as her would-be self, she is surprised to find three colorful eggs the next morning, which hatch into three Guardian Characters: Ran, Miki, and Su
DearS (2004 - 2005) - Exactly one year prior to the beginning of DearS, humanity made unprecedented contact with extraterrestrial life. Forced to crash land into Tokyo Bay when, en route to their home planet of Thanatos, their spacecraft breaks down, 150 humanoid aliens are naturalized into Japanese society and affection...
Clannad (anime) (2007 - 2009) - story revolves around Tomoya Okazaki, a third year high school student who dislikes his life. Tomoya's mother (Atsuko) died when Tomoya was young, leaving his father (Naoyuki) to raise him. After the accident, Tomoya's father turned to alcohol and gambling, and had frequent fights with his son. One...
Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (2014 - 2015) - High school student Chiyo Sakura has a crush on schoolmate Umetar Nozaki. When she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph. When she says she wants to be with him, he invites her to his house and has her help on some drawings. Sakura discovers that Nozaki is...
GATE (2015 - 2016) - Off-duty Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) officer and otaku, Youji Itami, is on his way to attend a doujin convention in Ginza, Tokyo when a mysterious portal in the shape of a large gate suddenly appears. From this gate, supernatural creatures and warriors clad in medieval armor emerge, charging th...
Blend S (2017 - Current) - A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by A-1 Pictures aired from October to December 2017.High school girl Maika Sakuranomiya has trouble finding a part-time job because of how scary she looks when smiling. However, she is scouted one day by an Italian man who is also the manager of Stile,...
Myriad Colors Phantom World (2016 - 2016) - Phantoms: supernatural entities such as ghosts or youkai that, until recently, were thought to be superstition. However, when a virus that infects the brain spreads throughout society, people's perception of the world changes as the mythical beings are revealed to have been living alongside humanity...
Lunar Legend Tsukihime (2003 - 2003) - Shiki Toono sustained a life threatening injury as a child, and due to that incident he was sent away from the Toono household and was given to a relative to be raised. Years later, when Shiki is in high school, the head of the Toono householdhis fatherdies, and he is ordered to move back in by hi...
Heaven's Memo Pad (2011 - 2011) - Narumi Fujishima isn't your typical high school student. He's never really fit in and has become increasingly more isolated from his fellow classmates. But he's not alone, and when Ayaka, the sole member of the Gardening Club, introduces him to the reclusive girl who lives above the ramen shop, Naru...
Motormouse and Autocat (1970 - 1972) - These two rivals are seen in all sorts of contests trying to beat each other. It was a spin off of "The Cattanooga Cats" when that show went to the Sunday morning half-hour format. Premiered September 12, 1970.
Martha Speaks (2008 - 2014) - Martha Speaks is a American-Canadian animated children's television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, about a talking dog named Martha (voiced by Tabitha St. Germain), who is owned by ten-year-old Helen Lorraine (known in the books as Helen Finney). When He...
Danny Phantom (2004 - 2007) - Danny Fenton was once your typical shy kid--you know, kind of a wallflower. But all that changed one afternoon when Danny accidentally blew up his parents' laboratory and became ghost-hunting superhero Danny Phantom. Now 1/2 ghost, Danny's picked up some pretty cool paranormal powers-- but only his...
Magic Mongo (1977 - 1978) - When teenagers Donald, Lorraine, and Kristy find an old bottle, they discover it is the home of Mongo, a genie. Mongo's magical attempts to help his young masters lead to many wacky misadventures.
Eyewitness News Nightcast (1965 - 1995) - This was a news show shown on KYW Philadelphia every night when it was a Group W station and an NBC affiliate (it is now a CBS affiliate); aired at 11:00 pm
A Hollywood Hounds Christmas (1993 - 1994) - Just as Christmas in Hollywood is starting to look glum, three darling pets discover an opportunity to make some extra money by entering a singing contest. A country guitar-playing dog named Dude, learns cultural tolerance and understanding when he teams up with Cuz, a sax-playing canine and Rosie t...
The Archie Show (1968 - 1978) - The Archie Show (also known as The Archies) is an American musical sitcom television series produced by Filmation for CBS. Based on the Archie Comics, created by Bob Montana in 1941, The Archie Show aired Saturday mornings on CBS from September 1968 to August 1969, when it was replaced by an hour-lo...
The Bugs Bunny/Looney Tunes Comedy Hour (1985 - 1986) - A briefly-lasting version of "The Bugs Bunny Show" this is what the show was called when it moved back to ABC in 1985. The show was an hour long and did not air Tweety or Speedy Gonzales cartoons but they were added a year later when the show was renamed "The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show".
Don't Forget the Lyrics! (2007 - 2011) - Hosted by Wayne Brady a single contestant must sing onscreen lyrics to popular songs live but must keep singing remembering the lyrics themselves when the music and words stop. Contestants sang 10 songs for $1,000,000.
Monster Farm (1998 - 1999) - The series was about a young man from the city named Jack Haylee and the farm he inherits from his great Uncle Harloff. What he finds when he arrives is a bizarre collection of farm animals. Together, this unlikely managerie must work to help their new owner save their home from the curiosity-seeker...
Ruin Explorers (1995 - 1995) - Ruin Explorers is OVA fantasy comedy series from ANIMATE and Asia-Do. This series about treasure hunters Iri (a sorceress who turns into a mouse whenever she uses her magic) and Fam (a sorceress catgirl) trying to find a item called the Ultimate Power. While on their journey they come across a princ...
The Fugitive (T.V.) (1963 - 1967) - Dr. Richard Kimble, an Indiana pediatrician, is accused, arrested, tried and convicted of the murder of his wife. Kimble claims he was on his way home from a drive when the murder occurred, and saw a one-armed man running from his house upon his return. Kimble manages to escape from the detective as...
When the Boat Comes In (1976 - 1981) - BBC TV Series
Promised Land (1996 - 1999) - When Russell Greene loses his job, he decides to go on the road with his family. So he gathers his wife, Claire, his son, Josh, his daughter, Dinah, his mother, Hattie, and his nephew, Nathaniel and hits the road. With only an old Suburban, a trailer, and a dream, Russell and his family are now trav...
Commando Cody - Radar Men from the Moon (1952 - 1952) - Commando Cody is a freelance civilian scientist who has owns a laboratory, in this facility he has a full staff of assistants, a rocket ship with ability to travel to the moon and the his own personal rocket pack. Cody is called to action when various military and major facilities are attacked and t...
Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997 - 2004) - Utena Tenjou's parents died when she was a little girl. At that time, a prince appeared to her and gave her a signet ring with a rose crest. He told Utena to keep the ring and promised that they would meet again someday. Utena was so impressed by him that she decided to become a prince herself! Uten...
Mrs. PepperPot (1983 - 1984) - The show is about an elder woman, who lives with her grumpy man in a house in a forrest. She has a teaspoon on her necklace and at the most inconvenient times, she shrinks to the size of the teaspoon. When she is small, she can talk to animals.
The Ghost Hunter (1999 - 2002) - The Ghost Hunter series centred around Roddy and Tessa Oliver, two ordinary children whose lives are turned upside down when William Povey, a shoeshine boy from Victorian England appears in Roddy's bedroom as a ghost and appeals to him for help. The Ghost Hunter is searching for William in order to...
Slam Dunk (1993 - 1996) - Hanamichi's reputation in high school is either as a delinquent or as a loser.He spends most of his time either getting into trouble,or getting regected by his most recent infatuation.When he falls in love with Haruko,things begin to change.He joins the basketball team just to impress her,but soon f...
Dirty Pair Flash (1994 - 1996) - Kei and Yuri were originally junior auxiliary agents in the Worlds Works and Welfare Agency (W.W.W.A. or 3WA for short) when the two were paired together under the codename "Lovely Angels." Kei was coming off her fourth probation for something she had done, and Yuri's dating exploits were common kno...
Dirty Pair (1985 - 1988) - Can you handle girls with guns? How about two of them? Meet the original girls with guns: Kei and Yuri, the Lovely Angels, top agents of the World Welfare & Works Association (3WA), better known to the rest of the galaxy as the Dirty Pair. And when the 3WA unleashes this infamous pair, the bad guys...
The Adventures of Spot (1986 - 2001) - Based on the best-selling books by Eric Hill, Spot's first book was written in the late '50s. Spot made his deut on T.V. in 1986. When spot came to the US, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from "Home Improvements" and "The Lion King") did the voice-overs for the US until 1997. Spot came to an end in 2001 whe...
You Again? (1986 - 1986) - Ever since his bitter divorce years earlier, Henry Willows (Jack Klugman) had been leading a quiet, peaceful life -- and he'd become set in his ways. But when his 17 year-old son, Matt (John Stamos), whom he'd not seen since the divorce, came knocking on the door, Henry found his life being turned u...
TGIF (1989 - 2005) - TGIF was a Friday night block of sitcoms on ABC. The block was designed by ABC as a family-friendly alternative to other channels. ABC was known for featuring family-friendly Friday night programming since the 1950s. When Jim Janicek became president of ABC, he envisioned a new programming block to...
NFL on NBC (1939 - Current) - In 1955, NFL on NBC is the brand given to NBC Sports coverage of National Football League games until 1998, when NBC lost the NFL American Football Conference rights to CBS. The program goes as far back as 1939 and the first ever televised football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Brookl...
kid shows (1900 - 2014) - remembering when you where a kid
Fighting Foodons (2001 - 2002) - Anime series based off of the manga of the same name. It all started some years ago when a culinary-confused king asked a question to his chefs. Which would be stronger: tofu surprise or stuffed duck? The king's chefs thought the king had gone a little too heavy on the nutmeg. One mysterious chef kn...
The New Adventures of Nanoboy (2008 - 2010) - Nine-year-old Oscar often gets picked on for his small size, but he's a little boy hiding a big secret: he's Nanoboy, the world's smallest superhero. When there's trouble in the world of molecules, Oscar shrinks down to be smaller than the average cell to fight off little villains that could mean bi...
Dinozaurs (2000 - 2000) - It has been 65,000,000 years since the Dino Knights had last defeated the Dragozaurs. When the Dragozaurs returned, a boy named Kaito has reawakened the Dino Knights.
Late Night (1982 - Current) - A late night talk/sketch comedy show on NBC. Hosted at first by David Letterman and then by Conan O'Brien. The show originally began airing only four nights a week, Monday through Thursday, with Friday night shows later being added. When it debuted in 1982, it was hosted by David Letterman and would...
Reba (2001 - 2007) - Starring country music star Reba McEntire. The show is set in Houston, Texas, and stars Reba McEntire as a wisecracking single mother Reba Nell Hart, whose dentist ex-husband Brock has left her to marry young, ditzy Barbra Jean after an affair with her, when it is revealed in the pilot episode that...
Jackie Chan Adventures (2000 - 2005) - Based on fictionalized version of film-maker Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan is an amateur archaeologist living above his uncle's antique shop in San Francisco, California when he comes across a magical artifact in a hidden treasure room of a Bavarian castle. This brings him to the attention of Captain Au...
X-Play (1998 - 2013) - What do you get when you cross video game news and sketch comedy? You get X-Play, the biggest and most popular gaming show on TV! The show began as Gamespot TV in 1998 on the ZDTV Network and featured a set format for each episode. Each episode would start off with Game News, where Adam Sessler or L...
Pulse (2002 - 2004) - Pulse is a prerecorded weekly news show that focused on the gaming industry that ran on cable TV channel G4. Originally hosted by Ronilyn Reilly and Jim Downs before co-anchor Patrick Clark took over. Kevin Pereira briefly served as co-host when Reilly left the show. Pereira was then replaced with A...
Lost (2004 - 2010) - The survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were 1,000 miles off course when they crashed on a lush, mysterious island. Each person possesses a shocking secret, but they've got nothing on the island itself, which harbors a monstrous security system, a series of underground bunkers and a group of violent sur...
Ristorante Paradiso (2009 - 2009) - When Nicoletta was a little girl, her mother, Olga, abandoned her and ran off to Rome to remarry. Now, 15 years later and a young woman, she travels to Rome with the intention of ruining her mother's life. She tracks Olga down to a restaurant called Casetta dell'Orso, but the second Nicoletta steps...
WBBM-TV Newscasts (1946 - Current) - WBBM-TV in Chicago presently broadcasts 30 and a half hours of locally produced newscasts each week. The news department started in 1946, when its call letters at the time was WBKB-TV on Channel 4, and B&K News was the first regularly scheduled newscast, then in 1947, the re-name of the newscast ti...
CBS Sunday Movie (1949 - 2006) - The CBS Sunday Movie (also known at various times as the CBS Sunday Night Movie) was the umbrella title for a made-for-TV and feature film showcase series carried by CBS until the end of the 20052006 television season, when it was replaced with drama series. It was the last of the weekly Sunday nig...
One to Grow On (1983 - 1989) - One to Grow On is an educational public service announcement that broadcast during NBC's Saturday morning line-up from 1983 to 1989, when the network ran cartoons. The name is taken from the custom of putting an extra candle on a birthday cake as "one to grow on". One to Grow On focused on ethical a...
Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular (1977 - Current) - The Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular is an annual television broadcast of the Independence Day fireworks show in New York City, and has been broadcast annually either on WPIX-TV, syndication or NBC since 1977, with the exception of 1986 when the pyrotechnics were held as part of the weekend-...
Live! (1983 - Current) - Syndicated morning talk show that has aired since 1983. With roots in A.M. Los Angeles and A.M. New York, Live began as "The Morning Show", hosted by Regis Philbin and Cyndy Garvey; the show rose to national prominence as "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee", when Philbin was joined by Kathie Lee Giffor...
ESPN College GameDay (1987 - Current) - Pre-Game show broadcast by ESPN on site right before a college football or college basketball game. Initially covering only football when it was introduced, a spin-off for college basketball games began in 2005. The show is always on site from the campus of the team hosting a featured game being pla...
Monday Night Countdown (1993 - Current) - ESPN Monday Night Countdown, branded for sponsorship purposes as Monday Night Countdown presented by Courtyard by Marriott is an American pregame television program that is broadcast on ESPN, preceding Monday Night Football. When it debuted in 1993 as NFL Prime Monday, and Monday Night Football was...
NHL on USA (1979 - Current) - NHL on USA is the de facto title of a television show that broadcasts National Hockey League games on the USA Network. First airing coverage in 1979 when the channel first became "USA Network", the channel exclusively broadcast the NHL's regular season along with the Stanley Cup Playoffs and became...
Motorsports on NBC (1979 - Current) - Motorsports on NBC is the branding NBC has used when broadcasting auto racing events on TV. NASCAR was the first motorsport that NBC aired beginning in 1979, but NBC now also airs IndyCar Racing under the title "The IndyCar Series on NBC", IMSA under the title "IMSA on NBC", F1 Racing in partnership...
PBA on ESPN (1985 - 2018) - PBA on ESPN is the branding used for Professional Bowlers Association broadcasts on the ESPN cable television network. ESPN's relationship with bowling began in 1985, when ESPN aired the 12 Summer Tour events. By 2001, ESPN would provide exclusive coverage of 20 regular-season events and four to six...
NBA on USA (1979 - 1984) - The NBA on USA is the de facto name for the USA Network's National Basketball Association television coverage. When the USA Network signed a three-year (running through the 1981-82 season), $1.5 million deal, it marked the first time that the NBA had a cable television partner. USA would extend thei...
KTTV-TV Newscasts (1949 - Current) - KTTV-TV in Los Angeles presently broadcasts 49 hours of local newscasts each week. When KTTV was first sign-on in 1949, it had its news title: "KTTV Newsreel". Newscasts on KTTV began in 1951 with newscast title: "The George Putnam News." Newscasts were not on KTTV from 1964 until returning in th...
Amp (1996 - 2001) - Amp was a music video program on MTV that aired from 1996 to 2001. It was aimed at the electronic music and rave crowd and was responsible for exposing many electronica acts to the mainstream. When co-creator Todd Mueller (who had worked on this with V. Owen Bush, Amy Finnerty and show co-creator Bu...
Soccer on NBC Sports (1986 - Current) - Soccer on NBC Sports is a number of television programs that have aired Association football matches in the United States on NBC and NBCSN. NBC began by airing the 1986 FIFA World Cup for the United States. They sporadically aired soccer matches from various league until 012 when they briefly became...
Butt-Ugly Martians (2001 - 2003) - Butt-Ugly Martians is a computer-animated television series produced by the British media group Just Entertainment in association with Mike Young Productions and DCDC Limited. The plot of the series begins when the Butt-Ugly Martians (B.U.M.) are forced to invade planets for the evil Emperor Bog, bu...
CMT Music Awards (1988 - Current) - Beginning as the Viewers' Choice Awards in 1988 as aired on The Nashville Network (TNN) the show merged with the Music City News Awards in 1990. The show became the TNN/Music City News Country Awards. In 1999 when Music City news ended publication the show became the Country Weekly presents the TNN...
Pith Possum: Super Dynamic Possum of Tomorrow (1995 - 1995) - A spoof of the Batman comics, with the superhero Pith Possum and his sidekick Obediah the Wonder Raccoon fighting crime in Possum City when called by the gorilla Commissioner Stress and the monkey Lieutenant Tension. Pith Possum's true identity is lowly tabloid copyboy Peter Possum. Pith Possum figh...
Tex Tinstar: The Best in the West (1995 - 1995) - A parody of Wild West serials involving the cowboy Tex Tinstar, his horse Here Boy, and Tex's friends Smelly Deputy Chafe, Percy Lacedaisy, and Floyd the Insane Rattlesnake who always get into trouble when pursuing a group of outlaws called the Wrong Riders consisting of Wrongo, Ian, and Clem. The e...
Kate & Mim-Mim (2014 - 2018) - Five year-old Kate has lots of adventures with her toy bunny rabbit, Mim-Mim. Kate heads to the imaginary land of Mimiloo to spend time with her friends when she has problems at home.
Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures (2019 - Current) - The new Mickey series replacing Mickey and the Roadster Racers. When Mixed-Up adventures premiered, reruns of Mickey and The Roadster Racers were renamed "Mickey Mouse Roadster Racers." Mixed-Up Adventures has the new Hot Dog Dance.
Clifford's Puppy Days (2003 - 2006) - A prequel series to the Clifford series from 2000. Set two years (1998) before the events of Clifford the Big Red Dog, the series focuses on when Clifford is a tiny red puppy, the runt of the litter in a litter of puppies given birth to by the pet dog of Emily Elizabeth's neighbor, Mr. Bradley (who...
Drifters (2016 - 2016) - At the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, Toyohisa Shimazu is the rearguard for his retreating troops, and is critically wounded when he suddenly finds himself in a modern, gleaming white hallway. Faced with only a stoic man named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on both sides, Toyohisa is pulled into the...
American Music Awards (1974 - Current) - The American Music Awards (AMAs) is an annual American music awards show, generally held in the Fall, created by Dick Clark in 1973 for ABC when the network's contract to air the Grammy Awards expired. It is the first of the Big Three music award shows held annually (the others being the Grammy Awar...
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (2015 - Current) - In modern-day Paris, teenagers Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste transform into superheroes when evil arises.
Space Jam(1996) - Swackhammer is the owner of a decrypt and run-down amusement park in space named Moron Mountain. When the park is in danger of going out of business he sends his minions the Nerdlucks to Earth where they kidnap the Looney Tunes thinking they would be a great new attraction. Bugs Bunny forms a bet wi...
The Nightmare Before Christmas(1993) - Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King in Halloween Town, is tired of the same old scares. When he discovers the magical Christmas Town, he devises a plot to take over Christmas and add a Halloween feel to it, turning it into a nightmare in this Tim Burton Stop-motion masterpiece.
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory(1971) - Eccentric candy man Willy Wonka prompts a worldwide frenzy when he announces that golden tickets hidden inside five of his delicious candy bars will admit their lucky holders into his top-secret confectionary. But does Wonka have an agenda hidden amid a world of Oompa Loompas and chocolate rivers?...
Toy Story(1995) - Toy Story is about the 'secret life of toys' when people are not around. When Buzz Lightyear, a space-ranger, takes Woody's place as Andy's favorite toy, Woody doesn't like the situation and gets into a fight with Buzz. Buzz accidently falls out the window and Woody is accused by all the other toys...
Aladdin(1992) - Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in Agrabah, a large and busy town with his faithful monkey friend Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Under the orders of t...
Titanic(1997) - Deep-sea explorer Brock Lovett has reached the most famous shipwreck of all - the Titanic. Emerging with a safe believed to contain a diamond called 'The Heart of the Ocean', he discovers the safe does not hold the diamond but a drawing of a beautiful woman wearing it. When Brock is later interviewe...
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope(1977) - A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, an Empire controls the inhabitants of hundreds of worlds with an iron fist. Fighting for freedom from the Empire's suffocating hold on the galaxy, a rebellion aided by Princess Leia (Fisher) makes their way back to base when they are boarded by an Imperial...
Good Burger(1997) - Based on a sketch from the long running Nickelodeon hit comedy All That. The dimwitted Good Burger Employee ED first meets laid back teen slacker Dexter Reed,When ED runs out into the street delivering fast food on roller blades thus causing Dexter to wreck both his mother and teachers car. In order...
Donkey Kong Country Legend of the crystal coconut(1999) - In this film many adventers hapen Since DK was chosen to be ruler of Congo Bongo, he wanted to know EVERYTHING about the Crystal Coconut. When he asked Inka Dinka Doo the secrets of the Coconut, Inka Dinka Doo said "You must give up everything!". DK thought that he had to give up the Coconut to K.Ro...
Howard The Duck(1986) - Considered one of the most notorious box-office flops in history (next to the 'Road to Morocco'-ripoff 'Ishtar' with Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty the following year), 'Howard the Duck' became the laughing stock of critics and movie-goers alike when it was released in theaters in 1986. If its exe...
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America(1996) - When their TV is stolen, Beavis and Butthead go out on a search for a new TV. Unfortunately for them, the Run into a man named Muddy (Bruce Willis) Who wants the pair to "do" his wife Dallas (Demi Moore) in Las Vegas. When they get there, Beavis is planted with a deadly chemical device, and the pair...
The Monster Squad(1987) - Sean Crenshaw and his friends are completely obsessed with monsters and are pretty much outcast in society. However when strange things start to stir up the town Sean realizes that there are real monsters in his town but not just any normal monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, The W...
Child's Play(1988) - After six year old Andy Barclay's babysitter is violently pushed out of a window to her death, nobody believes him when he says that "Chucky"; his new birthday doll, did it! Until things start going terribly wrong... dead wrong. Staring- Brad Drouif as Chucky!
Killer Klowns from Outer Space(1988) - When a small town is invaded by aliens from outer space who are capturing and killing the townspeople, no one takes them seriously. Why? The aliens all look like circus clowns, use weapons that look clown like, and all have painted on smiles. Only a few of the young people in the town realize the da...
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?(1988) - Toon star Roger Rabbit is worried that his wife Jessica is in love with someone else, so the studio hires detective Eddie Valiant to spy on her. But the stakes are quickly raised when Marvin Acme is found dead and Roger is the prime suspect. Groundbreaking interaction between the live and animated c...
Toy Story 2(1999) - In "Toy Story 2," the fun and adventure continues when Andy goes off to summer camp and the toys are left to their own devices. Things shift into high gear when an obsessive toy collector kidnaps Woody who unbeknownst to himself is a highly valued collectable. It's now up to Buzz Lightyear and the g...
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace(1999) - Long, long ago in a galaxy far far away the peaceful planet of Naboo has been invaded by the Trade Federation. Secretley Chancellor Valorum dispatches two jedi knights, Qui-Gon Jinn and his apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi, to negotiate with the Trade Federation leader Nute Gunray. When on the ship Qui-Gon...
Beetlejuice(1988) - After Barbara and Adam Maitland are killed in a car crash, they find themselves trapped as ghosts in their beautiful New England farmhouse. Their peace is disrupted when a yuppie family, the Deetzs, buy it. They are too nice and harmless as ghosts and all their efforts to scare the Deetzs away are u...
Ferris Bueller's Day Off(1986) - Ferris is a street-wise kid who knows all the tricks. Today he decides to take the day off school. When Ferris takes the day off, so must his best friends, Cameron and Sloane. Cameron is reluctantly persuaded to borrow his father's Ferrari, and together they hatch a plan to get Sloane out of class....
The Rocky Horror Picture Show(1975) - The movie starts with a 20th Century FOX logo (like Star Wars). When a young couple's (Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon) car breaks down, they walk to a freaky castle to get assistance. But the castle is run by a bunch of oddballs from a distant galaxy, and things go from bad, to much muc
Home Alone(1990) - Now and forever a holiday classic among children, Home Alone tells the story of eight-year-old Kevin McCallister, who finds himself man of the house overnight when his family departs on a Christmas vacation to Paris without him. Being eight and in-charge seems like any young child's dream, being abl...
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure(1989) - Bill and Ted have spent so much time forming their rock band, The Wyld Stallyns, that they're flunking history. When Ted's dad threatens to send him away to military school, Bill and Ted realize it could mean the most heinous end of The Stallyns! Luckly, a guide from the future, Rufus, has come to...
Stand by Me(1986) - Stand by Me a Rob Reiner film. Tells the tale of Gordie Lachance, a writer who looks back on his preteen days when he and three close friends went on their own adventure to find the body of a kid their age who had gone missing a presumed dead. The stakes are upped when the bad kids in town are clos...
Oliver & Company(1988) - Oliver Is Befriended By Dodger, The Mischievous Little Kitten Is Welcomed By Dodger's Pack Of Dogs, The Dogs Run Into Trouble When The Evil Mastermind Sykes Schemes To Kidnap A Girl, It's Up To The Brave Kitten And His Friends To Race To The Rescue In An Electrifying Chase Through New York City's Su...
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure(1985) - The love of Pee-wee Herman's life is his bicycle. When it is stolen, he is goes on a wild cross country adventure after a fortune teller tells him his bicycle is in the basement of the Alamo. Along the way, Pee-wee encounters an escaped convict, a waitress with wanderlust and a jealous boyfriend, an...
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story(1993) - In this animated children's film from Amblin Entertainment, a group of four dinosaurs, including a tyrannosaurus rex, a triceratops, a hadrosaur, and a pterodactyl, are brought forward in time to New York City to entertain and befriend the children. However, when the dinosaurs are threatened by an e...
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back(1980) - Darth Vader is helping the Empire crush the rebellion determined to end the Empire's domination of the universe. The rebels are based on Hoth, and when troops arrive to wipe them out, Han Solo and Princess Leia flee to Cloud City. Luke Skywalker, in a bid to strengthen his knowledge of the force, fi...
The Warriors(1979) - When Cyrus, President of the largest and most powerful street gang (The Gramercy Riffs) in all of New York, calls a massive truce between 100 gangs in five boroughs, everyone shows their colors at the meeting. But something goes terribly wrong. Cyrus is shot dead and the meeting is raided by cops. T...
The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure(1994) - The first sequel to Don Bluth's popular The Land Before Time furthers the adventures of Littlefoot and his pals, who by this time are living in the Great Valley. The young dinos' adventures begin when they set out to prove how grown up they are by solving the mystery of an egg thief. Unfortunately,...
Rock-A-Doodle(1992) - When Chanticleer the Rooster (Glenn Campbell) is tricked into leaving town to seek fame as an Elvis-style Las Vegas singer, his farm is plunged into eternal darkness. This animated musical from Don Bluth centers on a young farm boy who embarks on a magical journey into the animal world to try and br...
Tommy Boy(1995) - Everything is going good for Tommy, he has just graduated from college after attending for seven years. And so he visits his dad who is in charge of a large brake pads corporation called Callahan, (After their last name.) But when his father dies, Tommy must overcome his clumsiness to save the compa...
The Swan Princess(1994) - Princess Odette and Prince Derek are just kids...and their parents want to betroth them to unite their kingdoms. The problem is Odette and Derek despise each other-until they become adults. Prince Derek finds Odette irresistible and proposes to her. When she feels that he is only doing this because...
Mr. Boogedy(1986) - When the Davis family moves to Lucifer falls, they quickly learn that their less-than-humble abode harbors a ghost. Several hundred years earlier, Mr. Boogedy, as he came to be known, sold his soul for a magic cloak, that he'd hoped would win him the affection of widow Marion. When his scheme fail...
The Exorcist(1973) - Director William Friedkin was a hot ticket in Hollywood after the success of The French Connection, and he turned heads (in more ways than one) when he decided to make The Exorcist as his follow-up film. Adapted by William Peter Blatty from his controversial bestseller, this shocking 1973 thriller s...
Garfield's Halloween Adventure(1985) - When Garfield is suddenly awoken one lazy morning by the Binky The Clown show, a character who Grafield dislikes, he is enlightened by the painted one when he learns that today is in fact Halloween. Garfield suddenly grows alert when he realizes that tonight is the night when you go knocking on door...
Big Daddy(1999) - Sonny Koufax graduated from law school years ago but chose not to take the bar exam. Instead he works as a toll booth collector, and spends his day loafing around. One day his grilfriend decides that she has had enough, and tells Sonny that things have to change or else it's over. When Sonny's roomm...
Mulan(1998) - When the Huns invade China, the Emperor decrees that one man from every family will serve in the Imperial Army. When Mulan's injured and ailing father must fight, she disguises herself as a man and goes in his place. Her ancestors try to send the Great Stone Dragon to fetch her but Mushu, a dragon w...
Yellow Submarine(1968) - When the Blue Meanies invade Pepperland, Young Fred flees in a Yellow Submarine to bring back help. Soon he stumbles upon the Beatles, and the quartet head back to Pepperland with him to defeat the evil blue ones. Along the way, they stop through several bizarre "seas" and befriend a young boob na...
The Prince of Egypt(1998) - Based on the Biblical tale of Moses, the man who was adopted into the royal family of ancient Egypt. Moses later had to flee when he accidently kills a man to protect a slave. But then returns to Egypt to let God's people go.
Karate Kid(1984) - Daniel and his mother move from New Jersey to California. She has a wonderful new job but Daniel discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesn't fit into the blond surfer crowd, especially when he tries to date one of their girl friends. Daniel manages to talk his way out of so...
Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird(1985) - When a pesky social worker thinks Big Bird should be with his own kind (other birds) instead of living on the diverse Sesame Street, she sends him to a foster with a family of Dodos, but he is not happy and runs away. Big Bird begins a long adventure wandering the country. In the mean time, his frie...
Adventures In Babysitting(1987) - Chris has a big night out planned when her boyfriend cancels on her. She agrees to babysit for a pre-teen girl and a pubescent boy. She's settled in for a dull night when a girlfriend calls her to say she's marooned at a downtown bus station with very seedy characters around. The three plus one of t...
Independence Day(1996) - Finally, the question "are we alone in the universe" has been answered. People react with fear, wonder, and excitement while dozens of fifteen mile long ships silently take up positions over cities across the globe. When MIT graduate turned satallite repair man David Levinson discovers a hidden si...
Young Frankenstein(1974) - When the Grandson of Dr. Frankenstein comes to Transylvania to inherit the Frankenstein castle, he follows in his grandfathers footsteps and creates another Frankenstein monster. Possibly the best Mel Brooks movie on record---with many endearing lines use
James and the Giant Peach(1996) - James' happy life at the English seaside is rudely ended when his parents are killed by a rhinoceros and he goes to live with his two horrid aunts. Daringly saving the life of a spider he comes into possession of magic boiled crocodile tongues, after which an enormous peach starts to grow in the gar...
The Indian in the Cupboard(1995) - On his birthday, a young boy receives two gifts. One is a small plastic toy of an Indian man, and the other is a cupboard. But when these two items meet, something amazing happens.
The Blair Witch Project(1999) - Combining Hi-8 video with black and white 16mm film, this film presents a raw look at what can happen when college students forego common sense and enter the world of voodoo and witchcraft. Presented as a straight-forward documentary, the film opens with a title card explaining that in 1994, three s...
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls(1995) - Africa's the place and Ace is on the case, setting out to rescue an animal he loathes - a bat! Jim Carrey returns as Ace, the alligator-wrasslin', elephant-calling, monkeyshining, loogie-launching, burning coals-crossing, disguise-mastering pet detective. If you're ready to laugh like a pack of hyen...
Scream(1996) - One year after Sidney's moms death, more killings start to occur. Their only clue is a ghost mask. A local tabloid reporter, Gale Weathers is on the case to find out who the killer is. She tells Sidney that it could possibly be the same man that killed her mom one year earlier. When the night comes,...
Airplane!(1980) - This is a spoof of the airport disaster movies. When the crew of an airplane are struck by some form of virus from food poisoning, the fate of the passengers depends on an ex-war pilot who is the only one able to land the plane safely! The passengers represent a selection of interesting wacky charac...
Antz(1998) - In this animated hit, a neurotic worker ant in love with a rebellious princess rises to unlikely stardom when he switches places with a soldier. Signing up to march in a parade, he ends up under the command of a bloodthirsty general. But he's actually been enlisted to fight against a termite army.
The Last Starfighter(1984) - A teenager in a California trailer park has big dreams of going to college and leaving his hometown behind, and taking his girl with him. Only, plans chains when he busts the record on the canteen's Starfighter machine. Recruited by the Star League, Alex must come to grips with his self-doubt, and...
Mrs. Doubtfire(1993) - Daniel Hillard likes to entertain children. His job is providing voices for cartoons, but when he disagrees with the image that the studio wants to convey to children, he's fired. It is also his son's birthday and feeling down and wanting to do something special for him, he throws a wild children's...
Troll(1986) - When a family moves into a San Francisco apartment, an opportunistic troll decides to make his move and take possession of little Wendy (Jenny Beck), thereby paving the way for new troll recruits, the first in his army that will take eventual control of the planet. As luck would have it, the buildin...
Aladdin and the King of Thieves(1996) - At long last, Aladdin is about to marry the Princess Jasmine. Despite the presence and encouragement of his friends Genie, Carpet, and Abu, he is fearful and anxious. He is most worried as to what kind of father he will be, having never known his own. But when the 40 Thieves disrupt the wedding tryi...
A Little Princess(1995) - When her father enlists to fight for the British in WWI, young Sara Crewe goes to New York to attend the same boarding school her late mother attended. She soon clashes with the severe headmistress, Miss Minchin, who attempts to stifle her creativity and sense of self- worth. Her belief that "every...
Here Comes Garfield(1982) - When Odie gets dognapped by the City Pound after annoying an old neighbor from next door, It is up to Garfield to break Odie out of there if he stops being lazy and eating too much lasagna.
Back To The Future Part III(1990) - The final installment of the Back to the Future trilogy finds Marty digging the trusty DeLorean out of a mineshaft and looking up Doc in the Wild West of 1885. But when their time machine breaks down, the travelers are stranded in a land of spurs. More problems arise when Doc falls for pretty school...
The Santa Clause(1994) - When divorced dad Scott Calvin goes to sleep on Christmas Eve with his son Charlie who is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, Scott breaks to Charlie the news that Santa is not real. When they hear the noise of Santa landing on thier roof, they both run outside where Scott sees Santa on the...
Die Hard(1988) - It's Christmas Time In L.A. And There's A Christmas Party On The 30th Floor Of The Nakatomi Plaza, It All Comes To A Hault When The Partygoers Are Taken Hostage By A Group Of Terrorists Lead By Hans Gruber Who Plans To Steal The $600 Million Dollars Locked In Nakatomi's Vault, Hans Gruber And His Gr...
The Velveteen Rabbit(1985) - Velvee, a stuffed bunny toy, is given to young Robert for Christmas. Soon, Velvee becomes loved best of all out of all of Robert's toys. But when Robert takes ill, everything he's come into contact with must be destroyed -- so it's up to the Nursery Fairy to rescu
Rocky(1976) - Rocky Balboa is a small town boxer with no goals or ambition in life. Until one day when he gets the chance to fight the world champion of boxing, Apollo Creed. And so he trains hard, all while trying to win over his friends' sister
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery(1997) - When agent Austin Powers fails to capture his worst enemy Dr. Evil in the 1960's, he must freeze himself for thirty years until Dr. Evil returns. Now in the 1990's, he must learn to adapt to a new way of life, and track down his old nemesis.
Predator(1987) - A team of commandos, led by Dutch Schaeffer, go on a mission to rescue captured airmen from terrorists. When they discover that the airmen have been slaughtered beyond recognition, the team decimates the enemy encampment. Before they can radio for a lift-off, an invisible alien specie begins to kill...
Heavyweights(1995) - Jerry, an overweight pre-teen, is sent to a "fat farm" for the summer, lured by the promise of go-karts and swimming fun. When he arrives, however, he finds that the camp has been bought out by an exercise/fitness guru whose mental stability quickly deteriorates. Jerry and his friends--including a c...
