The Infinite Library I pray to the unknown gods that some man-even a single man, tens of centuries ago-has perused and read that book. If the honor and wisdom and joy of such a reading are not to be my own, then let them be for others. Let heaven exist, though my own place be in hell. Let me be tortured and battered and annihilated, but let there be one instant, one creature, wherein thy enormous Library may find its justification.

~ Jorge Luis Borges, The Library of Babel

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Until the content becomes laid out all the quotes can be found by searching.


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Book Name ::: ( ex. The Synthesis of Yoga, Savitri, Liber ABA, The Life Divine, Words of the Mother, Prayers and Meditations, Liber Null, The Bible)
Noun ::: ( ex. God, Ignorance, Knowledge, Will, Light, She, Supermind, the Path, The Aim, the Way, strength, intelligence, wisdom, willpower, training)
Verb ::: ( ex. concentrate, dance, forget, meditate, offer, play, pray, realize, remember, sacrifice, save, surrender) ("cats verbs" for a list of verbs)
Adjectives/Adverbs ::: ( ex. always, everyday, effective, never, )
Interrogatives ::: ( ex. who, what, where, when, why, how, whence, whether, whither)
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Syntax ::: ( ex. "man " or man\s (so as to find "man " but not "many")
Regex ::: ( ex. Sri Aurobindo.*The Mother or ^"what) (regex cheatsheet & examples)
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further examples are given below
all categories can be found with "cats :::" (like Authors sorted by Subject)

Special Keys
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[CAPS LOCK]: removes all previously printed results (clears)
[CTRL]: does classic search which gives view in book option, also supports regex
note also: enter can be pressed from anywhere, even when the element isnt selected

Special Commands
ac "db" ..... (sorts and counts number of authors in db (keys, arex, super)) (ex. "ac super")

Databases Info:
Alternatively, you can search other databases by starting the query with its name. (ex "gloss brahman" or "cats names").
There are three main types of Databases: Quotes, Glossaries, and Other.
They are described next:

keys ..... (main quotes database) (3200 Quotes ~)
major ..... (23409 Quotes) (is an extract of the fulldatabase (of whitelisted authors)))
fulldatabase ..... (186000 Quotes ~)

gloss ..... (Sanskrit glossary from Record of Yoga) (3156 terms ~)
san ..... (Sanskrit glossary from SABCL) (3140 terms :::)
iye ..... (Glossary of English Terms in Integral Yoga Literature) ( (147 terms :::)
aqal ..... (AQAL glossary (Matt Rentschler's)) (175 terms :::)
occ ..... (Occult glossary (Gottfried de Purucker's)) (252 terms :::)
inv .... (investment terms extracts from investopedia)

Other: (mostly for finding search terms and meta info)
cats ..... (categories_main) (:::)
most ..... (map of search terms(experimental) + wordnet)
wikiauthors ..... (author extracts from wikipedia (mainly for ac))
2grams, 3grams, 4grams, 5grams ..... (various NGrams from the keys database)
syn ..... (synonyms) (:::)
auth ..... (authors) (:::)

todo ..... (todo list for LUM)

Search Examples & Favorites: (and descriptions)
~ try one ~ (TAB goes back to the input box)
forget (SOOOO GOOD)
answer.*Mother (what the Mother say about "answer")
my God is
why is
keys God
keys Sri Aurobindo
keys sunlit path
keys suffering
keys prayer
keys meditation
keys #physics
keys #occultism (all quotes with occultism tag)
keys The Mother.*~ Sri Aurobindo (what Sri Aurobindo says about the Mother)
keys ~ (shows all quotes from keys)
gloss Savitri
cats auth (for a list of authors which one can then search for)
cats terms (for a list of some search terms)
cats names (for lists of authors sorted by subject)
auth Norbert Weiner
cats ::: (shows all listed categories)
iye ::: (shows all entries)
san ::: (shows all definitions in san)
todo . (shows my todo list for LUM)
[super ^"the ] ..... (shows about 5000 results starting with "The" (very cool))

Notes & Commands:
supports regular expressions, and is case insensitive
the word bubble below can give some hints as to possible search terms
typing in only one word should auto search keys
pressing "left tab", should automatically focus in on the input element, which means its ready for you to type
and enter can be pressed from anywhere, even when the element isnt selected
pressing "left shift", should remove all previously printed results, and focus on input

This program is a means for searching through some 15000 quotes and short of 7000 definitions.
All of "keys" has been hand picked.