Short Circuit 2(1988) - When Number Five is sent from Newton and Stephanie's ranch to the big city to help Ben with his electronics business, he finds that his robotic talents are wanted by city low-life who want to turn Number Five int
Just One of the Guys(1985) - Terry Griffith's convinced that her teachers and peers don't take her seriously as a journalist because she's a girl. When she fails to secure an internship at a local paper, she decides to switch sides, literally! Posing as a boy at her brother's school, she's out to prove that the system's biase...
Coming to America(1988) - Prince Akeem, future king of the country Zamunda, has reached the age when he should marry. There's a to-be-wife for him already chosen, but he doesn't want to marry her. He decides that in America he might find a more indepndent wife for himself. His childhood friend and servant Semmi escorts him...
Little Giants(1994) - Danny O'Shea has forever lived in the shadow of his brother, the great football player Kevin O'Shea. Kevin was stronger, faster, and more popular. But when his daughter is cut from Kevin's pee-wee football team, Danny brings together a squad of picked-lasts and losers to prove to Kevin that he can s...
The Wedding Singer(1998) - Robbie Hart is singing the hits of the 1980s at weddings and other celebrations. He also can keep the party going in good spirit, he knows what to say and when to say it. Julia is a waitress at the events where Robbie performs. When both of them find someone to marry and prepare for their weddings,...
Rocky IV(1985) - Heavyweight boxing champion Rocky Balboa accompanies his friend Apollo Creed, who will be in an exhibition match against Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer who has been scientifically trained, using high tech equipment. When Drago kills Apollo in the ring, Rocky blames himself for Apollo's death, and promi...
Big Top Pee-Wee(1988) - In the world of Pee-Wee Herman's imaginations, Pee-Wee shares a story of his. His story is about a time when a big group of Circus people end up on his farm after a huge storm passed his far
The Land Before Time(1988) - Animation producer Don Bluth's fondness for overly cutesy characters and muddy color compositions work to the benefit of his feature-length cartoon The Land Before Time. Littlefoot, a brontosaurus child, must fend for himself when his mother is killed (shades of Bambi). With several other orphaned d...
An American Werewolf In London(1981) - While wandering the English moors on vacation, college yanks David (David Naughton) and Jack (Griffin Dunne) happen upon a quaint pub with a mysterious patronage who warn them not to leave the road when walking after dark. Irreverent of such advice as characters in horror films always are, the two d...
Interview with the Vampire(1994) - A night in San Francisco, during our time: A young journalist follows a man through the streets and they end up in an anonymous room. When the journalist starts to interview the man, the stranger tells him that he is a vampire, being over 200 years old. The journalist doesn't believe him, but after...
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers(1988) - It is October 30, 1988, and Michael Myers has been in a coma at the Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium since that night a decade ago when his doctor set him on fire in Haddonfield, IL. An ambulance makes its away along the road to Ridgemont in a thunderstorm, and Myers is soon on his way to another hospit...
Aliens(1986) - The only survivor of the Nostromo, Ripley is discovered in deep sleep half a century later by a salvage ship. When she is taken back to Earth, she learns that a human colony was founded on the same planet where the aliens were first found. She finds life hard to adjust to with her former employees s...
The Watcher in the Woods(1980) - When an American composer and his family rent a foreboding house in England from an eccentric recluse, Mrs. Aylwood (Bette Davis), a series of terrifying events occur, primarily to 17-year-old Jan. It turns out the eerie experiences are connected to Mrs. Aylwood's teenage daughter's disappearance un...
Inspector Gadget(1999) - Matthew Broderick stars in this live-action adaptation of the popular animated series. When a well-meaning but overly trusting security guard is wounded in an explosion created by the evil Dr. Claw, a beautiful scientist named Brenda (Joely Fisher) takes him under her wing and turns him into a crime...
Richie Rich(1994) - Richie is the son of one of the wealthiest man in the world. But when a relative tries to get his dirty hands on the family's money, Richie must team up with his friends, stop the bad guys, and save his parents.
Drop Dead Fred(1991) - Lots of kids have imaginary friends, but what if yours came back after you'd grown up? Elizabeth is struggling with her straying husband and overbearing mother when she comes across the old jack-in-the-box where her old friend was sealed by her mother. Freeing Fred, she is forced to come to grips...
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?(1993) - Gilbert Grape lives in Endora, a place where nothing much happens. The only times the police got something to do is when Gilbert's autistic brother Arnie tries to climb up on the watertower nearby. Taking care of Arnie is mostly Gilbert's task which can be pretty demanding, at least while you are wo...
The Borrowers(1997) - The Borrowers are 10 cm high and they borrow things from the family that lives in the house, but when they have to move, they agree, until Arrietty and Peagreen fall out of the moving van and go back to the house where they discover tha the Mr.Potter wants to demolish the house and turn the area int...
*batteries not included(1987) - When an old apartment complex is about to be torn down the residents need help. And they get it in an unusual form when small flying saucers come from space and help the residents with thei
Harriet the Spy(1996) - Harriet M. Welsch is a spy. But when her classmates find her secret notebook, the tables are turned on her. Can she win them back and still keep on going with the spy buisness? A tale about growing up and finding your own voice.
Top Gun(1986) - Maverick is a hot pilot. When he encounters a pair of MiGs over the Persian Gulf, his wingman is clearly outflown and freaks. On almost no fuel, Maverick is able to talk him back down to the Carrier. When his wingman turns in his wings, Maverick is moved up in the standings and sent to the Top Gun N...
Soylent Green(1973) - In an overpopulated futuristic Earth, a New York police detective finds himself marked for murder by government agents when he gets too close to a bizarre state secret involving the origins of a revolutionary and needed new foodstuff.
Selena(1997) - Selena Quintanilla was a major figure in Tejano music, a Grammy-winning recording artist, a beloved star in the American Southwest and Mexico, and seemed poised to cross over into mainstream popularity on the U.S. pop charts when she was murdered on March 31, 1995 by the president of her fan club. W...
Powder(1995) - When sheriff Barnum investigates the death of an elderly rural resident, he discovers a teenage grandson living in the basement. Raised by his grandparents, he has experienced the world only through books, never leaving the family farm. He is sent to a state home for boys where he has trouble fittin...
The Parent Trap(1998) - Identical twins, Annie and Hallie, whom were played by Lindsay Lohan were separated when their parents divorced. They met at camp and discovered that they were sisters. In order to get their parents back together, they switch places, Annie going to California and Hallie going to London. One has nev...
Xanadu(1980) - Sonny Malone (Michael Beck) is an artist, who is forced to go back to work when his plans to freelance don't pay off. Unhappy and stuck in a dead end job, he gets a little heavenly intervention in the form of Kira (Olivia Newton John, "Grease"). So when Sonny meets aging clarinet player Danny McGu...
The Aristocats(1970) - Dutchess is a cat, with three young kittens, Marie, Berlouise, and Toulouse who belong to the wealthy Madame in 1910 Paris. When Madame names her feline companions as her heirs (since she has no extended family or living realitives) when making out her will, her jealous butler Edgar, kidnaps and aba...
Uncle Buck(1989) - When Bob (Garrett M. Brown) and Cindy Russell (Elaine Bromka) have to leave town for a family emergency, they are left with no alternative but to call in Bobs brother, Buck (John Candy), to baby-sit. A jobless, lifelong bachelor with a heart of gold, Buck hardly seems the ideal baby-sitter. Charge...
Jack(1996) - Jack is a boy born with an unusual medical condition which makes him age four times faster than other children. When he finally goes to a normal school to start fifth grade, he acts like a child, but he looks like a 40-year-old man.
Fight Club(1999) - The story focuses on a disillusioned, death-obsessed pencil-pusher (Edward Norton) whose only apparent social stimulus comes from attending cancer support-group meetings. His dreary existence takes a decided turn for the anarchic when he meets an amoral and enigmatic guru named Tyler Durden (Brad Pi...
All Dogs Go To Heaven 2(1996) - When Gabriel's Horn Falls From Heaven, Annabelle Enlists Charlie And Itchy To Recover It, But Once On Earth, Charlie Falls In Love With Sasha LaFleur And Find Out About Dog Collars That Can Make Him And Itchy Solid Again, Following Carface, They Come Across An Elderly Dog Named Red, Who Give's Them...
Kindergarten Cop(1990) - LAPD Detective John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is on the trail of drug lord Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson). In order to convict Crisp, the police need the testimony of his ex-wife (Penelope Ann Miller). They track her to an elementary school in Oregon, and when John's partner falls ill, he is fo...
The Witches(1990) - In Nicolas Roeg's adaptation of Roald Dahl's novel The Witches, a young boy is vacationing at the seaside with his grandmother when he discovers that the hotel he is staying at is hosting a convention of witches. Eavesdropping on the witches, he learns that the Grand High Witch (Anjelica Huston) has...
Ernest Scared Stupid(1991) - Ernest (Jim Varney) gets into deep trouble when he decides to build a treehouse for the neighborhood kid and accidentally digs up an ugly, evil-tempered troll who hates all children and shows it by promptly turning the five kids helping Ernest into wooden sculptures. This is the fourth entry in the...
Fright Night(1985) - A teenage horror film addict is shocked to discover that his new next-door neighbor is a vampire in this delightful mix of horror and comedy. The problems only grow for young Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) when he expresses his thoughts about fanged new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon)...
The Shining(1997) - Jack Torrance (Steven Weber) takes a job at the foreboding Overlook Hotel for the winter. But when his son (Courtland Mead) taps into the evil psychic energy that thrives in the grand hotel, all hell break
Buffy the Vampire Slayer(1992) - Life gets a little more complicated for Buffy, a stereotypical cheerleader Valley girl, when it is revealed to her that she is the latest in a long line of Slayers, sworn to do battle against the evil forces of darkness. With the help of her mentor Merrick and her nare-do-well boyfriend Pike, she m...
Once Upon A Forest(1993) - When a toxic chemical spill destroys a forest and makes a young badger very sick, it's up to her friends to go off in search of some special plants that will help her get better.
Ernest Goes To Jail(1990) - In Ernest Goes to Jail, Jim Varney returns as leering idiot savant Ernest P. Worrall, star of scores of TV commercials and feature films. Varney also takes on a second role in the film: an unrepentant, cold-blooded murderer named Felix Nash. When Ernest serves on the jury for Nash's murder trial, Na...
The Little Mermaid - Based on Hans Christian Andersen's Classic Tale(1976) - Not exactly the kind of movie Disney would've commissioned to be made. This version is based more on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson with a few minor changes. Marina is a young mermaid who is fascinated by the human world and one night saves a prince when his ship sinks in a terrible sto...
Galaxy Quest(1999) - team of intrepid adventurers travels through the outer reaches of the galaxy, each week finding excitement and adventure on Galaxy Quest! Or at least that's the way it was in the mid-1970s, when brave if reckless Captain Peter Quincy Taggart, lovely Lieutenant Tawny Madison, and inscrutable alien D...
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2(1986) - Young DJ Vantia Block is hosting a music show when two renegade hoodlums phone her and start making trouble. The situation changes rapidly as the kids drive to a passageway and get sawed to pieces by Leatherface while the shocked DJ listens the kids' screams. Local sheriff approaches Block and convi...
Gleaming the Cube(1989) - Brian's adopted brother is killed when he discovers that the shop he works in sends weapons to Vietnam instead of medications. To the police it looks like suicide, but Brian knows better so he skates off to investigate the murde
A Troll in Central Park(1994) - A friendly troll with a magic green thumb grows one flower too many for the queen, whose laws require all trolls to act meanly, be ugly and scare humans whenever possible. As a punishment, he is exiled to a world of concrete, where he should live a life of proper trolldom: Manhattan. But of all plac...
Mystery Men(1999) - Can seven not-so-superheroes save a city of the future? Based on the comic book series created by Bob Burden, Mystery Men is set in the teeming metropolis of Champion City, where noble superhero Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear) keeps the peace and sees that justice is done. When Captain Amazing myster...
Look Who's Talking(1989) - Mollie is an accountant who has been having an affair with one of her clients, Albert, who happens to be married. When she becomes pregnant by him, she feels that he will be there always for her and the new baby. But when she gives birth, he breaks it off and Mollie is left to raise a new baby all b...
Real Genius(1985) - When a group of crazy college geniuses put their heads together, almost anything can happen. Hold on for a free-wheeling, uproarious look at just how much mischief a bunch of high IQers can concoct. Chris (Val Kilmer) is the top brain who just wants to party. Mitch (Gabe Jarret) is the 16 year old w...
The Pirate Movie(1982) - After attending a pirate-themed local carnival, '80s girl Mabel (Kristy McNichol, "Family," "Empty Nest," LITTLE DARLINGS) is knocked unconscious, beginning her fantasy about being trapped in the days when pirates roamed. The daughter of a Major General, Mabel falls for wayward pirate Frederick (Ch...
The Gate(1987) - The removal of an old tree in Glen's backyard reveals a large and mysterious hole. Glen and his sister, Al, are left to look after themselves for three days when their parents go away. This is when strange things begin to happen, all of them centered around the "hol
D3: The Mighty Ducks(1996) - This story focuses mainly on Charlie as he veers down the same self-loathing path Gordon took when he was a youth. The Ducks return to thier roots in the third installment of this seires. Back home in Minnesota. Tieing in with the first episode. After reaching the Top in D2 this story deals with the...
Lucas(1986) - A young nerdy boy hopes to gain acceptance in a high school by not backing down against the school bullies, attempting to make the football team and by befriending a new popular girl. His life is complicated when he falls in love with her while she falls in love with his protector, the school footba...
The Burbs(1989) - This story takes place in a typical American neighborhood, when some new neighbors come to live in the house next to Ray Peterson. These new people are really strange; nobody has ever seen them, their house is a real mess, and during the night you can hear weird noises from their basement. The only...
The Black Cauldron(1985) - Young pigkeeper Taran is sworn to look over a pig named Hen Wen, who knows the location of the fabled magical black cauldron. When the Evil Horned King finds out that the pig knows the location, Taran and Hen Wen embark on a frantic adventure to avoid capture by the horned one, encountering witche...
Ghostbusters II(1989) - Five years after the events of the first film, the Ghostbusters have been plagued by lawsuits and court orders, and their once-lucrative business is bankrupt. However, when Dana begins to have ghost problems again, the boys come out of retirement only to be promptly arrested. The Ghostbusters discov...
Return From Witch Mountain(1978) - In this follow-up to ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN, Tony (Ike Eisenmann) and Tia (Kim Richards) return to Earth for a vacation. However, that's cut short when egomaniacal Dr. Gannon (Christopher Lee) and his companion Letha (Bette Davis) discover Tony's powers, kidnap him, and attempt to use him to rule...
The Halloween Tree(1993) - The Halloween Tree is a 1993 animated fantasy-drama television movie produced by Hanna-Barbera and based on Ray Bradbury's 1972 fantasy novel of the same name. The film tells the story of a group of trick-or-treating children who learn about the origins and influences of Halloween when one of their...
Star Kid(1997) - Shy seventh-grader Spencer Griffith's life changes when the meteor falls into local junkyard and he finds a Cybersuit - the wise and strong robot from another galaxy. Spencer puts Cybersuit on and becomes a different kind of guy
Magic(1978) - directed by Richard Attenborogh from the novel by William Goldmen. a terrifing love story, a dummy wants to control his master (Anthony Hopkins) and kill people who threaten the deranged fantasy world that exists between the two. Corky (Hopkins) flees when forced to undergo a routine mental exam wh...
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves(1991) - When Robin and his Moorish companion come to England and the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham, he decides to fight back as an outlaw.
Chopping Mall(1986) - A group of teenagers that work at the mall all get together for a late night party in one of the stores. When the mall accidently goes on lock down before they can get out, The robot security system activates after a malfunction and goes on a killing spree. One by one the three bots try to rid the m...
Look Who's Talking Too(1990) - Mollie and James are together and raising a family, which now consists of an older Mikey and his baby sister, Julie. Tension between the siblings arises, and as well with Mollie and James when Mollie's brother Stuart moves in. Mikey is also learning how to use the toilet for the firs
The Princess Bride(1987) - A fairy tale about a beautiful girl who is to be married to a nasty prince, but who is in love with another. The acting styles of Carry Elwes and Mandy Patakin are in The Princess Bride. When a princess is captured by three evil men a man in black named Wesley comes to her rescue.
Big(1988) - JOSH is a 12 year old lad who goes to the carnival and wishes upon a wish machine to become bigger.his wish comes true when he wakes up in an older body. no1 believes him except his best mate who helps him get a job and fend for himself in the outside world.
Ernest Saves Christmas(1988) - When Santa Claus decides to retire, he appoints a washed-up kiddie show host (Douglas Seale) to take his place. Along the way, the real Santa ends up in the slammer on Christmas Eve, and it's up to goonish, glad-handing Ernest P. Worrall (Jim Varney) to bust him out. Varney plays a handful of suppor...
Mannequin(1987) - Jonathan Switcher is a young artist. He just doesn't seem to last in any job he does. But when he builds a mannequin, he makes it so perfect, he falls in love with it. It is the first thing he has made that makes him feel like a real artist. The mannequin ends up in the window of a big department st...
Night Of The Comet(1984) - Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) is a movie theater employee and her sister Samantha (Kelli Maroney) is a cheerleader. When a comet appears for the first time in several decades, the great majority of humanity disappears. Regina and Samantha are among the few people left on Earth, having to deal with...
Cobra(1986) - A gang of neo-fascist thugs, led by the self-proclaimed 'Night Slasher', are breaking into people's homes & cars, then killing them at random. When of of these thugs holds up a food store & takes hostages, Lt. Marian Cobretti - an intense, take-no-prisoners cop, is brought onto the scene to end the...
Dennis the Menace(1993) - Dennis, everyone's favorite kid from the comics is back. When his parents have to go out of town, he stays with Mr and Mrs Wilson. The little menace is driving Mr Wilson crazy. But Dennis is just trying to be helpful. Even to the thief he bumps into.
Godzilla vs Hedorah(1971) - One of the worst Godzilla films in the series. The King of the Monsters versus a beast spawned from pollution by the name of Hedorah. I don't know about you I think the writers were on acid or LSD when it comes to making a film like this. This disgraceful monster movie features musical numbers (e.g...
Wee Sing: Grandpa's Magical Toys(1988) - Join Peter, Sara, and David on their visit to Grandpa's. When Grandpa leaves the room, the magic begins. The children shrink to toy-size and meet Grandpa's Toys. Meet Punchinello, the clown, a muffin man, a farmer, some Scottish dancers, and more as they serve up plenty of laughs.
Super Fuzz(1980) - After being accidentally exposed to radiation, A policeman develops super powers. However, whenever he sees the color red,he temporarily loses his newly aquired abilities.
Splash, Too(1988) - In this made for TV follow-up to the Tom Hanks/Daryl Hannah blockbuster SPLASH, Todd Waring (THE RETURN OF THE SHAGGY DOG) and Amy Yasbeck (PROBLEM CHILD, "Wings") take over the roles of Allen and Madison. The pair return from the sea and try to start a new life in suburbia, but when Madison catch...
Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day(1968) - It's "Winds Day" in the Hundred Acre Wood, and everyone is wondering when it will end. Pooh visits Piglet, Rabbit, Eeyore, and Owl, but soon Owl's house crashes, and Eeyore is put in charge of finding a new one for him. Meanwhile, Tigger warns Pooh there could be heffalumps and woozles out to steal...
Sleeping Beauty(1959) - When an enchanted kingdom and the most fair Princess Aurora fall prey to the ultimate mistress of evil, Maleficent, the fate of the empire rests in the hands of three small, reclusive faries and a courageous prince's magical kiss. Their quest is fraught with preril as the spirited group must battle...
Mad Monster Party?(1967) - When Baron Von Frankenstein discovers the formula for a powerful anti-matter potion, he gathers all of the monsters -- and his nebbish nephew Felix -- for a party to announce his retirement. But the monsters aren't happy that he's named Felix as his successor, so they scheme to rub out the mortal....
Weekend At Bernies(1989) - When two bumbling businessmen, Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman), alert their boss, Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser), to an expensive discrepancy in the company books, he invites them to his home on the beach with the intent to have them murdered. However when they dis...
Blade(1998) - When Blade's mother was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, she did not know that she gave her son a special gift while dying: All the good vampire attributes in combination with the best human skills. Blade and his mentor Whistler battle an evil vampire rebel (Deacon Frost) who plans to take over...
Lean on Me(1989) - When a school in Paterson, New Jersey has a less than average basic skills test scores, it faces the possibility of being taken over by the state. So the mayor asks the school superintendent for help, he suggests that they appoint the controversial Joe Clark as the school principal. Clark begrudging...
Dogma(1999) - When two renegade angels decide to steal back into heaven, thus destroying the universe as we know it, it's up to the last decendent of Christ, two unlikely Prophets, the 13th apostle, and a muse with writer's block to stop them.
Godzilla Vs. Gigan(1972) - Giant alien cockroaches try to conqure earth with there remote controlled monsters, Gigan and King Ghidorah. When the millitary fails to stop these collosle walking nightmares, our only hope is Godzilla king of the monsters, and his best buddy Anguirus, as well as a cartoonist a kung fu bimbo and a...
Rush Hour(1998) - When a Chinese consul's daughter is kidnapped, two men, a strict Chinese martial artist and a cocky annoying LA cop, must overcome their differences and rescue her.
Revenge of the Nerds(1984) - Louis and Gilbert are worried that college will be just the same as highschool in the sense that they will be made fun of for being themselfs whic hin the public eyes are nerds, when they get to college they find ou
Pee-Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special(1988) - Pee-Wee and his pals in the playhouse celebrate a wacky christmas in this TV special. When Pee-Wee wishes for almost every toy in the world, Conky explodes as he makes a list for Pee-Wee. Santa finds out and then Pee-Wee learns a valueble lesson, you can't get everything you want! Along thw way, Pee...
Fletch(1985) - Irwin "Fletch" Fletcher (Chevy Chase) is a newspaper writer and a fast-talking master of disguise, using various looks to land interesting stories. When a millionaire named Alan Stanwyk (Tim Matheson) mistakes him for a beach bum (Fletch is doing research on drug dealing), Stanwyk offers Fletch mone...
Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller(1988) - Young Ralph James and his scheming friend Tommy Tricker collect stamps. But when Tommy snatches a rare stamp, Ralph discovers the secret of stamp travel to take him around the world and bring back the 75-year gone traveller Charle
Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home(1995) - Two years ago the boy Jesse helped the whale Willy to jump into freedom. Jesse enjoys the life with his adoptive parents, when his half-brother Elvis arrives because the dead of their mother. During a holiday trip Jesse meets Willy again, as well as his indian friend Randolph. A tender love develope...
Hobgoblins(1988) - Hobgoblins is set in a dusty old movie studio. Years earlier, a horror film had been in the works, but production had suddenly and mysteriously shut down. The reason becomes obvious when the title characters escape from the studio vaults. Chaos ensues, not to mention panic and havoc. Say, this sound...
For Keeps(1988) - Young, ambitious high school students Darcy Elliot (Molly Ringwald) and Stan Bobrucz (Randal Batinkoff) have a hitch thrown into their plans to attend college and pursue professional careers when they discover that Darcy is pregnant. Deciding against abortion or adoption, the couple decides to carry...
Blankman(1994) - Darryl Walker is a nerdy childlike inventor with a genius for inventing various gadgets out of his stuff. When he stumbles on a method to make his outfit instoppable, he becames the city's ultimate crime-fighter Blankman!
Pleasantville(1998) - When two teenagers, David and Jennifer fight over the remote control for the TV, they find themselves hurled into a classic TV show "Pleasantville." But then when they start influencing this perfect little town, things start to change.
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead(1991) - Single Mother goes away for the summer. The kids are first delighted but then find that Mom has hired the sitter from hell to stay with them. When the sitter dies of a sudden coronary they deposit the body at a mortuary only to discover all their Summer expense money was in her purse. The kids must...
The Baby-Sitters Club(1995) - Based on the bestselling book series about seven friends whose babysitting business leads to one adventure after another. When tomboy Kristy, president of the club, has a brilliant idea to run a summer day camp, the girls all agree it's the perfect way to spend their summer--together! But life gets...
Mouse Hunt(1997) - When the Founder of a string factory dies..his two sons inherit it. Due to a promise they made to their father on his death bed..they must agree what to do with it. When a pesky mouse is discovered..the brothers try everything to get rid of it.
Rambo III(1988) - John Rambo's former Vietnam superior, Colonel Samuel Trautman, has been assigned to lead a mission to help the Mujahedeen rebels who are fighting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, but the Buddhist Rambo turns down Trautman's request that Rambo help out. When the mission goes belly up and Trautman...
Die Hard With A Vengeance(1995) - John McClane Has Fallen On Hard Times But After Moving To New York City That He Has Developed A Heavy Drinking Problem And He Has Been Suspended From The NYPD But However When His Past Come's Back To Haunt Him In The Form Of Simon Gruber.
Better Off Dead(1985) - What is a teenage boy to do when his girlfriend dumps him for a ski jock? Suicide of course! However, each attempt he makes is a failure which only brings him more agony and embarrassment. Still obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, his next solution is to try and win her back, unless love is found with...
Newsies(1992) - Starring academy award winner Robert Duvall and screen favorite Ann-Margret, here's the true story of a courageous group of newsboys who become unlikely heroes when they team up to fight an unscrupulous newspaper tycoon. Determined to make their dreams come true, they find the courage to challenge...
Con Air(1997) - Former war hero Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) is sentenced to eight years in prison when he accidentally kills a man in a barroom brawl while defending his pregnant wife. When his release comes through, he's eager to see the daughter he's never met. However, Poe's original flight is delayed, so he's pu...
Paulie(1998) - Paulie, an intelligent parrot who actually talks, relates the story of his struggle to a Russian immigrant who works as a janitor at the research institute where he is housed and neglected. Paulie's story begins many years earlier when he is given as a gift to a little girl who stutters. Eventually,...
Vampire Hunter D(1985) - It is many thousand years in the future. Vampires once ruled the night but have seen their numbers reduced by fearless bounty hunters. One such hunter is D, the halfbreed son of a human mother and vampire father. When a girl from a rich family is taken from her home by the vampire Meier Link, her fa...
Leprechaun 4: In Space(1997) - In this episode of the grisly little green man's saga, the Leprechaun heads for outer space to steal the gold from a mining planet and to marry the girl of his dreams. When she is rescued by a unit of intergalactic commandos, the leprechaun sets off to get gory revenge.
New Year's Evil(1980) - In this horrific slasher outing, a punk rock disc jockey has a really bad night when a nutcase begins calling her every hour on New Year's Eve to inform her of his latest murder victim
Silent Night, Deadly Night(1984) - Offended parents and others protested this slasher film when it was released in 1984 because it portrays Billy (Robert Brian Wilson) as a toy-store Santa Claus who goes on a rampage and axes people to death while still in his Santa garb. Four sequels prove the adage that there is no such thing as ba...
Garfield in Paradise(1986) - Garfield, Jon, and Odie go to Hawaii and find themselves in love under the sun. But things heat up when a volcano's spirit hides in their car and they soon find out the story of how a previous car saved the village they visit. It all results in a race against time. Can the car appease the force of t...
Funny Farm(1988) - When Andy and Elizabeth buy a farm in Vermont, they can't imagine the trouble that awaits them. Andy has quit his job as a sports journalist and is planning to use the peace and quiet of the country to write the Great American Novel. From the moment the movers' truck gets lost with their furniture,...
Last Action Hero(1993) - Danny Madigan is a big movie buff. While watching an action movie, Danny's magic ticket transports him inside the movie alongside his number one hero Jack Slater. Its a dream come true for Danny, but things take a turn for the worst when a movie villain gets hold of the ticket and escapes into the r...
Searching for Bobby Fischer(1993) - A prepubescent chess prodigy refuses to harden himself in order to become a champion like the famous but unlikable Bobby Fischer.Josh Waitzkin is just a typical American boy interested in baseball when one day he challenges his father at chess and wins. Showing unusual precocity at the outdoor match...
Escape to Witch Mountain(1995) - Remake of the 1975 film with a few different twists and some amped effects. Twins Danny (Erik von Detten) and Anna (Elisabeth Moss) who were separated find their way back to each other with the aide of their magical powers, creating a pillar of light when they touch. Millionaire Edward Bolt (Rober...
American Beauty(1999) - Lester and Carolyn Burnham are on the outside, a perfect husband and wife, in a perfect house, in a perfect neighborhood. But inside, Lester is slipping deeper and deeper into a hopeless depression. He finally snaps when he becomes infatuated with one of his daughters friends. Meanwhile, his daughte...
Ninja III: The Domination(1984) - When a telephone repairwoman (Lucinda Dickey) runs into a ninja who was fatally shot by a group of cops, she reluctantly takes his Katana. Little does she know is that the sword is possessed by the deceased ninja's spirit and now she is under the control of the dead ninja who is longing for vengeanc...
The Elm Chanted Forest(1986) - An evil force is out to destroy the forest--somebody's got to help save the animals. And Peter Palette is just the one to do it. "Elm-chanted" by a magical tree, Peter is now gifted with the ability to talk to the animals. When he learns of the evil plot by Cactus King to turn the forest into a dese...
The Skateboard Kid(1993) - No one could be more bored than Zack, the new kid in town with no friends in sight. When a gang of hip, skateboarding thrashers start cruising his neighborhood, Zack hopes his luck will change. But they want nothing to do with him. Then Zack makes the discovery of his life: a talking wisecracking,...
Road House(1989) - Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is a famous cooler...The man who the bar owners go to when their bouncers aren't doing a good job. Lured away from a fancy dance club, he finds himself kicking ass and taking in names in a raucous small-town bar called the Double Deuce. Along the way, he falls in love with a...
Son in Law(1993) - Classic Paulie Shore. Country girl Rebecca begins college in Los Angeles. There she meets Crawl, a student who is crazy, unpredictable and wild. During the holidays she brings him with her home. Her parents have never seen anything like him and are shocked when Rebecca tells them that they are engag...
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle(2000) - When enemies Boris, Natasha and Fearless leader escape into the real world with a nefarious scheme, Rocky & Bullwinkle do the same and team up with a young F.B.I. agent to stop the trio.
A Muppet Family Christmas(1987) - Fozzie and the rest of the Muppets, including the Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock gangs, celebrate Christmas with Fozzie's mom. Miss Piggy, unfortuantely, is stuck in a winter storm when she is trying to return home from Christmas shopping, and is desperate to celebrate. Will she make it in time? The...
The Christmas Toy(1986) - When the toys in a playroom accidentally liberate a Christmas gift, Meteora, Queen of the Asteroids, from her festive wrappings, she threatens to expose their secret--that the toys walk, talk, and play when no humans are around. Their only hope is to get her back into the box before Christmas mornin...
The Martian Chronicles(1980) - Based on Ray Bradbury's classic sci-fi novel, this 1980 mini-series details the events that follow when humans try to set up colony on Mars. The inhabitants of the red planet don't welcome humans with open arms... obviously. Originally aired in three parts, the film features an all-star cast incl...
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier(1989) - When the newly-christened starship Enterprise's shakedown cruise goes poorly, Captain Kirk and crew put it into Spacedock for repairs. But an urgent mission interrupts their Earth-bound shore leave. A renegade Vulcan named Sybok has taken several ambassadors hostage on the planet Nimbus III, an even...
The Neverending Story III: Escape from Fantasia(1994) - While the first two movies were based on the novel by Michael Ende, this one is only based "on the characters." It transfers Fantasia into the "real" world. Bastian's dream to get a sibling becomes true when his father re-marries, but soon he has trouble with his new step sister Nicole and with a ga...
Fly Away Home(1996) - Amy is only 13 years old when her mother is killed in an auto wreck in New Zealand. She goes to Canada to live with her father, an eccentric inventor whom she barely knows. Amy is miserable in her new life...that is until she discovers a nest of goose eggs that were abandoned when developers began t...
Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody(1982) - Puff the Magic Dragon pays a visit to a little boy whose creativity has been stifled. Terry's only friend is an imaginary duck named Mr. Nobody, so when Nobody flees to the Fantaverse, Puff takes Terry to find him and teach the boy that Nobody is reall
The Devil and Daniel Mouse(1978) - A young folk singer named Jan sells her soul to the devil, B.L. Zebubb, who turns her into a rock star. But when the B.L. comes to collect her soul, Jan is aided by her boyfriend/former singing partner, Daniel Mouse, and the two try to cheat th
The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension(1984) - Buckaroo Banzai is a Neurosurgeon, Rock Star & Superhero to the world. When testing out his oscillation overthruster he re-starts the invasion of the evil Red Lectroids from Planet 10 (lead by Lord John Whorfin/Dr. Emilio Lizardo) who are set not only to rule the entire Earth but the galaxy as well....
Iron Eagle(1986) - When Doug's father, an Air Force Pilot, is shot down by MiGs belonging to a radical Middle Eastern state, no one seems able to get him out. Doug finds Chappy, an Air Force Colonel who is intrigued by the idea of sending in two fighters piloted by himself and Doug to rescue Doug's father after bombin...
The Karate Kid(1984) - Daniel and his mother move from New Jersy to California. She has a wonderful new job but Daniel discovers that a dark haired Italian boy with a Jersey accent doesn't fit into the blond surfer crowd, especially when he tries to date one of their girl friends. Daniel manages to talk his way out of som...
Winnie the Pooh and a Day for Eeyore(1983) - Eeyore, the melancholy donkey, thinks everyone in the Hundred Acre Wood has forgotten his birthday. When Winnie the Pooh and his friends realize their oversight, they prepare a huge celebration with chocolate cake and a birthda
Footloose(1984) - Classic tale of teen rebellion and repression features a delightful combination of dance choreography and realistic and touching performances. When teenager Ren (Kevin Bacon) and his family move from big-city Chicago to a small town in the West, he's in for a real case of culture shock. Though he tr...
The Beastmaster(1982) - "Dar, is the son of a king, who is hunted by a priest after his birth and grows up in another family. When he becomes a grown man his new father is murdered by savages and he discovers that he has the ability to communicate with the animals. After that, Dar begins his quest for revenge in this Conan...
When a Stranger Calls(1979) - Young babysitter Jill (Carol Kane) is tormented by a series of disturbing phone calls until a cop (Charles Durning) is put on the case to apprehend the caller, who turns out to be a psychotic killer. Seven years later, after the killer is released, he returns to haunt Jill, now a wife and mother. Bu...
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist(2002) - Steve Oedekerk, The Director who brought you Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Jimmy Neutron, Barnyard, and the Nutty Professor, Brings you this funny Martial arts comedy from a 1970s Hong Kong Flick. Steve Oedekerk Directs,Produces,Writes,and Stars in this movie playing the part about a man, named Th...
Beaches(1988) - When the New York child performer CC Bloom and San Fransisco rich kid Hillary meet in a holiday resort in Atlantic City, it marks the start of a lifetime friendship between them. The two keep in touch through letters for a number of years until Hillary, now a successful lawyer moves to New York to s...
Warlock(1991) - Julian Sands oozes maleficence as a warlock of the 1600s cast forth to 1980s Los Angeles, where he continues to work his deviltry. The story begins in 1691 Boston when a warlock is condemned to die. Calling for Satan's help, the warlock is sent forward in time to contemporary Los Angeles, where he c...
Brainscan(1994) - A lonely teenage horror-movie fan discovers a mysterious computer game that uses hypnosis to custom-tailor the game into the most terrifying experience imaginable. When he emerges from the hypnotic trance he is horrified to find evidence that the brutal murder depicted in the game actually happened...
Planes, Trains and Automobiles(1987) - Neal Page is trying to return to his family for Thanksgiving in Chicago after being on a business trip in New York. His journey is doomed from the outset, with Del Griffith, a traveling salesman, interfering first by leaving his trunk by the side of the road causing Neal to trip when racing an uncre...
Under the Rainbow(1981) - When Gestapo, Secret Service Agents, 150 midgets (extras for "The Wizard of Oz"), and a Japanese camera club converge on a California hotel, the predictable result is total chaos.
Octopussy(1983) - Bond is sent on a mission to discover how another, dying, '00' agent crashes through the British Embassy's window with a fake Faberge egg in his hand. He discovers that its not only him thats interested in the real egg when it is put up for auction and is bought by rich exiled Indian Prince, Kamal K...
Gone In 60 Seconds(1974) - Insurance investigator Maindrian Pace and his team lead double-lives as unstoppable car thieves. When a South American drug lord pays Pace to steal 48 cars for him, all but one, a 1973 Ford Mustang, are in the bag. As Pace prepares to rip-off the fastback, codenamed "Eleanor", in Long Beach, he is u...
Twilight(2008) - When Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) moves to a small town in the Pacific Northwest to live with her father, she starts school and meets the reclusive Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), a mysterious classmate who reveals himself to be a 108-year-old vampire. Despite Edward's repeated cautions, Bella can...
Savage Streets(1984) - Brenda (Blair) is a rough-hewn teenager from the mean streets of L.A. But beneath her cold exterior, she dotes on her deaf-mute kid sister Heather (Linnea Quigley). When a prank against a gang of drug-dealing punks goes sour, Heather and Brenda's best friend Francine pay the price. Out for revenge,...
Neighbors (1981) - A bored,middle aged, suburbanite(John Belushi) gets more than he bargained for when a swinging young couple(Dan Aykroyd and Cathy Moriarty)move in next door.
Bebe's Kids(1992) - An animated adaption based on the stand-up comedy act of the late Robin Harris. Robin is attracted to a young woman named Jamika, and in order to get to know her better, he takes her and her son to an amusement park known as "Fun World". When he picks them up the next day, however, Jamika has 3 more...
Chicken Little(2005) - In the small town of Oakey Oaks, a small school bird named Chicken Little brings the whole town to a frenzy when he cries out that the sky is falling and an octagonal piece hit him on the head. The townsfolk are unable to find the piece and his father, Big Cluck assumes it was just an acorn. One yea...
Little Women(1994) - With their father away fighting in the Civil War, Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy grow up with their mother in somewhat reduced circumstances. They are a close family who inevitably have their squabbles and tragedies. But the bond holds even when men friends start to become a part of the household later.
The Delta Force(1986) - When a group of ruthless terrorists hijack ATW flight 282 that's en route from Athens to Rome, and to New York, the call is made to summon the elite counterterrorist unit known as the Delta Force. the one question remains. who will live in the intense battle? this movie is loosely based on the TWA f...
Madeline(1998) - Redheaded young girl Madeline is very good at getting into trouble, but she's also fantastic in solving problems as well, and her school-mistress Miss Clavel is not too approving of her. The biggest problem comes up when Lord Covington decides to sell the Madeline's school.
The Fly(1986) - Scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) has fucked up with his latest experiment. His interest in matter transport goes awry when a fly lands in the transport booth he's using, Brundle starts transforming in disturbing ways that end up frightening reporter Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), the object of...
Beauty and the Beast(1987) - Before the animated film, this live-action film was released as part of the "Cannon Movie Tales" series. Beauty (Rebecca De Mornay) is the backbone of her family. Without her nothing is ever done and no one is ever on time. But when her father angers a beast (John Savage) living in an enchanted cas...
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest(1975) - One of the key movies of the 1970s, when exciting, groundbreaking, personal films were still being made in Hollywood, Milos Forman's One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest emphasized the humanistic story at the heart of Ken Kesey's more hallucinogenic novel. Jack Nicholson was born to play the part of Rand...
Taxi Driver(1976) - Travis Bickle (Robert De Niro) is an ex-Marine lost and adrift in 1970's Manhatta when he finds a job driving a taxi through the hellish streets of the city. One night he encounters a young prostitute (Jodie Foster) and a phoney politician and his life shifts into a new direction. He wants to save t...
Blind Fury(1989) - Nick Parker was a Vietnam vet who got blinded during the war. He would be found by one of the local tribes. They would teach how to handle a sword. He would eventually become quite good with it. He would then return to the States and would visit an old Army buddy. When he gets there, he discovers th...
Crash and Burn(1990) - In this follow-up to its predecessor Robot Jox, Unicom is a powerful organization overseeing most of the world after its economic collapse. They have banned computers and robots in an attempt to insure "life, liberty, and the pursuit of economic stability". When a Unicom Synth robot infiltrates a so...
3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain(1998) - Three young boys, Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum together with their neighbor girl, computer whiz Amanda are visiting Mega Mountain amusement park when it is invaded by an army of ninjas led by evil Medusa, who wants to take over the park and hold the owners for ransom. Kids and retired TV star Dave Dragon...
Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers(1993) - Wallace makes his dog, Gromit, Techno Trousers for his birthday. When a mysterious penguin comes to their house, he gets all the attention. To make things worse, the penguin is a thief, so he uses Wallace to capture the awards. Like all the others, this one is a claymation, and it won an Academy...
The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island(1997) - When locusts eat up all the food in the Great Valley, it is up to Littlefoot and his dino-pals to save their hungry elders.
Raging Bull(1980) - "When Jake LaMotta steps into a boxing ring and obliterates his opponent, he's a prizefighter portrayed in this Martin Scorsese film by Robert De Niro. But when he treats his family and friends the same way, he's a ticking time bomb, ready to go off at any moment. Though LaMotta wants his family's l...
Mr. Nanny(1993) - A friend persuades the former wrestling star Sean to do a job as bodyguard for the two kids of top manager Frank Mason - someone is threatening him to get the plans for a secret micro chip. But when Sean arrives at his house it turns out that he'll not only have to bodyguard the spoiled brats, but a...
Dollman vs. Demonic Toys(1993) - Full Moon Entertainment Charles Band's direct-to-video outfit tosses together elements from three of its film franchises for this loopy mix & match item. Tracy Scoggins returns as tough cop Judith Grey, who must confront the lethal, wise-cracking terror toys again when they reappear at t...
Porky's II: The Next Day(1983) - The gang from the original Porkys is back as well as some new faces to add to this fantastic comedy sequel. This time the gang is fighting to keep their play " An Evening with Shakespeare" from being shut down when religious fanatic Reverend Flavell claims that Shakespeare is nothing by vile smut an...
The Rescue(1988) - A team of Navy Seals are captured after completing a mission, and taken into enemy territory. When the U.S. Government refuses to attempt a rescue mission to save the soldiers, the children of the captured men decide to do it themselves.
Summer of Fear(1978) - Teenager Rachel (Linda Blair) has her world turned upside down when her cousin Julia (Lee Purcell) comes to live with the family. As Julia steals away Rachel's friends and family, Rachel comes to the realization that Julia is a witch -- and she may not really be he
Cheech and Chong: Still Smokin'(1983) - Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam. When they get there, however, it turns out that the guy who invited them has taken off with all the money, and the rest of the hosts have a VERY limited budget. They are actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, so our h...
Wish Upon a Star(1996) - Katherine Heigl (TVs ROSWELL) and Danielle Harris (URBAN LEGENDS) portray sisters Alexa--seventeen, pretty and fashionable, but an average student, and Hayley--fifteen, a smart fashion disaster. When Hayley wishes on a passing comet for to change places with her older sister, they literally become e...
Nell(1994) - Nell is a girl raised in the backwoods of North Carolina where she creates her own unique language. But things change when she is introduced to society.
Desperately Seeking Susan(1985) - Taken-for-granted housewife Roberta passes the time following the progress of Susan who regularly contacts her boyfriend Jim through the Personals. When she sees the two are meeting in New York Roberta goes along, ending up buying Susan's coat. Finding a locker key in the pocket she in turn advertis...
The Video Dead(1987) - An unlabelled crate from an unknown source is delivered to a house in the woods. The homeowner unwisely accepts the delivery, only to discover it contains a TV set that starts spewing giggling zombies all over the place. When a new family moves into the now-abandoned house, the son discovers the hau...
Night of the Demons 3(1997) - A group of young criminals accidentally shoot a police officer. To avoid being arrested they hide out in an abandoned house. When they realize that the house is haunted, they start to wish that they had turned themselves in when they had a chance.
Radio Flyer(1992) - A father reminisces about his childhood when he and his younger brother moved to a new town with their mother, her new husband and their dog, Shane. When the younger brother is subjected to physical abuse at the hands of their brutal stepfather, Mike decides to convert their toy trolley, the "Radio...
Zombie Lake(1981) - in a small lakeside town in the french countrie side ,young woman are dissapering without a trace . th superstitions locals blame the lake of ghosts.but the twon mayor (howard vernon)seems reluctant or powerless. to take acton.when a other girl is found with her thort ripped out,a perisian repoter b...
Monster Dog(1985) - This "monster dog" horror story stars Alice Cooper as Vincent, a rock musician. Vincent's troubles first start when he goes to his childhood home to shoot a music video with his girlfriend Sandra (Victoria Vera), who is the director. Soon after arriving several gruesome murders occur, apparently cau...
To Live and Die in L.A.(1985) - Rick/Eric Masters is a murderous counterfeitor. Federal Agent Richard Chance has been tracking him for quite a while now. When Masters murders Chance's partner, Richard will stop at nothing to get revenge. This movie is probably most notable for a violent twist ending that shocked audiences and the...
Zardoz(1974) - Zed is a exterminator, a savage warrior living in a post-apocalyptic future world. Like all exterminators, Zed worships a stone head called Zardoz as a god. Zardoz promises all those who worship that when they die, they will go to the Vortex, a community inhabited by immortal men and women. Zed find...
Darkman(1990) - Neglecting Julie (Frances McDormand), his lawyer lady friend, Dr. Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson) works feverishly to perfect his latest invention artificial skin that could be used to treat burn victims. Peyton himself falls victim to an explosion when one of Julie's crooked clients sends his...
Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue(1998) - In this sequel to the popular animated feature FernGully: The Last Rainforest, Crysta the Fairy (Laura Erlich) is watching over Bandy, Nugget, and Wal, three baby animals she found in the forest, when a hunter named Mac (Gary Martin) kidnaps the critters and takes them to the city, shortly before st...
Cliffhanger(1993) - Gabe Walker (Stallone) is still reeling from the death of a friend on a climbing expedition, a friend he couldn't hold on to, when he's called upon for a search and rescue mission to a downed plane. Paired with an old friend (Rooker) who blames him for the death, they venture into the unforgiving cl...
Jackie Brown(1997) - Quentin Tarantino's ode to blaxploitation films. Jackie brown is an aging airline attendant that smuggles money into the country for her shady friend Ordell Robbie.When she is caught with drugs as well as cash she decides to work with the police and the ATF to catch Ordell or is she working with Or...
Rescue from Gilligan's Island(1978) - When a decaying Russian satellite crashes on the island, the Professor uses a key component for a barometer. With that device, he learns that a massive wave is going to swamp the island. In desperation, the castaways lash their huts together into one structure in order to have any chance to ride the...
DuckTales: The Treasure of the Golden Suns(1987) - When Donald Duck joins the Navy, he decides to send his nephews, Hewey, Dewey and Louie, to live with his Uncle Scrooge McDuck. However, while the old billionaire agrees to take them in, he coldly wants them to stay out of his way and business. That changes when the boys discover a model ship that b...
9 to 5(1980) - Frank Hart is a pig. He takes advantage in the grossest manner of the women who work with him. When his three assistants manage to trap him in his own house they assume control of his department and productivity leaps, but just how long can they keep Hart tied up?
Monkey Trouble(1994) - A young girl secretly adopts a runaway monkey only to have to deal with the simian's mischief-making tendencies in this family comedy. Young Eva (Thora Birch)'s dreams of having a pet are frustrated by the objections of her mother (Mimi Rogers) and allergic stepfather (Christopher McDonald). When sh...
Stay Tuned(1993) - Roy Knable (John Ritter) is a suburbanite who lives, breathes, and sleeps television. His wife Helen (Pam Dawber) wants none of it and threatens to leave him if he doesn't change his ways. So when the shady Mr. Spike (Jeffrey Jones) shows up at Roy's door and talks him into subscribing to the otherw...
Peggy Sue Got Married(1986) - Peggy Sue faints at her high school reunion, and when she re-awakens she is in the nurse's office, in her graduating year in high school. With her post-life memories intact, Peggy Sue attempts to change her future, especially with her high school sweet-heart, to whom she is in a failing marriage. Bu...
Somewhere in Time(1980) - Richard is a writer who is working on his latest play. But when writers block takes its toll on him, he decides to spend the night at a hotel and get away from his troubles for a short time. But when he sees an old picture of a beautiful actress who stayed at that hotel many years ago, he becomes ob...
The Four Diamonds(1995) - TV Movie Based on the true story of Chris Mallard who died in 1972 from cancer. The story around which the film revolves was written by him while he was ill. Young Christopher Millard fantasizes about being a squire of the Round Table and studies the stars. But when his difficulty breathing turns ou...
Vice Squad(1982) - When pimp Ramrod (Wings Hauser) is wanted by the police for murder, an undercover detective, Tom Walsh (Gary Swanson), enlists the aid of prostitute Princess (Season Hubley), a loving mother struggling to support her kid, to help capture the fiend.
Mandroid(1993) - When a super elixir (capable of either curing all diseases or being used as an all-powerful destructive weapon) is discovered in eastern Europe, a scientist (Curt Lowens) tries to hijack the formula. To prevent the elixir's safe return, he invents an android controlled by the use of thought-power al...
Cooley High(1975) - In the mid-1960's, a group of high school friends who live on the Near North Side of Chicago enjoy life to the fullest...parties, hanging out, meeting new friends. Then life changes for two of the guys when they meet a pair of career criminals and get falsely arrested in connection with stealing a C...
She's Out of Control(1989) - Divorcee Doug Simpson is a radio station producer from California who lives with his two daughters, Katie and Bonnie. When his oldest daughter (Katie) turns 15, she suggests to her father that's it's time for her to start looking more grown-up. For the last 14 years, Katie had been wearing dowdy clo...
Robot Carnival(1987) - Nowadays most anime is 300+ episodes of crap no one wants to follow. Back in the 80's, it was so new that the bulk of them were compilations. But this was gold. I recorded this when it came on Sci-Fi Channel along with Vampire Hunter D & Lensman. While it was the third anime I had seen, it was the b...
Project: ALF(1996) - Six years ago, the space alien, ALF, was on his way back to his new home...When the Alien Task Force finally caught him. Now, the story continues to where the series ended. ALF is now protected by the Alien Task Force, but the leader wants to terminate ALF. So two officers decide to save ALF by taki...
The Peanut Butter Solution(1985) - Peanut butter is the secret ingredient for magic potions made by two 'friendly' ghosts. Eleven-year-old Michael looses all of his hair when he gets a 'fright' and uses the potion to get his hair back, but too much peanut butter causes things to get a bit 'hairy'.A young Celine Dion performs"Listen t...
The Guyver(1991) - A young man discovers a mechanical device that merges with his own body, turning him into a cyborg superhero. When strange creatures start appearing, trying to take the device back, he begins to uncover a secret plot to genetically engineer terrifying monsters.
Snow White(1987) - A prince, seeking the greatest treasure, stumbles upon seven little men guarding a coffin. They tell him the story of Snow White, a beautiful princess who was forced to run away from home after her jealous stepmother tried to have her killed. When she realizes that the girl is still alive and living...
Trancers(1985) - With the whimsical tagline "Jack Deth is back and he's never been here before," director Charles Band melds Blade Runner, The Terminator, and Jingle All the Way for this low-budget science fiction adventure. The story takes place in Angel City in the year 2247, when enforcer Jack Deth (Tim Thomerson...
Major League II(1994) - Those Cleveland Indians are at it again! After losing in the ALCS the year before, the Indians are determined to make it into the World Series this time! First, though, they have to contend with Rachel Phelps again when she buys back the team. Also, has Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn lost his edge? Are Ja...
Girls Just Want To Have Fun(1985) - Janey Glenn (Sarah Jessica Parker) is an Army Brat who loves to dance. When she moves to a new town, she meets a fellow dance enthusiast named Lynne Stone (Helen Hunt) at the parochial school she attends. Although they have many difficulties with authority figures and other teenage issues, they achi...
House Party 4: Down to the Last Minute(2001) - High school student Jon Jon Harris (Marques "Batman" Houston) sees a ripe opportunity for a major party when he snags the job house-sitting for his rich Uncle Charles (David Roberson). The mansion comes with a white Mercedes, and although Uncle Charles has told him not to drive the car or have peopl...
Christmas Evil(1980) - He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and it's best not to get on his bad side in this quirky thriller that's gained a loyal cult following. Harry Straddling (Brandon Maggart) was traumatized as a child, when late at night on Christmas Eve, he walked into the family living ro...
Ice Cream Man(1995) - When you hear the happy jingle of the ice cream truck driving down your neighborhood street, lock your doors and pray to the Dairy Queen that the Ice Cream Man doesn't stop to bring you a conebecause a soft-serve headache is nothing compared to the pain that this dairy demon will make you feel! As...
Dutch(1991) - Ed ONeill of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN stars as Dutch Dooley, a working-class good guy whos the new boyfriend of a wealthy big shots ex-wife. But when the womans spoiled son (Ethan Randall of CANT HARDLY WAIT and SWEET HOME ALABAMA in one of his first film roles) refuses to come home from his...
Endless Love(1981) - 17-year-old David (Martin Hewitt) and 15-year-old Jade (Brooke Shields) share a romance that has their respective families on the edge. When Jade's parents try to eliminate David from their lives, he devises a plan that goes haywire and changes the families forever.
House Of Cards(1993) - When Ruth Matthews's husband is killed in a fall at an archaeological dig, her daughter Sally handles her fathers death in a very odd manner. As Sally's condition worsens, Ruth takes her to see Jake, an expert in childhood autism. Jake attempts to bring Sally out of her mental disarray through tradi...
Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation(1990) - When a long-running horror series brings in cult director Brian Yuzna (Society, The Dentist), the resulting film is generally a huge change of pace. Sometimes, as in the marvelous Return of the Living Dead III, that is a good thing. In this case, the result is a big, confused mess. Maud Adams stars...
Tummy Trouble(1989) - Baby Herman swallows a rattle and is rushed to the hospital for surgery. Roger is shocked and sad about this. The rattle comes falling down into Roger's mouth after the baby burps it out after his milk break, and Roger swallows it. When the surgeon comes in to get Baby Herman ready for surgery, he t...
Chain Reaction(1996) - Two researchers in a green alternative energy project are put on the run when they are framed for murder and treason.
Say Anything...(1989) - Ione Skye plays a high-school valedictorian on the verge of heading to England on a prestigious scholarship. This is especially thrilling to Skye's divorced father John Mahoney, who has always shared a special relationship with the girl, less father/ daughter than friend/ friend. When Skye begins da...
Blue Streak(1999) - Can a crook go straight without really trying? Jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence) was being chased by the police after a robbery when he was forced to hide a cache of diamonds, worth $20 million, at a construction site. Despite his caution, Miles ended up behind bars anyway; after serving his...
Corvette Summer(1978) - Ken loves to design and build exotic cars. When the High School shop class project car, a fully tricked out dream Corvette, is stolen, he begins searching for it. His search leads him to Las Vegas, where Vanessa, a teenaged prostitute wannabe, helps him try to track it down.
Summer of the Monkeys(1998) - An adolescent farmboy's otherwise humdrum summer is livened up considerably by the arrival to the woods near his home of four trained performing chimpanzees. The animals fled from the chaos when the train on which they were travelling (with their kindly trainer) violently derailed. Our young hero le...
Eye of the Tiger(1986) - Buck (Gary Busey) is a Vietnam vet, recently released from prison. He returns home to discover the town being terrorized by a vicious motorcycle gang. When the bikers murder his wife and traumatize his daughter, Buck and his friends arm themselves to the teeth and wage war against the gang to destro...
Benji(1974) - Benji is a stray who has worked his way into the hearts of a number of the townspeople, who give him food and attention whenever he stops by. His particular favorites are a pair of children who feed and play with him against the wishes of their parents. The children are kidnapped, the parents and th...
Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell(1974) - The sixth entry in Hammer Films' Frankenstein series, this film finds Baron Frankenstein (Peter Cushing) in charge of a lunatic asylum. When young doctor Simon Helder (Shane Bryant) is institutionalized for attempting to create synthetic life, Frankenstein is delighted: now he'll have an assistant f...
Class Act(1992) - Kid N' Play (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) star in this role-reversal comedy that plays like a badly done sitcom without the laughs. The switcheroo occurs when two inner-city high school students one a straight-A whiz-kid and the other an angry criminal type have to switch identitie...
Which Way Is Up?(1977) - Pryor is plays three different roles here. The first being a poor orange picker named Leroy Jones who gets laid off when by mistake he joins the worker's union during one of their demonstrations. Afterwards he is forced to leave his wife and family behind which also includes Leroy's father (also pla...
Dunston Checks In(1996) - Hotel manager Robert Grant is forced by his boss to postpone his family vacation when a hotel critic checks in. Trouble is, the critic is really a villainous jewel thief with an orangutan assistant named Dunston. When Dunston gets loose and tries to escape a life of crime -- aided by Robert's sons -...
Phantoms(1998) - Dean Koontz scripted this adaptation of his fantasy novel. The tale begins when two sisters, Lisa (Rose McGowan) and Jenny (Joanna Going) arrive for a ski vacation in the mountain resort town of Snowfield, Colorado, where they discover their landlady is dead and the town is deserted except for a sin...
Kiss and Tell(1996) - In this low-budget screwball-mystery, the death of an L.A. woman leads to a surreal murder investigation on the outer fringes of la-la land. When Molly McMannis (Justine Bateman) turns up dead, still impaled with the murder weapon a carrot the police launch a probe into the colorful worl...
XChange(2000) - This science fiction thriller is set in a future where new technology allows travelers to save time and effort by transporting their minds into a body waiting at their chosen destination. However, a public relations man learns of the potential dangers of this new service when his body is taken over...
Revenge of the Ninja(1983) - After his family is killed in Japan by ninjas, Cho and his son Kane come to America to start a new life. He opens a doll shop but is unwittingly importing heroin in the dolls. When he finds out that his friend has betrayed him, Cho must prepare for the ultimate battle he has ever been involved in.
Satisfaction(1988) - When a young rock group called The Mystery gets its first gig at a club, it's an opportunity to see what life is all about! Fresh out of high school, the rockers are hired by an exclusive beach resort thanks to a faded '60s songwriter. There, they meet with romance and adventure. But street-smart l...
Dudes(1987) - Two punks(Jon Cryer and Daniel Roebuck) from the big city travelling across the country in a Volkswagen bug embrace the western ethos when they must take revenge against a group of rednecks for killing their friend in this lighthearted road movie. Along the way they enlist the help of a young woman(...
The Unborn(1991) - married woman who has not been able to successfully conceive a child turns to a specialist who succeeds in inseminating her artificially. Before too long, she hears rumors of the doctor's past and present genetic experiments and when she finally aborts the fetus, finds that it is a monster as she h...
Weekend at Bernie's II(1993) - When they discover that their deceased boss had stashed away two million illegally embezzled dollars in a Caribbean safe deposit box, two co-workers decide to claim the cash. To do so, however, they must convince everyone the boss is actually alive
Way of the Dragon(1974) - Tang Lung arrives in Rome to help his cousins in the restaurant business. They are being pressured to sell their property to the syndicate, who will stop at nothing to get what they want. When Tang arrives he poses a new threat to the syndicate, and they are unable to defeat him. The syndicate boss...
Ruthless People(1986) - Sam Stone is a clothing manufacturer, who married his wife Barbara, for the money that she was suppose to inherit from her dying father, but her father didn't die for another fifteen years. He is now planning to kill her and is on his way home to do just that but when he gets there, she's not there....
Before and After(1996) - When teenage son Jacob is being accused of murdering his girlfriend, the well-respected and close-knit Ryan family is in turmoil. Jacob flees, father Ben destroys possible evidence, the village community turns hostile and mother Carolyn is forced to temporarily close her doctor's practice. Then Jaco...
Brain Smasher... A Love Story(1993) - Andrew Dice Clay trades in dumb yucks for numchucks in Brainsmasher: A Love Story as Ed Molloy, a part-time comic and bouncer who takes on a belligerent gang of ninjas. The story kicks in when supermodel Samantha Crains (Teri Hatcher) receives a red lotus flower from her sister that has to be delive...
Simon Sez(1999) - Former basketball star Dennis Rodman stars in this action-and-espionage thriller as Simon, an Interpol agent called into action when the daughter of a close friend is abducted. In order to track down the kidnappers, Simon seeks the assistance of a pair of monks (John Pinette and Ricky Harris) who ar...
The Players Club(1998) - Rapper/ actor Ice Cube directed this urban comedy-drama about African-American single mother Diana (Lisa Raye), who aims for a career as a broadcast journalist. To finance her education, she works as a stripper at the raucous Players Club, run by hustler Dollar Bill (Bernie Mac). When naive Ebony (M...
Quick(1993) - Quick is based on a series of adventure novels featuring a gorgeous hitwoman. When the title character, played by Teri Polo, is set up by her boss, she takes well quick action. Abducting the mob witness (Martin Donovan) whom she'd been hired to kill, Quick runs off to parts unknown. As t...
Bogus.(1996) - Albert Franklin (Haley Joel Osment) is the son of stage magician Lorraine Franklin, and has learned to do a few magic tricks of his own. However, when his mother dies and he is sent to live with his aunt Harriet (Whoopi Goldberg), it becomes clear that for him the boundary between stage magic and th...
The Muse(1999) - When a struggling screenwriter (Albert Brooks) hits rock bottom, he's introduced to Sarah (Sharon Stone), a supposed daughter of Zeus and a muse of the arts who promises to help inspire him. However he soon finds that inspiration doesn't come easy as Sarah moves in with him and his family.
TerrorVision(1986) - A civilization on a distant planet has found a way to solve its garbage problem: turning it into energy and beaming it into outer space. A flaw in this system is found when the signal is accidentally picked up on Earth by the Putterman Family's home satellite dish. While this would ordinarily be jus...
Thrashin'(1986) - Thrashin' is the title of a film about two rival skateboard gangs in Los Angeles directed by David Winters and written by Paul Brown and Alan Sacks. When the film was released in 1986 it was not well received by the critics, saying that the film was just a poor skateboard version of West Side Story...
Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt(2003) - When the original Batmobile is stolen, there's no time to the call the police. This is a job for Actors! years after the original Batman series went off the air a fiendish mastermind is forcing Adam West and Burt Ward to relive their legendary pasts as the Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder. What we...
D.C. Cab(1983) - The tale of a hapless group of cabbies and a rundown cab company owned by Harold (Max Gail). Albert (Adam Baldwin) comes to town with a dream of starting his own cab company but needs to motivate Harold's employees to want to make something out of themselves. It is only when Albert is kidnapped that...
Fire and Ice(1983) - After his village is destroyed by Ice Lord Nekron, a warrior named Larn befriends princess Teegra, on his quest to overturn Nekron. But when Teegra is abducted by Nekron's henchmen, Larn's quest turn
Armed and Dangerous(1986) - Frank Dooley is an ex-cop, thrown out of the force after being framed by corrupt colleagues. Herman Kane is an out of work attorney who quit because he lost his nerve. Both men turn to a private security firm to find employment, but everything goes quickly wrong when the first warehouse they guard g...
Street Trash(1987) - When a liquor store owner finds a case of "Viper" in his cellar, he decides to sell it to the local hobos at one dollar a bottle, unaware of its true properties. The drinks causes its consumers to melt, very messily. Two homeless lads find themselves up against the effects of the toxic brew, as well...
Alvin & The Chipmunks(2007) - A struggling songwriter named Dave Seville finds success when he comes across a trio of singing chipmunks: mischievous leader Alvin, brainy Simon, and chubby, impressionable Theodore. The success comes in the form of talent agent Ian Hawke but he may be secretly planning to steal all of the fame awa...
If Looks Could Kill(1991) - When Michael Corben, along with the rest of his high-school French class, set out for a trip to France, he runs headlong into international intrigue: Agent Michael Corbin has just been disposed of by the evil forces of Augustus Steranko. When it's learned that Michael Corbin is alive and well, and s...
Andre(1994) - Toni Whitney and her family adopt a baby seal. When it grows and starts getting into mischief, it antagonizes some of the fisherman in the town. One of the fisherman, Mark Baker, is upset with the Whitney's because Toni's father, Harry, was appointed Harbor Master instead of him, partially because o...
A Mom For Christmas(1990) - Young Jessica has only one wish for the holidays: she wants a mother. So a mysterious lady (Doris Roberts) helps grant her wish, and department store mannequin Amy (Olivia Newton-John) comes to life and joins Jessie and her family for the holidays. Soon, however, the jig may be up when a detective...
Thomas and the Magic Railroad(2000) - Thomas and the Magic Railroad was the first time Thomas the Tank engine appeared on the big screen. The Island of Sodor is doing well and all the engines are working hard. Then Sir Toppham Hatt, the Fat Controller goes on vacation and Mr. Conductor from Shining Time fills in. When he reached Sodor t...
Romeo is bleeding(1994) - A corrupt cop gets in over his head when he tries to assassinate a beautiful Russian hit-woman.
Sudden Impact(1983) - A vicious serial-killer is on the loose in San Francisco and the police trace a link to a small town further down the coast. When Harry Callahan upsets the press and the mayor in his usual style, he's shipped out of town to investigate while the heat is on. With the help of his new Magnum handgun Ha...
Code of Silence(1985) - Eddie Cusack is a Chicago police officer about to bust some members of the Comacho gang when the gang is shot up by a rival drug gang from the neighboring building, led by Tony Luna. Victor Comacho is the only survivor of the Comacho gang and his older brother, Luis, who is the leader of the gang, r...
Big Man on Campus(1989) - A suspicious hunchback is spying through a scope on the UCLA campus from a tower which he makes his home out of, when his eye catches a beautiful girl. He lustfully keeps his eye on her until he sees her being violently pushed away while trying to stop a guy from beating up her boyfriend. This makes...
Black Cat(1991) - Catherine is a violent and disturbed young lady who is shot down by the government in one of her escapades. She wakes up in a training facility and is taught to use weapons, combat, and is put through heavy endurance training. When she is done, she is given the code name "Black Cat". Catherine is no...
Near Dark(1987) - A mid-western farm boy reluctantly becomes a member of the undead when a girl he falls for turns out to be part of a band of vampires.
The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud(1975) - When college professor Peter Proud begins to experience flashbacks from a previous incarnation, he is mysteriously drawn to a place he has never been before but which is troublingly familiar. As if drawn to her by cosmic force, he soon finds himself unwittingly in the company of his previous incarna...
Ernest in the Army(1998) - The U.S. Army's most unlikely soldier, Ernest P. Worrel (Jim Varney), finds himself responsible for saving the world when he and his troopmates are sent out to take down a tyrant. As with other entries in the Ernest series, this one is filled with plenty of low-brow, slapstick humor.
Wonderworks - The Little Kidnappers (1995)(1995) - "When a man loses his loved ones in a tragedy, he feels that he may never love again. Then two orphaned boys bring hope back into his life. This heartwarming story won the "Award of Excellence" from the Film Advisory Board. Remake of the classic 1953 version
The Survivors(1983) - Robin Williams,Walter Matthau,and Jerry Reed star in this comedy about,misfortune,survival,and friendship.Sonny Paluso(Matthau) and Donald Quinelle(Williams) are two unfortunate people who just lost their jobs, when they meet in a diner( Sonny's gas station has been blown away and Donald has just be...
You've Got Mail(1998) - Sleepless In Seattle director Nora Ephron originally made a name for herself as the writer of romantic comedies such as When Harry Met Sally and This is My Life. She continues the genre with You've Got Mail, marking her second collaboration with actors Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The story brings romanc...
Bushwhacked(1995) - Poor Max Grabelski doesn't have any luck at all. What little he had runs out when local racketeers set the bungling delivery man up to take the fall for their money-laundering schemes. Sure enough, when the government agents arrive, he is found holding a package filled with loot. Not only that, but...
Where's Willie?(1978) - Willie, an 8-year-old boy with the I.Q. of a genius, has only good intentions when he builds a powerful electronic device. But when his invention disrupts an entire town, Willie's in big trouble.
When the Whales Came (1989)(1989) - "It has been 70 years since the people of Samson Island preyed upon a school of Narwhal Whales, only to be destroyed by a mysterious curse. If the last survivor is to be spared, it will be up to two trusting children to learn his ancient secrets
Wee Sing Together(1990) - It's Sally's birthday, and she's in for a big surprise when her favorite toys, Hum Bear and Melody Mouse, magically come to life to throw her the best party ever! Sally and her brother Jonathan are whisked away to Wee Sing Park where they are met by a merry marching band and lots of friends with spe...
Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century(1999) - Zenon Car is a trouble-prone 13-year-old girl who, in the year 2049 AD, lives on a space station with the rest of her family. When she runs afoul of Parker Windom, the owner of the station, Zenon is determined to be "incorrigible", and as punishment is exiled to the worst place imaginable: The plane...
Monkey Shines(1988) - When Allan becomes a quadriplegic he loses all hope for living until he meets Ella - a monkey trained to fetch and carry for him around the house, obeying him in all things. But Ella is part of another experiment, and when she starts responding to Allan's underlying rage and frustration she has the...
The Town That Dreaded Sundown(1976) - Set in a post World War II era (1946), the town of Texarkana, Texas just begins to settle back to normality this is shortly lived when murderer only know as The Phantom Killer begins a series of murders throughout the town. It follows the local law enforcement officials quest to try and find the rea...
See No Evil(2006) - A group of delinquents are sent to clean the Blackwell Hotel. Little do they know reclusive psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) has holed away in the rotting hotel. When one of the teens is captured, those who remain -- a group that includes the cop who put a bullet in Goodnight's head four years ag...
Sneakers(1992) - Martin Bishop is the head of a group of experts who specialise in testing security systems. When he is blackmailed by Government agents into stealing a top secret black box, the team find themselves embroiled in a game of danger and intrigue. After they recover the box, they discover that it has the...
Used Cars(1980) - Before Robert Zemeckis made fantasy movies, he made this rollicking comedy about a young car salesman named Rudy Russo (Kurt Russell). When his boss dies, the boss' brother wants to move in on the territory. Now a prank war of epic proportions is on.
Munchies(1987) - Simon Watterman, a space archaeologist, discovers the "Munchies" in a cave in Peru. Cecil Watterman, Simon's evil twin brother and snack food entrepreneur, kidnaps the creature. What Cecil does not know is that the creature, when chopped up, regenerates into many new creatures -- and are they mean!
Cannon Movie Tales: Puss In Boots(1988) - A cat belonging to a poor miller's son thinks up a great plan for bringing a title, wealth, and marriage for his owner. He begins to carry it out, using a few birds and rabbits as gifts for the king, his own wit, and a pair of boots that make him appear human when he puts them on. However, his owner...
Track of the Moon Beast(1976) - Paul Carlson is meteorologist that gets struck in the head by a fragment of a meteorite. With the fragment lodged in his brain it causes him to turn into a Lizard like creature when the moon is full attacking and killing the locals. Even in his human form he is effected and his girlfriend Kathy Nola...
Private Resort(1985) - Jack (Depp) and his buddy ben (Morrow) check in at a posh Florida resort, planning to spend every hour in hot pursuit of gorgeous babes. But their plans hit a major detour when they try to bed the wife of a conniving jewel theif (Ector Elizondo). They'll have to outsmart him, a nasty security guard...
Penn and Teller Get Killed(1989) - When the two comedian/magicians appear on a talk show, Penn talks about how exciting it would be to live a life in danger. Now somebody wants to make his wish come true, but who?
The Dirt Bike Kid(1985) - When his mother sends Jack off with money to buy groceries, he comes home with a magic supercharged dirt bike instead. His mother is furious, but when Jack uses the magic bike to save the local hot dog stand from the clutches of corrupt big business, he becomes the tow
Doctor Detroit(1983) - A nerdy college professor named Clifford Skridlow (Dan Aykroyd) hits the town one evening. He meets a pimp named Smooth Walker (Howard Hesseman) and his coterie of ladies, Monica McNeil (Donna Dixon), Jasmine Wu (Lydia Lei), Thelma Cleland (Lynn Whitfield) and Karen Blittstein (Fran Drescher). When...
Casualties of War(1989) - During the Vietnam War, a soldier finds himself the outsider of his own squad when they unnecessarily kidnap a female villager.
Juice(1992) - 4 Harlem teens, Q, Bishop, Raheem and Steel, are out skipping school one day when they find out an old friend was killed in a shootout at a bar. After this, Bishop tells his friends that they have no respect, or juice. To get some, they rob a corner grocery store, but the lunatic Bishop intentionall...
The Other Sister(1999) - When Carla Tate, now a young woman, is 'graduated' out of the training school where she has resided for many years because she is mentally challenged, her hope is that she will be accepted for all that she can now do for herself. But Carla's family is wealthy which permits her mother, already blinde...
Stepmom(1998) - Anna and Ben, the two children of Jackie and Luke, have to cope with the fact that their parents divorced and that there is a new woman in their father's life: Isabel, a successful photographer. She does her best to treat the kids in a way that makes them still feel at home when being with their dad...
The Blob(1958) - When a meteor lands from Outer Space, it is found by an old man who pokes at the meteor with stick. The meteor opens up to reveal a gelatinous monster that attaches itself to the old mans arm. He is found by two teens, Steve Andrews (McQueen) and Jane Martin (Steve Corsaut) and Jane Martin (Aneta Co...
Greedy(1994) - Millionaire Uncle Joe (Kirk Douglas) is getting older, and each of his nieces and nephews will do anything to be the sole beneficiary of his fortune when he dies. During one of their gold-digging family reunions they learn a young sexy British nurse named Molly may be a threat to their inheritance,...