Local Options:
arex(should be local)
vsbuff TERMS (88 ~)

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Regular Expressions Cheatsheet:

abc... ..... Letters
123... ..... Digits
\d ..... Any Digit
\D ..... Any Non-digit character
. ..... Any Character
\. ..... Period
[abc] ..... Only a, b, or c
[^abc] ..... Not a, b, nor c
[a-z] ..... Characters a to z
[0-9] ..... Numbers 0 to 9
\w ..... Any Alphanumeric character
\W ..... Any Non-alphanumeric character
{m} ..... m Repetitions
{m,n} ..... m to n Repetitions
* ..... Zero or more repetitions
+ ..... One or more repetitions
? ..... Optional character
\s ..... Any Whitespace
\S ..... Any Non-whitespace character
^...$ ..... Starts and ends
(...) ..... Capture Group
(a(bc)) ..... Capture Sub-group
(.*) ..... Capture all
(abc|def) ..... Matches abc or def
\b ..... beginning of word

regex tutorial

Regex Examples & Favorites

Regular Expression What it does
She\s.*~ Sri Aurobindo What Sri Aurobindo says of She.
suffering.*Mother (what The Mother says about suffering)
^(?=.*Aurobindo)(?=.*God).* (contains Aurobindo and God at some point)
^(?=.*~ Sri Aurobindo)(?=.*Aurobindo.*~).* (Sri Aurobindo speaking of Sri Aurobindo)
^(?=.*~ The Mother)(?=.*Mother.*~)(?!.*>).* (The Mother talking about The Mother but not containing ">")
^(?=.*Sri Aurobindo)|(?=.*The Mother).* (Contains The Mother or Sri Aurobindo)
^(?=.*Sri Aurobindo)|(?=.*The Mother)(?=.*already).* (Contains Sri Aurobindo or The Mother) and (already)
^(?!.*a).* (does not contain the letter a)
^(?=.*God)(?!.*Aurobindo).* (contains God but not Aurobindo)
gloss ^s (lines in gloss that start with s or S)
^((?!a).)*$ (lines without the letter "a" from keys)


"BUDDHISM ::: "Chodron", "Chogyam Trungpa", "Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche", "Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche", "Miyamoto Musashi", "Jetsun Milarepa", "Khyentse Rinpoche", "Sogyal Rinpoche", "Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche", "Thich Nhat Hanh" see zen #authors #names

"CHRISTIANITY ::: "C. S. Lewis", :Charles Haddon Spurgeon", "Gospel of Thomas", "Meister Eckhart", "Pierre Teilhard de Chardin", "Saint Augustine", "Saint Francis", "Saint Germain", "Saint Jerome", "Saint John of the Cross", "Saint Teresa of Avila", "Saint Thomas Aquinas", "The Bible" #authors #names

"COMPUTER SCIENCE ::: Marijn Haverbeke, Richie Kernighan, Linus Torvalds, Edsger W. Dijkstra, Harold Abelson, Matthias Felleise, John D. Carmack II

"CYBERNETICS ::: Norbert Weiner" #authors #names

"ENGLISH LITERATURE ::: "Aldous Huxley", "Arthur C. Clarke", "Arthur Koestler", "Brian Herbert", "Douglas Adams", "George Orwell", "George R. R. Martin", "H. G. Wells", "H. P. Lovecraft", "Haruki Murakami", "Hermann Hesse", "Iain M. Banks", "Ibn Arabi", "Issac Asimov", "J. R. R. Tolkien", "Kurt Vonnegut", "Leo Tolstoy", "Lewis Carroll", "Lu Xun", "Martha Wells", "Neil Gaiman", "Orson Scott Card", "Philip K. Dick", "Ralph Waldo Emerson", "Robert A. Heinlein", "Robert Jordan", "Stephen King", "Terry Brooks", "Terry Pratchett", "Voltaire", "William Gibson" (split into scifi and fantasy)" #authors #names

"INTEGRAL THEORY ::: Ken Wilber, Don Beck, Michael Murphy, Sean-Esbjorn Hargens, Frank Visser" #authors #names

"INTEGRAL YOGA ::: Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Nolini Kanta Gupta, Satprem, Champaklal, A. S. Dalal, M. P. Pandit, Pavitra, Nirodbaran, Anilbaran Roy" #authors #names

"LINGUISTICS ::: Leonard Bloomfield, Noam Chomsky, Alfred Korzybskyi, Kenneth Pike, Willard Van Orman Quine, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Panini" #authors #names

MATHEMATICS ::: "R. Buckminster Fuller", "Kurt Godel", "Blaise Pascal", "Bertrand Russell", "Norbert Wiener", "Alfred North Whitehead", "Vladimir Voevodsky", "Bertrand Russell", "Alonzo Church" #authors #names