The Cure(1995) - Dexter, age 11, who has AIDS, and his next door neighbor Eric, a little older and much bigger, become best friends. Eric also becomes closer to Dexter's mother than to his own, who is neglectful and bigoted and violently forbids their friendship upon learning of it. When they read that a doctor in d...
House Arrest(1996) - High-schooler Grover Beindorf and his younger sister Stacy decide that their parents, Janet and Ned, are acting childishly when they decide to divorce after 18 years of marriage, so they lock them up in the basement until they can sort out their problems. Their schoolfriends also decide to do the sa...
Notting Hill(1999) - William is a simple man who owns a bookstore. But his life is turned upside down when a famous movie star, Anna walks in one day.
Secret Admirer(1985) - In the brief flower of his teen idolhood, C. Thomas Howell starred in this unexpectedly mature teen comedy. High school loser Michael (Howell) receives an unsigned love note and hopes it's from the queen of the social scene, Debbie (Kelly Preston). When Debbie brushes him off, his best friend Toni (...
Big Bird Brings Spring to Sesame Street(1987) - Fed up with winter and snow, Big Bird buys some flowers to cheer himself up. But when he sees his friends in distress from the weather, he is eager to help out and before he knows it, a brilliant change in the weather puts a smile on his beak.
Candyman(1993) - When college student Helen Lyle decided to do a report on urban legends she never knew what she was getting into when she picks the legend about The Candyman a killer who has a hook on where his right hand used to be and comes whenever his name is said in a mirror five times. as she goes to a neighb...
My Science Project(1985) - Michael and Ellie break into a military junkyard to find a science project for Michael's class, and discover a strange glowing orb which absorbs electricity. When the orb begins to blend past, present, and future, its up to Michael and Ellie to stop the orb and save mankind.
Back To School(1986) - Thornton Melon (Rodney Dangerfield) achieved great success without ever going to college. When his son Jason (Keith Gordon) thinks about dropping out, Thornton helps him out in an unusual manner...By going to college himself. Along the way, Thornton falls in love with one of the members of the schoo...
The Brothers Rico(1957) - Eddie Rico has been the book-keeper of an important Mafia boss but now he is an honest merchant and lives with his family in Florida. Everything changes when the police starts to search for his brothers. Now Eddie sees himself forced to get in touch with the Mafia again.
Young Einstein(1988) - Albert Einstein is the son of a Tasmanian apple farmer, who discovers the secret of splitting the beer atom to put the bubbles back into beer. When Albert travels to Sydney to patent his invention he meets beatuiful French scientist Marie Curie, as well as several unscrupulous types who try to take...
Fast Forward(1985) - Eight young people from Ohio who are dancers, come to New York, to compete in a major talent competition. But when they get there, they learn that they have to wait 3 weeks before they take part in it. So they try to do their best to survive in the Big Apple before competition, and get some lessons...
The Net(1995) - Angela Bennett is a freelance software engineer who lives in a world of computer technology. When a cyber friend asks Bennett to debug a CD-ROM game, she discovers a conspiracy that will turn her life upside down. Soon, her records have been erased, and she's been given a new identity and a police r...
Breakdown(1997) - Jeff and Amy Taylor are moving to California and must drive across the country. When they find themselves stranded in the middle of a desert with hardly anyone or anything around, their trip comes to a sudden halt. Amy had taken a ride with a friendly trucker to a small diner to call for help, but a...
Oldboy(2003) - It would be a sin to reveal too much about this riveting and bizarre thriller from Korean director Chan Wook Park, except to say that it's about a man named Dae-Su (Choi Min-Sik) who is locked in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing his captor's motives. When he is finally released, Dae Su find...
Curly Sue(1991) - Bill Dancer and his young companion Curly Sue are the classic homeless folks with hearts of gold. Their scams are aimed not at turning a profit, but at getting enough to eat. When they scam the rich and beautiful Grey Ellison into believing she backed her Mercedes into Bill, they're only hoping for...
That Darn Cat(1997) - A remake of the 1965 film of the same name. When a Persian cat with a mystical watch around its neck escapes a research facility, the group who were studying it must kidnap it back before too much trouble is caused.
Ghost in the Shell(1995) - In the year 2029, the barriers of our world have been broken down by the net and by cybernetics, but this brings new vulnerability to humans in the form of brain-hacking. When a highly-wanted hacker known as 'The Puppetmaster' begins involving them in politics, Section 9, a group of cybernetically e...
Real Bullets(1990) - Real Bullets is the result of a bunch of Hollywood stunt persons (male and female) getting together and saying "Let's make a movie starring US!" The plot: A batch of stunt men and women decide to go vacationing together, and when they get to the chosen spot, they find a drug ring and it's inevitable...
Licence To Kill(1989) - When a south american drug dealer brutally attacks a friend of James Bond. Agent 007 is adamant to bring his friend's assailant, but when MI6 forbids him from getting involved, he resigns and becomes a rogue agent with a personal vendetta. fortunately Q comes to 007's aid to stop the drug dealer and...
Once Upon a Crime(1992) - The murder of a millionaire has unexpectedly humorous results in this farcical comedy. When Phoebe (Sean Young) and Julian (Richard Lewis), two Americans on a tour of Europe, discover a lost dachshund, they learn that a $5,000 reward has been posted for the dog's return. Phoebe and Julian head to Mo...
American Kickboxer 2(1993) - John Barrett, star of American Kickboxer 1 (1991), is nowhere to be found in American Kickboxer 2 (1993). In fact, much of the emphasis this time is not on the title character, but on the heroine. When her daughter is kidnapped, Kathy Shower calls upon the two most important men in her life. Those w...
Intersection(1994) - A man who may be on the verge of death quickly takes a thorough look at his life in this drama. Vincent Eastman (Richard Gere) is speeding along a mountain road in Canada when, while swerving to avoid a stalled van, he discovers that he's about to run headfirst into a trailer truck. As he's about to...
Hugo Pool(1997) - Cult figure Robert Downey, Sr. directed this offbeat comedy set in the eccentric environs of Los Angeles. Hugo Dugay (Alyssa Milano) is a young woman who makes her living cleaning swimming pools when she isn't busy looking after her mother Minerva (Cathy Moriarty), who's hooked on gambling, and her...
FireHead(1991) - When Ivan Tibor (Brett Porter), a Russian with dangerous psychokinetic powers, flees to the United States, scientist Warren Hart (Chris Lemmon) is charged with the responsibility of capturing the renegade. However, when Warren discovers that Ivan is on a mission to foil the plans of a group of gover...
Eye of the Stranger(1993) - The plot in this suspenseful mystery evokes the old westerns while dealing with contemporary issues concerning the further development of the West. It all begins when a stranger rolls into a remote little town and discovers that they are doing their best to keep secret the murder of a civil libertie...
The Return of Tommy Tricker(1994) - Welcome to the world of stamps with Tommy Tricker and friends as they learn the magic of travelling through time and space for the mere price of the postage. Though of course, nothing is as easy as it seems as they soon learn when they try to rescue Charles Merriweather, a stamp traveller frozen in...
National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off(1997) - In this slapstick outing a small heart attack leads a doctor to prescribe rest and relaxation to the afflicted salesman. Unfortunately, the vendor's peaceful plans are destroyed when his well-meaning but inept friend comes to call.
The Tommyknockers(1993) - Adapted for TV, this is a Stephen King story in which an aspiring writer and an alcoholic poet (with a metal plate in his head, no less) literally stumble over a long-buried spaceship while walking in the woods. It starts glowing green when uncovered and soon everyone in town has green eyes, their t...
The Rousters(1990) - Originally shot as a television series pilot, the made-for-television Rousters is about Wyatt Earp's great-grandson (Chad Everett) who is a bouncer for Captain Jack Slade's carnival in Sladetown. The carnival is upset when a rascal named Clayton drops by, looking to cause some trouble. Stephen...
Double Impact(1991) - Jean-Claude Van Damme proves that two cracked heads are better than one in Double Impact. Van Damme plays twins Chad and Alex, who were separated at birth when their parents were brutally murdered by members of a Hong Kong criminal cartel. Incredibly both Chad and Alex have grown up to become world-...
Fire Down Below(1997) - Martial arts star Steven Seagal stars in this action drama as Jack Taggart, an undercover agent working for the Environmental Protection Agency. When an EPA representative is murdered in a small Appalachian community, Taggart is sent in posing as a handyman working with a Christian relief agency...
The Expert(1995) - SWAT-Team instructor John Lomax's faith in the American justice system is shaken when the sociopath who murdered his sister is sentenced to life in a mental institution rather than to Death Row. Internal pressures upon Lomax mount when he is attacked by a mentally unstable woman desperately trying t...
The Deep End of the Ocean(1999) - A family's reaction when Ben, the youngest son is kidnapped and then found ten years later, living in the sam
Youngest Godfather(1999) - This made-for-TV drama is based on the autobiography of one of the most notorious figures in American organized crime, Joseph Bonanno. Bonanno (played by Bruce Ramsay) left Sicily as a young man, eager to escape the tyranny of Benito Mussolini, but when he arrived in America, fate led him to a caree...
D.C. Cab(1983) - The tale of a hapless group of cabbies and a rundown cab company owned by Harold. Albert comes to town with a dream of starting his own cab company but needs to motivate Harold's employees to want to make something out of themselves. It is only when Albert is kidnapped that the cabbies must decide w...
City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold(1994) - Mitch Robbins (Billy Crystal) returns in this sequel to the original City Slickers that attempts to recapture the first film's warmth and character comedy. Despite feeling re-invigorated when we last left him, Mitch again faces a few personal dilemmas: his radio station job is going nowhere and his...
Prince of Central Park(1999) - child discovers a whole new world when he runs away from home in the family drama Prince Of Central Park. JJ (played by Frankie Nasso) is a boy living in New York with his foster mother (Cathy Moriarty). To say they don't get along is an understatement; one day JJ decides he's so tired of her abuse...
Universal Soldier(1992) - Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren play archenemies from beyond the grave in this action film. During the Vietnam War, Luc (Van Damme), hoping to be sent home, comes upon blood-crazy Scott (Lundgren), who is starting a one-man genocide program. When Luc tries to stop Scott's carnage, Scott fig...
White Mile(1994) - When a company-sponsored white-water rafting expedition turns into a nightmare, an advertising executive finds himself faced with a moral dilemma and an extremely guilty conscience.
Sudden Thunder(1992) - This action is drama about a female Miami cop whose father, the sheriff of a small Southern town, is murdered by a mysterious armed gang. When she returns home with four of her fellow officers to find out why this happened, she runs into a web of drug-dealing, corruption and murder. Brian Guss...
The World Is Not Enough(1999) - James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot when he protects an oil heiress from her former kidnapper, an international terrorist who can't feel pain.Chauffeur miracle
Swordsman II(1992) - In this second of three "Swordsman" martial arts thrillers, the swordsman Ling Jet Li is traveling with his sister to a religious retreat when they are informed that the leader of the sect has been captured by a mysterious being known simply as "Fong the Invincible," a man who has been transformed i...
The Bikini Car Wash Company 2(1993) - When the bodacious owners of a successful car wash chainfeaturing barely-clad, excessively mammillaed, sudsing chicksare threatened with losing their business, they launch a lingerie marketing scheme to raise the needed money. If one is interested in purely intellectual stimulation, this i...
No Vacancy(1999) - The doors are opened on a group of misfits living in a seedy motel on the edge of Los Angeles in the comedy No Vacancy. At the run-down Pink Motel, the owner (Joaquim de Almeida) is furious with his daughter when he finds out she's been sleeping with her boyfriend. This doesn't make her very differe...
S.F.W.(1995) - Embracing the supposed nihilism and cynicism of the "slacker" generation, S.F.W. (1995) caused nary a blip on the media-saturated cultural radar screen that it criticized. Stephen Dorff stars as Cliff Spab, an aimless, hard-drinking youth. Spab becomes a national hero when he is one of several peopl...
Strategic Command(1998) - When terrorists hijack an airborne passenger jet containing the Vice President of the United States and a devastating amount of poison gas, it's up to an expert hostage negotiator to save the day. A veteran of the Gulf War, he has developed numerous skills for dealing with enemies such as these. Hig...
Return Of The Big Cat(1974) - The Mc Claren Family is trying to establish a foothold in the timber territory of Northern California during the 1890's. John and Sophina McClaren and their three children, Josh, Amy, and LEroy, are joined by Sophina's father, Jubal. The family's lifestyle is theatened when a vicious cougar returns...
The Firm(1993) - In this drama, based on the best-selling novel by John Grisham, Mitch McDeer (Tom Cruise) is a young man from a poor Southern family who has struggled through Harvard Law School to graduate fifth in his class. Mitch is entertaining offers from major firms in New York and Chicago, but when Memphis-ba...
Buffalo '66(1998) - Actor Vincent Gallo (The Funeral, Palookaville) made his feature directorial debut with this drama about convict Billy Brown (Gallo), released after half a decade spent behind bars. Drifting into downtown Buffalo, Billy kidnaps teen Layla (Christina Ricci) and has her pose as his loving wife when he...
Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero(1994) - When terrorists threaten to blow-up the planet with stolen nuclear weapons, only kick-boxing ace Don "the Dragon" Wilson is capable of stopping them.
Bloodfist V: Human Target(1993) - An FBI agent finds himself the target of both his agency and arms dealers when his undercover gig is found out and he loses his memory after an attack.
Bloodfist IV: Die Trying(1992) - In this martial arts thriller, a repo man accidentally brings back the wrong car and finds himself in deep trouble with the LAPD, both national security organizations, and a ring of international gun runners. When someone kidnaps the repo man's daughter, he uses his fists of fury to get bloody reven...
Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight(1992) - Action hero Don "The Dragon" Wilson appears in this third, quickie sequel to Bloodfist. Wilson plays Jimmy Boland, who has been sentenced to a California maximum-security prison for a murder that he didn't commit. When he sees some black prison inmates sodomizing his friend, he flies into a rage and...
Full Contact(1993) - When a young farmer (Luke Powers) discovers that his older brother has been killed by some shady characters, he must rely on his wits and his martial arts knowledge to seek revenge.
The Spy Who Loved Me(1977) - When a massive underwater craft abducts U.S. and Russian submarines, global tensions are heightened to the brink of war. In order to find the true culprit, James Bond joins forces with beautiful Russian secret agent Anya Amasaova (Barbara Bach). Together they follow a trail that leads to Karl Stromb...
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor(1994) - When his nemesis kidnaps his wife, a former fighter has no choice but to enter a grueling kickboxing match.
Art of Fighting(1993) - Based on a popular video game, Art of Fighting is a Japanese animated action adventure story in which Robert and Ryo accidentally witness a mob execution while looking for a lost cat. The gangsters try to kill the pair, but when that fails, they kidnap Ryo's sister, which forces them to get medieval...
DareDreamer(1990) - In this touching drama, Winston (Tim Noah) is a teen whose underachieving ways have resulted in his being "kept back" from graduating for a couple of years. It seems that he has an incredibly active daydream life, and he can't rouse himself to do whatever he needs to do in real life. When his fantas...
City Hall(1996) - Three A-list screenwriters (Nicholas Pileggi, Bo Goldman, and Paul Schrader) contributed to the script of this idealistic political drama. John Pappas (Al Pacino) is the popular, ethical Mayor of New York; Kevin Calhoun (John Cusack) is his even more idealistic and principled deputy. When a de...
The Opposite of Sex(1998) - A selfish 16 year girl becomes pregnant when she seduces her homosexual half-brother's partner.
Operation Delta Force(1997) - When terrorists steal a biological weapon and its antidote, its up to a crack team of military commandos to get it back.
Thinner(1996) - The plot of Thinner concerns massively overweight lawyer Billy Halleck (Robert John Burke), who is receiving an oral gift from his wife (Lucinda Jenney) while driving down the street one night, when he becomes so carried away that he runs over an old Gypsy woman (Irma St. Paule), killing her. Nobody...
Trancers 5: Sudden Deth(1994) - When the nefarious Lord Caliban and his wicked henchman start acting up again, its up to future cop Jack Deth and his intrepid Tunnel Rats to try to stop him.
Watchers(1988) - Based on the novel by Dean R. Koontz, this film follows the escape of an intelligent dog from a top-secret government experiment and his meeting with young Travis (Corey Haim). The boy and the dog soon become fast friends, but problems crop up when the canine's "partner," a large, deadly, orange cre...
Watchers II(1990) - this sequel to Watchers, an extremely intelligent dog attempts to warn his human buddy, Paul Ferguson (Marc Singer), that a deadly monster is on the loose. When the monster comes after the duo, they must find a way to stop it.
Body Parts(1991) - When prison psychiatrist Bill Chrushank (Jeff Fahey) loses an arm in a car accident, he receives a revolutionary new transplant from an unknown donor, who is later discovered to have been a recently-executed psycho-killer. During his recovery, Bill is tormented by violent nightmares and aggressive n...
Leprechaun 3(1995) - We've all heard of the luck of the Irish, but no one feels very lucky in Las Vegas when the Leprechaun visits Sin City in this, the third feature in the Leprechaun franchise. A Las Vegas pawnbroker buys a statue of a leprechaun from a hobo, but then makes the mistake of taking the gold medal hanging...
Taps(1981) - Military cadets take extreme measures to insure the future of their academy when its existence is threatened by local condo developers.
Witchboard 3: The Possession(1995) - Brian is an unemployed stockbroker who is all too happy to dig into the occult when his landlord Mr. Redman suggests that he get insider tips using a Ouija board. Brian is soon rolling in dough, but when Mr. Redman kills himself and he has a freak accident, his wife begins to suspect that something'...
Witchboard(1987) - In this horror film, the spirit of a young boy named David reaches out to Linda Brewster (Tawny Kitaen) while she participates in an Ouija board session at a party. However, when Linda unwisely uses the board alone to attempt to communicate with David, she summons the spirit of a brutal murderer, wh...
Puppet Master 4(1993) - A young scientist working on an artificial intelligence project is the target of strange gremlin-like creatures, who are out to kill him and thus terminate his research. By coincidence, in one of the rooms he uses, there's a mysterious case containing the puppets of the "puppet master". When the pup...
Retro Puppet Master(1999) - Toulon runs a puppet theatre in the heart of Paris, and meets the sorcerer (the mysterious Afzel) when he is found by the lovely Swiss Ambassador's daughter Ilsa, after being nearly killed. It is there and then that we find the seed of things to come, and the origin of the Puppetmaster series of tal...
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy(1996) - The Canadian sketch-comedy masters hit the big screen with Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy, their send-up of psychopharmacology and its social ramifications. Each "kid" plays a plethora of roles; in fact, nearly every character in the film is played by one of the five "kids". When Roritor Pharmaceutic...
Pocahontas II: Journey To A New World(1998) - When news of John Smith's death reaches America, Pocahontas is devastated. She sets off to London with John Rolfe, to meet with the King of England on a diplomatic mission: to create peace and respect between the two great lands. However, Governor Ratcliffe is still around; he wants to return to Jam...
Who am I?(1998) - Martial-arts megastar Jackie Chan wrote, directed and stars in this action-comedy. Secret agent Jackie (Chan) leads a commando group to Africa to kidnap scientists who are working to unleash a powerful -- and lethal -- new energy source. When Jackie develops amnesia after a plane crash, he fights to...
Shakespeare in Love(1998) - Young Shakespeare is forced to stage his latest comedy, "Romeo and Ethel, the Pirate's Daughter," before it's even written. When a lovely noblewoman auditions for a role, they fall into forbidden love -- and his play finds a new life (and title). As their relationship progresses, Shakespeare's comed...
October Sky(1999) - NASA engineer Homer H. Hickam, Jr.'s autobiography provided the basis for this drama about a teenager coming of age at the dawn of the space race. In 1957, Homer Hickam (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a high school student in Coalwood, West Virginia when the Soviet Union launches Sputnik, the first man-made sa...
All I Want for Christmas(1991) - In New York City, siblings Ethan and Hallie O'Fallon launch a hilarious scheme to get what they most want for Christmas involving their parents, Catherine and Michael, and grandmother, Lillian. When Hallie meets Santa Claus, she asks for an unusual gift: her parents back together again.
Bad Channels(1992) - Paull Hipp plays "Dangerous" Dan O'Dare an entertaining radio host who gets locked up in the station's control room when an alien being takes over the broadcast. The being starts mesmerizing attractive female listeners with jivy tunes and then uses some sort of transmission contraption to shrink the...
Jerry Maguire(1996) - Jerry Maguire is a sports agent who feels his job is sucking away his humanity. And so when he tries to get his soul back, he gets fired. Now he's on a mission to get at least one client, keep him, and show the world what he's made of.
Nothing to Lose(1997) - Two men with nothing in common become unlikely companions in this comedy. Advertising executive Nick Beame (Tim Robbins) is not having a good day when he comes home from work to discover that his wife Ann (Kelly Preston) is having an affair with another man who, adding insult to injury, happens t...
Brewster McCloud(1971) - Brewster McCloud lives in the fallout shelter of the Houston Astrodome sports arena, where he spends his days building a winged contraption and doing pull-ups under the guidance of Louise, a mysterious guardian angel. When a serial killer begins running rampant in Houston, ace San Francisco detectiv...
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes(1969) - Some college students manage to persuade the town's big businessman, A. J. Arno, to donate a computer to their college. When the problem- student, Dexter Riley, tries to fix the computer, he gets an electric shock and his brain turns to a computer; now he remembers everything he reads. Unfortunately...
Speed 2: Cruise Control(1997) - Indications were that this action sequel was in trouble before production began, when the male lead from the first film, Keanu Reeves, declined a role in the follow-up. Sandra Bullock returns as Annie Porter, an accident-prone ditz who is thrilled when her boyfriend Alex (Jason Patric) presents her...
Miliardi(1991) - Leo Feretti is awfully rich and lives the glamorous life of a corporate magnate, travelling from one nest of luxury to another around the world. He is married to a loving, supportive woman, who is extremely loyal. That's good, because when he falls ill, his slimy low-down brother and his nephew cons...
Dying to Get Rich(1998) - John Landis directed this comedy suspense-thriller about a woman plotting to murder her ex-husband for insurance money. When Susan (Nastassja Kinski) and insurance salesman Sam (Billy Zane) decide to kill her ex, Paul (Adrian Paul), Sam contacts Bill (Michael Biehn) and Steve (Rob Schneider) to do t...
Head Above Water(1996) - A woman finds out how the dead body of your old boyfriend can ruin your whole day in this black comedy. Nathalie (Cameron Diaz) is a lovely young woman with a history of substance abuse problems who is married to George (Harvey Keitel), a circuit court judge who first met her when she was brought be...
Family Plan(1997) - In this family-friendly comedy, a band of orphans are taken to a summer camp by their accident-prone guardian Harry (Leslie Nielsen). However, they soon find that they have to fight to keep the place open when greedy land tycoon Jeffrey Shayes (Judge Reinhold) decides that he wants to buy the camp ...
Awakenings(1990) - A new doctor finds himself with a ward full of comatose patients. He is disturbed by them and the fact that they have been comatose for decades with no hope of any cure. When he finds a possible chemical cure he gets permission to try it on one of them. When the first patient awakes, he is now an ad...
I Love You to Death(1990) - Joey works with Rosalie in their pizza parlor. She is convinced that he works all of the time for them and her world dissolves when she finds that he has been fooling around for years. Being Catholic, divorce is out of the question, so she and her mother and her best friend decide to kill him. Hopel...
The Set Up(1995) - When Charlie Thorpe, an MIT-educated security systems expert and convicted cat-burglar, gets out of prison, he promises himself to go straight. Yet when a psycho he knew from prison kidnaps his girlfriend, he is forced back into the crime game.
Six Degrees of Separation(1993) - Two socialites find their view of the world changed when a young man takes advantage of their preconceptions in this thoughtful comedy-drama. Flan and Ouisa Kittredge (Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing) are a married couple who have built highly successful careers as art dealers catering to Ma...
The Whiz Kid And The Carnival Caper(1976) - Daffy Fernald loses her brother's toy rocket when it flies into a storm drain. She knows Alvin will be upset if he finds out, so she climbs into the dark tunnel to search for it. She spots a stranger, Ernie Nelson, and sees that he's carying a gun. She races home and tells Alvin, but the would-be in...
L.A. Confidential(1997) - Based on the best-selling novel by James Ellroy, this award-winning crime drama explores both the dark side of the Los Angeles police force and Southern California's criminal underbelly in the early '50s, when Hollywood was still seen as America's capital of sophistication, glitter, and glamour. Dud...
Six Days,Seven Nights(1998) - Ivan Reitman directed this romantic comedy-adventure that opens in New York where fast-paced magazine associate editor Robin Monroe (Anne Heche) and her boyfriend, Frank (David Schwimmer), leave for a week's vacation on a remote island. They've already been together for three years, so when Frank as...
Oblivion(1994) - What do you get when you combine a Western with a Science Fiction film? You might get this shoot'em up in space. It is set in the distant town of Oblivion (it was actually filmed in Romania). Though it's a high tech town, it has the feel of an old fashioned Western outpost from the 1800's. The town...
Whispers in the Dark(1992) - When the sadomasochistic sexual fantasies of a Manhattan psychiatrist's disturbed patient begin leaking into the troubled doctor's subconscious, a heated love affair leads to a series of shocking murders in this erotic thriller from Off Limits director Christopher Crowe. The confessions of a sexuall...
Dave(1993) - Bill Mitchell is the philandering and distant President of the United States. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and caring Temp Agency operator, who by a staggering coincidence looks exactly like the President. As such, when Mitchell wants to escape an official luncheon, the Secret Service hires Dave to...
Short Cuts(1993) - Based on stories by Raymond Carver, Short Cuts follows 22 Los Angeles residents whose lives intersect over the course of a few days. Ann and Howard Finnegan (Andie MacDowell and Bruce Davison) are preparing for their son Casey's birthday party when the boy is injured in an auto accident and falls in...
Junior(1994) - Ultimate manly man Arnold Schwarzenegger learns what it's like to be an expectant mother in director Ivan Reitman's high-concept comedy. Schwarzenegger plays Dr. Hess, a medical researcher working on a revolutionary drug to help mothers carry endangered infants to term. When government regulations p...
I Married A Vampire(1987) - This quaintly romantic low-budget vampire film from notorious Troma Studios involves the plight of a naive country girl (Rachel Gordon) whose first venture into the Big Apple leads to degradation and humiliation at the hands of heartless city slickers. Her destiny changes radically when she falls in...
The American President(1995) - As President, Andrew Shepherd is immensely popular (he has a 63% approval rating). As a man, he's a lonely father struggling to raise a daughter. His struggles multiply when his romance with lobbyist Sydney Ellen Wade becomes fodder for both the press and a rival senator---precipitating a rapid dro...
Air Bud: Golden Receiver(1998) - In this family canine comedy, a sequel to Air Bud (1997), Josh Framm (Kevin Zegers) finds it a problem when his widowed mother, Jackie (Cynthia Stevenson), starts seeing the community's new veterinarian, Patrick Sullivan (Gregory Harrison). Sullivan gives a football to Josh's golden retriever Buddy,...
Denial(1998) - Adam Rifkin wrote and directed this comedy that begins at a Los Angeles dinner party when unmarried, unattached novelist Art Witz (Jason Alexander with hair) argues that couples actually live in a state of denial and cannot maintain monogamous relationships. The plotline diverges to examine the live...
The Exorcist III(1990) - William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, directed this intriguing, deliberately-paced thriller based on his novel Legion. Ignoring the events of John Boorman's disappointing Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977), the film moves ahead 15 years from the end of the original, when Georgetown is being pla...
They Still Call Me Bruce(1987) - Bruce Won arrives in America in search of an American G.I. who saved his life in the Korean War. He meets an orphan boy and together they land themselves in a string of outrageous situations. This high-strung farce culminates when a case of mistaken identity leads a gang of thugs to think Bruce is a...
Relax ... It's Just Sex(1998) - Tara (Jennifer Tilly) hosts a dinner party. When she discusses the HIV-positive results of her lover's brother, others join in with their opinions on AIDS. Black artist Buzz (T.C. Carson), brought to the party as the date of Vincey (Mitchell Anderson), quickly becomes a twosome with Javi (Eddie Garc...
Next of Kin(1989) - When his brother is murdered, a policeman is caught between his devotion to the law and his family's desire for revenge in this action drama. Patrick Swayze plays Truman Gates, who left his backwoods Appalachian home for life as a Chicago police officer. When his brother is killed by a gangster, Tru...
Q & A(1990) - Following Serpico (1973) and Prince of the City (1981), veteran urban crime film director Sidney Lumet completed a thematic trilogy about New York City police corruption with this noir drama. When New York City cop Mike Brennan (Nick Nolte) shoots an unarmed Hispanic drug dealer in cold blood, he qu...
Psycho Cop(1989) - This slice-n-dicer a sextet of college kids attempt to survive when they are set upon by a wacked-out, blood-thirsty police officer.
Zeus & Roxanne(1997) - This children's story of a dog and a dolphin borrows heavily from family movies of the past. Zeus is a dog who follows a neighbor, a marine biologist named Mary Beth (Kathleen Quinlan), to work one day. Aboard a ship, the dog meets Roxanne, a dolphin that Mary Beth is studying. When she sees the dog...
Demons 2(1986) - A documentary is shown on TV of group of teens who investigate the legendary forbidden zone, in which once took place a Demon infestation (see Demoni I). When finding a lifeless corps of a demon, one of the teens causes the resurrection it, and the demon makes it's way into the nearby world by TV-br...
Xtro 2: The Second Encounter(1991) - When an experiment to send three volunteers to another dimension fails, only one comatose survivor is brought back. However, when the scientists discover that the volunteer carried a deadly creature back with her, they must struggle to destroy the creature before it destroys them.
Sea Prince and the Fire Child(1981) - Long ago, spirits of fire and water lived as one. But jealous Algaroch, lord of the winds, drove a rift between King Oceanus and his sister Hyperia, queen of fire. Since then fire fairies and water sprites have been at war and forbidden from consorting, but when Prince Sirius, the kings chosen...
My Fellow Americans(1996) - Former Presidents Russell Kramer (Jack Lemmon) and Matt Douglas (James Garner) are quite different politically, but when they're implicated in a scandal involving current President William Haney (Dan Aykroyd), the two unite and set off on a trip to get evidence that will clear their names. Along the...
mouse on a motorcycle(1986) - based on beverly clearlys book a boy named keith stays at the mountain view inn a mouse named ralph finds his toy motorcycle later ralph save keith when he is sick by getting asprin
Family Tree(1999) - A lonely young boy, overshadowed by his older brother, picked on by other boys at school and ignored by his businessman father, finds strength and companionship from a stately old oak tree. When his father, a real-estate developer, plans to demolish the old tree in order to make way for a factory, t...
Wee Sing in Sillyville(1900) - Two kids named Scott and Laurie and there basset hound Barney get transformed in to a coloring book by a character named Sillwhim to help her and her friends in Sillyville become friends again and to get the colors back in to Sillywhims clothes which faded when everyone in Sillyville quit speeking t...
Wise Guys(1986) - Harry Valentini and Moe Dickstein are both errand boys for the Mob. When they lose $250,000, they are set up to kill each other. But they run off to Atlantic City and comedy follows.
Box of Moon Light(1996) - Al Fountain, a middle-aged electrical engineer, is on the verge of a mid-life crisis, when he decides to take his time coming home from a business trip, rents a car, and heads out looking for a lake he remembers from his childhood. But his wandering takes him into the life of Kid, a free-spirited yo...
Brink!(1998) - Andy "Brink" Brinker is an inline-skater who hangs with a group of friends who go by the moniker of "Soul-Skaters". This group skates as a way to kick back, not to define who they are. Everything becomes even harder for Brink when he finds out that his parents are caught in some financial issues. So...
Tower of Terror(1997) - The film starts out when 5 people walk into an elevator, but something goes very wrong. The elevator collapses 11 floors and the five people roam around the hotel as ghosts. 60 years later, reporter Buzzy (Steve Guttenberg) and his niece Anna (Kirsten Dunst) are trying to find out the mystery of the...
Babylon 5: The River of Souls(1998) - Captain Lochley now has solid proof that Garibaldi is a disaster magnet: when he comes to the station to meet with one of his new company's subordinates, she's being sued by the owner of an illegal virtual reality "holo-brothel" and besieged by Soul Hunters looking for one of their soul vessels, thi...
1941(1979) - When a Japanese submarine is spotted off the coast of California in the early days of America's involvement in World War II, chaos occurs among Californians of all stripes.
Dad (1989) - High-powered investment banker John Tremont is always "on-the-run" so much so that he hasn't seen his family over the years. And when his aging mother, Bette, suffers a heart attack, he drops everything and flies out to be by her bedside. While she recovers, John stays with his father, Jake and te...
Beer(1985) - Advertising executive B.D Tucker (Loretta Swit) is trying to keep the Norbecker Beer account afloat. Her opportunity to revitalize the company comes when a trio of not-so-macho men foil a robbery at a bar. Now it's a competition.
Oxford Blues(1984) - A young American hustler (when it comes to gambling) named Nick De Angelo (Rob Lowe) falls in love with an upper-crust British woman named Victoria Wingate (Amanda Pays). He pursues her to England, where he finds that he'll have to hit the books to get closer to her. The place is Oxford, and it's go...
Phenomena(1985) - One of the masters of horror, Italian horror director Dario Argento (SUSPIRIA, TENEBRE) brings us a horror film that lies within telepathic minds, witnessing murder when sleepwalking, an
Terror in the Aisles(1984) - Terror in the Aisles is a 1984 horror documentary, with narrations by Donald Pleasance (HALLOWEEN) and Nancy Allen (DRESSED TO KILL), featuring clips from over 75 films, including SUSPIRIA (1977), HALLOWEEN (1978), PSYCHO (1960), WHEN A STRANGER CALLS (1979), THE EXORCIST (1973), WAIT UNTIL DARK (19...
Ashanti(1979) - Dr. David Linderby and his wife Anansa are carrying out a medical mission in a small African village when Anansa is kidnapped by a slave trader. From this moment, her husband will do anything by traveling across the desert to find and recover her and to punish the bad guys, but that will be not an e...
Babylon 5: The Gathering(1993) - This TV movie is the pilot for the "Babylon 5" TV series. Set on a space station in the late 23rd Century, Babylon 5 is a centre of diplomacy and trade, in neutral space located between many rival space empires. The project's success, already shaky, is put further in doubt when incoming Commander Je...
Dream a Little Dream 2(1995) - Dinger and Bobby's adventure start when a pair of magical sunglasses arrive at the door. Their mundane lives in L.A. get a crazy twist-but soon enough, they've got thugs on their trail who want the valuable pair for themselves. Under hot pursuit, it's one crazy antic after another as the troublesome...
Jocks(1986) - Coach Bettlebom is an unmotivated college phys ed teacher who - in over ten years - hasn't once managed to win a sports trophy. His kids don't fare much better, and most of them aren't achieving much in terms of grades - to say the least. So when President White (Christopher Lee - yeah, THE Christop...
The Deep(1977) - A pair of young vacationers are involved in a dangerous conflict with treasure hunters when they discover a way into a deadly wreck in Bermuda waters...
The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire(2001) - Littlefoot Sees A Flying Rock Falling From The Sky And Landed In The Smoking Mountain. When He Tells The Grown Ups About What He Saw, They Didn't Believe Him. Suddenly, The Rainbow Faces Tells The Littlefoot That It's Called The Stone Of Cold Fire. Petrie's Uncle Pterano Also Heard About This Stone...
Violent Shit 3 - Infantry of Doom(1999) - Karl, The Demented Splatterflick Villian From The First Two Installments, Continues His Reign Of Terror On A Remote Island With The Help Of His Equally Demented Son And Their Newly Formed Infantry Of Doom. When Three Friends Arrive On The Island They Are Captured And Turned Loose To Be Hunted Down B...
Robin of Locksley(1996) - After his parents win the lottery Robin McAllister is sent to the prestigious Locksley Hall. There he experiences how the sons of the school's benefactors, John Prince and his associates Warner and Gibson, are treated like royalty. Robin can't join archery club, he gets in trouble when he stands up...
Summer Lovers(1982) - Michael Pappas (Peter Gallagher) and his girlfriend Cathy Featherstone (Daryl Hannah) visit Greece for the Summer. During their stay, Michael begins an affair with a woman named Lina (Valerie Quennessen). When Cathy finds out, instead of being angry, she joins in to form a romantic triangle as heate...
Masquerade(1988) - A recently orphaned millionairess, Olivia, really hates her scheming step-father. Olivia finds love with a young yacht racing captain, Tim, who isn't completely truthful with her. When the two run into a problem the local cop, who happens to be an old friend of Olivia's, seems to be turning a blind...
The Mighty Quinn(1989) - When police officer Xavier Quinn's childhood friend, Maubee, becomes associated with murder and a briefcase full of ten thousand dollar bills, The Mighty Quinn must clear his name. Or try to catch him, which could be even trickier.
The Snapper(1993) - Dessie Curley is an average working class man with a wife and six children in a tight knit community. But life in this cheerful and noisy Irish home is hit by a bombshell, when the eldest daughter, 20 year old Sharon, announces that she's pregnant...and to make things even more complicated, she ref...
To Catch a Yeti(1995) - two men go out into the woods to catch a yeti. when they find one the yeti runs into a campers pack.this may cause trouble!
Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest(1995) - Two young Gatling residents are orphaned after the younger brother kills their father. So, the terror of Gatling goes urban when the two boys are placed in the custody of two foster parents. The younger brother bought some corn seeds along for the road and plants them in the courtyard of an abandone...
The Pick-Up Artist(1987) - A womanizer meets his match when he falls for the daughter of a mobster.
Gung Ho(1986) - When a American car manufacturer is purchased by a Japanese firm a clash of cultures occurs as the Japanese work ethic is pushed through out the plant.
Visiting Hours(1982) - Deborah is a t.v. news reporter with a penchant for confrontation. After one particularly heated broadcast, she finds herself in hot water when a psychopathic, deranged co-worker decides to do her in. After a violent attempt on her life and the murder of her housekeeper, Deborah is guarded night and...
The Man With One Red Shoe(1985) - A man is mistaken as a spy by the CIA when he arrives at the airport with one red shoe.
The Pope Of Greenwich Village(1984) - Charlie (Mickey Rourke) and Paulie (Eric Roberts) are two cousins barely scraping by in New York City. When Paulie gets a tip on a horse race, the two steal some money to bet on it...Money that was originally going to be used by the mafia to shine on police officers. Uh-oh...
The Hunt for Red October(1990) - When a Soviet nuclear sub headed toward American waters drops off U.S. scanners, the Yanks scramble to take defensive steps. But CIA analyst Jack Ryan convinces the brass that the sub's commander has something other than a first strike in mind. A perilous cat-and-mouse game ensues.
Stigmata(1999) - An ordinary young woman is affected by mysterious wounds called Stigmata. When a Catholic Priest comes to investigate the so called "miracle", he discovers this woman may be possessed by someone...or something...and a message originating from the time of Jesus Christ.
The Fan (1981)(1981) - A troubled young man named Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn) adores an older entertainer named Sally Ross (Lauren Bacall). When she rejects his letters, he sets out to ruin her by any means necessary.
Heavenly Creatures(1994) - Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme are two schoolgirls and best friends who during 1953 and 1954, share a love for literature, music and a fantasy land that they share thinking that no one could understand real beauty. But, when they stray further away their respected families and other around them, Ju...
Bride of the Monster (1955) - A old mansion is being used by Dr. Eric Vornoff as laboratory in hopes that Vornoff can create a new race of atomic supermen with the power of nuclear power. Along with his assistant Lobo they plan on taking over the world but his plans are delayed when Newspaper reporter Janet Lawton and the local...
Caddyshack II(1988) - When Jack Hartounian can't get a membership at the High End Bushwood Country Club (in order to make his daughter happy), he decides to buy it and turn it into his own Golf Theme Park!
The Double O Kid(1992) - Lance, a teenager, dreams to be a secret agent when he is suddenly in the middle of an hacker intrigue which aims at an international environmental congress. Lance gets in possession of a computer access card one of which the hackers are in urgent need of for their operation. Lance begins to play wi...
Tucker: The Man And His Dream(1988) - Preston Tucker (Jeff Bridges) was just your everyday car enthusiast. When the government recruited him to create some vehicles for combat, he came up with designs so revolutionary that the auto industry is set on edge.
Baby of the Bride(1991) - Having just returned from her honeymoon, Margret Becker-Hix wants nothing more than to settle down and enjoy her second marriage with her new (and much younger) husband, John. However, the newlyweds are in for the biggest surprise of their lives when the 53-year-old Margret discovers that she is pr...
Mother of the Bride(1993) - In the third and final part of the trilogy, the Becker-Hix clan is now one big happy...or at least Margret is happy. But things get brighter when youngest daughter Anne gets engaged and plans get under way for her wedding. While arranging a "simple" ceremony for Anne, Margret gets an unexpected gu...
Empire of the Ants(1977) - A group of people planning to buy real estate in the Florida everglades suddenly find themselves in a world of terror when they find that the area has been taken over of giant mutated ants intending to conquer the world and enslave mankind.
Zombie 4: After Death(1988) - On a isolated island a group of scientist try to find a cure for cancer but they accidentally the raise the dead when they anger a voodoo priest. The priest raises the dead and kills all the scientist but one couples daughter survives and escapes while they were eaten alive by the undead. The daught...
Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974) - The citizens of a small New England town are trying to sell a mansion. The mansion has a dark mysterious part the leadership of the town wish to keep hidden but when man inheritance the mansion to begins to unravel the mystery but an escape maniac makes things more difficult as he picks off members...
Destroyer(1988) - When Ivan Moser (Lyle Alzado), a hulking, convicted serial killer, was sentenced to be electrocuted, a devastating prison riot erupted on the day of his execution. In the wake of destruction and death, the prison was shut down and Moser became a legend. No proof of his death eve
Quest of the Delta Knights(1993) - Travis (nicknamed Tee) is young boy who sold into slavery but when Beggar named Baydool buys him from the slave market he teaches him the ways for the legendary Delta Knights. Tee grows up trained to lead a legendary prophecy as Baydool's apprentice. Tee becomes a Delta knight teaming up with Leonar...
Final Destination(2000) - Final destination is a 2000 horror film,about a group of teenagers who cheat death by avoiding a plane crash when one of them,Alex has a premonition of their deaths.Soon after their escape,they begin dying one-by-one in mysterious freak accidents.The script was originally written by Jeffrey Reddick...
The Awakening(1980) - Archeologist Matthew Corbeck (Charlton Heston) is placed in an unenviable position when his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian queen bent on destroying humanity.
Cyclone(1987) - When a scientist for the military is assassinated by rival agents after developing a high-tech armored motorcycle with an infinite power source, it's up to his girlfriend to deliver the top secret
Evil Spawn(1987) - Actress Lynn Roman (Bobbie Bresee) isn't getting any younger, so she experiments with a youth serum. When her career is still stalled, things get rather monstrous...
The Day the Earth Stood Still(1951) - A flying saucer lands in Washington D.C. with a visitor named Klaatu, He brings a message of peace but he is shot by a soldier when he pulls out a device that appeared treating. The solders soon learn that Klaatu is not alone as he has brought a robot named Gort with him. As Klaatu recovers in the h...
Of Unknown Origin(1983) - Businessman Bart Hughes stay home alone when his family goes on vacation to work on a big project that will get him a promotion at work. However one night he finds out he has a over-sized rat that has invaded his home. He becomes obsessive on killing the rodent studying everything there is to know a...
An Eye For An Eye(1981) - Sean Kane (Chuck Norris) lost his partner when he was murdered. It drove him so crazy that he was let go from the force. Continuing his narcotics work off the force, he finds that violence goes to very high levels.
Bobby Deerfield(1977) - The title character (Al Pacino) is a famous race-car driver whose life changes when he falls in love with a terminally ill woman named Lillian (Marthe Keller).
A Christmas Carol(1999) - Scrooge is a London business man who's miserly and greedy ways have almost ruined everyone's Christmas spirit. This changes when he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner Jacob Marley. He tells Scrooge that they will be visited by three ghosts: Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Fut...
Power(1986) - Political consultant Pete St. John (Richard Gere) finds himself in trouble when simaltaneously helping out a campaign and figuring what ended his friend Senator Hastings' (E.G Marshall) time in office.
The Adventures Of Captain Zoom In Outer Space (1995) - When the evil dictator Lord Vox of Vestron attempts to once again take over a planet liberated by rebel forces. A boy genius uses his skills in technology and science to transport Captain Zoom, earths greatest and most revered galactic hero to save their planet and put a stop top Lord...
Panic In The Skies!(1996) - When the cockpit crew of a Boeing 747 is killed by a lightning storm during take-off, the passengers take it upon themselves to ensure a safe flight.
Just Between Friends(1986) - The most unlikely of friendship can strike even when they come from different lifestyles. Holly Davis seems to have it all: the styish home, two perfect kids, and a devoted husband; Sandy Dunlap is a single, wisecracking, chain-smoking TV news reporter with ambitions of being an anchorwoman. One n...
Let's Get Harry(1986) - Harry Burck (Mark Harmon) has been contracted to do some work in Colombia. When taken hostage, friends and family members form a team to bring him back.
Mission: Impossible III(2006) - Ethan Hunt is now out of IMF. He just wants to have a normal life. But he never will. When he's called back into the impossible. Know he faces the worst villian of all Owen Davian.
The Buddy System(1984) - A quiet school truant officer, Joe, uncovers a young boy's attempt to fake a residential address, and subsequently gets involved romantically with the boy's mother. The truant officer waffles between a sadistic relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend and the mother. When one of the offi...
Cat People(1982) - Irena Gallier (Nastassja Kinski) is your everyday girl. She comes from Europe and lives in New Orelans with her brother Paul (Malcolm McDowell). She has a boyfriend named Oliver (John Heard) who works at the zoo. She lives a nice life, but she has sexual urges of a very strange manner, and when she...
Carbon Copy(1981) - Walter Whitney (George Segal) is an upscale executive with a good life on many fronts. Everything is thrown into disarray, though, when he meets the child he never knew he had, a young man named Roger Porter. That's already shocking, but even more shocking is that he's black (Porter is played by Den...
White Nights(1985) - Nikolai Rodchenko (Mikhail Baryshnikov) defected from Soviet Russia and became one of America's best ballet dancers. While on a plane for a trip, he flies over Russia. Unfortunately, when a malfunction happens to the plane, the plane must enter the land he exited. The government wants him to be part...
Monster Mash: The Movie(1995) - Two teens (Ian Bohen, Candace Cameron) are on the way to a Halloween party dressed as Romeo and Juliet when their car breaks down in front of a sinister mansion. Seeking help, they fall into a party of monsters led by Dr. Frankenstein (Bobby Pickett), who immediately wants to transfer the boy's brai...
Beverly Hills Ninja(1997) - Haru (Chris Farley) is a white man raised by the Japanese. He's been trained to be a ninja, but he isn't that good at it. His skills will be called into action, though, when he returns to America to investigate a crime. His fellow ninja Gobei (Robin Shou) goes with him, and the two of them do what t...
Blame It on Rio(1984) - Caine plays a man on holiday in Rio with his best friend. Both men have teenage daughters with them. When Caine falls for the amorous daughter (played by Michelle Johnson) of his best friend, they embark on a secret, if slightly one-sided relationship. Johnson's father is furious when he finds out a...
Flesh+Blood(1985) - In the Middle Ages, a warrior named Martin (Rutger Hauer) and his band of fighters teamed up with the noble Arnolfini (Fernando Hilbeck) to take back what was rightfully the latter's property. When Martin's band gets tricked about their rewards, their savagery reemerges and they decide to kidnap Arn...
Down Periscope(1996) - Lt. Cmdr Tom Dodge (Kelsey Grammer) is one of the Navy's best, even if he is a bit unconventional. But to take command of his own ship, he must first prove himself in simulated combat. Dodge is shocked when he's put in command of the rusty and outdated USS Stingray. His crew consists of the Navy's w...
Rapid Fire(1992) - When college student Jake Lo (Brandon Lee) witnesses a murder by the Chicago mob, Jake is stuck between two fuding Drug Lords, one who wants him dead. After being betrayed by the FBI, he teams up with a local single-minded Chicago cop (Powers Boothe) who reminds him of his deceased father. It's up t...
The Magic Snowman(1987) - Movie about a boy who builds a magical talking snowman. The talking snowman helps the boy during rough times, but when the boy tries to use the snowman for personal gain, he ends up learning a lesson about greed. This was a live-action film shot in Yugoslavia in the English language.
When Harry Met Sally(1989) - Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally Albright (Meg Ryan) first meet in college. They strike up a good friendship, but there's a palpable tension from the moment they first meet. Over the course of many years, they try to ignore th e romantic feelings they have for each other by being in relationshi...
Forced Vengeance(1982) - Josh Randall (Chuck Norris) is a former military man who now works at a casino in Hong Kong. When Chinese mobsters look to mess with the owners, Randall springs into action and does all the things that we love seeing Chuck Norri
Dead Ringers(1988) - Jeremy Irons plays twin brothers in this movie. The Mantle brothers, Beverly and Elliot, are accomplished gynecologists who play a rather odd game with women. When the confident twin ends a relationship with a woman, he passes her on to the shy one. When an actress named Claire Niveau (Genevieve Buj...
The Abyss(1989) - The Abyss is a 1989 American science fiction film written and directed by James Cameron, starring Ed Harris, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, and Michael Biehn. When an American submarine sinks in the Caribbean, the US search and recovery team works with an oil platform crew, racing against Russian vess...
High Spirits(1988) - When Peter Plunkett's Irish castle turned hotel is about to be repossesed, he decides to spice up the attraction a bit for the 'Yanks' by having his staff pretend to haunt the castle. The trouble begins when a busload of American tourists arrive - along with some real ghosts.
Mr. Destiny(1990) - Larry Burrows is unhappy and feels powerless over his life. He believes his entire life could have turned out differently had he not missed that shot in a baseball game when was a kid. One night he meets this mysterious man, who could change his fate by offering him that alternative life he always d...
Mr. Mom(1983) - When Jack Butler(Michael Keaton) loses his job he switches roles with his wife Caroline(Teri Garr), she goes out and earns the bacon and he stays home and takes care of the three kids a job he is unqualified for.Jack must get it together before he destroys hearth and home.
Dear God(1996) - When letters written to God start getting results, and replies, people everywhere are amazed. The Post Office however is annoyed.
Lake Placid(1999) - When a man is eaten alive by an unknown creature, the local Game Warden (Pullman) teams up with a paleontologist (Fonda) from New York to find the beast. Add to the mix an eccentric philanthropist with a penchant for "Crocs" (Platt), and here we go! This quiet, remote lake is suddenly the focus of a...
Coma(1978) - There are plenty of things to fear when you go to the hospital. Needles, bad food, the possibility of getting an ugly nurse...That's nothing compared to what's going on at Boston Memorial General Hospital. In this hospital, patients are deliberately killed and their organs are harvested for sale on...
Forbidden Zone(1982) - A mysterious door in the basement of the Hercules house leads to the Sixth Dimension by way of a gigantic set of intestine. When Frenchy slips through the door, King Fausto falls in love with her. The jealous Queen Doris takes Frenchy prisoner, and it is up to the Hercules family and friend Squeezit...
84 Charing Cross Road(1987) - When a humorous script-reader(Anne Bancroft) in her New York apartment sees an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature for a bookstore in London that does mail order, she begins a very special correspondence and friendship with Frank Doel(Anthony Hopkins), the bookseller who works at Marks & Co., 84...
All Of Me(1984) - Roger Cobb is a lawyer by day and a jazz musician at night. His boss refuses to let him to anything substantial unless he decides on what he is. When Roger says he is, his boss puts him in charge of handling the estate of Edwina Cutwater, a spoiled wealthy heiress, who tells Roger that she is dying...
Romancing The Stone(1984) - Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) writes fantastic stories of love and adventure. Unfortunately, her own life is nowhere near as exciting as what she writes. An opportunity to change all that comes when her sister is kidnapped in Colombia. Her trip down there will lead her into a much bigger adventure t...
The Mission(1986) - Jeremy Irons plays a Spanish Jesuit who goes into the South American wilderness to build a mission in the hope of converting the Indians of the region. Robert DeNiro plays a slave hunter who is converted and joins Irons in his mission. When Spain sells the colony to Portugal, they are forced to defe...
Protocol(1984) - Sweet, unsophisticated Sunny is working as a cocktail waitress. She saves a visiting dignitary and as a reward she gets a top-office job in the Washington beehive. She has to fight against a devious protocol officer but with her charms, she saves the day when she gets involved in an arms deal with a...
Polyester(1981) - A suburban housewife's world falls apart when her pornographer husband admits he's serially unfaithful to her, her daughter gets pregnant, and her son is suspected of being the foot-fetishist who's been breaking local women'
The Burning(1981) - A caretaker at a summer camp is burned when a prank goes tragically wrong. After several years of intensive treatment at hospital, he is released back into society, albeit missing some social skills. What follows is a bloody killing spree with the caretaker making his way back to his old stomping gr...
The Yarn Princess(1994) - Margaret is slightly retarded, and when her husband, Jake, is diagnosed with schizophrenia, the authorities wish to take her children away from her. She has to prove in a court of law that she is capable of taking care of her family.
The Loveless(1984) - Trouble ensues when a motorcycle gang stops in a small southern town while heading to the races at Daytona
The Presidio(1988) - Jay Austin is now a civilian police detective. Colonel Caldwell was his commanding officer years before when he left the military police over a disagreement over the handling of a drunk driver. Now a series of murders that cross jurisdictions force them to work together again. That Austin is now dat...
The Verdict(1982) - Frank Galvin (Paul Newman) is a lawyer who has lost his way. He's losing cases and losing himself inside glasses of alcohol. When his associate Mickey Morrissey (Jack Warden) reminds him of his duties in a medical malpractice case, Galvin, with the support of his girlfriend Laura Fischer (Charlotte...
Fear City(1984) - Tom Berenger plays an ex-boxer and "talent" agent who finds his life closing in around him when a psychopathic martial artist starts stabbing and slashing strippers on their way home from nightclubs.
Something Wild(1986) - A free-spirited woman "kidnaps" a yuppie for a weekend of adventure. But the fun quickly takes a dangerous turn when her ex-con husband shows up.
The Grifters(1990) - Based on the pulp novel by Jim Thompson, this neo-noir film tells the story of Lilly Dillon, a long-time female con artist who begins to rethink her life when her son Roy, also a grifter, suffers an almost-fatal injury when he is beaten after a failed scam.
Extremities(1986) - A woman named Marjorie (Farrah Fawcett) is assaulted by a man named Joe (James Russo). When the police act passive due to lack of evidence, Joe comes back, this time to rape her. Once attacked, she takes matters into her own hands, leading to a personal debate about what she's doing, not doing or sh...
Falling In Love(1984) - During shopping for Christmas, Frank and Molly run into each other. This fleeting short moment will start to change their lives, when they recognize each other months later in the train home and have a good time together. Although both are married and Frank has two little kids, they meet more and mo...
Hardbodies(1984) - Three middle-aged daddies visit California to have a marvelous time at the beach. When they learn that a nice apartment and an expensive cabriolet isn't enough for them to score with the chicks, they employ a student to help them. At first he's as disgusted of them and his job as his girlfriend, but...
Deepstar Six(1989) - The crew of an experimental underwater nuclear base are forced to struggle for their lives when their explorations disturb a creature who threatens to destroy their base.
Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies(1986) - A retelling of Dragon Ball's origins, this is a different version of the meeting of Goku, Bulma, Oolong, and Yamucha. They are all looking for the dragon balls for different reasons when they cross paths with an evil king named Gourmeth, who is also looking for the dragon balls.
Married to the Mob(1988) - Angela de Marco (Michelle Pfeiffer) is a mob wife on Long Island who wants to break free of that life. When her mobster husband "Cucumber" Frank de Marco (Alec Baldwin) is murdered, she sees an opportunity to get out of it. Moving into the city, she has to deal with minimum-wage jobs, a poor apartme...
Long Time Gone(1986) - A "world-class screw-up" private eye (Paul le Mat) finds his world and his attention changed when he is reunited with his estranged 11-year old son (Wil Wheaton). At the film's beginning, Le Mat is a down-on-his-luck gambler with the mob on his heals. When his son, whom he abandoned 10 years earlier...
Wildcats(1986) - Molly McGrath (Goldie Hawn) is a track teacher at a high school. She also really enjoys football as well. When the football coach's job becomes vacant, Molly decides to sign up and give it a go. Of course, things go wrong, but eventually they righ
My Father the Hero(1994) - A 14-year-old New York girl goes to the Bahamas for vacation with her French father. She gives her dad a hard time because of his lack of attention over the years. When she becomes attracted to a boy who works at the hotel, she pretends that her father is her lover in order to impress him. The strat...
Off Limits(1988) - McGriff and Albaby are probably doing the worst law enforcement job in the world - they are plain clothes U.S. military policemen on duty in war-time Saigon. However, their job becomes even harder when they start investigating the serial killings of local prostitutes. Their prime suspect is high ran...
Hot Dog... The Movie(1984) - When a hopeful young American hot-dogger goes pole-to-pole with an arrogant Austrian pro, the snow really starts to fly! But as hot as it is on the mountain, it gets even hotter off when the pro's ex-girlfriend (Tweed) sets her eyes on the new blood. Who'll win the competition and the girl? Only a r...
Hot T-Shirts(1980) - A bar owner is looking for ways to save his business. The idea comes to him one day when watching cheerleaders at football practice at a local college. He decides to do wet T-shirt contests, and needless to say, success arrives quickly.
Illegally Yours(1988) - Richard Dice (Rob Lowe) faces something that annoys many of us: Jury duty. Things get interesting when the murder case he's assigned to involves a woman named Molly Gilbert (Colleen Camp), whom he pined for back in his school days. Dice feels something is askew about the whole case, and takes it upo...
Video Violence... When Renting Is Not Enough.(1987) - Steve and Rachel, a young couple, open a video store in a backwater town. They start to notice the towns residence tend to rent only horror and porn movies however they soon discover that they make their own home movies of real people bein
Lady Terminator(1988) - In this Indonesian action movie, an evil spirit from the past named the South Seas Queen inhabits the body of a collegiate named Tania Wilson (Barbara Anne Constable) when she visits Indonesia. Violence and nudity ensue.
Into the Night(1985) - A cuckolded and bored man named Ed Okin (Jeff Goldblum) meets a young woman named Diana (Michelle Pfeiffer) when she runs into his car at an airport, and the two go on an adventure through L.A that involves stolen diamonds and Middle Eastern thugs.
Over the Edge(1979) - This movie shows what happens to kids when they are forced to live in a "planned" community.
Soul Food(1997) - Traditional Sunday dinners at Mama Joe's (Irma P. Hall) turn sour when sisters Teri (Vanessa L. Williams), Bird (Nia Long) and Maxine (Vivica A. Fox) start bringing their problems to the dinner table in this ensemble comedy. When tragedy strikes, it's up to grandson Ahmad (Brandon Hammond) to pull t...
Godzilla Raids Again(1955) - Two pilots are shocked when they see two giant monsters waging war before falling into the ocean. The two pilots race back to Japan to inform the government what they saw. Soon the world comes to the realization, that a monster closely related to the original Godzilla is on the loose as well as a ne...
Godzilla vs. Mothra(1964) - A greedy developer has placed huge machines to suck dry a part of the ocean near Tokyo so he can put luxury condos there. After a storm, a giant egg washes up on the beach nearby and is immediately put on public display. The developer's plans go awry when he disrupts Godzilla's rest and the monster...
Konrad(1985) - A middle-aged woman(Polly Holiday) becomes a mother when a package gets delivered to her door unknown to her that when she signs for the package that an 8 year old boy (Huckleberry Fox) a.k.a. Konrad will come into her life and flip it upside down. Unbeknownst to her that Konrad is from a place c...
Little Sister(1991) - Jonathan Silverman("Weekend at Bernie's", "Class Action")is a fraternity man on a mission as he dresses up as a girl to infiltrate a sorority house and steal the girls' prized possession. But the joke is on him when the sorority sisters elect Jonathan as their very own "Ms. Popularity." To make mat...
White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild (1995)(1995) - "When a few troubled teenagers go on a conservation outreach program to rescue a pair of juvenile wolves in order to improve their school records they encounter unexpected challenges
When the North Wind Blows (1974)(1974) - "An adventure tale about a trapper's life in the Alaska wilderness
White Fang to the Rescue (1974)(1974) - "When a young boy's life is threatened by gold thieves, White Fang must once again leap into action. Adapted from the Jack London story
Whiskers (1997)(1997) - "A young boy is surprised when he finds that his cat has turned into a human being in this film appropriately entitled WHISKERS. After comically adjusting to life in a human form, the cat-man and boy go on a search to find the family that the cat left behind
Zelly and Me(1988) - Young orphaned Phoebe finds herself caught between the possessive love of her grandmother and the unconditional love of her governess. Phoebe withdraws into her own little world, but when her jealous grandmother starts sending away Phoebe's friends, she realizes she must rely on her own heart to sur...
Tragic Hero(1987) - In the 1970s, Chi was a powerful Hong Kong gangster whose lieutenants were two brothers, Yung and Kuo. When he names Kuo as his heir, the cruel and sadistic Yung becomes jealous. The upshot: during the 1980s, Kuo retires to Malacca to raise a family, Yung builds his power, and Chi gradually loses hi...
I, Madman(1989) - Virginia (Jenny Wright, PINK FLOYD: THE WALL, NEAR DARK) is an avid reader, aspiring actress and used-bookstore employee who's dating a cop (Clayton Rohner, JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, APRIL FOOLS DAY, "G vs E"). When Virginia discovers the old writings of unknown author Malcolm Brand, she locates his bo...
Fraternity Vacation(1985) - A nerd gains the friendship of two of his frat brothers when his dad offers them his condo for the week in Palm Springs, and also offers the fraternity a hot tub and jacuzzi if they can help his son find a girl. They meet two guys from a rival fraternity, and make a bet on who can nail the Designate...
Fatal Beauty(1987) - Rita Rizzoli (Whoopi Goldberg) was once a drug addict. After her young daughter died of an overdose when getting into her stash, Rizzoli decided to retool her life. She's now a police officer who is dealing with the newest drug to hit the streets, a deadly type of cocaine called "Fatal Beauty". Rizz...
When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth(1971) - In this sequel to ONE MILLION YEARS B.C. (1966) a young blond escapes sacrifice and falls in love with a handsome fisherman and trains disnoaur. The special effects created by Jim Danforth, are excellent. It got nominated for an Oscar for best Special Effects, but got beaten by Disney's BEDKNOBS AND...
Times Square(1980) - Pamela Pearl (Trini Alvarado), the repressed, unhappy daughter of a New York politician (Peter Coffield) joins up with street punk Nicky Maratta (Robin Johnson) and the two run away to live in the abandoned piers. But when local DJ Johnny LaGuardia (Tim Curry) gets wind of the situation, the girls...
The Defender(1994) - Action superstar Jet Li powers onto the screen in a nonstop action thriller about loyality,betrayal... and revenge Li plays a hard-hitting and highly trained bodyguard by a wealthy businessman to protect his beautiful girlfriend after she witnesses a murder but things get sticky when the bodyguard a...
Patriot Games(1992) - Jack Ryan is on vacation in England when he spoils an assassination attempt on an important member of the Royal Family. Ryan gets drawn back into the CIA when the same splinter faction of the IRA targets him and his family.
Swingers(1996) - This is a story about Mike, who left New York when he came to LA to be a star. It's been six months since his girlfriend left him and he's not doing so good. His pal and some other friends, all wanna-be actors, try and get him back in the socia
Chasing Amy(1997) - Holden And Banky Are Comic Book Artists, Everything Is Going Good For Them Until They Meet Alyssa, Holden Falls In Love With Her But His Hopes Are Crushed When He Find's Out That She's A Lesbian.
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?(1991) - Former child star 'Baby Jane' Hudson (Lynn Redgrave) is forced to care for her crippled sister, Blanche (Vanessa Redgrave). Insane Jane was always jealous of Blanche's success, and she's come to hate her sibling, now keeping her a prisoner in their own home. But when Jane decides to try to break b...
Dying Young(1991) - Directed by Joel Schumacher, Dying Young was adapted from a novel by Marti Leimbach. When Victor Geddes (Campbell Scott) discovers that he is suffering from leukemia, his wealthy family hires pretty, young Hillary O'Neil (Julia Roberts) to help nurse him through his chemotherapy treatment. As the tw...
The Langoliers(1995) - While en route to Boston, a handful of travelers on an airplane awaken to find the majority of the people on the plane have vanished. When they finally land on the ground, they find the airport's abandone
Demon Seed(1977) - Susan Harris (Julie Christie) is in a troubled marriage with Alex (Fritz Weaver), a scientist. When Alex moves out of their luxurious home, which is run by the super computer "Proteus" that Alex created, Susan becomes trapped by "Proteus", who is becoming more powerful by the day. Locked in her ho...
It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown(1974) - When Woodstock's fancy new nest disappears one afternoon, he turns to Snoopy for help. Adopting the guise of Sherlock Holmes (complete with cloak, deerstalker cap and bubble pipe), Snoopy and Woodstock go on the hunt for the missing nest.
The Food of the Gods(1976) - Morgan and his friends are on a hunting trip on a remote Canadian island when they are attacked by a swarm of giant wasps. Looking for help, Morgan stumbles across a barn inhabited by an enormous killer chicken. After doing some exploring, they discover the entire island is crawling with animals tha...
The Victim(1972) - When Kate Wainwright (Elizabeth Montgomery) pays her sister Susan a visit, she finds the house deserted, and a storm eventually knocks out the electricity and strands her there... with a killer. Seems sister Susan has been murdered, and now Kate's the next target. But is the killer Susan's husband...
An Unexpected Family (1996)(1996) - When her sister abandons her two children for an overseas fling, a career-driven Manhattanite changes her life to make a life for the kids. More than a year later, her sister returns wanting the children, resulting in a heartbreaking lega
An Unexpected Life (1997)(1997) - A heartwarming story about a family who leaves the hustle-and-bustle of city life for what they imagine will be a more relaxed rural lifestyle. When the unexpected happens, their peaceful daily routine is upended and their lives are changed forever. Made-fo
Vulcan (1997)(1997) - 1 hr. 23 min. When a dinosaur egg is unearthed by a powerful volcano, a little boy's life is changed forever. The pterodactyl named "Vulcan", and the little boy end up forming an unbreakable bond of friendship while on an amazing spree o
White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (1997)(1997) - "When a plane crash strands three teens in an icy wilderness, they must summon their strength--and the powerful spirit of a legendary wolf--to survive the horrific ordeal. Winner of a Gold Medal from the American Family Film Council
Father of the Bride(1991) - George Banks(Steve Martin)is a average american guy.Who owns a shoe company called sidekicks.He does not like a change.The movie begins when George comes home from work anxiously awaiting the return of his oldest daughter Annie from Rome.George just wants to spend time with his daughter.When Annie r...
Went to Coney Island On a Mission From God...Be Back By Five(1998) - Richard Schenkman, who debuted with the disappointing The Pompatus of Love (1996), returned with this comedy-drama, set on the streets of Brooklyn. When young Richie (Rafael Baez) vanishes, rumor has it that he went insane at Coney Island, so pizza guy Stan (Rick Stear) and pawnshop clerk Daniel (Jo...
Soapdish(1991) - In the comedic farce Soapdish, the behind-the-scenes lives of several soap opera actors are just as melodramatic as those of their television counterparts. Sally Field stars as Celeste Talbert, the star of a declining TV show. To make matters worse, Talbert's career is thrown into turmoil when her r...
54(1998) - Mark Christopher wrote and directed this look back at the Disco Era when the popular Studio 54 was at its apogee in the late '70s. With obvious comparisons to Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights (1997) and Whit Stillman's The Last Days of Disco (1998), the story introduces working-class 19-year-old...
Memoirs of an Invisible Man(1992) - Chevy Chase stars, though not always visibly, as Nick Halloway, a low-level businessman with an acerbic approach to life and work, whose humdrum existence utterly bores him. Nick gets an unexpected jolt of excitement when, nursing a hangover, he's the only one not to evacuate an office building that...
Legend of the Chucapabra(1998) - Three filmmakers find themselves in grave danger when they set out to document a regional folk myth (sound at all familiar?) in this thriller. The Chupacabra has been described as the Latin American equivalent to Bigfoot; the name "Chupacabra" translates as "goat sucker," since the creature's favori...
Bikini Island(1991) - When a bunch of swimsuit models travel to a photo shoot on an isolated island in hopes of being chosen for a magazine cover, they are stalked and slowly knocked off by someone who is a touch competitiveand perhaps, a touch touched. This bulging-bikini flick contains some nudity, profanity, adul...
A Warm Summer Rain(1990) - When a suicidal woman meets up with a wayward young man, the two develop a strong relationship as they find comfort and sympathy in one another.
Cadence(1990) - When a young Caucasian military man is thrown into an all African-American barracks for punishment, he slowly earns the respect of his peers while they all are forced to contend with the prejudicial acts of a racist sergeant. Charlie Sheen, Laurence Fishburne, Martin Sheen (who also directed) and ot...
Multiplicity(1996) - In this zany comedy, Michael Keaton is Doug Kinney, a man with too many tasks and not enough time to complete them. When he feels too much pressure, his temper explodes with disastrous results. So when researcher Dr. Owen Leeds (Harris Yulin) offers him a somewhat unusual remedy for his problem, he...
It Could Happen to You(1994) - Loosely based on a true story, this uneven romantic comedy depicts the unexpected way in which a winning lottery ticket unites a pair of strangers. Waitress Yvonne (Bridget Fonda) first meets police officer Charlie (Nicolas Cage) when he eats in her restaurant. Realizing that he doesn't have enough...
First Do No Harm(1997) - TV movie When Lori Reimuller learns that her young son Robbie has epilepsy, she first trusts the judgment of the hospital staff in how best to bring it under control. As Robbie's health slides radically downhill, however, she becomes frustrated and desperate, and so does her own research into the...
Outrageous Fortune(1987) - Lauren and Sandy are total opposites who end up in the same acting class and who don't know they are sharing a lover. When he disappears under mysterious circumstances they refuse to believe that he is dead and are the only ones who are searching for him across several states. Ending up in the weste...
When We Were Kings(1996) - This documentry tells of the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" Boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, organized Don King and held in Ziare in 1974.
Dante's Peak(1997) - Volcanologist Harry Dalton comes to the sleepy town of Dante's Peak to investigate the recent rumblings of the dormant volcano the burg is named for. Before long, his worst fears are realized when a massive eruption hits, and immediately, Harry, the mayor and the townspeople find themselves fighting...
Too Late the Hero(1970) - A WWII film set on a Pacific island. Japanese and allied forces occupy different parts of the island. When a group of British soldiers are sent on a mission behind enemy lines, things don't go exactly to plan. This film differs in that some of the 'heroes' are very reluctant, but they come good when...
Love Story(1970) - Harvard Law student/hockey jock (Oliver Barrett IV) meets Radcliffe music wonk (Jennifer Cavalleri), and the couple soon enter into a relationship. When the couple decide to get married, Oliver's father (Oliver Barrett III) threatens to disinherit him from the family will, leaving Oliver and Jennife...
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner(1967) - Matt and Christina Drayton are a couple whose attitudes are challenged when their daughter brings home a fianc who is black.
Dot and the Koala(1985) - Dot comes to the aid of her native animal friends when Bruce the koala tells her of plans to build a massive dam that will destroy their environment. But the local farm animals believe that the creation of the dam will catapult their small country town into the 21st Century. With both sides fighting...
kung fu rascals(1992) - In the tradition of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and the Three Stooges comes this wildly funny action comedy from director Steve Wang. When chased by mutated monsters, crafty ninjas and a 300 foot tall stone god, the bumbling heroes battle against the powers o
Kramer Vs. Kramer(1979) - Ted Kramer is a career man for whom his work comes before his family. His wife Joanna cannot take this anymore, so she decides to leave him. Ted is now faced with the tasks of housekeeping and taking care of himself and their young son Billy. When he has learned to adjust his life to these new respo...
Five Easy Pieces(1970) - A former concert pianist,from A wealthy family,gives it all up to work on an oil rig.But when his father grows ill,the man must rejoin his family,having to face the reasons;he left in the first place.Jack Nicholson is Excellent,in an oscar nominated performance.A good comedy/drama study of working c...
Dust to Dust(1994) - When a power struggle between a greedy Texas mayor and a sympathetic lawyer threatens to render a band of desperate orphans homeless, a notorious gunslinger is called in to resolve the matter in this Western starring Robert Vaughn and Willie Nelson. As a powerful railroad company sets its sights on...
Lost & Found(1999) - Just how low will a guy sink in order to impress the woman of his dreams? How does stealing her dog sound? In Lost and Found, David Spade plays Dylan, who is about to open an new restaurant and has finally found the perfect apartment. The apartment just gets better when he meets his new neighbor, Li...
Out of Sight(1998) - Steven Soderbergh directed this crime caper adapted from the novel by Elmore Leonard. When ex-con Jack Foley (George Clooney) robs a bank, his car goes dead, and Foley lands in a Florida prison. His escape from prison doesn't go as planned, since it's witnessed by deputy federal marshal Karen Sisco...