"OCCULTISM ::: "Aleister Crowley", "Dion Fortune", "Elphias Levi", "Israel Regardie", "Manly P. Hall", "Peter J. Carroll", "Phil Hine", "Ray Sherwin", "Robert Anton Wilson" #authors #names

PHILOSOPHY ::: "Albert Camus", "Aristotle", "Arthur Schopenhauer", "Baruch Spinoza", "Bertrand Russell", "Blaise Pascal", "David Hume","Diogenes", "Donald Davidson", "Epictetus", "Francis Bacon", "Franz Kafka", "Friedrich Nietzsche", "Fyodor Dostoevsky", "Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel", "Gottfried Leibniz","Immanuel Kant", "Jacques Derrida", "Jean Baudrillard", "Jean-Jacques Rousseau", "Jean-Paul Sartre", "John Stuart Mill", "Jurgen Habermas", "Karl Popper", "Lucius Annaeus Seneca", "Marcus Aurelius", "Martin Heidegger", "Michel Foucault", "Michel de Montaigne", "Plato", "Plotinus", "Plotinus", "Rene Descartes", "Saul A. Kripke", "Simone de Beauvoir", "Slavoj Zizek", "Socrates", "Soren Kierkegaard", "Walter Kaufmann", "William James Sidis" #authors #names

"PHYSICS ::: "Albert Einstein", "Carl Sagan", "Fritjof Capra", "Issac Newton", "James Clark Maxwell", "Jon von Neumann", "Leonard Euler", "Leonardo Da Vinci", "Lifschitz Landau", "Michael Talbot", "Nikola Tesla", "Richard P Feynman", "Stephen Hawkings", "Thomas Kuhn", "Werner Heisenberg", "Michio Kaku" #authors #names

"POETRY ::: "Cervantes", "Dante Alighieri", "Edgar Allan Poe", "Hafiz", "Hazrat Inayat Khan", "Homer", "Izumi Shikibu", "Jalaluddin Rumi", "Jorge Luis Borges", "Kahlil Gibran", "Matsuo Basho", "Milton", "Rabindranath Tagore", "Robert Browning", "Saul Williams", "Virgil", "Walt Whitman", "William Blake", "William Butler Yeats", "William Shakespeare", "William Wordsworth" #authors #names

"PSYCHOLOGY ::: "Abraham Maslow", "Albert Bandura", "Albert Ellis", "Alfred Adler", "Arthur Koestler", "Bruce H. Lipton", "Carl Gustav Jung", "Carl Rogers", "Carol Gilligan", "Daniel Goleman", "Erek H. Erikson", "Howard Gardner", "Jean Gebser", "Jean Piaget", "Jordan Peterson", "Kohlberg", "Martin Seligman", "Mihaly Csikszentmihaly", "Ralph Metzner", "Roger Walsh", "Sigmund Freud", "Wilhelm Max Wundt", "William James" #authors #names

"SUFISM ::: Jalaluddin Rumi, Kahlil Gibran, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Hafiz, Kabir, $" #authors #names

"THEOLOGY ::: James W. Fowler" #authors #names

"VEDIC SAGES (authors, names) ::: "Osho", "Paramahansa Yogananda", "Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj", "Sri Ramakrishna", "Sri Ramana Maharshi", "Swami Satyananda Saraswati", "Swami Sivananda", "Swami Vivekananda", "Yajnavalkya" #authors #names

"ZEN ::: Bodhidharma, Dogen Zenji, Taneda Santoka, D. T. Suzuki, Shunryu Suzuki, Hakuin Ekaku, Matsuo Basho?, Shinkichi Takahashi, Enomoto Seifu Jo?$" #authors #names

UNSORTED ::: "Alfred Hitchcock", "Baltasar Gracian", "Benjamin Disraeli", "Benjamin Franklin", "Bruce Lee", "Charles Baudelaire", "Charles Dickens", "Choshu", "Edward Schon", "Elon Musk", "Francis Hutcheson", "Hadis", "Henri Bergson", "Henri Poincare", "Henry David Thoreau", "Li Qingzhao", "Lord Byron", "M. Alan Kazlev", "Mark Twain", "Marquis de Vauvenargues", "Michel de Montaigne", "Mizuno", "Mortimer J. Adler", "Nemoto", "Oscar Wilde", "Percy Bysshe Shelley", "Petrarch", "Proverbs", "Robert Fritz", "Terrence McKenna", "Tom Butler-Bowdon", "Thomas Fuller", "Thomas Jefferson", "Xiaolu Guo"