Race(1998) - Tom Musca directed this social satire on the United States electoral system. The comedy-drama explores how class and race divisions impact on the process when a Chicano housepainter in East Los Angeles decides to run for the city council. Pressured by his wife (Annette Murphy), Gustavo Alvarez (Paul...
Matinee(1993) - John Goodman's full-throttle performance as a William Castle-inspired schlockmeister propels Joe Dante's delightful and charming comedy Matinee. The film takes place during the November 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, a time when America's innocence began to crumble. Goodman plays film producer Lawrence...
Mi Vida Loca(1993) - Neighborhood pride runs deep in Echo Park, so when two lifelong friends join the local gang as a matter of course, they're handed down gang names from the previous generation of homegirls. Unfortunately, Sad Girl (Angel Aviles) and Mousie (Seidy Lopez) don't remain friends for long. When Mousie with...
Ranma 1/2: Big Trouble in Nekonron, China(1991) - One day, the perverted Happosai causes trouble again, but when Ranma tries to stop him, it all leads to a huge chase scene with Akane and the other
Road Games (1981) - A trucker assigned to deliever a shipment of meat across Australia's Nullarbor plain to Perth,keeps noticing a suspicious green van.When the trucker hears of a serial killer at large,he begins to suspect the driver of this van.Starring Stacy Keach,Jamie Lee Curtis,and Grant Page.
The Exterminator (1980) - When his best friend is killed,a Vietnam vet,turns vigilante in New York City.Starring Robert Ginty,Samantha Eggar,and Christopher George.
Blue Velvet(1986) - Jeffrey Beaumont (Kyle MacLachlan) is just your average young American. When he returns for a visit to the town where he grew up, he finds a severed ear in a field. Assuming the mantle of junior detective after irritation with the police, he ends up connecting the ear to a depraved underworld of sex...
The Chipmunks Reunion(1985) - When they can't determine when their birthday is, the Chipmunks set out to find their mother, who abandoned them a
A Fish Called Wanda(1988) - Wanda Gershwitz (Jamie Lee Curtis) has several very good friends...The debonair Georges Thomason (Tom Georgeson), the stuttering animal lover Ken Pile (Michael Palin), and the brick-stupid Otto (Kevin Kline). The 4 of them have teamed up for a diamond heist. When George moves the diamonds, crosses a...
When Time Ran Out(1980) - An active volcano becomes a threat to the guests of an island resort.Starring Paul Newman,Jacqueline Bisset,and William Holden.
Some Like It Hot(1959) - When two musicians witness a mob hit, they flee the state in an all female band disguised as women, but further complications set in.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil(1989) - Richard Pryor plays a blind man named Walley Karue and Gene Wilder plays a deaf man named Dave Lyons. They meet in Dave's shop, and become fast friends. When a man gets murdered at Dave's shop, where Walley now works, the two of them become the prime suspects. As they evade the police, they are also...
Easy Money(1983) - Photographer Monty Capuletti (Rodney Dangerfield) is hard-drinking, hard-smoking, hard-gambling and hard on his luck. When his mother-in-law dies, her will says that Monty will get 10 million dollars...IF he can give up all his vices. His buddies aren't any help, and Monty is feeling even more stres...
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies(1999) - When the legendary monster, the Djinn, is released once again, he begins his reign of terror, plunging the earth into horror and chaos. As the Djinn reaches his goal of a thousand souls, it is up to Morgana to stand between the world as we know it and the terrifying future beyond our darkest fears.
Less Than Zero(1987) - Clay (Andrew McCarthy) won't be having that merry of a Christmas when he visits California this year. His family is financially rich but emotionally broken and his ex-girlfriend Blair (Jami Gertz) is now going steady with his former friend Julian (Robert Downey Jr.). Despite this, Blair needs Clay's...
Barfly(1987) - Henry Chianski (Mickey Rourke) is a writer with great wit and talent, both of which are being drowned in alcohol. He meets a hard-drinking woman named Wanda Wilcox (Faye Dunaway) and they fall in love with each other. When publisher Tully Sorenson (Alice Krige) wants to make Henry's work known, he h...
High Ice(1980) - It's nature versus the military when 3 rock climbers get stranded and a park ranger and an army man have different ideas to get them down.
Murder: By Reason Of Insanity(1985) - The Berwids, Ewa (Candice Bergen) and Adam (Jurgen Prochnow), are immigrants from Poland. When they come to America, their careers diverge. His is a failure, her's is a success, and jealousy rears its' very ugly head.
The Librarian: Quest for the Spear(2004) - When a magical artifact is lifted from his library, a meek librarian sets out to ensure its safe return.
Daddy(1987) - High school senior Bobby Burnette has many plans for his future including his girlfriend Stacy, playing his guitar, and going to college out in Boston. But his plans come to a halt when they discovers that she is pregnant after their first sexual encounter. Bobby wants her to have an abortion, but...
I'll Do Anything(1994) - A struggling actor named Matt Hobbs (Nick Nolte) sees his life get more complicated when his estranged former wife Beth (Tracey Ullman) drops off his estranged daughter Jeannie (Whittni Wright) under strange circumstances. Along the way, Hobbs befriends a producer named Burke Adler (Albert Brooks) a...
Reality Bites(1994) - A variety of Generation Xers in Houston learn about how love and life can change when you're an adult.
Young Sherlock Holmes(1985) - From producer Steven Spielberg and director Berry Levinson, comes the untold story of Sherlock Holmes when he and Dr. Watson first met as Schoolboys and solved their first mystery together. There had been mysterous deaths happening all over London, England caused by hallucination and Sherlock and Wa...
Gladiator(2000) - A Loyal Roman General Is Betrayed When The Ambitious Son Murders His Father And He Seizes The Throne, Once Reduced To Slavery, He Rises Through The Ranks Of The Gladiatorial Arena To Avenge The Murder Of His Entire Family And His Emperor.
Alaska(1996) - When their father plane crashed somewhere in Alaska, two kids set out on a dangerous quest to find him and help protect a Polar Bear Cub from an evil poacher.
The Lady From Yesterday(1985) - Vietnam veteran Craig Weston (Wayne Rogers) and his wife Janet (Bonnie Bedelia) are living an everyday life when Craig is visited by a woman he had an affair with when in country. Her name is Lien (Tina Chen) and she wants Craig to take care of the child they had.
Harry and Tonto(1974) - Harry is a retired teacher in his 70s living in the Upper West Side of New York City where his late wife and he raised his children--where he's lived all his life. When the building he lives in is torn down to make way for a parking garage, Harry and his beloved cat Tonto begin a journey across the...
Class of Nuke 'Em High(1986) - Tromaville's honor students are transformed into rampaging freaks when toxic waste leaks into the water supply.
Timerider(1982) - Lyle, a motorcycle champion is traveling the Mexican desert, when he find himself in the action radius of a time machine. So he find himself one century back in the past and must save a town with his futur
Hanky Panky(1982) - An architect accidentally gets caught up in a web of intrigue and murder when he ends up on the run on false murder charges. Kate is a woman out to find her brother's killer. The two team up, but not before first thinking each other are the bad guys. The duo end up on a wild cross-country ride from...
That Old Feeling(1997) - When an inimically divorced couple meets up again at the formal wedding of their somewhat humiliated daughter, their animosity is rekindled on sight. But that spark quickly snowballs into an old flame, as the energies they expend on insults and other inflammatory incivilities quickly translates into...
Happily Ever After(1993) - The Evil Queen is dead and Snow White is on her way to see the 7 dwarves when Lord Maliss, the Queen's brother, sees her in the looking glass. He attacks her in the form of a dragon, taking Snow White's prince to the Realm of Doom. Enlisting the aid of the dwarves' cousins, the dwarfells, Snow White...
New Jersey Drive(1995) - New Jersey Drive is a 1995 film about black youths in Newark, New Jersey, the unofficial "car theft capital of the world". Their favorite pastime is that of everybody in their neighborhood: stealing cars and joyriding. The trouble starts when they steal a police car and the cops launch a violent off...
Hey There, It's Yogi Bear(1964) - The animated musical film was produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, with a story by Hanna, Barbera, and former Warner Bros. Cartoons storyman Warren Foster. When the Warner Bros. Cartoons studio closed in May 1963, several of its animators, including Gerry Chiniquy, Friz Freleng...
Sooner or Later(1979) - When 13-year-old Jessie (Denise Miller) goes to the Eddie Nova Guitar Institute, she's stunned to discover her teacher is Michael (Rex Smith), a 17-year-old aspiring local musician she'd just seen play with his rock band at the local shopping mall--and with whom she was instantly smitten. Through th...
When You Remember Me(1990) - Fact-based story of Mike Mills, a teen with muscular dystrophy, who is placed in a state nursing home by his destitute single mother. There he must contend with being the only young person in the clinic and with an abusive head nurse.
The Clan of the Cave Bear(1986) - At a time in prehistory when Neanderthals shared the Earth with early Homo sapiens, a band of cave-dwellers adopt blond and blue-eyed Ayla, a child of the "Others". As Ayla matures into a young woman of spirit and courage (unlike other women of the clan), she must fight for survival against the jeal...
Buster(1988) - Buster Edwards is a small time crook who pulls a big time job. When he finds that the police will not let the case drop, he goes into hiding and can't contact his wife and child. He arranges to meet them in Mexico where he thinks they can begin again, but finds that he must choose between his family...
Madeline: Lost in Paris(1999) - Madeline is the smallest of twelve girls in a boarding school, in an old house in Paris. When long lost Uncle Horst pays a surprise visit to Madeline, promising to move her to a new home in Vienna, her longing for a family seems to be fulfilled. Madeline becomes suspicious when her new Uncle loses h...
Leon(1994) - Lon, the top hit man in New York, has earned a rep as an effective "cleaner." But when his next-door neighbors are wiped out by a loose-cannon DEA agent, he becomes the unwilling custodian of 12-year-old Mathilda. Before long, Mathilda's thoughts turn to revenge, and she considers following in L...
Hooper(1978) - Aging stuntman Sonney Hooper is still on top as one of the best stuntmen in the business. But up and coming Ski is starting to do bigger and better stunts. Hooper has the experience to setup a stunt safely, and Ski lacks the common sense to know when a stunt is too dangerous. Maybe together, along w...
Thumbelina(1992) - The dam where Thumbelina and her father live is breaking due to the rising waters in the nearby pond. Father worries that when spring comes, the melting snows will rise the water higher than ever causing the dam to crack and water to flow over the meadow, thus drowning the little people who live the...
Little Criminals(1995) - The story is mainly about an eleven year old kid called Des. He and his friends do all kinds of illegal things like vandalism, stealing, lighting fires, mug people and using drugs. They do this because of a law which says that they cannot be charged until the age of twelve. When Des meets Cory, they...
Pokmon: The Rise of Darkrai(2007) - The tenth Pokemon movie and the first one of the Diamond & Pearl Saga. Ash and his friends are on their way to a Pokemon Contest in Alamos town when they come across Time-Space Tower. They find that something is giving both children and Pokemon horrible nightmares. Only the trainer Baron Alberto see...
The Onion Field(1979) - Greg Powell is a disturbed ex-con who recruits Jimmy Smith (aka Jimmy Youngblood), a petty thief, as his partner in crime. Powell panics one night when the two of them are pulled over by a pair of cops for broken brake-lights. Powell decides to kidnap the cops and Smith, as always, reluctantly goes...
The Mother(2003) - Problems arise when a 60 something woman(Anne Reid)begins having an affair with her daughter's 30 something boyfriend(Daniel Craig)
Bikini Beach(1964) - When a millionaire(Kennan Wynn) tries to build a retirement community on the beach,Frankie(Frankie Avalon),Dee Dee(Annette Funicello),and their friends, fight back.Third entry in the AIP "Beach Party" series.
Suburbia(1983) - When household tensions and a sense of worthlessness overcome Evan, he finds escape when he clings with the orphans of a throw-away society. The runaways hold on to each other like a family until a tragedy tears them apart.
Pixels(2015) - When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games.
Rurouni Kenshin Part 1: Origins(2012) - In 1868, after the end of the Bakumatsu war, the former assassin Kenshin Himura promises to defend those in need without killing. Kenshin wanders through Japan with a reverse-edged sword during the transition of the samurai age to the New Age. When Kenshin helps the idealistic Kaoru Kamiya from the...
Finding Dory(2016) - In the sequel to the movie that was once the single best-selling animated film of all time the friendly-but-forgetful blue tang decides to leave the Great Barrier Reef to find her long-lost family, but things take a turn for the worst when Dory is kidnapped and sent to an aquarium in Los Angeles. Br...
Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star(1986) - An actor rigs a fake on-air shooting with the connivance of his friend, the show's host, but the practical joke goes horribly wrong when the gun, which he'd loaded with blanks, turns out to contain a live round.
Perry Mason Returns(1985) - When his former secretary (Barbara Hale) is accused of a murder, Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) gives up a judgeship to defend her.
La Cage Aux Folles II(1980) - The sequel to La Cage Aux Folles has homosexual nightclub owner Renato and his transvestite companion/lover Albin becoming involved with the local cops and foreign spies when Albin unwittingly gets his hands on a role of stolen microfilm. The gay couple then hide out in Renato's native Italy, but fi...
The Party(1968) - A clumsy Indian actor(Peter Sellers)wrecks havoc when he is accidentally invited to a party at a studio mogul's mansion.
The Replacements(2000) - When a pro football team goes on strike a coach(Gene Hackman)hires a washed up football hero(Keanu Reeves)to be a replacement quarterback.
Gnomeo & Juliet(2011) - The animated tale Gnomeo & Juliet knowingly follows the quintessential star-crossed lovers tragedy Romeo and Juliet, with the unexpected twist of making the characters garden gnomes that can move when human beings aren't watching. Though Gnomeo and Juliet belong to feuding garden-gnome families, the...
Closer(2004) - The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when the man from one couple meets the woman of the other.
Arthur(2011) - Arthur Bach(Russell Band),a rich,often drunk,playboy, must marry his mother's assistant(Jennifer Garner)or lose his multi million dollar inheritance.Things become really complicated when Arthur falls in love with a free spirited woman named Naomi(Greta Gerwig).This film is a remake of the 1981 film...
Mama's Boy(2007) - A twenty-nine year-old slacker who lives with his mom realizes his sweet set-up is threatened when she hears wedding bells with her self-help guru beau.
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust(2000) - When a girl is abducted by a vampire, a legendary bounty hunter is hired to bring her back.
No Small Affair(1984) - The 16 years old amateur photographer Charles accidentally takes a photo of Laura - and falls in love with her, when he develops the picture. He finds out that she works as singer in a bar, but is about to be thrown out. Although rejected at first by the 23 year old, he wants to help her and starts...
The Triplets of Belleville(2003) - When her grandson is kidnapped during the Tour de France, Madame Souza and her beloved pooch Bruno team up with the Belleville Sisters--an aged song-and-dance team from the days of Fred Astaire--to rescue him.
The Angry Birds Movie(2016) - Flightless birds lead a mostly happy existence, except for Red (Jason Sudeikis), who just can't get past the daily annoyances of life. His temperament leads him to anger management class, where he meets fellow misfits Chuck (Josh Gad) and Bomb. Red becomes even more agitated when his feathered breth...
Sam Whiskey(1969) - Sam Whiskey is an all-round talent, but when the attractive widow Laura offers him a job, he hesitates. He shall salvage gold bars, which Laura's dead husband stole recently, from a sunken ship and secretly bring them back to the mint before they are missed, but how shall he manage to get several hu...
G.I. Blues(1960) - Tulsa is a specialist in the US Army stationed in Germany. He loves to sing and has dreams to run his own nightclub when he leaves the army....but dreams don't come cheap. Tulsa places a bet with his friend Dynamite that he can spend the night with a club dancer named Lili, who is rumored to be hard...
Don't Give Up the Ship(1959) - John Paul Steckler was the Junior Officer aboard a destroyer when WWII ended. He gets stuck with the job of sailing the ship to the states to be decommissioned. Now years latter, no one knows where the ship is. He has a choice. Find the ship, or pay for it, Now! If only Prudence, to whom he just got...
Taking the Heat(1993) - When Michael Norell witnesses a murder, he doesn't want to testify but he is forced to by the police. A cop is ordered to bring him to the court, but before they get there they have to deal with several attacks from the mafia.
Family Guy: Blue Harvest(2007) - In This Hour Long Family Guy Special, Peter Griffin Retells The Story Of 1977's Star Wars When The Power Goes Out.
When Eight Bells Toll(1971) - In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland.
Mad Max: Fury Road(2015) - Years after the collapse of civilization, the tyrannical Immortan Joe enslaves apocalypse survivors inside the desert fortress the Citadel. When the warrior Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) leads the despot's five wives in a daring escape, she forges an alliance with Max Rockatansky (Tom Hardy),...
Bigger Fatter Liar(2017) - Kevin, a young tech genius, uses his smarts to slack off and create video games. When he realizes a major game executive has stolen his idea, Kevin and his best friend, Becca, set out to get revenge through a series of elaborate pranks. This is a direct-to-video sequel/remake to the 2002 film "Big F...
The Naked Face(1984) - Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens is suspected of murdering one of his patients when the man turns up stabbed to death in the middle of the city. After repeated attempts to convince two cops of his innocence, Dr. Stevens is forced to go after the real villains himself, and he finds himself up agains...
Ghostbusters (2016)(2016) - Paranormal researcher Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy) and physicist Erin Gilbert are trying to prove that ghosts exist in modern society. When strange apparitions appear in Manhattan, Gilbert and Yates turn to engineer Jillian Holtzmann for help. Also joining the team is Patty Tolan, a lifelong New Yo...
The Rosary Murders(1987) - A priest is put in a dilemma when the serial killer who has been murdering priests and nuns confesses to him.
The Last Of The Finest(1990) - An elite group of vice cops are fired from the L.A.P.D. for being over-zealous in their war against drugs. It is immediately apparent that some of their superiors are involved in the drug ring. Banded together, four of the banned cops (which quickly becomes three when one is killed early) band toget...
Diggstown(1992) - Gabriel Caine has just been released from prison when he sets up a bet with a business man. The business man owns most of a boxing-mad town called Diggstown. The bet is that Gabe can find a boxer that will knock out 10 Diggstown men, in a boxing ring, within 24 hours. "Honey" Roy Palmer is that man...
Certain Fury(1985) - During a shooting in court young prostitute Scarlet manages to flee. In a state of confusion, the black Tracy, who was arrested for a minor delict, follows her. When she decides to leave Scarlett, an accident makes it impossible. So they're bound together on a flight from the police and some of the...
Busting(1974) - LA cops get in over their heads when they don't heed orders from above and go after a big crime boss. While higher ups in the police department want the cop duo to just focus on nabbing petty criminals, the team does so while still going after LA kingpin Rizzo. Various fist fights, chases, shootouts...
Miracle Beach(1992) - A romantically hapless young man named Scott has his life changed when he finds the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, in this case a very comely lass named Jeannie. With Jeannie granting wishes left and right, Scott soon has a fine house, a wonderful car, and a chance to impress the girl of his dreams....
You're Never Too Young(1955) - When an aspiring barber becomes inadvertently involved in the theft of a valuable diamond, necessity forces him to masquerade as a 12 year-old child - with humorous consequences.
Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace(1988) - Air Force Lt. Col. Kevin Parks was arrested and convicted for a murder of a woman and is trying to appeal for the second time when one of the first appeal lawyers, Perry, finds a new witness for the defence. The witness is threatened and then murdered to stop him giving his evidence and Perry, Della...
Mr. Bug Goes to Town(1941) - The happy tranquility of Buggsville is shattered when the populace learns that a colossal skyscraper is to be built over their tiny town.
Ziegfeld Girl(1941) - Discovery by Flo Ziegfeld changes a girl's life but not necessarily for the better, as three beautiful women find out when they join the spectacle on Broadway: Susan, the singer who must leave behind her ageing vaudevillian father; vulnerable Sheila, the working girl pursued both by a millionaire an...
We Are Marshall(2006) - When a plane crash claims the lives of members of the Marshall University football team and some of its fans, the team's new coach and his surviving players try to keep the football program alive.
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lethal Lesson(1989) - Ken Malansky is a law student attending a class being taught by Perry Mason. When a friend tells him that his girlfriend was assaulted by a fellow student, Ken rushes to the university's mock courtroom to confront him and finds him dead. The murder weapon was Ken's own knife. Perry is reluctant to t...
Tom and Jerry: Back to Oz(2016) - Dorothy, Tom and Jerry get sent back to Oz when an evil gnome king takes over Emerald City and sends the flying monkeys to Kansas to steal the ruby slippers.
Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart(2013) - A 19th-century drama about a man whose heart was replaced with a clock when he was born. The situation dictates that he should avoid feeling strong emotions -- love, most of all -- but he just can't keep his feelings under wraps.
Top Of The Heap(1972) - A Washington D.C. cop is proud to be one of the few African-Americans on the force. He is not well loved by his peers or by street people. Trouble erupts when he is overlooked for a promotion.
Roustabout(1964) - Charlie Rogers is a leather-jacketed biker who's fired from a singing engagement after getting into a fight with a group of college toughs. While riding his cycle to the next gig, an irate dad runs him off the road when he flirts with his daughter. He's forced to hook up with a traveling carnival un...
Fun in Acapulco(1963) - Mike works on a boat in Acapulco. When the bratty daughter of the boat owner gets him fired, Mike must find new work. Little boy Rauol helps him get a job as a lifeguard and singer at a local hotel. Clashes abound when Mike runs into the rival lifeguard, who is the champion diver of Mexico. He is an...
A Walk to Remember(2002) - Inspired by the best-selling novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, "A Walk to Remember" tells the story of a preacher's daughter, Jamie (Mandy Moore) and guileless rebel Landon (Shane West), whose worlds collide when, after an initiation gone wrong involving initiating a student into a clique,...
Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song(1971) - Sweet Sweetback (Melvin Van Peebles) is a black orphan who, having grown up in a brothel, now works there as part of a sex show. When the police need a patsy for a murder in the black community, Sweetback's employer gives him up to two white cops, whom Sweetback ends up killing. Suddenly the target...
Little Big Man(1970) - When a curious oral historian (William Hickey) turns up to hear the life story of 121-year-old Jack Crabb (Dustin Hoffman), he can scarcely believe his ears. Crabb tells of having been rescued and raised by the Cheyenne, of working as a snake-oil salesman, as a gunslinger, and as a mule skinner unde...
Doctor Detroit(1983) - An ineffectual professor (Dan Aykroyd) becomes involved with the underworld when he is forced to go undercover as a pimp. As it turns out, the life rather suits "Dr. Detroit," and he becomes a minor celebrity.
The Muppets' Wizard of Oz(2005) - It's the classic tale Muppets' style as Ashanti stars as Dorothy Gale living in Kansas who dreams of being a superstar singer, but all that's about to change when a tornado sends her to Oz and starts her journey to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard with her friends Scarecrow (Kermit), Tin Thing (G...
La Cage Aux Folles(1978) - Two gay men living in St. Tropez have their lives turned upside down when the son of one of the men announces he is getting married. They try conceal their lifestyle and their ownership of the drag club downstairs when the fiance and her parents come for dinner.
Material Girls(2006) - Two wealthy sisters, both heiresses to their family's cosmetics fortune, are given a wake-up call when a scandal and ensuing investigation strip them of their wealth.
The Sapphires(2013) - The year is 1968 and a quartet of Aboriginal girls -- made up of sisters Gail, Cynthia, and Julie along with their cousin Kay -- are discovered by a talent scout named Dave. When they get chosen to perform for the American troops in Vietnam, the singing Sapphires find some of them falling in love an...
One Fine Day(1996) - Melanie Parker, an architect and mother of Sammy, and Jack Taylor, a newspaper columnist and father of Maggie, are both divorced. They meet one morning when overwhelmed Jack is left unexpectedly with Maggie and forgets that Melanie was to take her to school. As a result, both children miss their sch...
The Twilight Saga: New Moon(2009) - Bella Swan is still very much in love with vampire Edward Cullen. But when a dangerous incident occurs on her birthday, it prompts Edward and the rest of the Cullen clan to leave Forks. Feeling extremely heartbroken, Bella becomes withdrawn from everyone else around her and seeking comfort in reckle...
Dallas Buyers Club(2013) - Based on the true story of Ron Woodruff, a Texas electrician who loves to gamble and be a typical hellraising cowboy. But when he is tested HIV-positive and given 30 days left to live, Ron refuses to give into despair. He goes out seeking alternative therapies and smuggles unapproved drugs into the...
Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School(2005) - A widowed man's life turns upside down when he embarks on a journey to find a dying man's long lost love.
2001: A Space Odyssey(1968) - When humanity discovers a mysterious monolithic object beneath the surface of Earth's moon, a group of astronauts set off on a lunar quest with the artificially intelligent computer HAL 9000, who will stop at nothing to ensure the mission is completed... even if it means some or all of the crew will...
Shaun of the Dead(2004) - Shaun Riley is an average, normal man with a mundane job. But when he and his friend Ed find themselves in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Shaun has to survive the community of the undead while winning back his ex-girlfriend and reconciling the relationship between himself and his mother and stepfa...
The Beach Girls(1982) - School is out, and three girls head to the beach for vacation. Two of the girls are world-wise party-goers who attempt to loosen up their naive, virginal friend, whose uncle has allowed the girls to stay at his beach house. When the near-sighted, drug smuggling Captain Bly dumps his cargo of marijua...
Guardians of the Galaxy(2014) - When supervillain Thanos sends the malevolent Ronan to capture the Infinity Stone, a gem that wields immeasurable destructive powers, the only people who can stop them are a group of criminals forced to work together: Peter Quill, or Star-Lord, a sarcastic human abducted by space pirates after his m...
Bride Wars(2009) - Liv and Emma have been inseparable best friends for 20 years. Together they share a dream of having June weddings at New York City's Plaza Hotel. And when they get engaged and with the help of the most sought after wedding planner Marion St. Claire, their dreams are finally coming true...or so they...
August Rush(2006)(2006) - A orphan boy with a natural ear for composing music..escape from the harsh foster home in upstate New find his parents..when he arrives in NYC..his musical talents are being exploited by a street hustler.The late Robin Williams plays the hustler"Wizard".
Inside Out(2015) - Emotions run wild in the mind of a little girl who is uprooted from her peaceful life in the Midwest and forced to move to San Francisco in this Pixar adventure from director Pete Docter. Young Riley was perfectly content with her life when her father landed a new job in San Francisco, and the famil...
Big Hero 6(2014) - Robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada learns to harness his geniusthanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their like-minded friends: adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. When a devastating turn of events catapults them into the midst of a dangerous...
The Good Humor Man(1950) - Biff Jones (Jack Carson) is the Good Humor Man. Not only does he love his job, but he loves his girlfriend, Margie (Lola Albright), just as much. But when Biff gets involved with Bonnie (Jean Wallace), a mysterious woman on the run from a gang of hoodlums, his life takes a dramatic turn for the wors...
Who's Minding The Mint"(1967)(1967) - A bumbling account for the US Treasury"Harry Lucas"(Jim Hutton)inadvertedly stuffs several thousands of dollars into a paper sack of lousy tasting fudge..and when he gets home..he dumps both the hideous candy and monies into his garbage disposal..ruining the funds. In need of help to replace the des...
The Hunchback of Notre Dame II(2002) - Now that Frollo is gone, Quasimodo rings the bell with the help of his new friend and Esmeralda's and Phoebus' little son, Zephyr. But when Quasi stops by a traveling circus owned by evil magician Sarousch, he falls for Madellaine, Sarouch's assistant. But greedy Sarousch forces Madellaine to help h...
Butter(2011) - This is the cut-throat story of greed, blackmail, sex, and of course, butter. For the past 15 years, Bob Pickler has been the butter carving champion at the Iowa State Fair. But when the organizers ask him to step down to give others a chance to win, Bob's wife Laura (who dreams of seeing Bob becomi...
Magic Adventures of Mumfie: The Movie(1996) - What do you do when you're a little elephant who lives all alone and has no one to play with? If you're an elephant named Mumfie, you set out for an adventure ... and does he ever find it! Along the way, Mumfie makes two wonderful new friends: the wise Scarecrow and Pinkey, an extraordinary piglet w...
Miss Congeniality(2000) - FBI agent Gracie Hart is neither graceful nor ladylike but she is a smart & capable at her work. When faced with disciplinary action for a bungled operation, Gracie is recruited to go undercover for an assignment to take down a terrorist coined "The Citizen" whose next target is the Miss United Stat...
Dance, Girl, Dance(1940) - Dance, Girl, Dance is a film released in 1940 and directed by Dorothy Arzner. Judy O'Brien is an aspiring ballerina in a dance troupe. Also in the company is Bubbles, a brash mantrap who leaves the struggling troupe for a career in burlesque. When the company disbands, Bubbles gives Judy a thankless...
The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea(2000) - To protect her from a sea witch, Ariel's daughter is not allowed in the ocean; but when she becomes 12, she runs away to an adventure under the sea.
Planes: Fire & Rescue(2014) - When Dusty learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he joins a forest fire and rescue unit to be trained as a firefighter.
American Hustle(2013) - Irving Rosenfeld and his Sydney Prosser (who works under the guise of Lady Edith Greensly) are two brilliant con artists in 1970's New York. But when they get forced into working for wild FBI agent Richie DiMaso, the unlikely trio finds themselves in a world New Jersey politicians, corruption, and t...
Shrek the Halls(2007) - A holiday special starring Shrek and the gang set between Shrek the Third and Shrek Forever After. When the Christmas season arrives, Shrek reluctantly promises a "special Christmas surprise" to Donkey's urging. Not knowing what Christmas is really about, Shrek goes to Far Far Away where he finds a...
Jingle Bells(1999) - As told by one of Santas merriest elves Jingles, this animated tale opens on a small farm where Beth, Tommy and their parents are all worried about finding the money to buy each other gifts. But when their Dad sells the one thing they care about most in order to give the kids store-bought presents,...
Anne Frank: The Whole Story(2001) - When the war began, she was only a little girl. When it ended, she was the voice of a generation... A compassionate and sensitive televisual portrait of the Holocaust's greatest diarist.
Revolt of the Zombies(1936) - Armand falls in love with Claire, who accepts his proposal of marriage to spite Clifford, whom she really loves. Later, when Claire runs to Cliff for comfort following an accident, Armand breaks the engagement, leaving her free to marry Cliff. Further accidents caused by Mazovia result in the native...
The Town Santa Forgot(1993) - This holiday TV special is a tale details the life of an outrageously overindulged, bratty 5-year old little boy named Jeremy Creek spoiled ridiculously by his inferiorly mild and intimidated parents, flinging himself into destructive, earsplitting, and violent temper tantrums when his requests are...
Watching the Detectives(2007) - A film freak has turned his life upside down when he starts dating a real-life femme fatale in this comedy. Neil is a dyed-in-the-wool movie fan who runs a video store, "Gumshoe Video", specializing in classic film noir and offbeat cult items. Neil spends nearly every evening on the couch, soaking u...
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens(2015) - In this thrilling continuation of the epic space opera, which takes place 30 years after "Return of the Jedi", ex-stormtrooper Finn, scrappy desert dweller Rey, and droid companion BB-8 get caught up in a galactic war when they come across a map containing the whereabouts of the vanished Luke Skywal...
Lost Treasure(2003) - Jay Andrews' action-adventure film "Lost Treasure" stars Stephen Baldwin and Nicolette Sheridan. Brian McBride and his brother have possession of a treasure map of an island in the Caribbean. When bad guys kidnap his brother, Brian enlists the help of a female helicopter pilot to rescue the brother...
Crazy Kind of Love(2013) - A young stoner attempts to help his mother work through the nervous breakdown she suffered as a result of her husband's philandering, and gets some unexpected help from a few unlikely allies in this warm-hearted family drama. Augusta was a devoted Connecticut mother whose life fell to pieces when sh...
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters(2013) - Fifteen years after a horrific experience in a deceptively inviting gingerbread house, an orphan Hansel and Gretel have become famous for ridding the countryside of witches. Despite their stellar success record, the brother and sister face a unique challenge when an extremely powerful witch is ident...
Jurassic World(2015) - In this thrilling fourth installment of the "Jurassic Park" franchise, two young brothers visit their Aunt Claire who's an executive at Jurassic World, a theme park populated with genetically resurrected dinosaurs. But chaos erupts when a newly created dino escapes its enclosure, forcing the park's...
Terminator Genisys(2015) - When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor and safeguard the future, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. Now, Sgt. Reese finds himself in a new and unfamiliar version of the past, where he is faced with unlikely...
High Heels and Low Lifes(2001) - In this broad comedy from sometime comic actor Mel Smith, two women find themselves fleeing criminals. Minnie Driver stars as Shannon, a London nurse who finds her boyfriend Ray, a "sound sculptor", becoming increasingly dull and inattentive. When he forgets her birthday, she decides to hit the town...
Cahill U.S Marshall(1973) - J.D. Cahill is the toughest U.S. Marshal they've got, just the sound of his name makes bad guys stop in their tracks, so when his two young boys want to get his attention they decide to rob a bank. They end up getting more than they bargained for.
The Gymnast(2006) - The stunning Dreya Weber stars as a former top gymnast who discovers love and a new life path when she teams up with a dancer (played by former L.A. Lakers cheerleader Addie Yungmee) for an ambitious Las Vegas aerial act show.
Mango Kiss(2004) - "Mango Kiss" is a story about Lou whose world turns upside-down when she falls in love with her best friend Sassafras. They journey to San Francisco and stumble into the wild world of role-playing and non-monogamous S/M dykes. Comedy ensues as these wholesome girls get in over their heads.
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction(1997) - The third installment in the meretricious "Poison Ivy" series explores a different branch of the Ivy family tree. Jaime Pressly stars as Violet, sister of Ivy, who returns to the home of the Greer family. As little girls, Violet and Ivy were traumatized when they were forcibly taken away from the Gr...
Romeo & Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss(2006) - Romeo & Juliet: Sealed With a Kiss is a fully animated feature fantasy about two star crossed seals from warring families that fall in love against their parents' wishes. When Juliet's father gives her hand in marriage to the monstrous elephant seal Prince, Juliet must fake her death in order to be...
Romeo and Juliet (1968)(1968) - In the Italian city of Verona, the Montague and the Capulet families are perpetually feuding. When Romeo (Leonard Whiting), a handsome young Montague, disregards convention by attending a Capulet ball, he falls in love with the beautiful Juliet (Olivia Hussey), a Capulet. After a brief courtship, th...
Blonde And Blonder(2007) - Comic mayhem ensues when two lovely blondes, Dee and Dawn, are mistaken as international mob killers.
Transamerica(2005) - A pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York.
Derailed(2005) - When two married business executives having an affair are blackmailed by a violent criminal, the two must turn the tables on him to save their families.
The Contract(2006) - The widower teacher and baseball and basketball coach Ray Keene lost his wife that died of cancer two years ago. When his teenage son Chris Keene is caught by the police smoking pot, Ray invites him to hike and camp in the woods to increase their bonds. Meanwhile, the mercenary assassin Frank Carden...
The Boys & Girls Guide To Getting Down(2006) - Tongue-in-cheek look at 20-something singles clubbing and partying in L.A.; it's organized into 15 chapters from overview and preparation to partying and the morning after. Voice-over narration, charts and graphs, and visits to a research laboratory punctuate the story of a single night when groups...
A Thin Line Between Love And Hate(1996) - An observable, fast-talking party man Darnell Wright, gets his punishment when one of his conquests takes it personally and comes back for revenge in this 'Fatal Attraction'-esque comic thriller.
Survival Quest(1988) - A bunch of city slickers from different backgrounds go into the wild mountains to be one with nature, but basically to have a good time. However, a paramilitary group has chosen the same time to go camping. When one of the soldiers thinks their boss has been killed by one of the city slickers, he co...
Pat And Mike(1952) - Pat's a brilliant athlete, except when her domineering fiance is around. The lady's golf championship is in her reach until she gets flustered by his presence at the final holes. He wants them to get married and forget the whole thing, but she can't give up on herself that easily. She enlists the he...
Adam's Rib(1949) - Domestic and professional tensions mount when a husband and wife work as opposing lawyers in a case involving a woman who shot her husband.
Space Raiders(1983) - A futuristic, sensitive tale of adventure and confrontation when a 10 year old boy is accidentally kidnapped by a spaceship filled with a motley crew of space pirates.
Paper Tiger(1975) - A somewhat prim and proper Englishman is hired as the tutor to the son of the Japanese ambassador. His life changes when he and the boy are kidnapped by terrorists for political purposes.
Drool(2009) - An abused wife's plan to escape her husband goes awry when she accidentally kills him, causing her to split on a cross-country drive with her best friend and his corpse in tow.
Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)(2014) - Twenty years ago, he was best remembered as the comic book superhero Birdman. Now, former movie star Riggan Thomson is risking it all to star on Broadway in an adaptation of Raymond Carver's story, What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. But he's faced with harsh critics, difficult cast members,...
Reel Evil(2012) - Struggling filmmakers - Kennedy, Cory and James - finally catch the break they were looking for when they are hired to shoot a 'behind-the-scenes' documentary for a major studio production. But their dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when they explore the legendary, haunted location and find...
Gimme Shelter(2013) - 16-year-old Agnes "Apple" Bailey has never had a normal life. After being shuffled from one foster home to another and the constant abuse from her drug-addicted mother, Apple flees from her in search of the father she never knew. When she finally finds him -- a New York stock broker with a wife and...
A Night in Heaven(1983) - The Florida heat is about to get hotter when community-college professor Faye Hanlon is gets a lesson she herself will never forget...especially when she's stuck with an emotionally depressed husband and a lot of sexual frustration. But when her visiting sister takes her on a girls' night out to a s...
Water(1985) - A British diplomat to a West Indian island nation finds his idyllic existence thrown into chaos when a large American drilling company finds a huge source of natural mineral water there.
Nobody's Fool(1986) - Cassie has a miserable job in a bar, is lonely and depressed. Her boyfriend left her when she told him that she's pregnant. After several failed suicide attempts she'd given away her baby for adoption - and regrets it now. When a theater group from L.A. comes to the small town Buckeye, she meets sta...
The Place Beyond the Pines(2013) - Luke Glanton is a motorcycle stunt rider passing through town and then turns to bank robbery to provide for his lover and their baby boy. Avery Cross is an ambitious police officer looking to move up in the department...even if it means taking down corruption within the police force. When the two me...
Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House(2002) - Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House is a direct-to-TV sequel to the Home Alone series that aired in 2002 on ABC. In this installment, Kevin lives at home with only two siblings, his divorced father Peter, and his girlfriend Natalie. When they go out for a while, Kevin gets to stay at the mansion Nat...
Death At A Funeral(2007) - Chaos ensues when a man tries to expose a dark secret regarding a recently deceased patriarch of a dysfunctional British family.
Pick-Up Summer(1980) - It's a summer of fun for two teenaged boys who spend their time chasing two sisters, annoying a biker gang, and basically getting into typical sophomoric hijinks whenever they can.
Santa And The Three Bears(1970) - When a park ranger tells two bear cubs about Christmas and Santa Claus, they want to skip hibernation to celebrate, but their mother doesn't believe in Saint Nick and wants them to sleep.
Running Mates(1992) - In this political satire, a Senator running for President is involved in some controversies when his political enemies expose some hidden secrets about his new wife, a successful author of children's books.
The Comrades Of Summer(1992) - To teach a team of Russian wanna-be baseball players the finer points of the all-American game is no easy task, but for a grudgingly resentful, recently fired baseball manager from the States, the task is formidable. In fact, there are many times when he considers chucking the whole thing and going...
Cinema Paradiso(1988) - A filmmaker recalls his childhood when falling in love with the pictures at the cinema of his home village and forms a deep friendship with the cinema's projectionist.
Teamster Boss: The Jackie Presser Story(1992) - For a generation, the mobs main money machine was the Teamsters Union. When Jimmy Hoffa disappeared, the fight was on to see who could follow him. Jackie Presser was the son of a long time union board member and when he retired, Jackie was elevated to one of the most powerful position in the country...
When It Was A Game(1991) - This film consists solely of 8mm and 16mm film taken by players and fans from 1934 and 1957. All but a few minutes of the film are in color. Included is color footage of past major league players and ballparks, many of the parks now defunct. Also included are literary readings, remembrances by forme...
Private Lessons(1981) - Phillip Filmore is a naive, 15-year-old, preoccupied with sex, who develops a crush on Nicole Mallow, the new 30-something, French housekeeper and sitter to look after him when Phillip's father is out of town for the summer on a "business" trip. But Mr. Filmore's unscrupulous chauffeur, Lester Lewis...
Copacabana(1947) - Theatrical agent Lionel Q Devereaux manages Brazilian firebrand Carmen Novarro, and to double his commission, he gets her to pose as French chanteuse Mlle Fifi at the same nightclub. Unfortunately, matters get complicated when the club's owner falls in love with one of the incarnations, leading to m...
Born to be Wild(1995) - A young female gorilla is captured in the mountains of Africa and flown to California, where behavioral researcher Margaret Heller (Helen Shaver) begins teaching her sign language. Heller's moody teenage son, Rick (Will Horneff), bonds with the primate, now nicknamed Katie. When cynical circus owner...
Howl's Moving Castle(2004) - Sophie (Emily Mortimer) has an uneventful life at her late father's hat shop, but all that changes when she befriends wizard Howl (Christian Bale), who lives in a magical flying castle. However, the evil Witch of Waste (Lauren Bacall) takes issue with their budding relationship and casts a spell on...
Shin Godzilla(2016) - Japan is plunged into chaos when a skyscraper-sized lizard monster rises from the deep of Tokyo Bay and lays waste to Tokyo. From director Hideaki Anno, creator of the cult classic anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Battleship Potemkin(1925) - In the midst of the Russian Revolution of 1905, the crew of the battleship Potemkin mutiny against the brutal, tyrannical regime of the vessel's officers. The resulting street demonstration in Odessa brings on a police massacre. When they are fed rancid meat, the sailors on the Potemkin revolt again...
9(2009) - When 9 (Elijah Wood) springs to life, it finds itself in a post-apocalyptic world where humans no longer exist, and the only signs of life are sentient rag dolls like itself and the machines that hunt them. Though it is the youngest of the group, 9 convinces comrades that the only way to survive aga...
Godzilla (MonsterVerse series)(2014) - Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a Navy bomb expert, has just reunited with his family in San Francisco when he is forced to go to Japan to help his estranged father, Joe (Bryan Cranston). Soon, both men are swept up in an escalating crisis when Godzilla, King of the Monsters, arises from the sea...
Drake & Josh Go Hollywood(2006) - When Drake and Josh accidentally send their little sister Megan on a plane to L.A., they soon find themselves in the middle of a dangerous situation.
Sticky Fingers(1988) - Two girls try hard to find job as musicians. One of them play the cello and the other the violin. They have very little money, even to pay the rent. One day a friend (who is a drug dealer) ask them to keep a bag for some days. When the girls discover that inside the bag there are $ 900,000 they deci...
Down Twisted(1987) - When a levelheaded waitress decides to help her shady friend against her better judgment, she becomes a target of a deadly international gang of thieves who are after a priceless San Lucas' relic. A bumbling stranger helps her.
The Princess and the Goblin(1991) - Princess Irene calls on her fairy grandmother for help when goblins try to force her to marry repulsive top goblin, Prince Froglip.
Race For The Yankee Zephyr(1981) - In a lake high in the mountains of New Zealand hunter Gibbie Gibson discovers a plane wreck from ww-ii. When he tells it around, a gang of crooks follows and threatens him and his daughter, because they know there are 50 million dollars in the wreck. Helicopter pilot Barney helps Gibbie against them...
World War Z(2013) - When former U.N. investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family get stuck in urban gridlock, he senses that it's no ordinary traffic jam. His suspicions are confirmed when, suddenly, the city erupts into chaos. A lethal virus, spread through a single bite, is turning healthy people into somethin...
Whisper of the Heart(1995) - Based on the manga with the same title, this animated film follows Shizuku, an inquisitive young girl and a voracious reader, who longs to be a writer when she grows up. One day she notices that all of her library books have previously been taken out by one Seiji Amasawa. Amid chasing after a large...
A Town Called Panic(2009) - Cowboy and Indian's only wish was to come up with a brilliant idea for Mr Horse's birthday, but when their plan ends up in utter disaster, they'll need to travel the world and back to make things right again.
Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie(2017) - George Beard and Harold Hutchins are two overly imaginative pranksters who spend hours in a treehouse creating comic books. When their mean principal threatens to separate them into different classes, the mischievous boys accidentally hypnotize him into thinking that he's a ridiculously enthusiastic...
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water(2015) - Life is dandy in Bikini Bottom for SpongeBob Squarepants (Tom Kenny) and his friends Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke), Squidward (Rodger Bumpass), Mr. Krabs (Clancy Brown) and Sandy (Carolyn Lawrence). However, when the top-secret recipe for Krabby Patties is stolen, SpongeBob finds that he must join force...
WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3(2002) - When the level of Labor accidents begin to escalate around Tokyo Bay, police detectives Kusumi and Hata are assigned to investigate. What they discover leads to a series of government cover-ups, conspiracy concerning a new biological weapon entitled WXIII-Wasted Thirteen and a tragic, personal conne...
Unbreakable(2000) - David Dunn Is Not Only The Sole Survivor Of A Horrific Train Crash But When Elijah Price Approaches David Dunn With A Seemingly Far Fetched Theory Behind It All.
Nightkill(1980) - A woman's lover poisons her cruel husband, a rich businessman, in front of her. She becomes more terrified when she finds the lover dead as well. A police detective suddenly shows up at her door.
The Black Gestapo(1975) - General Ahmed has started an inner-city People's Army to try and relieve the misery of the citizens of Watts. When the locals are put under increasing pressure by Mafia thugs, Ahmed's second-in-command Colonel Kojah asks for permission to start a protection squad to take more direct action. Ahmed fe...
Angie(1994) - Angie lives in the Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, N.Y. and dreams of a better life than everyone she knows. When she finds that she is pregnant by her boyfriend Vinnie, she decides that she will have the baby, but not Vinnie as a husband. This turns the entire neighborhood upside down and starts h...
Winter Of Our Dreams(1981) - When a womanizing bookshop owner hears about the suicide of his former girlfriend, he tries to find out more and meets her friend, a prostitute. They hook up, but when she finds her friends diary, she discovers she's repeating her mistakes.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows(2011) - When Austria's crown prince is found dead, evidence seems to point to suicide. However, detective Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) deduces that the prince was murdered and that the crime is but a piece of a puzzle designed by an evil genius named Moriarty (Jared Harris). Holmes and his friend Dr....
Nothing Sacred(1937) - Certain she was dying from radium poisoning, Hazel Flagg (Carole Lombard) is delighted to learn from her doctor that it was a false alarm. But when dapper and desperate New York City reporter Wally Cook (Fredric March) shows up looking for a story about a young girl braving terminal illness, Hazel d...
Heavy Metal 2000(2000) - When Tyler (Michael Ironside) discovers what could be a legendarily evil entity, he transforms into a power-hungry warlord bent on conquering death. After traveling to a distant planet that may hold the key to his plans, Tyler wipes out most of a colony's peaceful inhabitants. Only Julie (Julie Stra...
Robocop 3(1993) - OCP Is Nearly Bankrupt But They Make One Last Try To Come Back By Creating The Urban Rehabs, When They Take Over And They Kill RoboCop's Girlfriend, He Seek's His Revenge.
The Nutty Professor (1963)(1963) - Julius Kelp (Jerry Lewis) is a college professor with a problem. Clumsy, awkward, inarticulate and unattractive, Julius is a hopeless case when it comes to women -- but he's desperate to impress beautiful student Stella (Stella Stevens). Fortunately, he does know something about chemistry and decide...
Robocop(2014) - In 2028 OmniCorp Is At The Center Of Robot Technology, While It's Drones Have Long Been Used By The U.S. Military, Their Use Is Forbidden In American Law Enforcement, However When OmniCorp Get's An Opportunity To Crack Open The Market But When Detroit Police Officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) Is Sho...
Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Movie(1994) - Her name is Mikami and she is a Ghost Sweeper by profession. She's also the sexiest exorcist/bounty hunter you will ever meet! When an evil vampire sorcerer returns to Tokyo after a 100-year absence, Mikami is hired to track him and his menacing assistant down before they take over the city.
Black Magic M-66(1987) - When two malfunctioning combat androids are accidentally unleashed on a "Terminate at All Costs" mission against the unsuspecting granddaughter of their creator, an entire city becomes the battleground and not even the military may be able to stop them! The girl's only hope: Sybil, a freelance journ...
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence(2004) - With Major Motoko Kusanagi missing, Section 9's Batou is assigned to investigate a string of gruesome murdersseemingly at the hands of faulty gynoids, or sex robots. But when a faulty gynoid leaves Batou a cryptic message, he begins to question the cause of their malfunctions. Suspicions of politic...
Ghost in the Shell (2017)(2017) - In the near future, Major is the first of her kind: a human who is cyber-enhanced to be a perfect soldier devoted to stopping the world's most dangerous criminals. When terrorism reaches a new level that includes the ability to hack into people's minds and control them, Major is uniquely qualified t...
5 Centimeters Per Second(2007) - Takaki Toono and Akari Shinohara, two very close friends and classmates, are torn apart when Akari's family is transferred to another region of Japan due to her family's job. Despite separation, they continue to keep in touch through mail. When Takaki finds out that his family is also moving, he dec...
The Barkleys Of Broadway(1949) - A successful but constantly-feuding husband and wife musical comedy team threatens to break up when the wife entertains an offer to become a serious actress.
Sexual Witchcraft(2011) - Sheri Williams and Carrie are sisters, and both are witches. When Carrie conjures Cleopatra so that the ancient queen can teach Sheri bedroom secrets to help her newlywed sister have a happy marriage, the duo get into a heap of trouble because people realize something strange is going on with the tw...
Sherlock Jr.(1924) - A kindly movie projectionist (Buster Keaton) longs to be a detective. When his fiance (Kathryn McGuire) is robbed by a local thief (Ward Crane), the poor projectionist is framed for the crime. Using his amateur detective skills, the projectionist follows the thief to the train station -- only to fi...
Ready Player One(2018) - When the creator of a virtual reality world called the OASIS dies, he releases a video in which he challenges all OASIS users to find his Easter Egg, which will give the finder his fortune.
Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman(1943) - Larry Talbot chips Frankenstein's monster out of a block of ice. When Talbot changes to the Wolf Man, the two creatures do battle.
The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg(1964) - An umbrella shop girl is separated from her mechanic boyfriend when he is called for military service. Alone, she faces a life altering decision.
The High And The Mighty(1954) - When a commercial airliner develops engine problems on a trans-Pacific flight and the pilot loses his nerve, it is up to the washed-up co-pilot Dan Roman to bring the plane in safely.
Magic in the Mirror(1996) - A little girl's imaginary friends come to life when she goes through her great-grandmother's antique mirror, a la Alice, after she sees it glowing.
King Kong Lives(1986) - Sequel to the 1976 remake finds a comatose Kong resurrected with an artificial heart and a mate named Lady Kong. All heck breaks loose when the two escape and the army (lead by what looks like to be a live-action Sergeant Slaughter) goes after them to kil
Viva Las Vegas(1964) - Lucky Jackson arrives in town with his car literally in tow ready for the first Las Vegas Grand Prix - once he has the money to buy an engine. He gets the cash easily enough but mislays it when the pretty swimming pool manageress takes his mind off things. It seems he will lose both race and girl, p...
Cat Girl(1957) - A young woman inherits a family curse that turns her into a murderous feline when she is angered.
Circumstantial Evidence(1945) - When his son is abused, Joe Reynolds threatens to kill the man responsible. When that man is killed, Joe finds himself facing the electric chair.
Fort Apache(1948) - At Fort Apache, an honorable and veteran war captain finds conflict when his regime is placed under the command of a young, glory hungry lieutenant colonel with no respect for the local Indian tribe.
Legalese(1998) - When a sexy actress is charged with murder, a charming celebrity lawyer uses trickery to defend her against the press as well as the prosecution.
Bells Of Capistrano(1942) - When her competitor gets too rough, rodeo owner Jennifer gets help from Gene Autry.
Little Annie Rooney(1925) - A tough slum girl faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves is accused of shooting her cop father. Her brother stalks the accused slayer and finally shoots him down in the street. Mary rushes to the hospital and offers her blood for a life-saving transfusion, even though she thinks she'll d...
Alexander's Ragtime Band(1938) - This send-up of ragtime song and dance begins in 1915 San Francisco when society boy Roger Grant decides to pursue popular rather than serious music.
Brannigan(1975) - Jim Brannigan is sent to London to bring back an American mobster who is being held for extradition but when he arrives he has been kidnapped which was set up by his lawyer. Brannigan in his American Irish way brings American law to the people of Scotland Yard in order to recapture this mobster with...
Fred Claus(2007) - In middle age Europe, a mother gives birth to a baby named Nicholas who begins by saying "Ho ho ho". Her first child, Fredrick becomes annoyed at the new child, more so one Christmas when he decides to give all of his gifts to an orphanage. His years of good deeds made Nicholas a saint, causing him...
Blondie On A Budget(1940) - Dagwood wants to join the trout club and Blondie wants a fur coat. Jealousy reigns when Dag's old girlfriend Joan shows up, but nothing else matters when a drawing at the movie theatre provides money for the coat.
The King Of Kings(1927) - Mary Magdalene becomes angry when Judas, now a follower of Jesus, won't come to her feast. She goes to see Jesus and becomes repentant. From there the Bible story unfolds through the Crucifixion and Resurrection.
Deck the Halls(2006) - Eye doctor Steve Finch is known as the "Mr. Christmas" in town and just wants his family to celebrate a traditional Christmas. All of that changes, however when the Hall Family moves in across the street and Buddy Hall, a used car salesman has just one goal: decorate his house with enough lights to...
Frankenstein Meets The Spacemonster(1965) - When an atomic war on Mars destroys the planet's women, it's up to Martian Princess Marcuzan and her right-hand man Dr. Nadir to travel to earth and kidnap women for new breeding stock. Landing in Puerto Rico, they shoot down a NASA space capsule manned by an android. With his electronic brain damag...
Yours, Mine And Ours(1968) - When a widower with 10 children marries a widow with 8, can the 20 of them ever come together as one big happy family? From finding a house big enough for all of them and learning to make 18 school lunches, to coping with a son going off to war and an unexpected addition to the family, Yours, Mine a...
Pit And The Pendulum (1961)(1961) - Francis Barnard goes to Spain, when he hears his sister Elizabeth has died. Her husband Nicholas Medina, the son of the brutest torturer of the Spanish Inquisition, tells him she has died of a blood disease, but Francis finds this hard to believe. After some investigating he finds out that it was ex...
Asylum(1972) - A young psychiatrist interviews four inmates in a mental asylum to satisfy a requirement for employment. He hears stories about 1) the revenge of a murdered wife, 2) a tailor who makes a suit with some highly unusual qualities, 3) a woman who questions her sanity when it appears that her brother is...
The Beast Must Die(1974) - When his castle is exorcised, Dracula plots his revenge against the Monsignor who performed the rites by attempting to make the holy man's young neice his bride.
Dracula Has Risen From The Grave(1968) - When his castle is exorcised, Dracula plots his revenge against the Monsignor who performed the rites by attempting to make the holy man's young neice his bride.
Venom(1981) - A plot to abduct a young boy for ransom is foiled when the two kidnappers and their hostages are up trapped by the police in a posh London row house... along with a deadly black mamba snake running loose within and killing them off one by one.
Rodan(1956) - When a village is besieged by giant caterpillars, a more horrifying discovery is made in their underground home...a giant flying creature that resembles the prehistoric pterodactyl. Soon after, a second Rodan appears and the two monsters begin to destroy Japan.
Jungle Gents(1954) - When the Bowery Boys discover that Sach has a strange ability to sniff out diamonds, they hatch a scheme to make money out of it.
The Beast Within(1982) - In the beginning of the movie you see a woman getting raped by a man-creature of some sort. The movie takes place years later when the child that was a result of that rape is on the rampage looking for a girl to rape to start the process all over again.
Fancy Pants(1950) - An American actor impersonating an English butler is hired by a nouveau riche woman from New Mexico to refine her husband and headstrong daughter . The complications increase when the town believes the actor to be an Earl, and President Roosevelt decides to pay a visit.
House Of Wax(1953) - A sculptor of wax figures for a museum is horrified when his partner proposes setting fire to the unpopular museum in order to collect the insurance money. As the wax figures melt amid the blaze, the two men have a fight. The sculptor is knocked out in the scuffle and left to "perish" among the flam...
Grand Central Murder(1942) - A convict being escorted in for retrial escapes at Grand Central and threatens his old girlfriend on the phone. She flees for her new beau's private railcar at the same station. When she is then found murdered the cops round up a motley group of suspects including the escapee, several guys feeling s...
Fury(1936) - When a prisoner barely survives a lynch mob attack and is presumed dead, he vindictively decides to frame the mob for his murder.
Dr. Goldfoot And The Girl Bombs(1966) - The foppish mad scientist Dr. Goldfoot plots another mad scheme to take over the world by killing off the major military leaders of every country; to that end, he creates in his secret lab a bevy of bodacious girl bombs; full-length, life-size robots that explode when embraced.
The Big Clock(1948) - A career oriented magazine editor finds himself on the run when he discovers his boss is framing him for murder.
Vampire Circus(1972) - A village in Nineteenth Century Europe is at first relieved when a circus breaks through the quarantine to take the local's minds off the plague. But their troubles are only beginning as children begin to disappear and the legacy of a long-ago massacre is brought to light.
The Reptile(1966) - When his brother Charles Spalding mysteriously dies, Harry Spalding and his wife Valerie decide to move to the inherited cottage in a small village in the country. They are coldly received by the locals, with the exception of the bartender and owner of a pub Tom Bailey, who welcome them. His weird n...
The House On Skull Mountain(1974) - Murders occur at the southern estate of a voodoo priestess when four relatives gather to hear her will.
Day The World Ended(1955) - Jim Maddison had been expecting the worst, so when the world is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, he's made provisions for himself, his daughter Louise and their friend Rick. They have enough supplies to last until the radiation abates but Jim's plans go awry with the unexpected arrival of Tony Lamo...
Designing Woman(1957) - When Mike Hagen and Marilla Brown marry after a whirlwind romance on the west coast, they return to New York to find that they don't have much in common. She is a clothing designer who lives in a swanky apartment and whose friends are actors, artists and the like. He is a sports writer who likes to...
Gallipoli(1981) - Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in the Gallipoli campaign in Turkey during World War I.
Butterfly(1982) - Judge Rauch holds a lengthy trial against Jess Tyler, a caretaker deserted by his wife ten years before, who's accused of improper relations with his daughter Kady. Complications follows when Wash, father of Kady's baby, comes back to take her away.
Moonshine County Express(1977) - When a moonshiner is murdered, his three daughters take over the family business.
To Catch A Thief(1955) - When a reformed jewel thief is suspected of returning to his former occupation, he must ferret out the real thief in order to prove his innocence.
Homebodies(1974) - When a quiet group of pensioners learn that their homes are to be torn down to make way for a block of flats, they decide to take action. What starts as an attempt to discourage the developers soon escalates into wholesale murder of both the developers and the construction workers.
Beneath The 12-Mile Reef(1953) - Mike and Tony Petrakis are a Greek father and son team who dive for sponges off the coast of Florida. After they are robbed by crooks, Arnold and the Rhys brothers, Mike decides to take his men to the dangerous 12-mile reef to dive for more sponges. Mike suffers a fatal accident when he falls from t...
Big Fat Liar(2002) - A take on the classic tale 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf', this is the story of a 14-year-old boy named Jason Shephard who lies for the fun of it. He loses an important story assignment entitled 'Big Fat Liar' in movie producer Marty Wolf's limo, which Wolf then turns into a film. When Jason sees a movie...
Delinquent School Girls(1975) - Three mental patients (a bad impersonator, a baseball player, and a gay fashion designer) escape their asylum and sexually assault their way into a girl's private school. The girls education includes wrestling and karate, so the three mad men will find stern opposition when they least expected.
Jumanji(1995) - When two kids play an old magic board-game they found, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.
Only When I Laugh(1981) - A boozy Broadway actress comes out of a 12-week cure to face the problems of her best friends as well as her needy daughter. She tries to balance the terrors of returning to work with the demands of all around her with humor and insight, while staying off the booze.
We're No Angels (1989)(1989) - A couple of escaped convicts on the run find refuge with the Church when they are mistaken for two priests. The two are keen to flee but are unable to do so without the help of Molly.
Rabid Grannies(1988) - When given a demonic present by their black sheep nephew two kindly old grannies are transformed into demons who proceed to gorily knock-off their greedy relatives.
Dixie Dynamite(1976) - When their moonshiner father is killed by a corrupt deputy, two young girls decide to take over his business and get revenge on the men who had him killed.
Hells Angels On Wheels(1967) - At first gas station attendant Poet is happy when the rockers gang "Hell's Angels" finally accepts him. But he's shocked when he learns how brutal they are - not even murder is a taboo to them. He gets himself in trouble when the leader's girlfriend falls in love with him - and he welcomes her appro...
Ghetto Blaster(1989) - When Travis, middle-aged, working class man, returns home to visit his parents, he quickly learns that his hood is rife with criminal activity and gang warfare. Quickly, Travis finds himself thrust into a position to defend his family and neighbors from the punks who terrorize them on a daily basis....
Illicit Behavior(1992) - Melissa Yarnell is the wife of burned-out cop Mike Yarnell who takes out his frustrations out on her. When she stood her limit, she turns to Matt Walker and Bill Tanner, other cops for protection. Their advances border on Illicit Behavior.
When Women Had Tails(1970) - This Italian comedy, later dubbed into English, is set in caveman days.
Street Girls(1975) - When a middle-aged father searches for his dropout daughter, Angel, his quest takes him into the underworld of prostitutes, pimps, drug addicts and thieves. Angel has become a dancer in a topless bar, and her dealer boyfriend is turning her on to heroin.
The Babysitter(1969) - A judge is about to sentence members of a motorcycle gang for murder when he gets blackmailed because of an affair with a teenage babysitter.
Savage Sisters(1974) - A corrupt General plans on smuggling one million US dollars out of the Banana Republic he dominates. Local revolutionaries plan on stealing the cash but are thwarted when a bandit leader they are working with double crosses them. A tough cop and her boyfriend help two of the female revolutionaries e...
First Spaceship On Venus(1960) - When an alien artifact discovered on Earth is found to have come from Venus, an international team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins.
Freddy Got Fingered(2001) - An Unemployed Cartoonist Moves Back In With His Parents And His Younger Brother, When His Parents Demand He Leave, He Begins To Spread Rumors That His Father Is Sexually Abusing His Younger Brother.
Legally Blonde(2001) - When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined.
The Truth About Cats & Dogs(1996) - A successful veternarian & radio show host with low self-esteem asks her model friend to impersonate her when a handsome man wants to see her.
Rudolph's Shiny New Year(1976) - The animated sequel to the classic 1964 holiday special. Rudolph has just gotten back from helping Santa deliver presents when he gets an alarming message from Father Time, Happy the Baby New Year has run away after everyone made fun of his large ears, even though not serious. If he is not returned...
Snow Dogs(2002) - When a Miami dentist inherits a team of sled dogs, he's got to learn the trade or lose his pack to a crusty mountain man.
American Outlaws(2001) - When a Midwest town learns that a corrupt railroad baron has captured the deeds to their homesteads without their knowledge, a group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is rightfully theirs. In the course of their vendetta, they will become the object of the biggest manhunt in the histor...
Barnyard(2006) - Otis is a carefree bull(with an udder) who prefers just goofing off and having fun over accepting adult responsibility. This is despite the advice of his father Ben, the leader of the barnyard where the animals stand on their hind legs and act like humans when people are not around. Ben tells Otis t...
Brother Bear(2003) - When a young Inuit hunter needlessly kills a bear, he is magically changed into a bear himself as punishment with a talkative cub being his only guide to changin
What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?(1970) - Candid Camera's Allen Funt secretely tapes people's reactions to unexpected encounters with nudity in unusual situations, such as when a naked young woman casually exits an elevator in an office building, or when the nude male art model breaks the wall between artist and model and has off-the-cuff c...
Storm Of The Century(1999) - A small village off the mainland is about to receive a huge winter storm. It won't be just another storm for them. A strange visitor named Andre Linoge comes to the small village and gives the residents havoc. He knows everything about them, and when he tells the truth about one of them, that person...
Telefon(1977) - A Russian officer is sent to USA to try and stop sleeper agents who will mindlessly attack government entities when they hear certain coded words.
For Pete's Sake(1974) - Henrietta Robins works out of her home and her husband Pete drives a cab to try to support her. When Pete gets a tip from one of his fellow drivers that a deal will be made by the Americans and the Soviets over pork bellies, he decides to invest in the market, but needs to $3000 to invest. Henrietta...
Hustle(1975) - Phil Gaines is a bitter, cynical cop who investigates the case of a dead stripper/porno actress found on the beach. Gaines is experiencing a troubled relationship with a hooker, and things don't get any better when the dead girl's father launches his own investigation.
American Dreamer(1984) - A housewife named Cathy Palmer (JoBeth Williams) escapes the drudgery of her everyday life by reading books about an adventurer named Rebecca Ryan. Palmer enters a Rebecca Ryan story-writing contest, and when she wins, she's off to Paris to accept her honor. One accident later, Palmer thinks she's R...
Nothing In Common(1986) - David Basner (Tom Hanks) is great with advertising and not so good with women, but his life is pretty good altogether. A spanner is thrown in the works, though, when his parents Max (Jackie Gleason) and Lorraine (Eva Marie Saint) split up. They each turn to him for support, making his life that much...
Violent Shit 3: Infantry Of Doom(1995) - Karl, The Demented Splatterflick Villian From The First Two Movies Is Back In His Third Movie. This Time He's Continuing His Reign Of Terror On A Desolate Island With The Help Of His Equally Demented Son And Their Infantry Of Doom. When Three Buddies Arrive On The Island And Turned Loose To Be Hunte...
Life 101(1995) - Corey Haim and Amy Dolenz team up in this touching romantic comedy about first love, friendships, and fun. Corey Haim is Ramsey Blake, a shy and quiet college freshman who really dosen't know to much about the whole college scene. Enter Ramsey's roomate Buck, a self proclaimed know it all when it co...
Titanic (TV miniseries)(1996) - Titanic has three different storylines. Mrs. Isabella Paradine is traveling on the Titanic to join her husband. On the Titanic, she meets Wynn Park, her former lover. She falls in love with him again, sending her husband a telegram saying that they can't be together anymore. When the ship starts sin...
Stripped To Kill II: Live Girls(1989) - When the razor blade slasher begins his reign of terror in the alleys behind the Los Angeles strip clubs, the most famous stripper in the spotlight must walk a tightrope between her own fragile sanity and the inescapable murderer's blade.
Stripped To Kill(1987) - When Detective Cody Sheehan discovers the body of a stripper from the Rock Bottom dance club, she wants the case. Her partner, Detective Heineman, is equally anxious to make the jump to the prestigious homicide division, but the only way Cody can get the assignment is to go undercover - uncovered -...
Beetlejuice(1988) - Barbara and Adam Maitland are just returning home from a country vacation when they are involved in a bad car accident. Upon returning home to their mansion, they discover that they were killed in the crash and are now just spirits. The Maitlands soon find the annoyance of a new family, the Deetzes,...
Hey Arnold!: The Movie(2002) - Based on the 1996 Nickelodeon TV series. Arnold and Gerald are on their way back home from a basketball game when they notice the neighborhood abuzz. A real-estate mogul named Scheck, president of Future Tech Industries (FTi) wants to buy all of Arnold's neighborhood and convert it into a giant shop...
Shopping(1994) - Billy and Jo get their kicks from a special type of window-shopping (driving a car through the window and stealing everything inside.) These professional criminals are not in it for the money, but for the fun of it. When Billy gets released from prison, his rival Tommy has taken over the street. A f...
Transformers Hero(1989) - When transformers the movie was about to get a japan release, They made a 2 hour "film" retelling the history of transformers leading up t
King Kong vs. Godzilla(1962) - The Eighth Wonder of the World meets King of the Monsters. When Godzilla pops out the Iceberg and King Kong goes to Tokyo. to battle double creature features who will won?
Fame(1980) - At the New York City High School for the Performing Arts, students get specialized training that often leads to success as actors, singers, etc. This movie follows six students from the time when they audition to get into the school, through graduation. They are the brazen Coco Hernandez, shy Doris...
The Upside of Anger(2005) - When her husband unexpectedly disappears, a sharp-witted suburban wife (Joan Allen) and her daughters (Evan Rachel Wood, Erika Christensen, and Keri Russell) juggle their mom's romantic dilemmas and family dynamics. Kevin Costner also stars.
Fool For Love(1985) - May is waiting for her boyfriend in a run-down American motel, when an old flame turns up and threatens to undermine her efforts and drag her back into the life that she was running away from. The situation soon turns complicated.
Teachers(1984) - A well meaning but burned-out high school teacher tries to maintain order against the backdrop of a pending lawsuit against his school district when it comes to light they gave a diploma to an illiterate student.
The Best Of Eddie Murphy: Saturday Night Live(1989) - This 1989 VHS compilation came from when Murphy was under exclusive contract to Paramount. This video features many of his best sketches.
Looney Tunes: Back In Action(2003) - Tired of playing Bugs Bunny's second fiddle, Daffy Duck demands his own movie only to be fired from Warner Bros. Studios. Security guard DJ Drake, son of an action movie star, is fired when trying to banish him from the studio. Later, Bugs' director Kate Houghton is fired for removing Daffy Duck. Th...
Mystic River(2003) - With a childhood tragedy that overshadowed their lives, three men are reunited by circumstance when one loses a daughter.
Date Movie(2006) - Julia Jones just dreams of one thing in her obese life, to have Napoleon Dynamite marry her. Her weight and looks get her nowhere in life Later on, her dad who works at a Greek diner says she should marry someone of the same heritage. When she meets the British man Grant Fockyourdoder they instantly...
Monsters Inc.(2001) - In a world where monsters live, the is a large factory known as Monsters Inc, which gathers the power source of the world, human screams. The only problem is that contact with human children is very toxic, and things turn bad when a 3-year-old girl escapes into the monster world!
Knocked Up(2007) - After receiving a promotion on E! Television, Allison goes out to celebrate with sister Debbie at a nightclub. While there, she meets pot smoking, self-employed slacker Ben. When Debbie gets called away on a family emergency, Allison stays with Ben drinking and dancing all night until they end up h...
Baby M(1988) - When Betsy Stern was told she couldn't have a child, she and her husband Bill met with Mary Beth Whitehead who agreed to act as a surrogate mother. But after giving birth to a baby girl, Mary Beth changed her mind and wanted to keep the child. Based on the true story of the custody battle between W...
And Baby Makes Six(1979) - 46-year-old Anna Kramer faces a dilemma when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant. She wants to have the baby, but husband Michael has plans for the future that do not involve raising another child. Their 3 grown children, as well as other family and friends, all have their own opinions on the situatio...
Going Ape!(1981) - When his father - who owned a circus - dies, Oscar inherits 5 million dollars - and 3 orangutans. However there's a condition connected to the money: if he gives away the apes or just one gets sick or dies during the next 3 years, the zoological society will get all the money. So he not only has to...
Elf(2003) - One Christmas Eve, a baby crawls into Santa's magic bag and is unknowingly brought back to the North Pole, so Santa decides to raise him as an elf and names him Buddy. Growing up, Buddy comes to the sad realization that he is not an elf, he is human. That is when Santa tells him that his real father...
Shrek Forever After(2010) - The final movie in the Mega-hit series. Shrek is growing tired of the family life and longs for the days when he was a "true" ogre. One day, he finds a troll named Rumplestiltskin who promises that hae can give Shrek one day to feel like a real ogre again in exchange for a day of his life he won't r...
Panic in Year Zero!(1962) - Harry Baldwin and his family leave the home to go on a camping trip, when they are on the road they notice an awkward flash of light. The hear various loose reports on the radio until the see a mushroom cloud hovering over what was once Los Angeles. With this Harry does everything he can to help his...
Rebecca(1940) - When a naive young woman marries a rich widower and settles in his gigantic mansion, she finds the memory of the first wife maintaining a grip on her husband and the servants.
Curse Of The Crimson Altar(1968) - When his brother disappears, Robert Manning pays a visit to the remote country house he was last heard from. While his host is outwardly welcoming - and his niece more demonstrably so - Manning detects a feeling of menace in the air with the legend of Lavinia Morley, Black Witch of Greymarsh, hangin...
When Worlds Collide(1951) - As a new star and planet hurtle toward a doomed Earth, a small group of survivalists frantically work to complete the rocket which will take them to their new home.
All Through The Night(1941) - Runyonesque Broadway gamblers turn patriotic when they stumble onto a cell of Nazi saboteurs.
The Black Angels(1970) - When an African-American biker gang is tricked into believing that a white biker gang is planning a war, all hell breaks loose.
Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman (1958)(1958) - When an abused wife grows to giant size because of an alien encounter and an aborted murder attempt, she goes after cheating husband with revenge on her mind.
Voodoo Woman(1957) - Deep in the jungles a mad scientist is using the natives' voodoo for his experiments to create an indestructible being to serve his will. When a party of gold seekers stumbles upon his village, the scientist realizes that Marilyn the expedition's evil leader is the perfect subject for his work.
The Undertaker And His Pals(1966) - An undertaker and his two friends, who are restaurant owners, drum up business by going out on the town and killing people; the restaurant owners use parts of the bodies for their menu, and the undertaker gets paid by the families to bury the remainder. Their racket goes awry when 2 detectives suspe...
The Bride And The Beast(1958) - When Laura and Dan get married, she's more interested in Dan's gorilla. It's revealed through hypnosis that she was Queen of the Gorillas in a previous incarnation.
Romance On The High Seas(1948) - Romantic misunderstandings abound when spouses suspect each other of being unfaithful, and a nightclub singer takes a cruise under a false identity.
The Wagons Roll At Night(1941) - A lion escapes Nick Coster's carnival and is captured by grocery clerk Matt Varney whom Nick brings into the show and eventually makes chief lion tamer. When Nick finds out Matt has fallen for his convent-bred sister Mary, he makes him go into the cage with the insane lion, Caesar.
Voodoo Island(1957) - A wealthy industrialist hires the renowned hoax-buster Phillip Knight to prove that an island he plans to develop isn't voodoo cursed. However, arriving on the island, Knight soon realizes that voodoo does exist when he discovers man-eating plants and a tribe of natives with bizarre powers.
Werewolves On Wheels(1971) - A biker gang visits a monastery where they encounter black-robed monks engaged in worshipping Satan. When the monks try to persuade one of the female bikers, Helen, to become a satanic sacrifice the bikers smash up the monastery and leave. The monks have the last laugh, though, as Helen, as a result...
The Hound Of The Baskervilles(1959) - When a nobleman is threatened by a family curse on his newly inherited estate, detective Sherlock Holmes is hired to investigate.
Auntie Mame(1958) - An orphan goes to live with his free-spirited aunt. Conflict ensues when the executor of his father's estate objects to the aunt's lifestyle.
Dial M For Murder(1954) - An ex-tennis pro carries out a plot to murder his wife. When things go wrong, he improvises a brilliant plan B.
Operation: Pacific(1951) - During WWII, a submarine's second in command inherits the problem of torpedoes that don't explode. When on shore, he is eager to win back his ex-wife.
Dr. Cyclops(1940) - A mad scientist working in the South American jungle miniaturizes his colleagues when he feels his megalomania is threatened.
The Last Grenade(1970) - Two soldiers of fortune, Harry Grigsby and Kip Thompson, used to be the best of friends when they fought side by side in the Congo. But now Kip has changed sides and Grigsby does not forgive him for what he regards as a betrayal, all the more as Thompson now turns his guns against Grigsby's troops a...
The Incredible Shrinking Man(1957) - Businessman Scott Carey and his wife are on vacation, off the California coast, when their boat runs into radioactive cloud. Scott is exposed to the cloud while is wife is inside the boat. At first everything appears to be okay but Scott starts various things: clothes nothing fitting, his wedding ri...
The Werewolf of Washington(1973) - When a US Reporter is sent to Hungary he is bitten by a werewolf. When he returns he becomes a press assistant to the President however the bodies to stack up when his own werewolf transformatio
Jack the Giant Killer(1962) - Loosely based on the classic fairy tale, a farm boy Jack is made the protector of Princess Elaine from the evil the sorcerer Pendragon. the sorcerer Pendragon plans on abducting the princess to gain power over the kingdom. When the sorcerer Pendragon captures the princess it's up to Jack and his all...
The Ambulance(1990) - Josh Baker meets a very special woman, Cheryl, in the streets of New York. Suddenly she collapses, and she's picked up by an ambulance. When Josh wants to visit her in the hospital, it appears that she hasn't been admitted in the hospital. Josh follows the roommate of Cheryl, and she disappears afte...
Invisible: The Chronicles Of Benjamin Knight(1993) - When a lab experiment goes wrong, Benjamin Knight is left invisible while his scientist friends trying to find a formula that will restore his visibility to last the rest of his life.
The Pajama Game(1957) - Employees of the Sleeptite Pajama Factory are looking for a whopping seven-and-a-half cent an hour increase and they won't take no for an answer. Babe Williams is their feisty employee representative but she may have found her match in shop superintendent Sid Sorokin. When the two get together they...
Seven Sinners(1940) - Cabaret singer Bijou, ejected from several Indian Ocean islands for inciting riots, lands on Boni Komba at the Seven Sinners Cafe. She's a big hit with the U.S. Navy, especially Lt. Dan Brent; but sinister Antro considers her his property. When Dan wants to marry her, both his career and his life ma...
Amos & Andrew(1993) - When Andrew Sterling, a successful black urbanite writer buys a vacation home on a resort in New England the police mistake him for a burglar. After surrounding his home with armed men, Chief Tolliver realizes his mistake and to avoid the bad publicity offers a thief in his jail, Amos Odell a deal....
Philadelphia(1993) - When a man with AIDS is fired by a conservative law firm because of his condition, he hires a homophobic small time lawyer as the only willing advocate for a wrongful dismissal suit.
My Best Friend's Wedding(1997) - When a woman's long-time friend says he's engaged, she realizes she loves him herself... and sets out to get him, with only days before the wedding.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban(2004) - Harry Potter's (Daniel Radcliffe) third year at Hogwarts starts off badly when he learns deranged killer Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) has escaped from Azkaban prison and is bent on murdering the teenage wizard. While Hermione's (Emma Watson) cat torments Ron's (Rupert Grint) sickly rat, causing a rift...
Paranormal Activity(2007) - A couple,Katie and Micah,movies in a new house but soon start to have odd occurrences around the house. Micah begins to start filming around the house especially bedroom any activity. Katie believes it dark memories from her childhood, her suspicions are confirmed when a psychic says they aren't jus...
Billy Two Hats(1974) - When someone gets killed during a bank robbery by Deans, half-breed Billy Two Hats and their partner, the robbers flee. Sheriff Gifford tracks the robbers, killing one of them and capturing Billy. Deans escapes, but during a successful plot to free Billy from the Sheriff, Deans is shot, leaving him...
Raw Meat(1973) - There's something pretty grisly going on under London in the Tube tunnels between Holborn and Russell Square. When a top civil servant becomes the latest to disappear down there Scotland Yard start to take the matter seriously. Helping them are a young couple who get nearer to the horrors undergroun...
Ministry Of Fear(1944) - Stephen Neale has just been released from an asylum during World War 2 in England when he stumbles on a deadly Nazi spy plot by accident, and tries to stop it.
Friendly Persuasion(1956) - The story of a family of Quakers in Indiana in 1862. Their religous sect is strongly opposed to violence and war. It's not easy for them to meet the rules of their religion in everyday life but when Southern troops pass the area they are in real trouble. Should they fight, despite their peaceful att...
This Gun For Hire(1942) - When hired killer Philip Raven shoots a blackmailer and his beautiful female companion dead, he's is paid off in marked bills by his treasonous employer who is working with foreign spies.
It Came From Outer Space(1953) - A spaceship from another world crashes in the Arizona desert, and only an amateur stargazer and a schoolteacher suspect alien influence when the local townsfolk begin to act strange.
Krippendorf's Tribe(1998) - When anthropologist James Krippendorf (Richard Dreyfus) claims he found a lost tribe in New Guinea and embezzles his research grant, he must now submit his findings for the world to see. And making fake documentaries out of his own backyard he learns the hard way how complicated lying can get and th...
Death Machine(1994) - Chaank Armaments is experimenting with the ultimate fighting machine which is part human - part machine. So far, the Hardman project has been unreliable and has killed a number of innocent people. The genius behind this project is Jack who lives in a world of models, toys and magazines. When he is f...
Texas Godfather(1986) - A New York City district attorney secretly runs a cocaine-smuggling ring in Texas. When the mob tries to move in on his operation, he goes down there to try to stop them.
High School Hellcats(1958) - The Hellcats are an all-female gang bent on bucking authority and terrorizing the schools by doing things like having a bad attitude toward their teachers and parents. When Joyce, a new student, moves into the neighborhood, she draws the attention of The Hellcats. Desperate for acceptance and unhapp...
Halloween II(2009) - Picking up exactly where Rob Zombie's Halloween left off, evil has a new destiny. Michael Myers is presumed dead, but his body was never found. The following year, Laurie Strode is trying to deal with her trauma in therapy while Dr. Loomis promotes his book about Michael and the murders. But when H...
The Mysterians(1957) - Aliens arrive on Earth and ask permission to be given a certain tract of land for their people to live on. But when they are discovered to be invaders, responsible for the giant robot that is destroying cities, the armed forces attempt to stop them with every weapon available.
Captive Women 4(1977) - To improve the morale of the German officers, a train with beautiful girls is arranged to entertain them when on leave.
Four Christmases(2008) - When upscale, happily unmarried San Francisco couple Kate and Brad find themselves socked in by fog on Christmas morning, their exotic vacation plans morph into the family-centric holiday they had, until now, gleefully avoided. Out of obligation--and unable to escape--they trudge to not one, not two...
The Next Three Days(2010) - A married couple's life is turned upside down when the wife is accused of a murder.
Stuck on You(2003) - Stuck on You is a 2003 comedy film directed by the Farrelly brothers and starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear as conjoined twins, whose conflicting aspirations provide both conflict and humorous situations, in particular when one of them wishes to move to Hollywood, California to pursue a career as...
The Depraved(1971) - Lena is alone in the city when her parents are on vacation. She's torn between her innocent boyfriend and the older, more experienced, and sadistic sociopath Helge. She tells Jan about Helge, who gets angry and slaps her, she thereafter runs away and hitchhikes with the promiscuous and friendly coup...
Traitor(2008) - When straight arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton heads up the investigation into a dangerous international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn.
All You've Got(2006) - Three privileged female volleyball players transfer to the barrio high school of rivals when their private campus burns down.
Nobel Son(2007) - Barkley Michaelson is in a deep life rut. He's struggling to finish his PhD thesis when his father, the learned Eli Michaelson, wins the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Barkley and his mother, Sarah, a renowned forensic psychiatrist, now have the ill-fortune of living with a man-eating monster whose phil...
The Battle Of Shaker Heights(2003) - A young war reenactor makes a friend on the battlefield who helps him use strategy to take on his high school enemy. Driven by newfound confidence, he seduces the friend's fetching older sister and risks the friendship. Reality intervenes when the illness of his ex-addict father forces the anger his...
My Boss's Daughter(2003) - When a young man agrees to housesit for his boss, he thinks it'll be the perfect opportunity to get close to the woman he desperately has a crush on - his boss's daughter. But he doesn't plan on the long line of other houseguests that try to keep him from his mission. And he also has to deal with th...
Joe Dirt(2001) - David Spade stars as Joe Dirt, an idiot who works as an oil weller who is on the search for his parents who abandoned him when he was a baby at the grand canyon.
The Ultimate Gift(2007) - The Ultimate Gift is an American film based on the best selling novel by Jim Stovall released on March 9, 2007 in 816 theaters in the USA. When his rich granddad, Howard "Red" Stevens (portrayed by James Garner) died, Jason (Drew Fuller) thought he was going to inherit a piece of the old man's multi...
Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd(2003) - Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd is a 2003 American comedy film and the prequel to Dumb and Dumber (1994). The film was directed by Troy Miller and based on the characters created by the Farrelly brothers from the original film. The film follows Lloyd Christmas in high school before he became...
Vacancy(2007) - When David (Luke Wilson) and Amy Fox's (Kate Beckinsale) car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, they are forced to spend the night at the only motel around, with only the TV to entertain them... until they discover that the low-budget slasher movies they're watching were all filmed in the very ro...
Dr. Dolittle 2(2001) - Dr. Dolittle 2 is a 2001 American comedy film, and the theatrical sequel to the 1998 film Dr. Dolittle. The continuing tale of the doctor who can talk to the animalsthis time, it's Dolittle versus Darwin when the animals launch a labor strike to protect their forest from unscrupulous human develope...
Crazy Mama(1975) - Melba, a widow in the 1950s, begins a wacky life of crime when she loses her Long Beach beauty parlor. She's joined by her mother Sheba, her pregnant daughter Cheryl, and her daughter's boyfriend Shawn. They head for Arkansas in a stolen Cadillac and a wood-paneled station wagon with an old lady, a...
Out of the Body(1989) - A Sydney musical composer who is psychic has visions of a demon murdering beautiful prominent women. When police suspect him of being the killer, then he tries to track down the real murderer.
Killers(2010) - A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.
Sydney White(2007) - Sydney White is the daughter of a plumber, Paul White. Her mother, a Kappa Sorority member, died when Sydney was still young. She sets off to study in a SAU and to pledge to her mother's once dignified sorority.
Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July(1979) - The evil wizard king Winterbolt has caused havoc upon the people who have entered his domain. He is then punished by Lady Boreal when she places a spell on him that puts him in a deep sleep. Years later, Winterbolt awakens and in her final act of magic, Boreal transfers the last of her power into Ru...
MVP 2: Most Vertical Primate(2001) - MVP 2 opens with the lovable Jack being invited to play for the simians hockey team, but when the carjackers team sets Jack up by making it look like he bit one of the players, Jack leaves while other simians players look for him. Jack meets Ben, a runaway homeless skater boy, who lives in a shack a...
The Sandlot 2(2005) - Direct-to-DVD sequel to "The Sandlot". The start of the movie flashes back to 1962 when Benny becomes Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez. The main part of the movie is set in 1972, 10 years after the events of The Sandlot. New kids have moved into the neighborhood of San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. They...
An American In Paris(1951) - Three friends struggle to find work in Paris. However, things become more complicated when two of them fall in love with the same woman.
The Men Who Stare At Goats(2009) - A reporter in Iraq might just have the story of a lifetime when he meets Lyn Cassady, a guy who claims to be a former member of the U.S. Army's New Earth Army, a unit that employs paranormal powers in their missions.
Million Dollar Mermaid(1952) - Biopic of Australian swimming champ and entertainer Annette Kellerman. After overcoming polio, Kellerman achieves fame and creates a scandal when her one-piece bathing suit is considered indecent.
Christmas in Connecticut(1992) - Elizabeth is the star of a successful cooking show and author of several cookbooks. But when her manager, Alexander sees forest ranger Jefferson, who lost his cabin in a fire, comment on TV about wishing he could get a home-cooked Christmas dinner, he arranges for a special live show on Christmas, f...
The Oranges(2011) - The enduring friendship between the Walling and Ostroff families is tested when Nina, the prodigal Ostroff daughter, returns home for the holidays after a five-year absence and enters into an affair with David, head of the Walling family.
A Glimpse Inside The Mind Of Charles Swan III(2012) - A graphic designer's enviable life slides into despair when his girlfriend breaks up with him.
Cougar Club(2007) - When Spence and Hogan graduate from college, life is bleak. They have to work for heinous divorce lawyers that torture them. Spence has a girlfriend from hell and Hogan just wants to start his life already. As luck would have it, our two young men are presented with an opportunity, they develop a cl...
The General's Daughter(1999) - When the daughter of a well-known and well-respected base commander is murdered, an undercover detective is summoned to look into the matter and finds a slew of cover-ups at West Point.
Snoopy's Getting Married, Charlie Brown(1985) - Snoopy is performing guard duty for Peppermint Patty, but gets sidetracked when he meets a beautiful dog named Genevieve (who bears a striking resemblance to the poodle, Fifi, in Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown). Soon after, Snoopy decides to get married, and wants his brother Spike to be the "Best...
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth(2003) - A Chinese emissary is sent to the Gobi desert to execute a renegade soldier. When a caravan transporting a Buddhist monk and a valuable treasure is threatened by thieves, however, the two warriors might unite to protect the travelers.
The Words(2012) - A story from the past becomes a secret in the future. Young writer Rory Jansen is at the height of his literary success. But then he finds himself in a crisis of conscience when he meets the old man who had written (and lost) the story so many years ago. Now, Rory must face the steep price for steal...
Bangkok Dangerous(2008) - A hitman who's in Bangkok to pull off a series of jobs violates his personal code when he falls for a local woman and bonds with his errand boy.
Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown(1981) - Charlie Brown is watching a football game on television when he spots a girl in the stands that just made his heart melt. He is then crushed when the game ends and he feels he may never see her again. Not determined to lose what he feels is his true love, he enlists Linus to help him find her.
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever(2002) - Michael, the son of Robert Gant, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), is kidnapped when he returns home from a trip to Berlin, despite a heavily armed DIA escort. The kidnapper is a former DIA agent named Sever. Former FBI agent Jeremiah Ecks is asked by his old boss, Martin, to invest...
My Best Friend's Girl(2008) - Tank faces the ultimate test of friendship when his best friend hires him to take his ex-girlfriend out on a lousy date in order to make her realize how great her former boyfriend is.
Life Is a Circus, Charlie Brown(1980) - Snoopy is lying on top of his doghouse when he hears music. He follows the music and finds a circus unloading. Among other animals, he sees three poodles, and immediately latches onto the white one (whom the audience later learns is named Fifi). He follows her to the entrance of the big top with his...
What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown!(1978) - One winter day, Charlie Brown is trying to pretend to be a musher with Snoopy, but the dog has other ideas and gets Charlie Brown to pull while he has fun riding in the sled. When night comes and they are comfortably indoors, Charlie Brown is indignant that Snoopy is adjusting too well to home life,...
It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown(1977) - It's homecoming at Charlie Brown's school, and Charlie Brown and Linus are among the escorts for the Homecoming Queen and her court. During the Homecoming Parade, Linus tells Charlie Brown that he will be the escort for the Queen, but Charlie Brown is shocked when he sees the Queen is none other tha...
He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown(1968) - When Snoopy begins causing mischief around the neighborhood, especially to the other kids, they all turn to Charlie Brown to do something. With nothing else to do, Charlie Brown decides to send Snoopy back to Daisy Hill Puppy Farm to get him trained. Because the trip is too long for one day, he and...
Castle Freak(1995) - A troubled couple and their blind daughter come to Italy to visit a 12th Century castle they've inherited. Soon they are plagued by unexplained noises, mysteriously broken objects, and the daughter's claims of an unknown nocturnal visitor to her bedroom. When the housekeeper and a local prostitute a...
Lurking Fear(1994) - The town of Leffert's Corners has been plagued by unearthly beings for decades, and now there is only a few people left, including the local priest and a woman traumatised by the death of her sister. But when John Martense turns up to claim his illicit family fortune, with bad guys in pursuit, the l...
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid(1969) - Two Western bank/train robbers flee to Bolivia when the law gets too close.
The Business of Being Born(2008) - Inspired by their own unique birthing experiences, executive producer Ricki Lake and director Abby Epstein team up for this documentary that provides a nation of mothers-to-be with insight into the process of childbirth and the various options available when preparing for the miraculous event of lif...
The Perfect Mother(1997) - After being set up on a blind date by their mothers, John and Kathryn fall love and soon marry. But their fairy tale life takes a fearful turn when John's meddling mother Eleni goes to extreme measures to protect her son, grandson, and family...even if she has to kill her daughter-in-law. Inspired b...
Scandal(1989) - An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him. He serves as friend and mentor, and through his contacts and parties she and her friend meet and date members of the Conservative Party. Eventually a scandal occurs when her affair with the Mini...
The Twilight Of The Golds(1996) - When Suzanne Stein has a genetic analysis done on her unborn child, she discovers that although she has a healthy baby, the child will most likely be born gay, like her brother, David. She must decide whether to keep the child, or to have an abortion. Her family enters a crisis about love and accept...
Hombre(1967) - John Russell, disdained by his "respectable" fellow stagecoach passengers because he was raised by Indians, becomes their only hope for survival when they are set upon by outlaws.
Timeline(2003) - A group of archaeological students become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve their professor. The group must survive in 14th century France long enough to be rescued.
Narc(2002) - When the trail goes cold on a murder investigation of a policeman an undercover narcotics officer is lured back to the force to help solve the case.
Passengers(2008) - A grief counselor working with a group of plane-crash survivors finds herself at the root of a mystery when her clients begin to disappear.
The Cat in the Hat(1971) - On a cold rainy day, a brother and sister are left stuck at home with nothing to do. When their mother leaves them home for the day, claiming she'll be home at 3:30 sharp, a mysterious cat shows up and shows them how to have a little fun, much to the discouragement of the fish Mr. Karlos K. Krinkleb...
The Luck of the Irish(2001) - The Luck of the Irish is a 2001 Disney Channel Original Movie. Kyle Johnson is a popular basketball player in junior high school who is known for being lucky. He is always finding money on the street, so he doesn't have to bring lunch money; he never misses a shot when playing basketball; and when h...
Swiss Family Robinson(1960) - When a family on their way to New Guinea is chased by pirates into a storm, they all abandon ship and jump aboard on an uninhabited island and save what they can from the ship. Now they have to live on the island trying to survive and fight against the pirates if they ever return.
F/X2: The Deadly Art of Illusion(1991) - Rollie Tyler is asked by his girlfriend's ex-husband, a cop, to use his special-effects expertise to help catch a serial killer. However, when things go wrong and the cop is killed, he begins to suspect a setup and corruption within the police department. He calls on the help of his friend Leo McCar...
Holiday Inn(1942) - Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire star in Holiday Inn as a popular nightclub song-and-dance team. When his heart is broken by his girlfriend, Crosby decides to retire from the hustle-bustle of big city showbiz. He purchases a rustic New England farm and converts it to an inn, which he opens to the public...
Easter Parade(1948) - Broadway in 1912. Don Hewes is busy buying Easter presents for the love of his life, Nadine Hale. When Don's partner Johnny shows up, Nadine falls for him, splitting from Don claiming that Johnny can help make her far more famous then he ever could. Don now tries to teach Nadine to bring out as much...
The Philadelphia Story(1940) - When a rich woman's(Katherine Hepburn) ex-husband(Cary Grant) and a tabloid-type reporter(James Stewart) turn up just before her planned remarriage, she begins to learn the truth about herself.
The Tie That Binds(1995) - John Netherwood and his wife Leann are fugitives who are both wanted for murder. They have a young daughter named Janie. John and Leann are in the process of robbing a house when the two residents of the house show up. John kills the two residents and heads back to the car with Leann - only to disco...
The Black Stallion(1979) - While traveling with his father, young Alec becomes fascinated by a mysterious Arabian stallion that is brought on board and stabled in the ship he is sailing on. When it tragically sinks both he and the horse survive only to be stranded on a deserted island. He befriends it, so when finally rescued...
summer scars(2007) - brothers jonesy and paul are put to the ultimate test when a deranged drifter takes them and their si
Fletch Lives(1989) - Fletch is a reporter for a Los Angeles newspaper, but he acts more like a detective. When an obscure relative leaves him a Louisiana mansion in his will, Fletch is naturally curious. Arriving in Louisiana, events occur that make him suspect that all is not well, and there is more to the property tha...
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry(1974) - Larry and Deke are a small time car racing duo who rob a grocery store, and plan to use the proceeds to buy an expensive race car in order to win more races and break in to the professional NASCAR circuit. Their escape with the loot does not go as smoothly as planned when Larry's one night stand, Ma...
Death Hunt(1981) - Canada 1931: The unsociable trapper Johnson lives for himself in the ice-cold mountains near the Yukon river. During a visit in the town he witnesses a dog-fight. He interrupts the game and buys one of the dogs - almost dead already - for $200 against the owner's will. When the owner Hasel complains...
Balls of Fury(2007) - As a child, Randy Daytona plays for the United States in the 1988 Summer Olympics table tennis finals. His anxiety increases when his father says that he bet on him, despite his original promise not to do so. During his first play between his opponent Karl Wolfschtagg from the German Democratic Repu...
Knight Rider(2008) - When a group of ruthless mercenaries kill a reclusive scientist, his creation, a new model of artificially intelligent supercar, escapes to find his daughter and recruit a ex-soldier to thwart them.
Safe House(2012) - A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge.
Gone(2012) - A woman is convinced her kidnapper has returned when her sister goes missing.
Bad Ass(2012) - A Vietnam veteran who becomes a local hero after saving a man from attackers on a city bus decides to take action when his best friend is murdered and the police show little interest in solving the crime.
Shadow: Dead Riot(2006) - Evil voodoo-practicing serial killer Shadow gets executed for murdering pregnant women. Twenty years later the prison Shadow was put to death at has been turned into an experimental women's penitentiary. Tough and fiercely autonomous new inmate Solitaire has some kind of link with Shadow. When Shado...
What To Expect When You're Expecting(2012) - A look at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby, and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth that no matter what you plan for, life doesn't always deliver what's expected.
Saps at Sea(1940) - Laurel and Hardy's final film for Hal Roach. Oliver goes in a panic whenever he hears horns. As they went sail ove
Malibu Express(1985) - Cody Abiliene is a semi-successful private detective desperately in need of a big (and well-paying) case. When he's hired to solve the murder of Contessa Luciana's husband, he jumps at the chance. In between investigating the many women around the Contessa's estate, Abilene eventually uncovers a com...
The Gay Deceivers(1969) - Danny and Elliot avoid military service by pretending to be gay, but they have to act the part when the recruiting officer doesn't buy it.
Norman...Is That You?(1976) - A black man is distraught when he discovers his son is gay and is determined to set him right.
The Boys In The Band(1970) - Tempers fray and true selves are revealed when a heterosexual is accidentally invited to a homosexual party.
Steam: The Turkish Bath(1997) - Francesco and Marta are husband and wife running a small design company in Rome. When Francesco's long forgotten Aunt Anita dies in Istanbul, he travels there to look after the sale of the hamam (one of a few traditional Turkish baths left) he inherited. There he meets the family running the hamam,...
Trapped(2002) - When their daughter is kidnapped by experienced nappers, the Jennings turn the tables on this seemingly foolproof plan.
Universal Soldier: Regeneration(2009) - When terrorists threaten nuclear catastrophe, the world's only hope is to reactivate decommissioned Universal Soldier Luc Deveraux. Rearmed and reprogrammed, Deveraux must take on his nemesis from the original Universal Soldier and a next-generation "UniSol".
The Boondock Saints II: All Saints' Day(2009) - The MacManus brothers are living a quiet life in Ireland with their father, but when they learn that their beloved priest has been killed by mob forces, they go back to Boston to bring justice to those responsible and avenge the priest.
Black Dynamite(2009) - Black Dynamite is the greatest African-American action star of the 1970s. When his only brother is killed by The Man it's up to him to find justice.
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed(2004) - Mystery Inc. (Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo) are attending the grand opening of the Coolsonian Criminology Museum, the premiere exhibit displaying the monster costumes of criminals they dealt with in past cases. However, the celebrations are cut short when the reanimated Pterodactyl Gho...
Little Nicky(2000) - When somebody's mother is an angel and his father is the devil, life can be really confusing. For a sweet boy like Little Nicky, it just got a whole lot worse. His two evil brothers Adrian and Cassius have just escaped from Hell and are wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting earth. His dad is disintegrat...
The Last Day of Summer(2007) - When Luke Mallow wishes every day could be the last day of summer vacation he gets hit in the head and the same day winds up recurring repeatedly. The only way to stop the cycle and enter tomorrow is to dodge and overcome every obstacle in his way.
Shredderman Rules(2007) - Devon Werkheiser plays Nolan Byrd, an 8th grader who, along with many other kids, is bullied by Bubba Bixby (Andrew Caldwell) When his teacher, Mr. Green (Tim Meadows) announces that he wants his class to do a multimedia project, Nolan decides to do his project on Bubba. Nolan goes undercover, spies...
Wreck-It Ralph(2012) - When Litwak's Arcade closes at night all the characters are free to come out of their own games to visit others. Wreck-It Ralph, the main bad guy in the game Fix-It Felix Jr. vows to change his role and stop being the bad guy in the video game. He may soon find his chance in the saccharine racing ga...
Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London(2004) - Agent Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) attends summer camp, actually a secret facility for training CIA teenage agents. When a group of CIA soldiers attempt to abduct head counselor Victor Diaz (Keith Allen), Cody helps him escape, mistaking the CIA operation for a training exercise. The director informs...
Razor Blade Smile(1998) - A 19th century woman, who has become one of the undead, acts as a hired killer in modern times. When she starts knocking off part of the elite businessmen, "The Illuminati", who secretly are taking over business and the government, she becomes the target of a hired Scotland Yard detective. Of course...
Superhero Movie(2008) - Rick Riker Is An Unpopular High School Student, He Lives With His Uncle And Aunt, He Has One Friend, Trey, His Crush Is Jill Johnson, During A High School Field Trip At An Animal Research Lab When A Mutated Dragonfly Bites Rick On The Neck.
Pokmon: Jirachi Wish Maker(2003) - Every one thousand years a comet called the Millennium Comet lights up the sky for seven nights. When the comet appears, the legendary Pokemon Jirachi awakens from its thousand year slumber for those seven nights to grants wishes using the comet's energy and channel it back into the Earth. Ash and i...
School of Rock(2003) - When rock singer Dewey Finn is removed from his rock band, No Vacancy because of his arrogance, he decides to get a new job as a fifth-grade teacher. Despite his lack of knowledge to be a teacher he soon discovers that his class is musically talented and decides to make a rock band out of them.
Monsters vs. Aliens(2009) - When a bride-to-be named Susan Murphy is struck by a meteor on the day of her wedding to weatherman Derek Dietl, she grows to over 50 feet tall and is taken away to a secluded location by the military. She soon makes some new friends including B.O.B. a shapeless blob, Dr. Cockroach, a highly intelli...
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch(2005) - Lilo and her classmates are preparing to perform at the local May Day festival. Each student is required to create an original dance. When Lilo learns that her mother won the competition when she was her age she becomes determined to win it. While preparing for the competition, Stitch's past comes b...
Catch The Heat(1987) - California-based federal agents Checkers and Waldo have to go to South America when news of a drug ring gets to them.
The Spiderwick Chronicles(2008) - Recently divorced Mrs. Grace moves into the Spiderwick Estate with her children when it is given to her by her elderly aunt Lucinda, though identical twins Jared and Simon and their older sister Mallory do not want to move from the city. When Jared uncovers a dumbwaiter system behind a wall, Jared f...
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer(2007) - When a strange silver object enters the Earth and causes strange phenomena to occur Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four must come back together to see what is going on. They soon see this is the work of the Silver Surfer, an alien who has destroyed every planet he has visited. They must now work to...
Somersault(2004) - A young girl runs away from home when she is caught out kissing her mother's boyfriend by her mother. She goes to a ski town, where she experiences sexual awareness after falling in love with a local farmer's son.
Bad Bizness(2003) - After three women get killed, policewoman gets involved in the underworld of drugs and pornographic movies, when she starts investigating the case.
The Incredible Journey(1963) - The Hunter Family leaves their two dogs and cat with their friend John Longridge to watch while they are abroad. When Longridge leaves for a hunting trip, the animals also depart on their own journey in an attempt to get back to their real home. Longridge believes the animals are being cared for by...
Fever(1989) - A police sergeant in South Australia retrieves a suitcase of cash after a drug dealer who he was pursuing is killed in a car crash. He reports only the car crash and the fatality, despite the suspicions of his colleague, a constable. When the sergeant returns home, then he is attacked by his duplici...
The Wounded(2003) - A counselor teaches a better way of life to troubled youths. The lessons are put to the test when they encounter a cult of death in a field trip to the woods.
Beethoven's 5th(2003) - When Sara takes Beethoven to spend summer vacation with wacky Uncle Freddie in an old mining town, the mischievous canine "digs up" the missing clue to a legendary hidden fortune of Rita and Moe Selig. Now everybody wants to be the dog's best friend as his discovery unleashes a frenzy of treasure hu...
Open Season(2006) - Boog is a bear who enjoys the domesticated and pampered life in the garage of park ranger Beth, who has raised him since he was a cub. One day, when the town hunting fanatic shows up with a one-antlered deer named Elliot, the seer becomes friends with Boog and intends to show him the wild life. Afte...
Silent Rage(1982) - In the hospital of a small town, three doctors experiment on a man called John Kirby. As a result, John becomes a mute maniacal murderer with the ability to heal automatically every time he gets injured, no matter how bad it is. When he starts killing everyone he crosses, the town's sheriff goes aft...
Berserk!(1967) - Monica Rivers, is the owner and ringmaster of a traveling circus and who'll stop at nothing to draw bigger audiences. When a series of mysterious murders begins to occur and some of her performers die gruesomely, her profits soar. She hires high-wire walker Frank Hawkins, impressed by the handsome a...
The Pink Panther 2(2009) - When a Master Thief called the Tornado strikes beginning to steal expensive artifacts, the government of France assembles a Dream Team of international detectives to solve the case, including Inspector Clouseau and Dreyfus. They embark on a cross country spree to find the Tornado who also steals the...
What Waits Below(1985) - The U.S. government has been using deep caves in Central America as bases for a special type of radio transmitter used for communicating with submaries. When the signal from one of these transmitters suddenly disappears, a team of soldiers and cave specialists is sent in to find out what happened. A...
The Protector(1985) - Billy Wong is a New York City cop whose partner is gunned down during a robbery. Billy and his new partner, Danny Garoni, are working security at a fashion show when a wealthy man's daughter, Laura Shapiro, is kidnapped. The Federal authorities suspect that Laura's father is involved with Mr. Ko, a...
The Illustrated Man(1969) - A man, whose body is almost completely covered in tattoos, is looking for the woman who drew all the intricate designs on him. Each tattoo hides a futuristic story, which you experience when you stare at it. Written
Surf's Up(2007) - A documentary crew follows the events of Cody Maverick, a teenage rockhopper penguin who has wanted to be a professional surfer ever since a visit from surf legend Zeke "Big Z" Topanga several years ago. When a talent scout shorebird named Mikey arrives to find entrants for the "Big Z Memorial" surf...
Hoodwinked!(2005) - Red Riding Hood is on her way to her granny's house when she comes across the Big Bad Wolf who has disguised himself as her grandmother. After the woodsman bursts in startling everyone, the police arrive to question Red Riding Hood, Granny, and the Wolf about what happened, leading to several differ...
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs(2009) - In the time since the second movie of the series, Manny and Ellie are expecting their first child, even though Manny is not quite ready for fatherhood after his troubled childhood. Diego finds himself unable to catch a cocky gazelle and Sid finally finds his dream when he encounters three unhatched...
Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian(2009) - Three years after the events of the previous film, Larry Daley is now the CEO of Daley Devices, a direct response television company that sells inventions based on his night security guard job. His rich new job has prevented him from seeing his museum friends for a while, but when he returns he find...
Parts Of The Family(2003) - Beyond the front door of an old, decrepit house is buried a horrible and tragic past. One horryfing and gory night a family of four is brutally hacked to pieces. The only survivor is the young and beautiful housekeeper, Ella. When she steps out of the house one day, she has no idea that she is about...
The Devil's Hand(1962) - A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman. When he finally meets her, he winds up involved in a satanic cult.
Chicken Run(2000) - After their chickens stop laying eggs, the Tweedy's, a pair of farmers living on a farm in Yorkshire England, decide instead to cook chicken pies. Not wanting to be killed and baked into a pie like a friend of their's, the chickens decide to fly the coop. When all plans initially fail, the chickens...
The Junkman(1982) - Junkman and movie-maker Harlan Hollis struggles to stay alive when a jealous partner in his company hires goons to kill him.
Rush Hour 3(2007) - Chinese ambassador Han announces that he has learned of the whereabouts of Shey Shin, a mystical being of great importance to the Triads. When the ambassador is assassinated, Inspector Lee gives chase to find that the culprit is his own Japanese father.
Rush Hour 2(2001) - When James Carter goes on a vacation to Hong Kong to visit his good friend Chief Inspector Lee planning to just have a good time, a bomb soon explodes at the United States Consulate General. Inspector Lee is assigned to the case and soon finds out that Rocky Tan, the friend of his officer father may...
The Day After Tomorrow(2004) - When a paleoclimatologist named Jack Hall is on an expedition on Antarctica, an ice shelf collapses nearly killing him and his friends. Reporting his findings on global warming to NOAA at the United Nations, he forewarns that rapidly melting ice will cause a global catastrophe.
Kangaroo Jack(2002) - A mobster who owns a beauty salon and his friend who have broken a promise get one last chance to fulfill their ways when they are told to deliver a package in Syndey, Australia, which turns out to be $50,000. Putting the money in his red jacket, the two run over a kangaroo and feel they have killed...
Mission To Mars(2000) - When the first manned mission to Mars meets with a catastrophic and mysterious disaster, a rescue mission is launched to investigate the tragedy and bring back any survivors.
Meet the Spartans(2008) - A parody film parodying many medieval adventure films. After Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie adopt a child and notice he already has a beard and a six-pack, they decide to raise him as a Spartan. Years later, the spartan Leonidas is training his own son when he gets a message from a Persian messenger....
Mental(2012) - A charismatic, crazy hothead transforms a family's life when she becomes the nanny of five girls